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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national. their all-beef like yours but they're also kosher. so, not just any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust. >> thanks for joining us on this saturday. right now wrangling over the recording. more calls for donald trump to fess up about the decades old recording of his spokesman. the reporter that took the call says otherwise. there's a new report by the new york times interviewing dozens of women that say he cross the line including unwelcomed romantic advances over the past decades. could it hurt trump's chances orally female voters to his side come november. hillary clinton is taking the
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day off while bernie sanders is taking aim at trump while stomping through the rust belt. >> donald trump. he's going to do it all. wrong. the only way that real change ever takes place is when millions of people stand up and fight back. that's what this campaign is about. >> the sanders train keeps on going forward gearing up for another rally later tonight in kentucky ahead of the state's primary on tuesday and plus dismissing the west wing. more states join the list refusing to align with obama's call to allow transgender students to use school bathrooms for gender they identify with. we start with donald trump. his progress on capital hill bookended by controversy. he is under fire amid a report that he once posed as his own publicist. a claim he denies and a new scathing article about his past with women. the times sper viewing dozens of
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women that work with and for trump over the last 40 years. 11 women revealed accounts of unwelcome roman take advances. a reliance on ambitious women and unsettling work place conduct all taken from the new york times report. trump's head of construction recounts trump once telling her that she likes candy as a way of reminding her she was overweight but there's others that describe him as gracious and encouraging say he helped their careers and promoting them to high ranks in his company. jacob is covering the trump campaign for us on this saturday. he is live from trump tower for us and with the new report coming out today any reaction so far from the trump campaign? >> we reached out to the campaign and so far no formal response though throughout the article mr. trump denies a lot of what is said including
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accusations about him and the miss universe pageant or miss team usa pageant. some speem positively about him. he said repeatedly that he is a champion of women for hiring them as executives in a time when it was unpopular or uncommon to do so. and he repeatedly denied the claims. so far no campaign response or tweet as we might expect. >> there at trump tower for us in new york city. thank you for the latest on the new york times report. for more i want to bring in the republican strategist and political correspondent at the washington post. we'll start with you. it's a big report that came out that you probably have read and in that it -- i believe a six week investigation. there are about 11 counts inside this report that are not favorable for donald trump if they are true. what do you think the stickiness of this will be. >> i think the new york times is
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the new playboy at this point. playboy without the pictures. that's what this is. >> why would you call it that. >> in the report you have sunshine who is a new york real estate woman here that used to work for him that commented that it was a proactive way of trying to say you looked better thinner. in the army had a colonel say to me maybe you should eat a little bit less. i said i just ran a six minute mile. when you work with people they say things whether right or wrong. >> but your colonel was not accused of having issues with gender equality. but this goes back to something else. what is going to stick? what do the voters care about? this is a man in new york city that's a billionaire and said out landish things better. during the primaries none of it stuck to him. i don't see it sticking to him now. >> new reporting for the new york times. very careful. >> i'm not saying what they
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wrote is inaccurate. >> you were imlying that by comparing it to the national inquirer. >> i said playboy. >> you were getting there maybe. >> what's your thought on this report? because it does pretty systematically list situations that are not favorable to that theme that has been put out there for donald trump and women. >> a couple of things. this is one among many serious journalistic efforts to look back over donald trump's career in business since he doesn't have one in politic which is would be the usual way to evaluate a candidate's fitness. what he has is a long business career so this is one among many efforts to look back and see what we can learn from the business career about what kind of person and what kind of leader he would be as president. certainly it's conform toir for a lot of democratic story lines. hillary clinton is chief among them that say that donald trump has mistreated women. is dismissive of women and would
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be a president who would not have their best interests at heart. i think this is exactly the kind of thing that the clinton campaign is looking to use to further that case. >> i was looking at the article that all three of us have read and it's page 14 and it's under the sections of accusations and denials. one of which they were reporting back to a book that was written and in that discussion bringing up the acquisition of rape which he denies and the issue of propane in another situation that they were reporting on here, does any of this language that you have seen in the reports surprise you, ann? >> no, not really. i mean, one thing you said earlier i think is really here which is that this is a look back over decades. certainly these are decades that involve different times for women in the work place. if any of the allegations are
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true, none of that conduct is appropriate but it's important to remember that a lot of this allegedly took place a long time ago when there were fewer women in the work mace and certainly in the context of donald trump as a boss or a person in charge. that i think is again the kind of thing that hillary clinton and democratic supporters of her will use to try to show that he has been abusive. >> but -- >> she dismissed by the way. >> she did. >> that's right. >> they brought it up as an accusation in denial. >> that's right. >> by the wife. >> so i do want to dive into the numbers though which you are very well aware of here. the 70% unfavor blt of women for donald trump but then the other numbers that you know so well from the last election where white women did vote republican. that's where they had gone. what do you think this report is going to do to those numbers?
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>> this report won't have an impact on that. when you have hillary clinton versus donald trump head to head. when the issue of a third party candidate is off the tanl. you have to have the republican party unite to win in november. that's what this is going to be about. right now there's still some republicans that think okay there can be a third party candidate. is it going to be a third party candidate that can win or is it about giving the white house to hillary clinton and when the republicans say it's giving it to hillary clinton they'll say this done work. >> do you think he brings out more of those women that he has put in prominent positions in his businesses? there's several acounts of that. >> lois sunshine has done fantastic work in new york and made a lot of money. ivana his ex-wife did a fantastic job in hotels and the plaza right down the street here. >> is that what they need to do here? as we look at what's happening
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at the moment, they're not helping donald trump get the talent that he needs into his team as he moves forward toward november. >> well, a moment ago you mentioned the third party idea. i mean, this is a dream that is taking a very long time to die for those that hold it in the parts of the republican party that haven't rallied around trump. certainly there will be people that will say look this is exactly the kind of thing that we told you would happen if donald trump secured the nomination. please let's look elsewhere. that seems less and less likely by the day. and i think as he referenced earlier, things like this not as detailed. not covering this span of time that this article does but things like this simply haven't stuck to donald trump throughout the primary processened it's at least an open question if not in doubt that they would stick to him in the general. >> all right. thank you for joining us.
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stay with us. we'll see you in about 30 minutes. thank you both. >> it's hard to predict what will happen in a general election with donald trump's name on it. even harder to picture what president trump's administration might look like. with me now is matt mcdonald. former white house communications director that has joined the growing ranks of republican policy experts and officials that say they would never work in a trump white house. matt, why not? >> well, i think when you look at the election and what's happening with trump i think that a lot of the attention and the discussion that you guys just had about stories about women and -- it's all about attributes. people are supporting donald trump because he's saying things that nobody else is saying and that he is sticking it to washington and all of this sort of thing but the people that actually staff an administration are much more focused on policy and that's the place where there's a lot of questions about what he believes and what he thinks and the fact that his
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policies don't align with typical conservative down the line values. >> so if he cannot access what you saw and what you're talking about this long list of individuals that are in the conservative ranks that are saying no, no, i'm not going to jump on this band wagon, where will he get the talent and is theal len there for him that he will need to move forward? >> there's always going to be people who will work for a candidate. there's people that are going to work for his campaign. there will be people that are going to work for administration and it's just a question of whether you're getting your top pick or second pick or third pick and who is willing to do it and when you think about a campaign, people might be more interested in working for a campaign if they think that he has a shot atsawining and that will attract some attention if he continues to see polls that maybe have been competitive with hillary clinton. when you get to an administration it becomes a question of do you align with what he is talking about? the agenda he's putting forward.
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that's a much, much bigger question. >> as his platform involves as we have seen in the last two weeks. he was a former chief of stachlt he joined trump's campaign. policy directors. jeff sessions. steven miller also climbed aboard the trump train and we're not in the general election. is that progress? >> i think it is but i don't think it's surprising given the fact that he is going to be the nominee. what's not progress for the trump campaign is the fact that you had the sequential days of i'm going to raise taxes and lower taxes and i'm not going to pay our bills. i'm going to pay our bills. we're going to get rid of the debt and not get rid of the debt. it's a complete shock and approach and lends an heir of incoherence about his plans and none of that gives confidence to people that focus on policy in an election or think about joining an administration. >> and whether policy will be the issue as we get to november.
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>> one of the thirngs you watch is the stage of development and developing the cabin and we get a little digging. an at this point he was already vetting his cabinet members and determining what those names were going to be. donald trump doesn't seem to be close to that i'm not sure when you're thinking about a transition and who you team may be on that context that lean model doesn't real lay ply in the same way and he probably has a lot of work to do there. >> you were saying there's other people out there but if he doesn't reach out to other people like you, the big brains sitting around there's only a certain number of big brains out there and that could hurt him
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long-term in what has been called brazen ambition by him is not going to work all by itself. >> yeah. i mean, part of the question here is how much trump can reinvent himself in the general. there's been a theory that once trump gets in the general he's going to change and be a different candidate and be more accommodating and all of this stuff. we haven't seen it at all. the only way he's ever going to get a chance at -- on some level this question we're having maybe completely moot if he continues to run a campaign that alienates people. and it's not going to win at the end of the day. is he ever going to change? we haven't seen evidence of that. >> okay. big brain. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, richard. >> next ted cruz back in the spotlight speaking at the texas republican convention moments ago. what he had to say about one of the issues sparking controversy nationwide right now and later how thousands of pieces of
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ted cruz against the obama administration guidelines that schools require bathrooms and locker rooms accommodate students that are transgender. cruz called the obama administration's guidelines a decree that's unconstitutional. >> the president issued a decree to every public school in america demanding that they change their bathroom policies. demanding that every public school now allow grown men and
1:19 pm
boys in the little girl's bathroom. we have entered the world of politically correct lunacy. >> joining us now dominic, the lgtb reporter. ted cruz really repeating the argument that has been made that because of this guidance coming from the white house that you will have group men and boys saying i am transgender and then walking into women or girl's bathroom and then perhaps assaulting them. that's what the criticism has been made. >> well i think the first thing for people to understand is that what came from the department of justice and the department of education on friday was a type of guidance. it was not a decree and it was not an order but backs up what has been a legal trend advanced by the administration for quite sometime. it doesn't actually change the practices of the vast majority of school districts that have been complying with these
1:20 pm
standards of allowing transgender students to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity. this is a very common talking point that mr. cruz is using that this would allow men into restrooms. in fact -- these are transgender women. so these are not men. people like mr. cruz are not differ s differentiating. there's no documented cases. >> none whatsoever. why now? why did the administration say we're going to do this on this thursday friday time period and push this guidance out. >> it's hard to say why the ball balm administration does what it does but something very important happened over the period, last few years and then just recently this spring. over the past few years there's been a rolling ball of different decisions and settlements
1:21 pm
interpreting title 9 of the education amendments of 1972 to protect transgender students from discrimination because that would be a form of sex discrimination. >> so this was not a surprise. >> absolutely not and the fourth circuit court of appeals found that the education department did, in fact, have difference to interpret title 9 that way to effect transgender students. and that's the 4th circuit. so the timing for the obama administration to make this call comes after quite a bit of precedent. >> governors coming out and say we're not going to follow this guidance. is there a certain number or point where 5, 10, 15, 20 states say we're not going to adhere to this guidance? it may effect what the administration is trying to achieve? >> the decisions are going to be made by individual school boards and what we have seen since 2013 is that the education department has intervened and they have pushed the school districts into
1:22 pm
settlements and there's no reason to believe that seeing a lieutenant governor in texas or governors of arkansas and mississippi suggesting the local school district that they should not comply is going to cause the department of education or the department of justice to take a lighter hand. if anything this will imbolden the departments. >> what has this meant for the communities that's not easily described or communicated to people? >> i think that for a long time transgender people were either ridiculed or went unnoticed and after the supreme court ruled for marriage equality last year it's moved to lgbt nondiscrimination broadly and conservatives have tried to stigmatize them as sex predators and argue that they are a danger to others. the truth of the matter is that transgender people are subject to extraordinarily high rates of violence and of homicide and of
1:23 pm
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[man] that's really not good. [burke] it happened august fourteenth,2008, and we covered to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. >> now to the worsening situation at the nation's airports with tsa security lines. stretching for hours and passengers missing their lights. the u.s. travel association called the situation a national crisis and the tsa announced an action plan but it may not go far enough or fast enough. our aviation correspondent has more.
1:27 pm
>> here's the start. let's see how long this thing is. >> the cell phone video from midway airport says it all. >> there's the security line. >> a security line stretching for hours. guess what, it's just getting started. >> move aside, similar scenes play out across the country. adding insult to injury, this, 3,000 bags at phoenix missed their flights thursday because of a computer glitch. confirmation that some tsa security officers have been assigned security for the presidential candidates. still the homeland security secretary law must change. >> we will not compromise the security of aviation or the american people. >> the new action plan includes reducing the size and number of allowable carry ones that choke checkpoints using airline employees to handle some jobs like moving bins and authorizing more overtime but aggravation is mounting with many frustrating frustration and photos on
1:28 pm
twitter. #i hate the wait to pressure the tsa. from pittsburgh to atlanta jfk and portland oregon. in detroit, north terminal gridlocked. i hate the wait. making matters worse the tsa continues to confiscate a record number of weapons at the checkpoints. loaded guns, ammunition and a smoke grenade. >> back and fast forward to the end of the line. near the parking garage. >> are you kidding me tsa? >> and the summer travel season hasn't even started. some members of congress want the airlines to drop their back campers fees to encourage more passengers to check bags but the airlines say that's misguided since most customers are special deals and don't pay the baggage fees. nbc news washington. >> back to politics next and the new poll that suggests a race between donald trump and hillary clinton maybe closer than you think. what a lovely home you have. is this your family? yea, that's my daughter, my son, and that's my...
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>> when it comes to defeating donald trump he is the man for the job. chris joins us from louisville with the latest. two critical state with only nine left from bernie sanders. today just a short time ago he said he was going to go to puerto rico this weekend of course that is u.s. territory but he had said he was going to go everywhere and he was going to talk to everyone. he is not ready to give up the fight and just a short time ago he went after both hillary clinton and donald trump. take a listen. >> i don't think donald trump is going to do what has to be done for working families and i don't think hillary clinton is
1:33 pm
prepared to do all that has to be done for working families. >> we know that hillary clinton may sense opportunity here or at least is concerned about the headlines that could come out on tuesday or wednesday morning if bernie sanders manages to pull off wins here in kentucky and in oregon. so she is coming here tomorrow and monday as well. bernie sanders is pulling out big crowds. he put on his coat and went outside and although it was a shortened speech 2200 people turned out. he is continuing to go after these progressive ideas that really he wants if not to bring to the convention as the nominee to get on to the platform. two key ones he talks about all the time. the minimum wage that clinton has not signed on to but could end up in the platform. also there's a big talk about what to do about health care.
1:34 pm
he wants universal health care. hillary clinton indicating this week an expansion of health care could be in the offering. they're never going to come together on other issues like fracking. it was the coal industry that hurt her support for coal in west virginia. she lost the last two primaries so she would love to come out of this with a headline saying she has stopped his momentum. bernie sanders is hoping to continue it. >> thank you so much. joining us right now. tara and back with us is the washington post national political reporter. ann, starting with you on this and really concerned about looking at this tuesday. it gives you kentucky and oregon and hillary clinton and her campaign needing wins here. they don't want to change the arch of the story that they're still the front runner here.
1:35 pm
>> a very good possibility. only a couple of minor exceptions for her. with the exception that there was a string of states in which sanders is expected to do well. certainly he did win as expected last week. the hilary people say his margin of victory was narrower in west virginia than they expected or had feared and they think they have a chance in kentucky. probably not in oregon. she will pick up a couple. this won't effort her overall lead. but the optics of it are bad. she has a losing streak before she is able to secure the nomination. >> i'll go to one of the latest
1:36 pm
polls here. showing trump is neck and neck with clinton in florida, ohio, pennsylvania. much closer than people would have thought and the question is where is the momentum. >> right. well i think this is a problem for hillary clinton. the fact that bernie sanders does continue to win some of these primary contests and some of these on going contests is problematic because it allows donald trump and the republican party to exploit it. it give themes a talking point and something to attack her on. that's the problem for her. i do find that poll some what questionable because they don't have the best track record back in 2012 if you may recall so i'm not certain about this particular poll but i do think that it would be a grave mistake for democrats not to take donald trump seriously. many democrats did not take the tea party very seriously in the various midterm elections and that came back to bite the democratic party. >> so when you look at the numbers here ann is it that the long primary season here as
1:37 pm
bernie sanders is out in the road today being extended and we're showing a little bit of wear in terms of the hillary clinton campaign? >> yeah. but part of it is we're just nearer to the general election and polls close and certainly they're coalescing around trump who wouldn't have said the same in answer to the same polling questions not that long ago. a certain amount of tightening in these states like the poll he's looking at here is to be expected but it's certainly a drag on hillary clinton's momentum and it is sort of a talking point for donald trump. meanwhile he is free and clear and he can campaign full time for the general election. something she is not free to do. >> one talking point that maybe added to this is this new report
1:38 pm
which you and i talked about earlier. the new york times report about trump over the last 40 years and his work and relationships with women. not favorable. you were a contestant on the apprentice? you know him? >> i certainly didn't personally experience any issues with donald trump but i have heard rumors and i'm one of the folks that believes where there's smoke there's a gigantic blaze. so i think donald trump's own track record let alone this new york times piece the things that he is on record saying himself, the things that he said about megyn kelly. the comments about rosie o'donnell. the woman card saying that hillary clinton is not qualified. this is the opportunity for hillary clinton. when democrats have won women voters that's primarily driven by women of color.
1:39 pm
asian women, african american women and latino women and white women as well but not in the numbers necessary for this type of election. hillary clinton needs to get a larger chunk of white women voters and there's an opportunity here because if you're professional college educated woman having people dismiss your qualifications, dismiss your work ethic and what you have accomplished that resinates for her to exploit that. >> it's a delicate balance? the way you would take this information. >> you take it and appeal to women working that want to be paid the same for the same amount of hours and you make the case on a policy basis and make it about the fact that clearly we know if women were treated so fairly in this society why is this the first time a woman is a major candidate. >> i guess the question of what tara is saying here it's been said she needs to focus on the white blue collar woman voter if you will and how this will
1:40 pm
resinate this report income from the new york time with that group. >> yeah. absolutely. hillary clinton is leading but not by a lot. she has a strong support among hispanics and black women and that will be a large part of her support. the washington post thank you both on this saturday. come back soon, right? of course. >> thank you. >> next back to the republican nominee donald trump. how realistic is his economic agenda? what impact is his candidacy already having on u.s. and world markets? . olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will.
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>> i want to and offered some of the statements here and this is still relevant. >> i'm still married. >> that's what is most important here. >> i look at negotiating the debt that we talked about over the last week. tell us why this is a big deal. >> why it's a very bad idea? >> sovereign nations don't default on their debt and also drives up the cost of borrowing. it would drive down the value of
1:45 pm
the dollar and probably crash the stock market. this is a very big deal for the most powerful economic nation in the world. >> it's not necessary. >> it's not necessary. simply put though, the dollar is the currency of the world. >> absolutely. >> and when this does happen, does that put that in jeopardy? because being the currency of the world, guess what, we get to pay down debt by printing dollars. >> that is a political solution to an economic problem. they're still taking a hair cut of sorts because you're repaying them with cheaper dollars worth less. not build up deficits but pay your debts on time and in full. the dollar has been stable over the last several years so it's hard to say that we're devaluing the to get out of debt.
1:46 pm
>> they are always worried about that key statement. what do you think it's done to the markets? >> i don't anybody has taken the heart the possibility that these programs would go through. whether it's a tax cut that would cost $10 trillion. you have to assume from the analysis that i'm seeing that the u.s. economy grows 10% a year. even if you account for faster growth than we're seeing now it would still add $9 trillion. >> we grow about 10%. >> 2 to 3%. >> and 4 would be extremely fast in this global environment so even with that analysis most of the work i have seen said it would add $9 trillion in debt.
1:47 pm
plus another half trillion on top of that. >> you talked to the analysts on wall street. they're not favorable for donald trump. what are folks telling you about what a trump presidency means for our economy. >> i don't think the market has begun to legitimately focus on the possibility of this most polls show that hillary clinton ultimately would win and she ultimately becomes more centrist and less hostile toward the street. donald trump wants to cut taxes and corporate taxes and individual taxes and go after hedge fund managers and others for the tax breaks they get in the current tax code and the market hasn't begun discounting the election yet. that's an open question. >> a quick one, interest rates
1:48 pm
is what you're watching i'm guessing in 2017 and 16. >> put that into context. >> it will have less to do with rates than the global economic context right now. it's good for mortgage borrowers and others trying to refinance. >> thank you. >> president palm balm announcing that he'll become the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since world war ii. reaction from the congressmen urging the president for weeks to make that historic trip. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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>> first sitting president to visit the site of the atomic
1:52 pm
bombing. 140,000 people were killed that day. the white house says this visit is not about apologizing. >> the president intends to visit to send a much more forward looking signal about his ambition for realizing the goal of a planet without nuclear weapons. >> harry trueman made the decision to drop the bomb. his grand son says obama's visit is the right thing to do. he says it's not about apology. it's about honor, respect, empathy and honesty. a japanese american congressman from california made a passionate speech urging that president obama make this visit. >> one of america's greatest strengths is the power to lead by example. the president should use that power to lead the world to hiroshima and away from nuclear weapo
1:53 pm
weapons. >> critics say it may appear to be like an apology. >> well it's not an apology and he expressly said so i and urged him to go on the basis that it was not an apology. i they the president will do much more good by emphasizing that we want to restart a global conversation about nonproliferation and just a sense that we're never going to use them ever again. >> your parents and grandparents were placed in internment camps during world war ii. you often say that on when you're giving speeches. how far does this go toward healing wounds. >> well japanese american internment is disconnected from
1:54 pm
the issue of a visit to hiroshima. my family didn't understand we had relatives in japan that were survivors of the bomb. our americanism had been put in question and it wasn't until i was 41 years old that i made a visit to japan for the first time and connected with a second cousin who was a survivor. i joined her on her first trip to the peace museum and we crossed the river and she told me that you couldn't see the surface of the river because so many dead bodies were floating on it and i thought an american president should visit hiroshima. any leader of a nation should and fully grasp the consequences of a decision to deploy a
1:55 pm
nuclear weapon. >> as you know and you're telling us many of the survivors of that time, they're getting older. many are passing away. what do they want? >> i think bigger than any apology would be the sense that they could take with them as they pass on that a nuclear war will never happen. that no leader will ever use a nuclear weapon ever again. that's foremost in their mind. it's such a horrible thing and you can only fully grasp the magnitude of the weapons by going to hir row she ma and understand the weapons now are far more powerful than the ones dropped. >> you were on the floor and you said president obama you should go to hiroshima.
1:56 pm
he is now going. what do you want him to say and do while he is there? >> what i want him to do is to make a call on leaders around the world to have a serious discussion about nuclear disarmorment and nonproliferati nonproliferation. we even have a leading presidential candidate that suggests that korea and japan acquire nuclear weapons. this is cavalier talk that shouldn't come out of the mouth of anybody serious about being president. >> and this is an area and arena from a president that over the course of his two administrations here that he has said this is a new theater and where we're going to put a lot of our energies in so thank you for spending time with us on this saturday. >> thank you for having me. >> you bet. for more reaction you can go to
1:57 pm
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