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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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i'm contessa brewer l) criminals are everywhere, but so are cameras, watching their every move. >> i ripped his hat off, pulled the mask off his face. >> recording antics that will stun you. >> there were four guys in here. >> catching crimes that range from cold-blooded -- >> it was very brutal. >> to ridiculous. >> the subject was described as being dressed like a tree. >> they had garbage bags on their heads. they had these eyeholes torn out. in this hour, "caught an camera:
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criminals they've captured in some of what you see may leave grandmother you're about to meet who fends off a violent attacker this hotel clerk knew working the night shift might mean dealing with some strange >> i had an elderly gentleman try to convince me the invisible >> but she wasn't prepared to wrestle thieves with a harrowing experience caught on
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excuse me, can you tell me where of the counter and he said give not my property, i can't give it so i told him, no, he can't have level when you're standing next instantly comes up with her own
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because he wasn't going to get the purse, he wasn't going to he was in the perfect line of the only thing i could think of was get his face on camera. i ripped his hat off and pulled she also unmasks her inner >> and then i went, wait a i don't know why that sounds
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when he pulled it out, there was surrender and starts wailing on >> somehow i had the phone in my hand and i started hitting him as hard as i could on the head the whole time i'm yelling and screaming for him to get away, there has to be someone in the hotel that could heard me and i had started having a hard so i thought, he broke a rib, it >> it was like instinct took but i've never, ever done anything like that in my entire
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hotel with is a good fight and on, covers his face back up and you don't think i'm not going to >> her hard-fought victory police and paramedics rush to but you never know until it's in
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i just happened to choose to i fought as hard as i could and and it must have been enough family around her, the video is >> the first thing out of my and my mom goes, don't you ever apologize to me again for and everyone else said the same he tried to take me away from my >> i've done this job for 18 part of me said, you know, way with your efforts, i'm glad
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in the meantime, tamarine has to and i had that feeling that he i've got four kids, a grand and at my age, it's getting >> while i was called at home they had seen him on the news weeks before he tried to rob the
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similar type incident where he on him because he had been gone is sentenced to ten years in have been solved so quickly or >> the only way we were probably to watch her, you can see when watching the videotape that that off and to get that mask off him will ever truly know what she >> i don't know if she ever did
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she was only there for one bank and it's not the beginning appeared to think that anything "caught on camera: thieves
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it's not every day sergeant ernie goodno gets a call about a >> the subject was described as i think i was sipping coffee and
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the suspect is reportedly a tree outfit, a foam outfit crew of detectives and we responded to the scene to see tree find the most fitting to when the police arrive on the scene, witnesses confirm the man in question is indeed of a leafy the leaves would hang and fill
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is the disguise is unusually but surprisingly, pretty they think it's funny and this describe him because they were >> not only that, his disguise in fact, people barely notice money from a teller and takes off to the parking lot with his the whole ordeal takes fewer no one in those images appeared to think anything unusual was it's because i primarily deal
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want to stick around in that >> the people in line aren't distressed by the tree among but someone working at the bank >> the bank teller put in a dye electronic device activates the is release today the local track down the thief just 11 >> when i banged on the door, i so i said, hey, jim, i want to just said, jim, i want to talk he cracked open the door, looked obviously, he knew it was a
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>> according to law enforcement, the robber, james coldwell said dealing with some alcohol >> he said he thought he would but he said he actually just attempt is high-risk for low ridiculous branches and leaves >> he maintained a level of looking at -- it wasn't like it's someone that's very cool
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make and fend for himself and the federal prison in otisville, >> we are living proof that it plan, rob a store that sells
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but we use a small camera system >> about midnight after hanging out at this pool hall next door to computer central, darnell smashes the door with a large rock. and wouldn't you know it? >> most of the time, the sound and the sirens, those kind of things will scare the suspect the store, five or six different areas, we have cameras. we move them around a lot so >> he checks out the back of the >> we had a bunch of pcs back
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>> we had a camera set up that >> the perpetrator asked him, i didn't break the glass but >> our employee said, let me grabbed it away from him and >> sergeant toland from the
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gives him the burglar's information about the burglar's >> toland orders darnell to stop suspect here through the yard. i was attempting to pepper spray at one point i finally did time he was finally taken into >> he initially denies charges and is given five years almost too silly to be believed. >> the girl i was training looks over and asks me, is this for real?
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and i said, yes, this is real, and later, in some cases, thought it would be at least it was amazing how one guy could ó÷w
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word has it, the trash bag is the new ski mask, or at least that's what these two masters of disguise in west virginia jenny gibson, a waitress at jolly pirate donut shop, starts off her night shift as she >> my shift starts at 10:00 at chocolate sauce them, icing them that went smoothly.
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a strange car kept pulling into the parking lot and almost hit a said a guy come out from behind the dumpster and walked across parking lot usually say hi so behavior, the sisters start of the register and hiding it in my register throughout the you notice things a little bit change shifts with the morning
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get on the floor, to get down, i'm laying there trying to will him to get on the floor or >> but something seems a little >> so the garbage bags and the the girl i was training looks
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going to come behind the stay on the floor, to keep the whole robbery happen on the i couldn't tell if he had a gun >> sammy screams for the night manager who's in the back as >> i said, they're being robbed and i'm surprised they didn't i tried to get out the front he held his arms up and wouldn't >> i did not want sammy to come i did not need my sister out she was safe, as far as i was as long as they didn't come over my shoulder trying to make sure they weren't coming behind >> helpless, as they wait for
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the police to arrive, sammy's >> i was thinking of what they could do to jenny and the other kept telling him to get down and the thieves storm out with the lottery tickets and the >> we went out front and made because that was her first she'd only been here like two we made sure the gentleman was >> the police arrive on the scene and jenny and sammy give their account of what happened jenny remembers something strange about one of her he said he didn't have enough for your time and he turned or like he had been working all
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he was going to become a the man jenny remembers as being he's actually the man that held >> i doesn't take much to go back and rewind the footage of the camera and we're looking where pretty much everybody one of the detectives in the town knows the men involved. >> one of the detectives here in our office had been around for 30 plus years and you just about run over every criminal that's come and gone.
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just a family affair for jenny in fact, they're actually father in a robbery like this actually they're drunk when they carry charges have been brought a grand jury is expected to hear
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cameras record the brutal and later, a bank security but will the video lead to the located up above my head looking straight down on the night deposit box which captured the
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welcome back to "caught on some of the videos we've shown but the video you're about to woman in an elevator and she's but what she got instead was an string of vicious muggings
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>> she lives about a mile from she occasionally makes surprise and that day, unfortunately, she >> before she arrived at her niece's house, she makes a few feeling uneasy on this day from feeling, as if something was this bank to withdraw money to give to her grandnieces who are
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>> he waited while she went into he waited while she went into he waited while she went into arrives at her niece's apartment the kitchen and doesn't hear the but her aunt is let into the building by someone else who the man following her in doesn't setting foot in an apartment as within seconds, he has france trapped alone with him in the
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talks to her, makes her feel asks her what floor she's going he's very calculating about the >> as the fifth floor approaches and france tries to walk out of idea any of this is happening >> the elevator is just steps >> she lays there for several minutes, unconscious and then
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elevator and then finally makes it out. had a nervous breakdown and someone found her and brought her wig, she did not have her >> claire finds out her aunt has right away but finds out they're the video is released to the media to help find the a break in the case comes when detective matthew walker from the nypd recognizes the
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i realized that it was very >> this guy got out of prison on whom i talked to who was still terrified and it had been since still terrified, completely >> lillian france makes it out of the elevator with only minor but like a lot of the other victims he attacked, she's robbed of a lot more than just life, really, truly the head of before, we did not look at her and now she's totally dependent
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attacked so viciously tugs on what he did to her was caught on i think that everybody's got a everybody can relate and even if you don't have a grandmother anymore, you certainly know how goes door to door raising money to replace the $900 that's >> they were horrified and they show my aunt that there are still good young people out >> france is recovering from her
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attacker, pleads not guilty to letter saying he did it because responsible for 12 similar if convicted on the current charges, he faces up to 25 years in prison. lillian france knows there's video of her attack, but she has and to again with, i felt sorry for him because i thought he was ?[??o?w6[?÷??ñ?ñw?ño
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the criminal caught on camera in this surveillance video gives a brand-new meaning to the term break-in. welcome to ft. worth, texas, home to paul's liquor store and quite possibly the most absurd break-in you'll ever see. at about 1:15 in the morning, larry bynum strolls around to the back of paul's to break into the store through a vent hood on the roof. first he has to scale the wall to get him to his point of entry, which is giving him some trouble. after about ten minutes of unsuccessful attempts, he gives the roof one last try and makes it. >> there was a vent hood -- when we purchased this building -- this building was a restaurant. and we didn't cover the vent. that's how he got in.
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>> within a few seconds of him climbing up the roof and down the vent shaft, the insulation from the ceiling inside starts to give way. and so does the burglar. >> his hat got in first and was that's what saved his life, i a few bumps and bruises don't >> he also makes his way over to the cash register, which has no but there are a plethora of
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stolen ticket, you're in big >> bynum has been in the store he cut the phone line and the i mean, can you believe that we would make it easy for you to he tries several methods to pry
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actual bottle and the actual mix >> he has to go out the same way either, nor does his theory that the worker is also one of our something, so that's why he arrive on the scene to let him
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could practically get drunk off >> there was a river of liquor police said that because of all it would be at least four, four guys in here, to make all the when i saw him in the back of >> bynum causes almost $10,000 it takes a month of cleaning to
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building and is sentenced to one >> when i saw it, i just wanted >> when "caught on camera: wmññkoño
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a cold-blooded murder caught on camera. the victim is phillip leon washington, a 50-year-old money courier. he's murdered at the state bank and trust in dallas, texas, just as he is about to make his nightly deposit. >> they've taken someone's father. they've taken someone's husband,
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>> it's rare to actually capture have the murder on video, and yet, we haven't been able to the problem is, the suspects are masked, so one cannot identify a and as a result, the case >> as a money courier, phillip's >> his normal routine was to and he would go pick up the
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>> he is aware it's potentially so, philip always takes several he never tells anyone what he >> i was on him about stopping i don't like you having to leave you should be in the bed >> and when he doesn't come home at his usual time, she's worried an hour later, when a phone call comes from the hospital, barbara's worst fears are >> i said, is he all right? and she says, we'll talk to
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information over the phone, we'll talk to you when you get here. get here as soon as you can. >> barbara and one of their daughters arrive at the hospital and receive the news, phillip has been murdered. >> in my mind, i thought accident. and she said, "i'm sorry, he didn't --" and so, at that point, something happened to me, surfaces of the murder from the >> the surveillance camera was located up here, up above my course, captured the whole as you see from the video, mr. washington turned around and before he was able to draw his
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and then he eventually flees the scene in mr. washington's pickup after the shot was fired, a and they were the ones who actually found mr. washington down in the parking lot and and so, i still hadn't processed ground, i saw it, but i still
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>> no arrests were made in the murder for more than two years until police acting on a tip arrest 31-year-old kenneth wayne nobody can escape cameras sometimes that feels a little also the reason many criminals if you have a video you'd like to send to us, you can logon to
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that's it for this edition of lame-hit piece joke. president obama goes all jersey on the donald and republicans before tens of thousands at the rutgers commencement. wait until you hear what job hillary clinton has in mind for her husband if she becomes president. plus, it was a bruising weekend in baseball. look at this. ouch! the world's largest cruise ship sets sail and a shark bite like we've never seen. "first look" starts right now. good must onday morning to . i'et


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