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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," trump's 2.0. where he stands on his muslims ban. >> anything i suggest is a suggestion. >> are you softening your stance using words simply to be moderate. >> i am always flexible in issues. >> mr. caystery caller was a billionaire posing back in 1991. [ inaudible ] >> and room for all, the federal government orders public schools to allow all transgender children to use the bathrooms of their choice, not all states agreed with that. >> i am working with the governor of north carolina and
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we are going to fight back. >> good day, i am chris mathew, for andrea mitchell, my friends. republican leaders are promising the whole war meetings after taking their first steps yesterday towards party unity. >> speaker ryan have yet to endorse donald trump but support for trump is growing on capitol hill. that's up from eight people who would said a few weeks ago. joining me now is one of donald trump's top surrogates doctor ben carson. doctor carson, thank you for joining us. let me ask you about your role now because you were running for president and you are a surgeon. you are trying to bring in rivals, so far, you got you and chris christie and the governor of new jersey and rick perry, the former governor of texas, who are you working to bring in now to the trump camp?
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>> first of all, let me say everybody is always trying to give me a role. i don't want any official role. what i want to do is try to do the things that can facilitate our country. of course, that means reaching out to all kinds of people and helping them to recognize we are not each other's enemies. whether you are a republican or a democrat -- if you are an american, you should be seeing job growth and security and providing people to crime clime the ladder to be successful in the country. we need to focus on things that make america great instead of all of these warfare at this time would be better off. >> i have talked to him about that.
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he's very empathetic about it. in fact, a lot of people on the conservative side have a horrible job of expressing it in a way that connects with people. that's something that's going to be worked on, i guarantee you for this election cycle and beyond that election cycle. >> have you ever tried to make donald trump more empathetic. it is hard for them to pull themselves up and even in a free society, does he get it? >> what i would suggest is some of these many reporters try to dig a dirt on trump. >> why don't they find people who have work with them or work for him for long period of time. you will get a very different story. >> i bet they won't want to tell
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that story. >> the audio recording with somebody with a voice similar to donald trump sort of flaking for him expressing our business politics promoting him which was a voice that sounded like trump's own voice. do you think that's an unfair story? >> just a distraction. you know at some point --and i know it is going to be tough, believe me. at some point we got to start concentrating on what's important. the issues that's facing our country right now is monumental. will anybody ever stop and think about that? >> what do you think would be -- let me try to find the common ground? what would the president, democratic or republican start to unite this country. mr. trump talked about john f
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kennedy in new york and so much of our infrastructure. everything seems to be old. the subway systems over 100 years old. is that something he will leave with building? i think democrats will go along with it. they like the union job if nothing else. >> it is obviously important. there are ways to do it. for instance, you look at over $2.1 trillion over seas because of our ridiculous corporate tax rate. we let that money come back in for six months period and use part of that for one of the projects that you are talking about and also create jobs for people who are unemployed or on welfare. these are the kind of things that would cost taxpayers one penny.
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>> it sounds like a good idea. democrats alone with the tax holaday. you are laughing but you know it is a problem. >> it is a problem and i think if we get in a room and we can talk together about america, not about democrats and republicans but about america and how do we keep it strong, how do we fix it, what can we do about education here? we have over 20% of people dropping out of high school. what can we do about having 5% of the population and 25% of inmates. these are things that affect us. if we can start talking about that, i think we can come to a conclusion that's beneficial for everybody. >> tell us if you can, you were the advance person in advancing of trump's meeting with us, speaker ryan. how did that go? how would you describe that
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meeting that you had in the phone and the meeting they had yesterday where it is headed. where is that is relationship going? >> i talked to speaker ryan at 9:30 in the evening, he still had more meetings. this man is a real patriot. he gets up early and works late. he's a perfect example of a citizen servant leader. he's very concerned of america. his heart i believe is in the right place. and, you know, i just wanted to talk to him about some of the missed interpretations of donald trump before the meeting. donald trump is not a politician, does not use political speak, he's not polished and the same problem that i had. the people understand you but the media certainly does not. so you know i reinterpreted some of the things that he had said.
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when he comes out and said he's not big on entitlement reforms, you have to listen to all that he's saying. what he's saying is that's not the first thing that you want to deal with when you have an economy that's totally an elect. when people have opportunities, at that point, you can talk about entitlement reform. that's the kind of thing to do. there are a number of issues that's simply are not fully explained and you get the wrong impression. >> i understand that. hillary clinton, the democratic's front runner, she's talking about donald trump not releasing his tax returns. she jumped on that yesterday. is that a fair issue as you see it? >> well, i would find it much more fair if she releases the
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transcript on her speech on wall street. it would seem less critical at that point. donald trump had said he's going to release those. his lawyers advised him not to do that. if somebody has a better idea than the lawyer, i think they should put it out there. >> you know bernie sanders, the challenger to hillary clinton, he also has a problem getting out h is tax returns. do you think somebody should know their tax returns as a principle? >> ser >> certainly. i had to put one as well and it had a lot of detailed financial information much more so. i think you can really determine a great deal from that. that's already available. let's analyze that and after analyzing that and say what else
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we need to know of the forthcoming of the tax returns. what are you skeptical and intrigue by hillary clinton where she got paid $100,000 to speak. what do you think is interesting to voter? >> i don't know. i did politic speakiublic speak. i must admit it is fun. i would be interesting in knowing. maybe i could include some of those things in my speeches and get 100, thousa$100,000. >> seriously, hillary will always say i know that guy in the room or the woman in the room and it will be some what friendly. what do you think she's giving away in those lunches and meetings? >> i suspect a relationship is indicated in those speeches.
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she's not interested of the people knowing about that relationship because that does not work so well when in the next breath you are bashing wall street saying these are the people who are greedy and ene enemi enemies. i am sure she wants to achieve consistency and the best way to do that is to keep people ignorant. >> thank you doctor ben carson, it is great to have you here. >> it is a pleasure, chris. >> coming up, donald trump firing back. right here on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. what is that? it's you!
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washington post report mr. trump pretending to be a public relations employee, listen up. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what's your position? who did not know that was donald trump? 1991, people magazine reported, they confirmed the voice on the recording was donald trump. he denied that this morning on "today." >> you acknowledged it was you but it was a joke. >> i don't think it was me. i don't know what they are talking about. >> the post said this is something you did rather rout e
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routinely that you would call reporters saying that you were john miller or john barron but it was you on the phone >> no, that was not me on the phone. it does not sound like me on the phone, i will tell you that and it was not me on the phone. >> it does sound like him unfortunately. >> joining me from the daily fix, washington senior. donald trump is giving reports of new reasons. mark fisher, i have read your stuff for years, how did you get this somehow cougugar employee? >> we have been doing these reports where trump would call reporters and editors had him as john barron or john miller and giving them stories. mo some of them thought it was
9:17 am
playful but it was a common place that it would be on city's desk when these calls come in. and of course, we like to listen to that. and it was just sort of a running joke. as you hear, he makes no real effort to disguise his voice. >> let me ask you about this, there is no criminality, did you check your legal voice? is there any legal issue here that can be used against him? >> imitating yourself or somebody else. it does not sound like a crime to me.
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>> that's not a scoot. i once saw him on letterman, some football player were thwing a football into a theater to some other building and they had to get somebody. it was him. he was available for publicity. this is not a shock. well, i am just kidding. you are just kidding. good work on that, mark. we'll weigh the importance of this now. thank you for joining us, let's go right now to susan >> we are talking about this beforehand. i think the cover is worse than the crime. >> no, he did deny it. he got pressed on it. he said it was not me on the recording. once you determine voice expert says it was him and people come forward said he did it all the time.
9:19 am
of course, he denied it. >> when does it become to a moral sense as he stick to his position until nightfall tonight. >> i don't think we need a forensic analysis to say it was him. i don't want to bring the conversation down too much. i think this is a good opportunity for us is the media to reevaluate how we cover this and call him out when he lied. he frequently distort the truth and say things that are out right false. this is an example and he should be held accountable and he's lying. >> it is one of the problems. he makes people say i know he's not telling the truth but i am going to live with it. >> here is one other thing. >> if you are the developer and you call reporters reporting on your development here and say you are somebody else, big deal. if you are the president of the united states -- >> well, i know, something that seems playful if your developer
9:20 am
seems more serious. >> this is about the time bill clinton was on the phone with the whole thing with jennifer flowers and the tapes got out because jennifer flowers put it out. the president said at the time, that was edited. but, it was him. he had to apologize to governor cromwell at the time of his mafia image or whatever. >> there is awfully a lot of over lap between the personality types between bill clinton and donald trump. probably a lot more than either man would like to admit. the other day when trump had to deflect his criticism and he said it was just a proposal. >> i mean that was a remarkably. >> let's talk about tax returns.
9:21 am
we just demand them. it has always worked before but now not with bernie sanders who has no done it yet. he said his wife is still working on them. >> okay, she does the tax. i understand how this works at families oftentimes. she handles all the paper work. that's past returns. >> it is explicable. >> these are returns that have been filed. >> i don't understand. why don't they both do it. for trump, i don't know whether or not we'll see them or we won't. probably not giving horrible headlines he's dropped. i know trump is a master at misdirection. hey, look over here. >> donald trump is giving reports on his new reasons today of why he would not release his
9:22 am
tax returns. release his returns which were unaudited. >> you released the returns to the state officials even though you were under audit. if you were able to release your tax returns to get a casino license -- >> it did not make a difference to me and now it does. >> what is your tax rate? >> it is none of your business, you will see it when i release it. >> there is a chris christie's relapse. >> did you hear that phrase "none of your business." >> i think probably more than we realize. this is one of the ways which unorthodox candidates break the mole. >> hillary clinton is something we'll be talking now until
9:23 am
election day. >> everybody has their own personal speculations of what he's hiding. i understand politics, if it better than it looks, they'll show you. >> if it looks better than it is, they won't. >> it is very simple. >> if this tax returns making it. >> i don't think he paid a little extra. i think this could be an advantage for trump. he's smart enough to make all this money. >> he boasted about that. >> look, i will pay as little. >> i will pay right through november though. >> better that than what he's heighten? mr. trump release your taxes. >> can you stop the music with that? >> if she's persistent about it. the problem with covering this guy is he's so good in
9:24 am
distracking. >> breaking the mole, doing the stuff that everybody else every dares to do. susan paige, reporter from u.s. a today and jeremy peters who got himself a column now. coming up, today the white house is issuing a new directive for the nation's public schools. that's what they call it down there. he joins me next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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the legal rights of transgender in north carolina escalates.
9:28 am
today the administration will send out a letter in the school district saying they need to allow transgender students use whatever bathrooms match their identity. the administration is threaten to cut federal funding that don't comply. this response is in the latest o f the backlash. north carolina's governor signed the restriction rule. everything from large corporations to big names refused to do business with north carolina. joining me now director of the new film "being charlie" is one of the leading voices in north carolina. thank you, tell me about, you are very busy and now talk about this. how did you get into this so strongly? >> well, as you know, you just mentioned that, you know, michelle and i were the ones responsible for filing the federal lawsuit to dismantle
9:29 am
proposition 8 which paved the way for marriage equality. one of my partners, my best friend is chad griffin, the president of the u.s. human rights. we are good friends and worked together for years. it is the last piece on the civil rights puzzle that's being put into place. the lbgt community is the only community that's not looked at l equally under the law. that's starting to change and with marriage equality being below the land that is part of the change but these backlashes that we see in different parts of the country is very similar to what happened in brown verses the board of education in '54 even though we created equal rights for people to go to school, there were push backs and fights. it is still going to be those kinds of fights.
9:30 am
>> anyway, let me ask you about the economics of this. you know the film business, i was thinking of all the great films coming out from north carolina over the years. i think that "hunger games" movie were made down there. this is going to bite if this is carried out. your proposal for a boycott. >> yes, i mean not only hollywood but you got papal and many, many big corporations. this is going to cost north carolina millions and millions of dollars and many, many thousands of jobs. it is going to put a real dent in their economy. i think this governor has, you know, he's fallen on the wrong side of this. >> i think you are right. he's going to get hurt and he's going to get hurt bad. unfortunately, he's on the wrong side of it in terms of the law and everything else.
9:31 am
>> you know, rob, you don't know this but i went to grad school down there in chapel hill it is a little bit of iowa there, it is liberal and cosmolpolitan. a lot of people from all the country come there. it is a futuristic state in some way. this governor got caught in the political fire. if you look around the country, this directive that the president put forward today, it is already starting to be utilized in many states around the country. so you know this boat is sailed and i think you will see some people that are going to hold on
9:32 am
for deer life but ultimately he's caught in a political fire storm that's going to hurt him badly. unfortunately, it is going to hurt that state and it is a great state like you said. >> i know you are a great civil rights advocate, there is something really silly of what he did. if you tell a person who identifies as female, not to go to the lady's room but to go to the men's room. it could be chaos and confusion and create all this stirring or whatever. >> you want people to go to where ever they feel comfortable. if they go to other way, it would be a ludicrous law. i don't get the point of this thing >> no, there is no point. the fact the matter is people have been doing these for years without these laws and nobody has been aware of it. there is not been those kinds of predatory things that you say that's going to come out of it. it is like voting rights and saying well, we are starting and we are getting people from the
9:33 am
polls. >> thank you, rob. >> it is a way of having people hang onto old believes. >> that was what i was thinking this morning. it is just like this crazy thing of voter id with no corruption. they just do it to keep minorities and old people from voting and students. you are always on the great side there, rob. thank you, best to michelle and thank you for getting into the arena. coming up, clinton gears up with the election. bernie sanders is not going quietly. we'll talk to clinton's supporter. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. why do so many busin esses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone se in the country.
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hillary clinton said "we should not be taking kids and families from their homes in the middle of the night." bernie sanders agreed "sending these people back is in harm's way." >> thank you for joining us. tell us about this and you know, this is a tricky question for any community especially the hispanic and latino community. how is the right way to deal with enforcing immigration laws? the ones that we have in the books, what's the right way to do it? >> reporter: chris, we got to fix a broken system. there is no other way to go around it. we need to fix the system because you are always going to have these issues. the president is somehow trying to make a system. it is tough, i don't agree he should go out there and separate families. any child in this country should get his or her day in court with
9:38 am
an effective way to present that case. it is unfortunate of what we find is congress unwilling to act and you deal with situations like this. i hope the white house will understand this is not the time to be separating kids from their parents. >> it was a great bill and comprehensive and citizen. anyway, let me ask you about this particular challenges of central america and not mexico. what are the problems of sending people back to part of that latin america? >> reporter: we spent a lot of time in that score that we call central america. we broke a lot of china and even in the '50s when we helped throw the president in guatemala. a lot of unrest and uncivil convicts that occur and much of what's visiting in central
9:39 am
america countries is many folks who brought baa with them in central american central america of some of the things they brought in the u.s. our neighbors need us and we were there before and he helped them break a lot of china. to get it right, it helps central america families but it helps us. >> lets talk about a couple of these points in history. you talked about knocking off our beds, the cia did that and knocking off a yen day in chile. >> reporter: it is painful, chris, but it is a fact. i would say as a son of immigrants, i know no more patriotic and proud as my
9:40 am
parents who made this their home for quite some time and always defend it. i will defend it. i am so proud of my country. we have done some things we have not been proud of. the greatest thing of this country is we try to correct what's wrong. what we will do regard to central america are correcting some of these wrongs. we have to help these countries so they can come back and thrive. if we do that t we'll be great neighbors and people will love us in hemisphere and we'll be doing the right thing. i look forward to it. at the end of the day, i can say my country has always try to redeem themselves when it is done. >> this is the first time that the bobby kennedy, we are having a real fight in california, do you think bernie sanders should withdraw before that or can you understand why he's sticking it
9:41 am
out. >> reporter: bernie sanders deserves to do what he wants to do. he inspired a lot of voters and he had made the candidates really healthy and conservative. if he decides to go all the way to the convention, we should not change his mind. i hope he's doing what he thinks it is best for the country, not for himself or h is politics. at the end of the day, he will decide from my perspective more is better. i like democracy. i want to see people's enthusiastic about going out to vote. at the end of the day, i feel very confident that the next president of united states is hillary clinton. >> do you see a clinton's ticket? >> you know, jimmy kimmel beat everybody to the bunch today. he said it will be the canndidae
9:42 am
on the ticket without a presidential candidate. >> we'll have to see. i know she will make a great choice and at the same time, i am hoping she will have a congress in the house of the senate that wants to work with the next president and not deceive and destruct the next president. that's my focus and i have confidence that she will make the great choice. >> thank you for coming on, xavier cebrerra. coming up, he want to teach trump a lesson. >> i want to issue myself to him as a mainstream muslims and comfortable with western families.
9:43 am
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jofor their wedding one searching place oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl hling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] the point i am making with respect to donald trump and
9:46 am
those advised him is i think his view of muslims is ignorant. i want to educate donald trump. >> that's sadiq khan. >> the u.s. has stronger words for donald trump, let's take a listen. >> it is very stupid and i think the example of all the people, muslims, i am one of them, you know? we are in the life, we are in our mission and mr. trump is so stupid, my god, my god. >> well, there is the tale from two cities. joining me now is the author of
9:47 am
the new book against the backdrop of the threat of armageodon. >> what do you make of that. >> well, it worries people who knew about national security. it worries leaders around the world because what they're seeing is evidence that we have a presidential candidate who really does not know anything about national security. >> here is james baker. one tough poll titician as you point out. the u.s. need to reassure allies with this. >> i think we have to reassure not just the south but other allies and the arabian gulf.
9:48 am
let them know we still got their backs. this deal with iran is nuclear only and does not have anything to do with anything else. too bad it does not. we are going to be there and we are still going to oppose the participation and terror that iran is a state sponsored terrorism and has been and lived with for sometimes. >> that's the voice of reason. >> there is been, we all buzzer on what may happen between now and november. if we have a terrorist situation here, look at our allies, paris for instance resonated into this country, who would have thought that. it looked like us, like we are being hit. does that sort of shape the electoral decision making? >> if it is close to the election, i fear it could.
9:49 am
if it is far enough back, perhaps it is not. we don't know and we know what hillary clinton will say because she's gone through terrorist events as secretary. >> is she going through like drills. >> yes, she has. i did go with her. president obama asked me to run the drill with her and other cabinet members. they know what to do. they drill the exercise. trump probably has no idea what to do or say if there is a major terrorist event. you are right. it is possible if a major event occurs especially in the united states and it could. >> well, you don't know. >> it will make this case crudely. we need this ban that would make this case crudely. >> so we do have to worry about people reacting badly in the wake of an event and this happens in spain where there is
9:50 am
a terrorist event just before an election and it did happen in the election. >> i grew up and i went to the catholic school in the early '50s. we had a nuclear war drill all the time. they did -- >> i remember that. >> what's your book talking about and the scenario of nuclear war tcampaign. >> suddenly the white house gets intelligence where there is a terrorist plot during the election campaign of 2016, that terrorist plot might have access to nuclear weapon. do you tell the public and when do you reveal that and when do you do about that so you don't panic people. when you are not sure where it is going or is i going? i try to give all the issues
9:51 am
that i dealt with in dealing with terrorist events over ten years. >> whatever happens -- i always wonder and since i have you here, why don't countries like iran? there is a desperate bunch of people over there that never made any money after the soviet union crashed. >> james baker, when i was his secretary assistant when the soviet union failed, he had a program to pathos soviet nuclear engineers. >> they're not still getting paid. >> no, those guys are retired. the russians who are doing a good job of keeping an eye on the russian engineers. well, that's been the fear that somebody out there. you know the interesting thing
9:52 am
is not everybody will go work for isis. we know hackers have been offered. >> we know hackers have been offered millions of dollars to be cyber warrior for isis. >> they say no, we want to attack isis. >> you know your stuff, right? >> you are tom clemson, right? >> richard clark, former advisor of president george bush. >> you got to get this paper back book. much more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports," we'll be right back. th e all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disincting products.
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well, that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," by the way, the trump's show goes on tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. come back and watch us. thomas roberts is up next. ype 2s
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somebody with the voice similar to donald trump promoting him and it was a voice that sounded like trump's own voice, do you think that's an unfair story? >> just a distraction. >> hi everybody, i am thomas roberts at msnbc head quarters in new york. the question today is who he is voice is it? a fascinating report from the "washington post." >> donald trump get on the phone with reporters posing as publicist from 1991 in which a man claiming to be john miller representing trump spoke from reporters from the magazine. take a listen.
10:00 am
>> what is your name again? >> john miller. >> the post reports in 1990s and trump testified that he did on occasion using john miller and based on the recording of the 1991 calls, he likes to brag about the women suing him including madonna. >> the people that you write about, they just call. >> the voice in the recording, he brags about trump dating multiple womens. he got three other girlfriends. >> celebrity businessman on the rise according to the washington post talking to reporters while posing as somebody else playing stories about himself. it was a tactic that donald trump played for


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