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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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trump's twitter tiraded against bill clinton dumping all over trump. >> a person that's flat chested is very hard to be attentive. >> and good day, i am andrea mitchell, in new york. hillary clinton's advantages over donald trump would help her cruise to victory in novice running to a flat number of problem. our survey online poll had the two presumptive candidates just three points a part. a major problem for both candidates of their likability or lack there of. this as clinton has put a lot on the line in kentucky today
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hoping to slow sanders' momen m momentum. joining me now is nbc's katy tur a covering the campaign and nbc's kristin welker. first to you kristin, new report to you on how they're slowing down? >> reporter: i spoke with one of secretary's clinton top officials moemments ago. they are braising for donald trump to be up in the polls at some point. they acknowledged this is going to be a real fight until the very end and they said that they're ready for it ultimately they feel confident that she can pull it out in terms of her strategies. donald trump planning to use his attacks against bill clinton in infidelity debate.
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secretary clinton is not going to change her strategy and not going to engage on that point. what if he brings it up during the debate, they say she's still not going to engage. they think that's a winning strategy and they think that voters don't want to hear about bill clinton and secretary clinton is going to try to stick to the issues. that could be a risky strategy because as we reported on, some of the gop contenders ignored some of donald trump's direct attack and look at what happened to them. she's going to paint donald trump as untested and dangerous. she's going after her path quite aggressively. >> at the same time, clinton's superpac unloaded his advocates with donald trump. he reacted in a typical trump's fashion on twitter.
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>> reporter: a tweet storm all morning blaming those ads on clinton. he's not taking issues on those majorities where he's talking about women rating them on their looks. the thing he's taking issue with is the last portion of one of those ads when donald trump's voice says an explicit. he's referring to telling him to get the blank out of here. he's referring to china and not women. all morning he's been tweeting against hillary clinton and calling her crooked and bringing blin bill clinton into this and blaming her for these attack ads and even though they are not done by her. they're done by a pro-clinton superpac. >> we know there is not any legal connection between the two. you are talking about the same side. kristin, the role of bill clinton in this campaign, he's
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in puerto rico today and talking about the economic problems down there and obviously, puerto rico at a bad infection point and bernie sanders was just down there. how do we understand all the talk about what he is actually going to be doing if she wins the white house? he says last week trying to calm down coal minors and helping them with their problems. that's the question of how big of a role would he have and are they going back for two of the price of one for the '92 campaign and opening up all sort of problems for her. >> reporter: based on this conversation i had a short time ago, they say lets be clear, hillary clinton is going to be in charge of the economy. this role she's talking about for bill clinton is focusing on
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revitalizing and areas of communities that's over looked and lagging and inner cities and world rural. it is crazy not to put bill clinton to use as this area given of what he did as governor in arkansas and as president he was remembered as the booming booming '90s. his official insisted no, down playing that notion, we know some democrats are concerned of this strategy because does it not remind voters of the '90s of the fact that hillary clinton is no stranger to washington. voters are looking for outsid s outsiders. andrea. >> kristin and katy, thank you very much for both of you getting us started. joining me now, mark, you are
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looking at me like here we go again. >> get redady. we went through this years ago in covering the white house. now, are we about to live through all the '90s again. >> if this election is about process and fighting and people holding accountable for gaps and mistakes, i think bill clinton will lose. by turning it to policy, his wife will have to do the same thing. she will only win this election if it is about the future of americans on policy grants and not about fighting conflicts. she's not her husband's equal in making those turns. bill clinton was asked by our reporter in puerto rico about his role perspectively if she does win and this is what he had todd say. >> i have asked actually to be
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given the job of trying to help every part of the united states that has been left out and left behind economically. i think it is very, very important -- >> so, donald trump going after bill clinton because of that superpac ad going after bill clinton with this tweet today. crooked hillary could not put out an ad where i am misquoted on women. cannot believe she would miss the facts on china. her husband is the worst abuser of women in u.s. history. >> there were more tweets . donald trump is not being coy about this. he's going to go to clinton's personal life and including the debate. she's going to have to force the conversation that's favorable to
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her. i will say again people keep on misunderstanding me. donald trump is on the offense ever since crystallized into a general election fight. she has to win herself and not by bill clinton or president obama helping her. she needs to win this herself and turning the conversation to what she wants to be about. the superpac is not about what hillary wants the election to be about, but it will dominate the election because that's what they put on the air. >> and it tracks with -- >> we should play a little bit more of that, do we have it available? i want to get mark's reaction to it. we'll get it ready in a second. >> it focuses on the negativity. lets play a little bit about it. >> you can see blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her where ever, did she have
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a good body? no. did she have a fat ass? seriously. >> a person that's flat chested is hard to be attended. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ]. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> it is edgy. >> you don't need a professional ad maker to know what they're doing there. i am sure it is been a focus dpr group. it puts the conversation in to what i have long called the freak show and donald trump is subject to criticism and he will be criticized. i don't think ads can allow her to win this election. she needs to win it herself and turn the conversation to where she wants it to be. i don't think that's where she wants where the debate to be. does she want to be about things
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where trump said in the past? >> what about bill clinton? is it good or bad for her to be advertising that he's going to have a policy advisor's role if she's elected. >> she has to be in charge. he's held to a high standard. donald trump can say things carelessly and for whatever reasons, not pay a price. she should not have said that and now they're trying to walk it back. >> is it helpful if you are the treasury secretary ahead of the council, how do you work around the fact that he's a former president with a lot of experience in this and it could be disrupt activiive. >> it is what it is. >> no one takes the job in the clinton's administration will have any doubt. he will be involved. hillary was involved in health care when there were plenty of people in administration in 1992
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working in health care. they had to deal with the fact that clinton's spouse will be in politics. that's the case. >> be prepared. >> it causes frictions between al gore. >> she cannot -- she's not going to give up the political benefit to be involved. there is obvious benefits on that. there is truth in advertising. he's going to be involved. >> do you think it is a net fuss to talk about bill clinton's advisory role? >> some bernie sanders' will not like it. her biggest weakness entirety besides likability and public is not talking about the economy. until she does that, then the
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conversations on donald trump's terms at least when she sides her husband, she can go onto some economic ideas. at least it allows her to associate with better economic times than we currently have and better economic times that she's offering in specific ways of broken through. most voters do not know and that's a terrain on which she wins or if she wins. >> you have a point. it is great to see you. >> with all due respect. >> 6:00. >> right here on msnbc. >> thank you, andrea. >> back to the '90s. trump bashing bill. is that what we can expect all the way to november? you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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every time i come here i don't see problems, i see possibilities. i don't see people who are hurting alone, i see people who are hurting but having enormous potentials to let their own lives or children's lives or grandchildren's lives and write a whole new page of history in puerto rico. that's hard commitment, i will do everything i can to help if she should be elected. >> bill clinton in puerto rico blu bringing his future to the economy of his wife's campaign. bill clinton is hammered today.
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a big target on him on target for his past exploits with women this is responding to the superpac of donald trump. our wendie sherman, this is the kind of campaign that we would hope not to see. in today's instance, the clinton's surrogate, the superpac, they started it and trump is retaliating. >> i don't think the superpac started it. this started because donald trump does not have the idea that you and mark were talking about. he had slogans and bumper stickers. we live in a tough world. i am glad to see now economic data today that shows stronger out puts. hillary clinton is all about a secured future and more and better paying jobs and a secured
9:18 am
world. we cannot live in the unpredictab unpredictability that's donald trump. he has pushed aside our strongest allie and the uk and he had a bromance with vladimir putin. >> at the same time, donald trump, met with jim bakker, former official, jim bakker during difficult time. he's meeting tomorrow with another person that hillary clinton has praised in the past. he seems to be more mainstream and being more acceptable to the traditional leaders and leaders of the republican party. >> before tim bakker had that meeting with donald trump, he testified at a hearing at the
9:19 am
senate foreign relations committee and was out by marco rubio of some of the policies they were talking about and dangerous suggestions of taking apart nato of our strongest alliance. jim bakker's response to that is almost unbelievable. i cannot remember his exact words, he thought it would be dangerous and creating in security for the american people. it would be interesting to see where jim bakker is coming out. his estimation about bob gates and michael hayden, all respected republicans who understand national security is that this is a reckless and dangerous guy. we had a situation where london just elected the first muslims to be the mayor of london, sadiq khan who's a accomplished
9:20 am
professional and donald trump. donald trump said he would make an exception for the mayor of the london to come. london mayor had the exact response which is i don't want to be an exception. this is a crazy policy, we need people to be working together and not divided and that's what hillary clinton is about, not only bringing america together but bringing the world together to serve americans for an interest of better paying jobs and for a secured world. >> donald trump had been going after her for her records of libya's failed state and benghazi. brave americans who died there. she has a lot to answer for, does she, in term of what happened in syria and the civil war expanded dramatically under the obama/clinton foreign policy
9:21 am
team. >> we have complicated times which she had acknowledged. she's the secretary of states who spent 11 hours in front of the benghazi. they have not yet to be able to point anything she did wrong or should have done differently that might have fazed my dear colleagues. she as much as anyone feels the horror of what happened that night. she lived it and their families lived it. you cannot have these jobs of responsibility and not take it seriously. you know people talk about whether hillary clinton is likable. ask all of the people who are worked for her and who understand how seriously she takes her job and how hard she works and how she can kick back and have a beer just like we all need to do or have a glass of wine at the end of the day. but, then she's right at that
9:22 am
work book to make sure that america stays safe and secure in the future. it is a tough world and we cannot take the recklessness and dangerousness of donald trump. when i go to buy a toy for my grandchildren, i want to make sure it is safe and price right, i am not being ripped off. i want to know the details. you can do to clinton's website and get the details of her policies. i have not a clue of what the details are on donald trump or whether he believed in anything. we have to have a commandeering chief who knows what she's about and can get the job done from day one. >> i want to tap in your expertise and ask you about something that just passed the senate by national consent of a
9:23 am
bill to sue of the 9/11 saudi arabia, it was never denied and established. is this good or bad or american policies? >> saudi arabia is long-term partner and is an important partner of what we try to do to bring about a stable middle east and a resolution as you know does not have the fourth and effective law. i understand that this is a feeling on behalf of the congress which i am sure most americans share which is that what happened on 9/11 his horrific. the attackers did and some of them did come from saudi arabia, that did not mean the saudi arabia government financed what they did. we live in a complicated world, we should unpack it and get the job done and work well with those who share our national interests to make sure we are safe and never face 9/11 again. >> and the 20 pages release from
9:24 am
the investigation? >> i don't know the details of those 28 pages. i don't recall them and i don't know if i read every detail of them. my understanding is there is a lot of unkocorroborated information in them. it could concern me if we put a lot of uncorroborated materials out. in this 24/7 social media world -- >> thank you wendy sherman. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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a trump's past victories. >> take a look at this. sort of 270 needed to win the presidency. trump campaign needs to hold all of those and flip just four more states to defeat clinton. those four, michigan, florida and ohio are enough to beat hillary and put trump in the white house. michael, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> everything has to go right for him. it is not beyond the realm of possibility given what key democrats as well as republicans are telling me about what the state is in michigan. pennsylvania, from my reporting is in play, what do you say about that? >> i think that's exactly right. the most dangerous thing that the hillary clinton campaign could do right now is become
9:29 am
complacent. these early battleground polls suggest that donald trump is close to her and if that happens, if that stays tight and he can unify the republican party behind him, and boost that white working class vote turn out, he is got an excellent chance. she remains the likeliest winner in this presidential election but they should not count him out. >> that would presume that he holds all of those romney states which is not a state assumption. there are places and opportunities for him in the southwest. >> not just out there. there is the question of whether he could hold the number of women that romney want. if you can drive down the numbers of those women, that puts -- this is kind of the question that everyone has about donald trump, throughout the
9:30 am
republican primaries we had a question of whether he wins or people are going to turn on him on hyperbolic insulting behavior. if he can make up with people he said terrible things about then he can put this race away. >> more opportunities to build on the obama's coalition given some of the things that her opponent donald trump has said. our survey monkey pole shol shoe party unifying around donald trump. most voters, most republicans said by a large measure that they felt donald trump is the leader of the party now and not paul ryan. paul ryan was asked about this
9:31 am
by our own luke russer just today. >> i hope it is donald trump, he's getting the nomination. >> he's wrapping up the nomination, good lord, i hope it is. the person that's getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> i don't know if you can empathize this sort of balancing act that paul ryan, you have been watching paul ryan walking this tight rope when asked if children will look up to donald trump, he did not want to answer that question. he delayed and still has delayed this endorsement and dragging out this process. what is happening behind the scene? >> the speaker and the nominee? >> well, i think it would be an interesting number, that poll is the not the number that supports donald trump. he ran for president and he's the presumptive nominee, he should be the face of the party. the more interesting number is the large number of people, the
9:32 am
speaker of the house is their leaders. we are talking about the need to unify the republican party and the speaker is trying hard to have a process where we don't pave over the dircfferences and don't pretend the unif unify -- that's the only way he will beat hillary clinton. >> michael, thank you very much for joining us today. >> coming up, distracted driver. what caused that deadly crash in philadelphia a year ago, could it happen again? you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. this is brad.
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just moments ago of a briefing of last year's amtrak in philadelphia. the engineer became distracted by radio dispatching. eight people died and two
9:36 am
injured when the train ran off the tracks. joining me now is debra hersman, tell me how could an engineer gets so distracted by a radio communication that she would accelerated so rapidly along the curb. >> the operator was going over 100, clearly a lack of attention when it came to train speeds in that area. we see this frankly all the time, not just in rail operations but in our daily life when we think about distracted drivers and cars. we know that people could get distracted by a lot of things. you don't necessarily have to be texting or talking on the radio. you could be listening to communications and be distracted. we see this in this engineer and ntsb findings. i was along the stretch of
9:37 am
tracks yesterday and people working in the railroad telling me, their complaints was the technical ability to automatically warn and have it automatic breaking was paid for. there was budget for it and has not been installed. it was installed southbound and not northbound or perhaps, reverse. what can you say to that? >> really heartbreaking situation for amtrak. all railroads have positive train control installed by 2016. amtrak was one o f the few that that was going to make that deadline. we know that deadline had been pushed back for other railroads. amtrak as you said did have this in their budget and it was prioritized and it was something that was coming. that's why technology is such an important piece of protecting against human failure if they had ptc installed in this section of tracks.
9:38 am
this would not have occurred and those lives would not have been lost. >> it strikes me that the technology was there and they have it. >> that's right, looking at this curve, i think it is an important thing. this was an area of high risks for them and the question is how they make decisions of priority. at the end of the day, we know this technology could save lives and priorities implemented on all passenger routes. that has to occur or we are going to continue to have crashes like this one. debra, thank you very much. >> thank you for that. coming up, winning over women, how donald trump is fighting back against his attack from the
9:39 am
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so lets suppose here is the question. what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is i am going to create them? they're going to be great? [ laughter ] >> i know how to do it, but i am not telling you what it is i am going to do. >> hillary clinton joking about whether it would be like to debate donald trump even as her superpac goes after him for his comments about women. joining me now for our daily fix for the washington post, ruth marcus, welcome both. and, that was -- i would say the effective hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> she's being funny and doing a little trump's impersonation and the crowd appeared to like it. what she is saying is look, i
9:43 am
have laid out in great details, everything you are going to do and you can look at my record and know what i am going to do and that's what i will say in the debate and according to her trump has not laid out those kinds of facts and is not likely to. >> she and her campaign see that as one of her chief strengths that she can -- as you know at a moment's notice can sum in facts and policies and so forth. that could be a great strength in a debate and could also make her look fine. >> especially if he goes after her and dismissive -- a fine line there, we know that. >> absolutely. >> watching her in 2000s. ruth marcus, of the whole question of donald trump and new york times story and his past, i don't know if it is surprising
9:44 am
to people. most people sort of support him at least accepts the trump's persona. megan kelly -- discredited it and she was mischaracterized and another woman, a former employee v validated this with megan kelly. >> you talked about a moment you had with donald trump that you started to think that he was getting more sexes as the years went on, this that true? >> absolutely, i worked with him for a long time, from '80 to '84, i was really close. we talked for a long time and he never came off of anything and very respectful of women. when i returned back to trump's
9:45 am
organization in '87, he was a little different referring to women. the women in new york, he would look at them like a leery kind of thing. it sort of changes. >> what's the impact of this politically? >> well, we don't really know yet. look, i don't think for donald trump the argument about who was worse on their conduct towards women, me or bill clinton is a really good argument. donald trump did a very unusual end kind of progressive thing in the real estate business which was having a -- hiring a woman for a major job. her other testimony about trump leering later, you know we heard it all. we just been hearing it constantly in that superpac ad. i think it was -- what donald trump had said about to women is
9:46 am
out there in public record. some people are going to take it seriously and some people are going to discount it. it is a fact of political life for him. i think if i am advising him and which i am not. he probably needs to shift his message to a more positive what i am going to do for the economy, kind of what hillary was suggesting. >> the problem that she has is a lot of her supporter advisors saying she's not communicating these policy ideas. it sounds like lecture. it sounds like you got to eat your vegetables. >> sure, she does not possess bill clinton's political gift nor barack obama's by her own admission and sometimes her speeches sound more like to-do list, i am going to do this and this.
9:47 am
that can get repetitive and it can get -- it can sound more like, you know, more like she's saying what's wrong with the country than what she's saying is right and going to do to make it right. that's not the intent but that's the way it comes off sometimes. she's got -- pivot in the general election to saying what her vision is for what she actually -- yes, these are the set of things that are wrong but here is what i am going to take the country and the past elections have shown that candidates that can do that best is the candidate that wins. >> it is election day, today we have kentucky and oregon voting and kentucky is where she's been late in the game trying to take this back from bernie sanders after being wall lup in west vi.
9:48 am
>> indeed, i mean this and everybody has understand that may and continuing primaries were going to be a long and kind of unpleasant blog for hillary clinton even though we know, we think we know how the story is going to end that she will be the nominee in all likelihood. these are not particularly helpful episodes for her. but, to the extent that she could use that, anne makes an interesting point. donald trump is good on the kind of big picture vision, i am going to make america great again. hillary clinton is good on the specifics of grandular policies on discreet subjects and not as good on the grand vision. i think that to the extent that both of them probably need to use these coming weeks in the lead up to the convention to
9:49 am
work and sort of weaknesses in both of their messages. >> ruth marcus and anne gerrund. thank you very much. >> coming up, rumbles in vegas at the nevada state convention, you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!"
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and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance.
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well, that was chaos. the scene in las vegas as democrats held their convention
9:53 am
and bernie sanders' delegates accused the state leader. sanders campaign worked to win delegates over at counter invention hoping to even the count. they did end up in a bitter debate. this is what we can expect in philadelphia. the party is now final lie a protest. not only because of this is what's happening there but also supporters potentially have threaten roberta lange. we don't know where they came from of those voice mails. thank you to joining u this whole scene raises a lot of questions of what is going to happen in philadelphia at the convention if the bernie sanders is not satisfied they have a fair shot.
9:54 am
>> hi, andrea, the clinton people turned out 98% of their delegat delegates. so that was the vision in the house that date and that's why secretary clinton won nevada. >> and roberta, i want to play some of the voice mails you got because i know you and your family have been under a great deal of stress. >> i want to let you know that people like you should be hung and public execution in this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption. [ bleep ] what the hell are you doing? you need to step down from that position because you are bad for america and bad for the democratic party. >> roberta, you know thousands of people watched what you did tonight at the convention, if you don't think that is coming back to bite you in the [ bleep ], you have got another thing coming. we asked bernie sanders about
9:55 am
this today, let me show you that. >> of the convention in nevada, do you have any reaction to that? >> he walked off. i guess he will have some reactions later. what are you planning to do next? ? well, i think what we had and what you heard is a few of the thousands of e-mails in texts and facebook messages and twitter messages that i have gotten threats from my family and grandson and they attacked that i have a daytime job, this is my daytime job being the chair of the party. they have said awful things. the state party, it is my responsibility to let the dnc know what happened in nevada to let them know those threats are carried in the convention.
9:56 am
let them know what happened and how we feel they should prepare for the dnc convention. >> have you gotten any response or have you tried to get response from the sanders campaign in nevada? >> i have not heard anything from the sanders campaign in nevada. they have not publicly apologize and i have not heard anything. >> roberta lange, we are all concerned for you, we saw you out in las vegas and it is great to see you again. >> stay safe. >> great to see you. >> thank you for watching our report, remember to follow us online and on twitter, it is election day, craig melvin is up next and primetime coverage tonight right here on msnbc. that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm,
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clinton's message problem verses donald trump's demographic problem. our poll puts clinton ahead of trump. that's the statistical tie. there is more to those numbers. we'll dig into those also. also, who's the boss? paul ryan depolling results about who leads the grandal party? >> i hope it is donald trump. he's getting the nomination. >> he's wrapping up the nomination, good lord, i hope it is, the person that's getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> donald trump just hired his own gop pollster. donald trump said this to chuck todd back in august. >> i don't have pollsters, i don't want to waste money with pollsters. i don't want to be unreal, i have to be me. we have enough of that in washington with pollsters telling everybody what to say. >> this afternoon, trump threats


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