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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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bernie sanders battling oit in the rust belt holding dueling events in the last hour with voters. their pitch to vote areas head of tuesday's primary is they fight to become the clear candidate to take down donald trump in november. meanwhile, controversies continue to swirl around the trump campaign calls for him to release the tax returns to "the new york times" scathing report claiming to reveal trump's troubled past with women. the rnc chair defended his presumptive nominee on the sunday talk shows. >> these are things he has to answer for. i also think they're things from many years ago and i think that, you know, as christians judging each other, i think is problematic. i think it's when people live in glass houses and throw stones is when people get in trouble. and so, you know, is hillary clinton now suddenly these things are coming up. >> this afternoon, a look at what it all could mean for trump's chances of winning over women in november. he still works to convince the house speaker that he is the man
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for america's top job. but we begin this afternoon with developing news out of london. manchester united's final match of the season was canceled today when suspicious package was found in the stands. the scare may have been a hoax. greater manchester police tweeted this, full assessmen tment conclude e assessmenassessment concluded and device was not vulnerable. >> 75,000 fans were forced to evacuate the stadium. joining me now from london is nbc's kelly cobiert. tell us what you're hearing from investigators. you have a huge vent tlik with so many eyes and so many thousands of disappointed fans for having to leave. >> yeah, and the premier league is defending the decision to cancel this game, evacuate the stadium out of an abundance of caution saying that really the safety of employees and fans was more important than taking risks. so all of this started about 30 minutes before kickoff. the players had already been out
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on the field practicing. the fans were filing into the stadium for this the last game for manchester united of the season. when an employee at the stadium found what is described as a suspicious device. the stadium was evacuated very calmly, very orderly wafrment the bomb squad was brought in along with sniffer dogs. there were controlled explosion of this device. and then just within the past couple of hours, manchester police saying the device was incredibly life like but was not viable. in other words, a fake bomb. so they are still at this point sweeping the stadium for what we understand trying to find out if there's anything else in the stadium that might be at all suspicious or yet another possibly fake device. and, again, as i said, the league defending its decision putting out this statement earlier today saying whether it comes to matters of security, it's obviously right to place
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the safety of supporters and employees foremost. you know, there is an obvious concern here, frances given what happened in pair nis november, two suicide bombers. but also just this past week the british government raised the alert level in terms of threats from the irs. so two potential sources of terrorist threats in this country and obviously whether you have something like a suspicious device at a sporting stadium, police really wanted to act with an abundance of caution and that's what they did today. as far as we know, the investigation is on going still tonight. frances? >> now we now the outcome of this, kelly, as far as other sporting venues or tourist sites where large crowds could gather in the uk? >> you know, no other place was affected to day. there is what is called super sunday in the premier league when all of the team play their final game of the season at the same time. so as manchester united stadium
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was being evacuated, there were nine other games about to kick off around the country. no other game was affected number other match affected. and we've heard nothing about any potential threats, possible threats made against any of the stadiums, certainly not against the manchester united stadium old trapered today. i think these are things the investigators are still looking into, trying to figure out the whys and the whos, so to speak, of this particular incident. why that fake device was placed inside the stadium and who did it. >> all right. kelly, thank you in london. thank you very much for that juch date. turning now to politics. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are lacked in a battle ahead of tuesday's primary. they both held a rally in the last hour in the bluegrass state trying to emphasize their differences. >> there is a big difference in this primary campaign between me and my opponent, bernie sanders. i voted to bail out the auto industry and he vote the against
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it. because i wanted to save those millions of jobs. >> what we're going to tell those super delegates is that if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> msnbc's casey luhunt is liven louisville, kentucky. history has been good to the clintons in kentucky and he also has this momentum of the win in west virginia as well. >> that's right, frances. the fact that hillary clinton is suddenly spending so much time and energy focused here on kentucky tells you that they believe that it's close but also that they believe putting her here on the ground to try to rally folks will or could at least make a difference in making sure she comes out on top here. the campaign definitely does not want to let bernie sanders' string of recent wins go unanswered. and you heard a little bit there from hillary clinton about the
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issues that have driven this primary campaign. earlier in the vent she also talked about mother who's have lost sons to gun violence and reaching out to the african-american community. that, of course, has been the bull work of support that has kept her out ahead of bernie sanders throughout this presidential no, ma'am naming fight. it also tells through is a looming problem for hillary clinton. no one really expected the republicans would wrap up that nomination process they were going through before the democrats did. it says she has to spend a lot of time, energy, money, trying to beat bernie sanders instead of being focused down the line on donald trump with republicans able to fully turn towards fighting this general election. so some of the questions going into the primary night, you know, will those comments about coal really affect her here. she was going to put coal companies out of business. she, of course had, to reckon
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with that when she was working on the west virginia primary. that's going to be a factor here. there's a lot of coal jobs here in kentucky. it's a very important part of the industry. but the question, will her long standing ties carry her over the finish line? will enough african-american voters show up and will that family history she has? bill clinton has long standing relationships in kentucky. he won the state in 1996. she did well in 200 will 8 and was back here campaigning in that key senate race last midterm election cycle against mitch mcconnell. so they definitely know her here. the question, will it be enough to put her over the finish line? >> there is so much to tell out of the outcome there in kentucky. casey hunt in louisville, thank you very much for. that now, on to the republicans. it's been a tough week for the gop nominee donald trump. the questions arising from his tax returns to this weekend's "new york times" article on the treatment of former female
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employees. they tried to defwlelect that criticism this morning. >> donald trump represents such a massive change to how things are done in washington that people don't look at donald trump as to whether or not he releases taxors what the story was of 30 years ago. people leak at donald trump and say, is this person going to cause an earthquake in washington, d.c. and make something happen? >> hallie jackson is following the campaign. we heard from donald trump this morning with the tweet. but also not just slamming the report but also turning it around targeting hillary clinton. >> sure. it's donald trump doing what donald trump does, dpleekting and taking something on defense and trying to go on offense and trying to hit hillary clinton whoe believes he'll go up against in the fall, taking on the presumptive, as the couple of weeks. this pivot to the general
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election. donald trump opening both barrels really against both clintons. not just hillary clinton but her husband as well. it is something that we've heard about from donald trump on the campaign trail. what is new this hour, frances, is new comments now from president obama speaking today at not directly mentioning donald trump by name but eluding to this idea that ignorance is not a virtue when it comes to politics. that in politics, he says, like in life, and i'm parra phrasing the president here, not knowing what you're talking about is not cool in the words of the president. what we've seen from president obama so far is a clear eagerness to get out there and begin campaigning on the campaign trail. he hasn't started to do that. and our reporting indicates that he is going to wait until the democratic nomination is officially wrapped up either until after the primaries are over or after bernie sanders gets out of this race if that happens before the convention. but president obama is eager to get out there and to take on donald trump more directly. you've been seeing signs of that really over the last 7 to 10
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days. the president is speaking and his administration speaking a little more openly a, attacking donald trump. it's a sign of what we're in for over next 176 days. >> i have to ask you in the past days we were talking a lot about donald trump releasing the tax returns then and then the whole awed it in 1991, whether he was john miller or john baron and thent "new york times" article. is this all what donald trump and his campaign are just putting behind him after this tweet, is it dead for them? >> they may want it to be, right you? may imagine that that's what donald trump would like to see. but the bottom line is over the next six months as hillary clinton, as the democrats, as bernie sanders to a degree continues to sort of open fire against donald trump, these are the same issues we'll see repeated again and again and again. some of the issues maybe have a short news cycle. >> it may very well come back and revive itself along with
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maybe some other issues as well. hallie jackson, thank you. for more on this we want to bring in our msnbc contributor and former bush-clany seen your adviser and betsy woodruff from "the daily beast." >> wee we were talking about a front page story coupling days after donald trump's meeting with paul ryan. there is some encouraging signs for the two of them. here is what trump's campaign manager said about the meeting. >> trump was not asked by the leadership to change. and there's no reason for limb to change. he's just won the primary process with a record number of votes. and that's not to say that paul ryan didn't talk more policy. she got along very well. the conversations that they had focused on the trump agenda for america -- to make america great and paul ryan's agenda. >> given the fact that in this article we're talking about reports of how he treated women in private, that his father would order for women as well.
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as far as the impact of that story, will that have leadership and put more pressure on him to change his tone? >> here's the thing. you are don't want to try to change the candidate too much because you lose some of the dna. donald trump is donald trump. i mean one thing that we learned from him over the past year or so is that he says what he thinks. he is who he is. now i strongly disagree with bl trump and a lot of the policy positions. i also strongly disagree with mr. trump specifically in terms of what he said of women and by him grants and, i mean you going down the list. so the question really becomes, my mind, now that we're pivoting to the general election, is whether or not republicans, democrats, independents and the rest of americans feel comfortable with the donald trump that we now see. it's one thing to say that donald trump won't change and that he's gotten millions of votes in the republican primary. fine. that in fact is true. he has electrified the base. the real question is whether or not he can electrify independents and swing voters in the swing states such as pennsylvania, ohio, florida,
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colorado, and north carolina and we don't know yet. that's the real question. >> that is knowing whether there is a change in tone or even in policy and the flip-flopping that we've seen and if that is alienating the people that support him to begin w betsy, whether it comes to the unification and paul ryan who has been vocal about it and was asked if donald trump was somebody that his kids could look up to and here's how he answered that. >> well, i think the question is where are we going from here? i'm not interested in litigating the campaign going into the past. you know what my kids really care about? what kind of country are they going to get if the future? what matters to my kids and me as the parents of my kids, are we fixing the problems confro confronting our nation today so that our children and grandchildren can be better off tomorrow. >> you know, so how do you expect this unification that is the hope between ryan and trump to play out? is there a possibility, a scenario that after all this
12:14 pm
that we're not going to see that support? we're not going to have paul ryan come out with an endorsement of trump. >> he showed his skills as an art full dodger. in a said, of course, what really struck me covering the press conference on thursday was how unequivocally positive his tone was. there is so much hubbub leading up to the meeting that he had with donald trump, private meeting just a block or two away from the capitol building. when he came into that room in the basement, ryan refused to say anything negative about trump. even though in the past he levelled pointed criticism at the front-runner for a number of different issues. so the fact that paul ryan refused to directly criticize him or go after him i thought was quite telling. it was a significant tomorrow change. that said, of course, just barely, you know, less than two weeks ago, paul ryan said he was not ready tone do endorse donal trump. it's unclear what he would need to do. it almost seems like ryan may
12:15 pm
expect trum top flip-flop on key policy issues like a proposed ban on muslim immigration if he were to get onboard with the candidacy in which case it's kind of a catch 22, right? either you're a flip-flopper or you hold views that the speaker finds unacceptable. so ryan's in a bind. >> we want to ask you this report frgt "washington post" is saying that gop leaders are really looking so exasperated, so repulsed in the words of "the washington post" that they're so desperate ninding a third party candidate to run against donald trump. you have logistics. you have the ballot here when texas, you know, the big jackpot is too late. there is fund-raising. how can had a really happen in trying to get somebody out there we've been hearing, you know, mark cuban, condoleeza rice even. so what are your thous on that as being reality? >> well, i think the reality is that a lot of conservatives are
12:16 pm
willing to lose the battle in order to win the war. let me go back to 1992 when ross perot got 19% of the vote out. there but he denied the presidency to george h.w. bush. most political scientists will look at that 92 race and say if ross perot was not in that race, george h.w. bush would have won re-election. the point is that i think a lot of conservatives are saying you know what? this third party candidate most lickly will not win the white house. it's impossible. but this person could deny donald trump the presidency. again, it's much more in the interest of some social conservatives out there. >> and also the risk on their part of being the one to say hey you're the one that said yes and you're the one that put a democrat or even hillary clinton in the white house. >> but that candidate will be much better than a donald trump in some people's minds. >> to both of you, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, a look at where advocates have slowly warming up to donald trump. i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever saidhat.
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with donald trump as the only republican left in the race and conservative and anti-immigration groups are warming up to the presumptive nominee. it comes as trump tried to clarify his position on abortion and vows he'll champion the cause it's elected president. >> i've become pro-life. i was in a recrash in pro-choice. i will protect it. the biggest way can you protect it is through the supreme court and putting people in the court. >> joining me now from washington, d.c., is kale qui hanson, communications director of point choice america. thank you for being with me. we're talking about that hearing from donald trump there with that pledge and tlos appoint a pro-life supreme court judge. talk a little bit about that as far as the advances that you and
12:21 pm
your group make and the impact it will have if that's the case. >> thank you for having mechlt i mean, we know that this presidential election is critically important for a number of reasons. one of the number one reasons this election is so important is because there are a number of vacancies expected over the term of the next president. for donald trump to say he'll appoint a supreme court justice who would pledge to overturn roe v. wade or anti-choice justice tlashgs is something that is a disaster for women. given that we know that a woman has a constitutional right for a safe and legal abortion in this country. what we're going to see if abortion clinics close is the number of deaths and injuries going up across this country. that's bad for women. that's bad for families. and that's something that plays right into donald trump's world view that women are less than equal. >> you also come and look at it from the per inspect they've some call him a recent convert to, you know, being pro-life before he was saying he was very pro-choice as he said also in
12:22 pm
that sound bite. talk a little bit about how you view that shift, especially since ted cruz left the race and knowing how that all very important conservative vote and how he needs to bridge and get those kinds of supporters to vote for him. >> well, we're already seeing those types of supporters lining up behind him. i mean just last week troy newman said he would vote for him. he is somebody who has justified the murder of abortion providers. the susan b. anthony list organization has now been putting out op-eds in support of donald trump. they're lining up right there with him. frankly sh it's no surprise. when you consider the way that donald trump has treated women over the course of his life and his core values which are that women are less than equal, it's no surprise that these anti-choice groups are lining up right with him and the fact that we're calling it a conversion really is consistent. he's been against women his entire life. he hasn't treated them with respect that we deserve and as less than equal and so really this isn't surprising to me at all. >> trump has also hired a man
12:23 pm
hailed about it head of the prominent anti-abortion group as an excellent hire in their words as well. you know, saying that this is kind of a sign that he wants to be surrounded by people who understand this and offer a clear contrast to hillary clinton. but when you look at it and say donald trump, has he given specifics about his position? also in the past talking about punishing women who had abortions and all. that your take knowing this is the direction he wants to go? >> right. i mean, it's just consistent with his view, his world view that women are less than equal. the right to an abortion and abortion access is something that is important for every woman to have autonomy over their own lives. the plin that you start chipping away at abortion access, that's when you're starting to take away a woman's control over her own destiny, over her own life. i mean, what you're seeing now also, if you read in a recent "new york times" report, that the number of google searches for self induced abortions are going up in the states where
12:24 pm
abortion restrictions are becoming more common. we know is when you outlaw abortion the number of deaths and injuries go up. and what we're seeing from donald trump is not good news for women and families and for the safety of women in this country. >> is it reassuring for you and your group whether you hear that some have said that donald trump really hasn't gotten to the specifics as far as explaining these policies when it comes to that and also, you know, fumbling when talking about punishing women and not even having any names when it come to who these justices could be? does that cam as any reassurance to you? >> not at all. i mean this is somebody who doesn't trust women and maybe making it up as he goes along. but his first reaction to question of should women be punished for having an abortion, his first gut reaction is yes? that's somebody we absolutely cannot trust in the white house. we absolutely can't trust to put supreme court justices on the bench and he is somebody who again has just put women, you know, in last place his whole
12:25 pm
life and we can't trust him in the white house. >> well, i'm sure you heard the news today, front page of "the new york times" with a report on how donald trump treated women that worked for him. do you have a comment? >> being accused of sexual assault, again sh he's putting women in second place. that's the way he's run his business and the way he's treating women in his different organizations. we can't handle someone like that to handle policies, like pregnancy discrimination, hillary clin has built her career over helping women get ahead. and, in fact, just last week she's been going on tour talking to women voters all over the country about the problems that they face. those are the kind of substantive conversations that americans want and need to have. and, frankly, trump, the fact that "new york times" front page today is going through this salacious detaflz his past, i mean, the comparison couldn't be more clear and that's why we're
12:26 pm
proud to support hillary clinton. >> all right. thank you for your time and being with us. thank you. thanks, frances. >> right now in south texas, investigators are cloeming for clues at the scene of a deadly charter bus crash near the mexico border. eight kills, dozens injured. we'll have a live update whether we come back. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't...
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an update moments from south texas where a deadly bus crash killed eight people north of laredo saturday night. >> we appreciate you coming here. we know there is a little change of venue here. i'm dr. stern. i'm the chief medical examiner for web county. just going to brief you very quickly on what's happened so far and then the county judge will address you and we'll open it up for questions. yesterday we were called to the scene of a horrific bus crash on will 83 north. one us about involved.
12:30 pm
we -- the bus did turn on its side and several people were ejected or came out of the vehicle. we recovered seven individuals on scene and i later recovered one patient from doctor's hospital. has of right now, i have positively id'd all eight individuals and all their families have been notified. >> any questions? >> are you going to release the names of the people? >> will you be releasing the names? >> yes, we can -- we can release those names. i'm not quite ready to do it right now. but we will release the names from the office, all the families have been notified. >> how can we get in touch to get those from you? >> call my office about 4. 306789 this afternoon and we'll release the names, the genders and the ages. >> do you have a rough estimate a range of the ages?
12:31 pm
>> most of my patients are in their 50s and of 60s and i believe my oldest one is will 83 years old. [ inaudible question ] >> i have not completed all the exams. i'm not prepared to answer that question. >> is that one of the worst accidents in terms of loss of life that you've seen in this hear? >> it's close n this hearea in, our community, we've had several vehicle rollovers with multiple individuals. most of those are when somebody is transporting undocumented migrants. so we have seen multiple fatalities but as far as a commercial transportation, there is probably the worst one i've seen in ten years here. >> are all the victims american citizens or from mexico too? >> all eight victims here are american citizens.
12:32 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> yes, it's always a difficult process maybe not so much in the actual -- in trying to get them ids, but in the communication with the families and having to ask some very difficult questions of the families. >> were all the people far away? >> that was the medical examiner talking about the response to this deadly bus crash that killed eight people and injured had 44 more. the ntsb is currently on sight. they arrived on the scene to determine exactly what happened. we know the driver of the bus lost control and it was raining there. but again, the medical examiner said it's the worst vehicle crash she has seen. and now the ntsb on scene frying to figure out what caused that bus to control over. we'll continue to fall it here on msnbc. for now, we'll be right back. ru. ru. i could el our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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sanders wrapped up rallies in kentucky last hour. 60 delegates on the line including five super delegates. sanders looking to notch another win after tuesday's victory in west virginia. for more on the democratic race is democratic strategist david heller. back us with, betsy woodruff from "the daily beast." welcome. welcome back. david, to you, i want to get started with. this when you have hillary clinton there in kentucky really campaigning. we know kentucky has been good to her and the clintons in the past, is that a signal that maybe some worry, you know that, sanders would come around but not only that, but the primary campaign could be hurting her ability to take on trump when he was vulnerable the last couple of days whether it come to tax returns and, you know, audio recordings from 91 and how he trd womein the past based on "the washington post" report or "new york times" report, i should say. >> i don't think it is hurting her at all that way. there is no reason why she can't do all the things that she would
12:37 pm
be doing even if bernie were not in the race in terms of going after trump, in terms of starting to lay the foundation for lines of attack against trump. trump which she's doing already. the naral person on a few minutes ago laid those out very well, i thought. >> but isn't it easier to fight one fight? one opponent instead of in essence two right now? >> sure. of course it's easier. but what bernie is doing is not inhibiting her from doing her job, from doing what she needs to do to positioner is self well to win the general election. she's well positioned to do that now. she's getting stronger every day that way. >> well, let's talk about this had when it comes to, you know, the democratic race. talking about fighting for the issues there. if he loses the nomination, so what efforts is he making to mobilize his supporters on that front? >> sanders had an effort to get 45 of the top backers and allies at key positions of influence going into the democratic convention. and they reported he had a very
12:38 pm
tense phone conversation with dnc chairman debbie waterman shultz this week. she picked three of the 45 folks he was pushing for. as a result, there is a lot of tension there. now i think looking at kentucky in particular can kind of show why this is such a problem for hillary. the reality is even though hillary is at this point far and away i think we all agree, the almost the presumptive democratic nominee, bernie has still been able to squeak out a few wins. i think if you look at west virginia, which, of course, in some parts very similar especially to eastern kentucky, demographically in terms of economics. bernie destroyed her. there he just did incredibly well. clinton fleedz to keep shoring up the decisive victories so the dnc doesn't feel like they owe more to sanders than it may necessarily want to give. >> to that point, david, let's look aled to june in california. they endorse bernie sanders this week ahead of the primary then. also backing sanders, they have a debate there as we heard. so conventional wisdom, if you're ahead, you don't need to debate. so what makes sense for hillary
12:39 pm
clinton right now in california? >> to just keep doing what she's been doing. listen, to lose west virginia, to lose kentucky if she does, it's not a big deal. those are not states that democrats are going to competing in come the fall. >> but why the pounding that we're seeing from her now in kentucky? especially knowing, hey, even symbolically what that would mean if she lost kentucky knowing in the past how the roots that they have there,he wins that they've had in the past as well? >> well, she looks -- she won west virginia decisively over barack obama in 2008. and, yet, she lost even more decisively in 2016. i just don't know that there's a connection there. what matters and what she and the clinton campaign need to be focused on is the general, plain and simple. how do we start allocating for time? hiring state directors and hiring staff, putting together a field operation in those key
12:40 pm
battleground states that she needs to win. kentucky doesn't matter. >> how about california? how about california, david? could she lose california? >> she's not going to lose california. she didn't lose new york. she's not going to lose california. she's going to win california handedly. >> all right. betsy, i want to ask you, are the candidates trying to distance themselves from the obama administration's deportations. so when it comes to california, do you see that causing any complexities for them there? >> yeah, without a doubt. the reality is the pro immigration community in california is incredibly mobile and active. and there's a difference between the way bernie sanders talked about the deportation ways and sanders called for temperature poir airy protective status for immigrants coming from the northern triangle countries in central america, many fleeing incredible drug violence and, you know, nonfunctional governance to come to the united states. sanders said that those immigrants from those specific countries neetd to be temporarily protected from dough fortation. clinton hasn't taken that stance.
12:41 pm
at least to my knowledge. and as a result, look, there is a pointed difference and we hear immigration attorneys and activists talk about the significance of this difference in california. it's incredibly important issue. people are really emotionally invested and understandably so. and the fact that that contrast exists isn't also for clinton. look, every dollar hillary clinton spends going after bernie sanders, every staffer she has in a state like california, which the democratic nominee will win or in a state like kentucky which the democrats are particularly concerned about, those are dollars. those are man hours she's not spending going after trump. it's a zero sum game. it's a problem for her. >> and that -- >> very quickly, david. >> that i agree w she ought to be focused, as i said, before on winning the battleground states and only focus on the battlegroundates. even expanding the playing field, so to speak, by focusing on indiana, arizona, north carolina, maybe even georgia. very light red states, pink states if you will that she could win over in the fall. that's where she needs to be puttg her money and that's
12:42 pm
where she needs to be putting her time and not in california or kentucky. >> we will see if that pivot is going to happen. david helper and betsy woodruff, thank you. >> the world will pause later this week to celebrate lgbt pride and stand up to hate. we'll take a look at the international effort to create inclusion and how the day will still be observed in countries where being gay is against the law. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ this clean was like pow! can a toothpaste do everything well? it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens.
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really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. this tuesday is the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphone yachlt events are expected to be held in more than 100 countries including dozens of states where same-sex acts are illegal. the day has been celebrated annually since 2005 and marks the day in 1990 when the world health organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. joining me now is lgbt rights
12:46 pm
activist gabriel blow. glad to you have you here ahea of may 17th. 1990, and you see that word and how it was classified homosexuality as a mental disorder and now current day where we are with marriage equality in the united states, what do you have to say about the progress that has been made? >> there's no question we made enormous amount of progress. we've been gaining grounds in states around the country. still this year more than probably any other single year in our history we're facing more bills around the country looking at discrimination against people like me, people like my child and my husband. >> so whether you think about that, of course, that's a problem that we have here and we talk about it. we continue this discussion here at home. but this is an international day. so what is the message that we can expect to hear when it comes to may p 17th and this day that is celebrated but lou is that going to be receive as far as the message internationally?
12:47 pm
>> the message internationally is that the work is not done. it's far from done. there is so much fear and hatred in this country and around the world. people are still most likely to be bullied. children are 91% more likely to be bullied in school. mark shooster at boston children's did an extensive study on that. 23 trans people have been murdered in this country this year. and so the u.s. is like every other country in that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done and marriage equality does not stop everything. >> you have to consider other countries where same sex acts are considered a crime. and when you have a day like this that is so significant in the community, how is that celebrated knowing that in those boundaries, in those borders that is illegal? >> i it this lgbtq community aren't world, like many other communities, finds ways to celebrate and take action at the same time. so we achieved a great amount of
12:48 pm
progress including countries where we are sentenced to death. and the progress is that we're talking about it. and we have to find a way to find joy in the pain. we have to find a way to find joy in the struggle. and that tends to fuel our work across the country. i'm very happy to see so many activists here in the u.s. engaging in work around the world. >> when you hear about controversies and headlines here here at home, bathroom bills, north carolina, also recently the directive for the obama administration as far as high schools and high school bathrooms as well. is that resonating at all when it comes to people outside of the united states in your community? >> yeah. look, hb-2 is a disgrace to this country. it harkins back to not just what is happening in the '90s but to the discrimination and prejudice this country is well known for. they're born everywhere, every color, every religion, every economic opportunity.
12:49 pm
because of their gender ination identity, sexual identity, the color of their skin, the makeup of their families. i think we have real issues to deal with in this country. we want to blame them on one or two people in the media now. the truth is these are deep-seated problems that we have yet to face. >> and you're saying by talking about it, by educating -- you're educating me, too. you're referring to lgbtq. i'm always familiar to saying lgbt and leaving it at that. >> identity is a fluid thing. the more we learn about ourselves and the more open we are and comfortable. we have lots of people across the country that reclaimed the word queer as an empowering word. >> oh, this is the first time i heard it. so you're saying lgbtq is an empowering word. >> that's right. >> all right. thank you so much. again, educating and educating me as well when it comes to. that thank you so much. >> thank you. still to come, a major drug maker's fight to keep the drugs from being used to carry out capital punishment and why the
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
pfizer is taking steps to block any use of its products in state executions. the drug company issued a statement. quote, pfizer makes its products to enhance and saves the lives of patients we serve. pfizer strongly objects to the use of its products as lethal injections for capital punishment. this comes after european drug companies have already adopted such objections. joining me now from philadelphia, robert dunham. thanks for your time. it seemed like pfizer was one of the last here. why do you think the decision was made now and what was the turning point in making that decision? >> well, i don't think that it's so much that pfizer is one of the last, but pfizer recently purchased another drug company
12:54 pm
whose drugs are identified in the execution protocols of many states. pfizer has been with the other drug companies in opposing the use of medicines to kill prisoners, but with the purchase of another company they felt this was a time to go forward and to strengthen the preexisting restrictions they already had in place. >> would you say that was pretty much a business decision over a moral one by pfizer? >> no. i wouldn't say that. all of the pharmaceutical manufacturers have made it clear their corporate mission is to save lives, not take lives. they find the misuse of their medicines by state correctional institutions to take the lives of prisoners to be contrary fundamentally to their medical mission, so in that sense it is
12:55 pm
an ethical and a moral decision. that's not to say it doesn't have a business component as well because the large corporations are extremely interested in protecting their good name. and since their name is based on saving lives, they think it is dirtied that they lose value if they are associated with killing instead. >> robert, one of the arguments here is that states that execute have to go underground to get the medicine and the drugs for capital punishment here, but also the other side will say they'll still be able to buy these chemicals from compounding pharmacies. what's your take on that argument? >> well, states have to figure out what to do next. the action by pfizer essentially closes the loop on the unavailability of drugs from major manufacturers. that will mean that states will have to look to compounding
12:56 pm
pharmacies, and that poses some very serious problems. now, from the outset, the fact that they may look to compounding pharmacies doesn't necessarily mean that they will be able to obtain the drugs they're looking for. the international academy of compounding pharmacists has adopted a resolution against pharmacy participation in executions. the american pharmacy association has said it is fundamentally contrary to the medical role of pharmacists. states would have to find compounding pharmacies who are willing to go against the ethical precepts of their professi profession. states can't find compounding pharmacies who are willing to openly participate in this process. >> really tough, especially when you have news with botched executions like the ones oklahoma has seen in the past year as well. i'm sure that's taken into
12:57 pm
consideration. thank you very much for your time and explanation. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> that does it for this hour. thanks so much for being with me. i'm francis rivera. richard lui picks up our coverage here. some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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with ovea million neww business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is he. a very good sunday to you. i'm richard lui. thanks for being with us. at this hour, trump firing back. his angry response to "the new york times" story about his treatment of women. reince priebus also speaking out on the topic. >> i have to tell you. i think all these stories that i think come out and they come out every couple weeks, people just don't care. >> this as one of trump's closest advisers is revealing what went on behind cl


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