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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sweeping the scene with help of bomb squads and sniffing dogs and we know a controlled explosion has taken place. kelly cobiella is following this. what's the latest from investigators? >> we're still waiting to hear from greater manchester police about this controlled explosion which they conducted an hour ago. this is because a suspicious package was found from a stadium official 30 minutes before kickoff. it was found inside the stadium in the northwest part of the stadium. an announcement was made to evacuate. it was a calm evacuation from what we understand. this is what some of the folks at the game had to say about it. >> suspicious package found. >> how did you hear about that? >> police. >> how long was the game. >> we went to our seats, about
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15 minutes before the game and we were advised to move away from the stadium. >> the controlled detonation took place and the game was cancelled with the league saying the decision to abandon the match was taken after police advised of the necessity to deal with this suspicious package. the statement went on to say when it comes to matters of security, obviously it is right to place the safety of supporter and employees first and foremost. given what happened in paris in november, with two suicide bombers at the stayed defrance, a third detonating explosive not far away and one of the suicide bombers had a ticket to get in. also it should be noted within the past week the british government warned of increased threat of attacks from the ira, the level raised to severe in terms of those attacks, primarily for northern ireland
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but the government said there was also the possibility of a threat in england. again, alex, we don't yet know whether this was an actual explosive device or a false alarm. still waiting to hear. >> officials are extra vigilant and taking care and caution. thank you so much. now to politics. a new report on new efforts by group of republicans who drop an independent for november. reaction from house speaker paul ryan about the next steps to unifying the party. here's what he told reporters last night while praising donald trump's campaign. >> our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies we have been talking about which come from the principles we share as republicans. donald trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing and widening the playing field. he's bringing new voters to the republican party by the millions and that's impressive. >> house speaker ryan appeared
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to ignore reporter's question asking if the nominee is someone his kids could look up to. i asked dr. carson that question and here's his answer. >> do you see donald trump as a role model for your grandchildren? >> does he have qualities that you would like to emulate, yes. do you have qualities you would not like to emulate, yes. as does everybody else. >> donald trump is off the campaign trail as he attends his daughter's graduate from the university of pennsylvania. vice president biden will be there to see his daughter walk across the stage. hillary clinton sb holding a rally in kentucky. both are stumping today in kentucky ahead of tuesday's primary. joining many is msnbc political correspondent good sunday to you. why the renewed emphasis on
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kentucky for the clinton campaign? >> hi, alex, great to see you. the question here is kentucky still clinton country or not? this is a place where the clintons have deep roots and history. bill clinton, of course won the state of kentucky in 1996. they have ties to the politicians here. the last time i covered hillary clinton in kentucky is when she was stumping for grimes running for senate. there are a lot of factors here making it so clinton has a fight here against bernie sanders. of course the larger picture being she's still fighting this primary even as donald trump has wrapped up the republican nomination. part of this is her comments on coal. she talks about eliminating coal jobs, putting them out of work. she has tried to correct that
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and worked on that in west virginia a week or so ago. it still applies here. a lot of coal in kentucky. that's an issue. bernie sanders drew thousands of people to an event in louisville earlier this month. he's been campaigning hard here, as well. if she loses here, that means she will have lost all of the states essentially in month of may and at the end of the day they still believe their pledge count is solid, they will maintain the lead and ultimately win the nomination it is still potentially difficult for her to face the string of losses especially heading in to california on june 7th, which is the biggest prize on the calendar. >> how concerned is the clinton camp this nomination process is going to stretch in to the convention and are they prepared for that? >> i think they are prepared for that. i think they are expecting there to be more and more pressure on bernie sanders as it becomes clearer that the clinton
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campaign needs to run against to get him to bow out. they are talking about floor votes on the democratic platform at the convention. i think that is something they are ready to take on. there are some signs there's a little discontent, especially in the democratic base. there were conventions in nevada over the weekend. they got heated. some of bernie sanders supporters felt like the system was rigged and unfair and that's the argument from bernie sanders from the start that this has been set up for her to essentially lock the nomination. we are getting a sense there are some bernie sanders out there that believe beating donald trump subpoetrump is the most important thing. >> in louisville, kentucky, kasie hunt, thank you so much.
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on tgood day to you both. i will begin with you. the "washington post" reports that some of the gop are working to draft an independent candidate that could keep trump from the white house. what names are being floated out there? >> it is speculative. but everyone subpoena mark cuban,s mavs owner and sarah palin, the name possible trump vp for example. when you look at who might be focused on an independent run, sources close to sass reiterate he is not interested in running. other sources from mitt romney. people with the stop trump movement looking a how do they try to slow down trump if that
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is possible. it is incredibly difficult when you look at the balloting process in all 50 states it would have to be a write-in campaign and that seems less likely as you look at what is happening within the republican party as a whole. it appears a strong core of never trump folks but also people who are starting to warm up to donald trump because of what you saw him do for example last week, head to washington, do the listening sessions with house and senate leadership and try to charm folks in washington, charm the congressional elected officials in to realizing that maybe he can help to bring the party together. people aren't there yet. clearly there's a segment of the party that doesn't believe that donald trump shares their values, at least at this point. that's the process between now and the convention of seeing where the common ground is. >> to your point, with the republican party trying to seek unity, let's listen to house speaker last night, ryan -- i mean paul ryan reacting listen
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to this. >> i think the question is where are we going from here? i'm not interested in litigating the campaign to the past. i'm not focused on wading in 0 the day-by-day commenting, internet back and forths. i'm interested in preserving policy and principles that you know fyou know aen unify. what matters is are we fixing the problems confronting our nation today. >> in terms of endorsing, what are you hearing on that? will paul ryan have to endoors donald trump sooner rather than later. >> there's a sense the longer he waits to endorse the more difficult it will be to bring him together. he can do whatever he wants but
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he's in a difficult position where he is trying to give space to down ballot republicans to rub the race they need to run. it will be. until paul ryan comes down more definitively, you heard him talk about saturday night last week he plooefs there are positive steps forward. he is pointing to new voters that donald trump brought to the tent. paul ryan is going to get questions like the one you just heard. >> what about the "new york times" publishing an in depth report on donald trump's relationship with women. how did he respond to the story? >> donald trump up and tweeting about this. we can pull one up. pushing back, mocking the "new york times," saying why doesn't the failing paper write the real story on the clintons and media. the media is dishonest saying everyone is laughing at the lame
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hit piece they did on me. the times interviewed 50 men and women and came up with stories that highlighted or illuminated his relationship with women. this is a demographic where donald trump is vulnerable. as we talk about again and again and something the clinton campaign and democrats are hitting trump on with an eye toward the fall knowing you have suburban independent-minded women that donald trump is hoping to win over but stories like this doesn't help with. >> alex, donald trump seems to impact the democratic race these days. you write the controversies surrounding trump have resulted in a muddled message. how are the democrats trying to capitalize on this disunity in the party of the gop? >> it depends which democrats you are listening to. clinton's company message has been that donald trump is disunifying the party, that republicans are running away from him. that donald trump is so bad that
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leaders like paul ryan want nothing to do with him. harry reid and congressional democrats are taking the opposite message saying that the republican leaders are one in the same with donald trump. they are saying they are marching in lock step with donald trump. and their message has been donald trump, paul ryan, whoever it is, they are all essentially the same. it speaks to the challenge that democrats have in going up against donald trump which is there is a myriad of ways to go after him. in the early phase of the election they are trying to zero in on what their message will be. a little different interest here. if you are hillary clinton, you are trying to beat donald trump. you are going to do whatever most damages trump. if you are harry reid, you are trying to elect democrats down ballot for the senate, so you will do whatever hurts the brand in general. they haven't settled in on which message will be their main one going forward. >> we know that sanders is
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calling for another debate for the june primary in california. what do you expect to hear regarding a debate. >> when you are up you don't want more and when you are down you do. debates are risky and have a chance to change status quo and if you are ahead you don't want to risk that. ahead of the new hampshire primary, bernie sanders was up, hillary clinton was down in to hillary clinton she wanted another debate. he agreed to do it but only on the terms there would be two more including one in may in california. now bernie sanders is behind and he wants the debate. today the chronicle came saying they support him on that. the clinton campaign has been quiet on it. aides said they are in negotiations, talking about it. they want to try to make it work. my guess is they would find a way out if they can without damaging themselves too much. >> thank you so much. in just a moment, i will talk to trump senior campaign
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"new york times" investigation detailing decades of alleged sexism and inappropriate behavior. for more than 50 women who worked for and socialized and dated the nominee. bring in barry bennett. welcome to you. welcome to the broadcast. i want to get yo you are response to the story. trump is calling it a hit piece. can he argue that more than 50 women interviewed made it up? >> you act like all 50 women have the same story, which is not true. it is a hit piece. i have been waiting for the bill
10:20 am
clinton story. i've not seen it yet. we have been waiting almost 20 years. the "new york times" do what they need to do and it's not going to affect the campaign. >> how about this. in terms of affecting the campaign, seven in ten women hold an unfavorable opinion. and stories like this can't help. how does he plan to win without a large spo group of supporters? >> of course i worry about that. if you look at the other side, the same approval problem amongst men. this race is very gender divided. her man problem is slightly bigger than his women problem. >> talk about thursday. obviously he met with house speaker ryan. both said it was a productive meeting but there's not an endorsement from paul ryan. how important is his support? >> well it is something you want. he will do it on his own process. it is not a light switch. it is a process. paul is a deliberative thinking
10:21 am
guy and i'm sure he will get there. >> does donald trump need to unify the gop establishment or better off using it as a foil? that's what he has done up to this point. >> it is impossible. if you are talking about unanimity there are slivers of the establishment and that's fine. he doesn't believe that washington has done a good job protecting the american taxpayer, helping them make sure they have raises and are safe in their homes, teach their schools and kids. and he thinks they are wrong. i this i the american people will side with mr. trump. >> what about the headline that party leaders, including folks like mitt romney are actively looking to recruit an independent candidate to run against trump. are you concerned about a late in the race challenger? >> no. at this point you can't call
10:22 am
mitt romney and those guys party leaders because they don't seem to care much about the party. they care about their egos at this point. it's a daunting task to run an independent candidate. the deadline has passed for instance in texas, you can't get on the ballot now. you know, it's beginning to look like sore loser a ennot principaled positions. >> your cab date is calling himself the presumptive nominee but short of the 1237 he needs to lock it down. what is the game plan if he does not get there by july. >> he will be at 1500. >> he will be at 1500 by july, by the time you walk in to cleveland's convention hall. well over the 1237. >> well past. we have a lot of unbound delegates coming to us. we have new jersey 51, california 176, plus new mexico,
10:23 am
oregon, washington, it's going to be easy. >> what about the finances of this? donald trump needs a billion dollars to pull off the campaign only started to fund-raise and hillary clinton has been doing this for a year. can he catch up? >> i don't think she has a billion dollars in the bank. i think we are close to even right now. we will ramp up a fund-raising operation around the country and i think -- i don't think we will lose because of lack of resources. i think we will win and win big. >> what do you think the biggest challenge is facing donald trump right now. >> he's a first-time candidate. he learns every day. people want to judge him by past campaigns. they want to fight last year's battle this year, which is not the case. it is going to be a different campaign, different kind of campaign with a different electoral group of people to get us to the majority. >> most of the electoral models, as you know, they show him losing by a lot.
10:24 am
what keeps you up at night when you think of that? >> it doesn't. if you look at pennsylvania where there are 160,000 new republicans, i think we will win pennsylvania. look at florida, 100,000 new republicans are registered through the primary process. ohio where 120,000 new republicans. everything shifted. if you look at four year's ago and compare it to today it is not the same place. >> thank you very much. we will see you again. federal investigators are in texas today trying to figure out what caused a deadly bus crash that killed eight people. we have a reporter who just arrived on the scene. we will have the report in just a moment here on msnbc live. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day.
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oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust. federal authorities are opening an investigation in to one of the deadliest bus accidents in texas in recent years. eight people died, dozens injured when a charter bus rolled over saturday morning. officials say it appears the
10:28 am
driver lost control. sara is in laredo, texas outside of the hospital where some of the injured vn taken. doctor's hospital near the crash site. we know it was raining at the time of the accident. are officials saying weather was a factor? >> no it was raining yesterday and they are not sure if that factored in to the accident. it's something they are looking at right now. they are describing it as a one vehicle accident. there weren't any other cars or vehicles in the vicinity at the time. this was a charter bus headed to a casino in eagle pass on the texas-mexico border. the crash happened just before noon local time yesterday. seven people died at the scene. eighth was taken to this hospital where they were later pronounced dead. mean while, members of the ntsb team have begun to arrive on the scene. they started this morning looking in to this accident. they say they expect to have a little more information later tonight. as you mentioned, this crash is
10:29 am
one of the deadliest within the last several years. earlier this year, for example, two state corrections officers and eight inmates were killed when their bus struck a guardrail. not known if it was debris caused, weather related or human error. back to you. >> thank you so much for that. the battle for the young voter, what's at stake for hillary clinton and bernie sanders?
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10:33 am
grads. >> when you hear someone longing for the good old days, take it with a grain of salt. i guess it is part of human nature, especially in times of change and uncertainty to want to look back ward and long for some imaginary past when everything worked an the economy hummed and all politicians were wise and every child was well mannered and america pretty much did whatever it wanted around the world. guess what? it ain't so. >> any moment now hillary clinton will be holding a rally in louisville, kentucky, just two days out from that state's rally winning the millennial vote could be key to winning this white house. how is the youth movement impacting the white house? bring back kasie hunt there in louisville at the rally. the question is does hillary clinton have a youth problem? >> hi, alex, they certainly had
10:34 am
a challenge in the primary with bernie sanders with youth voters who have just overwhelmingly been in favor of bernie sanders. a gallup poll shows bernie sanders has a higher favorability rating with millennials over 50%. clinton 38%. look at the third number, trump 22%. of course the question is a broader one, right? what the clinton campaign needs to do is turn out that obama coalition. that's not just young voters. it is african-american voters and latino voters. together, if they can't bring those groups out in the same numbers we saw in 2008 and 2012 for barack obama, they are going to run in to a significant issue because trump has driven high turnout numbers especially among white working class men who tend
10:35 am
to support him in higher numbers. the clinton campaign knows they have work to do. if you listen to how hillary clinton talks about this, she will say she has work to do with young voter and convincing them she understands. she's been hampered by some of the ways in which she's addressed the issue, especially as she runs against sanders who has a cult following among younger voters. they are convinced in the long run this will break their way. >> i will ask it quickly because things are heating up behind you. i want to get to the new harvard polle that shows that clinton crushes trump in the battle for millennials. how does clinton look to use it to her advantage going forward? >> well, one thing i will say we have seen over the course of the last several months is particularly on college campuses there's been a lot of resistance to even hosting donald trump. you have seen a number of university presidents write
10:36 am
letters, protesting when administrators a i lou trump to use their felts or things along that line. contention from conservative students on the flip side of how universities have dealt with trump. i think there is a firm conviction among people that i talk to at the end of the day some of the things that trump has had to say about muslims, building a wall, mexican immigrants will mean youth voters in particular break their way. >> thank you. look at you doing so well with all of that noise behind you staying focus. good job and thank you so much. breaking news and new information on the suspicious package found in the stadium in the british city of manchester. 2k3wr5i9er manchester police tweeted this. full assessment concluded and found device wasn't viable. a full search of the stadium is ongoing. it forced officials toens kale a major soccer match found a half hour before kickoff. with me is neil ashton, chief
10:37 am
football reporter in manchester. can you explain this tweet for us when they say the device wasn't viable? >> yes. it is a very unusual phrase they used. but manchester police have kept the journalist and public well informed this afternoon and they say the phrase wasn't viable. i think we can take from that the device they detonated because there was a controlled explosion in the stadium earlier on. now they have had a chance to look at at this device itself and come to the conclusion it is an elaborate hoax. that someone has gone to great lengths to cause panic and security alert within the stadium that caused this match to be abandoned and to be played at some point in the future. it is an extraordinary situation. one i have never experienced before in the premier league at a match of this magnitude and profile. police tweeting it wasn't viable. the device wasn't viable.
10:38 am
we can take from that it wasn't explosive. i have to say in my experience of the moment when they began to funnel the supporters outside of this stadium it was done incredibly calm and controlled manner. they led the security teams to the police, they led by example. it wasn't panic you would expect in these situations. everybody was calm despite the obvious tension in the air. nobody knew what was going to happen. according to manchester police, the tweet has been made, was an unusual phrase for them to use but i believe they have come to the right decision by abandoning the match and playing it at some point in the future. >> your role as chief football reporter in manchester, were you aware of what we are hearing from intelligence there have been some threats against large groups, specifically also football stadiums? >> no.
10:39 am
this is the first experience. of course we had the explosions in paris at the stade de france last year. we remember those. but this incident, it feels as though it has been brought home to english football. we haven't seen the explosion itself but it shows the heightened security. this is unusual in itself. as a working member of the press, journalist and having bb to t arafford they have come to know my face and i had two bag searches. dropped off in a taxi and first line of security officials one bag search that is not unusual. what is unusual is when i got to the press conference there was another bag search. normally one. normally patted down quickly and very unusual for it to happen.
10:40 am
perhaps security on heightened alert. >> sign of the times. thank you for the live report from manchester from there back to politics. joining me from washington, democratic pollster and partner with the research group, fred yang. good to see you. let's look at the political report. according to that, secretary clinton would win in a landslide in a potential general matchup claiming 300 electoral votes. what do you make of that decisive forecast in favor of clinton? >> starting with barack obama's victory in 2008. in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, clearly democrats have built what we call this big blue wall that gives mrs. clinton or any democrat partly because of changing demographics an advantage in the electoral college. i think democrats should feel comfortable where we are but not
10:41 am
confident. as we see from the previous segment a lot can happen in six months. >> sure can. gary bennett said more people registered gop in the republican column for donald trump. and he was citing pennsylvania specifically, florida, talking about the swing states, ohio an the like. he said he is not that worried. what do you say to that? >> well, reasonable people can look at the same numbers and disagree. i think democrats feel comfortable with our ground game and voter registration efforts in presidential years. i think democrats have proved that in 2008 and 2012. i want to say this will be a competitive general election because america is competitive in presidential years between democrats and republicans but as a democratic analyst speaking now, the having the
10:42 am
establishment wing, basically until the rank and file republicans we don't like who you are picking if for president, i think that will have an important impact in november. >> do you see a path forward for trump to peel away from clinton's national lead? >> i do. i think alex secretary clinton should win this election. but there's six months away. we shouldn't feel comfortable. there's a path for donald trump, there's a path for any republican. for donald trump in particular, the path is narrow an he has to do things per if ektly from here on out. it would be unfair to say there's a path for him but i think it is steep and i think if the democrats and mrs. clinton can keep this campaign focused on issues people care about, not on pub lisists, not things from the past but economic issues on the path is good for us. >> you and spoke many times in the past about how so often elections come down to that
10:43 am
sliver, 10% of independents right dead center there. mr. trump is leading secretary clinton among independent voters, numbers are 42 to 37 percent. do you think independent voters will play a bigger role in picking a president? >> i do. it is independents, as we have discussed, they are always important because they are independents. i think in this year in which clearly a segment of the electorate is saying we are tired of washington. we are tired or dissatisfied with politicians. independents more importantly will be a key group this year. i will say he may start off with a good advantage but the group to look at, parsing it down even more are independent women. women are always important group. i think this year independent women will be the electorate that could determine the election. >> always a pleasure to get your insights.
10:44 am
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united states postal service priority: you a new survey shows the majority of american teenagers think racial discrimination will be a problem for their generation. it's in a special issue of "newsweek" titled "what do american teens want." the poll was conducted after an original interview of teenagers in '66 called "teenagers, what they really like." and i have to say she has developed an worked on this over a year. it is the a great article and study. let's start with racial discrimination. in '66 the teenagers knew it was a problem. >> in 1966, "newsweek" polled almost 800 girls and boys across the country. they found that 44% of teens thought racial discrimination
10:48 am
would be a problem for their generation. when we redid that survey this last year, we found that number nearly doubled. 82% of teens think racial discrimination is here to stay. the stats are even more alarming for black teenagers. in '66, 33% of black teens thought it would affect their generation and today it tripled to 91%. >> '66 the civil rights numbers were underway. how do you compare the lower numbers compared to now. >> teens were surround by important triumphants for the civil rights movement. there was the civil rights act of 1964 and voting rights act of 1965. teens had concrete reasons to be hopeful. today, teenagers are really growing up on-line and on social media, which have given them
10:49 am
access to the grainy video footage of young, unarmed black teenagers gunned down by police officers. they have watched the rise of the black lives matter movement. many of them have probably participated in protests. at the same time, they are watching the country's first black president finish his second term as donald trump mounts a controversial bid for president. so within the historical context, it makes sense the vast majority of teens today think racial discrimination will be a problem for their generation. i would argue. it is not such a grim outlook after all. >> one of the items in your survey i found so interesting, the top five most admired people, in '66 most admired was john f. kennedy followed by lincoln, washington, johnson, and helen keller. now barack obama, okay, taylor swift, beyonce, selena gomez and then followed by abraham
10:50 am
lincoln. is celebrity just vastly more important to today's teen? >> you touched one of my favorite stats. who knew that abraham lincoln had . i think it's easy for adults to say look at all the pop stars that teenagers look up. to i think it's more nuance than that. when i interviewed a lot of teens about the data we got from our survey, some said it's because what she represents for women and feminism in the music industry. i admire beyonce because of how she's inserting race into the national conversation. so we can't discount the fact that teens in 2016 are growing up online in a world where pop culture is everywhere. also, in '66 to ask teens what famous people do you look up to, it -- the concept of fame had a very different definition then than it does in 2016. >> okay.abigail, it's a great
10:51 am
report. one should look at it. one for the ages. thanks for your time. >> issuing professional licenses to undocumented immigrants, it's happening in california. we'll take a look at the program's success and concerns from critics. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade aer decade of innovation inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you arica for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska.
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a california law lets undocumented immigrants apply for state licenses as cosmo ts d for state licenses as cosmo ts d months he could willing cosmo kolgists and more. california state senator wrote this bill and joins me today. thank you so much for being here. i prsh r appreciate your type. >> thank you. great to be here. >> let's talk about this bill that passed in 2014. it went into full infect this year. tell me how successful it's been. >> it's been very successful. we actually had over 1600 applications to date,
10:55 am
undocumented immigrants pursuing professional license. >> okay. we know that manufacture the people applying, they were already doing work in their chosen fields. so why the foush have them properly licensed? >> you know sh it's important for us on multiple amounts. california is always the leader when integrating our communities from driver's license to in state tuition to monday day we're unveiling the health care for all kids program which will give medical to students. this bill is in line with the values of california. it's to intergrate our immigrants into the society. it's important that they become professionally -- obtain a professional license. we want them to contribute to the economy here again in california. >> it's a big economy there. according to the public policy institute of california, the state's workforce includes 1.8 immigrants, so how do you
10:56 am
respond? >> these things are not mutually exclusive. of course, we work for our california citizens and our residents. entirely. our obligation is to ensure we continue to grow the economy in california. we're the seventh largest economy in the world. and to that end, we need to include our undocumented community. we need to ensure they integrate. we're proving in california, integration works as opposed to what we're hearing at the federal level and continue to see stalled congress that does nothing for immigration reform. so california again has to lead. we have to xpous our values and they make -- it's economic sense to make sure people can contribute to a greater scale to our economy and that includes our undocumented population here in california. >> given what donald trump said, what do you plan to do at the june 7th primary. >> what i've had to do is register voters. get people to come out and turn out to vote and show in
10:57 am
california we're much more different. we're a beacon of hope in our congress -- i'm sorry, in our country. and we know that california, again, is going to have to lead. so we're proud to do that. >> all right. california state senator ricardo laur yashgs thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> that's a wrap of this hour of "msnbc live." up next, the stories that are coming up, the potential trillion dollar impact of donald trump getting his way and deport all undocumented immigrants. have a great sunday. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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very good day you to. at this hour on a sunday, the battle in the rust belt is where we take. bernie sanders and hillary clin going led to head holding dueling events with voters in kentucky. the big fight between them, who is more capable of beating donald trump in november? we take you there l


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