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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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lame-hit piece joke. president obama goes all jersey on the donald and republicans before tens of thousands at the rutgers commencement. wait until you hear what job hillary clinton has in mind for her husband if she becomes president. plus, it was a bruising weekend in baseball. look at this. ouch! the world's largest cruise ship sets sail and a shark bite like we've never seen. "first look" starts right now. good must onday morning to . i'm betty nguyen. a busy day in politics ahead. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are on the eve of their head-to-head matchups in the oregon and kentucky primaries.
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and in a bruising fight for the democratic nomination, clinton is looking for her opportunity to put the contest away. but we begin with president obama who, without a democratic presidential nominee, is embracing his role in the presidential campaign as chief spokesman for his party. addressing rutgers university in its 250th commencement anniversary, he took some not-so-veiled swipes at donald trump and the republican party. >> when you hear someone longing for the good old days, take it with a grain of salt. the world is more interconnected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. isolating or disparaging muslims, suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country, that is not just a
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betrayal of our values. >> as for trump, well, he's not hitting back against the president, but he is going after "the new york times." the gray lady published personal stories from women who either met or knew the republican presumptive nominee for president. the paper says some of those interviews revealed, quote, unwelcome advances, a shrew reliance on ambition and an unsettling workplace conduct over decades. well, trump lashed out, calling the story a, quote, lame-hit piece. in a tweet, he said the media is on a witch hunt against him. and in another post, he called the paper dishonest, saying "the new york times" failed to interview women he recommended. one of the reporters of that piece shot back, calling trump's claim factually inaccurate. rnc chairman reince priebus said trump still has some work to do when it comes to female voters. >> look, i mean, these are things that he's going to have to answer for, but i also think they're things from many years ago. i think as christians, judging each other, i think, is problematic.
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i think it's when people live in glass houses and throw stones is when people get in trouble. >> now, all of this as a new maureen dowd interview with trump reveals he referred to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren as pocahontas when discussing his twitter feud with her. and trump is also lashing out across the pond, talking to itv's piers morgan about london's new mayor, sadique khan. >> when he won, i wished him well. now i don't care about him. i mean, it doesn't make any difference to me. let's see how he does. let's see if he's a good man. >> are you offended by what he said? >> yes, he doesn't know what i'm all about. i think they're very rude statements. and frankly, tell him i will remember those statements, very nasty statements. >> stalwarts including bill kristol and mitt romney continue to push for a third-party candidate to take on trump. "the washington post" reports these republicans have been commissioning private polling, lining up major funding sources and courting potential
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contenders like ohio governor john kasich. well, kasich has privately told sources he has no interest in running. the rnc chairman called a possible third-party run a suicide mission. but trump did have a moment of bipartisanship this weekend. he and vice president joe biden sat just 30 yards from one another at u-penn's commencement. trump was there for his daughter, tiffany, while biden's granddaughter, naomi, also received her diploma. the busy vice president jointly accepted an honorary degree from the university of notre dame along with former house speaker john boehner. both men set their differences aside to accept the award. given to prominent catholics. as for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both candidates spent their weekend campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primaries. sanders continued his liberal call to arms while clinton began to lay out what role her husband and former president, bill clinton, would have in her administration. >> i was saying earlier in louisville where we had a big rally, my husband, who i'm going
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to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how to do it. especially in places like coal country and inner cities. >> clinton is expected to campaign in kentucky today. sanders is in puerto rico for town halls and rallies focusing on the country's debt, health care and more. the ntsb is investigating a bus crash that killed eight people and injured 44 others in laredo, texas. now, last year the bus company was ordered twice to take one of its buses off the road to fix brake and emergency exit issues. nbc's sarah dallof is in laredo with the latest on the victims and the investigation. >> reporter: we're told the majority of the victims are in their 50s to 60s with one victim being as old as 83. they were traveling to a casino on the texas/mexico border. they were on a charter bus when it rolled just before noon. the county medical examiner describes it as the worst commercial vehicle accident she has seen in ten years.
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the ntsb now is on scene. they've launched their own investigation, looking into what caused this accident. one possibility, slick roads. we're told it was raining at the time of the accident. no word yet on if that contributed to this tragedy. in laredo, texas, i'm sarah dallof, nbc news. the obama administration's diplomatic point man in the fight against isis says the group is shrinking. special presidential envoy brett mcguirk also says that the terrorist group is losing territory and that the coalition against isis is succeeding. >> we are finding the leaders. we're killing the leaders. and that's going to continue. they're shutting down access to internet cafes, doing all sorts of things in raqqah which just shows us to that they're increasingly nervous, and they should be vs in. >> these comments came the same day that a string of isis attacks killed at least 29 people. 15 people near baghdad and another 14 at a coordinated assault on a natural gas plant north of baghdad. more than 140 people in total have been killed during five
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straight days of attacks around the iraqi capital. federal aviation officials are investigating a deadly stunt plane crash at an atlanta area air show saturday that was caught on camera. and we do have a warning for you today because some viewers may find this video disturbing. it shows the plane rising high into the air in what appears to be a loop. the plane descends and seems to lose control, crashing into the ground and killing the pilot. authorities say the weather was clear at the time. there's still no word yet on what caused that crash. fortunately, though, no one on the ground was hurt. rescue crews who responded to a florida shark attack on sunday say they have never seen anything like this. check it out. a two-foot-long nurse shark clamped down on a woman's arm and would for the let go. even after it died. the woman was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. and with the shark still attached to her arm. officials say nurse sharks are commonly found in offshore florida waters, but attacks on humans remain rare. let's get down to business
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with cnbc's landon dowdy. good monday morning to you. >> good monday morning to you. amazon is set to expand the number of private label goods it sells as it takes on walmart and supermarket chains. "the wall street journal" reports it will launch several new lines in the coming weeks including tea, coffee, baby food, diapers and laundry detergent. >> everything, it seems. >> exactly right. the products will be available to amazon prime members only, betty. also, chinese nationals are buying up lots of u.s. real estate as the wealthy rush to get their money into overseas assets. a report says that they poured more than $110 billion into the u.s. last year, making them the largest foreign buyers of u.s. property. and meanwhile, google is searching for drivers in arizona -- well, sort of. the company has placed ads for people to be behind the wheel for road tests of self--driving cars. it pays 20 bucks an hour and you must have a college degree, clean driving record and be able to type at least 40 words per minute. >> 20 bucks an hour just to sit in a car?
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hey, i can do that. >> i'd take it. i don't know about the 40 words a minute, but i'll try. thousands of people your honor itted out sunday to watch the maiden voyage of the world's largest ship. get this, royal caribbean's harmony of the seas has 16 decks. it's longer than the height of the eiffel tower and can hold 6,300 passengers and 2,100 crew members. betty, what do you think? >> i think the buffet lines are going to be, as bernie sanders says, yuge. can you imagine on a ship that big? up next, an incredible scene of a road wreck unfolding right before your eyes. plus, a texas-size bench-clearing baseball brawl. and this one got really ugly. "first look" is back in three.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back to "first look." i'm sure i wasn't the only one that's going to go digging deep in the closet for the winter hat and gloves this morning. it's a cold sunday and even worse this morning in some spots. it's snowing in northern portions of maine. and there's snow showers through the adirondacks. it's 32 degrees in columbus,
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ohio, right now. 39 in buffalo. we're in the 40s in the mid-atlantic region. there's a little bit of windchill in the northeast, but it's not horrible. things will slowly get a little better. we also have areas of heavy rain from corpus christi northwards heading towards houston later on today. be careful of heavy rain there. as far as severe weather goes, it looks like western portions of oklahoma is where the storms will form. then they'll head towards oklahoma city, laughton and wichita falls. mostly going to be large hail and strong, gusty winds, isolated tornadoes. and then tomorrow a much larger area is at threat. 22 million people. we're going to watch san antonio to houston up to shreveport. not too many tornadoes this week, betty. that's what's good. we're going to get severe weather but not the twisters. >> the twisters is where it gets really difficult and scary. thank you. in the latest "nbc news on assignment," richard engel used a cache of files of americans who allegedly joined isis. he investigated the names held
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on a thumb drive received from a man claiming to be an isis defector. the information could hold clues to what motivates americans to join the terror group. for a look at the path to radicalization and reaction of friends and family, check out the full story on a car's dashcam captured an accident that most would find a little too close for comfort. look at that. it happened friday morning as the truck was approaching the tappan zee bridge north of new york city. police say the truck was carrying scrap metal, and it broke an axle and then rolled onto its side, as you see right here. that crash created a traffic nightmare, as you can imagine, closing down all lanes in both directions for hours. fortunately, no one was injured. but what a mess. all right. so over the weekend dozens of navy s.e.a.l.s and surfers paid tribute to fallen navy s.e.a.l. charlie keating iv. the 31-year-old was killed may 3rd in a gun battle with islamic state militants. a paddle-out was held in
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coronado, california, in keating's memory. and an 9-year-old world war ii vet is making a cross-country road trip on his harley to honor fallen service members. university of richmond chancellor bruce heilman served as a marine in the pacific, even surviving a plane crash at iwo jima. his 6,000-mile trip will take him from california to arlington national cemetery by memorial day. good for him. all right. let's get you some sports now. the timberwolves carl anthony townes is expected to be named nba rookie of the year. according to multiple reports, the official announcement is scheduled for later this morning. now, to the action in toronto, the raptors dominated game seven against the heat, winning 116-89. kyle lowrie led the way with 35 points. toronto faces cleveland in the eastern conference finals. there was a texas-sized bench-clearing brawl as the rangers hosted the blue jays. after being hit by a pitch, jose
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bautista goes in for the hard slide and the fight is on. look at that. bautista got punched in the face by ranger odor. in total, eight players and coaches were ejected. texas won, though, 7-6. jason day, he went wire to wire to win the players championship. now, no one came within two shots in the final round of the world's number one player. day finished at 15 under. four shots ahead of american kevin chapel for his seventh title in the past ten months. the australian takes home the $1.9 million prize. the richest in golf. not a bad day, huh? serena williams won the italian open, her 70th career title. congratulations to her. the world's number one women's player defeated fellow american madison keys in two sets for her first victory in nine months. 16 minutes past the hour. ben carson is naming names on donald trump's vp list. "scrambled politics" is next.
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19 minutes past the hour. "scrambled politics." media personality glenn beck will meet with officials on wednesday in the wake of a report that the company had suppressed the flow of trending stories by conservative voices and outlets. zuckerberg has denied there's any evidence the company purposely excluded conservative stories and has vowed to conduct a full investigation into the claim. ben carson, he is naming names. speaking to "the washington post" over the weekend, carson
2:20 am
said sarah palin, john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz and chris christie are all on trump's vp list. well, hold up. because trump squashed that, saying rubio and most others are not under consideration. there you go. all right. so meanwhile, hillary clinton added her voice and ad dollars to the growing chorus calling for trump to release his taxes. her campaign posted this new ad just this weekend. >> maybe i'm going to do the tax returns when obama does his birth certificate. >> the state of hawaii released my official long-form birth certificate. ♪ >> if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. and john oliver also joined in, giving trump and his taxes a late-night treatment as only john oliver could.
2:21 am
>> on friday morning, he attempted to justify not releasing his tax returns, and it did not go great. >> there have been many presidents that have not shown their tax returns. >> actually, every single nominee since 1976 has released their tax returns. >> right, before 1976 people didn't do it. >> yeah, sure. but there were a lot of things we did before 1976 that seem crazy now, like smoking on airplanes and thinking elliott gould was a major sex symbol. the point is, times have changed. >> indeed. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." let's bring in author ellis henniken. >> that was funny. you mean elliott gould isn't a major sex symbol? >> he definitely was at some point. no, not really. it seems like every week donald trump is in the midst of some kind of controversy, right? it keeps us -- you know, the rnc chairman says don't worry about it. people don't care. is he right?
2:22 am
>> well, clearly a lot of people don't. i mean, you notice he did pretty well in those primaries. >> yeah, the primary numbers. >> there's one group, though, that i think is interesting. forget about the hardcore hillary people. they're going to stick with her and the trumpees probably as well. but there is a group of republicans who are uncomfortable with trump, and these things might be kind of pushing them in it the direction -- think of them as the paul ryan category. >> i got you. those are the people that both sides are really trying to get, right? >> exactly, exactly right. >> here's the problem. because on the other hand, it seems like, you know, from democratic party leaders, hillary clinton is a conventional candidate and an unconventional election, right? so that it could boil down to likability. can she win the race if it's based upon likability? >> boy. charm is not really her strong suit, i wouldn't say. >> she's had a problem with that, hasn't she? >> and it's funny because she's married to the most charming guy you've ever met. whether you agree with him or not. it's a problem for her. i think the public speaking is
2:23 am
still rough. the shouting is still an issue. >> but don't call it shrill. >> you know, to me, it sounds a little shrill sometimes. >> does it? >> that may be sexist, i don't know. >> i don't know, you may get in trouble for that. >> don't yell. you never yell. >> no, i try not to. at least not on air. you know, president obama, he wasn't yelling, but he was actually really taking some pot shots at donald trump at the rutgers commencement speech over the weekend. is he making a better argument for democratic presidential candidate to win than the candidates themselves? >> yes. and it's difficult because he doesn't know which candidate he's going to be backing. i mean, he has a pretty good idea. but there's not someone formally in that role yet. but yeah, he made the argument very strongly at that graduation. and i expect that between now and november, he's going to be out there a lot. he does not want donald trump to be his successor. >> no, you could tell. >> his whole legacy is at stake. i'm expecting we're going to be a very, very, very active obama
2:24 am
in the next few months. >> he definitely was during that speech. he took a lot of shots. it was interesting to hear. he wasn't holding back. ellis, thank you so much. just ahead, as the 2016 summer games get closer, why russia is taking an apologetic tone. plus, it's a birthday pageant fit for a queen. you're watching "first look." you know when i first started out,
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leading the news in "the new york times," a russian official apologizes for doping problem but says athletes should not be barred. the country's sports minister admitted officials, coaches and athletes made serious mistakes during the 2014 sochi olympics. but despite doping accusations, he asked for athletes to still be allowed to compete this summer in brazil. and in "usa today," navy
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s.e.a.l.s secret medals reveal heroism during past 15 years. two navy crosses and more than 100 silver star medals have been secretly awarded since america went to war in 2001. earlier this year, the pentagon said it plans to review the nation's top awards bestowed since 9/11 to determine if they should be upgraded. all right. so the queen of england has been celebrating her 90th birthday for about a month now. lucky if we all could do that, right? but the celebration and climax last night when the queen arrived in a massive procession to the grounds of windsor castle. the monarch steps out of the ornate horse-drawn carriage and is greeted by the heir to the throne, her son, charles, and wife, camilla. grandson, william, was in attendance as the celebrations got under way including amazing military displays on a grand scale with over 900 horses, cannons that you saw there and much more, all fit for britain's longest-serving monarch and a birthday party truly fit for a
2:29 am
queen. i mean, it should be. it's been lasting, what, a month now. >> a lot of people say this is my birth week or my birth month. >> but a month? >> she's doing it. >> yeah, exactly. i'm betty nguyen, and this is "first look." don't forget to like us on facebook. perhaps the weirdest thing involving trump this week was the release of tapes suggesting that in the '90s, he had for some reason invented a publicist for himself named john miller and pretended to be him on the phone. >> by the way, i know him. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr because he gets so much of it. >> where did you come from? >> i work for a couple of different firms. and i'm somebody that knows. and i think somebody that he likes. >> that is so perfectly donald trump. even his imaginary alter ego reflectively brags about himself. >> donald trump feeling the heat this morning as he continues to
2:30 am
deny it was his voice in that leaked tape pretending to be his own publicist. and he gets the front-page treatment from "the new york times." and the hits keep on coming. president obama seems to take a swipe at the presumptive republican nominee while giving advice of what not to do to the class of 2016. and slugged. a year-long feud between the toronto blue jays and texas rangers erupts into a brawl and a right hook to the face. ouch! it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning. it is monday, may 16th. i'm chris jansing. big weekend for the class of 2016. the graduates and the pren


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