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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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when i saw that. i was promised so many times by them and to my manager and myself over and over again, that it was a positive article i was giving them and that's how it would be depicted. it was not a hit piece. >> this morning in a tweet, trump called the "new york times" dishonest and called the story a "hit" piece. here is a trump advisor speaking with thomas roberts in just the last hour. >> in that story, they said she was debased. they chose that word. she never said it, she doesn't feel it. it's obviously a very derogatory word and that's not where she is. she likes donald trump, she always has. >> in response to the criticism, the "new york times" this morning released a statement y saying she was quoted fairly, accurately and at length. >> we kick off coverage this hour with two road warriors.
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they got started in the early days, katy tur is covering the fallout from this "new york times" piece and katie jack has has more on the latest, how donald trump plans to pivot to a general election fight with hillary clinton and that is the focus of an article we've all been reading trying to purse elements out. since the story broke, donald trump has been out there. how do we know he's been out there? one of the women who was interviewed pushing back as we just saw. she spoke with peter alexander. look what she had to say there talking about her relationship would characterize mr. trump. let's see a little more what she had to say. >> i was promised so many times by them and to my manager and myself over and over again, it was a positive article i was giving them and that's how it would be depicted.
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it was not a hit piece, each person's rendition of their experiences with donald trump. i don't have a negative story about donald trump and we had a great relationship. i feel they misled me the entire time into that article and it was almost a trap. >> i know donald trump has been out there tweeting. the campaign seems to have been a little bit quieter. are we hearing any more this afternoon in terms of reaction to the story? >> i think you saw senior advisor barry bennett get on the air and do what trump has done, relitigate this "new york times" piece over the weekend calling into question some of the characters the article illustrated, what was rather a complex piece, looking at donald trump's decades long relationship with women in business and personal life. trump himself, you talked about his twets out with another one calling this a hit piece pushing
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back against it, the "times" standing by its reporting. trump tweets we have exposed the article as a fraud. "the times" said we gave these women a chance to say their stories and we reported these stories and that said you will see the next six months and democrats are a drip drip drip of similar types of stories or antidotes calling into question how trump would be as president when it comes to women and area the democrats and clinton campaigns sees as one of his biggest vulnerabilities. >> we look at a recent poll s w shows trump with 35% of the female vote and pit him with hillary clinton polling on our screen, would have 61% of the vote. how much concern is there? publicly there is no message this would in any way impact the female vote. behind the scenes what more is happening. there has to be some concern
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when you look at those numbers. >> what you're seeing is trump and his campaign over the recent weeks point to successful women that became part of trump's business and trying to use that to show this is what donald trump's relationship with women is really like. he's put them in positions. trump has talked about it with me and katie, this idea trump does try to elevate women profession professionally. it is going to be a challenge for him and not gone unnoticed. i will point to what prominent republican women are saying about donald trump, where the party is going and the fact he has become the presumptive nominee and point out what marsha blackburn made on capitol hill this last week she believes women, her constituents look at donald trump and say, yes, he's made a couple of comments and we don't love it but in her view, women want the same kinds of things everyone else does, economic opportunities, national
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security issues and safe borders and those are the issues donald trump can speak to them on. >> there is a separate report autobiothe new york times suggesting the trump campaign is already formulating an attack plan on hillary clinton. what more do we know about the strategy and game plan? >> reporter: it's interesting. the trump campaign is not known for telegraphing their strategies or attack plans on any opponents. they haven't done so. to hear trump talk about how he will go after hillary clinton is something new, something his aides were talking to me about last week, the ultimate goal is to make voters question her f fitness, question her character, question her judgment, who she is as a person, not who she is as a politician but make them try and wonder if she is a good
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person essentially and they were going to bring up bill clinton's past infidelitys as examples and try to make voters wonder if she's looking out after her own interests and her husband's political interest rather than the women her husband may or may not have been involved with. it's the same sort of thing he did with ted cruz, trying to make voters doubt him and doubt his honesty and doubt whether he was a likable person and doubt whether he's qualified to be president. that worked for ted cruz. hillary clinton is a much different candidate with a much longer history. many of these attacks have already been log aged against h that have not work so far in her political career. >> we appreciate it from both of you. for a closer look, the washington editor of the national review and matt slatt,
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and as we look at this report and so much on this "new york times" political piece today it's become she said-they said today. what is the real impact on female voters do you think? >> i think female voters you hear a story it's either believable intuitively or not. i think this is a story believable to te mail voters and cemete cements their already negative impression of donald trump. i have to say, donald trump has cultivated this image among men, alpha male candidate and stands on stage with a supermodel wife and beautiful daughter. even though he publicly refutes the article, i think this is an image he somewhat likes and he believes redowneds to his
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benefit. >> lance priebus, when asked about the article basically said, it's up to donald trump to deal with. take a listen to that. >> i don't think donald trump, in his personal life is something people are looking at and saying, well, i'm surprised he's had girlfriends in the past, not what people look at donald trump before. i think traditional playbook and analysis really don't apply. >> forgive me, not whether or not he had girlfriends, the question whether or not he mistreated women, made unwanted a vanses, whether he humiliated women in the workplace. i don't understand why you say people don't care about that and will you look into the allegati allegations? >> i don't know the truth of these things. i don't know whether reading an article whether or not these things are true. i think it's something donald trump has to answer questions in regard to. >> we hear him really suggesting that this is really an issue for
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donald trump for the trump campaign, not something the rnc is concerned with. should it be something the party is concerned with? >> i'll speak for myself. i actually think all these things do matter. i care how the candidate i'm a party of, the republican party comports itself. that being said, as i said many many times, there are huge positives with donald trump, the fact he's an outsider doesn't have a voting record and negative, too, he's lived a flamboyant tabloid lifestyle. there is a big question. does that turn off voters or help him with voters. from everything i can see, if you look beyond the ballot zone and character traits and polls, the number one thing american voters are looking for, certainly conservatives, they want an outsider. they want somebody with leadership who will fight. what donald trump continues to
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show voters across this country he will stand up and fight for the country. in the end, i'm not sure whether hillary clinton and bill clinton has a more moral life or donald trump is going to be that important in the election. >> doesn't it cancel each other out? we know donald trump is going ever a hillary clinton based on the prespective on the way she handled president clinton's infideli infidelities. doesn't it conditiancel it out? >> i guess you could look at it that way. what the never trump people and democrats are trying to do and maybe some conservatives, donald trump is a morally bankrupt candidate. you cannot support him for moral reasons, the problem with that argument, the candidate they're about to nominate on the democrat side is under her own moral issues and she's under investigation and she just said
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bill clinton will have a heightened role in her administration and he was impeached and he paid a fine and was disbarred. you can look at all this and say maybe what we will focus in on the end was where they stand on these important issues. >> wouldn't that be a change? when we look at the article itself, there's allegations issues of the reporting of the article itself. the "new york times" reporters are defending their piece. let's take a listen what they had to say. >> none of the facts are in dispute. she didn't have a bathing suit, just met donald trump, he asked her to put on a bathing suit, pulled out a drawer, she put it on. he expressed adoration for her appearance and brought her out to a predominantly male group out by the pool and said she was a stunning looking trump woman. i think that story speaks for itself. >> there are plenty of people saying this entire story is overblown. these are just accounts.
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it's up to the reader to decide whether or not they find it offensive. when you read that piece as an editor, what do you see? >> i think that's true. i think the model who said she was upset her quotes were taken out of context, i think she was upset about having spoken and being taken out of context and they interviewed 50 women most said negative things about donald trump, i think the times presented things such that a reader could draw their own conclusi conclusions. the issue more broadly for the republican party is the party has been one that says character counts and use that argument against bill clinton and in favor of george w. bush when he ran in 2000 and want toius it against hillary clinton. what you will hear a lot of conservatives say in backing donald trump, the party is forever beyond this election going to have to creed thede th
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argument if they support donald trump beyond hillary clinton. >> chairman of the american conservative union, appreciate both of you joining us today. update on today's microsoft pulse question, we've been a asking whether you think the "new york times" story on donald trump helps or hurts him. it is still live and you have a chance to weigh in. post your comment on up next, what is worrying clinton allies and how is the clinton campaign readying theirself on attacks from donald trump? stay with us. avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me
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what trump says about foreign policy is not just offensive, it's dangerous. people have to know you have to have a steady hand in the white house. i don't think most americans want a loose canon in the oval office. >> in what felt like a general election preview speech, hillary clinton slammed donald trump on everything from taxes to national security even outlining a debate against trump she was personally looking forward to and trump gave a sneak peek says the would use the debate stage to exploit what are clinton's weaknesses for president clinton's infidelities and attack on benghazi. some worry those attacks could work. in kentucky where hillary clinton is campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primary. and joining us from our d.c. bureau, down there in washington. nice to see both of you today.
11:18 am
alex, as we look at this, this trump line of attack is not necessarily lily new, what we a seeing different is the way it's being laid out and echoing the campaign. what is this setting us up for? >> we heard a preview of this from the aides in the past but now hearing it from the candidate himself. that's typical. trump likes to float trial balloons and gage reaction before he commits to anything. what this tells us he's identified some of the same potential weaknesses with hillary clinton as a lot of other republicans which is honesty and trustworthiness. consistently those are some of her weakest spots in polls and what republicans have been trying to soften her up on for month and months. those attacks on benghazi and bill clinton infidelities, those are to try to undermine her credibility and trustworthiness and further down the road. him signaling it now publicly himself is an appeal to
11:19 am
republicans as he's trying to unify the party, those are issues that resonate with the base of the party rather than the average general election voter right now as he's trying to consolidate the base that's his message, i will take the fight to hillary clinton hard. >> part of that fight involves the word character a lot. donald trump intends to attack her character. how is the clinton campaign respo responding? knee clinton campaign has been very comfort, as they put it, not engage in personal attacks, if donald trump levels an attack on something they deem to be personal, bill clinton's past they take a pass responding and with donald trump, you have not seen a loud push on say this "new york times" story with women and donald trump's dealings with them. what you are hearing is a series of criticisms on policy in particular and this idea donald trump is dangerous or risky
11:20 am
particularly for the country's national security. hillary clinton was making that argument today on stage here in bowling green, kentucky, talked about fighting isis and how his muslim ban would create more terrorists in the middle east and ultimately cause a problem for american national security. she also talked about jobs, a key issue in kentucky and important in this election generally. take a listen how she talked about donald trump and his plan to create jobs. >> what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, i'm going to create them, they're going to be great, i know how to do it but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. americans take their vote for president seriously. they're going to be looking at that tv screen and saying, he still doesn't have anything to tell us?
11:21 am
>> the question, of course, hillary clinton sounding quite a bit like many republican candidates who tried to throw things at trump at the end of the election essentially arguing voters would come around the end of the day. will that play differently for a general electorate. there is a general wait and see men talent both with moderate republicans at risk in the fall in senate seats and other pla places, but also for democrats who don't yet have a full understanding how trump's comments are going to resonate or not with a general electorate. i asked hillary clinton briefly on the rope line whether she thinks donald trump has conducted himself well with women in his personal life and his business dealings, she says she will focus on what she wants to talk about in this presidential campaign bud did say they will draw a contrast. >> $6 million inanity trump ads they have been putting together for key battleground states. it is a full-court press behind and in front of the scenes.
11:22 am
appreciate it as always. a reminder, our special coverage of the kentucky and oregon primaries right here on msnbc. it starts tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you can see chuck todd will be there at 5:00, followed by chris matthews and we will continue with the results. up next, a story we first brought you on friday, richard engel with a riveting look how americans were recruited to fight for isis. i can dr lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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the success isil has had thus far in radicalizing americans to their cause, the percentage of people, based on the sizable population of the united states is much lower than it has been in other countries. that's not a coincidence, that's a product of hard work and we
11:26 am
remain vigilant countering those efforts because we understand the potential negative consequences of failing in that effort. >> that of course is white house press secretary josh earnest speaking moments ago at the white house as the fight wages on between iraq and syria, there is also a hidden front line right here where the terror group recruits americans to join its ranks. in an exclusive special report, nbc chief correspondent richard engel retrieved a thumb drive from a man claiming to be an isis defector. >> reporter: we found this youtube video of jofrry fooling around with his cousin and agreed to meet with us in the park. >> no one was as close as jofrry was. >> reporter: he says he was into rap music, marijuana and the internet until he started wat
11:27 am
watching propaganda videos. >> he was getting angry and said we're surrounded by a bunch of sinful people and should move to a muslim country. >> reporter: he was getting more angry? >> more hateful to americans. >> reporter: it was around that time jofrry met and quickly married zakiia. >> reporter: how did they meet? >> online, dating mahtre mone moneyial website. >> reporter: was she religious at the time? >> she was, too, she wore the hijab and covered her face. >> reporter: the newlyweds settled in ohio and she enrolled at ohio state university, of all places they chose to move into this building where an al qaeda member, christopher paul was arrested in 2007. paul is serving a long prison sentence for plotting attacks but his wife lived right next door to them. we went to a nearby mosque where paul used to pray to see if any
11:28 am
there knew them. >> i had met jofrry. the other two i'm not familiar with. >> reporter: the mosque's board president. >> there have been a number of people who have passed through these doors who ended up being associated with extremist groups. >> there has been a few. >> reporter: how do you explain that? >> they were not actually involved in the mosque too much. if someone wants to come and worship, they're welcome to. what they do outside their life is their business, violence, terrorism, direct contradictory of islam. the fact they were living on this street concerns me and they were attending the mosque concerns me. >> reporter: did you miss something? >> i don't know. i don't think so. >> tracking an american isis cell, visit some members of the gop are still searching for a third party candidate to run against donald trump and hillary clinton. a look at some of the names on their list when we come back.
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donald trump is hitting back at british prime minister david cameron who called his proposed muslim ban divisive, stupid and wrong. here's his response. >> number one, i'm not stupid, i can tell you that right now, just the opposite. number two, in terms of divisive. i don't think i'm a divisive person. i'm a unifier, unlike our president now i'm a unifieunifi. >> the foreign backlash is the latest of politicians including the new mayor khan who called trump ignorant and trump challenged khan to an iq test. in the last few weeks trump l k locked up the presidential nomination, the stop trump movement has not given up, including a number of top republicans including mr are actively plotting to draft an
11:33 am
independent candidate. rnc chairman reince priebus isn't one of them. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot. it's a suicide for our mission for our country but it means you're throwing down eight years of the white house but potentially 100 years on the supreme court and wrecking this country for many generations. >> this, as trump himself is actually stirring the pot. but on the democratic side ur urging bernie sanders to run as independent against hillary clinton. tweeting today, bernie sanders is being very badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. run bernie, run. >> he acknowledged he would support clinton if she becomes the democratic nominee. we can't make this stuff up. we heard lance priebus say this would be a suicide mission but
11:34 am
the "washington post" has a report of private polling and people trying to get funding and reaching out to potential candidates. no one wants the job. >> no one wants to do it because there's truth to what reince priebus says, it is a suicide mission and those involved in this effort, two barriers are logistics, hard to get on the ballot for all 50 states and the other, raising enough money to launch a credible bid. i talked to another senior fund-raiser not a big fan of trump's, is the only way to raise a lot of money if you convince a lot of wealthy people this person has a serious chance of winning. there may be a lot of animosity of trump in the donor class and not enough they want to run a spoiler candidate that basically guarantees hillary clinton gets elected. >> we have republicans who say they want to do this but
11:35 am
effectively are they not just handing the election to the democratic candidate? >> you talk to people involved in the effort, they hope this would drive anti-trump conservative voters to the polls in hopes they can keep senate seats or house seats, down ballot races may be in jeopardy. the other frankly and i think nobody wants to admit this, i bet people like mitt romney and people in that orbit are not entirely convinced donald trump would be a better president than hillary clinton. they'll never say that publicly but i think p.j. o'roarke said hillary clinton is wrong on everything but she's wrong within the normal parameters. i think that's how some conservatives feel about these two choices they have. >> we talked about nobody wants him but part of that is the baggage that comes with it. reince priebus sort of alluded to that. looking at the presidency going to the democrats and potential supreme court nominations. but if you were the third party guy, right, or woman, who's been
11:36 am
put up there and it doesn't work and you then take those votes away and send votes to the democrats, your career is effectively over as a republican. >> yes. maybe you can run as a democrat. the reality is all these republicans have a choice. they have to either take ownership of trump or if they don't endorse trump or frankly, run against him they have the possibility they have to take ownership of the hillary clinton election and voters in the future are not going to forget that, especially run primary vote voters? always good to see you. thank you. reminder tune in at 5:00 p.m. eastern today, and talking about the push to stop trump. his name has been floated out there. that interview happening at 5:00 p.m. eastern on mtp daily. a new series of trump ads have been released online tar t targets trump supporters urging themselves to ask why trump? >> i am worried about my dad.
11:37 am
he's supporting trump. i've seen that guy on tv. he's one nasty dude. always insulting people. mexic mexicans, muslims, megan. i love megan. the donald is more self-centered than my 4-year-old brother. see what i mean? a trump presidency would scar me for life. i don't want to tell my grandkids their grandfather voted for trump. >> founder and president of the advocacy group, bob garner, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> in the past, you crafted ads for mitt romney, arnold schwarzenegger and gerald ford. you said you wouldn't vote for donald trump and you won't vote for hillary clinton. you put out these ads. i wonder, is it a little too late? >> these ads were meant to be for the california primary. if you remember ancient history two weeks ago, california was going to be a key state whether
11:38 am
donald trump would get enough delegates to be nominated on the first ballot. they were done for california and they're not going to run now and i thought somebody should see them. >> even in california, in many w ways, these are coming in a little late trying to get somebody to question why they're voting for donald trump. you don't necessarily provide an alternative. what are you hoping viewers walk away with? what do you want their mindset to be? >> now, it won't mean much. i was hoping in the california primary it would deny trump enough delegates to win on the first ballot and the convention would go to the second or third or fourth or tenth ballot and somebody else would be the nominee. >> these have a slightly different tone than we've seen in the past. we've seen with his fellow republicans in the field when there were 17 of them. donald trump could lay out an attack and when they attacked back it didn't always work the same way. set out the strategy you used
11:39 am
for these particular ads and why you think it would have been more effective? >> the anti-trump ads were the standard ordinary negative both sides use, usually the distort picture of the opponent and creepy music and creepy voice and newspaper clips at the bottom headlines that talk about how terrible that candidate is. these were not working at all against trump. i question whether they work much anymore anyway. this has been going on for 20 plus years in the political fraternity. i thought, let's do this a different way. let's come at trump using real people and real situations that are having conversations or, in this case, the baby, talking about trump, but not doing -- not hitting him over the head, not doing the standard sledgehammer negative but trying to be a little bit more subtle about it, not that it would convince hard core trump vote others to switch their votes but i think it would have convinced people who were kind of on the
11:40 am
fence about trump to take another look at what they were doing. >> so what do you do now? you said this was wrapped up a couple weeks ago in indian a, wo will you vote for? >> i don't have to make that decision until octoberish, i want to see who trump pick s as vice president, who he might pick on the supreme court, what cabinet officers he's talked about announcing in advance. we have to see. this is my personal reason. i don't have to worry about that until probably mid to late october. >> you have some time so it looks like there's a chance, based on your words you could vote for donald trump? is there a chance you would vote for a democrat here? hillary clinton? >> absolutely no chance i would vote for hillary clinton so trump remains a viable possibility but we'll have to see. i don't think the third party thing is going to float. >> third party thing will not float. that was my next question for you. want to ask you one more question from an advertising
11:41 am
presumpti prespective. this is your area of expertise. you mentioned what's not working against donald trump. he has found something that does work for him. do you see this as a strategy on the part of donald trump or is the not quite that well-defined? >> i don't know about strategy with trump. the two most surprised people in this race are bernie sanders and donald trump that they got as far as they did. the fact is he took down jeb bush with two words, low energy and jeb was gone, out. he's been very very effective at communica communicating. he knows what he's doing in the sense he knows how to go after people. he claims he is a good counterpuncher and he certainly is. i think this will be one tough race. the democrats who feel hillary will walk all over trump and get some huge electoral majority are crazy and i think it will be very close. >> if you want to let us know sometime in october which way
11:42 am
you're leaning, give us a call. on microsoft's pulse question, do you think the "new york times" story on donald trump on women helps or hurts him? your answers just about 20 minutes before the top of the hours. the pulse is still live. you have a chance to make your voice heard. log onto audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology
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amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing texas governor greg abbott is vowing to fight president obama to require all schools to allow transgenders in their bathro bathrooms. he calls it overreach. >> we have a president who decides if congress is not going to pass a law he will impose the law. the president is turning the constitution on its head, why i fought back when the president did the very same thing with regard to the immigration law
11:46 am
and fought back when the president did the same thing with regard to the transgender law. we're fighting back and dema demanding the president of the united states hue to the line of the united states constitution. >> the obama administration is threatening to pull federal education funding from districts that do not comply. we want to bring you tony due cow dukoupil. i know you've been talking to parents and students. what have you been hearing from them. >> reporter: good afternoon. governor abbott is framing this as constitutional issue for the justice department and obama administration, it's about civil rights. two years ago a transgender student from one of the best in the country according to many rankings filed a request to use the bathroom and that started
11:47 am
happening in january and 19 girls in the school behind me filed a lawsuit saying in the efforts to accommodate the rights of a transgender student the rights of other students were being trampled on, rights to privacy and claims are dramatic, one girl so worried according to the lawsuit about being seen in the locker room by a biological male is wearing her gym suit underneath her clothes so she doesn't have to be naked at any time. parents and students are hashing it out. talking to students i found most of the school, this is a big one are already comfortable with the person involved and the policy around it. take a rhlisten. >> i think it's a good compromise right now but there needs to be steps in the future to increase these people's rights. they're like me, not anybody different, just individuals. >> i just ask those girls to
11:48 am
madge what it is like to be some of the transgender students in this school. it's not always the most welc e welcoming environment. >> like you're a liberal if you support open bathrooms and conservative if you don't. it causes a recipient between the two groups of students. this has been as long as we've known him or her since 7th grade. this is something major for her in her life, so should support it. >> reporter: you can hear there, like so many other issues in america today you have the younger generation fully on board ready to embrace it and parents and politicians not quite yet. they may have to get there before this election season is over. back to you. >> thanks. still to come this hour, warren versus trump. trump rolling out a new nickname for the democratic senator as she quotes taylor swift in a commencement address. >> one of the great philosophers
11:49 am
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on my day of graduation i never imagined i would visit foreign countries, i never imagined i would be a commencement speaker and i never imagined i would get in a twitter war with donald trump. >> senator elizabeth warren poking fun at her ongoing online feud with the gop's presumptive nominee and being asked if he had been chided about his beef with warren? he said you mean poke hon tas? and the considerate herself invoking taylor swift in her commencement address to brid
11:53 am
bridgewater state university's class of 2016. >> washington is filled with people who say no, it can't be done, never never never. these days they say it in nastier and nastier ways. knowing who you are will help you when it's time to fight, as one of the great foreign poliai of our time said, haters going to hate hate hate hate. knowing who you are helping you shake it off! >> nbc senimsnbc senior editor, joins us now. we have to come up with a taylor swift theme song now. elizabeth war enhas been the only democrat to take on donald trump as she had and to continue going at it. reading donald trump is a truly
11:54 am
dangerous man and there is some risk he could be president. it is time for all of us to pay careful attention to him and issues he raised and start fi t fighting back. who benefits the most from her going on the attack? >> i have to say advantage, warren. i won't say clinton because she hasn't endorsed clinton. the only democratic senator not to have endorsed hillary clinton, as you know. this gives her the opportunity to be a unique independent voice going after trump. that's probably better than for her to go out there as a hillary clinton surrogate. she's doing it on her own and doesn't go after that many issues politically and when she does, people take notice particularly among left leaning democrats who are attracted to
11:55 am
bernie sanders. >> do you mean it's better for elizabeth warren or the democratic party or hillary clinton? >> i think it's smart for her to get in the campaign the way she is. who will benefit from it ultima ultimately, who knows? it's allowing the hillary clinton campaign to step aside and let someone else who hasn't endorsed her but who will take to it donald trump until her battle with bernie sanders is over. >> she's staying out of it and we did see her in an ad for a democrat. so she is willing to do that. do you think she will be doing it after the convention? >> absolutely. >> do you think she is a for forceful surrogate? >> she is probably the most popular democrat besides bill clinton. her message breaks through in a way many politicians don't and
11:56 am
speaks in a way democrats really respond. she will step out there as soon as there's a nominee. she will forcefully campaign for that nominee. right now, it looks like it will be hillary clinton and she will get out there using that platform because she is such a powerful voice. >> there is so much speculation who could be vice president on both tickets. on the democratic side her name is often raised. we know hillary clinton says she wants someone who is an attack dog and seems she fits that bill but says, i have a job. what is her most effective role moving forward? >> she's probably most effective as a senator if the democrats take the senate this fall. she would be in the majority and could get a lot accomplished around her agenda. it's a tough call for her. if she gets invited to be hillary clinton's presidential candidate you know she will seriously consider it. the problem, she is from massachusetts and they have a republican governor, charlie
11:57 am
baker, who would replace her with a republican were she to become vice president and that would complicate democrats' efforts to reclaim the senate. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> that will wrap up our coverage for this hour. i'm erica hill. kate snow starts things at the top of the hour. and the special primary coverage ticks off at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible." could protect you from diabetes?
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