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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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chris christie. i think donald trump loves a suck up and i think he loves that chris christie was the first out of the gate. >> that's my bet as well. that does it for us. thank you, panel. i'll be back here tonight at 8:00 p.m. for "all in." "mtp daily" with mark cuban, he's not hosting, he'll be a guest, starts right now. if it's monday, the wait is over for hearing how donald trump and hillary clinton will tear each other down from now until november. but is there still room and time for a third person to jump into the fight? mark cuban's name is floating out there and tonight he's here. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ and good evening, i'm steve
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kornacki in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." well, stopping trump was a riddle for ten months no one in the republican party could solve. now, we're t minus six months until election day and that riddle still looms large as hillary clinton and the democrats plunge into general election battle mode with trump. but before we get to that, there's been some movement in what's been dubbed as a kamikaze effort to recruit someone who run a third-party bid against trump and clinton in november. "the washington post" reports that a group of exasperated republicans and actively plotting to draft an independent candidate. and they've looked at a number of names, including the outspoken owner of the dallas mavericks, mark cuban. and we are going to talk with the always candid mark cuban in just a minute on this show. make sure you stay tuned for that. but first, let's look at the clinton/trump war for the white house. over the weekend, president obama previewing what he'll sound like once he's free to hit
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the campaign trail. making his most forceful case yet against trump, despite never mentioning trump's name, while delivering the commencement address at rutgers. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. [ cheers and applause ] isolating or disparaging muslims, suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country, that is not just a betrayal of our values, it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism. let me be as clear as we can be. in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> the pro-clinton super pac usa is not waiting until the end of
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the primary. they're now unloading a financial war chest against trump in key battleground states. after that, they have $90 million more in tv ad time reserved in those states and three more battleground states -- colorado, iowa and new hampshire. the one place the clinton campaign believes trump is vulnerable is in his treatment of women. the headline here today in "the new york times," crossing the line. but the lead woman in the story, she's a former trump girlfriend. she's now slamming "the times" for its reporting. this is what she told msnbc earlier today. >> i don't have a negative story to give about donald trump, because i don't have a negative, you know, account of anything. he was -- we had a great relationship. i just really felt like they
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misled me into that, the entire time into that article and that it was almost a trap. he was nothing but a gentleman, very gracious to women. they liked him, they were very pleasant. every woman i ever met had respect for him and extreme respect he had for them as well. >> "the new york times" put out an official statement asserting that miss brewer was quoted fairly, accurately and in proper context. trump, though, having a field day tweeting attacks at "the times" over this story. meanwhile, hillary clinton is slamming trump on everything, from taxes and job creation to foreign policy and national security. she gave a election stump speech in kentucky today. at one point, acting out a hypothetical debate against trump. >> so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer, i'm gonna create them, they're gonna be great, i know how to do it, but i'm not
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telling you what it is i'm gonna do. americans take their vote for president seriously. and they're going to be looking at that tv screen and saying, he still doesn't have anything to tell us? >> she better get ready for something a bit nastier than that. patrick healey at "the new york times" spoke to trump as he mapped out a no holds barred attack strategy against clinton. saying, trump plans to throw bill clinton's infidelities in hillary clinton's face on live television during the presidential debates this fall. he said she has been really ugly in trying to destroy bill's mistresses and she's pandering to women. so obviously she is only interested in getting power. katy tur is covering the trump campaign. kasie hunt is in kentucky with the clinton campaign. patrick healey is the "new york times" political correspondent who wrote that piece. patrick, he's saying he's going
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to bring up bill's infid elts in the debate. >> this is fair game, as far as he's concerned. he wants to put her on the spot and take apart what she offers, her authenticity as a fighter for women, as someone who was a strong secretary of state. he wants to go after that, by going after benghazi. and security lapses that he will argue led to the deaths of four americans there. also trying to serve on the e-mail server story and frankly, going back in time to clinton controversies, as far back as the late '70s in terms of cattle futures. among journalists, this stuff feels like very old news, but for terrorisdonald trump this i the base wants. this is the way he thinks he can unify the party and also give republicans what they're dying for, which is being on a debate stage with hillary clinton, in front of a massive audience in
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the fall, in which he is trying to pin her on issues that republicans have been going after her for, for decades. >> and katy, you know they're hungry for this kind of thing, but how much of this is also head games on trump's part, where he's trying to bait bill clinton into some kind of eruption on the campaign trail, by getting in his head a little bit? >> i think a lot of it is head games. i think he admitted as much in the "new york times" interview. we saw it when he was on the campaign trail in the primaries. he was trying to get in jeb bush's head, he successfully did that, calling him low energy, and throwing him off his game early, and forcing him to just continually respond to donald trump comments or allegations. and by doing this hillary clinton, starting very early, right now, and being relentless in the attacks, and bringing bill clinton in it, what he's trying to do, or what it seems
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like he's trying to do is get them off their game and get them to be on the constant defensive, for what he happens to be saying. it's no secret that donald trump wants to control the news cycle and his control seems to be every day to get out there and be ahead of it no matter how outrageous his statement is, and force them to come to him, not the other way around. >> kasie hunt, down in kentucky, with the clinton campaign. look, they've made the point, clinton supporters make the point all the time, anytime donald trump is attacking bill clinton, bringing up his infeddelities, they say he's running against hillary clinton, not against bill clinton. but in kentucky, there was hillary clinton saying, if i'm elected president, i'm putting bill in charge of the economy. is there a risk here that she's opening herself up to the kinds of attacks she's trying to say really aren't jermaine to this election? >> i think that's a potential side effect of what happened here. i think a lot of why you're hearing so much about bill clinton over the last 24 hours, has to do specifically with
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kentucky, where the clinton name means a lot, where they have deep ties, where a lot of people remember good times under bill clinton in the 1990s. her campaign has been pushing back against this idea that it's a new thing, that they're always said that bill clinton would play some sort of kitchen cabinet role and insisting she didn't go further. but the issue of women in particular, i do think this is very uncomfortable territory for hillary clinton to be on. i think you saw that when donald trump launched the enabler attacks a few days ago and the reporters trying to ask her questions about this in front of families who were assembled for a different reason. i asked her today about donald trump and the other "new york times" story we've been talking about, the headline about his personal life and how he's treated women. and take a look at her response or lack thereof. >> donald trump has treated women well in the course of his
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life and business dealings. >> i'm gonna talk about what i want to do as president. and we're going to draw the contrast. >> reporter: so she did acknowledge we'll draw the contrast, insinuating that they were going to be talking about this in some way, but not explicitly addressing that issue. even though she's taken the opportunity to hit donald trump on basically everything else that's available to her to hit donald trump on. so the question is, as these two people -- you know, we've talked so much over the years about the potential pitfalls for a male candidate on the same stage as a woman candidate. and hillary clinton experienced that to herself to a lesser degree. but there is to a certain extent for donald trump in making that accusation face to face with her in front of that audience. i think it's a little unpredictable how a national audience could react. i think you're seeing the
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clinton campaign exercising some caution around that story in particular, but also how it will play out with the general electorate. they want to see how women voters will start to change how they feel about her, if at all, now that the race is starting to slid folidify and there's more contrast. different from voting for her, versus voting for her over donald trump. steve? >> do you have a sense, talking to donald trump, how much of this is subject to change, where right now in the spring, at the start of the campaign, maybe he wants to put all this stuff out there, maybe to get in the clintons' heads a little bit, maybe to get people talking about it. any indication from him that maybe as we get closer he'd consider some of the dynamics that kasie's talking about there? that he backs off a little bit, at least on the face-to-face? >> i think it's possible. the key thing, donald trump
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wants to make this election a referendum on how americans feel about the clintons, how they feel about hillary clinton, hillary clinton being president, bill clinton being back in the white house, bill clinton having access to power, given the last eight or 15 years in terms of his running his foundation. he wants it to be a referendum on them. that's because he doesn't want it to be a referendum on his lack of experience, his lack of policy details, his own character, his own relationships with women. it's very importance for him that the onus be on her. does he decide when the debates come around he needs to look more presidential on stage? i think that will depend on where his numbers are. with white women, he's got a real deficit with white women. republican nominees usually carry that vote. he's got a problem there and he believes he's not going to necessarily beat hillary clinton by going after her ten-page
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policy papers with his own ten-page policy papers. that's not the kind of campaign he's going to run. he knows that the clintons are people who americans have lived with for 25 years. and he believes that going into how people feel about the couple, how they feel about her in power, her sincerity around, you know, fighting for women, when her hold on power might be at risk, because of actions that bill clinton took, or the allegations that are being made. he feels like that is very sort of rich and ripe territory and isn't going to engender a lot of sympathy for hillary clinton like you've seen before. >> thank you all for the time. coming up, can disaffected republicans find a third option, a third-party option to take on donald trump and hillary clinton? more big names are being floated, including dallas mavericks owner and "shark tank" star mark cuban. he's going to join me next to
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talk about the stop trump movement and what role he could be playing in it. stay tuned.
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bernie sanders is in puerto rico today. he's expected to hold an event there any minute now. campaigning there earlier today, he said there's a humanitarian crisis on the island because of its debt crisis. meanwhile, donald trump tweeted, bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. run bernie run. up next, we'll talk to someone else who is being courted to run as an independent. dallas mavericks and owner, billionaire businessman mark cuban is going to be here in 60 seconds. creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends. it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive. i can aw lightly,
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just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. my lan early morning and a partly sunny mode. transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses... are more responsive than ever. experience life well lit®. ...upgrade your lenses well, last summer billionaire mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks, he praised donald trump as probably the best thing to happen in politics in a long, long time. but now cuban's being approached about mounting a third-party bid
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against trump, as some republicans scramble for a non-clinton alternative in november. cuban told "the washington post" that trump could come after he all he wanted and he knows i would put him in his place. all that said, again, i don't see it happening, there isn't enough time. he said the key in going after trump is to throw bombs at him. he praised trump last summer, but has launched blistering attacks recently. we can't say them on television. you can google them. but he's a seinfeld fan. he said it's the campaign about nothing. mark cuban is a businessman, investor and the owner of the dallas mavericks. let me start with this. you've been courted by a group of republicans who don't like donald trump, they don't want to vote for hillary clinton in the fall, they asked about you running as a third-party candidate. what was the pitch?
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>> it was just a question, are you interested, is there is a need. the response was very quick and to the point. there's just not enough time and it wouldn't work. i think they looked at me because i could afford to fund it. but obviously it was an interesting concept to me, but there's no reality to it, it wouldn't work. >> so tell me where you are. at the beginning of this trump thing, you said, i have to honestly say, he's probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long time i don't care what his positions are, i don't care if he says the wrong thing. he gives honest answered rather than prepared answers. how do you get from there to where you are now? >> well, you know, it turned out to be correct. he really did change politics. but at some point, as a candidate, you have to learn and you have to evolve. if we go back and look at the candidate then, he was new to politics, he hadn't really set any positions, but you would
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hope that he would evolve. when you look at donald today, may 17th, you don't say, wow, he's really come a long way, his positions are more detailed. he's shown a detailed understanding. he's really made an investment in time to learn about any given position or issue. he just hasn't. he hasn't learned. and that's a real problem. as i said before, it's become a candidacy about nothing, the seinfeld candidacy and that's a problem. that's what's changed. >> personally, i imagine you crossed paths with donald trump through the years. what are your impressions of him personally? >> i like him. we've talked on the phone. he doesn't e-mail, but we've exchanged information through his assistant. i like the guy. i would have no problem talking to him on the phone. we get along great. but that doesn't mean i agree with his positions and i've told him that when we have talked to the phone. i spent a lot of time talking to
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him, because i thought between donald trump and ted cruz, i just did not want ted cruz. i was an anybody but cruz guy. so i was willing to work with donald, help him where i could. but at this point, i really thought he would have a more evolved and more depth platform. and it's just not there. and we've come to recognize that. he's better off by not getting into any detail, because i don't think his followers want it. >> i'm curious how you describe your own politics. i think you call yourself libertarianish. is that socially liberal, economically conservative, is that fair? >> no, i just think for myself. i look at every issue and try to come up with a position that i think is the right thing to do, that's not hypocrite -- hypocrite cal. i try to figure it out for myself. >> when you look ahead to the fall, you don't think the third-party thing is practical. so if the choice is donald trump
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on the ballot and hillary clinton on the ballot, what do you do? >> that's a great question, but i don't have to decide today. i have until november. donald trump has taken a leadership stance for his followers. we're no longer in an era of partisan politics. it's tribal politics. there are people who follow donald, who say, what are you going to do for me? they want to throw punches for him. they want to take out the traditional candidates and political system, and he's led that group and he deserves credit for that. the question is, is that a big enough group? on hillary's side, she's evolved to the left and hasn't shown a personality or the ability to fight back at donald. so i want to see more of that from her. so we have time. we'll see if donald really digs into the issues, if he has policy, as he puts details behind the policy, and we'll see if hillary comes a little further center in particular with some of her financial platforms and see where that goes. >> and what do you think too about the role of bill clinton
2:23 pm
in all this? you talk to clinton supporters and you'll hear this is hillary clinton versus donald trump. bill clinton's not on the ballot, shouldn't be part of it. but hillary clinton said yesterday, bill clinton's in charge of the economy if i get elected. >> that's shuffling deck chairs on the titanic. does the candidate understand the issues that impact this country today? you know, what are they going to do to lead this country? you know, with donald, he has not shown any -- the ability to learn and understand what the issues are. and that's really his approach to politicking. that's his approach to trying to get votes. hillary, on the other side, has given very detailed platforms and what she's going to do, it's just a question of whether or not you agree with them. so i don't pay attention to bill clinton's involvement at all. he's not the candidate. i want to know what the candidates are going to do. and he'll see what happens over the next however many months.
2:24 pm
>> and trump makes the point all the time, saw ross perot do this in 1992, businessmen who get into politics and say, my skills as a ceo, my skills as a businessman, decision-maker, executive skills would make me the most qualified for this office. do you look at the white house, the presidency and say the skills of a business leader make for a strong president? >> absolutely. you have to be knowledgeable, you have to be prepared, you have to be willing to learn, you have to have a thirst for knowledge. so what makes a great business person definitely would fit as a president. the question is, is donald that kind of business person? i don't think he is. i think donald, you know, is amazing. he's a savant when it comes to real estate. but he hasn't demonstrated that ability in other ventures. the products he puts his name on, suggests that he needed the money, steaks, suits, water,
2:25 pm
university. you name it. there's no rhyme or reason there. he's not the type of person that gets in there and grinds. most entrepreneurs, to be successful, knows you have to grind, you have to do the work, always be contributing, always finding better ways. i just don't get that sense from donald. ten months later after he announced he's not the candidate where you just say, wow, this guy has really picked up an in-depth understanding of the issues and that's a problem. so i don't see him as a reflection of a ceo, a reflection of an entrepreneur. he's good at what he's good at, but that's really -- no one that that's applicable. >> what about you, you say there's no time in this campaign, but looking ahead to the future, sort of open-ended here, is it a job you might have some interest in at some point? >> i consider myself patriotic and someone who is really concerned about the future of this country and i say that from a positive perspective, that i
2:26 pm
think this country is amazing, that our best days are ahead of us and with the right person, we can be stronger, domestically and globally. but it's not something i've given a lot of thought. there's a long way to go. >> i imagine you talked about trump, and the rules of politics he's re-written. it's got to look more doable now than it did maybe a year ago? >> without question. i think he did open a door, set a path for entrepreneurs, for business people. but i hope he just doesn't shut it through his actions. >> mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks, thanks for the time. >> my pleasure, thank you. we'll have more on the third-party effort, the attempted third-party effort at least just ahead, including a former bush super pac director who is hoping to find a candidate. plus, a compromise on contraceptives. stay tuned.
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still ahead on "mtp daily,"
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the clock is ticking on a potential third-party threat. can anti-trump republicans find a candidate in time to mount a challenge? and from contraception to transgender bathroom access, how social wedge issues could play on the campaign trail. but first, hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, steve. stocks beginning the week with a rally. the dow jumping by 175 points, the s&p up by 20, the nasdaq climbing by 57 points. drug giant pfizer is buying ana kor sfarm suit cal and shares surged more than 50% on that news. apple shares rose 4% today. and crude oil settled at $47.72 a barrel, its best level since november on worries about supply shortages. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. steady is exciting.
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all right, it's w time. the who, it's angelina jolie hitting trump for his proposed muslim ban. the actress and special envoy for the united nations said trump's comments are hard to hear. adding that anti-immigrant talk is pushing an international race to the bottom. the what, it's a pro-immigration message at donald trump's alma mater, creator of the musical hamilton speaking today. this a day after trump was on campus for his daughter's graduation there. he didn't mention the candidate by name, but had this to say. >> in a year when politicians traffic in anti-immigrant
2:35 pm
rhetoric, there's also a broadway musical reminding us that a broke immigrant built our financial system. the where, notre dame. the university honored joe biden and john boehner, they later tweeted out a photo of the pair, with the caption, bringing people together since 1842. when. when the answer is a question, it must be chuck's return to jeopardy. airing tonight, chuck is defending his 2012 championship in the show's power players week. and he's raising money for the d.c. charity samaritan inns. good luck, chuck. the why. tsa delays for months now, so bad this weekend at o'hair in chicago, cops were brought in for stranded travelers who missed their flights because of the lines. these kind of optics have been fueling a growing social media fire storm against the tsa.
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many members of congress have been weighing in. you can expect to hear a lot more about the future of that agency as the summer trafrl season heats up. stay tuned. season heats up. stay tuned. rtrafrl season heats up. stay tuned. atrafrl season heats up. stay tuned. vtrafrl season heats up. stay tuned. etrafrl season heats up. stay tuned. traveltrafrl season . stay tuned. travel season heats up. stay tuned. p of at, and atworat n emand,s hospal can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working... it was too long since my last pap. when i was finally tested, we thought i might have cervical cancer. after worrying - no cancer. i was lucky. women... please get a pap test to check for cervical cancer. and get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. for you and the people who care about you. there's not enough time and it just wouldn't work. i think they looked at me more because possibly i could afford to fund it. obviously it was an interesting concept to me, but there's no reality to it, it just wouldn't
2:38 pm
work. >> welcome back. that was mark cuban speaking with me moments ago, about the prospect of a third-party run. but is it still even possible for a third-party candidate to wage a viable campaign? the rnc chair called it a suicide mission. he wants republicans to rally around donald trump instead. a group of conservatives say that resistance is not futile. ballot deadlines, the all important one in texas, has already passed. let's talk to one of the people who said there's still time on the clock. he's ready and willing to get the wheels in notimotion, but ce find a candidate. he most recently supervised the right to rise pac for jeb bush. if you want to be a third-party candidate and get in on the ballot, you can't do that. why is there still time? >> i'm not an advocate of the national third-party attempt,
2:39 pm
not because i think there shouldn't be an alternative to donald trump. i think there should be. but we're beyond the time where it's realistic to get in, let's pick a couple of important swing states where there's big senate races like ohio where it's easier to get a candidate in. and have a platform for somebody to carry a republican message other than trump to help turn out voters who may stay hope because of trump and to be a thorn in trump's side to deny him the opportunity to win here. because i think he's failed the test we need of compaetence and character for the president of the united states. >> so who will it be?
2:40 pm
>> the republicans need to accept the reality we've nominated an unlikeable candidate. and therefore it's less about whether or not it helps hillary clinton to win, which is depressing, but trump can't be president. do we do something to help the down ballot races and have a symbolic person carry a message to build the future of the party on. and who that is, it's clear most of the people aren't that interested. i think governor romney has been encouraging people to look at the wider campaign. but this is a pitch right now without a candidate behind it. so it may not amount to anything. >> you're saying he can't win. although i got to say, we talked to a number of republicans last week. we had a couple of swing state polls. i know some people questioned the methodology. and we will see other polls in the days ahead. but i talked to republicans who were not in the trump campaign during the primary. they got excited when they saw the polls. it sounded like when they thought there was a chance to
2:41 pm
win, they wanted to come together. >> fair enough, but president dukakis had a lot of those summer polls too. traditionally the early polls are noise makers. i just look at about 30% of the vote, highly likely to be african american, latino, asian american, all of them who hate trump. the other 2/3 are going to be caucasian women, who in every poll also hate trump. so 1 out of 3 -- 1/3 of the voters finding you acceptable is not the path to the white house. i could be wrong, but i'd be willing to make a bet that trump's not going to win. we're looking at the primaries where at most 28 million people will have voted by california, as opposed to the general election, which will be over 125 million. so he's entering a whole different world of voter demography where he has no track record of success. and if you track record and not
2:42 pm
look at the day-to-day horse race, it's dire for him and for my party. >> if it's trump versus hillary clinton, what are you going to do in november? >> i'm going to write in a businessman who ran out of nowhere, upset the republican party, i'll write in wendel. >> the 1940s solution. >> that's all i got. >> let's bring in anand gear dartis, former new england republican congressman ann hayward and msnbc political analyst joan walsh. sorry if i got the name wrong. i'm terrible with these things. what do you make of the interview? mike murphy saying, not too late to get a third-party candidate, but he's conceding, the candidate would be there to spoil it for trump and allow republicans who don't like trump
2:43 pm
another option. >> the authoritative history of the stop trump movement should be called profiles in timidity. they waited so long. 90% of republicans had yet to make an endorsement at all levels. if present trends continue, they'll field a third-party candidate during the trump inauguration. at some point, we saw rationalizations, we saw, you know, empty protests. but they haven't really -- they didn't fight him on the merits when they could. they sat on the sidelines and now they are talking about other reality tv stars. >> i saw you listening to mike murphy there, shaking your head a little bit. >> this is the year of the third-party candidate. let's face it. between bernie sanders and donald trump, both of these candidates have proven charismatic in their own respective ways, to chunks of their respective primary electorates, that have been completely disaffected on the
2:44 pm
republican side and on the democratic side. so this is the third-party candidacy, and it behooves republicans now to listen to the voters who selected donald trump and why. why did they do it. because they are angry, because they have not perceived that government is working for them, and they're right. so now it's up to those of us who feel there's a better way forward, who differ in very substantial and stylistic ways with donald trump to make it work. since he's a negotiator and he's said he can be flexible and since he's said he can learn, let's see if he can. >> joan, i'm curious what you make of this, because the democrats, two weeks ago, we said trump will be the nominee, they said, this is great. there's figu there's going to be a divided republican party, voters clinton can pick off. seems to me, there's been more consolidation in a faster period of time than people thought. >> there has been. but there are still a lot of
2:45 pm
hold-outs. and the talk of this third-party thing subtly hurts him. i admire anand's optimism, and i'm sure trump will tell you what you want to hear, but then he'll talk to another republican and tell them what they want to hear. no one at this point can trust donald trump right now. but the third-party thing is a fool's errand. i loved mark cuban. he was so honest, i think they came to me because i could probably self-fund. that's his major qualification, even though he's a smart guy. we're concerned about the emergence of this reality tv star, so we'll find another reality tv star with no experience. it's a farce. stay with us. up next, the supreme court decision on contraceptive access and what it means for the 2016 campaign. stay with us. i drive a golf ball.
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. the supreme court today avoided ruling on a controversial pair of a part of the president's affordable care act, instead sending the dispute over birth control back to the lower courts. as if to illustrate just how unusual this is, both sides of this argument, the white house and senator ted cruz, indicated that they're pleased with the non-ruling. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is at the supreme court. somehow the supreme court brought the obama white house and ted cruz together. how on earth did that happen? >> reporter: through sheer magic. both of them hold it up to the light and see a horsey basically. here's the issue, steve. the supreme court was wading into this religion and contraceptive question. when obamacare was imposed, churches, mosques, temples, houses of worship were exempt.
2:49 pm
they didn't have to provide contraceptive coverage for their employees. this was about shacharities, schools and so forth. the government said, if you want to opt out, you have to fill out a form. the group said doing that made them complicit in the delivery of something they considered a sin. they said to the supreme court, we want you to rule that it's a violation of our religious freedom. the supreme court said we're going to punt and tesend it bac to the appeals court. but in doing so, it strongly endorsed a potential compromise which surfaced after the case was argued. here's how that would work. the religious affiliated organizations when they sit down with their insurance company would say, we want a policy that doesn't have contraceptive coverage in it. the insurer would take it from there and get the contraceptive coverage at no charge to the employees.
2:50 pm
that's why both sides say it's a victo victory. the religious groups that sued cannot be fined by the government if they don't provide this notice. and yet the women who work for these religious groups the supreme court said should get their coverage. to be determined if this does go back to the courts of appeals, to be determined is what form would the coverage take. can it be part of the existing policies or does it have to be something from the outside? >> all right. pete williams outside the supreme court. thanks for that. the panel will be back with me next for the lid so keep it right here. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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all right. time for the lid. let's talk about where we were sort of at the start of the show getting a sense now for what this general election is going to look like between hillary clinton and donald trump and you have donald trump out there talking about in this interview with the new york times talking about in a debate with hillary clinton, he wants to bring up bill clinton's extra marital affairs and bring back a hillary clinton and white water and he wants to bring this up to her face on the stage. do you think this is bluster right now just to get into her head and bill clinton's head. a lot of people saying he's trying to bait bill clinton or the actual trump strategy? >> i think he is trying to get into hillary clinton's head and bill ea bill's head and america's head. i think that may well work. what i want to hear about is how is he actually going to make it possible for those who now feel
2:55 pm
discouraged, disheartened, depressed, left out, how is he going to empower them? >> have you heard that from him in this campaign yet? >> i want to hear him flush it out. what he's done is channelled what his audiences want to hear. i'm like you. i'm angry, too. the rest of the world is gaining and we're losing. that's a genuine feeling among the american public. now it's time for him to work with leaders like paul ryan with people who have serious policy ideas that really can work and be liberating -- >> again, you're an optimist because there is no evidence he wants to do that and what he's telling us is he wants to run this campaign, take us back to the '90s, make it as dirty as possible and that's a pretty depressing prospect whether you're on the left or right. >> there is an article, column, the wall street journal making the argument what trump is promising and has been promising
2:56 pm
with the attacks is the kind of campaign the republican base has been waiting for a republican candidate to run, specifically to run against the clintons. you think back to the '90s. bob dole stayed away from that. here is donald trump saying he's going to hit him over the head with it. >> as the primary winds down, it is guaranteed that next jan, a creepy older guy who feels entitled to women's bodies will be living in the white house, either as president or first gentleman. that's guaranteed for america. america, welcome to that future. >> what's the question -- that's the question -- >> how -- >> one of them will be president. but they are for as long as you go back on every issue, we care about michelle obama's thesis in college. we care about both members. all i'm saying are these are both men that belong to a don draper age and we don't live in that age anymore.
2:57 pm
>> it's an interesting question the role of bill clinton and i'm curious because you just said it, too, the argument is look, bill clinton is not on the ballot and donald trump is on the ballot. at the same time, i heard hillary clinton yesterday in the speech say look, if i'm president, bill clinton is in charge of the economy. >> i thought that was a really dumb thing to say to be honest. it's going back to the two for the price of one argument and makes it a lot harder to say i'm running for president. let's not talk about these things but i still think there is an extent to which if he tries to blame her for bill's infidelity and call her an enabler, that will backfire. i do. i think it already has. >> there is an assertion about bill running the economy is one of the truthful things she said. she's not presenting policy ideas or an approach that actually will empower the american economy. people do want to go back to a time in a fantasy where if you will -- >> she's presented a lot of policy ideas.
2:58 pm
>> respectfully, they haven't been good to get the economy going. what her husband did that was smart, he worked with republicans and saw the light and worked with republicans. >> what about the point is what do you think if donald trump goes down that road and goes down the road of calling hillary clinton an enabler of her husband's behavior and says bill clinton was involved and hillary clinton tried to smear them, is that political suicide or do you think that could work? >> i don't think it's political suicide. i don't like saying that. i don't think it's political suicide. i would like him to take a more dignified elevated path. hillary clinton can be fairly shameless about trying to portray herself as someone who would have natural appeal to women and i don't want to hear the candidate of my party assailing hillary clinton for doing certain things that do not have to do with the problems
2:59 pm
that are at hand. >> another interesting point to an open question in my mind, we say with this bill clinton stuff put out there, this was litigated in the 90s but have the standards changed? has the way we talk and think about this changed in the last 20 years where if this is aired again people think about it differently? >> there is a famous moment endorsing hillary clinton but in private at an hbo, ceos residence and i think she spoke for certainly the poll numbers that showed a lot of young women not voting for mothers and grandmothers and i think the standards have changed. i think a lot of what men did in college would get them expelled or arrested today. that is mostly for the good. i think people got away with a lot in the past. this is a maddening world. these men were shaped in the caldron of madmen world. it doesn't matter if it's
3:00 pm
economic policy but the symbols of the nation and both men that showed behavior over the years not on one occasion that is actually totally out of bounds for men my age. >> we'll leave it there. thanks for joining us today. chuck will be back tomorrow 5:00 eastern time and kick off msnbc special coverage of the kentucky and oregon primaries. that is tomorrow and "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm willie geist. >> and i'm mark halpenin. >> mark halperin is aboard adele to flight somewhere in the united states. are you really in the can? ♪ ♪ this is your captain speaking. sit back, relax and buckle up because we're


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