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tv   Lockup Savannah Extended Stay  MSNBC  May 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the verdict is as follows -- >> an inmate faces a life sentence for the brutal murder of his wife. >> it's hard to believe it, this is all happening. >> all my tattoos, it's not a matter of how or when. you will get caught. >> another inmate hopes to graduate from the jail's strict substance abuse program.
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>> i have to get back doing tattoos! >> but only if he doesn't get kicked out for running an illegal business. and a repeat offender reflects on life in the jail's most unusual housing unit. >> no room back here. be a grown man when you come back here. i love it. >> and the criminal activities that keep landing him in jail. >> i'm addicted to it because there's always something happening. it's never a dull moment. established in 1733, savannah is the oldest city in the state of georgia. nicknamed the holes december city of the south, savannah has built a reputation on its beautiful parks, his toric places, and southern hospitality.
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but those who run afoul of the law will mind themselves in a far less hospitable place, the chatham county detention center. here the county houses more than 1,500 men and women, most of whom have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial of the resolution of their cases. >> man, it's ugly. it's jail. ain't nothing pretty about it. >> the majority of inmates are housed in the jail's general population units where they can interact with each other in the day room or exercise in one of the jail's enclosed yards. but in the jail's lockdown units, life is far more restrictive. >> we're in what you call unit 2-c which is known as admin segregation. it's like the jail within the jail. >> some people's behavior issues and disciplinary issues are so severe, to ensure the safety of
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other detainees, you have to place them under administrative segregation. >> administrative segregation inmates are locked down 23 hours a day and are cuffed and shackled any time they are out of their cells. they are allowed only one hour a day for rec time or phone calls, which can be taken away if they fail a daily inspection. >> they can lose their hour if they don't follow the rules, don't make up their beds, if they're not ready for inspection in the morning they'll lose their hour. >> one area of unit 2-c is even more isolated. >> behind my shoulder is what they call the bubble. that's for your highest of all profile cases. >> while regular ad seg inmates are allowed to interact with others during rec time, bubble inmates are isolated and must spend their one hour a day out of their cell in the rec yard alone. one of the inmates housed in the bubble is norman smart. >> mr. smart was placed in there due to the fact that his case was all over the news. mr. smart was also well-trained in the martial arts. so we wanted to not only just protect mr. smart from the other
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detainees, but also protect the other detainees from mr. smart if there was a confrontation. >> i'm in the bubble, they call it, which is the jail within the jail within the jail. they put me in here. it's been 183 days which is a little over six months. >> four days earlier, smart's trial for aggravated assault and murder in the beating death of his wife came to an end. medical reports said that smart's wife died from strangulation and numerous internal injuries. prosecutors presented evidence that smart had beaten her with his hands and feet and that he used boxing gloves in an attempt to conceal the evidence of his blows. smart was also given an additional charge of cruelty to children because his 6-year-old stepson was in the house at the time the crime occurred. smart pled not guilty to all
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charges and said he believed his wife's injuries happened after a night of drinking. >> she could have fell and hit her head on things, got these bruises, whatever, on her head, so could the liver and spleen, if you fall into something hard enough. >> smart said he found his wife unconscious and that her internal injuries could also have resulted from his attempts to resuscitate her with cpr. >> as i started chest compressions, i could feel her chest caving and could feel the bones -- it felt like if you crack your knuckles, that's what it felt like and sounded like. >> but the medical examiner testified that the victim's injuries were far more widespread and severe. prosecutors also presented letters left behind by smart's wife in which she claimed that her husband beat her regularly. smart's past history of domestic violence did him no favors in the trial. over the past 18 years, smart pled guilty to and served time in three unrelated cases of
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domestic violence. one involving an ex-wife. >> there are three convictions, all of which you pled guilty to. >> i thought i only had one. but -- or two. two domestics. i don't know about three. but there's nothing i can do about it. my past is there. i can't erase it. and even though i lived here several years and -- i haven't even got a traffic ticket. i guess it doesn't really matter. people are going to judge you. >> there's nothing any of us can do to take away the awful, awful terror and pain that lauren had to have felt at the hands of this man before she died. but the 12 of you can give her justice and you can give him the justice he deserves. >> after three hours of deliberations, the jury returned with a verdict. >> the verdict is as follows, count one, malice murder, we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> smart was convicted on all charges.
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>> they sentenced me right immediately after they read the verdict. and the judge, he didn't show any mercy. he didn't show no mercy or anything on me. he gave me life without parole, and, shoot, that was the end of it. >> it could be weeks before smart is transferred to prison. until then, he continues to wait in isolation, in the bubble. >> i've been in jail before and i know how to do time. but, man, when there was another person next to me, we would talk through the vents. he was only here for a couple of months, then he left. it's weird. almost cried. i didn't have anybody else. not being able to talk with people and interact with them, it really plays on your mental state of mind. coming up, the inmate in the jail's strict substance abuse
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dorm pushes the limits. >> she just went, i got should go for your ass. lock you down. i was like, damn, just chill. i was playing with you. >> unit 5 is like forgotten. >> the veteran inmate shares some jailhouse secrets. >> that's where we got our fire from. that's why it's all firing up because we've done a number on that thing. my lenses have a sunset mode. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside... to clear inside mode. transitions® signature adaptive lenses... ...a more responsive than ever. so why settle for a lens with just one mode? experience life well lit®. ...upgrade your lenses to transitions® signature. now get up to a $90 rebate by mail. when you purchase glasses and sunglasses featuring select brands. ask your eyecare professional
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. all right, gentlemen, it's time. watch your step. >> the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, books in over 18,000 inmates a year. >> look at the camera. >> but the capacity for more than 2300 men and women, the jail is able to handle the steady influx of new inmates. but just a few years earlier, the jail could only house half as many inmates as it can today.
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it was operating under severely overcrowded conditions. >> it was at times tense. you had 1900 inmates and 1260 beds, where you had a one-person cell, you had two in it. where you had a two-person cell, you had three. we were so badly overcrowded that we were facing federal sanctions. >> funded by a tax initiative, the jail underwent a major expansion adding 400,000 square feet of space. nearly doubling the inmate capacity to more than 2,300. then crime rates in savannah toon an unexpected turn. >> after the jail reconstruction we dropped to 1,800 inmates, then to 1,700, then to 1,600. right now we're around 1,500 inmates. this is a trend that we're seeing nationally. the crime rate is down. it's hard to believe looking at the news that it's down because violent crime is so spectacular it generates news. and we're still having some bad people come in here. but that population has held fairly steady.
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and to us, that's a good thing. but that extra space is sitting there hopefully not to be used any time soon. >> housing units in the new parts of the jail use a modern method called direct supervision. where inmates remain in the officer's line of sight any time they're out of their cells. but that's not how things work in unit five. >> the old jail, unit five was the original jail built on this site. it could hold a maximum of about 300 inmates. >> unit five is a little different than other units. we have linear supervision. we have to walk the hall to monitor the inmates. we look in the windows as opposed to seeing everyone all at once. you kind of have to walk the hall to pay attention to everything that's going on. >> brandon agner has been in unit five for the past two and a half months. >> unit five, it's like the forgotten unit. it's the dungeon.
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ain't no rules back here. it's like walking in a jungle. everything is everything. just be a grown man when you come back here. i love it. i wouldn't want to be nowhere else. >> agner is charged with possession of a controlled substance. he has pled not guilty. he has previous convictions for theft, first-degree forgery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that he says is as a result of beating a man with a gun during a home invasion robbery. >> i did beat a dude in the face with a gun. wound up beating the guy a little too long than i was supposed to in the face. i don't know if there's a time limit on how long you're supposed to beat somebody in the face, but i did it till he couldn't move and he was beat bad. it was awful. it was an awful beating. >> while agner has done time in jail and prison, he says he'd have a hard time giving up on the life that has led to his incarceration.
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>> certain things people do that would have remorse for, i don't. not at all. not at all. i'm addicted to it because it's always something happening. never a dull moment. always something happening. one day i might cook dope all day long. we might move from one city to the next city. if my girl's tired of walking, i steal a car. every day is never the same. normal people could not live my lifestyle. i've had friends try to hang out with me and lasted 45 minutes to an hour and they're like [ bleep ] y'all, no, i'm done. >> agner says that one of the benefits of the reduced oversight in unit five is the availability of contraband cigarettes. >> you come back there tonight, i'll be smoking a cigarette. i promise you. i'll be smoking a cigarette. i'm waiting on a package now. >> we have not had a major problem with contrand. the largest problem probably would be cigarettes. inmates will attempt to smuggle cigarettes in. we do unannounced shakedowns all over the facility continually where we're looking for contraband, cigarettes. while cigarettes may make their way into the jail, lighters are harder to come by.
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but agner says he knows a workaround. >> [ bleep ] out of the way straight up. that socket back there. right there. i got two pieces of wire hid. hid back. and i'll shove a piece of wire in one, piece of wire in the other, wrap toilet paper up and hold and it touch them two wires together and they'll arc. catch that toilet paper on fire. light up. burn tattoo ink. however you do it, you know. that's where we get our fire from right there. that's why it's all black like it is, that's why it's all burned up crisp. because we've done a number on that thing. >> while unit five continues to function with limited staff oversight, over in the newer part of the jail, the inmates in one general population unit live under a stricter set of rules aimed at helping them rehabilitate their lives. >> plan ahead what you're going to do, fellows. take the first step -- >> in the substance abuse program dorm, inmates with drug or alcohol addiction take part in an intensive 28-day program of classes and therapy aimed at breaking the cycle of addiction
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that leads to criminal activity. >> if you give yourself that time and believe in yourself, you'll rise above your circumstances. >> garrett billiter is on his third week in the program. but he admits he may not be setting the best example. >> i've always been a bad influence. i can't help it. i'm sorry. it's just what i've done, how i am. i'm the bad apple of the bunch. if you're in this dorm, you have to be in the program. you can't just stay in the room and sleep. that's what's gotten me a write-up. i've been like, "f" the dorm, "f" the program. and i'm up there asleep in the bed and they're coming on the door, knocking on the door. come to class, come to class. i'm just like man, i'm sleeping today, leave me alone. >> billiter has previous jail and prison sentences for convictions including battery, burglary, theft and first-degree forgery.
9:18 pm
he is currently in the jail on charges including theft by receiving stolen property and fleeing to elude a police officer. he has pled not guilty on all charges. while some inmates in the substance abuse program are mandated to be there by a judge, billiter has joined the program voluntarily. he said he's never had a problem with drugs or alcohol and that he has a different reason for joining the program. >> mainly it's to help me with my legal issues. as far as the substance abuse program goes, i'm going to use it to my advantage because i know that when i go to court, it will look good on me. >> so you're not taking the program part seriously? >> not really, no. i'm not going to lie. >> serious or not, staff say that billiter is meeting the requirements to stay in and pass the program. >> billiter may show off a little bit for the boys. that's usually what they do. but as far as our program is concerned, he's done the work. >> for billiter, the more difficult part has been staying out of trouble.
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>> if i'm playing around, i know how to make seriousness to be a joke. i've been in this jail so much and i know so many people and i'm so comfortable being here now. it's just normal now. police are all going to tell you, man, i'm funny. >> billiter likes to joke around, play pranks on people. but you had to kind of like stop him. if you didn't stop him, he would keep pushing, and it can get annoying. >> that behavior was on display when billiter noticed an officer removing a juice container after breakfast. >> you bring that back right now. >> it's more she knows i play with her and mess with her. she got a little snappy with me. usually i'm always kicking it with her and talking to her and stuff like that and she's always nice to me. but that day, i was like, don't you walk out there with that juice. you bring that juice back right now, give me that. and she was like, i got something for your ass.
9:20 pm
you keep on playing, i'm going to lock you down. okay, just chill, damn, i was just playing with you. don't lock me down, spare me, know what i mean? >> the biggest risk to his graduating from the program may not be his disrespect to officers but rather his activities as a tattoo artist. >> last time i was here, stole a pencil sharpener when the police wasn't paying attention. made a tattoo gun with the pencil sharpener. was running tattoos a good month and a half, two months. i got caught with that. went to the hole for 42 days. this time, as soon as i came in, the first thing they said is, oh, there goes mr. tattoo man. you ain't going to start no tattoos this time, are you? i was like, no, not me, never again, man, i swear. not in your jail. >> you want chicken wings? jalapeno cheese pretzels? >> despite the increased scrutiny, billiter says he continues to trade tattoo work for commissary items and phone calls. >> ain't got no tattoo gun.
9:21 pm
i've been plotting and scheming trying to get one. but i can't get one yet. i pick poke. actually back to the indian daze, know what i'm saying? we're poking. it takes a staple, like a heavy-duty staple, got to sharpen it really, really good. poke it in there. i've got pretty good with a pick hole. i can do faces and everything with a pick hole. i'm really good with it. >> he says he knows his tattoo business is not without risk. too many write-ups could get him kicked out of the substance abuse program. >> being that i'm in the drug dorm, i'm trying to be very careful. it's a privilege dorm, it's a program dorm. this is one of the most watched dorms. you know. it's hard to get away with stuff. doing tattoos, it's not a matter of how. it's a matter of when. you will get caught. coming up -- >> really sucks in here. >> when inmates are given cameras, norman smart records his thoughts on life in the bubble. >> i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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behind the walls of the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, norman smart awaits transfer to prison to serve life without parole after being found guilty of beating his wife to death. smart spends 23 hours a day in locked down in the same cell where he's been housed for the paste six months. the maximum security area of administrative segregation known as the bubble. jail officials say they are keeping smart on lockdown because of the high-profile nature of his case and his reputation as a trained fighter. >> he's a licensed fighter. i looked him up myself. he does have a record. so they feel for the safety of the facility, it's best if he's kept in the bubble here. >> the jail allowed our crew to give smart a handheld camera so he could record his thoughts and experiences living in the bubble. >> without warning they come in the rooms and shake us down. they make you put your hands through that slot there and they put handcuffs on you.
9:26 pm
and they make you stand up against that wall. each time make scratches from the handcuffs. when i first got in here, i didn't know what that was. i actually thought it was people trying to scratch and claw their way out of here. that's how terrible it is in here, to be in here like this 24/7. there's a bunch of little ants just kind of cruising around, you know. that's crazy. oh there they got some food. that one has some food. if you were at home, i would immediately grab some raid or whatever and sprayed those ants, kill them all. but now i live with them. it's company. as sad as it may sound, that's the reality of life in here. this window here, made it foggy on purpose because there's another building straight across. but there's little nicks in the window, you can see out.
9:27 pm
that's what i see. and then if you look up, you can see the sky. just really sucks in here. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. >> each day, segregation inmates are allowed one hour out of their cells, provided they pass an officer's inspection. but they are also allowed out for events such as visits, legal or medical issues, and for periodic haircuts. on the streets, theodore bloodworth worked as a barber. bloodworth, who has pled not guilty to charges of theft and burglary, is paid $2 a day to cut hair for the jail. >> what's going on, mr. smart? >> hanging in there. >> how does it feel being out of your cell? >> anything outside of there
9:28 pm
feels -- you know, you feel free. every little bit -- every little bit counts, you know. matters. you've got to be very strong mentally to make it through being in a cell 24 hours a day, maybe getting out for one hour and that's if you earn it. >> that's it, man, just stay positive. >> what's it like being around somebody else? >> well, i mean -- i guess it makes you feel human again, you know? just hearing people talk and having a conversation, makes you feel alive. when you don't have someone to talk to or know what i mean to vent with just -- you know, you're talking to yourself. you're going kind of crazy. >> i've got you bald almost to capacity of the razor. take care of yourself, brother. >> i will. god bless you. >> you too, brother.
9:29 pm
>> i don't want to ever be in that man's position. i'm taking away a blessing, man. how blessed it is just to be in general population. what i'm taking away from here is the word appreciation. that's what i'm going back, walking down them hallways saying, man, the word for the day is appreciation. coming up -- >> during my crime spree, all i've done was about five years total. that's it. i've been very lucky. god has blessed me. >> brandon agner considers his future. but first -- >> i'm not taking 20 days in the hole. >> thank you. >> i'm not taking it. >> garrett billiter's latest write-up could cost him dearly. >> he faces the chances of getting kicked out of the program. is the only one certified by the nsf to reduce lead lead that conventional, two- stage filters may leave behind. so, if you want the purest-tasting water and the water filter that's proven to reduce lead
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i'm dara brown. 11 people were hospitalized in florida after a bus collided with an suv. both vehicles caught fire in the accident near disney's animal kingdom. officials say the suv was driving south on a northbound lane. there is a flood advisory for parts of texas where severe
9:33 pm
weather in houston and galveston is causing heavy rain and flooding in some areas. the thunderstorms are expected to continue through the rest of the weekend. now back to "lockup." like many jails across the country, officers at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, fight a constant battle against the proliferation of contraband items. >> what we have here are things that are found during a daily shakedown that we have here in the jail. >> alongside the jail-made weapons that captain brooks says staff has confiscated from inmates over the years are a number of improvised tattoo guns. >> this one right here is pretty ingenuous.
9:34 pm
this appears to be a staple run through the head of an ink pen and it's attached to a motor. and this motor looks something similar to the motors this are in some of the air fresheners that are hung up in some of the offices. an inmate worker probably was in that area cleaning and smuggled it into the back and made a tattoo gun out of it. it's important that we find this stuff because it's dangerous. it's a sharp instrument in a cell. it can spread communicable diseases, hepatitis "c," aids, the list goes on and on. ♪ please just give me a chance ♪ listen to what i've got to say ♪ >> garrett says he's known for two things in jail -- his rapping and his work as a tattoo artist. he says tattooing other inmates has been a steady business for him, usually in trade for commissary items and phone calls. >> tattoos has always been a
9:35 pm
hustle because it brings money. but at the same time, it's something i love doing. i like doing it. this tattoo here is for pontiac, michigan, where i was born at. this tattoo here is savannah, georgia. i got a pistol tattooed on my waist. it saved my life a couple of times. i felt like i was dedicated to get my baby tattooed on my side. dollar signs goes to cent signs. don't make money, it don't make sense. notorious, i'm well-known in savannah. a lot of people know me. so i got "notorious." it's spelled wrong because i only had eight fingers to do it with, so. dbd across my throat means death before dishonor. i did another death before dishonor for somebody across their chest right here. instead of death before dishonor i missed the "h" so it said death before disonor. he was so mad at me for that. i said, i swear i didn't mean to do that. he was like, i'm messed up for life now.
9:36 pm
i'm like, man, my bad. i'll try to squeeze an "h" in there. we ended up trying to squeeze the "h" in there. didn't look too good. >> billiter has continued to perform tattoos even though he knows he risks getting kicked out of the substance abuse program that he's counting on to help him get a favorable ruling on his case. jail staff allowed us to give some inmates a small camera to record their thoughts. billiter decided to use his camera time to record himself creating a tattoo on his cellmate, jack spell. >> this is a little tattoo parlor right here. >> never thought i'd be getting a tattoo from a sharpened staple. got all the ink right here. mix it up with some shampoo and some soap. >> this is the tattoo i'm about to be getting. it just says infamous. >> i hope we don't get caught.
9:37 pm
>> no, we're good. >> i'm looking out. every time they come walking and checking the rooms, i'm just going to chill on the bed, wait for them to walk past. get right back to it. >> let's get back to doing tattoos. show the camera that half-finished tattoo. >> billitera and spell's tattoos session goes unnoticed by officers, but the next day billiter's luck runs out. >> the supervisor of the unit went inside his cell and found a sharp burnt object inside his
9:38 pm
uniform. >> i was trying to hide the tattoo needle and he seen me trying to hide it. i was like, here, man, don't poke yourself. it's a needle. tattoo needle. you got me. they came in and searched the room and found the rest of my tattoo equipment. >> we gave him a 24-hour lockdown and seven days loss of privilege. which he'll lose his visitation and commissary for seven days. >> billiter already had a previous write-up for failing to get up at the time of the drug room requirement. although his infraction for the tattoo needle was his second, neither was severe enough to get billiter out of the program. but now billiter finds himself in trouble for a third time. >> this morning i had a disciplinary report, every morning at 5:30, we have to get up and clean up. it's mandatory. and i wake up every once in a while and clean up but i'm not going to wake up every morning, they can just, you know what i'm saying, be gone with that. i'm not waking up before the chickens and cleaning up every morning. >> i wrote up inmate billiter up
9:39 pm
because, you know, he never really gets and up cleans. it hasn't been the first time. so i called the corporal and let him know. and he just said, make it an idr and that's what it was. >> this is his third idr, or inmate disciplinary report. while his previous infractions have only resulted in short amounts of time locked down in his cell in the drug dorm, three idrs means he's now reached the limit where he may face time in the jail's disciplinary unit. >> before he goes on this program we explained to him that they can have so many write-ups. he's gotten to that limit. he faces the chances of getting kicked out of the program. >> i mean, i don't want to get kicked out of the program because there's only a week left, you know. and i've came this far, might as well finish it, and it will look a little bit good on my record, my court case, you know. so, yeah, i don't want to be kicked out. i want to stay in. >> billiter has the right to plead not guilty to his idr at a hearing. but prior to that, sergeant lucas and the corporal call him in to offer him an alternative. if billiter choose ts gave his
9:40 pm
right to the hearing they will give him less time in lockdown than he'd likely receive if the disciplinary officer finds him guilty. >> i'm offering you a waiver for 20 days, lockdown, 20 days loss of privilege. do you want to accept that waiver? >> no, not taking that. >> any lockdown sentence over 14 days would have to be served in the jail's disciplinary unit which would automatically remove him from the substance abuse program. >> wait until i at least complete the program. because i mean, i've done all my stuff, all my work -- >> mr. billiter, here's a handful of write-ups. you had an incident report written on you on the 25th and another one on the 26th. >> for what, for sleeping? i've got a sleeping disorder i'm diagnosed with. i'm seer yumsly diagnosed with sleeping disorder since i was 8 years old. you can call my mom and ask her. >> have you gone to medical? >> i'm not taking 20 days in the hole.
9:41 pm
>> thank you. okay, sorry. >> thank you. we'll get back with you and conduct your idr board, okay? >> i'm not going to go home anyways. that's crazy, man. all i'm doing is going to sleep. i ain't done nothing wrong. i ain't slooep nobody, i ain't whooped somebody's ass, nothing. >> well, thank you for that. >> they're trying to give me 20 days in the hole. they can kiss my ass. not taking 20 days in the hole. >> do you have a sleep problem or is that just a last-ditch effort -- >> yeah, it is a little bit of a lie. i mean, i do have a sleeping problem a little bit. i don't like to get up. i don't like to get up. but the whole sleeping disorder thing, i made that up. i ain't going to lie. coming up -- >> you are a grown man, sir. you are a grown man. >> i know it. >> garrett billiter pleads his case. and -- brandon agner's release
9:42 pm
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at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, garrett was only a few days away from graduating from the jail's substance abuse program when he received his third idr or inmate disciplinary report. this time for refusing to follow the program's rules to wake up at 5:30 a.m. at the risk of receiving a longer disciplinary sentence, bill iter has decided to challenge the idr at a hearing. if he's given any sentence longer than 14 days, he will be sent to disciplinary segregation which will force his removal from the substance abuse program. >> you worried? >> no -- well, maybe. >> okay. my name's sergeant hooper. i'm with the idr compliance board. i'm here to conduct your idr.
9:46 pm
if i find you guilty, i can sentence you up to 34 days lockdown and 28 days loss of privilege. do you understand this? >> uh-huh. yes, ma'am. >> for obstruction of a officer, how do you plead? guilt or not guilty? >> not guilty. the d.r. is only for not cleaning up in the room. and i mean, most officers don't even write people up for not waking up and sweeping their room. >> you've been told it is mandatory, every day, all inmates to get up and clean. it is part of the rules of the program. you have no excuse for not getting up and cleaning your room every day monday through sunday -- >> can i say something, please? the program ends this week coming up. i finished the program. >> then you should have got up and cleaned up if you knew what was at stake. >> they didn't wake me up -- >> you are a grown man, sir. you are a grown man. >> i know it. >> you are responsible for your actions. for obstruction of an officer, i find you guilty. refusing to obey, i find you guilty.
9:47 pm
failure to maintain, i find you guilty. i could send you to the hole for 34 days. >> can you just keep me on the program? i mean, that's a big -- that's -- >> you graduate next week? >> i don't go home. fy get kicked out of the program, i don't go home. >> that's right. you won't go home. you graduate next week? >> yes, ma'am. wednesday, as a matter of fact. >> are you court ordered? >> yes, ma'am. >> although billiter joined the substance abuse program voluntary, he lies to sergeant hooper and tells her he's been court-ordered to take the program. billiter hopes claiming to have an order from the judge will convince the sergeant to let him remain in the program. >> let me tell you something. i'm going to give you 14 days. you will attend your graduation and then you will be moved out of the unit to complete your time somewhere else. but if you get another write-up, i don't want to hear no crying sad story. do i make myself clear? >> yes, ma'am. >> have a nice day.
9:48 pm
>> she sort of gave me a little bit of a leeway on it and gave me 14 days l.o.p. and 14 days lockdown. so -- i mean, like -- it's not really that big a deal. i get to stay in the program and i get to complete the program, i get to get my certificate. >> the sheriff wants us to work with them to compromise. you have to give a little in order to get a little. i went ahead and gave him 14 days so he can graduate. inmate billiter has been there that long. only got three days. and not cleaning up your room, it's serious on a hygiene purpose but it's not as serious that i need to throw you under the jail. >> billiter will get to stay in the program, perhaps aided by a lie he told during his hearing. >> are you court-ordered? >> yes, ma'am. really that's the only thing that saved me. i'm really not court-ordered. i am in here to get the program and to get my certificate to present to court when i go to court. but i'm not court-ordered, no. but i mean, i just said that and lied about it because i knew
9:49 pm
sort of where to manipulate, you know. i manipulated that and it worked. everything's working out perfect. >> while billiter can look forward to his graduation day, brandon agner is looking forward as well. his current stay in the jail is the latest in a long string of arrests and convictions that agner says have left him concerned about what the future might hold. >> during my crime spree, all i've done is about five years total. that's it. i've been very lucky. god has blessed me. >> how many chances do you really think you have left in you? >> if you do anything long enough, you're going to get jammed up on it. do i want to straighten out? yeah, i want to straighten out but is that a price i'm willing to pay? yeah, i'm willing to pay that price. do i want to? no. i'm looking for somebody to tell me how to change. i don't know how to change this [ bleep ]. know what i mean? i can't go up here sometimes by myself to even figure that out. >> agner will soon have the chance to confront his future head-on. his girlfriend has bonded him out.
9:50 pm
>> i'm hoping i can go and be with my girl. you know? that's what i'm hoping. >> full name? >> brandon lloyd agner. no complimentary mug or nothing? >> no complimentary mug. you don't get no mug. >> wait for them to do a report and then i guess i'll get dressed out. i'm not sure what's going on. >> before agner is discharged, the jail runs his name through a statewide database to see if he has any outstanding charges elsewhere. >> left hand. put your finger on the screen. this finger scan is to make sure he doesn't have any warrants in any other counties. we don't always know what they have. we do this before we let them go. if they do have a hold or warrant in another county, we'll send a message out to that other county and they'll tell us to place a hold on them if they want to come pick them up. and in columbia county, it is showing up. >> officer jefferson discovers that agner has been indicted in another county on receiving
9:51 pm
another county on charges of theft by receiving stolen property and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. >> tank top. we discharge him out of the system, give him his property back. once he gets to columbia county, they'll do the same thing here, dress him up, give him a jumpsuit and take his personal property. >> it's all right. all except for the acid stain on it. >> what's that from? >> cooking dope. exactly what that's from. >> he'll sit in here until columbia county comes picks him up. >> it's good. i'll get up there and make bond as well within 24 hours. so i should be on the streets by this weekend. i got some acid on my clothes i guess from allegedly cooking dope or being around somebody cooking dope. you know, think it's a good remind tore look at that and tell myself why i keep coming to jail over dumb [ bleep ]. you know what i mean?
9:52 pm
so definitely not getting rid of these, you know what i mean? who knows, might be good to wait for the next batch. you never know. i've got to change. can't keep doing this. 37 years old. keep going in and out of jail. i'm definitely going to change my life. coming up -- >> they checked the paperwork, said no, he's not court-ordered. >> garrett billiter gets caught in a lie. and -- >> i think that somebody like him is most definitely a predator. >> a cousin of norman smart's victim speaks her mind. oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years?
9:53 pm
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in the substance abuse program dorm at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, it's graduation day. >> took a little longer than we all anticipated.
9:56 pm
but at least we're there. >> and one graduate in particular is relieved to have made it through. >> today i got my certificate of completion for the substance male substance abuse program and the first quarter of anger management. i go to court tomorrow so i'll be able to bring this to court and show the lawyer and show the judge. and hopefully that might help me out a little bit. >> garrett billiter was nearly kicked out of the program with only three days remaining. only a lenient sentence on a disciplinary report allowed him to continue. >> are you court-ordered? >> yes, ma'am. >> billiter believes he helped his case by lying to sergeant cooper, telling her his enrollment in the substance abuse program was court-ordered instead of voluntary. now sergeant hooper has discovered the lie but says it won't change her decision. >> they checked the paperwork and no, it's not court-ordered. is it the first time i've been
9:57 pm
lied to? no. is it the last time i'll be lied to? no. they always are going to lie to get what they want. his lying did not get him to stay in the program. we're here to work with you, to give you every opportunity to succeed. if you fail, you fail because of you, not because of me. i dealt with mr. billiter i think for about four or five years. garrett played the same game. you have to let garrett think he win every once in a while. >> i know how to get in trouble but i know how to make people feel bad a little bit. like, come on, man, i'm just been playing around with you, that's all. i really didn't mean it. and they'll be like, well, dammit, billiter, you're always doing stuff but i'll let you get away with it. i appreciate it. it always works. works out for the better. >> while billiter feels he was able to influence sergeant hooper's decision, norman smart's fate was recently decided by a jury when he was convicted on all charges for beating his wife to death. he awaits transfer to prison to begin the sentence of life without parole. smart continues to proclaim his
9:58 pm
innocence and disputes evidence that he had a history of beating his wife and that he then punched, kicked and strangled her to death using boxing gloves in an attempt to hide the marks caused by his blows. the victim's cousin kylie shepherd testified at trial and that smart's stepson had told her this wasn't the first time smart had hit his wife while wearing boxing gloves. >> everybody that testified, it added up and really made a difference and painted the picture of what happened to her. by the time the story was told and everything was put out to the jury, the jury heard all of the evidence and made the right choice. didn't take them long. >> it's hard to believe that this is all happening. it's like a nightmare. i'm just a simple guy. you know? i cut grass for a living, you know? i ain't never hurt nobody.
9:59 pm
>> he just says the same thing, that he didn't do anything. i think that somebody like him is most definitely a predator. they live in your house, they get you to fall in love with them. she wanted that whole family, she wanted the family for her kids and i think she just continued to think it would get better. i should have gotten in the car and driven to see what was going on with her. maybe if i would have made that drive a little bit different then things would have been different. i would have seen. but instead i drive to the cemetery.
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