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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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a mother cheers on her teenage daughter in an after-school fight. >> i was appalled. >> a mcdonald's customer loses her cool over chicken mcnuggets. >> never experienced assault over fast food. >> this woman puts a couple's cat in the trash. >> when i saw the video, i was shocked first. >> a donkey sent soaring through the sky on a parasail. >> and violence erupts at a tow yard. >> he came here to kill everybody. he was on a death mission. >> fights that are bold. >> she wasn't going to stand back this time. >> thieves who are brazen.
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>> he was going to town on those things. >> and unbelievable scenes that couldn't be more bizarre. it's all "caught on camera." "caught on camera: bold, brazen and bizarre." hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." with security cameras, cell phone cameras, and surveillance cameras working 24/7, it seems like every experience these days is captured by someone somewhere. in this hour, we'll show you situations that are a little unusual, off the beaten path, or, as we like to call them, "bold, brazen, and bizarre." you may ask yourself more than once in the next hour "what were they thinking?" if you do, don't worry.
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we thought the same thing. two teenage girls go at each other in an after-school brawl while dozens of classmates stand by cheering, recording it all on their cell phones. at first, i had to ask, is this real? did they stage it? but this school fight is real. in the end, a strange twist. a mother would be arrested and charged with third-degree child abuse for egging on her daughter and failing to stop the vicious fight. >> we were appalled. it becomes that much more shocking when you see the parent of one of the children involved in this, right there. >> less than an hour south of tampa is palmetto, florida. it's the afternoon of september 17th, 2010. not far from her home, tanya bernam is driving on 48th avenue when she says a teenage driver
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comes up behind her at a very high speed. >> i stop my van. i got out, walked back to the gentleman that was driving the vehicle. i told him that he needed to slow down before someone got hurt or before i called the manatee county sheriff's department. and he said, yes, ma'am. i got back in my van, started to pull away when he cut through one of the pieces of property. >> bernam says four teens from palmetto high school zoomed by her house. at the cross street of 17th avenue, she can see their cars parked on both sides of the roadway. she has an uneasy feeling. >> i told the manatee county to get someone out here immediately, that whatever was going on down there wasn't good. >> her house is just a couple of minutes away. even though she can't see the fight, she's still worried. she calls the police again. >> come on, sarah. >> five minutes after the fight
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begins, police arrive and the crowd breaks up. >> yeah! whoo! yeah. >> come on, sarah. >> come on, sarah. >> within an hour of the scuffle, videos are uploaded on youtube. bernam can't believe her eyes. the video shows the teenage crowd cheering on the fight and doing nothing to stop it. >> and they were encouraging the fight. and i was appalled. i was shocked of the behavior of these children. >> and if that isn't enough, she is even more distressed when she finds out who else is caught on camera in the crowd of spectators. >> there were three different videos that were up on youtube. i saw the little girl on the bottom, her mom, encouraging the fight, hollering at her daughter. >> good stuff. >> dave bristow is the spokesman
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for the manatee county sheriff's office. >> they were fighting about an ex-boyfriend, and this fight was planned. it's disturbing that you have a large group of teenagers that are involved in something like this, and then when you throw in the parent, it just makes it that much more disturbing. >> police say they've obtained additional footage, which shows the parent, 39-year-old april newcomb, cheering on her daughter, doing nothing to stop the brawl. >> actually walking up to the fight with her daughter. unbelievable. and then egging her daughter on during this fight. she certainly wasn't doing what she should have been doing, which would have been to stop the fight. >> according to bristow, the mother of the other girl in the fight is also there, but she shows up late to the scene and is not to blame. >> we didn't charge her because we felt she went there with the intention of stopping the fight. she certainly didn't encourage
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the fight. >> come on, sarah. >> a situation that could have turned tragic in a matter of minutes thankfully doesn't. teens walk away without reports of injury. april newcomb is arrested and charged with child abuse. her attorney asks in a written statement, is it a crime for a parent to be present at a brawl between two kids and not stop it, or encourage it as alleged? if it's a crime to witness wrestling, as it was shown on youtube, then parents need to steer clear of youth football, lacrosse, and boxing matches for fear of getting arrested for yelling at their child to "go get 'em." if exchange for facing charges for this, april newcomb pleads not guilty. if convicted, she could face up to five years in prison. another mother in trouble with the law. a police officer pulls over a driver.
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>> get them out of the back. >> and orders her to take not one, not two, but three young children out of the trunk of her car. the bizarre tale begins june 4th, 2005. a 90-degree day in frederick, maryland. sergeant shawn tyler has just spotted the three kids climbing into the trunk of the woman's volvo. he follows close behind and pulls her over. 37-year-old lenora lucas steps out of the car to open the trunk, and out pops her 9-year-old son, her 3-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old friend. then she places a box that was taking up room in the back seat in the trunk. sergeant tyler is mystified. >> why would you let the kids ride in the trunk? >> they wanted to be in the trunk.
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>> the entire scenario is strange enough, but it's this next exchange that astonishes the officer. >> i see you have a "b" license. what do you do for a living? >> school bus. >> you drive a school bus. >> at the time of the incident, lucas hadn't driven for the school system for two years. lenora lucas later tells a frederick county judge she let the kids ride in the trunk because she wanted to be a cool mom. lucas is convicted of reckless endangerment and sentenced to 18 months of probation and community service. coming up -- tow yard employees fear for their lives. >> am i going to die today? that's what i actually thought. mcnuggets rage sparks a tantrum at this drive-through. >> she punched her in the face. plus, a woman dumps their cat in the trash. >> she could have died in there and no one would have found her. when "caught on camera: bold, brazen and bizarre"
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a vengeful man opens fire at a tow yard. [ gunshots fired ] >> you could hear him say "i'm going to kill them all." >> just kept going and going and going. i was wondering, is somebody going to take him out? >> it's the start of the day, just after 9:00 a.m. on october 22nd, 2008. a lake park towing owner cathy gadori is faced with a disgruntled customer who insists on getting to his car that's been towed. >> when he came in, he wanted to get in the car. no problem. have your paperwork. he didn't have the proper paperwork, so we couldn't let him in the vehicle. >> i don't care! >> dealing with unhappy customers is nothing unusual when you're in the business of towing cars. but the 51-year-old had already broken through the locked gate,
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claiming his daughter was dying of a blood disease and her medication was in the car. >> she's going to die in three days if it doesn't -- >> we're very sorry about that. >> there was no medication in the car at all. we told him that. he didn't believe us. he got angry, and i called cbso, and told them we had a disgruntled person here and explained the situation. >> the palm beach county sheriff's office said they'll send someone out. meanwhile, he walks outside and she's relieved because she thinks he's gone. >> and then he came back in and asked again, can i get into my vehicle? >> i'm not even going that far. that's it. i gave you a chance. >> but then seconds after leaving the second time. >> boom, boom, boom, starts shooting. >> he returns from the parking lot, this time with a gun. he starts firing from outside the building. accounting manager michelle witt is on her way into the building
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and can't believe what she sees. >> i took off running, and i hid and i heard the dispatcher outside the building there. i look around the corner and seen her and another gentleman that was here. and i grabbed them both and pulled them back there with me. >> with bullets flying overhead, gadori and the others immediately drop to the floor. gadori calls the palm beach county sheriff's office again. >> i said "we're being shot at." of course, as he's shooting, when it starts coming through the wall and the window, i duck urn the desk. conduit starts coming through the wall and the window. if i didn't duck when i did, i would have gotten hit in the head. i got hit in the back instead. >> he keeps firing until he empties out his ak-47, 33 rounds in all. he then pulls out a pistol and fires. >> am i going to die today? that's actually what i thought. i didn't know where he was. i know his intentions were to kill everybody after how long it was going on.
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so i thought if he's going to walk up in the yard, i don't know where i'm going to go. so he's definitely going to finding me. he came here to kill everybody and himself. he was on a death mission. next, bolt walks into the office and shoots the secretary in the elbow. now two employees shot. >> i'm praying god protects us all, that nobody gets killed. i said, lord, you've got to protect us. >> officer william vidala arrived at the scene just as he is exiting the building. he thinks he's responding to a complaint about an irate customer. he has no idea that customer has shot two people. >> when i showed up, i seen a white individual coming out from the business with two guns. one was an ak-47, the other was a handgun. i immediately drew my weapon. i told him numerous times to drop his weapons. he ignored me. i approached him with my gun drawn. he started to lean into the back of his vehicle. i pulled him out of his vehicle.
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as i pulled him out, he raised his ak-47 at me. at that time, i shot him. >> back inside, not knowing help has arrived, employee alan newhouse grabs a .9 millimeter pistol from the back of the office. >> i always kept it in a locked box. he knew it was in the area back there. only him and i knew the code to the gun. >> he runs to the door and fires the pistol at the suspect. deputy vidala shoots bolt twice in the stomach, but the gun battle continues. >> we were shooting back and forth. i was in the front of the vehicle. he was in the rear. >> finally, bolt falls to the ground and the gunfire stops. volts is shot six times. witt comes out of hiding and tries to brace herself for what she thinks she'll see when she walks into the office. >> as long as the shooting went on, i really thought i would have to walk in there and find everybody just blown to pieces. that many shots will blow you to pieces. nobody was. i was so thankful.
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>> volts is charged with attempted murder on a police officer and three other counts of attempted murder. convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. deputy vidala is recognized by the national association of police officer for his extraordinary heroism in the line of duty. when gadori looks at the security camera video, she says she's sure of one thing. >> god was in control that day. it's just amazing how wonderful god is for protection. nobody got killed. everybody survived. coming up, a dramatic prison escape and car chase through city streets. inmates in an all-out brawl. >> your adrenaline is flowing, and you don't know what you're going to see. >> a fit of rage at a mcdonald's drive-through. plus, it's a bird, it's a plane. it's a donkey flying high in the sky. how in the world did he get there?
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a fugitive on the run in sau paulo, brazil, wreaks havoc in the city streets as he attempts to outrun police. a local television crew captures the scene from above, following the suspect in the black car as he weaves in and out of traffic. the chase begins after the driver stopped for a minor traffic violation. after officers run a check on the car. not only do they find out it's stolen, but they identify this reckless driver as prison escapee welington goncalves dos santos, previously convicted of burglary and theft. goncales comes past several cars, but soon runs into a jam. he's boxed in. what to do. unbelievably, he slams the car in reverse, taking out several motorcycle cops on his way.
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police fire shots at him just as he takes off again. other drivers flee for cover after dos santos is trapped between cars. the convict is arrested again. now, another run-in with police to add to the list. back in the united states, another confrontation with a convict. an inmate violently attacks a lone deputy working behind his desk. seconds later, other inmates rush in to try to save the struggling man. >> i just was stunned. i didn't know what to say or what to think. it's just not what i expected. >> it's november 2nd, 2009. orient road jail in tampa, florida. this is pod 7 delta, a medical and mental health unit for detainees. it's an open cell area with one
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deputy supervising 72 inmates who roam about the pod. >> it sounds a little scary at first when you think about it, but we found it to be a highly successful management tool. if you violate the rules, you're moved to a higher level of confinement. >> it's 12:45 p.m., and they've just finished their lunch. out of nowhere, 24-year-old douglas burden charges detective moon and strangles him. >> he went into what's called rear naked choke. you cut the blood supply off to the brain. when it's supplied right and locked in, it's very few seconds before the person loses consciousness. >> three inmates from the same pod are on the scene, and at first look, it seems like a recipe for disaster. one deputy outnumbered by a group of inmates.
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not in the area during the attack, but later sees the unbelievable video. >> literally within a matter of a few seconds, maybe three to five seconds, dieguez comes into the picture. >> he delivers that knockout punch to tin mate choking the guard. >> he delivers that strike with all his momentum behind him and they all go down to the floor in a heap. when they got to the ground his grip was still pretty strong around the deputy's neck. >> terrell carswell runs to the brawl. >> i heard somebody screaming. i jumped up and ran down. i wasn't thinking. when i got to him, moon's face was a whole other color. >> carswell tries to keep the 165-pound burden pinned down. it's not easy. >> i sat on him like this. he kept doing like this and twisting. i said, hold still, man, hold still. be still.
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>> they stopped burden from choking moon. another inmate grabs the radio and calls for help. >> you see them on the camera pick up the radio and say, "7 delta we need help." "7 delta we need help." which is really at that point the first alert to the rest of the staff that there's trouble in 7 delta. >> deputy lori garcia hears the distress call as she's going about her daily routine. >> it was transmission that was unlike what a deputy would transmit over the radio. so we knew that something wasn't right. we knew it had to have been an inmate. >> less than a minute later, deputy garcia and a group of officers reach pod 7 delta. >> your adrenaline is flowing and you walk in or run in, basically, and you don't know what you're going to see. >> they see a pod of utter confusion and commotion. inmates are scattered with some behind the deputy's desk. >> there were inmates, which is unusual.
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why would inmates be behind the desk like that? >> while carswell restrains burden, deputies handcuff him and thank the inmate. >> tapped me on the back and told me good work. you all right, carswell? are you okay? >> the jail's medical unit treats deputy moon. he has a few bumps and scratches and is clearly shaken. douglas burden, who was in jail on allegations of drug violations and plead not guilty, is moved immediately to a confinement unit and locked away for 23 hours a day. he is charged with battery on detention facility staff. burden again pleads not guilty and is awaiting psychological evaluation. burden's reason for the attack isn't certain. >> there was some reports that earlier in the day moon had disciplined burden and that he corrected something he was doing and told him not to do it again. but that happens every day in jail. it's not an unusual event. this is jail and there are
12:27 am
dangerous people in this jail. >> but this time, these inmates, some accused of violent crimes, did something good. letters pour in for them from all over the world. >> you never seen inmates run to save an officer's life. we're in jail, committed a crime at one time or another. you know, we do have a heart, too. >> deputy moon has since retired. terrell carswell says he was well liked by everyone around the jail. >> moon was like a father to me. he helped inmates. he could deal with anybody. >> they respected this guy, and it's human nature to protect someone you respect and care about. if it weren't for the fact that dieguez got there when he did and took the action that he did, this might have had a bad ending for us. >> instead, he says, he has seen a positive change in the inmates around pod 7. >> you can see that they're holding their chests a little higher, they're walking a little taller.
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coming up, desperation at a mcdonald's drive-through window. a granny fights back. and tossing a cat in the trash? who would do such a thing? when "caught on camera: bold, brazen and bizarre" continues.
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welcome back to "caught on camera."
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i'm contessa brewer. so far we've seen all types of bold, brazen, and bizarre activity. in our next ory, police were scratching their heads. this was the case of an angry customer who wasn't demanding money or better service. she wanted chicken mcnuggets, and she was prepared to fight to get them. a furious young woman takes out her frustration on a mcdonald's drive-through window, punching it out when she can't get her hands on an order of chicken mcnuggets. >> i can't tell you how many homicides i've been to, but i've never seen a squabble over fast food. >> after leaving a new year's party, 24-year-old melody dushane and a neighbor arrive at the golden arches drive-through with a mcnugget craving. captain ray carroll is a 26-year veteran of the toledo police department. >> she asked through the speaker for chicken mcnuggets at 6:30 in the morning, and the lady explained to her that we're serving the breakfast menu.
12:33 am
>> mcdonald's stop serving chicken mcnuggets at 2:30 in the morning, dushane is four hours late. this is no happy meal she's after. >> she drove up, tried to explain her case a little bit more strongly. >> at the pick-up window, dushane continues to argue about the mcnuggets. even though the clerk tells her several times there are no mcnuggets, dushane doesn't want to hear it. >> subsequently got out and assaulted the mcdonald's employee. she had the window open. she punched her in the face. >> as the manager slides the window shut, dushane decks her one the second she arrives. this is the second person she punches, but the manager fights back, grabbing the customer's long hair. >> she tried dragging the suspect through the drive-through window. i don't know what she was going to do if she got her in there. nonetheless, she was deterred by other employees, saying let her go. let her go. and she did.
12:34 am
>> co-workers push the window shut on dushane, leaving her knuckles badly cut and bleeding. the drive-through drama looks over when she gets into her car. but it's not. >> and then the suspect got out of her vehicle and hit the window with a bottle. it shattered it. >> here, you can see dushane's friend, attempting to intervene. >> he was trying to coax her back into the car, trying to say, come on, let's just go. get an egg mcmuffin or something. come on. there's no more mcnuggets. >> after a super-sized tantrum, dushane drives off. officers soon get their first call of the day. >> the dispatcher sent us to a call of an assault and damaging to the drive-through window at mcdonald's. >> the white female, the one in the pink hoodie, that was the description, in a white car, that she was quite intoxicated. >> the cops track down duchenne at the hospital where she's getting stitches on her hands,
12:35 am
and they notice she's a little off balance. >> her speech was slurred. when she did stand up, she was very unsteady on her feet. >> the young man that was with her told us that she had been drinking 151 rum all night. if you asked her, she thought she had a few drinks. >> police say she's upset, distraught, and has no recollection of the incident. dushane is arrested and charged with felony vandalism and assault. she pleads guilty to the charges and is sentenced to 60 days in jail with a side order of $1,500 in restitution. her lawyer, who says she had no previous record, is ready to move on with her life. unfortunately for her, the video seems to have a life of its own. >> once in a while, something comes along that just really -- because of the absurdity of it or desired actions, things stand out in my mind. this was one of those instances. they say seeing is believing.
12:36 am
in this strange crime, that certainly applies. here, a robber shatters store display cases full of fancy eyeglasses. >> he was just going to town on those things until the glass would smash, went from one tower to the other. >> it was pretty dynamic to watch it. >> kenwood, ohio, upscale suburb outside cincinnati. it's august 27th, 2010, at 1:30 in the morning. a man is caught on the security camera outside the thoma and sutton eye care store. >> outside the store, you can see an individual walking along the sidewalk, and he was carrying what looked like a bucket in one hand and a board in the other, walking up and down the sidewalk. >> seconds later, he knocks out the front door with a heavy rock and enters underneath the center bar. >> he was in a hurry. the alarm was going off and he knew he had just a very few
12:37 am
moments to get in, get what he wanted, and get back out. >> the intruder takes the four-foot piece of wood and uses all his might to smash the display case. >> sets the bucket down, and with this board, he starts swinging it like you would swing a baseball bat. >> the thief knows exactly what he's after, according to the store's president and ceo, lance snarr. >> the frames we put in the towers are generally those that are of higher value, things such as the pradas, fendis, guccis the diors and so forth. >> the next morning, he takes a look at the video and can't believe the spectacle at his eye glass store. the damage amounts to almost $25,000. >> i was somewhat in a daze, and it was somewhat unbelievable the extent of the violence of this break-in. i don't quite even get why it
12:38 am
was necessary on the part of the perpetrator. >> but earlier in the week, a similar crime occurs at the store. security cameras are immediately installed, and they catch this second robbery on camera. snarr believes it's the same suspect. >> it's my opinion that that first crime was more of a case to test the alarm system. >> in october of 2010, police arrest 39-year-old adrian irving on charges of breaking and entering and vandalism. two months later, he pleads guilty. he's sentenced to three years in prison. it's all thanks to the 20/20 lens of the surveillance camera. >> it's not that expensive when you get the payback or the reward, when you catch them like this on film. it can go a long ways in helping to solve a crime. coming up, a granny fights back against a store robber. a thief ends up with more than an ipad. a woman casually throws a
12:39 am
cat in the trash. and a donkey goes on a wild ride in the skies when "caught on camera: bold, brazen and bizarre" continues.
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a 75-year-old woman, caught on the store's security camera, proves she's one tough cookie, as she fights back with the price scanner against a robber. >> the first original viewings of the video was quite amazing. couldn't believe it. >> police call her the granny. don't make any assumptions based on that nickname. this granny has an old score to settle. >> she indicated that she was a victim of this type of crime 40
12:43 am
years prior, and when this one occurred, she wasn't going to stand back this time. >> it's approximately 1:00 a.m. on february 8th, 2010, in walden, massachusetts. police officers are called to a robbery at a 7-eleven convenience store. >> we realize there was a witness that attempted to get involved, so to speak. >> the witness, granny, is having a casual conversation with the clerk, but that soon comes to a halt when a tall man walks in and goes straight for the cashier. >> when the suspect went behind the counter, she obviously observed that something was going awry and went to the defense of the clerk. >> looking for the closest defense weapon, granny grabs the price scanner and strikes the suspect repeatedly, trying to deter him from getting into the cash register. >> i'm not sure if it works, but in her eyes it worked. she was doing something to attempt to defend her friend's honor as well as herself.
12:44 am
>> while this is all going on, another customer is in the store. >> the woman had no idea what was occurring when the individual attempted to rob the store and granny coming to the clerk's rescue. she was clueless. >> granny finally lets go of the scanner to look for a more powerful weapon. >> an additional weapon to use, that, she couldn't find. >> instead granny grabs the scanner again for one last whack as he runs out. the intruder flees with about $100 in cash and a hot-headed senior on his tail. >> she really didn't realize what she was doing in the heat of the moment, she said. she's glad she did it and she's glad no one was hurt. we like to put the disclaimer that we don't advise this. >> because of the past criminal record, police officers easily recognize him from the store's security camera footage. mark mcginnis, age 34, is
12:45 am
charged with one count of unarmed robbery. the case is later dropped when he's charged and convicted for breaking and entering in another case. police say this is one of the most unusual pieces of video they've ever seen. but thank goodness for one brave granny. >> granny was a rock star in this incident. she came to the aid of her friend. in another brazen crime caught on camera, a shopper's newly purchased ipad is ripped from his hand, and the thief takes off running with the bag and a piece of the poor man's finger. >> it happened like lightning. >> it's april 15th, 2010. and millions of shoppers around the country are eager to get their hands on the newly released ipad, popular device from apple. bill jordan buys one for a friend at the cherry creek mall in denver, colorado. just as he walks out of the mall, he feels someone tugging on his shopping bag. >> i felt this huge pull on my
12:46 am
arm and then another yank. you know, it's just -- and another yank. >> it's such a vicious yank that not only is the ipad gone, but so, too, is the skin on the 59-year-old's finger. >> he just kept pulling and pulling and, like i said, something had to give and it wound up being a pinky on my left hand. >> the crime is caught on the shopping center's security cameras. jordan's finger is so damaged, it needs to be partially amputated. >> i think it's about down to here. >> after looking at the video, denver police spokesman sonny jackson can spot the thief and another man following jordan. >> you can tell they're walking above and they see the individual. but it does concern us. you purchase an item, someone is targeting you as you buy it. >> the next morning, 20-year-old brandon darnell smith is arrested and charged with robbery and third-degree assault. smith pleads not guilty.
12:47 am
>> there's a message here. people have to be very careful, wherever they go. it just doesn't seem like something like that is worth hurting someone over. >> but jordan's nightmare isn't over. almost three months later, smith writes a letter that is intercepted by deputies at the jail. in it, police believe he orders a hit on jordan's life. jason jordan, an attorney, and bill jordan's son, speaks out. >> he's not just some small-time guy who is ripping people off at cherry creek mall. he's willing to have somebody murdered, for crying out loud. >> the denver d.a.'s office charges smith again, with one count of attempted murder. those charges are dropped by prosecutors, our, when smith agrees to a plea deal and pleads guilty to aggravated robbery, second degree assault, robbery and theft. he's sentenced to 25 years in prison. dense spite the outcome, jason jordan says his dad's life has never been the same since that
12:48 am
day he bought an ipad. >> it's like their whole world's been turned upside down. beginning to end. it's just crazy. coming up, a couple's surveillance video camera solves a strange mystery and reveals a cruel truth. plus a donkey goes up, up and away. a publicity stunt gone awry. >> kids were crying because the donkey, she was crying as well. >> when "caught on camera: bold, brazen and bizarre" continues. this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell)
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a british woman is caught on camera, dumping a poor cat into wheelie bin. >> i didn't think for a minute i would ever see anything like that.
12:52 am
i was angry when i found out. >> not a thing that's normally caught on camera. >> the strange incident takes place august 21st, 2010. coventry, england, 95 miles northwest of london. stephanie and darryl manns were out for the evening. >> we got back about midnight. went to bed. >> when they come home that night, their cat, lola, isn't around. but that's not unusual. the couple isn't alarmed. lola, coming and going, has been part of her routine since they took her in as a stray seven months earlier. >> she's outside the house, and we fed her ever since. a faithful cat. >> a fun-loving, independent feline who also likes the outdoors. >> she's never really been a home cat. she's always been out and about. >> the next day, no sign of lola. again, they aren't worried, as they leave their house at 5:00
12:53 am
p.m., they have no idea what's in store. >> i heard a cat meowing, but it didn't sound quite right. is sounded like it had been hurt or something. i basically had to look around and didn't see her in the gardens. >> after a couple of minutes of searching, darryl opens their green trash bin. there, sadly looking up at him, is lola. >> the last place we looked, never expected to find a cat in there. could have died in there or anything. no one could have found her. >> how in the world did lola get into the trash bin? she couldn't have gotten in there on her own. someone must have put her there. but who? and why? the manns looked through their security camera footage. they had invested in cameras almost three years earlier to fight vandals. >> don't check it normally, just if we know something is wrong or mark on the car, that's when i'll look back and check it all over. it's very, very rare. >> but this time, they spy a
12:54 am
woman walking by. she stops and strokes lola sweetly. then she looks around and tosses the cat right into the bin like a piece of rubbish and nonchalantly walks away. >> we didn't think it was going to be the person that it was. we didn't think it was going to be just a lady walking past. when i first saw the video, it was shock at first and then shock soon turned into anger with how anyone could be so cruel. >> the cat didn't scratch her, bite her. it's one of those things you just don't expect people to do. it's not a normal thing going around, putting cats in bins. >> darryl posted the video on facebook to see if anyone recognizes the woman. the video goes viral and sparks a global outrage. >> internet sensation, people very disturbed by this video. >> the woman is identified as mary bale, age 45. she starts receiving death threats and expresses deep regret for her actions. >> it was not intended to cause
12:55 am
any harm to anybody. i apologize really. >> so you did it as a joke? >> i didn't say that. >> but you are sorry? >> yes. of course, i'm sorry. >> on october 19th, 2010, mary bale pleads guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the cat. she's fined 250 pounds. that's almost $400. she's banned from keeping animals for five years. >> what she has done was wrong. to some people, it might just be a cat. but she's our cat. >> the reason for her actions are still unclear. but without the manns' security footage, the mystery of the cat in the bin may never have been solved. >> we were relieved lola was fine and we found her in time. hopefully, it discourages people to not do cruelty to animals. beach goers along the black sea in russia are shocked when they spot a parasailing donkey
12:56 am
overhead. >> eyewitnesses were sad. kids were crying because the donkey, she was crying as well. it's summer 2010. and as part of a bizarre publicity stunt, a local tourist operator rents a donkey and uses it to promote his parasailing business by flying the terrified animal 150 feet in the air. >> they didn't think a lot about what they're doing. the poor donkey, i feel the pain for her. >> a correspondent for the news agency east to west and a frequent contributor to the british newspaper "the sun." >> people, they made pictures of her and like video of her. i think that people couldn't believe this could happen. >> the video shows the donkey strapped into a harness and taking off in the air. she flies for 30 awful minutes. witnesses say from the ground, they could hear the animal
12:57 am
braying. >> i think it's never happened in russia before. so we weren't ready for that kind of accident. >> the donkey finally lands in the water and is pulled to shore, where she's checked by a veterinarian. the video sparks outcry from animal rights groups. the man behind the stunt goes into hiding at a friend's house with the flying donkey. anna tracks them down in a city an hour away. she's the first journalist to find them. >> she was standing in the garden alone. she looked okay. she wasn't damaged. she felt happy to see us, because i bring a lot of food for her, like vegetables. >> but the tale of the flying donkey doesn't end there. with the help of the donkey's real owner, anna helps rescue the animal from the parasailing businessmen. >> we took her away without his
12:58 am
permission because he is not the owner and i have the real owner so we don't have to ask. >> days later, news spreads across europe. "the sun" newspaper is so appalled by the story, they want to adopt anapka. and promise a safe home for her in england. anapka, the flying donkey, soon becomes an international sensation. >> police in southern russia are launching an investigation into animal cruelty. >> anapka is even invited to stay at the prestigious kremlin riding school in moscow where she receives royal treatment. >> fresh vegetables, people are giving her a massage every day and people love to give her attention. >> as for the parasailing businessman, anna believes there's a good chance he won't be held accountable for his actions because of russia's weak laws on animal cruelty. >> i spoke with him many times. he can't even say, i apologize.
12:59 am
he is not even feeling sorry about that. he thinks it's all right. he thinks it's funny. >> the donkey story may be a youtube phenomenon. to anna it was more than a news story, it was a chance to do good. >> i had opportunity to rescue donkey, this animal. and as a human being, you know, to do something good, i'm happy about that. and i really care about her, even now. we spend a lot of time together. she's like my family now. a bold granny, brazen robberies. about six months after the rescue, the donkey dies of a heart attack. a bold granny, brazen robberies and some of the most bizarre situations we've seen. you might not believe them if they weren't caught on camera. that's all for this edition. i'm contessa brewer l)
1:00 am
criminals are everywhere, but so are cameras, watching their every move. >> i ripped his hat off, pulled the mask off his face. >> recording antics that will stun you. >> there were four guys in here. >> catching crimes that range from cold-blooded -- >> it was very brutal. >> to ridiculous. >> the subject was described as being dressed like a tree. >> they had garbage bags on their heads. they had these eyeholes torn out. in this hour, "caught an camera:


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