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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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criminals are everywhere, but so are cameras, watching their every move. >> i ripped his hat off, pulled the mask off his face. >> recording antics that will stun you. >> there were four guys in here. >> catching crimes that range from cold-blooded -- >> it was very brutal. >> to ridiculous. >> the subject was described as being dressed like a tree. >> they had garbage bags on their heads. they had these eyeholes torn
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dealing with some strange try to convince me the invisible
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drivers dropped off a purse that later, i heard someone say, i told him, it's on the second so i told him, no, he can't have
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>> tamarine recovers quickly and instantly comes up with her own plan. purse all the way into the him, forcefully and tried to the purse, he wasn't going to he was in the perfect line of the only thing i could think of i ripped his hat off and pulled she also unmasks her inner >> and then i went, wait a i don't know why that sounds getting near the teeth, there
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when he pulled it out, there was >> somehow i had the phone in my as hard as i could on the head screaming for him to get away, and i had started having a hard so i thought, he broke a rib, it anything like that in my entire
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back, her thigh and her face. when a hotel guest comes to her >> people can say, well, i would but you never know until it's in
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i just happened to choose to because he had left. family around her, the video is >> the first thing out of my and everyone else said the same he tried to take me away from my part of me said, you know, way
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terrified and i was nervous because he was still out there and i had that feeling that he i've got four kids, a grand they had seen him on the news
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>> and he'll return to prison. hill is convicted of attempted robbery in the first degree and is sentenced to ten years in state prison. the detective was certain without tamarine's smarts and courage, this case would not perhaps at all. >> the only way we were probably ever going to catch him is that off and to get that mask off him >> she still wonders if the woman whose purse she fought for will ever truly know what she went through to save it. >> i don't know if she ever did or not. but i saved it for her and she got it the next day because she
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bank and it's not the beginning
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11:12 pm it's not every day sergeant ernie goodno gets a call about a >> the subject was described as being dressed like a tree.
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like you'd see in a christmas i immediately went out with my >> and what other location but the elm street branch would a tree find the most fitting to
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want to stick around in that >> the people in line aren't distressed by the tree among but someone working at the bank >> the bank teller put in a dye he dropped the entire bag of could hear a voice from the just said, jim, i want to talk he cracked open the door, looked
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dealing with some alcohol but he said he actually just ridiculous branches and leaves >> he maintained a level of looking at -- it wasn't like that tells me what kind of person am i looking at here? it's someone that's very cool under pressure. forethought into this tree
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the sides, we never would have >> we are living proof that it
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>> we sell a lot of different >> about midnight after hanging out at this pool hall next door to computer central, darnell smashes the door with a large and wouldn't you know it?
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>> we had a camera set up that when he gets there, he finds the burglar hanging around the >> the perpetrator asked him, let's go in, let's go in. letting on who he is, something amazing happened. >> our employee said, let me
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information. other witnesses give hill information about the burglar's >> they said he was last seen >> toland orders darnell to stop and now, the chase is on. >> i was chasing after the suspect here through the yard. i was attempting to pepper spray we ended up over here by the >> he initially denies everything. but allen darnell eventually pleads guilty to burglary charges and is given five years probation. coming up next, a robbery >> the girl i was training looks over and asks me, is this for real?
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and i said, yes, this is real, 
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word has it, the trash bag  is the new ski mask, or at least jenny gibson, a waitress at off her night shift as she
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they soon notice strange things the parking lot and almost hit a the dumpster and walked across parking lot usually say hi so in my register throughout the much, it was just too much of
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we had one customer who refused him to get on the floor or it was like -- it seems like it going to come behind the
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>> i did not want sammy to come out front. i did not need my sister out she was safe, as far as i was behind that counter, she was sure they weren't coming behind
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lottery tickets and the because that was her first she'd only been here like two we made sure the gentleman was he said he didn't have enough
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he was going to become a a little shady. >> even more ridiculous is how easy it is to find the men in this small west virginia town, where pretty much everybody knows one another. one of the detectives in the our office had been around for 30 plus years and you just about run over every criminal that's come and gone. further that investigation.
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just a family affair for jenny enforcement, and it's the only in a robbery like this actually but nothing like this, this was different, at least for this they're drunk when they carry a grand jury is expected to hear
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85-year-old woman is robbed in an elevator. cameras record the brutal [ soft music ]
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welcome back to "caught on
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stops in the neighborhood, feeling, as if something was
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he waited while she went into but her aunt is let into the lives there. the man following her in doesn't live there. trapped alone with him in the
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asks her what floor she's going he's very calculating about the her from behind and violently with the money she just withdrew then he darts out of the building.
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elevator and then finally makes it out. a group of teenagers sees france struggling and help her to her her wig, she did not have her perpetrator.
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>> this guy got out of prison on physical injuries. robbed of a lot more than just before, we did not look at her
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i think that everybody's got a
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letter saying he did it because array of misdemeanor and felony but police think he's responsible for 12 similar if convicted on the current charges, he faces up to 25 years in prison. lillian france knows there's video of her attack, but she has for him because i thought he was ?[??o?w6[?÷??ñ?ñw?ño
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the criminal caught on  camera in this surveillance video gives a brand-new meaning to the term break-in. welcome to ft. worth, texas, home to paul's liquor store and quite possibly the most absurd break-in you'll ever see. at about 1:15 in the morning, larry bynum strolls around to the back of paul's to break into the store through a vent hood on the roof. first he has to scale the wall to get him to his point of entry, which is giving him some trouble. after about ten minutes of unsuccessful attempts, he gives the roof one last try and makes it. >> there was a vent hood -- when we purchased this building -- this building was a restaurant. and we didn't cover the vent. that's how he got in. >> within a few seconds of him
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climbing up the roof and down the vent shaft, the insulation from the ceiling inside starts to give way. and so does the burglar. >> his hat got in first and was
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stolen ticket, you're in big but just like his entry into the store, his exit won't be smooth. the front door is not only chain locked from the inside. would make it easy for you to the bulletproof door open. that he couldn't get out.
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no matter how he tried. that he threw at the door. >> he has to go out the same way and that doesn't go very well either, nor does his theory that >> across from us is a grocery the worker is also one of our he has to wait for the police to
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>> there was a river of liquor
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>> when "caught on camera: óçwñ?çog?÷oóv?ñ?
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a cold-blooded murder caugh on camera. the victim is phillip leon washington, a 50-year-old money courier. he's murdered at the state bank and trust in dallas, texas, just as he is about to make his nightly deposit. >> they've taken someone's father. they've taken someone's husband, someone's brother. it was senseless. they didn't have to take his life. >> surveillance cameras captured
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the chilling incident, but there yet, we haven't been able to
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>> i was on him about stopping you should be in the bed >> i said, is he all right? and she says, we'll talk to
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you -- we can't give you any information over the phone, we'll talk to you when you get here. get here as soon as you can. >> barbara and one of their daughters arrive at the hospital and receive the news, phillip has been murdered. >> in my mind, i thought accident. and she said, "i'm sorry, he didn't --" and so, at that course, captured the whole
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scene in mr. washington's pickup actually found mr. washington down in the parking lot and >> when i saw it, i just wanted i didn't look at the murderers.
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capital murder and are currently also the reason many criminals that's it for this edition of
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a mother cheers on her teenage daughter in an after-school fight. >> i was appalled. >> a mcdonald's customer loses her cool over chicken mcnuggets. >> never experienced assault over fast food. >> this woman puts a couple's cat in the trash. >> when i saw the video, i was shocked first. >> a donkey sent soaring through the sky on a parasail. >> and violence erupts at a tow yard. >> he came here to kill everybody. he was on a death mission. >> fights that are bold. >> she wasn't going to stand back this time. >> thieves who are brazen.


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