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tv   Barclays Premier League Soccer  MSNBC  May 15, 2016 6:59am-9:01am PDT

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s to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you leicester city have fulfilled the most fantastical -- >> welcome to nbc sports presentation of championship sunday across the networks of nbc universal. >> this is what championship sunday is all about. nine matches set to kick off across the different networks in an epic finale to this unforgettable season. first, a very kick offnote.
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with the start of those nine games just minutes away across the barclays premier league. it's time to send you to the match of your choice. >> so the campaign comes to a my maximum. west brom in the barclays premier league this season. fans here have been enjoying the demise of their neighbors. liverpool still flying the flag for england in europe. the big final only a few days away. dean, that's had a big bearing in the way they have approached the game. >> it certainly has. the team selection, 11 changes. it gives an opportunity for these players to show jurgen klopp their talent.
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a good opportunity for 20-year-old cameron brannagan making his debut for liverpool. >> no foul was given by referee bobby madney. this time the whistle is blown for a west brom free kick. >> a young lad who has made a real impression. they will have to work on the defensive side of the game but in possession is very talented. we know he'll be very aggressive and will not be on the beach. he'll want a good performance from his team and an opportunity to have progression if they can get the three points today. it will up their total from last season. >> they have not won, though, west brom, in their previous eight games. they have taken just three points from the last 24 available.
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only aston won fewer over the same time game. a final flourish for the west brom fans today. >> they'll want to send the fans home happy with a spring in their snap just to give them a little snapshot of what he wants to do with the team next season. he'll look for more athleticism, younger leagues. it will be an interesting season for tony pulis. >> in those eight games they have scored only three goals. there's not been much to cheer for the west brom faithful of late. here is jordon ibe for liverpool. >> you see liverpool's formation. it looks a 4-3-3. cameron brannagan and allen in
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advanced positions. >> here is cameron brannagan who turned 20 years of age this week. now lucas. that's a nice pass into the path of brad smith. >> it's a decent start from the visitors. they have been very comfortable in possession. brannagan doesn't look nervous, he looks confident as well. the two midfielders, stewart and brannagan, trying to get them in the game, get them in position and give them confidence. >> here is a player who was released by spurs a few weeks ago but picked up by liverpool. a misplaced pass by johnny evans
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who before the match was named the players player. the northern ireland team will bow off to the european championships in france. west brom started 15th today. they'll end the campaign somewhere between 12th and 16th. every place you go up the premier league table brings prize money so that is something to play for for west brom today. i'm sure they'll be fully aware of that. liverpool, a win for them would possibly save the finish above southampton and would guarantee a place for nt year. seventh might also qualify, but
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it is still there for the taking for liverpool if they were to win on wednesday night. >> that's the big one, isn't it, joe. klopp, if you ask him privately, if you said you can win in game and win, would he take it, because the champions league is a big one. i think next season he'll want lesser games than they had this season. i think they have played more than any other team in europe. >> this is their 62nd game of this campaign. it's more than any other team in the top four divisions of english football. the 63rd match is the big one on wednesday. there could even be a 64th match. there is a potential playoff scenario. liverpool can end this campaign tied on points, they might play for a neutral venue but there's
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all sorts of permaneutations th have to take force. of course if they win on wednesday, that becomes obsolete. he's the first appearance since he had that nightmare match. jordon ibe against evans. flanagan to stewart. here's ibe. it was called late there. the referee has played the advantage. it will be a goal kick. >> cameron brannagan had a quizzical look at the assistant. he thought the final touch may
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have been from gardner. the referee rightly so played the advantage for the visitors. in the end they didn't make anything out of it because the final touch came off brannagan. johnny evans, that's a real sore one for jordon ibe, a real poor challenge by evans. >> west brom hoping to raise a few smiles around here today. they have been in short supply, though, of late. they lost their last three matches at the hawthornes. against norwich and west ham. the last time west brom lost four games in a row is ten years back. the fourth loss in that sequence was a match against liverpool.
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>> the last time i was here a fortnight ago, they came really quickly against west ham and you never would have envisioned they'd lost that game 3-0. the home side created numerous opportunities, that's well been the story the last seven or eight weeks. the bad run they're on in terms of scoring and results. i think a problem as well in terms of look how deep that midfield gets and can become isolated. that's something that tony pulis is aware of and will work on in the preseason in terms of supplementing the attack and getting numbers into the box more often than they have done this season. >> in terms of goals, the stats don't read too well for west brom this year. brad smith, that was good
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defensive work there. lucas turning towards danger there in the shape of rondon. >> he talks about his team being at the top of all the statistics in terms of distance covered, but it's the quality as well that he'll want from his team there. that's what he'll be targeting in the transfer window. >> here's johnny evans. now james mcclean. he's fit to start. jordon ibe is helping out defensively. a little space here for joe allen. smith is charging on ahead of
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him, this was a bit ambitious. >> it was his weaker foot but that's what both players bring in terms of youth and athleticism. jordon ibe was the catalyst of that transition and transferred to ojo. >> spend the first half of this season just down the road from here. that became back in march they were two goals up and lost by 3-2. yacob now dawson. fletcher finding rondon, gardner looking for fletcher's run beyond him and it was cleared away by smith.
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claudio yacob. leko getting away from smith. the sort of ball that he was hoping to fire across there. lucas away for liverpool. gardner, good tackle. straight into the path of evans. >> flanagan has to sit on the sidelines lately, been frustrated. i think it's due to his recovery from injury. jurgen klopp saying he has to be patient. he's going to be rewarded with a new contract so he knows he's
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settled with the club and has a future here. >> jon flanagan missed the better part of two years after those two knee operations. this is his 50th match for liverpool today. he is 23 years of age now. he was captain in that defeat at southampton back in march. nathaniel clyne is the regular right back. he'll be a difficult man to oust in the coming years. these two sides matched just before christmas. it was a 2-2 draw. jurgen klopp was involved in a couple of touchline confrontations with tony pulis. >> it was a very interesting feisty game. it was a little misconstrued after the game in terms of bringing the players to celebrate that 2-2 draw.
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>> here's leko. and west brom, score by rondon but made by leko. west brom make the breakthrough. >> another little snapshot of what jonathan leko can bring inside. a directness, a trickiness to his play and then the awareness to pick out rondon. and that's what the forwards haven't done enough this season and definitely in the latter part of the season been clinical enough. they still have lots to do there, rondon. but it goes in at the near post, the area that bogdan should be covering. if he goes past bogdan's
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right-hand side but it's a quality play by leko. it is a forceful shot by rondon. quality play by leko leading up to the finish. >> it was rondon's goal but leko's contribution was what really caught the eye there. 17 years and 21 days leko. he claims the assist for the opening goal of the day here at the hawthornes. jordon ibe, good tackle by mcclean.
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brannagan. there's ibe. flanagan. can he get past johnny evans. he'll make do with a corner. get themselves a foothold back in the game. christian benteke are threats. there's benteke back post. smith arriving now. leko going back but losing his footing. joe allen, it's come to benteke. shot with the left foot. >> ben foster was never flustered. he knew he wasn't going to be on the target, the effort from
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benteke. a little flick here from ojo and a couple of touches to try to open up the target. on his weaker side. you can see foster always knows it's drifting wide. >> he came off the bench and got that late equalizing goal against chelsea this wednesday. no one has scored more than 12 goals. an area of improvement for next year. >> yeah, you'd think he would be on the bench for thefinal. he has been very good in cameo performances for liverpool. he has scored quite a few goals from the substitute's bench, hasn't he? >> yes, six in the league this campaign, more than any other player. there's a wayward ball by brannag
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brannagan. joe allen. flanagan. back for skrtel. brannagan. here's lucas. flanagan. jordon ibe. it's a good possession by liverpool. there's leko. dawson. he was a goal scorer in that 2-2
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drawback in december. flanagan. a touch away only as far as allen. there was hope there for benteke but there was no penalty. i'm not sure that gareth mcauley was happy with the way benteke went flying to the deck. they have had a pretty poor record against liverpool. they have won just five of the previous 42 league games. the last time they beat them was four years ago. they have the early advantage in
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this one on this last day of the campaign today. rondon. nicely brought down by him. lucas with the intervention. it was deemed to be a foul. it's become a regular sense about lucas. >> he has got the arm band today. you wonder will it be his last performance with the club. it will be a very close season for jurgen klopp. he's assessing these players as we speak. he had a real good look at a big squad so he knows all about these young players as well as the experienced ones and which ones he wants to have going forward. >> lucas is the long service player at the moment with liverpool, his ninth year with the club. there's all sorts of end of season prizes given out this time of year. he was named the former player of the year by the former
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players association, which was a good accolade for him to receive. here's skrtel. flanagan. joe allen. looking for a pass here stewart, finding benteke. now it's ojo. allen. brannagan. >> having lots of touches with the ball here liverpool but not hurting west brom. >> flanagan. ibe for stewart.
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brannagan. going side to side, it can provide a spark of creativity to find a way through here. benteke, evans has become a regular after the injury for chris brunt, an area where he may well play this summer as well. ojo. brannagan. purposeful run here by him. he got a shot away as well, through a few bodies. >> again, these two young players, ojo initially and then
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he feeds brannagan. brannagan goes into the heart of the west brom defense and just doesn't send his effort far out of out and curl it back in. gets it too close to the keeper. a very threatening attack from the visitors. >> joined the club when he was just 17 years of age. it would be very special if he was to open his account here for the club today. stewart, skrtel. flanagan now and some space for jordon ibe. plenty of players in support. ibe going all the way here. lovely run, goal! and that was fantastic from jordon ibe, his first-ever premier league goal, and it was
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one to savor. >> wow. this boy may have been inconsistent this season, but he is top quality when he's on form and he's one i feel that liverpool have to persevere with because they have a real talent. he puts johnny evans on his back side on the halfway line and then drives at the home side's defense with pace, power and skill. always in control of the ball. jonas olsson backs off and ibe takes it to the left-hand side and fires it into the corner. it's an absolutely spectacular goal to provide the equalizer for liverpool. >> wonderful moment for the young man. still just 20. it's his 41st appearance of the campaign today. his three previous goals for
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liverpo liverpool. that one there is something to cherish for him for many a year to come. and here he is again. confidence will be oozing in him now. here is allen for ojo. liverpool coming firing back. ojo didn't quite have the space there to get the ball across but liverpool responded well. >> a very good response. he'll never forget his first-ever premier league goal, will he? jordon ibe. he's got so much talent, so much pace. he's somebody that you can utilize. he'll be frustrated, he hasn't had as many starts and appearances as he'd wanted. what's his relationship like with jurgen klopp. that would have endeared himself just scoring a goal like that.
7:25 am
>> he has quite a tale to tell too. he was released by chelsea when he was just 12 years of age, jordon ibe. he was signed by liverpool four and a half years ago. his 12th league start of the campaign today and he has made his mark for sure. >> players like him, does jurgen klopp say, no, you're not going anywhere scoring goals like that. not many players can score goals running with the ball from the halfway line. >> joe allen. now fletcher for west brom. there's been so much talk about players that liverpool might
7:26 am
bring in over the summer but what this european run has allowed them to do is give some of these young players a chance and some of them are showing they could well be part of the future of the club. >> you're going to get inconsistencies in performance even in the 90 minutes. he gave chirivella a chance. it will be very intriguing how he goes forward and those players that he believes in and thinks we can go on this journey together. in terms of jordon ibe, he's been on the bench sometimes, sometimes sitting in the stands so it's one that you feel is borderline. it will be very interesting to see going forward what he thinks of jordon ibe in terms of will he be a part of the squad.
7:27 am
>> so many players having links with liverpool. when the transfer window reopens again, many of those given jurgen klopp's connection, there are two players that have signed deals already. you can sign any one player in january. >> the big one will be does he bring in someone like mario gotsa. the two players you mentioned gall into that category where gotsa is more of the finished article. we know exactly what kind of player he is. >> it would be some coup to bring in who scored the winning goal in the world cup final. terrific tackle there by brad smith. it was given away by ojo and
7:28 am
that will be a goal kick. of course in terms of those transfers, maybe the biggest factor of those is whether they're playing champions league football next year. >> certainly it would be a big carrot if jurgen klopp is the manager and liverpool as a champions league teen. that will interest even bigger players. >> there's a few players they'll want to set their name to. daniel ings, it's been a long seven months for him on the sidelines. >> i think he'll be happy just to be on the bench today, just to be part of things again. i think the bigger story is jordan henderson, will he be fit enough. okay, he's fit enough to be on the substitutes bench today, but is he fit enough to be part of the match league squad on wednesday. >> the other one in that category is devauk oivock origi.
7:29 am
>> he would be a good option to come off the bench if they were chasing the game. >> coming up towards the half hour, 1-1. west brom, then equalized by that special goal by jordon ibe. he's allen into benteke. nice pass there. ibe, and his touch that time lets him down. >> that illustrates my point i'm making in terms of young players and inconsistencies within 90 minutes. you'd think the kind of goal
7:30 am
scored you'd never imagine he's mishandle the ball. jordon ibe has a lot of talent. he can drop in terms of his performance very quickly. i think it's having the right manager who believes in him enough and gives him the right opportunities. >> here's leko. mcauley. yacob's tackle was a crunching one. allen comes away with it. allen has gone for goal. his score against wofford last sunday, joe allen. >> i think he's had a real good six or seven weeks, joe allen. he's been on the edges, the outside of things. whenever he's been given an opportunity, he's been a real reliable performer. he's one another does he prepare
7:31 am
to be a squad player going forward. >> here's mcclean. west brom has been pretty quiet since they scored their goal. yac yacob. dawson in to leko. a day when some young players have been given a chance. so too by tony pulis with leko in and two more teenagers on the bench as well. tyler roberts and sam field. >> tyler roberts is part of a squad when they come back from portugal, he'll be training on the welsh national side. and tony pulis has talked about it's being the best academy he's ever been involved in.
7:32 am
>> sam field, i'm told his induction song when he joined the first team squad was "american boy." >> i was going to say i'm impressed. that sounds like a little bit of rhythm, so i'm very impressed with the lad. he'll have a career. >> i mentioned that to one of my colleagues last weekend and he said one of his favorites in that category is "broken dreams" by green day which took me by surprise. i'm more a frank sinatra man myself, but there you go. >> i was going to say "new york, new york" is always a safe one. always an easy one.
7:33 am
>> here's flanagan. in to ibe. now stewart. lucas. christian benteke. liverpool ball. he scored a few goals against west brom in his time, christian benteke, including one here. lucas. tackle there by rondon. that's going to be a free kick. he scored the opening goal last weekend as well but there's also a day when west brom finished with a 1-1 draw.
7:34 am
it's a set piece from a very deep position here, but craig gardner looks as though he'll send it to that penalty area. it's gone short and here's leko. nice change of pace by him. maybe one trick too many and there might be a break on that for liverpool. benteke to ojo. yacob came in with the tackle and it was deemed to be a fair one. the referee was up and gave nothing. >> it was a really important one because sheyi ojo was bearing down after leko overdid it a little bit and just lost it in a
7:35 am
bad area. i just thought the timing of the challenge by yacob to be important. you maintenanced ojo one on one in that situation with his power and face. >> that was good defensive work by yacob. meantime jonathan leko is down here receiving some attention from the west brom medical team. we think this is the reason why he's in some pain. he looks as if he is going to be okay. a little flailing arm in the face of leko. this from his own teammate in craig dawson. it's an education for him, you
7:36 am
think about the part he played in the goal and then he just overdid things, didn't he there, where the visitors could have taken the lead from him. he just embellished it a little too much and got a little carried away, but you can tell he's a very big talent in possession, very confident. >> well, that was no lasting damage done and leko is back on the pitch once again. liverpool continuing here with stewart. ojo. here's dawson. he's been such a consistent performer for west brom this season. here goes leko again. breaks away from gardner. good tackle there, though, by brannagan. flanag flanagan.
7:37 am
mcauley. looking for rondon. fletcher. rondon. what do you make of rondon's first year with west brom? it was a record signing last summer. >> i think it's been a decent one. you think of how defensive-minded this west brom side is, i think it's been a decent return. you would imagine there will be big improvement as well now that he's got used to this league. >> ten goals he scored, nine of those coming in the premier league. 12 million pounds, a big signing by west brom standards. with the influx of money coming in this summer, it might become the norm, that sort of transfer fee. >> yeah, i think the money that's coming into our league allows the likes of west brom to buy players that they normally wouldn't be associated with. i think it's easy to say across
7:38 am
the board everybody is getting loads of money. but when you look at the dutch league and even the french, maybe the spanish, you'll be able to attract players and pay the wages that wouldn't have been possible before. it just improves the quality yet again. >> foul there on christian benteke. >> make the squads deeper, won't you. when tony pulis has this money, he can bring in players when he has an injury or suspension, the quality doesn't dip when the replacement comes into the side. >> johnny evans. it's rondon. broken away by gardner. maybe touched by lucas and
7:39 am
mcclean with a chance now to pose a question. with a weaker right foot. it seems as though the danger was never going to come when he came inside. there's a player that has only missed three games this season, and that was because of a red card. one of the trusted men out there for tony pulis this season. johnny evans here with the throw. gardner. got that penalty in the draw last week. one of four missed penalties from west brom this season. there were two of them here a few weeks ago against watford. smith, allen, getting past claudio yacob. brad smith now in essential
7:40 am
position. there was foot tangling by olsson but smith has been penalize and it's a yellow card for the liverpool left back. >> when smith takes position, he wins a free kick. as we look at these pictures, all the liverpool players around the ball. the referee, as you rightly said, had brad smith for simulation but liverpool players all thought it was a free kick the other way. >> the referee seemed to make it obvious by point in west brom's direction. >> he just went down to ground a little too easy. there wasn't enough contact there. >> jurgen klopp in discussion
7:41 am
with the fourth official, andy davis. >> here's lucas. >> that was good luck, wasn't it? lucky, composed lucas and skrtel in possession. you asked me the question about rondon. i think a bigger question for tony pulis will be that number ten position. craig gardner hasn't gotten on the ball enough. you need to feed that player to try to provide quality and that will be an area that the west brom manager will definitely
7:42 am
look at. >> james morrison may have had some game time but he's been out over the past few months, so time will tell whether his future is here with west brom or perhaps even elsewhere. lucas. smith will keep leko honest here. leko has given away a corner. he looks bemused but from our angle, it didn't look as though that ball behind. >> we are 50 or 60 yards from it but my initial thought was the ball had gone out of play. that touch takes it out there. you can see clearly well over the line. >> he's got a good poker face, the young man.
7:43 am
here's ibe. it was a fair one, very committed to mcclean. that's what we've come to expect from him. >> this is the last game of the season with nothing to pay for but a bit of points and pride. really committed. brannagan felt that one. >> dawson with the throw. here's ojo. he was just caught by a slightly high foot by darren fletcher. fletcher has played every league match this year for west brom, but he has given away this set piece chance. >> you have to applaud him, joe, don't you? two or three years ago you feared for him with that condition he had.
7:44 am
he seems to have gotten on top of it. great to see. >> so it's cameron brannagan who has lined up the free kick here. there's the ball swinging. it will fall here for stewart. that's a free kick. the shot went off target but the referee saw a foul as stewart let try. >> craig gardner having a word with the ref. he came in and stewart was aware of the challenge coming in from gardner. he doesn't follow through with his effort, he just wants to get contact on the ball and then he pulls out of it. that's enough contact in terms of the referee and the view that he's got to award liverpool a free kick in a real dangerous area. >> west brom might feel somew t somewhat -- there's no lack of potential takers here for
7:45 am
liverpool. >> i have a feeling it will be benteke. seniority, wanting to get on the score sheet. hit the target. that's what you're asking for just going into the halftime break. it would be a fantastic way for the visitors to go in. they can take the lead. >> it's an ideal position, as we tick into first half added time of which there will be two minutes. >> it's a really big wall so you feel he'll go to the side of it. ben foster has to make sure that he protects that side of the goal. >> so it's christian benteke. he went low and that west brom wall did its job. ibe. sent his way by flanagan.
7:46 am
lucas. here's smith. good job by leko. dawson. up to rondon. holding off the attentions of lucas, finding fletcher. yacob. johnny evans. olsson. lucas to ojo. yacob, now leko. away by skrtel. dawson. now leko.
7:47 am
nice pass for fletcher. deep towards mcclean. just a bit too high for the irishman and then mcclean was late there. that was a poor tackle. i have to say there was no need for it. it's a booking for james mcclean. >> he shouldn't be complaining. it was a late one. applauded him for that challenge on brannagan a minute or two earlier but this is a little bit foolish. to go in so late on the liverpool fullback, a little foolhardy. >> he is prone to those rash moments, james mcclean. that is the last act of the first half, a first half in which west brom went in front. rondon scoring his tenth goal this season made by the wonderful work of the teenager, jonathan leko. but liverpool got back on level
7:48 am
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our authentically awesome wings taste even better with special prices on wing tuesdays and boneless thursdays. only at buffalo wild wings. at the end of your match today, join us on nbc for a special two-hour edition of goal zone. then at 2:00 on nbcsn we'll look back at leicester city's unforgettable season. it's been called the greatest tale ever told and here's a touch of what you can expect. >> a startling new chapter in the improbable rise was about to be written.
7:53 am
>> he gets the ball, and it's him again! he scored for the sixth game in a row in the barclays premier league, and it's game on. he's in here, he scored again! he's on fire! never write them off, they come from behind again. what a comeback. >> i believe in this team. we have a very good spirit. you can lose, but it's important to fight until the end. >> he's on the scene, he's done it yet again! seven games running in a game crying out for a goeshlgs trust
7:54 am
him to provide it. >> after another come-from-behind victory where he kept his scoring alive. leicester city hosted newcomers watford who was scoreless going into the 65th minute until vardy charged into the area only to be brought down for a penalty. the home crowd started to howl and wanted vardy to step in and extend his scoring record to nine consecutive games. >> is this the moment for jamie vardy? >> and that as we see the penalty kick and the club went bad. they started singing.
7:55 am
>> much of it is centered on this man, jamie vardy goes for the record. ten successive barclays league game in which he has scored. this is jamie vardy! history maker! ten out of ten. and the fairy tale goes on! >> cheers, boys. they're going to put some beers on the plane. >> they were printed in this morning's papers above manchester united, are leicester city for real. >> what a day for leicester city football club. there are smiles, anticipation on fans' faces. they play manchester united. vardy going for a scoring
7:56 am
record. >> vardy had to only wait in the 24th minute. >> looking for his options. jamie vardy. is this the moment? history is made! jamie vardy has scored in 11 consecutive premier league games! >> leicester city's season of wonder exemplified by one magical play. 11 consecutive matches with a goal. a feat of clinical, ruthless consistency momentarily turning pundits into ecstatic fans. >> a frustrated roberto -- no, we're not going to go there as all because vardy has done it! he scored against manchester united! you eclipsed the record! >> as the song goes, jamie vardy
7:57 am
is having a party. you can excuse one tonight. >> the fans sing jamie vardy is having a party. will you celebrate this? >> no, i'll go back onto the training field on monday and look how we can beat swan is the s -- swansea next week. >> don't forget to join us at 2:00 eastern on nbcsn. then we'll wrap it up on goal zone on nbc. the second half of your match is coming up next. >> you've been watching barclays premier league halftime presented by volkswagen.
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welcome back. what a place here at halftime between west brom and liverpool on this final day of the season in the barclays premier league. a halftime change here for west brom. james chester is the player who is coming on, the welsh international, and coming on in place of jonas olsson. a switch there at the back and chester can get some game time under his belt before the euros next month. so it will be liverpool to get this second half under way, a team who came from behind to level the game in the first half. no alterations so far from
8:04 am
jurgen klopp. liverpool lost each of their last three final day fixtures away from manfield, but this time last year they went down 6-1 at the hands of stoke city. they have come from behind here to level this game. rondon's opener equalized by that wonderful moment by jordon ibe. >> there's been real good quality play, but also sloppy play and a lot of mistakes. tony pulis has an eye on the future and what he sees in terms of jordan ibe's equalizer.
8:05 am
james chester comes on in the left fullback position. >> there was a foul there by lucas, the liverpool captain. and the west brom free kick. they have not had too many set pieces so far today. it's an area where liverpool had been vulnerable this season. let in 15 set piece goals. craig gardner is the man who will deliver here for west brom. gardner's ball flicked by rondon, off the upright, and then rondon was there for a second chance. >> it was a terrific flick header, just borderline on the side. he thinks he scored.
8:06 am
he's off celebrating and then he has to readjust and get back. when it comes back out of the post, it may look easy but that's a very difficult chance on the half volley. it's an acute angle. you can see he's off celebrating and then realizes he's not going to hit the back of the net. he's very unlucky not to put his side back in the lead. >> nearly but not right there from rondon, the man from venezuela. here's benteke. stewart. flanagan for liverpool. that's a foul by chester. this time last year he was the man who was with hull city. games hard to come by since
8:07 am
coming to west brom. >> i think in terms of james chester, get a bit of game time. he hasn't had enough of it. it's been very frustrating for him. and johnny evans, that's a position he should be playing, center back. he's a top quality center back. i feel he's doing a job in the left fullback position. >> center backs here at west brom almost become accustomed to playing fullback, that's the tony pulis way. here's rondon. i have to say when he comes out like that, he doesn't give you much confidence. >> no, it makes you nervous. there's a difference in terms of the attack. benteke may have one eye and going through the motions as we look at bogdan illustrating that
8:08 am
nervousness. rondon has scored a goal, it's a real threat whereas benteke has been on the edges of this game. >> here's flanagan. a dangerous pass in to joe allen but he got there in front of leko. allen. ojo. here came mcauley. gardner lost his footing as he got that pass away. allen. christian benteke. ojo, mcclean. chester. that's given away cheaply straight to crameron brannagan.
8:09 am
jordon ibe. chester got there first for west brom. lucas. smith. ahead to mcauley. mopping up was evans. dawson. evans will have to scamper there. got there in time to prevent a corner. smith. the game is now following the same pattern of the first half, liverpool enjoying the vast bulk of possession. west brom seems happy to sit back and soak things up for the time being. >> well, they're finding it
8:10 am
difficult, aren't they, to get behind the defense when it's the pace of the play and there's no tempo to their passing. you think back to that great individual goal by jordon ibe. when it's got to be tight and intricate, there doesn't seem to be enough sharp movement around the west brom penalty box. >> one of the defensive moments for liverpool. bogdan came flying off his goal line to get involved. martin skrtel here takes charge. they're playing their way forward here, liverpool. lucas, now smith.
8:11 am
bogdan looking down towards ojo. there's a good jump there by dawson. liverpool has had some big wins here in the premier league. their first two matches in this division proud 6-0 and 5-0 wins. they also had a win when west brom went down. benitez back then was in charge in liverpool. a man who suffered that fate himself this year with newcastle. here's mcclean, yacob. mcclean is quick, but not quite that quick. some interesting comments from the west brom chairman, jeremy piece, in the prematch program today. it's been a campaign where west brom have secured that seventh successive year in the big time for next season. but one where they have lost
8:12 am
their way over the past couple of months. they reached that 40-point mark with 11 games to go and picked up only two points since then. >> i wonder if he's picking the games again of nashwith. it will be an interesting summer in terms of what direction he takes. we talked about the money that's going to be coming into the football club. >> mcclean there has won a corner for west brom off jon flanagan. dawson on defense. dawson, who scored against liverpool five months ago. gardner on set piece duty.
8:13 am
flicks off the head of flanagan and hit by mcclean. >> he's just so erratic, isn't he, mcclean. you just never know what he's going to do next. >> some great noise from this liverpool fans at the hawthornes. they have seen their team win as many away games as home games in the league this season. eight away teams. of the top two only leceister has won more. they have an official allocation, just over 10,000 for that final on wednesday. it's in switzerland.
8:14 am
it will be a tall order against the team who won the europa league the past two years in a row. >> it would be unprecedented, wouldn't it? >> here's rondon. up goes mcclean, now leko. dawson. for leko. dawson. high and hanging, but behind it goes for a goal kick. >> well, there were some poignant moments before the match as west brom paid their respects to the 96 liverpool fans who lost their lives and paid tribute to those who fought for justice. justice finally arrived a few weeks ago.
8:15 am
those seats there left empty, 96 of them, painted red with the names of those fans who lost their lives. here's rondon. brought away here by lucas for liverpool. benteke. purposeful play here by benteke. ojo. maybe a touch selfish there in the end by sheyi ojo. benteke was hoping for a cutback. >> it's the first time in this game benteke looked to force, got over the ball well and put ojo in a good position there. he didn't make the most of it. >> as a reminder, a liverpool win could seat finish in the top six of the premier league which would guarantee a spot in the europa league for next year. it also depends on results
8:16 am
elsewhere, involving southampton and west ham. >> you know it's a mundane affair when neither manager are having any kind of battles between them in that technical area. you know how vociferous both managers are but there's been no arguments, it's been a very relaxed atmosphere in the technical area. there hasn't been really meaty challenges, maybe one or two from mcclean, but the referee has been on the edges of it. no big decisions. >> don't speak too soon. there's rondon tussling with skrtel. it will be a west brom free kick. >> he just backs him well, rondon, who's read the line very well today. good movement, good strength and a real problem to skrtel and lucas.
8:17 am
>> johnny evans with the west brom free kick. looking towards dawson, who has moved forward. dawson won it. rondon. the ricochet was helpful to bogdan. 36 years of age and still going strong. he was given a one-year contract a few weeks ago. stewart. benteke. tackled by brannagan but he breaks away by gardner. he finds rondon. promising move here for west brom. mcclean with that right foot once again. that's the third time he's let fly with it and he has yet to
8:18 am
hit the target. >> good bit of trickery initially to open up the target. engineered a bit of space but you're really pulling back that right foot, you're never confident he's going to hit the target with it. >> west brom had only one of their nine final day fixtures in the premier league. only one, one of the most dramatic days we've ever seen. that survival fight back in 2005 when west brom beat portsmouth here 2-0. the greatest game against all the odds. it was the year when they became the first team to survive.
8:19 am
>> well, brad smith is no slouch. >> there's some movement on the west brom move down beneath us. tyler roberts is going out to warm up. he's a player eager to make his bow here today. sam field as well. you get the sense this might be the day when they get their chance. >> it is a golden opportunity to field the youngsters. >> dawson, rondon. right across the face of goal, you can see the frustration there of rondon. >> it's a real good ball.
8:20 am
gardner is coming around the back post too. good play between leko, fletcher and then dawson with the crossing. rondon does get the touch but doesn't get enough on it to direct it onto the target. >> they have had their chances today. west brom sends it forward. scored one goal, hit the post and had that near miss there as well. >> you think you'll get more than ten goals. he looks like the kind of striker that will get you 15 to 20 years next season with that year under his belt in this league. >> here's gardner. just kept in play by dawson. it's taken by brad smith.
8:21 am
claudio yacob. it's to gardner, nicely done by him. sliced away by skrtel. evans. yacob. just a little late there by benteke. spotted by bobby madney. there will be a talking-to here for benteke. >> it looks as if he was slightly late on claudio yacob. yacob is going to make the pass. yeah, just clips the ankles of the center midfielder. >> it was only a word, there was no card for that. so evans standing over the free kick.
8:22 am
short to fletcher. here's mcclean. martin skrtel, the covering defender. here's chester, back to evans. chester again. a couple of interesting changes coming up for liverpool fans. we have both danny ings and jordan henderson stripped off down beneath us. danny ings is the first man to come on in place of jordon ibe who had the equalizing goal. danny ings, back on the field of play, which is great to see. part of this double change, which will also see joe allen
8:23 am
depart, and joe henderson is back, which is also good. he will have the best part of half an hour to get some game time in his legs once again. >> you wonder if those substitutions have one eye in terms of the substitutes bench on the europa league final. also a great sight to see dang ings back. and jordan henderson, see if he's up to speed and can play a part. >> here's mcclean. henderson gave it away to gardner, fletcher. went down but there was no foul there. mcclean battling with flanagan. it will be interesting to watch danny ings. we've heard many say he should be a typical clock player, busy,
8:24 am
hard worker, lots of energy. he was actually injured in the first training session when klopp took charge back in the autumn. >> you're right, joe, he does fit the criteria that the liverpool manager is looking for. >> here's gardner. not the best first touch and the tackle came crunching in, but it will be a corner. it was lucas who came in. >> really important challenge because he looked as if he had opened up for gardner but the captain came in with a timely challenge. it was important for his side to preserve this score line. >> gardner, it's rondon, and again. goodness me, how close was that? it's behind for a corner.
8:25 am
he can't believe it didn't go in. >> he had so much timing. still time to get a toe poke in. does it deflect off the back of skrtel? i think so. he kept it from the home side taking the lead again. >> another corner, deeper this time by gardner. comes off skrtel. and then off ojo and it's a corner again. and this is constant west brom pressure now. >> the pressure is building. the only thing missing is a goal. >> rondon might have had four by now. another good ball there. really testing them. this was a brave attempt to get there. i think it's -- >> craig dawson. >> craig dawson who went in and caught himself some damage in the process. >> it was brave of the defender. threw himself into a collision with bogdan and dawson comes off
8:26 am
the worst of it. he's running back into position but very brave from dawson. >> glad there's no damage done for the west brom fullback. looked like an opportunity for a free kick there but nothing was g given. now ings to test dawson defensively. another man who went down last season. a wonderful job done there by shawn deish. skrtel, flanagan. cameron brannagan. ball being pressured by rondon.
8:27 am
goodness me. bogdan, another moment there which caused aanic amongst his ten teammates. >> he's got the opportunity today because of the injury to danny ward. you wonder if he'll be part of the liverpool staff going forward. >> just play there. tony pulis thought otherwise but the assistant referee kept the flag down. nice pass for henderson. looking for benteke. smith, as yacob's tackle, but benteke is there again. it's away by dawson. lucas. henderson.
8:28 am
christian benteke. here's dawson. he's being backed into a corner by smith. henderson. now liverpool is trying to just and dictate the game. henderson, ojo. foster finding james mcclean. skrtel. mcclean. flanagan for ojo. henderson.
8:29 am
danny ings. brannagan. kevin stewart. it's a game that's crying out for one of these players to grab it by the scruff of the neck and win it. now in the last 20 minutes of normal time. there's that man who could change the game in tyler roberts. he is now set to emerge for west brom. meantime, here's ojo for liverpool. teasing chester. away by mcclean.
8:30 am
flanagan. lucas. the ball for smith. here's rondon, just off his toes there by lucas which was a very important intervention. danny ings. there's a foul. a foul which means we have the break in play, which allows west brom to make their second change of the day. jonathan leko being replaced, teenager for teenager. he made his mark with the first half assist of rondon's goal. tyler roberts, just 17, who
8:31 am
joined west brom when he was just 7 years of age. he is coming on now to make his bow for the club. >> he'll never forget this day for the rest of his life. 17 years of age, making his debut against liverpool. leko performed well again, gets an assist. here's another one off the academy line. >> here's skrtel. it's a hanging ball for benteke who won it well. in goes ings. goes off the shins of mcauley and liverpool won a corner. it's a quick one. henderson, ings. ojo having to just pull wide to bring that ball down. that's a good ball by ojo.
8:32 am
brannag brannagan. there are four players waiting for a ball. henderson thought he was caught in the box. >> by craig dawson. i think it was just strong defending by the fullback. he just shepherded henderson out. ojo fed brannagan and brannagan tried to drift it towards that far post. henderson is looking for something there, but the ball was never really going to end up on the head of henderson but much ado about nothing really. he's never going to point to the spot for something like that. >> benteke, ojo. still going here. johnny evans in the end with the tackle. first involvement for roberts. mcclean, now roberts trying to scamper forwards. there was no foul given.
8:33 am
flanagan, roberts. oh, and roberts there, that's not a good tackle. >> the referee -- it's just youth, isn't it, enthusiasm. makes his mark on those liverpool players. he's late there on jordan henderson. that's just a desire to do well for his team. >> first contribution and receives a yellow card. >> roberts has gone up alongside rondon so a change in tactics, 4-4-2 for the home side. >> fans always like to see young
8:34 am
players given their chance. you wonder how much of a chance they'll get next season. as we mentioned earlier, with the money around these days there may well be lots of recruitment coming up but they stressed the importance of recruitment this area. it's an area west brom hopes to address and they brought in mickey hammond, whose main job is to oversee that process. >> when you're making your debut at the age of 17, that tells you that he must be very talented. >> here's chester. yacob. roberts. rondon jumping there with skrtel. rondon was maybe caught by a flailing arm, that's what tony pulis thought.
8:35 am
that's a misplaced pass there by brannagan. a quarter now of the campaign to go. a bit sloppy there by fletcher, but he recovered to win it back. evans finds mcclean. the foul that time by flanagan. a few ironic cheers by the west brom supporters. >> he's just become a little more fiesty the last two or three minutes. tackles going in, a lot of misplaced passes as well. it has been disjointed this second period. >> dawson and mcauley, targets here for evans. it's come off benteke.
8:36 am
it's a corner th corner. this is an area where west brom has certainly posed a few tough questions for this liverpool defense. mcclean's ball and taken by bogdan. >> that was a very sloppy possession by liverpool this second half. >> an interesting few weeks for
8:37 am
this man, left on the bench again by tony pulis today. i wonder where his long-term future might lie. the transfer windows, his name has been all over the gossip columns. there's the bid from newcastle that was turned down in january. if he is to come off the bench, it could well be an appearance. when you see players like roberts being given a chance before him, it does suggest that movement could be forthcoming in a few weeks' time. >> maybe if they had sold him a year, 18 months ago they would have got much more, but in the end he stayed at the football club. it probably hasn't gone the way both parties would want. you haven't got the most consistent goals or performances
8:38 am
and i think he's wanted to play for another football club for a long time now. he'll get his way this summer. >> here's stewart. danny ings. oh, that first touch by ings to try to come inside by dawson. but he fouled dawson. they're going to have a change for liverpool, which will be their last change of the game. it's going to be a debut here. he spent this season in the championship. here's roberts, skrtel. >> good movement from the young man.
8:39 am
>> so sheyi ojo is the player departing. not been his most influential game today, but more experience which will benefit him. >> i think he's played for liverpool and hasn't got an assist. he has been very productive. >> just 19 years of age, he's a former youth team player at barcelona. scored seven goals this year at brentford. >> he's always done really well on loan. 10 minutes, a little cameo. just to show jurgen klopp what he's got. >> it's a huge school they have got a liverpool. all these young players in with experienced men. there's a mistake by one of the young men, brad smith, and it gives west brom a corner in the
8:40 am
final ten minutes. >> i think that's what you see is a lot of mistakes because of youth. moments of quality also. obviously in terms of jordon ibe in terms of the equalizer. >> mcclean's corner, off benteke. it's rondon. oh, it's come off dawson. somehow it stayed down. here's roberts. now rondon. roberts again. you're just waiting there for that net to bulge. liverpool's defenders were standing statuesque. west brom will come again here. gardner. gets it to rondon. offside flag is up. offside rondon. the chance before that was the one where you thought west brom would go in front again. >> it was a big chance. a little ricochet there.
8:41 am
you can see it is dawson and tyler roberts as the shot comes in from rondon. there's the flick and it comes off the face of dawson. just couldn't manage to get it onto the target. >> in the second half west brom had their chances to go in front again in the game. as it stands, it's going to be nine games without a win to end the season. the way you end one campaign can't have a bearing on how you start the next one. for an example of that, just look at leicester city from last year. >> certainly. when you think as well looking at this liverpool side, you think of catino coming in and they went on a terrific run and the next season nearly won the league. in terms of momentum, it is very important.
8:42 am
>> a little end of season meeting between tony pulis and jeremy piece where they'll discuss the future. pulis as a contract with west brom and only won three games since early january in the premier league. that might well feature in their discussions. that's a foul by flanagan. james mcclean went down. >> i'm not sure if he's given a free kick or a throw-in. i think it's just a throw-win, he doesn't feel it was a foul. >> mcclean went down, hoping for a free kick, but west brom will have to make do with a throw. james chester takes it. turned his way by mcclean. evans.
8:43 am
gareth mcauley. taken by skrtel. bright sunshine here now, typical last day of the campaign weather in the black country. is there to be a decent late drama, one of these two teams to end their campaign on a high with all three points? nice work there by roberts. stewart, in to benteke.
8:44 am
here's canos. danny ings. henderson. ings was there. >> the final touch looked as if it came off danny ings. better get back in position and be professional. >> henderson. it was away by fletcher. more up and away there by claudio yacob. cleared the second time around. there will be a stoppage of
8:45 am
play, which means west brom can make their final change and we'll see sam field coming on this time. james mcclean departing. field, 18 years of age. a lifelong west brom fan with a few moments here late on to take the chance to try to impress. >> real nice moments again for another young lad. just steady in that midfield area, gets and gives it, no frills, but very solid in possession. >> here's christian benteke. the take of johnny evans. henderson square, so is ings, and benteke didn't play the pass. >> he was so hesitant, he looked like he was lacking in confidence and looking unsure what to do, christian benteke there. jordan henderson frustrated.
8:46 am
a sloppy pass by claudio yacob. he shows good pace to get onto it and henderson is in a really good position. that touch there is a poor one from benteke, allowing the defender to make a clearance. >> a late caller for liverpool. can they get the points here. cameron brannagan stands over it. it's away by gardner. brannagan will try again. deflected off gardner. well taken by foster. a pretty quiet day, the west brom goalkeeper. it was a yellow card shown for
8:47 am
johnny evans a few moments ago. third player to receive a yellow card for west brom today. it was a bit late on christian benteke. henderson. brannagan. here's smith. stewart. charged down by field. rondon. field. yacob. looking for roberts.
8:48 am
it's come off smith, it's a corner. as we tick toward the 90th minute. >> brad smith under good pressure there, tyler roberts earns a corner for his side. brom has been very dangerous from set pieces. >> well, the west brom fans trying to galvanize their team now for a final push. not since early march have they won a premier league match. can they get something here. cardner's corner. it's come all the way through here to rondon.
8:49 am
>> we're now into added time, of which there are two minutes. here's smith. decent ball. benteke tries to attack it. christian benteke couldn't quite get there. >> it was tremendous play from brad smith in that wide area, real good place. fletcher can't keep with him and he puts a fantastic ball into a tremendous area. he'll be disappointed that teammate isn't on the end of that.
8:50 am
it's fair. >> might be one last chance here. 45 seconds to play. free kick was too great. hang on for a point. still kicking every ball. still arguing the case to the official. this football season for these two teams.
8:51 am
the fans are fanning their voice. now it is henderson. there is the whistle. west premier with a point. the early goal made by the youngster jonathon. but liverpool hit back with first ever top goal for jordan. in the end both sides made do with a point apiece. it is much changed. liverpool maintains momentum. >> chance to make some real history by winning the club's
8:52 am
first major trophy. >> gets it away. still pushing for more goals. . just a little too much.
8:53 am
when the game is played. yellow card here. no wasting time. >> wins a free kick and so happy to keep possession from here. >> well done. couldn't find it.
8:54 am
if they chip one in to the corner for winston reid. no there's no one in the box. adam ended up tackling himself.
8:55 am
manzini, away, winston reid. charlie adam conceded a free kick. and west ham will have one last opportunity to try fashion and equalizer. >> what a foul. adam come racing across. used his frame to find winston reid. cue for darin randall, as well. can they hang on in this closing moments in the final day of the season? eight targets, very deep in
8:56 am
towards randolph and he's put it wide. free of the far post. i'm surprised he went for it. i thought the delivery may have been flatter than that. he's going to be okay and will be able to see the last few seconds. the west ham fans mystified, not for the result but the fate for the europa league isn't in their hands but can't believe how it unfolded this afternoon. >> west ham start to finish, they should least scored four goals if not five or six. grinding the two if they get it.
8:57 am
they have fin issue with significant results. at the bottom you can see manchester united and bournmouth. controlled evacuation pof two stands due to the discovery of a suspect package in the ground. the the players were waited in the tunnel. four hours after the intended kickoff time, those players were finally allowed to leave the stadium. they are live pictures at the moment where ke with return to our premier league insider neil ashton who we spoke to inside
8:58 am
the ground. he's been keeping an eye on events throughout the day. what can you tell us at the moment? >> you mentioned the controlled explosion. i'm right outside and i can see the bomb disposal unit, the actual vehicle that drove in an hour or so. we can't hear a thing. it was done in silence. it only that way outside, just outside -- we weren't able to hear anything the even though manchester police say a controlled explosion has taken place. you can hear dogs in the background. sniffer dogs were brought in to see if there are any other suspect packages or devices in the area of old trafford. it is very calm. if i use a phrase to describe the scene, it is leaving the experts to do their job. there is a trust and confidence.
8:59 am
we were alued back in the stadium and there is an announcement and we are hear an announcement that spectators must leave immediately which they did in a controlled fashion. the players -- the man chested united players were escorted to their cars slowly but their car park is just outside. and then they all leaving individually with family and friends but they are drifting by us one by one. the team coach is here, which is significant. they haven't been allowed to leave the stadium, even though they have their own friends and family here. they haven't left. the manchester united players haven't been allowed to leave. three fire engines are at the
9:00 am
stadium. i don't know why. they are right in front of me. 20 yards away. it is a very surreal but calm situation. there's clear authority here but also significant amount of trust, appreciation, understanding of what the experts are involved in here. it does feel like a serious situation. >> neil, thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you, steve. >> we will talk to neil again in goal zone. if you are watching on nbc or nbc sn, two hours is coming up next where we will keep you up-to-date on the situation for those on usa, sci-fi cnbc, msnbc, bravo, oxygen or esquire, switch over to nbc now for goal zone.


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