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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 13, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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encouraged, very encouraging, that's right. the key take away from trump's meeting with the house speaker, you heard it right there. paul ryan is encouraged but is he ready to endorse? and new this morning the obama administration weighing in forcefully on another controversial issue. this one affecting public schools across the country. plus -- >> who -- >> hey! >> who do you work for, man? >> he grabbed my breasts! >> wow, it was a bad day for the family of a new york state lawmaker sentenced on corruption charges. we'll tell you the story behind this chaotic scene. 5:30 on the west coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning.
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it's friday the 13th. i'm sam stein. no endorsement yet from paul ryan, but donald trump's charm offensive with hill republicans helped to bridge divides. most of all with the speaker of the house. >> we really had a great meeting today and i think we agreed on a lot of things and it will be a little process. but it will come along i'm pretty sure. >> it was very good. very productive. we talked issues and i look forward to continuing the conversation. >> do you feel that progress was made? >> i felt a lot of progress was made. i really do. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> do you expect to endorse? >> yeah, i think this is going in a positive direction and i think this is a first very encouraging meeting but again in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the processes and all of the issues and the principles that we're talking about. >> that did you think of his personality? >> his personality i thought -- i thought he was a good personality.
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he's a very warm and genuine person. >> so trump's meeting with ryan was supposed to last just 30 minutes but it stretched to 45. as the speaker just said. and a source familiar with the talks said trump did not come in with swagger which he has in abundance. but rather an attitude of working together. still, some senators were guarded in their optimism after their own meeting. senator hatch said he was glad to meet trump, adding quote many constituents in my home state of utah have serious reservations about trump to help unify the party and broaden his appeal i hope he'll listen to the policymakers and carefully consider his approach to international trade, religious liberty and entitlement reform. senator cornyn called it good and posed for a photo. he said that's a way to talk about immigration issues that people don't find offensive. but yet still make a point that we're all for secure borders. and once again, speaking of immigration we're seeing just how big a role the issue is
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playing. protests erupted outside the rnc headquarters where trump met with house speaker ryan. and remember trump's cinco de mayo tweet? the photo of him eating the taco bowl giving a thumbs up, i love hispanics, how can you forget? well, the demonstrators didn't forget either. they hand delivered taco salads to the offices of republican senators supporting the nominee. it was taco salad day at the capitol. funny how that works out. republicans weren't the only ones taking heat though yesterday. bernie sanders and hillary clinton slammed the obama administration's reported move to begin a new round of deportations involving hundreds of undocumented central american mothers and children. sanders called it painful and inhumane and clinton said the raids were unproductive and do not reflect who we are as a country. yesterday meanwhile, "morning joe's" own steve ratner moderated a conversation with john boehner and he predicted that his successor would
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eventually smooth things out with donald trump. boehner who is clearly loving life after congress had plenty more to say as well. >> why would paul ryan actually want donald trump to be president, become leader of the party? >> well, -- [ laughter ] listen, donald trump is the presumptive nominee. whether people like it or not. he worked hard, he went out there and won these delegates and looks certain -- certainly looks like he's going to be the nominee. >> why are you for him? >> well, listen, i voted for john kasich. i made it clear i was voting for john kasich, he's been my friend for 30 years. john kasich didn't win. jeb bush didn't win. thank god that that guy from texas didn't win. [ laughter ] >> the guy from texas -- >> but for the three people here
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who don't know it, who the speaker described as lucifer in the flesh, which then prompted someone else to say he was being too kind to lucifer, but -- >> i got criticized by some satanic organization in washington for giving lucifer a bad name. [ laughter ] >> man, boehner looks great. anyways, switching topics out this morning, a new directive from the obama administration on the use of public facilities for transgender students. the departments of justice and education will tell the public schools that transstudents must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms that are consistent with their gender identity. if not, it could be considered discrimination and schools will risk losing funding or being sued. senator ben sasse of nebraska tweeted his disapproval, asking quote is there any issue the obama administration believes can be left to state and local government?
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but the debate is already well under way in communities across america. there's the core battle between the federal government in north carolina and then scenes a at school board meeting in georgia just last night. >> the federal government has bullied implementation of godless ideology on public education. no amount of money can make this okay. [ applause ] >> that was one of several hundred parents in georgia yesterday, protesting the superintendent's decision to comply with the 1964 civil rights act which includes gender as a protected class. the superintendent says if they have a transgender student they have to let them use the bathroom of their choice. meanwhile a federal judge has handed house republicans a victory in the latest challenge to obamacare. one that could affect hundreds of millions of health care consumers it provides money to help consumers reduce their out of pocket costs on things like
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deductibles and co-payments. the judge ruled it was never appropriated by congress. still, the judge's decision won't take effect until the appeals process is complete. josh earnest predicted yesterday that obamacare opponents would not prevail. >> they have been losing this fight for six years. and they'll lose it again. bernie sanders campaign is looking forward to the primary in south dakota, a state that hillary clinton bonn in 2008. sanders held three rallies including one in sioux falls that had a crowd of 4300 people. he kept up the attacks on clinton and what he brands quote the establishment. >> they have the money, we have the people. and the people together will win this struggle. i'm not here to say that hillary clinton can't defeat donald trump. i absolutely believe that she can.
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but i believe quite honestly that bernie sanders is the stronger candidate. >> now sanders also made a stop at mount rushmore during his swing through south dakota. it was his first trip to the national monument. while there he reflected on the future of the landmark. >> senator, can you envision yourself up there one day? >> you think there's a location right to lincoln's right? i see some spots. >> oh, man. there are also reports that the sanders campaign is looking to push for reforms to the party's primary process when the topic is considered at the convention this summer. according to buzzfeed his campaign advisers are looking to change the structure of the caucuses in key nominating state and to open it up to the independent voters in other states. let's turn now to business where google's parent company alphabet has taken the top spot as the number one publicly traded stock, a position held by apple since 2003. cnbc's louisa bojesen join us
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from london. what does this mean -- >> well, they took the position briefly. now it's flip flopped back again. that's what we have seen a couple of times, keeping in time that exxon mobil they held the top spot through 2012 and then apple took over in 2012. they have been back and forth for a year before apple then became the front-runner. now people are saying it's a matter of time before alphabet takes over the top spot to hold on as the world's most valuable company for the future. it depends on apple's sales of iphone 7. that's why we have seen weakness of late. also speaking of apple, they're investing $1 billion in the ride hailing app in japan. they have 87% of the chinese market share and they want to get more inroads into china and they want to understand the chinese market better. a big investment. let me tell you about facebook. mark zuckerberg is saying
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they're investigating claims that pro conservative stories were suppressed. essentially what happened a few days ago, a tech blog called gizmodo is questioning whether or not they allowed the trending topics to follow what people were really interested in or whether they were somehow manipulating in some ways. mark zuckerberg is saying they're taking the claims seriously, they're looking into it. a full investigation is happening and they're going to be looking very closely at what's going on with trending topics. but they say they're open to everything and all views are allowed on facebook. >> they're facing pressure from capitol hill. now turning to former new york state senate majority leader dean skelos and his son were charged yesterday. it turned chaotic as they left the courthouse. a nephew of skelos was charged with assault. following the confrontation you are about to see here. >> so why did you --
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>> who do you work for? >> hey! give me that back! >> he just threw my phone and grabbed my breast! >> hey! hey, hey, hey! >> he grabbed my breast! this guy -- >> wow. the reporter in the video who works for "the new york daily news" claims the man threw her phone and grabbed her breast. he was arrested and charged with third degree assault. wow. still ahead on "way too early" the spurs eliminated from the playoffs. now many are asking if it's the end of tim duncan's illustrious career? and dana milbank was so certain that donald trump would not win the republican party's
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nomination that he now has to eat his words, literally. those stories and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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so talk to your doct, and for more informaon, visit all right. time now for sports and the nba playoffs. in oklahoma city, the spurs fighting for that are lives down three games to two, in the western conference semifinal match-up against the thunder. okc led by six points at end of the first quarter. that's where we gone to san antonio coach gregg popovich for his thoughts right here. >> what did you see in first 12? >> as soon as we substituted it went to crap. >> thank you. >> well, popovich is national treasure. that's how it remained for the spurs. the thunder never looked back. and getting 28 from westbrook for the win in game 6. oklahoma city advances to face the warriors.
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could be a good series. in the fourth conference final appearance in the last six years. the spurs now facing an uncertain future with questions about whether we have seen the last of tim duncan. and duncan in an nba uniform, is his career over? who knows. to the ice and my ongoing struggle to come off as knowledgeable about the nhl. the sharks head to first western conference finals in five years after the victory over the predators in game seven. the sharks will visit st. louis on sunday in the team's fourth trip to the conference finals in franchise history. i think i made it through that nicely. a major international scandal is brewing over an alleged state sponsored doping scheme that propelled russia's athletes to gold during the sochi games. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has details. >> so these are the gold medalists. >> reporter: the russians weren't just golden at the 2014 winter olympic games in sochi. >> it's russian gold! >> reporter: they were dominant. the host country taking more
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medals than any other. allegations involving dozens of russian athletes including at least 15 medal winners said to be part of an elaborate government run doping program. >> there's been a full assault on the olympic values of fair play. and that they have to be held accountable to give clean athletes the opportunity to win. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," gregory rodchenkof admitted to building a cocktail of banned substances and others replaced tainted urine with clean samples. bobsledders holcomb won two medals in sochi. in both events the russians took home gold. >> why do i continue doing this knowing it's not a level playing fielded? >> >> reporter: with the international olympic committee calling for a full investigation, the sports minister calls the allegations
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absurd. their track athletes face a possible ban in rio. american sprinter finished behind two. >> i was cheated, stolen from. for me to stand on the podium and to hear my national anthem would have been the culmination of all my hard work. >> reporter: the olympic motto is faster, higher, stronger. but some athletes are asking at what cost? >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. let's turn to major league baseball. kershaw against new york last night, he gave up just three hits in a complete game shutout to split l.a.'s series with the mets. final score -- 5-0 dodgers. serena williams advanced to the quarterfinals with a win yesterday. but it's the meal she shared with one of her yorkshire terriers that got fans talking.
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in a series of posts on snapchat, the world number one tells us how her curiosity got the best of her while ordering from the room service menu for dogs at her hotel in rome. >> ready for the doggie menu? on the doggie menu, it has soup. all this other good stuff. i promise you i was like that looks so good. it was seared tenderly. it was just perfection. so today i'm like i might want to taste the soup. so i ordered the salmon and rice. before you judge me, look at it. that's the salmon and rice. i'm like, what the heck, i'm going to try a piece, it looks good. so i eat a spoonful. let's fast forward to two hours. i just ran to the toilet like -- chip liked it. it looked good, but i really don't feel so good. >> she ate dog food.
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>> i was thinking she was eating seared salmon. i was thinking of her opening a can of alpo? >> what publicizes that they eat dog food. >> i think it was more interesting to see what was on the menu for the dog more than anything else. >> looked like an expensive menu. let's switch to weather. >> we didn't have a lot of horrible weather yesterday which is good. light rain on the east coast. beautiful day yesterday in new england. best day so far of the spring. temperatures near 80 and now the rain is moving through erie and buffalo. just about over with there. but now moving through rochester and central pennsylvania too. eventually, some of this mess will make it to the east coast as there will be showers and storms. if you get sunshine up to norfolk, we could get isolated severe thunderstorms today. large hail too. so for today, we are watching good weather today at least during the morning hours in the middle of the country. as far as the weekend goes, rain and storms, oklahoma and texas. saturday, pennsylvania and new
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york in the afternoon. but then it will be a chilly -- sam, i know you're in d.c. you had 15 days in a row -- >> i haven't seen the sun in 15 days. i'm suffering from seasonal affective disorder. >> sunday, a warm day. >> can we get a warm, sunny day? >> let's not push it. yes, paul ryan met with donald trump yesterday, but that wasn't the only important business on his agenda. we'll explain next on "way too early." ♪ ♪
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all right. welcome back to "way too early." jimmy kimmel is a lot of thing, talk show host, comedian, actor, father. but last night he announced that he's taking -- or looking to add a political title to his resume as well. the late night host kicked off last night's show with an announcement of his run for the second highest rated office in america. >> tonight, i am humbled to announce that i'm officially running for vice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> do you know anything about politics? >> well, that's a very good question. i'll answer it with another question. does anyone know anything about politics really if you think about it? >> do you have a plan to stop isis? >>no. but rob gronkowski of the new england patriots and i are going to go eat later to figure that out. together, we are going to put the i can back in american.
2:55 am
thank you, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> yeah. that was gronk behind kimmel right there. now, kimmel will of course be part -- gronk of course will be part of kimmel's cabinet once he's chosen as the next evveep. as for the ticket, he's keeping his options open. and "washington post" columnist dana milbank wrote a column in which he said he was so certain that donald trump would not win the nomination he would literally eat his words if he does. so with the help of a chef, "washington post" critic, and a fair amount of salt and butter, milbank literally ate his words. >> it sort of wads up into the ball in your mouth. >> it does. it might be like grade school spit wads. >> taco bowl.
2:56 am
is it as good as trump tower? i heard they make the best. >> it's trump-tastic. >> so did you come up with the ideas yourself? >> well, i think trump did. >> this is our take on a fillet of fish from mcdonald's. his favorite restaurant. >> i'm letting tom take the first bite. >> tell the truth. the flavor -- with a squishy bun and tartar sauce and the cheese. >> trying to figure out which one is worse, the serena williams dog food or that. there was arguably much bigger business being attended to yesterday. the house passed several bills to combat growing problems with pain killers and heroin abuse. according to the cdc, overdose deaths involving opioids have tripled since the year 2000. when the house speaker started
2:57 am
yesterday, that's what he chose to speak about. not his meeting with donald trump. >> now more americans die every year from drug overdoses than car accidents. we have more of our fellow citizens dying every year from drug overdoses than car accidents. today the house continues to work on legislation to address the heroin and opioid epidemic across this country. >> the centerpiece of the package passed overwhelmingly. elsewhere meanwhile, the house committee on veterans affairs held an important hearing on preventing veteran suicides and paul ryan tweeted out this photo of what he called the most important meeting of the day -- greeting the students from the st. bartholomew catholic school. proving there's news beyond donald trump. coming up on "morning joe" a debrief of donald trump's meetings on capitol hill yesterday. did he tell them what they wanted to hear?
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