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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi everybody, it is good to have you with me. i am thomas roberts. today, the new york times are firing back of donald trump's history with women after drawing criticisms from the story's main character. >> i don't have a negative story to give about donald trump because i don't have a negative, you know, account of anything. i just really felt that they misled me into that the entire time into that article and it was almost a trap. >> i am uncomfortable with the journalism of this story. >> i think the story helped him. i do. i think it is going to create worse problems for hillary clinton. >> i don't think donald trump in his personal life did something that people are looking at and saying oh, i am surprise that he has had girlfriends in the past. that's not what people are looking at donald trump. >> president obama talking to graduates making his force full case yet against the gop presumptive nominee, will donald
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trump be responding. >> when you hear someone wanting for the god ood old things. take it with a grain soft salt. in politics and life, ignorant is not a virtue. [ cheers ] >> did hillary clinton prepare for another primary fight this time in kentucky. tomorrow, a new role for her husband and former president bill clinton. >> i already told my husband if i am fortune to be the president and he will be the front gentleman. [ cheers ] >> our nbc political team has this cover on the ground. in the last hour, we have the former trump girlfriend speaking with my colleague, peter alexander and she pushed back against the time and how it
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depicted their relationship. >> i was not happy with the way the article was written. i was promised that it would not be done that way and it was absolutely was. it seems to me that they must have some sort of agenda and they're following it. >> the times' profile traces trump's relationships with many women. it is been six weeks interruing men and women and 50 of these interviews from his school days and to the present. it also features women's accounts on positive experiences in private and in business. trump criticized the times specifically siting brewer lane's interview. with the coming forward of the woman women, we exposed the article with a frau. >> a spokesperson says, miss
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brewer lane was quoted fairly and the story provides context. i want to start with katy tur, katy is joining me now from the trump's tower. we got push backs from the trump's campaign to this story. donald trump is trying to make sure people feel that this is a fraudulent type of story. what are they saying more to under mind the credibility of the story or maybe not have him to profile it to such a playboy as to presidential. >> reporter: they are not saying anything about this story particularly other than donald trump tweeted this morning. they believe that he's -- they firmly believe that he was an entertainer at the time and people know who he was and know what he was doing.
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they're not going to hold him against him. they'll also say to you that donald trump has promoted a number of women within the organization and promoted women of high positions of pooir and many others would not have done during the time he did it. promoting women to controlling in con transduction roles that were not necessarily given to them in that era. this specific piece with the campaign itself is saying, they are not coming back and pushing back against it. although, miss brewer lane is herself coming back and coming out and refuting it and talking to peter alexander a little while ago. listen to what more she had to say about it. >> i never said that he paraded me anymore, that word keeps oncoming up. it is a negative, ugly word. he didn't take me out there and ask anybody what you are
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thinking. >> you said you were flattered. >> he didn't ask anybody anything and he said "now, thaths a st that's a stunning trump's girl." i was very flattered by that. >> donald trump has a severe gender gap when it comes to hillary clinton and female support. the campaign does not believe this will be a problem in the general election. they're calling this a quote and unquote missed and the real gender gap is hillary clinton with men. katy, thanks so much, joining me is barry bennett. he also serves as campaign manager for doctor ben carson. i want to start with the new york times reporter on cnn talking about lane's interview and what she says having her words taken out of context. take a listen. >> none of the facts are
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disputed. he asked her to put on a bathing suit and she put it on and he expressed admiration for her and brought her back out to a male group and said she was a stunning looking trump women. i think that story speaks for itself. history we have now going on saying she does not agree with the way it is reported. charact what factor is correct? >> it is not fact. it is the opinions that they inserted in the story. she never said it. she does not feel it and it is obviously a drog tear woerogato. >> she likes donald trump and she always has. >> there are 50 people that were used to put together this story
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and different interviews, they use six weeks men and women going back to border day schools, all the way up. is the trump campaign going to speak up. >> well, they said 50 interviews. >> they took a lot of load off our books. they were not interview, they took a passage from one book. >> yeah. >> but, i mean the executives were -- it is a complex story, it is not sbeerly a negative story but they a.exaggerated th negative part. when it comes to the some derogatory comments that are smelled out in this piece. thesis are from years ago, we know that there have been some people that have brought issue with the way donald trump has
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referenced women modern day. donald trump's part of the strategy is to go after bill clinton and making this judgment call about hillary clinton, is that a problem? when we are tliihinking about holding the spouse account holdab holdable. she called her names a 21 years old girl or intern of the oval office and she went after her. that's the problem, i mean. but, here is the thing know. and when you think about this and what a marriage means and what people goes through. no two people knows much than the people in that marriage. is donald trump exposing himself to the fact that he feels marriage is dismissposalable. a lot of people are going through this in this country. this is really their business.
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why should this become a campaign issue. >> i don't think it should be be? the left is trying to make it a story desperately. >> in the 1980s there are a lot to be ashamed of. i was 18 in the 1980s. i nemean, you know, things have changed a lot. >> that's the reason why i want to ask you about this because donald trump is saying new york times as part of the strategy that he wanted to be st. patrick's day strategic by calling him to question. is that a risky strategy and why are you going down this road? why would you allow the campaign to go down this road if you say it does not matter. >> it is a counter push back to all of this stuff that donald trump pays women but she does not. >> there is no evidence to that. but, if they want to talk about how how people are treating.
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>> his demeaning and you know he either does not care about women and use them and throw them away. >> all these kinds of things. we look at the policy issues here and we know that big meetings have happened between donald trump and reince priebus talking about the new york times report over the weekend. this is his opinion about it. take a listen. >> we have been work ong this primary for over a year, chris. i have got to tell you, i think all these stories that come out and they come out every couple of weeks, people just don't care. >> so if people don't care and we look at how women feel currently in this primary season and the general election between trump and hillary clinton.
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we have trump losing about 26 points. does the campaign feels that female voters do and will care about what a president jump means. private life? reflection of public services. >> he's got a problem with men and she's got a problem with women. they're going to try to fix it and we'll see who is better at it. >> would you advise donald trump not to go after bill clinton's affair. >> it depends on what she does. >> it is all depended on secreta secretary clinton. >> yeah. >> what should she do to engage donald trump in that way. >> talking about them behaving badly is not one of the strong things. it is not an important issue, right? >> we have millions and millions of americans.
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millions that are unemployed and millions are sending their kids to school that are not teaching and people who feels that washington does not listening and we are lying to them. >> if win ton going to donald trump, that'll open him up. >> counter that. >> trump's senior advisor, very good to have you with us. >> do you think the new york times story on trump and women helps or hurts him? >> check it out, the pulse is live, we'll share some of your thoughts coming up later this hour. joinsiing us now is kristin welker and katy hunt is in the ground today. crystal, let me start with you. >> you heard what barry ben in the ben nit would say.
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what are they saying of the reaction of the new york times speak. anything? it fits in their broad earline of attack against donald trump. they're trying to capitolize on the fact that she's winning and she's telling number of events that's targeting voters and republican women and independent women so i think it all feezsats the narrative. thomas, look, the other key focus is his tactixes. going after his taxes allowing the campaign to get him on a couple of points. and then to hit him on the issue of does he stay true to his work because he had said in the past that he would release his tax returns. the question is, will these attacks work? >> donald trump said controversial things that did
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not hurt him at all. whether it be different for the general election. >> in terms of a debate and donald trump making her on over bill clinton's past and discretion, i am told we'll continue to see secretary clinton not addressing those i tacti attacks directly. >> katy let's talk to katy tur. they're pushing ahead to the general, what are you hearing? >> well, thomas, it is a reflection of the reality that this general election campai campaign -- priority u.s. a and the superpac supporting hillary clinton is plan to accelerate its anti-trump campaign.
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now, they're going to go up on the air way before the primaries are over starting on wednesday. we are keeping an eye on what the team of that is going to be. is it going to be business or his wealth or whether or not if there is questions based on not releasing a tax returns of how much wealth he does have. whether is portraying him risky on national security. this campaign is goings to be swing states. ohio and florida and virginia and among them that tells you what they think about this potential planet that the trump campaign had been talking about. it is clear they believe they had to start on those main string state, first. >> you heard them talking about taxes and donald trump's diamondbacks returns. >> by the soon of october.
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>> the audit is over when? >> any big bomb shells in there? >> i don't think what people care about his marginal tax rate is. >> i encourage everybody checking out tomorrow with our coverage at 5 eastern time. tuck todd is next. who does and does not want to be donald trump's running mate. >> newt gingrich are campaigning into the role and others are running away as quickly as possible. >> ben nit, who's your top three? >> almost, it is somethi-- i am there in the break and back in a minute.
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what about nikki haley? >> also not interested. >> paul ryan? >> he says not right now but he will see you in hell. [ laughter ] >> lyndsey craig? >> he says he would love to but he laughs so hard that i had to walk away. >> there we have "saturday night live" this week. over the weekend reported of five names given to them. doctor ben carson telling cnn that you should not take any names he's given on the vp selection process too seriously. >> basically, what i was saying that i am not going to tell you so any name you throw out, yeah, i am going to say sure, it does not mean they're on the short list o r a serious consideration. >> rick tiler is a political
10:21 am
analyst for msnbc. thanks for having you on. >> why someone representing with campaign who he is cavalier of the way he talks about his short list. >> i think ben carson needs to stop talking as soon as possible. time after time, they're walking back on what he has said. they said he's ahead of the vp team and he was not and he's a candidate from the vp team. this goes on and on. ben carson talking to paul ryan so called to warm the roochm. that did not see necessary. it is an odd role that ben carson is playing. >> the names included are not
10:22 am
being in vetted with this. >> does the perception, not perception but the problem of no thank you feed in the perception that trump is going to have a hard time filling out this presidential ticket. >> i don't know, resisting a vice presidential ticket is a hard thing to do. it is an honor to be chosen and historic. it is a little over rated. people think the vp pick and we play this policy game of four years and it does not matter that much. i think it is interesting this time though, i do think because so many people have seen to be more than just politely saying gee, it is nice to be considered, they're actively saying -- it is a little different. i think hillary clinton take is going to be interesting on the other side. >> here is what donald trump had in response for the washington
10:23 am
post story. >> most others mentioned are not in the consideration. >> that would mean maybe one or two of the other names could be correct and one of the names on there is sarah palin. do you think that is accurate, do you think that sarah palin could be under consideration. >> it maybe. she ran on a ticket and she did not do very well and he was not very good with media scrutiny. i don't think marco rubio is going to do it. i think john kasich may do it if he was offered. i think the senator from ohio, his name is -- he could be a potential. >> newt does not seem to have a political agenda. i think he will play a type
10:24 am
role. he does have vast amount of experience in military affairs and intelligence and foreign poli policy. i cannot think of anyone else besides donald trump who gets much earned media as newt gingrich had. >> he had more divorces than donald trump. >> that i canake a look at what said about the british's prime minister. >> who knows, i hope to have a good relationship with him. it sounds like he's not willing to address the problem either. >> when we have trump talking about that, is it critical? >> i really think so, the whole world is watching this. the whole world watches american
10:25 am
politics. many of us could not name the foreign minister but they're all keyed in and they know donald trump's name and they're watching to see who donald trump picks. it is necessarily that we have someone who understands foreign policies and all the politics that's involved and how to negotiate these different countries. political negotiations are about profit in the bottom line, they're about power. >> gingrich has that. we got breaking news on the supreme court in the contracepti contraceptive mandate behind obamacare. jo josh earnest is weighing in a moment ago. ensuring women nationwide has access to health care including
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. . breaking news from the supreme court, justices have given partial wins to both supporters and opponents on the obama mandate on contraceptive. now the hope is those groups will be able to honor their r g religious believes while giving female employees access to contraceptives. pete williams is at the supreme court. >> reporter: it looks like when you have eight justices who are tied 4-4. the supreme court did not decide on any big issues. obamacare specifically exempts
10:30 am
houses and worships from the requirement preventing contra semiactivity for employees. the government said no, all tough do is provide us notice and we'll take it from there. the group says even that violates the religious freedom. today, the sploupreme court is going to decide on these issues. the religious affiliated group would contract with their insurance company for a plan that does not include a contraceptive care. the question in the lower courts to the extent that this does go back and there is any kind of settlement here, it is clearly saying they would favor and even that is hijacking the insurance plans of the religious groups to use a term that their lawyers used here at the supreme court
10:31 am
argument. that's where it goes from here. from now, fundamentally religious groups are involved and there are about two dozens of them. their employees will get coverage under this compromise. >> pete williams in washington outside of the supreme court, thank you for explaining all that for us. appreciate it. the question being of a third party bid. the republican chairman mcallin that chairman to a donald trump suicide downside. and president talked about donald trump without saying his name over the weekend. >> the best selling author of "lean in" talks about resilience and what she learned after her husband's unexpected death. >> dave's death changed me in profound ways. i learned of the depth of sadness. i also learned that when life
10:32 am
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and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. what trump says about foreign policy is not defensive, it is dangerous. i don't think any americans want a loose cannon in the oval office. when he had said he will pull us out of nato which is our most important military alliance, that raises not just red flags, that raises dangerous signals.
10:36 am
>> there we have clinton hitting donald trump just moments ago at a rally that's taking place in kentucky. clinton is fighting for a win in that state, kentucky is holding their primary tomorrow. some republicans are marshaling their resources in hopes of presenting a third party candidate from keeping donald trump from winning the white house. these attempts can damage the party's goals for generations. >> it is a suicide mission because you are not only changing and throwing out a eight years of the white house but you are throwing out potential generations in the supreme court. we could have up to three justices change over in the next eight years and this a suicide mission. it is not right and i think what people should do is take the paul ryan approach which is to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there is common ground. >> so halie jackson is live for us in washington sorting through the possibility of this as priebus calling it a suicide
10:37 am
mission. what are you hearing about the force marching these resources that could go into a third party bid. >> yeah, given you got to wonder who's doing the marshaling and what kind of resources do they have in place. mit romney has reached out to a couple of people including nebraska's senator and john kasich. those two politicians uninterested mounted in any kind of -- where were you weeks ago when you were in this race and could have run against trump. we got names being floated by conservative against trump's group, possibly mark cuban if you got this billionaire out spoken reality star. he is also not interested. the question now is if you get
10:38 am
people continuing to say no to this wharks a this, what are the chances you will find somebody will say yes. this is possible and the tougher it gets to find somebody to lead the chart. there is some operative this is not a fantasy and this could potentially happen. when you look at the momentum and the idea of it coming difficult, i would say tactically in texas is not possible to get on the ballot. right in campaign could be possible, this feels to many and the republican community is a real long shot that's coming too late. >> yeah, the rule and the calendar makes this all the more of a hell mary. >> hall ie jackson, it is greato see you. mark cuban is going to join "mtp
10:39 am
daily," you can watch that interview at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. >> president obama during a commencement address, the president laid out some criticisms about donald trump without ever mentioning his name. until when our leader expressed a sustained effect, when they're not held accountable for repeating falsehoods and making stuff up. while actual experts are dismissed as a leader. >> we got a problem. >> now, our senior political mark murray. >> the president did not hold back but he did not say trump specifically. he talked in contrast of things we learned of what trump said. >> yeah. >> president obama is eager to get involved. >> this is a president obama who
10:40 am
seems to be inching to get on the campaign trail for the 2016 general election, thomas. it is worth knowing he's able to hit that campaign trail until the primary season has included. he did not mention donald trump's name but you end up reading the speech and you watch it in its entirety. you know he's talking about donald trump. now, the white house went out of his way to say that president obama was not referring to donald trump specifically. i think we have some sound from the white house, press secretary josh earnest on this front that says it was not singling out one person. >> this is not an argument of one presidential candidate. this is an argument of many leader in a political party that had the evidence because it is inconvenient fo inconvenient to the political argument that they want to make.
10:41 am
>> that was discriminatory as well and referencing of building walls are not a solution to america's problem. it was pretty clear he was ta talkital talkital talking about donald trump even if he did not mention his name. >> democrats were elated and they're saying this is a preview of many things to come. they were eager to have president obama to get in the fray and discuss donald trump this way. republicans, of course, did not like it as much but argument you will see from president obama and the months ahead is talking about how difficult the job is and he made this point in a press conference a few days ago where he said being president is not a reality show. there are tough decisions one has to make and very difficult compromises and easy solutions that one has to have and trying to make that point in contrasting donald trump and his experience, coming into the
10:42 am
general election. >> mark murray, great to see you. thanks. i want to give you an update on our pulse question. do you think the new york times story on trump winning hurts or helps him. 21% say helps. 79% think it will hurt him. the pulse is active and it is live right now, check it out on we'll have more of the results today. >> former house speaker john boehner, the pair shares a stage once again at the notre dame commencement ceremony on sunday. >> you can find common ground of the other side without compromising a year core believes. >> ladies and gentlemen, vice president jacoby den is one joe one of those people. lets get some straight off the back.
10:43 am
i don't like john boehner. i love him. [ laughter ] >> so the vice president and the former republican speaker jointjoin jointly accepted an honorary degree from the university of not notre dame. back in a moment. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. governor abbott saying this issue is a constitutional tipping point. >> we have a president decides that if congress is not going to pass the law, he's going to impose the law. the president is turning the constitution on its head and that's why i fought back when the president doing the same thing with the immigration law. and now he's trying to do with regard to the transgender law, we are fighting back and we are demanding that the president and
10:47 am
the united states choose to the line of the constitution. msnbc to msnbc, what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: the governor of texas, it is a civil rights issue. two years ago a transgender student filed add complaint with the federal government requesting access of a bathroom of her choice. it took two years of investigation with the federal government late last year. yes, the school districts must accommodate and in january this year, that accomodation began. this was a group of girls, 19 of
10:48 am
them and their parents as part of after district wide argument filed a lawsuit saying it is not about the rights of the transgender students. it is about their children's rights. their prooiivacy is being tramp on. this is far from over and a preview of what we'll see as the obama administration pushes the same idea. talking to students today seems like the road and the path of acceptance and not only the students but the policy is well on its way. take a listen. >> as long as we have known her, this is obviously something major for her and her life. we should support it. >> we live in a society it is all -- gender is not a thing, it is a fluid idea.
10:49 am
it is not going to help people in tend. it is going limit people and how they can express themselves. it is really how people -- by telling them they cannot be who they are, that's just not right. >> reporter: the students are well on the way accepting both the student and the policy. however, you are likely to see objections nationwide. we are seeing a preview here. students are ready to tak take -- the parents and school leaders, not quite yet. back to you. >> tony dokoupil on the ground in illinois, thanks so much. we take you to the scene right now that happens at the white house hon toing the medal of
10:50 am
valor. it is the highest medical recognizing officers putting themselves in harm's way in protecting our citizens. >> we recognize today with thei. each of them will tell you very humbly, the same thing, they were just doing their jobs. >> one of the officers honored was officer gregory stevens. stevens stopped isis inspired terrorists from carrying out an attack a year ago in texas. oes . so, only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards oes . and then they pick the best from that. oh man! what'd we do? they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks. when you hot dog's kosher, thats a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national.
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donald trump has a different idea for a third party candidate. this morning he tweeted out his own idea. he said bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent, run, bernie today. today, sanders campaign is taking itself to puerto rico. >> at a time when the rich get richer, puerto rico now has more
10:54 am
income inequality than any state in the united states. >> nbc's chris jansing is covering the sanders campaign and joining us right now. >> off the trail for a day. right now, it's november in new york city. we have donald trump trying to rile the sanders supporters with a tweet like this. b bernie sanders won't take the bait on this, will he? >> do you really think donald trump is going to rile them up? there's a little bit of truth in that. his campaign doesn't feel they're being respected and don't have the representation they want at the national convention and having meetings about that and still fighting about that and even talking about what they would do to get their point across at the convention if things don't change between now and then. >> there's reports of sanders as the new raffle nader. >> 2000, al gore, a lot of people say he contributed to al
10:55 am
gore's loss. obviously, sanders say that's not the case, probably more like jesse jackson in '88 and he hasn't conceded they won't win this race but he says he wants to be able to support hillary clinton and they share one thing and that is their complete utter profound distaste for the possibility of donald trump as president, he is going to support whoever the nominee is, if it's hillary clinton he will do what needs to be done to help her get elected. >> isn't it funny neither side is calling on the other side to drop out although they would like them to do so. >> it's a difficult situation for hillary clinton because she stayed until june. how could she call on him to walk out. she's walking a thin line because he has thousands of enthusiastic supporters and doesn't want to offend him too soon and especially the young people who are going overwhe overwhelmingly for him and went for barack obama.
10:56 am
>> and she wants to make sure bernie sanders backs her. that will do it for the show today. erica hill, my colleague picks up the next hour. stay tuned. getting results from kentucky and oregon. chuck todd will be kicking off special coverage tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. followed by chris matthews at 6:00, rachel maddow at 9:00 p.m. eastern and chris hayes again at midnight. the best political lineup anywhere. stay tuned. time for your business entrepreneurs of the week. the founders of talkspace are reimagining mental health, using technology they're connecting with patients who communicate all via text. the idea is not without detractors but the company is growing quickly. for more, watch your business on mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction,
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hi, everyone, i'm erica hill. donald trump on defense, trump waging war today on a "new york times" piece questioning his behavior with women, some accuse trump of crossing the line. one woman whose story was featured in the piece is now disputing the piece published. she spoke earlier this afternoon. >> i was extremely disappointed
11:00 am
when i saw that. i was promised so many times by them and to my manager and myself over and over again, that it was a positive article i was giving them and that's how it would be depicted. it was not a hit piece. >> this morning in a tweet, trump called the "new york times" dishonest and called the story a "hit" piece. here is a trump advisor speaking with thomas roberts in just the last hour. >> in that story, they said she was debased. they chose that word. she never said it, she doesn't feel it. it's obviously a very derogatory word and that's not where she is. she likes donald trump, she always has. >> in response to the criticism, the "new york times" this morning released a statement y saying she was quoted fairly, accurately and at length. >> we kick off coverage this hour with


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