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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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that meeting, you know, sort of walking the line for their constituencies. >> shaking hands without the cameras clicking is an interesting observation. thanks to my panel. that does it for this hour, but that's just hour one from me, chris hayes. i'll be back tonight in three hours at 8:00 p.m. eastern for "all in." check that out. a lot of good stuff on tap there, but for "ntp daily." starts now. if it's thursday, it's donald trump taking capitol hill by storm. four different meetings that could have enormous impact on the next four years. this is "mtp dale" and it starts right now. and good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." all this hour we're going to take you behind the scenes in what has been a dramatic and
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carnival-like day in our nation's capital, this following a series of face-to-face meetings between donald trump and every major leader of the republican party. trump spent the day blitzing capitol hill meeting first with house speaker and republican national convention chairman paul ryan. also in attendance at that meeting republican national committee chairman reince priebus. trump then met with the republican house leadership. that included ryan, also the republican house majority leader, the whips, the conference chair, the most important house republicans all sitting down with donald trump. trump then huddles with senate leaders at the nrsc. the nrsc is the campaign arm for republicans in the senate and that included the majority leader mitch mcconnell, the conference chair rob portman facing a tough re-election battle in ohio and several others, and we should note that one of the senators in that
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meeting, orrin hatch, the senate's most senior member, just put out a statement endorsing donald trump. trump also threw in a meeting with jones day, the law firm that represents his campaign, so it was a wild and high-stakes few hours. here's how we followed the trump motorcade throughout the day starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. that was the first meeting between trump, ryan and priebus. that lasted roughly an hour at rnc headquarters. you can see that on the map there. it was a doubleheader there actually. priebus left and then trump was joined by house republican leaders at the same location. that second meeting lasting approximately 40 minutes this morning, and then when that was done trump crossed to the other side of the capital and there he met with senate leaders at the senate republican campaign office. that's around 11:45 eastern this morning. he left roughly an hour after that meeting began and then it was on to that meeting at the jones day law firm. again, that's home to trump's campaign legal team.
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they are the ones who are going to be vetting trump's ultimate choice for a running mate, and in that meeting at that big law firm lasted roughly an hour, and then when that finished, when that fourth meeting wrapped up, it was home to new york for donald trump. and we cannot overstate this. trump's four meetings today offer a road map to the four biggest challenges facing the republican party. the first, perhaps the biggest problem of all. this is a crisis of leadership. the basic question, who is in charge? is it trump? is it ryan? is it priebus? second question confronting the party's identity crisis when it comes to policy and agenda, trump has vast differences with ryan's leadership team from trade to immigration and entitlements and so on. it's hard to unite as a party if you don't have a real common agenda. the third challenge, it's the down-ballot danger that trump potentially poses, at least according to some of the poll numbers we're seeing right now at the top of the ticket. nowhere are those concerns more dramatic than the u.s. senate.
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that's where democrats believe they can rack up the gains they need to take back control of the senate and maybe even bigger than, that maybe even double digit gains if there were be a absolute landslide at the top of the ticket and the fourth challenge for republicans is the uncertainty surrounding trump's choice of a running mate. this could be trump's ultimate olive branch to the party, or it could be the ultimate rejection if he chooses a fire brand who is built in his own image. there has been plenty of speculation about both of those possible routes donald trump might go down. now, we're going do dive deep into every one of those angles tonight, because this was a pivotal moment for donald trump and for the entire republican party. we begin the hour with an inside look at the first big summit of the day. that was between trump, ryan and reince priebus. trump may have been walking into the lion's den a bit here. ryan and priebus have been friends for decades both hailing from wisconsin where they grew up 70 miles from each other. they text frequently. they talk frequently.
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they both had kind words for trump tied though, describing the meeting as encouraging. this afternoon trump tweeted. he said great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and republican leadership. things working out really well. but at the same time ryan did hold firm in his hesitation about actually supporting donald trump. he spoke to reporters today on capitol hill insisting there is no magic cure-all for the deep divides between them. >> look, it's no secret that donald trump and i have had our differences. this is a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes. the process of unifying the republican party, which just fished a primary about a week ago, perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memories, takes some time. in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the processes and all of the issues and the principles that we're talking about. takes more than 45 minutes, mark. >> nbc's katy tur spoke with rnc chairman reince priebus
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immediately after he met with trump, and he downplayed the divide between the party's agenda and trump's. here's what he said. >> is donald trump going to get in line with the republican platform as it stands now, or are you going to have a new one come the convention? >> look, he's in line with the platform. there's never 100% unanimity in anything. i don't think most of us agree with our own spouses 100% of the time, but like reagan said. my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. we believe that. >> katy tur has been at the center of all of action in washington today and joins us now from capitol hill. so katy, at least publicly they played nice today. they put that statement out there. trump put that tweet out there. nobody attacking anybody, but is this a party at the end of this big day that's significantly or meaningfully more united than it was at the start of today? >> reporter: from appearances, yes, it is. they have all said everyone in
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the meetings has said that this was an encouraging first step towards finding party unity with donald trump and reasonus said they have 80% in common. the reality is donald trump and paul ryan have a lot that's not shared between the two of them. they disagree on a lot of policy issues. paul ryan does not agree with him on immigration and does not agree with the muslim plan or on entitlements and doesn't agree with him on abortion. he doesn't agree with him on trade -- on trade deals, on taxes, on debt. there is still a wide gulf between the two mean when it comes to policy, but each of their side of the offices and each of the men themselves is saying this is the first step towards working together. find out who the other person is, get to know them and then start discussing policy. donald trump is coming in which at lot behind him. he can say he has more republican votes than any other republican nominee at this point in history, and that is a big -- a big mandate, according to the
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donald trump campaign. paul ryan though can say, look, this is the republican party. this is a platform we've been developing over time for years. this is where we stand, and this is what we stand for. you can't just come in here and blow it all up. clearly the two men realize that and have come together. whether this stays as happy and has conciliatory as it is today we'll have to wait and see. donald trump is known to be gracious one day and to be outrageous the next. >> all right. katy tur on capitol hill. thanks for that. joined now by former rnc chairman and msnbc political analyst michael steele. michael, actually, i'll ask you the same question i just asked katy tur. you looked at this republican party this morning and look at this republican party right now as we're speaking. is this a party more united right now because of what happened today? >> we're all kumbaya, baby, it's all good. we're smiling. it's all good, everybody is happy and then the rest will come and that's basically what
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you're seeing playing out. everyone is feeling good or at least a little better. donald trump has made some moves towards party leadership and the party leadership is move towards donald trump more and more. there are those who little degrudgingly taking those steps, paul ryan is one of them, and i think that's going to settle itself out in time. but i think katy is absolutely right. the reality is still the same. for when you get down to the policy prospects for the party. there will be changes, folks. let's not hem and haw around this. donald trump is the titular head of the republican party. donald trump will be the nominee who will set the tone and the agenda for the rest of this campaign and that's going to be a big part of the dance, steve, that you'll see get played out going into the convention and coming out of the convention. you started this segment by asking who is in charge of the republican party. no one asked that question in 2012. it was clearly mitt romney.
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no one asked that question in 2008. it was clearly john mccain. that question is answered in 2016. it is donald trump. and the party has to get used to that. >> that would mean as we approach the convention, one of the things you do at the convention is write a platform, the divisions between ryan and trump whether it's medicare, social security, entitlement front, immigration another big divide right there. >> yeah. >> if what you're saying is true, then that means paul ryan has to swallow hard here. >> on some things, yes, but so will donald trump, and that's going to be the -- sort of the mitigated part here is how much each of these gentlemen come to a spot where they can make it a sweet spot. it may be bittersweet, in other words, they give a little bit and get a little bit but that's what paul ryan is talking about today. let me get to know donald trump and he get to know me and then we can begin to talk about and address some of the stickier
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policy issues. look, you won't have a whole resale rewriting of the platform. that's not what donald trump wants to do but when you get down to tpp or trade or immigration or things like that, there's going to be more give and take than both sides may want to give or take at this particular time. if they want to go unified into november with the goal of beating hillary clinton. >> all right. michael steele, former rnc chairman, thanks for the time >> you got it, buddy. >> all right. for more inside scoop on ryan's meetings with trump today including that summit with house republican leadership, we're joined by nbc's luke rirts on capitol hill. lose, let me ask you. paul ryan on the surface said nice things about donald trump. still won't come out and endorse him though. is ryan testing trump a little bit here to see if he can kind of play this game where he puts out a nice statement and doesn't ultimately attack him over the next week, is he testing him to make sure he won't change his tune in two or three days? >> i think there's an element of
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that for sure, but it's also important to remember that ryan does not only represent him snefl that meeting but also the entirety of the house gop conference, and there are plenty of members that have 220 something, almost 40 something strong conference, who do have some issues with donald trump. all that being said though, ryan now is really an outlier now, steve, and he eats only one of the leadership that is at least not come on board with trump, perhaps not as full on as some. others like john cornin' who are tweeting pictures with trump and a thumbs up today and not fully embraced him yet. i'm interested to see how long ryan can do this because a lot of nokes i spoke with who support trump or even those who have done it begrudgingly saying the longer ryan goes without a full-on embrace of trump the longer there's no sense of unity within the party, and that could be an issue. i was told at the meeting today that ryan had with trump that he brought some charts.
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it was only supposed to be half an hour and it went on to an hour. they had a deep policy discussion. ryan brought some of his staff. trump brought some of his staff so they got after it, but ryan did not walk away from that meeting convinced that this was time to go all in on donald trump. this is one story here i think you picked up on earlier that i think is the most important. two statements today that i read very closely. one from the nrcc dhafrm greg waldon, one from the nrsc chairman roger wicker. those are you too men who are in charge of electing republicans to the house and the senate. they both said today that donald trump is the nominee. they support donald trump as the nominee, and that republicans need to unite behind donald trump, so those two men are would argue are probably the most important in terms of getting republicans back into the majority and think it's time to go on with donald trump.
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they will discuss with all the officials in charge of that to deal with trump. how far that goes is an interesting question especially for the blue state republicans, but the fact that they gave the green light today it shows you how far away paul ryan is from the rest of the leadership and from the rest of the campaign apparatus of the republican party. >> all right. paul ripe, more of a island at the end. day rather than the beginning. we'll beginning you more inside. details on donald trump's meetings on dap hill, and up next republican house warming. can the party come together around the presumive nominee and the down-ballot battle. did trump's meeting with leaders cam some of the gop's concerns
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of him being at the top of the ticket? stay tuned.
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well, all the eyes of the political world were on capitol hill today as donald trump met with congressional republican leaders, and our jacob soboroff caught up with some of the tourists who just so happened to be there in the shadow of the capitol dome at the same time that something else is looming large, the presumptive republican nominee was in town. >> here on a huge day for republican party. do you know what's happening today? >> i do not. >> donald trump and paul ryan are getting together in ordery 20 try to patch things up and unify the republican party. >> oh. >> do you think that's going to happen? >> i doubt it. >> what should a united republican party look like? >> everybody on the same page basically. supporting the nominee. >> reporter: what does it look like when they unite the party together, paul ryan and donald trump? are they going to hug or talk about certain bullet points like immigration or taxes? i mean, what is a united republican snaert. >> that i don't know yet. no hugging.
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>> they can hug. >> reporter: they want to unify the republican party. do you think the republican party should speak with one voice? >> yeah. >> reporter: they think they should speak with one voice. there you go. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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well, unity was the word of the day today as donald trump made his high-profile visit to court republican leaders and some members of congress say there can't be solidarity until trump talks to all of the republican members, but they don't just want to meet and greet. they want a robust discussion on big issues, the issues that matter the most to conservatives, things like taxes, balancing the budget, our global military presence, confronting the nation's debt. they are all on the table. congressman matt salmon of arizona is one of the founding members of the house flow dom caucus and he's been calling for trump to meet with the rank and file. he joins me now. congressman, it sounds like kathy mcmorse rogers from the republican leadership extended just that invitation to donald trump today, to meet with the house republican conference.
2:20 pm
don't have a time. don't have a date. sounds like it's going to happen. from your standpoint, with the house freedom caucus, if you get that meeting, you get a chance to ask a question, what do you want to ask donald trump? >> i want to ask him several things. our priority -- excuse me, our top priorities are balancing the budget as quickly as we possibly can so we quit mortgaging our children's future away and making a strong military and peace through strength. also, in getting back to constitutional principles. we've had a big frustration with president obama not wanting to abide by the separation of powers doctrine in the constitution, and if it's a republican president that tries to do things like executive fiat as opposed to how it's described in article i and section 8 of the constitution, i'm not interested in that either so i'm really interested to know where he stands on those kinds of issues because to me that's very important. >> yes. you did not endorse donald trump in the primary. you're saying now you would take
2:21 pm
him over hillary clinton, but you also said this morning i think on "morning joe" it wouldn't be a love fest between a republican congress and donald trump. beyond what you just said, are there specific issues where you look at donald trump right now and you say i'm not sure his basic policy orientation is the same as mine? >> yeah. i think in some of the comments that i've read published in the media about where he stands on entitlements, i believe entitlement reform is absolutely imperative if we're going to balance the budget and also if we're going to save social security and med kir for future recipients. also i believe it's incredibly important how we handle the tax situation. he wants to apparently through media reports wants to raise taxes on certain segments of our society. i'm not sure i agree with him on that. i'm not sure that i totally agree with, you know, some of his policies on -- on dealing with foreign trade. i've been a strong supporter
2:22 pm
of -- of free trade agreements and so there's a few things that we have different, but as i mentioned on another program i had a lot of differences with george w. bush, and i still supported him as president. i -- i did not support leave no child behind. i did not support some. bailouts that he -- that he got through congress, and i sure didn't support medicare part "d" and i did not support him ballooning the deficit as he did when he was president, so there's never going to be 100% unanimity. the best you can hope for is being agreeable on -- on 50% of the issues or more, but while trump wasn't in my top five, hillary is not in my top 100. >> let me ask you about that, because you're basically giving us a bottom line judgment here. you're saying, look, when you've got to choose ultimately between donald trump and hillary clinton, that's an easy call for you. >> right. >> paul ryan is looking alternate same question and apparently saying it's not so clear cut to him.
2:23 pm
do you have a sense what have would be holding him back? >> i don't think believe that's really where he's at. i think where paul is at is trying to do as much due diligence as he can before making a final commitment. he really is right now the head of the republican party for the entire country, and i think that he -- he takes that responsibility very, very seriously. the campaign ended a lot earlier than anticipate the. he shared that with the republican conference, and he got caught i think a little bit flat-footed. i don't think there's any problem at all sitting down looking eye to eye with the nominee and seeing if there can be a meeting of the mind on some things. i think that's actually not a bad thing. >> but do you ultimately, do you want and expect paul ryan to endorse donald trump? >> i want us to have a unified republican delegation or conference with our -- with our republican nominee, yes, i would like to see that happen. >> matt salmon, congressman from arizona, thanks for the time.
2:24 pm
joining me now congressman chris collins from new york. he was the very first member of congress to endorse donald trump. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> steve, god to be with you. >> paul ryan said today they made progress. basically he's not ready to endorse yet. he said this is a process. i'm sure you would like to see him endorse. how much time are you willing to give him for this process? >> well, i mean, i spoke with paul yesterday. he did not as of yesterday know donald trump. they had a great meeting today. i saw nothing but positive messaging coming out of that meeting with the joint statement. you know, the sooner the better. i just heard what you said with matt salmon, a great congressman. we all are looking to be unified. paul ryan in our conference a couple of days ago said we need to unite, and so, you know, a couple of weeks, two, three weeks, and as we all know may fourth came on us much quicker than expected. we thought earliest would be june 7 in california. may 4 all of a sudden kasich and
2:25 pm
cruz drop out, so let's say by the end of may, first part of jian, i think the meeting today was a great first start and you're going to see both paul ryan and donald trump communicating on a regular basis, paul's staff along with donnellied staff is communicating as donnell already reached out to the committee chairman like jeff brady and jeff miller on v.a., candace miller and bill shushra, and he's looking for input, input from membership on policies as he puts meat on the bone to make sure as i heard mr. salmon say we have a balanced budget, start paying down our debt and live within our means and peace through strength. all of these issues are donald trump issues, and i know my fellow members are going to be very comfortable on the stump the next six months supporting donald trump and his message as they do their own run for re-election. >> donald trump has not been shy about going after paul ryan, at least before today, at least
2:26 pm
before the last couple of days, including within the last week. he was securing paul ryan at some of these rallies that he's holding. do you think we're done hearing that from donald trump now? >>i believe donald trump, our presumptive nominee, he is in fact our nominee, has pivoted to the general election. certainly speaker ryan in our conference said it's so important for us to all be united. donald trump has said the same thing. he put the olive branch out to reince priebus and speaker ryan so i'm very comfortable where we are. we're ten week, nine weeks before our convention. no one thought we would be here. at the same time, hillary clinton can't shake the liberal progressive self-declared socialis 74-year-old bernie sanders. she can't shake bernie sanders and yet our party has in fact come together. my fellow members are saying we're not voting for hillary clinton. paul ryan is not voting for hillary clinton, so our party is coming together a good six months before the election and a good nine weeks before we
2:27 pm
thought we would be coming together. this is all extraordinarily positive momentum. >> when you look ahead to the platform the republican party has to craft and just the message that the republican party runs on this fall, there's some clear differences. we've talked about them a lot between a paul ryan and donald trump. donald trump is out there saying medicare, social security, don't touch them. paul ryan has proposed something very different there. immigration, very big difference between donald trump saying we've got to deport everyone and what paul ryan has said in terms of comprehensive reform. on those issues is this donald trump's party or paul ryan's snaert. >> it's the republican party. we're going to work together. i actually have disagreed with mr. trump on will several of these issues as mr. trump is now run is in the general election and he's reached out, that's what he does. that's what a ceo does to other folks to get their input. i believe we're going to be all be on the same page. withy are going to certainly security our borders. we're going to have peace through strength. we're going to actually bring these jobs back, fundamental tax
2:28 pm
reform is part of it, not impacting anyone currently on social security or medicare. i believe, steve, as this moves forward, you're going to see a very united platform. we're going to disagree on trade. i'm with mr. trump. tpp would be a disaster for our country just like nafta was. we need fair and balanced tree. this free trade nonsense has cost millions of jobs and ruined western new york. i'm with mr. trump, not mr. ryan and we're going to have our differences and the voters are going to choose between hillary clinton and donald trump. we've already seen this supposed advantage hillary had disappear in three dates. all of a sudden all the crazy talk that she was going to win in this massive landslide. she can't shake bernie sanders. >> all right. >> so if there's a landslide it's going to be with donald trump. >> all right. congressman chris collins from new york, the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. thanks for the time. >> thank you, steve, and we're going to head to the other side of the hill after this. trump also sitting down with
2:29 pm
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still ahead on "mtp daily," we're going to dig deeper into donald trump's day on the hill and the veepstakes. what we're learning from trump's stop at the prominent d.c. law firm jones day, the ones who will vet his vp pick. but first hampton pearson has a market wrap. >> stocks little changed. dow up by nine and the nasdaq closes flat and the s&p closes down 23 points. shares of shake shack are moving in the opposite direction. the company's result came in better than extent pedestrian.
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and a third stop on donald trump's tour of the capital today was on the senate side of capitol hill. trump arriving at the national republican senatorial headquarters to meet with senior republicans there. there were 11 republican senators in the room with him. they included majority leader mitch mcconnell, majority whip john cornin' and the rest of the republican leadership team and trump supporter jeff sessions, senator from alabama. he was also there. and afterwards mcconnell called it a constructive meeting.
2:37 pm
>> we talked about a variety of things, both campaign and issue-related. >> now, as we told you, the down-ballot danger is a huge concern for republican senators. there is a lot of fear about how trump at the top of the republican ticket could affect the 21 republican incumbents who will run on that same ticket for re-election this year. republicans have 24 senate seats to defend this november. six of those seats are in blue states or swing states like ohio. that's where senator rob portman who was also in attendance at that meeting with trump today. he's fighting a tough fight in ohio this fall against former democratic governor ted strickland. also it's true in pennsylvania. that's where pat toomey, republican incumbent there, is going to face a strong democratic challenger katie mcbegin the, and in new hampshire where senator kelly ayotte is running state and state with the popular democrat governor maggie hasan.
2:38 pm
democrats want to win back control of the senate in november and to do that they need to pick up four seats if they win the white house and five seats if the next president is a republican. nbc's kelly o'donnell has been following all the twists and turns on the senate side of the capitol today. two questions when you look at the republican senators. one is the basic question of will they actually endorse and support donald trump for president? the second though is even if they say that, how involved do they want him to be in their races this fall? >> the answer is different based on where they are running and how voters in those home states react to donald trump so it becomes a very advise i'd the race-by-race game and at the same time here's what i'm getting from talking to people who are running campaigns in some of these states that you talked about, some of the vulnerable states and from talking to republicans around here. there is a sense that what the party needs to do is not to keep the story line going, that there is friction between republicans and trump. to accept that he's the choice
2:39 pm
of the voters, to not show disdain towards the choice of the voters but at the same time to be able to separate themselves where needed, on different issues and on different points. also what i'm shearing that there is concern about the effect. no one sugar coats that, but at the same time they are looking for some silver linings, so one of the things i was told by a republican operative is they are looking at ways where in primaries that have already taken place, how did the incumbent senator perform among republican voters or those casting ballots in the primary, and how did trump perform? and what they are finding is that in some states there doesn't appear to be a negative trump effect meaning more voters chose to say yes to that republican senator going forward and, of course, trump had some competition, but it doesn't suggest that voters simply turn their backs on incumbents. that's some of the data they are looking at. another are pentagon muinterest
2:40 pm
sheard the women voter. one of the things i heard they are looking to buy advertising time on one of those, and frankly i watched them a lot in my house, how to clean up your house shows, that's what the husband calls them, how to clean up the house shows, those kinds of programs where women are watching to advertise there. so if you're out there and you're watching a cable show like that and you see a political ad, you heard it here first. that's a way that republicans are trying to reach the voters they know might have issues in order to separate their candidates from the things that might be controversial about donald trump. steve? >> all right. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, thanks for that and something that the republican senators running with trump this fall are also going to have to worry about, the veepstakes, who he'll pick for his number two. we'll talk about that in just a bit. and up next, another veep pick. why joe biden's veep pick could have been a democratic dream. details when we return.
2:41 pm
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amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing donald trump only focused on building bridges with republicans today, but that didn't stop democrats in the senate from speaking out on his visit with. a program in hand they said all this republican searching for unity is fix. trump and senate republicans have been using the same playbook all along they said. listen to this. >> senate republicans have been governing from the trump textbook for years. they may not be proud of how
2:43 pm
their nominee expresses himself but on policy donald trump and republicans are singing from the same hymnal. >> the republicans coming forward in a accept of unity and really becoming a shill for a reality tv star. we might want to call it congressional apprentice. >> equal pay. that's easy for both of them. no, no, no. that's all you hear. >> if you reflect on a moment who brought you trump steaks and trump vodka, trump towers and trump casinos you may learn something, may gain some insight into who republican senators want to have nominate the next justice to the united states supreme court. hone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. don't bring that mess around here, evan!
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and it's time for the ws starting with the who. it's former vice president dan quayle on the "today" show this morning urging the republican party to unite around donald trump and floating ohio senator rob portman as a good vp pick. the what? it is the first 2016 target for the koch brothers-backed group americans for prosperity. they are aiming to knock out gop congresswoman renee almers in her june 7 primary, the first time a republican member of congress has been targeted in the primary. the where, mt. rushmore. on the stump in south dakota, bernie sanders paid a visit to the state's most famous landmark. the when? it is tomorrow. president obama will host the leaders of five nordic nations, denmark, fin lapd, iceland, norway and sweden for a summit and for a state dinner. this is the first state dinner for him featuring multiple heads of state and now the why?
2:47 pm
a source close to vice president joe biden confirms to nbc news that massachusetts senator elizabeth warren would have been his pick as a running mate if he had mounted a white house bid in 2016, and here's why that matters. according to politico, biden still thinks warren is the best pick for the number two slot, even for hillary clinton, and we'll be right back with more on the veepstakes and on trump's trip to the hill. that's next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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you've never met him yet you appear on all these v.p. short lists. >> that's why i say i have no reason to believe any of that is real. he called once after his foreign policy speech, but no, we've never met. >> time now for the lid. that was senator bob corker with luke russert today. speculation continues to swirl about dond trump's potential running mate. they are the ones who would be vetting his potential running mates. i'm joined by halie jackson from capital hill. he's the presumptive nominee. >> what is the speculation? what is the talk? we don't know much. they are talking with luke that he hasn't been talked about with by the trump campaign about being considered as a vice presidential selection. there are names that are being
2:52 pm
floated. bob corker is one of them. at the jones day law firm you just mentioned it was a notable atte attendee. jim baker who was a chief of staff to presidents reagan and bush 41 who had a long history in washington. no that he is being discussed as a v.p. pick but someone who can help trump navigate some of the relationships in washington as he tries to build these bridges. i'm told that navigating the relationships is something that came up in the meetings this morning over at the rnc. a source from those discussions describes him as courteous saying trump didn't have a tone of holding court. he was listening. he was taking in the pointing being made by the members in that second meeting. the bigger meeting with house leaders. we're told the head of the rncc was there as well.
2:53 pm
given trump's tone, there was a moment where trump did acknowledge how well he's doing in the polls as it was phrased to me that he is doing well with primary voters and he is doing well with republicans. trump knows that. it's matter of how does he bridge this gap between where he is especially when it comes to different kinds of policies that are at the core of the conservative party and where the rest of the party is. that's something ryan has been vocal about for a while. pro-life issue, you heard him address that. >> the big question facing the republican party, what happens next. joined by republican strategist and daily best columnist jonathan alter and phillip bump.
2:54 pm
on the surface, we've been talking about this all hour. they said this is a very formulated thing. nothing really leaked out about what happened there. no drama in the press. is he capable of keeping this up snp. >> that's the question. look at the way speaker ryan came in. he came in with fractured republican congress. the reason i believe he's taking the steps, he doesn't want to go back to the conference and say this is the way we're going because he's got never trump people. he has maybe one day i'll be a trump person people. he's got to go back and look like he's listening to his conference as well. it's at a very critical time as he's trying to pass certain
2:55 pm
pieces of legislation. >> we've been talking about how maybe the republican voters are ahead of where the republican leadership is when it comes to rallying around donald trump and listening to the report from luke russert it struck me among leadership, ryan may be behind. he's talking about john corning posing for pictures. >> and when jim baker goes there. it's like a bulldog puppy comes into the house. doesn't pee on the carpet but is that puppy housebroken. they don't know whether trump has been housebroken. they need to see if he can behave in polite company. they don't know it. they don't want him as a bull in their china shop. they're looking to see whether today's listening session was the first of several and whether he seems -- >> they don't want him out there now three days from now, a week from now, giving nicknames to some of them. >> they don't trust him. they're right not to trust him
2:56 pm
because he is a bully and a demagogue. they know that. the thing they will wait on a little bit and it's the only card that paul ryan has. why should he endorse him now. it gives him leverage. >> how much leverage does he have. if he becomes an island. if the rest of the party says let's get going. if there's polls that come out, if we see more of these that show a competitive race, there will be a real energy focus on hillary clinton. >> that's right. this is why trump talks about the polls. he has the local republican base with him. he doesn't have every republican with him. he has the base. he has people a lot of republicans have been trying to appeal to for a long time. people like paul ryan and eric cantor. donald trump is in the position they want to be in. he needs desperately for republicans to come on board. he is expressed he's not worried
2:57 pm
about having paul ryan come and standby his side. it's very important for those paul ryan types to stand by his side in order the meet team strength. >> this dance is helping both of them. every time donald trump goes do washington, we're all reminded he's washington outsider and not part of the process. paul ryan gets to say we're able to work with him. on these issues. we'll start rounding all these really sharp corners on policies. he'll be able to go back to his conference and say we've worked it out here whether it's on the muslim ban other entitlement reform. there are places they are going to come together on. i think it was telling even the issue that speaker ryan came out with today to begin his press conference. it was on heroin epidemic. something that donald trump was very much talking about. >> let's talk about the veep stakes. he had the meeting with the law firm. everybody is putting the names out. we did a segment the other day. we looked at the bedding
2:58 pm
markets. newt gingrich was the top choice. people have to explain that. you were making an interesting point in the break that the list of people we used to say a couple of weeks ago donald trump may have real trouble finding somebody who would say yes. the list may be expanding now. >> it will. just as a week from today it will probably be able to be expanded more by people willing to do it because donald trump is starting to show he is going to be part of the process instead of trying to break it. it's still going to be very difficult because the way donald trump has done, ran his campaign so person goij after people's character and such. it will be very hard for someone to really trust him. that's where he's going to have a problem. >> i don't think he will have a problem getting a running mate except in a year like 1972 when george mcgovern couldn't get anybody to run with him. there's almost no history of people saying no when the party has a decent chance of gaining the white house.
2:59 pm
right now polls are narrowing. it's quite possible he's the next president of the united states. it's really hard to say no if you're a senator or whatever to that when you're offered to go on the ticket. the problem is you have to live with yourself. if you believe in your heart that he's tempermentally unsuited, he's a con man and there's a considerable amount of evidence he is, you have to ask do i put party and personal ambition over the constitution and the country. >> that's been the question. how many republicans will have reservations that could keep them from saying yes? when you look at it, what names make sense to you? >> honestly you express skepticism in newt gingrich, he's been loyal. donald trump said he's not worry about the business and appealing the general. he wants to work the heeill.
3:00 pm
>> i get it. >> maybe i put my money on gingrich. we're out of time. it's an interesting case. thanks for the time. we're back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts right now. paul ryan, reince priebus. >> mr. trump goes to washington. >> oh, why didn't we think of that. mr. trump goes to washington. an event so big it requires not one box, not two, not three, not four,


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