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tv   Lockup Long Island Extended Stay  MSNBC  May 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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weird news day, right? i mean, it's not every day -- not every year -- when the republican party's presidential candidate apparently turns on tape pretending to be someone else and hangs up on reporters who ask about it. no, it's friday the 13th and everything, i know, but seriously, wow! i mean, usually, you'd have to go to prison after a day like this. there's that moment of -- i turned and i knew who it was.
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at the jail an inmate brawl leaves several officers injured and staff must determine the cause of the conflict. >> i think it is possibly gang related thing. campbell is a kick, he's a blood. >> i probably have been through more fights than frickin' mayweather. >> for this fight continuing trouble can have devastating consequences. >> i love them two girls more than life. if i lose them i lose everything. located 70 miles east of new york city on long island, the small towns, farms and roadside attractions of suffolk county offer a quiet alternative to urban life. in the town of riverhead the
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county jail is a reminder that crime knows no bounds. >> crimes you thought you got away coming back to bite you in the ass. >> the riverhead facility is one of two jails operated by the sheriff's office. it houses about half of the county's 1,500 inmates, most of whom are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial at the resolution of the cases. >> timing is everything. it's fast. >> i do. nonviolent general population inmates are usually allowed out of their cells between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. >> i'm going to get right back to, you right back to you. >> but that freedom is taken away if they violate rules. they can go on lockdown status in another part of the jail. >> this is what the inmates refer to and the officers as the box. it's disciplinary housing unit. >> we're in jail right now. this is not much worse than this. >> when you are sent to the box
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you are required to stay in your cell 22 1/2 hours a day. you are afforded a one-hour outside recreation period and a half an hour inside the day area so you can use the phone, take care of personal hygiene, whatever it is you want to do for your half an hour and then you are locked back in. >> inmates sent to disciplinary segregation for fighting could be on lockdown status for weeks at a time but are not isolated from others. >> disciplinary housing is not your typical solitary confinement. it's not solitary at all. it is a series of cells right next to each other. they can communicate and talk. they go visit their neighbors when they're out on their rec time. it's not a solitary situation. >> timothy campbell spent so much time in the box he wrote a song about it. ♪ we in the county get in the pop and to the hull ♪ ♪ if you bottle [ bleep ] let's go ♪
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♪ we in the county and we get a pop you got to the hole ♪ ♪ though you got to let them know [ bleep ] ♪ ♪ yeah, you should have known, yeah you should have known ♪ welcome to riverhead, land of the dreams. this is my mansion. welcome. this is my mansion. >> though he is only 20 years old, campbell has had several prior stays for convictions prior stays in suffolk county for convictions, including burglary, harassment and weapons violations. now he faces his most serious charges. campbell recently pled guilty to attempted assault. aand attempted robbery. he is awaiting sentencing but expects to get about 4 1/2 years. he has had plenty of trouble in jail, as well. >> he's had one, two, three, four -- five prior write-ups.
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fight in the yard, push-ups on the conduit, tampering with a camera. fight and another fight. he is well rounded. he gets in trouble all over the place. he just keeps on catching them. before his lock time is up he will catch another one. >> it started off it was supposed to be 40 days, ended up with 160 on top of it, another who and plus another eight, eight and a half months. >> eight and a half months in the box? >> eight and a half months in one cell. you workout here and get a sweat and don't get a chance to take a shower. [ bleep ] gets real. not much to do. you brush your teeth, workout and it's all mental. it's all about the 90% is all mental. if you don't have good mental you will lose your mind in this place. >> campbell says he knows only one way to cope. >> i try to have fun.
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what's this place if you're not trying to have fun. on a scale of one to ten what would you rate me? >> i'm not. >> you're not? you know i'm a ten. it's all right. you can't spend 24 hours, seven days a week with a frown on or crying. that is emotionally impossible. >> campbell acknowledges that all too often he has met challenges not through fun but violence. >> 20 years old and i have been through more [ bleep ] than i can remember. you've probably been through more fights than frickin' mayweather. if you met me about two years ago you wouldn't have been able to talk to me. i was so bad with my anger, there were kids i went up to because i didn't like them. i am having a bad day so i'm like you are going to give me your commissary or i'm going to beat the [ bleep ] out of you and throw your head in the toilet and flush it. i've done it to a lot of people, but it catches up to you. it catches up to you. not getting in anymore trouble. that's it.
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i'm not getting in no more trouble. >> a few days later, campbell would find himself in plenty of trouble. according to officer reports, campbell was returning from a visit with his girlfriend and the couple's 15-month-old daughter. as he waited outside the elevator back to his housing unit, the door opened and he encountered inmate jeffrey despeines. >> timothy campbell struck by immate jeffrey despeines, and both began to fight. they ignored all orders and continued to fight. the officers administered pepper spray. officer quinones was able to get control by bringing them to the ground and placing mechanical restraints on him. >> neither inmate was seriously injured in the fight but campbell was treated for a broken pinky. >> he sucker punched me from behind. we fought and then we got maced. we got [ bleep ] with a whole load of mace. worst thing ever happened to me. >> did you sucker punch him?
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>> i guess you can call it that >> how did he respond? >> he was surprised. he was surprised. he didn't like it. >> despeines was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. and reckless endangerment to which he has not pled guilty. he would not specify the cause of the fight. sergeant salvaggio and officer nicholson hope to get to the bottom of it during disciplinary hearings for both men. >> i think it is possibly a gang related thing. campbell is a latin thing. despeines is a blood. they seem to have problems at times within the facility. >> fighting with another inmate, breaking the rules. you get a $25 fine. i try to make it worth $25. >> despeines, come on in, take a seat. how do you plead? guilty, not guilty, guilty with an explanation? >> i guess i'm guilty for that
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one. >> he is latin king and you are a blood. >> there's not really no beef between us but it's just a little situation i have. that is what led to the incident. >> why didn't you stop? officer told you to stop, that is it. man, it was over. >> $25 is a lot. i was going to get it regardless. >> you were going to get your money's worth. >> basically getting your must be's worth? >> like campbell, despeines has already been in disciplinary for several weeks due to prior fights and now they will let him know how much more time he will get. >> 60 days on top of what you had, getting out december 29. >> on my birthday. >> is that your birthday? >> yes. >> happy birthday. you think you are going to catch one before then? >> no. >> stay out of trouble. all right? >> thank you. >> stay out of trouble, man. >> now the officers meet with campbell. he could receive more lockdown time for refusing orders to stop
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fighting. >> the report said it, i got sucker punched. you got to fight. what else was i supposed to do? just let him lump me up? i am sick of coming to this hearing room over and over. i'm trying to stay out of trouble. i'm not assaulting people anymore. >> anymore? this time you got assaulted, right? he hit you first anyway. >> me and him had a typical argument. we always have arguments. >> which was about? or you're not willing to say? >> i can't, i can't say. >> the officers decide to extend campbell's lockdown status by another 20 days, but put another 40 days on hold which they can assign if he commits another violation. >> you have to stay out of trouble kid, all right? you know, tired of seeing me, huh? >> i don't want to keep doing this. >> well, you have to try a little harder. >> tuck and roll next time, man. that's all i can tell you. you know? coming up, timothy campbell and jeffrey despeines come face
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inside suffolk county jail's riverhead facility officers depend on teamwork to manage day to day operations. the same holds true for officer hamilton. any contact he has with his colleagues is strictly via radio from his vantage point. >> this is the tower post. the main function is to supervise the yards behind me and watch correctional officers working yards, report any incidents, fights, anything like that. in case there is an attempted escape i am in contact with the criminal patrol vehicle, a black
10:15 pm
pickup truck, and i will inform them as the location of the inmate and what direction they took off. the entire perimeter of the facility, hunting season we have a lot of hunters that get lost and wander out of the woods. i will tell the truck where they are and send them on their way. >> the other thing that makes officer hamilton's position unique is that he is the only one armed with a lethal weapon. >> if there is a deterrent the inmates see it up here and they know it is here. shotgun can be a scary weapon. >> officer hamilton has a view of all vehicles entering and exiting the jail. today one brought a group of local high school students on a field trip to meet some of the inmates. >> how you all doing. my name is p, prodigy, whatever y'all want to call me. currently i have been incarcerated here for two years. i stabbed somebody in his neck a couple times. thank god he didn't die otherwise i would be looking at a little more time. how old is everybody here?
10:16 pm
how old are you guys? 14, 15, 16. >> 17. >> at your age i was already in a juvenile detention facility for stabbing another individual because i liked his bicycle so i i said you know what? [ bleep ] let me just stab that kid and take his bicycle. when i came home from juvey i went to jail for a drive-by and gun charge, came three inches from killing a kid's grandmother. i have been home since i was 15 for about a year. i was home for my 19th birthday. i am about to be 23. i have a 2-year-old son who doesn't know me. stay away from that lifestyle. trust me, you live a better life that way. >> robert campbell has a lot of experience to draw from. he recently pled guilty to assault with intent to cause physical injury with a we possible and attempted robbery. at the time of his arrest he was alongside the man who is his codefendant and younger brother, timothy campbell. both expect to receive sentences between four and five years.
10:17 pm
>> when we are together we are real loose. sometimes too loose. if something happens like an altercation we are quick to react. been through a lot of ups and downs, put it that way. i mean [ bleep ]. the first day he came home i threw a toy off his head when he was first born, when i was a little baby. started from there. >> my partner in crime, the only one since the day i was born that was by my side through everything. i always tries to one-up him though. he played baseball, i played baseball. steal a bike, i have to steal a bike. he went to beat somebody up, i was punchinging the kid before he could beat him up. i looked up to him my whole life. >> timothy not only followed robert into the latin kings street gang but through numerous stays at suffolk county. robert has prior convictions on several weapons charges and has had numerous probation violations.
10:18 pm
>> i don't want to talk to you. leave. what's good, bro, how are you? you all right? >> you look like you lost more weight. >> you look ugly. so it doesn't matter. we get to see each other every court date. that was it. when he was on my floor, sometimes we would run into each other every once in a while and see each other briefly. >> when the [ bleep ] did you get so short, bro? >> when did you get so tall? >> you are growing as the time goes. >> you got short, dog. how do you get short? >> when we go to court we are joking all day, talking, reminiscing. >> you don't know what it is like to spend your 21st birthday in jail but you spent your 21st birthday in jail two years ago and 18 inches of hair ago. >> you got jokes. >> the campbell brothers enjoy the limited amount of time they get together in courtroom holding cells it can be a different story when they get out. >> i don't think we will be hanging out no more when we get out. we can't really hang out no more, that's it. every single time we went out
10:19 pm
together we shot somebody or shot somebody's house or whatever or beat somebody up together. i don't like nobody talking bad about my brother. my brother don't like nobody talking bad about me. it creates a bad aura because that is the one-up factor again. we are not good together. we amp each other way too much. we get in way too much trouble. coming up, timothy campbell and jeffrey despeines square off again. this time -- >> headed down to medical to get check out. >> -- several officers are among the wounded. and -- >> it is good to leave the jail. going to have to sit in a cage. >> an inmate labor force benefits a different group of caged residents. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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one of the most unpredictable locations of the suffolk county jail's riverhead facility is the booking department. >> this is probably the most
10:23 pm
volatile area in the jail especially because this is where it hits most inmates that i'm locked up. i'm not going home. they are in jail now. that red gate slams behind them, a lot of them get the shiver up their spine and they know this is real. i'm not going home. usually right here as they're getting uncuffed or checked, that's where it goes awry. >> along with new arrestees, dozens of current inmates also pass through the department all day long on the way to or from court. >> this is like the central hub of the building. connected to here is the elevators to get up to the main floors upstairs. basically all movement comes through here. you see kitchen staff come past. it's the middle of the building. it's the heart of the building, so to speak. >> sometimes enemies encounter each other here. surveillance cameras capture jeffrey despeines walking the red line inmates are required to follow.
10:24 pm
timothy campbell enters the lobby and seconds later, their feud reignites. officers behind the desk are required to wait for backup before attempting to break up the fight. since the booking area has the greatest concentration of staff it doesn't take long before they are all in. >> hold on. turn around. turn around. hands behind your back. >> i got a broken finger. >> you'll have more than that. >> less than a minute after the first punch was thrown they are both restrained and handcuffed. they are placed in temporary holding cells while staff sorts
10:25 pm
out what happened. >> stay right there. >> the same exact kid that wasn't supposed to be here just came in and tried to assault me a second time, so i beat him up. >> despeines is moved into the holding cell next to camp bell. >> i beat you twice [ bleep ] and i'll beat you up the next time you [ bleep ] me [ bleep ]. >> every time we see each other, i don't care how much police is there, i'm going to pop you. let's see how long you live. >> i want to go home, man. i don't want to be in this [ bleep ] place with all these people, man. >> i'm never going to [ bleep ] stop. >> but why? >> no reason behind it. until one of us is dead, no reason.
10:26 pm
>> despeines suffered a cut lip in the fight, but he's not the only one who is injured. >> in the middle of separating the fight a kick or punch landed on the bridge of my nose. the inmates were very combative. when they become aggressive they only see each other and nothing else around them. they don't care about anything going on around them. there was a little bloodshed involved. >> i am heading to medical right now. >> while you are trying to gain control of inmate campbell you injured your whatever is hurt and write all the parts that are hurt. this is part of a daily activity here. this happens every day in the jail. there are fights every day that we have to respond to and break up and people get hurt. >> while responding to the fight i somehow got flipped and thrown on my shoulder and my back landing on my right side and right shoulder and right knee. so it happens. it's part of the deal.
10:27 pm
>> i actually jumped over the wall onto the backs of the inmates, and in the midst of the struggle to try to separate the two inmates i felt pain in my shoulder and my elbow. >> we don't think about injuring ourselves when we do it. you can't let it go on. and sometimes in the course of that, the officers wind up getting hurt. coming up -- >> you trying to say it is our fault? is that what you are saying? >> jeffrey despeines places blame for his fight with timothy campbell. and campbell finally reveals what the fights were really about. >> i see him coming through the metal detector and i'm like oh [ bleep ] here it goes. its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain
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quiet mornings at the suffolk county jail are often interrupted by a familiar sound. just like their neighbors in the small towns and villages on eastern long island, jail officials like their lawns freshly mowed and free of weeds, but the inmates who work as
10:32 pm
gardeners here must cope with an extra hazard or two. >> stay away from the razor ribbon. that stuff definitely hurts you. come on in. you got goggles. >> for these inmates, lawn maintenance is a small part of the vocation training they receive in what's known as s.l.a.p., the sheriff's labor assistance program. >> they are taught plumbing, carpentry, basic skills that get them by in a day-to-day basis, and if they excel and are interested they move forward and unions pick them up and try to place them into a work program. >> officer campo is one of the program supervisors. the inmates are all volunteers serving short sentences for nonviolent crimes. >> let's take what we got and get going. they do not get paid. the best part is it gets them outside. that's what they love the best. if they need a haircut or have to get to medical we make sure we speed that up because we go on the road. we do projects offsite as well.
10:33 pm
>> anthony maines has a dui conviction and other driving offenses but he looks forward to the most are the frequent jobs the crew takes on outside of jail. >> it's actually a great feeling. time goes by a lot faster. it's good to be able to work. definitely a good privilege. >> today the crew is headed to a nearby animal shelter where they have been helping out for months. >> they were in disrepair. they had roofs leaking and plumbing that was bad, fence falling down, parking lot that was a wreck. anthony wants to go to the animal shelter and work every day. they treat us very well. they are thankful we came along. it is a win/win for everybody. we're going to take these branches down. anthony, get the loppers. >> if you had seen the shelter before, the difference now is
10:34 pm
unbelievable. >> pamela green is the shelter's director. >> they love being out here and we love having them here. they are projects we really can't afford to do because we are a nonprofit and all of our money goes to the animal programs. >> today we are building a handicap wheelchair ramp. >> a couple of days ago they had a gentleman who lost his dog and him and his buddy came, they were in wheelchairs. this will help out a lot and get rid of stumps and weeds and make easier access for handicap. >> it's a great feeling. it's good to leave the jail and not just sit in my cage all day. you know what i'm saying? >> anthony, come on up. >> maines says equally rewarding is the new friendship he made here with an 11-month-old bulldog named rocket. >> anthony has played with him a lot of times, and he has been on the phone with mom and dad
10:35 pm
trying to get them here to fill out an application. >> like these boots? they have a lot of personality. >> he does. he definitely does. >> he was excited to come out. >> while he hopes to free rocket from his cage full time back at the jail timothy campbell had his own feelings of being caged in. >> i hate the box. there's no wins in this facility. even when you're right, you're wrong. >> campbell has been on lockdown status for most of the past six months. recently he received another 20 days for fighting. with jeffrey despeines. he will soon face the disciplinary board again for a second fight with despeines, one in which several officers were injured trying to break it up. >> when my fellow officers get hurt i'm very concerned. they don't understand when we order them to stop they should stop, because if they don't stop and continue to fight aggressively, then we have to try to control the situation,
10:36 pm
and we do end up getting hurt almost every single time. >> neither camp bell nor despeines have been forthcoming about the cause of the conflict. investigators suspect it has to do with gang rivalries. during his one hour of daily recreation, campbell reveals he fought despeines who is nicknamed jugs, over something else entirely. he sucker punched me. >> one, two, whammy. >> had to do it. >> had to do it because he wanted my red and whites. i told him i wasn't giving it to him. >> red and white outft. >> he wanted yours? >> yeah. >> red and white uniforms are worn by inmates on lockdown status in order to quickly identify them as problematic. another inmate recently left the unit he traded his new set of red and whites to campbell in exchange for camp bell's older set, but despeines has come forward with his own story.
10:37 pm
>> despeines version is that he struck a deal prior to campbell striking a deal, and then campbell kind of intercepted it and wound up getting the new uniform and that's what their fights have been all about. >> i don't want a dirty pair of red and whites. i shouldn't be fighting over a pair of red and whites. i understand that. it's the stress of being here. >> another write-up for timothy campbell three days after we gave him 20 days lock but held 40 days over his head. we tried to give him a break to see how he acted and he got in trouble in three days. >> campbell and despeines will now have another disciplinary hearing with sergeant salvaggio and officer nicholson. >> we are going to do jeffrey first. here we are again. the same guy you were fighting last time. how do you plead? guilty, not guilty, guilty with an explanation?
10:38 pm
>> not guilty. >> not guilty? you weren't fighting with the guy? is that why you are innocent or are you innocent because you met up with him? >> because i met up with him but i was not supposed to meet up with him. >> so that makes it okay. >> it doesn't make it okay. i know that. >> what are you trying to say? it's our fault? is that what you are saying? it's our fault that you fought? you guys didn't get hurt. the officers did. not good. >> my intentions is not to hurt any of you. >> it wasn't an intentional assault on officers but due to your actions and camp bell's actions, officers got injured. makes this thing a whole lot worse. >> despeines is sent to a nearby holding cell while the officers determine his fate. this time it will not just be increased time on lockdown status. it will also carry a greater financial sanction. >> bad part here was more so
10:39 pm
than the fight the not breaking up. four officers got injured. we can charge them $100 for each officer for medical treatment. we can split it two a piece. two for despeunes, two for campbell. >> okay. >> these guys we are going to have to hit them hard on this one. despeines, take a seat. here we are again. this is what we are going to do. on the fight itself is a 50-day lock. not breaking it up is 100-day lock. plus four officers had to go for medical treatment so we are going to split the cost. we are allowed to take $100 for medical treatment for each staff member. you got $200. that's your end. we know you don't have money but if you get any we will be taking it. that's it. stay out of trouble. no fighting. did you get your money's worth
10:40 pm
this time? >> no. >> no, okay. >> with an additional 150 days on lockdown status, despeines will be confined to his cell 22 1/2 hours per day. he will be allowed out for a half hour to shower and make phone calls and one hour of outdoor recreation. >> i'm never getting out the box. >> is it all worth it? >> it's not really worth it, but it happens. >> now it's campbell's turn to meet. >> how do you plead? guilty, not guilty? guilty with an ex-explanation. >> guilty with an explanation. >> i see him coming through the metical detector, i'm like [ bleep ] here it goes. do you want to fight or leave this alone like a grown man and he ran up and swung on me? i can't start taking punches and kicks. i have to fight. >> if somebody comes at you and assaults you that's one thing. when officers are there and tell you to stop that is the time to stop and break it up. >> it's almost like i'm making you look bad every time you give me leeway. >> gave you a suspended sentence
10:41 pm
three days before this incident. >> i don't know how he came back around me. >> the north lobby is like broadway. anybody going anywhere has to go through there. >> absolutely. >> unfortunately, you did cross paths. doesn't make it okay to be fighting. doesn't make it okay to not stop. again -- >> sergeant, i -- >> i'm talking. bad place. last time bad place. up here elevator cage. now north lobby. >> i don't want to keep doing this box time and missing time in my daughter's life over a [ bleep ] pair of red and whites. >> why don't you wait by the elevator. you want to escort him out? >> yes. >> make sure he's secured out there. >> according to timothy he wasn't the aggressor. this is what he's saying. it could be totally different. he could have came out of there and say what's up, you want to do this now? we don't know. i have to go with the facts and the facts are he did fight. they didn't break it up.
10:42 pm
officers got injured. he did have a suspension. and his history is not good. >> there is no wins. i need to go home and never come back to this place. never come back to this [ bleep ] place again. >> i think he gets the same as we did. both guilty of doing the same thing in the same area. >> when my little girl gets older i will be able to explain why she should never mess up and doesn't want to be in the same predicament as i am in. >> coming up -- >> did you cross path with that person that had a fight with your brother, what's going to happen? >> we'll see when it happens. >> an officer attempts to find out if robert campbell is going to retaliate on behalf of his younger brother. and -- >> come here. >> timothy campbell gets a visit from the two people he says matter most. learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami.
10:43 pm
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behind the walls of the suffolk county jail's riverhead facility on long island, new york, four officers have reported injuries while breaking up a fight between timothy campbell and jeffrey despeines over a red and white striped segregation uniform. and now officer yip of the sheriff's emergency response team is concerned that the conflict could take on a new dimension. >> my concern is that cap bell's brother, robert campbell, is going to retaliate and do what he has to do to get back at him. so officer yip decides to visit robert campbell who is housed in a different unit from timothy's to assess his temperment. both campbell brothers are awaiting sentencing for crimes including attempted assault with atempt to cause physical injury and attempted robbery. >> your brother got into a fight. >> uh-huh.
10:47 pm
>> you know with who, right? >> i have no idea. >> despeines. >> he is a blood. your brother is latin king. you are latin king. the problem s it's not the first time. you cross paths with that person who fought with your brother what is going to happen? >> who knows what is going to happen? i can't predict the future, you know what i mean? we fight we fight. we don't fight we don't fight. >> a lot of officers do not know that they are brothers. now what happens? if rob campbell is down here, inmate despeines, happens to walk to the elevator. they are going to go. they are going to get hurt. officers get hurt. because of the stupid actions quite a few officers got hurt. not one, not two, not three, quite a few more. >> that's not completely our fault thaw get hurt. our intentions aren't to hurt officers. if i fought him the intention is not to hurt officers. >> you have to understand we get hurt trying to save you guys from getting further injury. we still have a job to do.
10:48 pm
>> that's jail. this is the gang life, i guess, you know what i'm saying? it's just how it goes, how the cookie crumbles. >> the feedback i got from him is he's got to do what he's got to do. my feeling to that is he doesn't care. >> just because i'm his older brother doesn't mean i control his life. he is going to do what he does. he's a grown ass man. so he is going to do what he does. he is my little brother so i have to be by his side no matter what. whatever his decision i have to be there. >> timothy campbell sanctioned with another 150 days of lockdown status and fined $200 for the injuries to the? steres. but he is still allowed visits. today is the one he says he treasures the most. it's with his girlfriend, alicia and their 15-month-old daughter, ariana, accompanied today by a friend. >> is it difficult to have your daughter seeing you in this situation? >> pretty much the hardest thing
10:49 pm
that i have ever had to do in my life. not like she will remember it but i will never forget. i missed her first birthday, her first christmas. i will miss her birthday until she is 2 years 9 months old. >> you come to see daddy? >> it's bittersweet. you love the little girl so much you don't want to let her go and then they call the visits and then you have to watch this little girl that first words out of her mouth was daddy and the only thing she does is point at a picture of me on the wall and hugs the phone when she hears me talking on it. >> 15 cell, on the visit. >> prior to every visit inmates are frisked and required to put on yellow coveralls to prevent the possibility of smuggling contraband back to housing units. >> come here. i missed you, sexy. >> she has minor -- her wheezing is getting worse. >> her what? >> her wheezing is getting worse. only at night. >> so bring her to the doctor.
10:50 pm
>> i did. they only gave her the mouthpiece. i met him actually port jeff. >> i was walking past the train station and i see a good looking girl, i'm a good looking guy. i had to walk up to her. >> he stopped and told me you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. oh, huh. >> i said come on, come take a wash with me, alicia. me and her went for a walk and that was it. >> it's not always been a smooth ride. >> she missed you. she missed her other visit. can you blow kisses. >> she missed me, what about you? >> of course, i did. you sat there and heard me cry to you on the phone. you think that stopped after you hung up? >> listen, if you don't want to fight with me why give the reason? >> i'm not trying to. i'm trying to do what you told me do in the first place. >> trying is not doing. >> i'm doing what you told me to
10:51 pm
do. what do you want from me? >> i appreciate it. >> i just want you to be happy. that's [ bleep ] it. >> i'm happy but you are breaking my heart. >> yell at him! >> i'm not getting in no more trouble. i don't want my daughter to live the way that i lived. i don't want her growing up not knowing who mommy and daddy is. just going to her tad when she's 7-year-old like whoa, who is this guy? who wants their kid to live like that? >> you guys match. >> we match. >> i got to look at the bright side. by the time i get home i will be home just in time for my daughter to never remember the fact that i was ever in prison. >> ready? >> it's pretty much the hardest thing i had to do is see my daughter through glass. you have to watch her get pried out of your hands. you got to watch your family leave with your kid. it's heartbreaking every single time. coming up --
10:52 pm
>> it's sad. feels like me going to lock-in at night. >> anthony maines finds out if he will be able to give rocket a forever home. on his 21st birthday timothy campbell gets a visit and nothing to celebrate. >> my 21st birthday is like a 21st nightmare. ve been in t news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey ctana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my wod. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that.
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the sight of county jail inmates armed with chainsaws may be a concern to some. but pamela green, the director of a non-profit no kill animal shelter, says nothing but good has come from just such a thing. >> we love the inmates. they have been coming here for about three months now. a lot of the guys are really skilled. the sheriffs are fantastic. they are really interested in making this work. >> we will get the cutters and rake all of this out. >> the suffolk county sheriff's labor assistance program utilizes minute minimum security
10:56 pm
inmates to carry out community work projects, such as the one benefited by the kent animal shelter. >> they are all so different when they come out. >> the personaliies totally change. >> yep, and my boys understand. anthony said before i know how he feels. >> anthony maines is serving eight months for a dui conviction and other violations. he says he learned a lot helping out on the construction projects at the shelter. >> what are you doing? >> and he has grown especially close to this bulldog named rocket. >> he's cool. i used to have an english bulldog. i am trying to get my family to get him. they told me they were going to get him and never came. i'm going to try to call them again and see what's up. >> if he come down and fill out the application and talk to pam. >> because he asked me who does he have to talk to, i told him pam and everything. >> we can go straight to pam. >> a lot of inmates don't experience this besides the yard. they're in all the gates so it really sucks. this is like a little sense of freedom, i guess.
10:57 pm
calm down. calm down. look at that face. volunteering is great. it is good to help the animals, help out the people taking care of the animals. i'm not going to lie, i've never really volunteered but it's definitely a good feeling. see you later, guy. >> how does it feel putting him back in that cage? >> it doesn't feel good at all. i don't like that feeling. it's sad. feels like me going lock in at night. it's not good at all. it's not good at all. hopefully he gets a home soon. >> happily for rocket but sadly for maines, another family did adopt the pup a few days later. back at the jail it's a turning point for timothy campbell, as well. >> my 21st birthday. my 21st birthday. happy birthday to me. >> campbell is on his way to a scheduled visit with his girlfriend and baby daughter.
10:58 pm
>> hopefully she shows up. i talked to her twice on the phone today. the second time she hung up. 21st birthday. you know how women celebrate their sweet 16? men are supposed to celebrate their 21st birthday. i'm spending it behind bars. when my visit comes, if it comes i will make the best out of it. make it the best visit i can. give my daughter like a million kisses. get her snot all over my face, but it's okay. >> soon after campbell's girlfriend alicia arrives with their daughter arianna, it becomes apparent that she is not here to celebrate. alicia asks us to remain at a distance and to not record the sound of the visit. afterwards we spoke with campbell before he returned to his cell. >> wasn't like it was my birthday. like the first thing said is i can't do this no more. i'm like what? we ended up fixing it. we always do. we go through that [ bleep ] a lot.
10:59 pm
it's not the easiest in the world. it's kind of [ bleep ] hard. she is taking care of a kid by herself. i told her if you can't do this get up and walk out and leave me to do what i got to do and when i come home i will find you. i love those two girls more than life. if i lose that i lose everything. i don't give a [ bleep ] after life about that. i cried and told her i love her more than anything in this earth and if i didn't have her i don't know what i would do. i feel like a piece of [ bleep ]. my 21st birthday is like a 21st nightmare.
11:00 pm
this massive gunman is on the loose for more than a month targeting 15 fast food and convenience stores. >> a young couple comes to jail after a crime spree but their stories don't add up. >> i would never throw her under the bus for any reason. >> when i walked out the courtroom, he was there in front of my face and i said [ bleep ] you. >> one of the jail's contraband


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