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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 14, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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pretending to be someone else, and then hangs up on reporters who ask about it. now it's friday the 13th and everything but seriously. msnbc's continuing political coverage is up next. good to be with you this morning. alex witt is off today. here's what's happening. tale of the tape. new voices weighing in on old audio one newspaper claims is donald trump, posing as a publicist to brag about himself. fight to the end. bernie sanders campaigning but hillary clinton is also pouring resources into upcoming primary states. what's behind the latest moves. one state throwing down the gauntlet over the obama administration's transgender bathroom directive. new details next. and, cruel summer. it promises to be one of the busiest flying seasons ever, but the worst part may be even before you get on the plane.
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we begin with politics. donald trump gets another voice of support today, this time from the chair of the house republican conference kathy mcmorris rogers. >> i believe that we can unite around a belief that it cannot be business as usual, it cannot be status quo, and that's more than anything what donald trump represents, he represents he's coming here to to be a disrupter and that's where i believe that a lot of our members also agree that it cannot be business as usual. >> the washington state congresswoman has invited trump to speak to the entire house gop though the date has yet to be announced. the presumptive republican nominee can look forward to new cash. the new york times reports that super donor sheldon added son is prepared to pour more than $100 million into trump's campaign. he endorsed trump on friday.
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it was an unlucky friday for bill clinton. he got heckled after showing up more than an hour late to an event for his wife in paterson, new jersey thanks to traffic problems on the tappan zee bridge. hillary clinton releasing a new ad slamming donald trump after he again delayed the release of his tax returns. >> any closer to releasing your tax returns? >> i'm thinking about it. i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> the audit is no excuse. the irs made it clear that an audit is not a bar to public release, it is your choice. >> it's none of your business. >> the democratic front-runner doesn't have any campaign events scheduled today but her opponent does. bernie sanders will hold a rally in bowling green, kentucky tonight. in an nbc exclusive donald trump responded to allegations that he posed as his own publicist in a phone
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conversation with a reporter. you'll hear from the reporter who taped that conversation. it is a 25-year-old audiotape, on it a man claiming to represent donald trump talking to "people" magazine bragging about the business man's dating life and his personal finances. "the washington post" first released the audio and nbc news confronted trump with the on the "today" show. he denied acting under a pseudonym. trump admitted in the fooft using an alias. here is nbc's cynthia mcfadden. >> donald trump raising eyebrows again. >> i don't think it was me. >> the controversy not about something he said but about something he claims he did not say. >> is it you? >> no. i don't think it -- i don't know anything about it. i have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice and you can imagine that. and this sounds like one of the scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me.
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>> at issue whether a man claiming to be donald trump's publicist was actually donald trump himself. the audiotape posted by "the washington post." >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position. >> i'm handling pr, he gets so much of it. >> it is absolutely donald trump. >> no doubt. >> there is no doubt in my mind. >> the audiotape was recorded in 1991 the by then "people" magazine reporter sue carswell. she says she called mr. trump initially to ask about his relationship with marla maples. instead she got mr. miller. mr. miller knew a lot with mr. trump's personal life. >> he's got three other girlfriends. >> including french fashion model carla bruni who later would become first lady of france. >> that's where it is right now. >> at the time carswell suspected miller was trump and says marla maples confirmed it. >> i called marla and played it
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for her and she started to cry. >> in fact that's the story people published at the time. it's the same thing carswell told entertainment tonight back then. >> she started to cry, so. >> she was devastated. >> a few weeks later trump she says called her and apologized for pretending to be john miller. >> he told me that he was sorry that he had done this and it was at marla's expense. >> "people" publishes apology for pretending to be mr. miller soon after. i'm very sorry, donald trump said. does the denial of a prank donald trump is alleged to have played long ago reveal anything borpt trump the presidential candidate. >> why is it important? >> well, it's one thing to punk me about his love life but to punk the nation is another thing. >> that was cynthia mcfadden. turning to the democrats bernie sanders is campaigning in kentucky today ahead of tuesday's primary. battling to keep momentum going even as he faces mounting pressure to drop out of the
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race. chris jansing is in louisville. those are saying he is hurting hillary clinton by still running. what is sanders saying about that? >> reporter: they have been saying that a while. he bristles at the suggestion. he still thinks he has a chance however small, tiny that chance might be. and that's why he is going to be here in kentucky. there are two primaries on tuesday, here and in oregon, two states that seem to favor him. so he's continuing to make the case, last night he was in bismarck, north dakota, it was cold there in the 40s, he put a coat on, something he doesn't usually do a lot. and he argued to the folks there who have another upcoming primary, a little later on in the season, that he can still make this happen by winning enough pledged delegates and then convincing these superdelegates who have already gone for hillary clinton to go to his side. take a listen to a little of what he said in an abridged stump speech in the cold in
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north dakota. >> to bore you with arithmetic, we have about 45.5% of the pledged delegates. the pledged delegates are the delegates actually elected by the people as opposed to the superdelegates and god knows who elects them. but our goal in the next five weeks in kentucky and in oregon next tuesday and six other states including north dakota on june 7th, is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority of -- with more delegates than does secretary clinton. >> reporter: part of sanders' plan involves momentum. he won indiana and tuesday he won west virginia. he wants to win these two states. there's not a lot of polling though these are states that would favor him. interesting to note. when you hear the clinton folks,
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they talk about him taking time and resources away from the general campaign, she actually has added stops tomorrow and monday here in kentucky, bill clinton has been here as well. and an indication first of all, perhaps, that they are concerned about this momentum that he has goingment but also because the polling isn't great maybe they have indications that she could possibly do better here than people might think. so, in addition to that, they are looking for the clinton camp to the industrial midwest. part of the reason that bernie sanders is so important in this equation, you look at the people who have come out and voted for him, particularly white working class men who he has used to beat her in states like wisconsin and michigan and these primaries, those are states that are critical for the democrats and that a lot of people in the unpredictable nature of this campaign, the unpredictable nature of the kinds of voters that donald trump has been able to attract, could he pose a real threat in states that should go
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democratic. so that's one of the things we're going to look at. going forward as we see whether or not the clinton campaign and the sanders campaign start to talk about what happens going forward. >> we may hear that tonight at that event. hillary clinton doesn't have one today but as you mentioned one tomorrow. chris jansing, appreciate it. thank you. officials across several states are vowing to defy the obama administration directive to accommodate transgender students at schools allowing students to use the bathroom and facilities with the gender they identify with. the guidance is not legally binding but could lead to a cut in federal funds to districts that don't comply. here is more from kate snow. >> reporter: for kids like jacob, the guidance that students should use the bathroom of their gender identity isn't just some abstract policy. his mom says it's protection for him at school. and validation that his rights matter.
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>> when i send jacob to school i want to make sure he is treated the same way as any student that he can use the facilities he is comfortable with. this means a lot to us. >> we met jacob a year ago after he transitioned to living as a boy at 4 years old. >> i wanted to be a boy. >> you wanted to be a boy. did you feel that on the inside? you feel inside like you wanted to be a boy? >> yeah. >> what did you say to your mom and zmad. >> i want to be a boy. >> in jacob's home state of massachusetts the legislature passed a bill banning discrimination against transgender people. but in other states across the country, there was backlash against the federal government, arkansas, mississippi and texas telling schools to disregard the guidance. >> in texas he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail. >> outside chicago, 51 families are suing a school district for allowing a transgender student
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to use the girls bathroom. >> these parents and students feel intimidated by their school districts. >> the white house says the new directives were issued after a growing number of school districts asked for guidance, but advocates for lgbt rights say what happened goes beyond bathrooms. >> it was just last june that we won marriage equality at the supreme court. this week is another part of that long march toward equality. >> for jacob now 6, it could be a turning point that shapes how he is treated for the rest of his life. kate snow, nbc news, new york. later this hour where donald trump stands on his proposed plan to ban muslim immigrants. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months?
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support for donald trump as gop nominee after his headline grabbing meetings in washington this week with republican leaders and the rnc chair. including this new york times headline proclaiming gop coming around in its embrace of donald trump. joining me to discuss this is msnbc reporter jane tim and reporter for the "washington post." great having you with me. we look back and talking about after the meeting with paul ryan, gop leaders here, phillip, we know what came out is no endorsement from there, but he said paul ryan did say he's planting seeds. what's going to grow out of these seeds? what is this plant that's going to sprout from it? >> that's a great question. i think that the question here is donald trump desperately needs republicans to rally around his candidacy. he may not think he does but if you look at his ratings, one of the reasons he is viewed less
4:16 am
favorably is republicans view him skeptically. he needs someone from the republican party to essentially asewage the concerns and say it's okay, this which would be okay, this is a guy we can live with when running against hillary clinton. >> but here's who is on board. mitch mcconnell, orrin hatch, then you have paul ryan, what is that about, is it about really what donald trump is standing for or more about paul ryan saying you know, this is me protecting myself? >> honestly i think it's more the latter. there are a lot of folks anticipate donald trump will not do well and taint the republican party over the long term. particularly with latino voters they tried to outreach to after 2012. i don't know -- i can't read his mind but i suspect there are a lot of people hesitant worried about the long term. >> long term and cleveland. would this mean when it comes to this embrace and people saying
4:17 am
you know, it's going to be paul ryan saying that trump has got to work for his support. if and when that happens does that mean we're going to not see challenges out of cleveland? >> i don't think we're going to see antics at cleveland. i think you'll see a battle over the platform. donald trump has a different personal platform, day-to-day it tends to change so by cleveland we might see more like the republican party. we see conservatives working to see if they can pull donald trump in a certain direction on things like supreme court justice picks, those are the issues before they embrace him. paul ryan is trying to give space to those people so they can come around. republicans are the ones, establishment republican, donald trump's people, he needs everybody he can get. >> you put that into play as far as policy too. every time we've seen when it comes to policy there is something, a little halo over distraction around donald trump. the latest could be from you know, this audiotape that we're
4:18 am
hearing about here. your paper broke the story about that allegedly posing as a pr person there. here is that sound. a little from 1991. >> people that you write about and you people do a great job by the way but a lot of the people you write about really are, i mean, they call, they just call. actresses, people that you write about just call him and go out with him. >> 1991, audio, fast forward to the "today" show. this is donald trump talking about it then. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr because he gets so much of it. >> on this tape the person talks about his dating exploits, goes on about his divorce, thing likes that. i guess the simple question this morning, are you aware of the tape, is it you? >> no, i don't think -- i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time. it doesn't sound like my voice at all. >> so is he putting this to rest saying no, it wasn't me even
4:19 am
though back then he said it was a joke gone wrong, or where does it go from here? >> i think that one of donald trump's strategies that he used over the campaign is to plant doubt. so people who like him, if there is something they disagree with he gives them enough reason to be skeptical of claims contrary to what he's saying. trying to plant doubt. there is almost no question that is actually him on the tape. from reporting, from a lawsuit where he swore under oath he had done something similar, all of these reasons to think it is him. what we've seen him do consistently is try and give his supporters a reason to say well, i don't really think that's him. >> makes you see that why does he need that? to plant doubt you're saying to give his supporters a reason to believe. but why even bring it up? why even kind of stir the pot? we'll talk about it another time. also on the side when it comes to taxes, we know when it comes to donald trump you write about him not releasing taxes so. what is the campaign's line on
4:20 am
that? he threw out that none of your business out there when it comes to taxes. where does it stand? >> they say they need to wait for this audit, everyone who does audits like the irs says that's not of consideration. we've seen him release taxes to other people during similar audits. i think donald trump sees the damage he will get from not releasing his taxes might be less than the damage we presume he would get if he releases his taxes. you've got to wonder what is in the taxes that he doesn't want to release. he talks about how wealthy he is so much and sets his income so high. i think that americans would like to see what it is, they have been enjoying seeing taxes for 40 years. i think he's got to -- made a cost benefit analysis and said it's better to take the heat over not releasing them. >> as we're seeing the heat from the new ad from hillary clinton in the campaign there using that. to her advantage. phillip, in the last minute we have here, you write in the post this week about the economic data that shows why donald trump thinks that he can win the
4:21 am
midwest. what states are we talking about? >> talking about the old rust belt, talking a little about pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, these are states where there are a lot of economically struggling white voters which is a core of support we've seen in national polling. his actual primary support, reporting on this that showed primary support actually well to do folks but it's the general election people that he thinks he can swing these states, we saw a poll this week showing that ohio and pennsylvania could both potentially be in play in the hillary clinton/donald trump match-up. i don't know long term. it's early for polling but he thinks that this is a place he can tilt these states. >> to be seen, remains to be seen as everything else. good to have you with me here. still ahead, the plan to make sure there are shorter security lines the next time you head to the airport. why officials are worried. pet moments are beautiful,
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welcome back. right now you're looking at a shot of new york times square. later today thunderstorms are expected for parts of the east coast and the midwest. the morning is starting here in new york. joining me with the weather headlines reynolds wolf and what could we expect? >> hi, francis. let's look at the weather out there. in parts of the country not so good for you especially parts of central and south texas we do have a chance of showers and storms that could be firing up mainly in the midday and afternoon hours. we don't expect a great tornado threat but the possibility of flooding could be there may be some hail and perhaps wind damage. that is for the southern plains. keep in mind we still have a chance of seeing rough weather maybe garden variety showers but ponding on the roadways could be issue across the northeast and new york city looks like the best chance of storms for you will fire up later on today. 71 degrees there. so mild there. look what's going to come into
4:26 am
the northern plains, we do have a big batch of colder air enveloping much of the great lakes in days to come. enjoy while you can when you have 51 for a high in chicago because the cool hammer is going to come in sunday and monday. seattle, chances of scattered showers, portland with the rain. look at beautiful southern california, partly cloudy skies, high temperatures up to 71. back to you. >> thanks for the update. the donald trump tax question, will he make his returns public? do supporters care? ari looks at the latest next. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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welcome back. i'm frances rivera here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. today on a campaign trail bernie sanders is slated to speak at a rally in bowling green, kentucky. his opponent hillary clinton will follow him to the bluegrass state. donald trump is off the trail this weekend as he celebrates
4:30 am
daughter tiffany's graduation from the university of pennsylvania. next up for all three candidates tuesday's democratic primaries in oregon and kentucky, and the republican caucuses in kentucky. i want to bring in jacob rascon for the latest on the donald trump campaign, he is outside trump tower in manhattan. trump is off the trail today. what can we expect as far as the campaign to responding to the controversy around that publicist story that he posed for now saying it wasn't him. >> reporter: the campaign has said responding that this is a bad impression they say of mr. trump. his surrogates are out telling everyone it's time to move on. the year was 1991, donald trump facing a barrage of negative press about his divorce when supposed spokesman john miller steps in. a candid phone interview with "people" magazine boasting about
4:31 am
trump's personal life. >> get called by everybody. by everybody, women, and -- >> like who? >> reporter: the reporter says trump later admitted it was a joke. >> there is no doubt that he apologized to me and he made it clear that he was the man on the tape. there is just no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: the voice is instantly familiar. >> i can tell you this. >> i can tell you this. >> you understand that. >> reporter: john miller quickly became the top trending topic on twitter, show us john miller's birth certificate and has paul ryan decided to endorse john miller yet. trump now denies all of it. >> no, it was not me on the phone. it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone. >> reporter: his surrogates calling it a distraction. >> at some point we've got to start concentrating on what's important. the issues that face our country
4:32 am
are monumental. >> "the washington post" uncovered the tape from a source, she tells sinny that use it wasn't her speculating it might have been trump. >> if i didn't given the tape who did. >> you're saying -- >> i'm saying trump is behind letting this go. >> why? >> why does donald trump do anything that he does? >> reporter: so carswell did not provide evidence that trump was the source of the tape. it's important to remember that this comes at a time when many establishment republicans this week have gotten behind trump, but many others including house speaker paul ryan are still deciding. back to you. >> saying he has to work for that support. jacob rascon, thank you. as trump campaigns as the presumptive nominee he faces questions about funding and taxes. >> it's none of your business. you'll see it when i release. but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> do you believe voters have a
4:33 am
right to see your tax returns before they make a final decision? >> i don't think they do but i do say this, i will really gladly give them, not going to learn anything but it's under routine audit, when it ends i'm going to present them. that should be before the election. i hope it's before the election. >> our chief legal correspondent has been looking at some of those controversies. it's not the first time we're asking this question here but to clarify, can he legally release his taxes while he issing audited? and if he can, why won't he? >> sure he can. look, the audit excuse is something that donald trump has put forward but isn't really relevant in terms of running for president because obviously you put out all kinds of stuff that normally other people private citizens would not. we also ask presidential candidates to put out medical information which is known for most people to be very private and no one's business. but when you run for office the expectation, the tradition has been you give some of that up.
4:34 am
i have spoken to lawyers who work on tax issues who say they would advise clients in normal course not to put out a lot during an audit. the rationale would be you could restate figures or numbers so what you put out before an audit's complete ends up looking inaccurate even if when you ultimately fix or correct it there was no wrong doing. that's for normal tax clients. donald trump is not a normal client, he is running for the most important job in the world. and every other candidate in the modern era in both parties has put this out there. he is basically doing something i would say politically he has done throughout this campaign which is test the system, test the traditions say i know you usually do it that way. i don't care, i don't have to play by the same rules and yes, the voters will factor that in the the he doesn't release whether they think that's a big enough issue to give them pause. >> especially when he is saying flat out according to the interview they don't have a right to know. what would they look like?
4:35 am
when we are able to see, those are released, i imagine just stacks and stacks of paper. but what is it as far as what could be the conventional wisdom what you might want to keep private what he doesn't want to show. >> campaigns are full of spin and rhetoric and pomp and circumstance. the reason why those of us who try to hold folks accountable, the reason why people try to hold folks accountable with this kind of material is it cannot be spun, so your question what does it look like, well, hard numbers there submitted to the government under federal law, under penalty of personalry and looked over by his own people, what income is, certain assets, what interest or revenue or other benefits he is getting from the properties that he owns or claims to own. in other words it's going to be a fact check of the kind that donald trump isn't normally held to, because so much of this is up in the air and in question. so i think we could learn a lot. it is possible, and again we're speculating because donald trump
4:36 am
hasn't done what other candidates do but it's possible these returns could show that he has less money than he says, that he makes less than he says. or he pays less taxes than people might expect, the third category i don't think would be too objectionable to a lot of supporters who say they like he is a dealmaker and plays tough and can get around some of the rules or get the best deal with the government. so i think it's the first two. the last thing i'll say on that on the money is, this isn't an isolated issue. if you read trump nation by tim o'brien, or you look back over the forbes list, donald trump spent years more than one year, fighting back and forth with forbes trying to get on their millionaire list, higher on the list and during that time his own estimates of his wealth fluctuated several billion. there might be shocker some exaggeration when it comes to estimating his wealth. >> also big questions about trump's campaign funding and a
4:37 am
piece you wrote you say that trump could use new donations to pay himself back for the money he put out for the campaign but he said in a statement to msnbc has no plans to do so. legally, can he do that, pay himself back? >> he can. he has until august. any of these new donationings he said he is raising to pay himself back. though he talked about self funding in the primaries we crunched the numbers. 75% was structured as loans from him so the campaign right now owes him that money. the other 25% from small donations. i reported that story out yesterday basically saying they left the door open and late in the day you mentioned the statement, donald trump sent that statement to me, late yesterday saying no for the first time, he is -- he will treat these loans as contributions. he told me that although according to the documents we have from the fcc he loaned himself $36 million. he told me the number is up to about $50 million. what we're going to watch, i'll close it out here, what we'll
4:38 am
watch for is what donald trump told me jed what the campaign tells the fcc. he has to convert those to donations to make it real. >> as always good to have you break it down for us. thank you. also in that today show interview donald trump addressing allegations that he moderated his tone on the proposed muslim immigrant ban. >> we have really a problem with radical islamic terrorism and we have a president that doesn't want to use the term. he refuses to use the term. i'm not softening my stance but i'm always flexible on issue, on very many issues i think you have to be that way. i'm not softening my stance. we have a major problem and we have to look at the problem, we have to solve the problem. >> i want to bring in rick tyler, political analyst and former spokesman for ted cruz and joe, former white house aide. good morning. appreciate you being with us. joe, let's start with you. so what is going on, he says
4:39 am
he's not softening his stance, just flexibility. is he as far as some who will suggest trying to appeal to moderate voters and pivot to the general esflex >> he's got to fine-tune his stance. i think that's what he is doing. fine soon probably the best word so people know where he stands on the issues so he doesn't lose out on all of the votes he could get heading into a fall election. he's got to broaden the base of people that will support him, make people aware he is not against muslims but radical islam. >> also you have to consider, some say flip-flopping and when it comes to those people who support him does it matter, are they going to support him considering everything else he said regardless? >> i think that -- donald trump has an amazing base of support. you look at some of the polling data this week it shows tlard this race, the fall election i mean if it were to stay the
4:40 am
same, between hillary clinton and donald trump, is already very, very close race. in pennsylvania and ohio, and virginia and florida, i mean, it's already a toss-up. it's within one or two points between these two candidates so it's a very close race. donald trump has been able to demonstrate that he's able to pull from a wide range of americans, not just republicans. so he's very snoort mamart that tunes his message and he is against radical islam, not against muslims. >> talk about fine tuning that, it comes to policy and certain positions donald trump says he is not president so these are suggestions. how does somebody like you who worked with ted cruz react to this new approach and knowing that when he's got this still waiting for paul ryan to sign off, is this the way to go about it? >> well, it's all amazing. all of these rules i think only apply to donald trump. ted cruz or anybody else could
4:41 am
never have gotten away with these are all just suggestions or everything i said in the primary campaign to win the nomination, you know, merely suggestions and i'm willing to negotiate that away. because i think donald trump really has -- his followers it's a cult of personality. he is a celebrity. they like that he's sort of going to stick to the washington and that he doesn't really care about the party elders and what they think. you saw that with paul ryan and he's basically saying look, if paul ryan wants to endorse me i welcome it. if he doesn't he doesn't. there's where the two are 180 degrees out of phase. paul ryan's vision of the party is to win it over by conservative -- using conservative values and solutions to make america better, to grow the economy. donald trump is not any set of policy issues that sort of undergirded the party. so he'll go forward really just mixing it up. >> rick, i want to ask you about
4:42 am
that especially when it comes to the need. how ness stare is it for donald trump to unify the party. there is a new column out that suggests that you know what, doesn't need that as far as unification between the party there. the party is more useful to him as a foil. your take, is there truth in that? >> there is. if you look at donald trump for instance and look, what i disagree with donald trump i think he alienated so many people unnecessarily. you saw that throughout the campaign. but haes not significantly underperforming african-americans, not underperforming hispanics with regard to how other republican candidates have done. mitt romney, if he won three more percent of the white vote would have beat barack obama. if he continues to turn them out in a strong way he has, as joe pointed out, these races and these key states are close because if he keeps turning out
4:43 am
white voters, there is a gender gap on both sides so.does have a path to victory. seems odd he would gratuitously not want to get more people on board including traditional republicans. >> that's also why it's so important to look at a running mate here, who he'll pick to see, those gaps can be bridged. who would benefit the most. we're seeing faces out here, joe, start with you. >> i think that my former white house colleague rob portman is certainly name to consider. he is the senator from the state of ohio, he was somebody that mitt romney seriously considered in the last cycle. he's a forward thinking republican, somebody well regarded by probably every sector of the party. he would be a solid pick. newt gingrich is somebody i think would be actually a very good pick for donald trump. somebody who is known, somebody who has a history who worked
4:44 am
with congress. those kinds of people are people that will help him significantly. and help him with the electoral map as well. >> rick, to you. who would be the sfwhes >> i think it's newt gingrich. for the reason that joe pointed out, but newt gingrich did balance the budget, did have welfare reform, got a lot done in congress even with a democratic president. he ran his career as anti-establishment yet he is respected by the establishment. he has significant experience in intelligce matters, foreign policy, in the military. he immersed himself in that and would be a great compliment. he could play a cheney-type role with donald trump. >> something that donald trump has said when it comes to vp he needs somebody with that political background there. rick and joe, both of you thank you. appreciate your time. why are homeland security officials concerned, so much we heard from the head of the homeland security about it.
4:45 am
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there is growing frustration over the extremely long security lines across major city airports. traveling increasing in the next coming weeks and months, a new plan announced in hopes to cut the gridlock. tom costello explains. >> here's the start. let's see how long this is. >> reporter: the cell phone video from midway airport says it all. a security line stretching for hours. >> guess what, it's just getting started. >> reporter: move midway aside. similar scenes across the country. this 3,000 bags at phoenix missed flights thursday because of a tsa computer glitch involving explosive screeners. confirmation some security officers have been assigned to security for the presidential candidates, still the homeland security secretary promised change. >> we will not compromise the
4:49 am
security of aviation or the american people. >> the new action plan includes reducing the size and number of allowable carry ons that choke check points using airline employees to handle some tsa jobs like moving bins and authorizing more overtime. but among travelers aggravation is mounting with many posting frustrations and photos on twitter. the hash tag i hate the wait created by the airlines to pressure the tsa from pittsburgh to atlanta, jfk, even portland, oregon. in detroit the tweet was simple, north terminal gridlocked. i hate the wait. making matters worse the tsa continues to confiscate a record number of weapons at the check points. loaded guns, ammunition, even a smoke grenade. >> this is still just the beginning here. >> reporter: back to midway and fast forward to the end of the line near the parking garage. >> are you kidding me. >> and the summer travel season hasn't started. some members of congress want the airlines to drop their baggage fees to encourage more
4:50 am
passengers to check bags but the airlines say that's misguided since most customers have special deals and don't pay the baggage fees. baggage fees. tom costello. >> ivanka trump leaps to her dad's defense about what he said in the campaign. keep it here on msnbc. discover card. customer service! ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? 100% u.s.-based customer service. no, i'm kidding. here to help, not to sell.
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a clinton-trump presidential contest looking increasingly likely. this campaign comes at a time of great instability in the middle east and major power struggle in asia. the foreign policy debate will likely heat up once the general election begins. the two rivals have already attacked each other's world view. >> when he says, you know, let the iranians or the russians go after isis, well, hello, the last thing we need is iran taking over syria, taking over lebanon and threatening israel and everybody else. >> on foreign policy, hillary is
4:54 am
trigger happy. she's trigger happy. she has a bad temperament. look at this, i just wrote this down, iraq, libya -- she voted iraq, let's go into iraq. >> i want to bring in kim gattis covering the clinton campaign for the bbc and also wrote the book hch the secretary" following hillary clinton's stretch as secretary of state. i appreciate you being with me. you have on one hand a former secretary of state, on the other, international businessman spending no time in government. does clinton have the clear advantage here? >> good morning or good afternoon from beirut which is where i'm speaking to you at the moment. it is going to be very interesting to see how these two candidates, if they are indeed confirmed as their party's nominee in july, face off when it comes to foreign policy. you would assume hillary clinton, with all the experience
4:55 am
as secretary of state and also a former first latd difficult does have the advantage. it's important to remember that donald trump says things that do resonate with the electorate in the united states at the moment. there is an isolationist mood right now in the united states and a lot of questioning amongst voters about america's place in the world, why do we get involved in all these far-away countries. hillary clinton believes in a strong american role on the global stage. so is it her vision that will appeal to american voters, or is it donald trump's vision that will appeal. hillary clinton hasn't yet made a forceful case for why she believes a strong american role on the international stage serves america, american voters and the american economy better. donald trump will certainly try to make that argument that it's time to leave behind some of those areas in the world. it's time to make allies pay
4:56 am
for, in essence, american protection and that will resonate. i think we'll see a lot of unpredictability when it comes to that debate. >> interesting to put into play donald trump's mantra when it comes to foreign policy as america first. you actually write that he sees his foreign policy as more of a business deal. given that, how do you think that will be received, not only by u.s. allies and abroad, but also voters here? >> there's a lot of anxiety in europe, in the middle east about what a donald trump presidency would mean for american allies. i've met many people in beirut who are somewhat panicked at the idea that donald trump could be the presidential of t of the un states. they think it could mean more war in the region for many reasons. one where he has these hawkish moments where he talks about bombing isis, but also further
4:57 am
entrenchment of united states, leaving allies alone in the middle east. but when it comes to american voters, i think that the argument that donald trump will make is the one that he's made for many, many years. this isn't a new position for him. he says, you know american allies are taking us for a ride. they should pay for protection, pay for american bases in south korea and japan. what he misses with that approach is that some of the benefits for the united states are a little more intangible. first of all, countries like south korea and japan do pay to maintain some of those bases there. but america, when it underwrites the global system, also helps its own economy. ha is an argument he hasn't quite grasped, one he doesn't want to make. it is one hillary clinton will have to make to american voters to explain what is the benefit for the american voter, for their jobs, for their economy
4:58 am
when america is strong on the international stage. >> and outlining that world view which she has yet to do. kim ghattas, bbc news correspondent covering the clinton campaign there. thank you very much for your time. a high school in kentucky changes bathroom policy two years before the white house's decree. a principal from that school joins me to talk about his experience with that controversial issue. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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