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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll be back here tomorrow in oregon and kentucky, until then, for the entire team here at "eyewitness" si." coming up "hardball" with chris matthews. trump versus the times. let's play hardball. >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. donald trump pushed back hard yesterday that looked at his treatment of women and called the story a lame hit piece and a joke. he also said it was malicious and according to the times piece, interviews with dozens of women that knew him quote reveal
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romantic advances, unending commentary on the peal form and an unsettling workplace conduct. a few of the times examples female trump executives said he told her you look like you like your candy. one said trump was dismissive towards here, hun and a miss usa contestant said he kissed me directly on the lips and i thought oh my gosh, gross. a former trump girlfriend said he asked her to change into a bikini during a pool party and told the crowd at the pool that is a stunning trump girl, isn't it? the trump times characterize it as a face-to-face encounter. lane herself today dispute that characterization. >> i was not happy with the way that the article was written and i was promised that it wouldn't
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be done that way and it absolutely was. i don't think it's fair to me and i don't really think it's fair to him. it seems to me like they have an agenda and they are following it. i never said he paraded me anywhere and that word keeps coming up. he said now that's a stunning trump girl. i was very flattered and indeed flattered and i made that clear to the writer i was flattered. >> trump says he will go on offense against hillary clinton and says quote just getting nasty with hillary clinton won't work. you got to get women to ask if hillary is true and authentic. he plans to challenge oher on benghazi and husband's infidelities. trump plans to throw clinton's husband's infidelities in his face questioning whether she enabled his behavior. joining me is a political reporter for "the new york times" and msnbc contributor and
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john -- no, i'm sorry, no you're not. she's with "time magazine" and john is a former senior strategists for the santorum presidential campaign. let me go to jeremy. i know you have to speak for your newspaper, but how would you report on this back and forth he found a women not happy with the way the story was presented and said she was not by her terms exploited or abused or humiliated she says. the author of the piece should she wouldn't be portrayed that way. she's not happy about and it i can understand if she's right she would be. trump also pointed out there were some 50 women interviewed only four or five quoted in the piece which he suggested other women had good things to say about him. can you comment on that? >> i'll let this story speak for itself. what i will say -- >> both sides of it? >> trump did tweet something inaccurate the women interviewed for the story. he did.
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the reporter did a fine job reporting this piece pointed out that he did interview the women that the trump campaign told them to talk to and so that part of what trump pushed back on was not accurate. the beauty of the piece is it is very inappropriate. >> what about the portrayal of the woman that pushed back, ms. lane? she said they got it all wrong and said they wouldn't write it that way. >> you know -- >> she was not paraded around. they kept saying paraded. i wasn't paraded around. your thoughts? >> i didn't report the piece so i probably shouldn't -- >> no, but you're doing a good job here. let me go to jay newton small. the way the story hits you, the story, the fact you can discern as being true, how does it hit you and what does it say about
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the presidential candidate himself? >> donald trump has a lot of roads to make with women. calling rosie o'donnell a fat pig or saying megyn kelly has been bleeding or calling carly fiorina ugly, these stories don't help him -- >> do they hurt? are they worse -- if you've gotten through the thick of public information about it, what he said about rosie o'donnell and said about megyn kelly the journalist, what he said about his opponent at one time, carly -- this is in our face already. people have they adjusted to that part of him and made their own discernment and why would this be worse? >> i don't think he's winning women over. these stories, he needs to be out there winning women over because he's not going to win a
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general election without doing better with women and he's losing women enormously. he has to do better and his challenge is to show how he would govern and better represent women and better represent them than hillary clinton would. stories like this do not help at all. there are positive aspects and i'm sure we'll see his daughter come out and talk about how he's a good businessman and how he's empowered women and there are aspects where he was one of the few to hire and promote women in the '80s and '90s but that's lost in what becomes the worst aspects of this character to sexualize every woman whether he's working with or dating. >> on, we've been through this before, we all were in it with clinton. >> you and i personally. >> i mean just broader and
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kathleen willy and paula jones and accusations they made in his defense or whatever it worth. it's not that it's similar. everything is different but each case is its own self and it involves humiliation of women and some it's things like saying -- i got to put it in perspective, you call someone hun or dear 30 years ago, i doesn't know if that was courtesy, niceness or charm. it could have been dismissiveness. clearly had that impact and even if it's 20 years ago. >> well, first of all, one thing that worked in did the's favor is it was "the new york times." for republicans to be unified, he needs to be attacked by ob a obama, clinton and "the new york times." number two, as you said, a lot of this is really people know these things about donald trump and again, i'm not an analyst. i'm a strategists and if i'm a strategist for the trump
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campaign one thing i do realize, the more ugly i can make the race between both parties, the more it is for my benefit because people are saying i'm sick of all that type of politics. i'm going with the agent of change and the agent of change in this particular race is donald trump. >> do you think that's true? i wrote a close for the show along those lines but my sort of bottom line will be at the end of the night because i'm already there which is this just turns people off to politics. they say i'm not running for anything if this is what i'llm o going to be hit with throwing past personal behavior against each other, people have to be perfect in their life or enjoy this. trump seems to be able to enjoy this stuff thrown back and forth. >> he does. it's what animates him. it's what sustains him every single day getting in these fights on twitter, hurling insults at opponents and journalists that cross him who he believes somehow wronged him but i do think that you're right, chris. people are voting in the polls
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are showing this, that they are selecting a presidential candidate for the first time based on a negative voting against someone. you talked to hillary supporters and voting for her because they want to vote against trump and the same is true for trump. they are picking him because they want to vote against hillary. that's a striking and unsettling development in our politics. >> ann in the washington post used all kinds of information and a new focus group that puts it into the likability issue on her side again it is the thing that republicans unite about. they don't like hillary and want to beat her or whatever the instinct and here we have people, have all this stuff used against trump now. there is no good news for anybody right now it seems. it's all relatively bad news depending how bad it is on either of them. >> striking this is like a
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non-ideal logical campaign and issues and not a campaign about substance and policy but who you like more and who you would wrath v rather have a beer with more -- >> who you would like to throw a beer at? >> i don't know if it's like or dislike more and scream at the tv more and so it reallily is about character . if you spend six months against character attack. >> this puts donald trump in the madman category in terms of behavior. anyway, president obama made a strong case against donald trump yesterday during a commencement address at rutgers although never actually mentioned trump's name. but you know who he's talking about. let's watch. >> the world is more enter connected thavr ever befo connected than ever before. building walls won't change that. isolating or disparaging muslims
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or suggestioning they should be treated differently would alienate the communities at home and abroad who are the most important partners in the fight against violent extremism. if you were listening to today's political debate, you might wond wonder where this strain of anti intellectual came from. it's not cool to not know what you're talking ability. that's not challenging political correct n correctness. that's not knowing what you're talking about. >> pretend for a second you can -- i think your ill mag nation will carry this, you're working for president obama now. how far can he go to rattle the cage of trump before trump pulls him into the cage? >> not very far is my guess.
4:12 pm
if we don't hear by tonight, i would be shocked. it's smarter for obama than hillary clinton to do it, if for no other reason obama is better. >> can he stay coy or distant when trump reaches out and says i know what you're talking about and gives him it back again with that stuff. >> no, i think ultimately it may be a gift for trump. first of all, it takes all the other issues off the table by this if trump fights with obama, things like middle income, blue color workers in ohio, if it's trump versus obama, they will side with trump on these issues and so i think although it's fun to watch and obama can be creative, i think ultimately politically helps trump more than hillary clinton. >> we shall see. thank you. and john, coming up, bernie sanders continues to duke it out with hillary clinton despite impossible odds and senior aids
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say they could make things messy at the convention come philadelphia this summer. what is it bernie sanders wants no matter who gets the nomination? who do his supporters want the nominee to do whatever it is? plus, after the assassination of president kennedy, lyndon johnson tack the reigns of power to change the course of american history. >> i urge every american to join in this effort to bring justice and hope to all our people. and to bring peace to our land. >> later in the show, quite magically, bryan cranston become that guy, lyndon johnson. anthony playing martin luther king and j roach once genitals the story of lyndon johnson's heroic role of bringing us to the role of 1964 tonight on the show and inside trump's bras strategy to go after bill and hillary clinton during debates this fall, during the debates
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he'll do it live on national television all or nothing move that will work for him or it won't. finally, let me finish with the election that looks to be a real life bonfire in the vanities. that's what it is is looking like and this is "hardball" a place for politics.
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so what the supreme court said is we'll send it back at the lower courts but strongly endorsed a compromise that said even having to say they don't want to provide contraceptive care for employees would violate the religious freedom. they said this possible compromise would be this, the group simply buy insurance and
4:16 pm
don't include contraceptive and insurance company takes it from there and provides no cost. that's why both sides are saying there is something in it for them but the other part of this is that supporters are saying the pact the supreme court wouldn't get to the main question of the case sent them to the lower court shows the court can't be fully functional with eight justices. >> makes sense. you need five to beat four. thank you pete williams at the supreme court. "hardball" returns after this.
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. is it a bird? is it a plane? it is a superdelegate. [ laughter ] >> all right. flying over the sky. all right. nobody would have believed that we would receive well over 9 million votes at this point in the campaign. [ cheers ] >> this coming tuesday, we're going to win a great victory
4:19 pm
right here in kentucky. [ cheers ] >> and by the way, i think we're going to win in oregon, as well. so -- [ cheers ] >> and then on june 7th, we got california and a bunch of other states. >> welcome back. that was of course bernie sanders campaigning now in kentucky over this weekend ahead of tomorrow's primary there. the republican contest all but wrapped up of course but democrats are fighting until the end in philadelphia this summer. joining me is jeff weaver. jeff, i'm trying to figure out let's try a peace treaty between you and me for a second. >> always, of course. >> let's forget, put aside who will be the nominee. let talk principle. bernie is not running out of ego, how hard if you fight win or lose, what will you try to get done in philadelphia to come out with different principles
4:20 pm
enshrined, what would they be? >> i certainly think the platform will be important, chris. if you look at the issues bernie sanders has talked about on the campaign trail unlike donald trump who takes, spends his time hurling insults, bernie sanders gives long speeches about raising the minimum wage to $15 and universal health care through a single parent system and dealing with a corrupt finance system and making sure wealth and income stops going to the people at the very top. creating a new trade policy that benefits working class people and not just people on wall street. these are types of issues bernie sanders has been fighting for the whole campaign. >> when you come out of the convention and you'll be there and senator sanders, when you come out, will we have something that looks like a commitment as health care as a right? >> we certainly would hope so and beyond the issues in the platform, there are a number of
4:21 pm
electoral issues that i think will have to be addressed at the convention. i think we have to deal with things like closed primaries, superdelegates, same-day registration and a host of other issues that are keeping people from participating in the democratic process. >> getting rid of -- bringing in same-day regulistration, what about state conventions and state caucuses rather than primaries. aren't primaries the most democratic way to do something if you get into electoral reform? >> we need to look at that. one of the issues we've seen in experience from this campaign cycle -- >> you win them -- >> well, we do often win them, but many cases the state parties don't have the resources to run them effectively -- >> why can't these states have primaries? i don't understand how cheap they are. a primary seems basic as part of the political system. >> i think caucus reform is an issue we'll certainly have to
4:22 pm
put on the table. for instance, in some states you don't know how many people voted or who they voted for, right? >> let me ask you about the tough turkey one. your best one. besides the good issue, one we believe in, everybody on the progressive side over where the progressives come and everybody likes the idea of helping kids with tuition. they need help with the bills they have to pay, loans are outrageous, suspects six figures, what do we do about the deal like hillary clinton giving speeches for a couple hundred thousand dollars a pop? how do you stop somebody out of office from doing that? she wasn't in office -- she was between office but out of public office. how do you stop somebody from doing that? >> well, i don't know you stop them from doing that but there is a political price to be paid and if we increase the base of the democratic party so it includes more young people and working class people and people bernie sanders is bringing into the process, i think people won't do those speeches because
4:23 pm
they know the political price will be too high. >> what happens if trump hits that issue this summer and fall and nails hillary on that? would you agree or get quiet because you were the guys that raised the issue. he didn't raise it, you did. >> certainly an issue raised. these speeches, i think this whole issue would have gone away if the content of the speeches, the problem was chris, the speeches were given for large amounts of money and the substance of the speeches was with held. >> you know -- you know -- okay. this is where we get it. you know she wasn't going to release transcripts. >> i don't think that's true. i think -- i mean, i haven't of usually haven't seen what is in the speeches, frankly, but given how much discussion there has been, it would seem to we back then if they were released, it would be much less discussion. >> have fun like we always do. you can't imagine her walking into goldman sachs saying when i get elected i'm going to kick your butt. you know she didn't say that. >> bernie sanders would have
4:24 pm
said that. >> he wouldn't have gotten $200,000. >> he didn't. >> you never miss a chance. anyway, thank you. by the way, thank you. heidi joins us now. she put out today in her story, hillary clinton is considering a running made that could make supporters of bernie sanders according to four people close to the campaign. chief requirements for hillary clinton including the resume and a fighter capable of hand to hand combat with trump and prioritizes demographics over some key state and seeks unify the base according to the report is elizabeth warren, connecticut senator chris murphy and labor secretary tom perez. heidi joins us now. i know you're a tough reporter. i agree with the need. how do you show the discernment and how do you know they are not feeding you fish, we want this
4:25 pm
ethnic group, the hispanics to be happy and the people on the left that love elizabeth warn and the people -- how do you know they are not feeding names out to win conknit wtiknit -- constituencies of sharing the name. >> if hillary clinton had hers, she would choose someone like cain and who she feels she can work with. hillary clinton is not living in a perfect world right now and if things look the way they do close to the convention, then the biggest challenge she has right now is this generational divide in the party like jeff weaver said, this is a base election. >> who else besides elizabeth warren would meet that? she would be dynamite because she's taking up wall street as much as bernie sanders has. anybody else fit that? >> there are a number of members
4:26 pm
of congress which is kind of focus more there right now because as you know, the ranks of governors have been a bit depleted in the past few seeks but the labor secretary tom perez has done a lot -- >> never been elected. >> right, exactly. then you run into the resume problem. the same thing -- >> it's a hard job to run for v.p. >> someone putting himself out there is javier part of the caucus and democratic -- >> he did get a job at the local office. so he had a position. but let me ask you about brown. i've been pushing him for a long time to help hillary clinton. now the name shows up on your list from the campaign tells me they are willing to sacrifice a senate seat in a very competitive year for the control of the senate to bolster the national ticket. >> that's the perplexing problem, right?
4:27 pm
brown would be perfect on many levels in terms of being a progressive fire brand. he's there on big issues like trade and industrial rust belt. that is potentially a fatal flaw and i was up on the hill talking to sources and this is a concern and it might be a disqualifying concern at the end of the day. and so it all depends on really elizabeth warren to some extend because she is the clearest proxy to bernie sanders. of course, there are risks with going with her in terms of having two women but chris, when i talk to clinton people, they said they think they can build a winning coalition and by bringing women out to vote in record numbers both older women who hillary clinton is already getting in those younger bernie women who they believe elizabeth warren could bring into the fold and i stress, this is where they are, right now. so don't play this back on me if
4:28 pm
we get to -- >> no, no, no. >> tim kaine -- >> i think it would be extraordinary for her to do something like this so out of the box. her husband, bill clinton picked al gore, two southern guys doubling down worked wonders. thank you heidi, take this seriously. coming up tomorrow night, another big night in election coverage. join me starting at a special time tomorrow at 6:00 eastern for complete coverage which comes in early. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a tough fight for the bluegrass state and starting at 9:00 p.m. i'll join rachel for her coverage of the oregon primary tomorrow night at 6:00. up next with lbj, the new hbo movie store, has president johnson himself fighting to pass the landmark bill of 1964. fellow actor anthony machi will be here. this is "hardball" a place for politics. hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points,
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look here, your people vote for this bill or you vote for the segregation. we're making history here everett and you have to decide how you want history to remember you. as a great man, a man who changed the course of this country or somebody who just likes to hear himself talk? >> welcome back. that's award-winning actor bryan cranston playing president lyndon johnson for the film "all the way" that debuts next saturday. the movie portrays johnson over the 11 months following the kennedy assassination as he struggles to prove he's more than an accidental president. his historic achievement passing the act of 1964 which out lawed racial discrimination in restaurants, hotels and gas
4:33 pm
stations and other public places was a testament. he went on to win a landslide victory that november. here is a clip of johnson negotiating with martin luther king played by anthony machi. >> every year my best damn chicken fried steak you put in your mouth and every year she and her husband drive my packer from washington back down to the ranch for me. well, she can't use any restroom on that highway because they are whites only. she got to squat on a field on the side of the road to pee like a dog. that's not right and by god we're going to fix that. >> well, nothing in this country will ever change until negros can vote. >> next bill will be voting rights. >> after president kennedy's election, eisenhower had
4:34 pm
publicly declared his party had taken the negro vote for granted. i would hate to see the democratic party make the same mistake. >> if you think barrett gold water is legitimate to abraham clinton, you should vote for him. >> well, i'm joined by the actors and also the film's director jay roach. brian, how did you get ready for the part -- i saw you back stage kathleen and lucky to come back and watch you up here. it's even better in the movie. it's -- the closeups, you look like johnson. how did you do that? >> well, thank you. i share a couple facial characteristics the real lbj has, bead eyes and thin lips. something every man wants to have. >> god-given advantages in life. >> it was prosthetics that took two and a half hours of makeup and did something to my hair and thinned it out and cut it back and we knew we would come in
4:35 pm
very close so we wanted to make sure that you didn't see any sign of it. >> you know what is amazing, if you got that george is the photographer of the new york times and caught it, how johnson talks right into your face you can spemell what he had for lun or breakfast. how close were you to his face when you did that scene? nobody talks like that -- >> you know lbj did. yeah, good actor ray wise and he plays everett and i get right up into him, nose to nose, just to hound him and this -- >> oh, god. >> this gentlemen here is william full bright i meet in the elevator. they gave it a name called the johnson treatment whether he was manipulating or strong arming, he used his size to try to intimidate. >> yeah. let me go to anthony. thank you for joining us. i thought the scenes we've seen so far of the majestic movie,
4:36 pm
you capture king as a bit of a politician, a real politician, not a reverend or man of history but a guy that knows how to play the game effectively with hardball. >> definitely. dr. king had many different facets to personality and i feel like one thing we never really touched upon as actors or seen is his ability to be the great politician. he knew how to work that angle when it had to be worked and i think the true testament of that was his relationship with lbj. >> let me go to jay on this question of deal making. when you put the script together in the final touches as a director. tell us how -- it reminded me of steven spielberg and lincoln and getting the 13th amendment passed. what was the johnson technique in terms of work and republicans and segregation, both of them? he wouldn't work the segregation, he had to work republicans. >> i have to credit robert who
4:37 pm
wrote the play and won a tony for it and did the adaptation for us and wrote the screen play. so robert's great screen play depicted a lot of these moments with lbj as well as he had in the play. i think one of the great things he would do with the republicans was say come on, you're the party of lincoln, candon't be associated. you got to get on the right side of history as you see. he was great at putting people off balance at first, pranking them almost. you know, really making fun of them or somehow making a really off colored joke and then he would get to the serious stuff and flatter them and by the end they didn't know what hit them. that was part of the johnson treatment. >> he used different words than describing african americans. he didn't use the really bad word but used a compromised word from the south back then. how did you decide about using that language in the play? >> that was always based on the way real lbj spoke and he could
4:38 pm
figure out how to sort of be the guy he needed to be depending on the audience he spoke to. >> let's look at a conversation between president johnson and hubert humphry after signing the civil rights bill. >> congratulations, mr. president on your glorious achievement. >> the democratic party just lost the south of the rest of my lifetime. maybe yours. what the [ bleep ] are you so happy about? >> you know, i want to get back to anthony machi on this. it's amazing how johnson committed suicide almost politically. a friend of mine from georgia reminds me, the strongest vote in the entire country for john f. kennedy in 1960 was georgia. the south was the solid south
4:39 pm
for the democrats. they voted for stevenson. it was that good a vote in the south, gone. johnson had it right starting in '64. they could never do it again. >> definitely. i mean, i think that was one of the things he realized what he was going to have to give up in order to make this work but i feel like what is so great about lbj and able to do was he sacrificed everything for what he believed in. there were many -- i always say there were many other men out there that could have done what dr. king and lbj did but none of them stood up and did it. and i think that's the testament to the men they were. >> let me ask jay about saturday night. why saturday night for a debut? what's the thinking there? tell me something about television i don't know. why would you take a major film like this and open it on a saturday night? a question. >> sunday nights are pretty busy with game of throwns and silicon valley, great shows and saturdays are for some reason the nights they recount and game
4:40 pm
change on saturday nights. it's their tv movie night. >> very achievements. you did them all. all fabulous. i love game change and recan't. your movies i want to see over and over again like "casablanca". >> you drive to "casablanca". >> that was in the early years. >> great to meet you. congratulations on another victory. the film is called "all the way" premieres saturday on hbo. thank you bryan cranston, anthony mckee and great jay roach. the strategy to bring up bill clinton's infidelity right in the debate stage with hillary clinton. is that going to turn off women, republican women? the election or will it go the other way. trump has been lucky so far. you're watching "hardball" the place for politics. "exercise more." i know that.
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you've said you're willing to bring up bill clinton's past with women if hillary clinton attacks you for being a sexist, so is that a threat to her? is that essentially what you're saying is hey, you want me to go down that road? you go down that road, i go down this road? is this a public threat? >> i wouldn't say it's a threat. >> it is a threat. >> of course, foreshadowing tactics and promising to use more of it. "the new york times" reported on the strategy quote drawing unpsychological warfare used to defeat low energy jeb bush in the republican primaries. the trump campaign is mapping out attacks on the clintons to try to increase negative poll
4:45 pm
ratings. joining me is josh king author of an advanced man's guide to white house craft and political suicide. that's chalk full. also on tonight's round table is nbc correspondent katy tur following the wagon since it launched and howard fineman who knows it all. i don't think i have to get much -- i don't think i have to add much to this conversation to throw the ball out, the hockey puck. here it is here. who will win this fight? there will be fights. >> i'd say trump is already winning because without actually doing anything, he's laid it out there and here we are in your set talking about it. it's been talked about for 24 hours prior. he's really leaving it up to others. >> how is throwing the kitchen sink, bathroom sink work for him? >> i don't think you see it on the debate stage, chris. you're a student of history. you remember operation
4:46 pm
fortitude. patton is pretending to invade. this is posturing. when he gets on the blue carpet by being a straight presidential character, he'll win -- >> you believe that's his strategy? >> i think it could be a decemb deception. >> i'm not sure he can do that, not sure. i think hillary clinton has so much policy depth that donald trump couldn't possibly hope to get by that first debate. he's not going to have much of a choice but to undermine her as a person, undermine her character. >> let's talk it out. she comes on, hillary clinton and says we'll restore this country, the economic force it had back in the '90s, lower deficit, no deficit. show growth like never before and give you the same eight year span of growth back then. no recessions. i'm going to do that again, the name bill clinton is thrown into play. what does trump do? does he say you're right, he's the greatest president ever. >> i agree with josh the
4:47 pm
strategy would be shrewd to be presidential but we've been through this movie before and i agree with katy. he's not going to do it. as katy says, he doesn't have the policy depth and the only way he knows to engage in politics is by attack. that's all he knows. "the new york times" called it psychological warfare, here in new york he's street tough. he walks down the street and intimidates people. that's what he did in real estate. that's what he did moving from queens to manhattan and politics. >> katy, does he go in the nba game the third quarter and breaks the other guy's arm? remember him? >> look at what he's done. >> bill. >> there is nothing off limits for him and he's proven that and feels like he's been attacked by hillary clinton justified or not. >> she said sexist. >> she said sexist so she said it whenever she said it and he's going to use that now to continue attacking her in any way he sees fit and lands and so
4:48 pm
far for him the stuff that lands is a person. >> what about "the new york times" piece saying they interviewed 50 women and got four or five witnesses and what about the other five or six and said they misplayed what i said. i said i didn't want it done that way. i didn't get paraded around or abused. >> 72 hours ago we were shocked, shocked he was impersonating a publicist in '91. i think 20 years ago, trump that was real estate maven to try and do his deals in this town and that's what you do and frankly, the worst thing he's done is belittle john mccain and mccain has forgiven him and said he'll support -- >> the worst thing he's done in the campaign is the bottom of the "huffington post" story about him has to do with racist comments, sexist comments. all of that stuff is all there. but what amazes me, this guy had
4:49 pm
hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars worth of negative free advertising run against him so far. virtually everything has been said. that new york times story on sunday basically said nothing. it said nothing. >> it was a mixed bag. some of it was your daughter involved, your wife or certainly any of your sisters but other parts of it 20 years ago to call somebody dear, i'd have to know who the person was, context. i need more information whether was that abusive or not. >> i think there are two things interesting about the article. one of them was the complicated figure that it painted, somebody who might have said some things that were sexist, might have crossed the line in some areas but also somebody who promoted women and i think that's pa fascinating and donald trump might not be this person prior treyed. he's a complicated guy. number two, the stuff he said about women, nobody -- why go to the women and why not talk about what he's said to howard stern? there is nothing that could be
4:50 pm
considered more controversial than that. >> so much out there. >> or what he said about hispanics and muslims and all that other stuff. >> about women, specifically. >> that's much more controversial than this. >> controversial than this. >> we have heard so much about other politicians that's much worse than this so far. independe i'm not defending all of it but what do you people think of it? the roundtable is staying with us. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty
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and we finish tonight with this -- the presidential election of 2016 set to hit full fury once the two-party elections are through, a relentless spree of headlines, the bottom feeding press will push the stories. the public will watch and hear it all. no one will be happy, everyone will have just enough to turn them off. but in the end the country's voters, the curious and the critical will have to find their way through the flying accusations and this in the end is what will matter, who will look good enough after the grossest political fight in decades. who will have a clean face, clean enough for us to want in the white house? i think the real loser of a society that strips candidates down to their skin, rips them back through their past will be democracy themselves because if good people don't run, we're
5:00 pm
left with people who want office so much that they're willing to expose themselves what we're watching right now on our national stage. thanks for being with us "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> it's interesting, the times got better, he got worse. >> the "new york times" reports on donald trump's treatment of women and tonight those women are speaking out. >> i was not happy with the way that the article was written. >> how the trump campaign and donald himself are pushing back. then why third party talk won't go away in spite of dire republican predictions. >> it a suicide mission for our country. >> new questions about democratic party unity at the state convention turns ugly in nevada. and the most novel defense net of donald trump's publicist, john miller. >> james


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