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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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and if not now, i don't know when. >> that's all here. i'll be hosting the midnight show of the primary coverage. in the meantime, you can watch "the rachel maddow" show which starts now. >> sometimes, my friends, you run into head winds, literally. this video was taken this morning. this is on the top of mt. washington in new hampshire. the top of mt. washington is known for its heavy weather. there's an observatory right up at the top of the summit of mt. washington and two guys today working as water observers naturally, they decided to take it upon themselves and document what it looks like for humans to be on top of that mountain in
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the middle of hundred plus mile-an-hour wind gusts. this is this morning. and that kind of footage is amazing, right, for any time of year -- anyplace, any time of year. it's particularly amazing that this is happening in mid may. but, you know, sometimes even in unexpected times, life gives you head winds. just ask this guy. if that guy is not familiar to you by sight, don't feel bad. he's only been a u.s. senator for about five minutes. but tonight he's at the american enterprise institute tonight giving a primetime address in an effort to capitalize on what senator ben sass, that's his name, what senator ben sass
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hopes is is own new found national kind of prominence, even though it is unavoidably true that only his friend and family could pick him out of the lineup. he has been getting his name in the paper more than he used to. that's because he's only one of three u.s. senators who said they will not support donald trump as his party's nominee for president this year. he's only been a senator since last year, he does not have much name recognition. most people think that his last name is pro announced sassy rather than sasse. that has given ben sasse a little um of that has now resulted in this previously unknown nebraska senator, has
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resulted in him getting courted personally by mitt romney to run as a third party candidate for president. it's the world's tinniest political uprising. ben sasse for president. even though it is only like mitt romney and three columnists who are involved in this movement, if you are senator ben sasse of nebraska, even this little bit of attention must be kind of thrilling, right? that said, this sort of movement is facing head winds. the head winds are strong on this one. and here's what i mean. ben sasse's home state is nebraska. nebraska is one of eight states that held republican party state conventions this weekend, one out of every six delegates to the republican national convention this summer was chosen this weekend at the state
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conventions. there were a few other beg petings but a loot of the delegates from the rnc were picked this weekend. and what happened at the state conventions this weekend should probably put to rest once and for all the -- not only did all of these state convention republican not on rolled over for donald trump, they also went out of their way to take extra time at their state convention to overwhelmingly rebuke their brand new home state republican senator for his adorable little pointless resistance to donald trump. >> it's campaign 2016 now. a big rift forming in nebraska's republican party. today sasse's own republican
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party in nebraska took formal steps to stop his movement, voting here to adopt a resolution em. >> so senator ben sasse tonight speaking at the american enterprise institute, senator ben sasse this weekend getting phone calls from mitt romney, not just phone calls from mitt romney telling him to run for president, he's having to have his staff put out thoughtful statements insisting he's not interested in running for president at this time but is very respectful of the claimor on his behalf. the uprising of but, you know, back home at his own republican party in his own home state are telling him to shut it when it comes to saying no to donald trump, shut it when it comes to planning any sort of desperate, last ditch, desperate, third
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party campaign of any dined kind to keep donald trump out of the oval office. when it comes to persuading the actual republican party at large the word here is head winds. take a seat on this invisible chair, senator. don't worry, it will hold you. it might even blow you off the top of the mountain. if you just look at the headlines for drpt rye now, on thursday he had his d.c. summit with the top leadership of the republican party, despite almost embarrassingly breathless coverage of that summit, there was no manifest outcome from that summit at all. there was no result, nol in a bizarre incident years ago, a
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person sounding like donald trump appears to be an alias and appears to be someone named john miller when he spoke about specifically how many women wanted to sleep with donald trump. though donald trump admitted it was in fact him on the tape pretending to be john miller, mr. trump now denies that the even though that is something he has previously admitted to, not just to reporters at the time but under oath and he know although every major presidential party nominee for the last 40 years has done that, he just says he doesn't think he will. but saturday night the "new york
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times" published a story about trump's sexual interactions, b -- on the one hand it must be flattering to have a president of the united states talk about you in something like a commencement address the way president obama uses him now in his speeches is as a punch line. whenever he needs to get a little laughter along with the applause, he goes to donald trump. >> so class of 2016, let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and in life ignorance is not a virtue. [ cheers and applause ] it's not cool to not know what
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you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> that was yesterday at rutgers university. by this morning mr. trump was in a full-blown war of words with david cameron, the prime minister of mrk's closest u.s. not to mention the mayor of britain's largest city, who mr. trump has now challenged to an i.q. test. >> when it was brought up -- >> would you like him to withdraw the particular comments that you're stupid, divisive and wrong?
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>> number one, i'm not stupid, okay? i can tell you that right now. >> we have a new mayor of london, sadiq khan. >> congratulations. let's do an i.q. test. >> the de facto nominee has had a rough few days, pretending to be the fake p.r. guy, talking about his own sex life to people magazine, the tax return thing, the fight with the mayor of london where the mayor calls him ignorant and he doesn't know the difference between the word ignorant and unintelligent and now they're going to have an i.q. test off to settle the matter? on the surface this has been a bad few days for de facto republican presidential candidate donald trump.
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the republican party, they line up behind him like a rock. and they look like the pitiful doom to fail effort skinny little weather watchers on top of mt. washington. given what republicans have been like resisting donald trump, given what republicans have been like resisting donald trump, here's my question -- is this also what the general election looks like? republicans running against him both during the primary and now, they have gotten nowhere. why shouldn't be be seen as foreshadowing for how the democrats are going to fare against him as well. is hillary clinton going to sitting in that same invisible chair had it comes to running against donald trump? well, we are about to find out.
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one of the things that bernie sanders has criticized hillary clinton for during the democratic primary is the support she has received from super pacs. well, i've got news about that. the main super pac supporting hillary clinton is called priorities usa. priorities usa did do a little spending against bernie sanders but most of what they have been saving up for is to run their general election campaign against donald trump. what had been previously reported is that they were going to make an absolutely mammoth, like historic ad buy for the general election against donald trump. we and others reported starting june 8th, the day after the california primaries, priorities usa would spend $130 million on campaign ads. that's a huge number.
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this one super pac has already placed $130 million against trump for clinton. it was to be mostly for black and hispanic radio, about $35 million for online/digital advertising. we think that may be the largest digital ad buy in political history. but the rest of it, almost $100 million was to be spent on tv ads in these seven states. before tonight what we had been told was that gigantic ad buy was to start on june 8th. we can report that gigantic ad buy is still in place, the bulk of it actually will come between
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the end of democratic vengs in july and election on november 8th but we can report in aaddition to that ad buy, they have decided to start three weeks early and they will start running on wednesday in six states. they are starting their campaign against trump now and we have got the first look at these ads that they are going to be running. they say they looked at all of the republican ads against donald trump, they focus ground about what would work and what would not. so some of what you will see will have a little echo, but one of those ads is something very new that you have not seen at
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we have an exclusive look at the first democratic ad campaign against donald trump. they were going to wait until the primary was basically over, they were going to make a huge $130 million ad buy to start running ads june 8th. now they have decided to early it up.
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instead of waiting until june, they're starting about 27 hours from now,ish. their campaign starts wednesday morning and we've got their ad campaign here exclusively tonight, their first two ads. this is the first time they have appeared on tv or anywhere. we've got two of their ads. the first one i'm going to show you in just a second. you'll notice it sort of looks more conventional, looks like the kind of ads spoke tried to run during the primary but the pro-ad folks say they basically benefited by them because they were able to test them to see what messages worked and what did not. one is a more conventional looking ad but it's got some interesting testing behind it in terms of what might be the most effective anti-trump messaging. the second one is not a
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conventional looking ad at all. it's weird actually but i think it probably weird in a good way. we'll see. this is it. they have never played anywhere before. i'm going to play them both for you now. we'll do the conventional looking one first. here it is, world debut. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump, that i can tell you. >> would you cut off funding for planned parenthood? >> yes, i would. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the women? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> that's one of the two. that's the more conventional looking ad, just unveiled from priorities usa based on what they think will work best against donald trump. you see echos there of some of the other kinds of ads run
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against trump in the republican primary. but that ad is debut hearing tonight, as is this next ad. had is from the same group, this one not at all conventional looking. they're just going for it. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. you like goes up to like you know where. >> if ivanka wasn't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> can you tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> millions of dollars spent against donald trump, did not stop him from becoming the republican party's de facto nominee for president but those two ads are the start of the democratic multi-million dollar effort against him for the general election.
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will those work any better? priorities usa will start running those ads in four battle ground states as of wednesday. joining us now exclusively is guy cecil, chief strategist at priorities usa, the leading pro hillary super pac. nice to have you here. >> thank for having me. >> what i explained about your spending plan and strategy, did i misstate any of that? >> no, it was just about right. >> why do i know all that? it sounds like you're opening your play book. >> it's important we take advantage early. we still expect to be spent by republicans. sheldon adelson said he's going to spend $100 million alone. it's really important that we make those reservations early. the fact of the matter is we're not saying anything new about donald trump, we're just doing
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it at tiles when new voters are starting to pay attention to the general election at large paying attention. so it's important that we talk about these issues now as they're starting to clue into what he happening for november. >> when you guys say that you sort of benefited from the unsuccessful anti-trump efforts in the republican primary, obviously they weren't successful in the end because he's the nominee. do you think the anti-trum effort took anything out of him? how do you test them? >> the important thing to recognize about their efforts in the primary was they were too little, too late. the fact of the matter is we know we need to start prosecuting this case right away. the other issue is we're not dealing with a republican primary electorate. we're dealing with an electorate
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more diverse. we dealing with an entirely new set of people. you'll be surprised by how much our research knows very little about donald trump. he has 9le% name i.d. but they don't know about his record on women. when we tested a the lot of the never trump ad, we realized very quickly they had no idea what donald trump had been staying on the stump or what his record had been in business or towards women. >> both of these ad focus on what he said about women and how women ma perceive him. is that going to be your sole area of focus or just what you're starting with? >> and so we're going o focus on this issue but we're also going to take a look at donald trump's business record, taking a look
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at the con he's trying to pull on hillary clinton's economic record, we're going to talk a lot about the impact he would have on national security, which we think will be a really important issue in this election that people are beginning to clue in on, whether they want somebody who believes we need more countries with nukes, which i think most people would think that's not a really good idea. so they're just clueing in. the other thing is most independent democratic groups have focused slowly on i was in the ministry and we had a term "preaching to the choir." we're going to do a little preaching to the choir as well. we need young people, african-americans, hispanics, people of working class to recognize what's at stake in this election. we plan on communicating with
1:25 am
people we need to turn out, expanding the states beyond -- >> in terms of that choir, are you worried at all about putting off people who are supporting bernie sanders right now? >> as you probably know, i i worked for hillary until 2008. she went all the way to the end -- whoever the nominee is, we think it likely going to be hillary clinton, we want to make sure we're talking about donald trump. that will be the focus of our work, our ads but senate races, guy cecil joining us from the bright side of dark money. guy, thanks for being ear. >> appreciate it. >> this is going to be a
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fascinating general election campaign. the republican i at this are in sps but we are about to get to the part of the presidential campaign that involves throwing chairs so at least there's that to look forward to. stay with us.
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you can boo, you can spit, you can spray your half finished beer around. sometimes when you want to truly express a white hot righteous anger in a public setting, it takes furniture. >> chairs! oh, my god! >> hit the deck! >> glad we're in the sky box. >> throwing chairs in significant enough numbers, that's even a big deal when it happens in wrestling.
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when it happens in politics, which it did this weekend, that's kind of a whole new level. that story's coming up. duck. >> chairs, oh, my god! >> hit the deck! >> hit the deck! p?p?h
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>> when you boo me, you're booing bernie sanders. go ahead.
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you're booing bernie sanders. >> california senator, hillary clinton supporter barbara boxer, got booed off the stage this weekend by supporters of bernie sanders. the booing was so loud and so sustained and aggressive that she seemed to cut her speech short before she left the stage. this year we're used to focusing on discord and discontent on the republican side but judging by what happened in las vegas this weekend, i have to wonder if it's not the democrats that might now need to be more concerned. nevada had seemed like a nearly done deal. hillary clinton won the nevada caucuses by about 5 points, pretty comfortable margin. she led bernie sanders by three delegates heading into the convention this weekend where another 12 were due to be decided.
1:33 am
but at the convention, chaos. the whole thing seems to have fall i don't know apart in a hurry over convention rules and voice votes, sanders supporters as best as we can tell expected they would outnumber clinton supporters at the convention but then some of the sanders crowd didn't show up and others missed deadlines and when things didn't go their way, they were mad about it, really, really mad about it. >> what kind of democracy is this? >> recount! recount! recount!
1:34 am
recount! >> the night ended in that hotel ballroom with reports of chairs being thrown at the front of the stage. law enforcement came in, shut the whole thing down. the lights in the room ultimately got shut off by the venue. the next day somebody chalked the outside of nevada democrats' headquarters. party chairperson roberto lange got death threats, their offices were closed today because of what they described as concerns about security. ugly, ugly stuff and all of it over essentially a handful of delegates in a state that the democrats clearly won at the statewide caucus. the democrats really could lose in the general election in nevada if they don't get it together. nevada does lean blue but it is still is swing state.
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one of the few states where they are running their ads is nevada, which is seen as a swing state. george w. bush won by 4 and then by 2. democrats could use a little unity come november. watch the space. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray
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mail all the way t t t t o compound in the gr state of oregon. i'll bet his mailman loves him. his self-proclaimed institute was sending 14,000 urine samples in military grade freezers on site. art robinson has also said global warming is a secret plot to make the american people in a slaves. he's argued hiv does not cause aids, that aids is a government conspiracy. he said we should sprinkle nuclear waste in the ocean because it's good for them and most remarkably of all, he is the immediate past chairman of the oregon republican party, a position he had until last year, february 2015. he once even came on the show and he and i spoke. we tried to speak.
1:40 am
it didn't work. >> there's about a 1.5 second delay between me asking a question and you hearing it. >> fine, but when i start answering -- >> it's actually just the way the medium works. i'm sorry it's been so awkward for you. >> your interruption was not caused by delay. that's just the speed of light, madam. it's much faster than that. >> back in 2010 when i interviewed art robinson, he was running as a republican to unseat peter defazio. he has been trying to defeat peter defazio ever since. my friend art robinson is running against peter defazio again. that's something to watch for down ballot, art robinson
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challenging peter defazio. yes, he would still like your pee. on the democratic side in oregon, supposed to be a close race between senator sanders and hillary clinton. kate brown signed an automatic motor voter law. there are a record number of of people registered to vote. more than 50,000 people were automatically registered to vote because of that new law. one other thing about the oregon elections that make this interesting to watch is it's all mail-in. or you can drop off your ballot by hand in a box on the last day. either way ballots must be received by the county clerk no later than 8 p.m. local time tomorrow, that's 11 p.m. eastern
1:42 am
time tomorrow. that's oregon. the other place where there's a primary tomorrow, this time just on the democratic side, is the great state of kentucky. former secretary of state hillary clinton made a late decision to spend ad money in that state. her campaign had previously decided they'd pull all of their ads out of the remaining primary states but they decided to go back into kentucky and spending money there. and secretary clinton seems to have gone all in when it comes to in-person campaigning in kentucky. today marks her fourth day on the ground, she's made dozens of campaign stops in kentucky. it's interesting, todaysenator sanders was not in there. he was in puerto rico. puerto rico doesn't hold its caucus until june 5th. what's the strategy there? what's going on with that? joining me is a national reporter for the "new york
1:43 am
times," closely following the sanders campaign. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> senator sanders is in puerto rico and not kentucky the day before the kentucky primary. in the abstract i would take that he does not expect to do well in kentucky and he cutting his losses and thinks he can do better someplace else. >> i think it's not the right thing mainly because when i talked to the campaign today, he spent a lot of people in kentucky, talked to at least 17,000 people, he made a bus tour there, was making field stops and he's put a lot of time in kentucky, he's attacked the kentucky governor, talking about the fact that he was against the affordable care act. i think what we're seeing is hillary clinton is stepping it up there because of of that it would be embarrassing for clinton to lose in kentucky.
1:44 am
hillary clinton won it in 2008, even though she didn't win the nomination. so kentucky has supported the clintons in the past. i think it would be really hard for her just to loss kentucky especially for him to be gone from there the last day and for a place -- puerto rico isn't until june 5th. >> one of the the thing i've seen with bernie sanders, i've probably watched over 150 speeches, sometimes i find myself in a different state and i wonder what am i doing here in oregon, kentucky, indiana but for whatever reason, they have a schedule that they're keeping and part of it is the fact he does feel he's overcoming this name recognition, he feels he always has to introduce himself and go back. he was in kentucky earlier this month and then the went back to kentucky.
1:45 am
all day today he was uking about theish there's a high chooldhood poverty rate. he's trying to kick off his puerto rico stance. but the biggest prize is still california when who the last thing we heard from him is that he was not planning on running any ad. is that he said that he was pushing kind of for more money going toward field offices and field staff and the operations on the ground and that he got into this tussle with the campaign who wanted whether at some point they kind of pivot to at that way.
1:46 am
ethe state director loses. it mystifying. weep need you there every day so we can try to understand it. covering the sanders campaign closely. nice to see you. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through
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♪ programming note. tomorrow night, as you just heard, tomorrow night is oregon and kentucky. here's what up need to know about how you're going to spend tomorrow night. chuck todd is going to start us off at 5 p.m. chris matthews will take over from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. eastern and i'll take over from 9 p.m. until midnight and then chris hayes will take over from 12 a.m. ballots need to be turned
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by n by 8 p.m. local until 11 p.m. eastern. i'll probably be up all night waiting for it to start. in the meantime, can we bring back the windy video in we used this video earlier in the show. super hype winds at the top of mt. washington this morning as a metaphor for republican efforts to go against donald trump so far. tonight we have for you a far less metaphorical we needed 30 new hires for our call center. i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen.
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okay. yesterday in boston, an 8 foot tall bronze statue of benjamin franklin, it got knocked down by high winds. a wind gust hurled some sort of tent into the stat ow of of ben franklin. and that was on top of which he was mounted. apparently though, ben franklin was not going down without a fight because he cracked the sidewalk.
1:52 am
he shattered the stone with his head. but you know what, it's one thing to have high winds, it's one thing to have winds so high that a statue that's stood for 100 years falls over. but it is quite another thing to have -- do you see what's happening there? the city of boston. somebody had to pack up the constitution in a body bag. that's how they cleaned him up. that's stood since 1856. in a makeshift body bag that they fashioned out of garbage bags and duct tape. i bet he thought it was going to be lightning. oh, look...
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this one starts somewhere kind of normal but it ends with the best new thing in the world. jury selection started in the federal corruption charge of someone named mike hubbard. his corruption trial is taking place in his home district. it's an area he's represented since 1998. mike hubbard was indicted on 23 felony corruption charges. that was in october. the election was in november. 23 felony corruption charges. his home district reelected him anyway. an interesting turn of the speakership, right? and during today's jury selection, four potential jurors said they knew him personally.
1:57 am
if the whole jury pool is so well connected, it may also get really awkward when the same governor is called to testify in this case. governor robert bentley of alabama is now facing his own impeachment proceedings, as well as several allegations. bit now the governor joins eight sitting legislators as potential witnesses who have been subpoenaed to testify in this trial we have a legislative branch and a judicial branch. all three are in crisis. the governor headed the executive branch. he's facing impeachment in the house and now has to testify at the corruption trial of the speaker of the house but the
1:58 am
speaker is connected, he will have his appeal heard at the alabama supeople are court and the chief judge of the alabama supreme court. and they should disregard all higher court rulings on the issue of gay rights and just do what he says instead. the governor may ultimately have to apoint a chief justice to replace moore. he's being impeached by the house speaker whose trial he's just been subpoenaed to testify in. that's what's going on in alabama. speak of the house, chief judge of the supreme court and the governor all simultaneously exploding. alabama also brings us our best new thing in the world. last week we introduced you on the show for a drag queen
1:59 am
performer called ambrosia, calling for the removal of the state's justice on his anti-gay stance. he has blamed the drag queen. he has blamed ambrosia and he's obsessed with her. but now with the chief justice and the speaker and the governor all blowing up, my dreams have come true. but it turns out ambrosia starling is think issing about running for governor. >> i learned one thing. if you don't ever see me again, liberty and justice is for all. >> starling says her only political agenda is three words. have good manners.
2:00 am
>> have good manners. is her political campaign. ambrosia starling considering a run for alabama governor. that does it for us tonight. a run for alabama governor. they might need a new governor soon. "first look" is up next. it's tuesday, may 17, right now, major airports facing tsa travel nightmares as tens of thousands of flyers are missing their flights. voters head to the polls today. and heart attacks and cancer. "first look" starts right now. good morning to you. thanks for join us today. i'm betty nguyen. the country's waking up to another primary day. bernie sanders stands a good chance of taking oregon.


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