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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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donald trump's demographic problem. our poll puts clinton ahead of trump. that's the statistical tie. there is more to those numbers. we'll dig into those also. also, who's the boss? paul ryan depolling results about who leads the grandal party? >> i hope it is donald trump. he's getting the nomination. >> he's wrapping up the nomination, good lord, i hope it is, the person that's getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> donald trump just hired his own gop pollster. donald trump said this to chuck todd back in august. >> i don't have pollsters, i don't want to waste money with pollsters. i don't want to be unreal, i have to be me. we have enough of that in washington with pollsters telling everybody what to say. >> this afternoon, trump threats to sue the "new york times" over
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how the front runner is treating women. our crew will be joining us live. all of this in kentucky and oregon as well. our msnbc's team is tracking all the developments for us in realtime on this yet another super tuesday. we start with donald trump condemning this new ad from a proclinton superpac. >> a person that's flat chested is hard to be attend. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> now, trump has taken this issue of that last comment which he mouthed the f word. crooked hillary, clinton putting out an ad that i misquoted women. my hit was on china. lets head to new york head quarters and hillary clinton
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with katy tur and kristin welker. katy, lets start with you there, his original comment was about jobs in mexico. talk to us about how strongly trump is responding to these and other ads against him. >> reporter: it is coming as no surprise, donald trump is in a bit of a tweet storm this morning angerly tweeting what he calls crook hillary saying she's doing a hit ad on him when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. history. it should come to no surprise that this is how he's reaecting. it will be interesting on how he continues to act. hillary clinton has vowed to put quite a number of ads to take him down. >> he's trying to refresh the campaign. once said he would not hire a
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pollster and now he has a pollster, how is he explaining this change of heart. >> reporter: the campaign is not necessarily explaining what they are doing. they are acknowledging in these actions that they are going up against a vast hillary clinton campaign war machine. campaign that she could wage that would cost a baillion dollars and they are acknowledging this on staffing on their end. donald trump said he did not one and saying they'll take fund raising money. we believe that does include superpac come general election. donald trump is not necessarily disavowaling them after he gets the nomination. you can say this is donald trump becoming traditional and becoming safe and becoming predictable in a lot of ways. this is not something they have been throughout this entire campaign. donald trump claiming to be the new guy and the new
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untraditional character, the one that's unpredictable. part of that was meeting with paul ryan and republican leaders last week, part of that is also in that change now meeting with henry kissinger tomorrow of a well known former strategyist, the secretary of state votes for nixon and ford, he's somebody that's known as a interventio l interventionalist saying that we should not be getting involved in foreign affairs. this is definitely a turn in a different direction from him. we'll see if that means he's changing his foreign policy mind set after this meeting which is tomorrow. >> any idea who called the meeting, was it trump or kissinger? >> reporter: i don't know, it would be the donald trump campaign trying to ease concerns perhaps within the republican party about his foreign policy
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depth. >> katy tur, let's go to kristin welker. let's talk about the superpac. lets talk about where these ads are going to appear. i find it interesting, some of the states that they'll not play these ads initially. >> reporter: well, donald trump of course is saying he could put a number of states in place including states like michigan and new york and pennsylvania. these ads are going to run the key battleground stakes like iowa and like colorado, and this is a huge ad bite. $6.5 million and it is going to air in a number of states for receiv weeks. this is aiming at donald trump using his own words against him. this is a superpac and not affiliated with the clinton
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campai campaign. secretary clinton herself on the campaign trail trying to paint donald trump as someone that's untested and dangerous for the country. she's been hitting him hard of controversial comments about women and hitting him hard recent days for refusing to release his taxes because they are being audited. well, what's in them? this allows the clinton campaign raising questions. we are getting a window in to what the general election will look like. secretary clinton still need to get her par aty nomination. she's up with ads in kentucky. i spoke with campaign officials who said they are bracing for a close race. we think clinton has a small lead but of course, you never know what's going to happen once the voters are in the polls. >> kristin welker, not far fr
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far -- thank you, mark, we have seen a national race tighten. when you really get in the numbers, we still have some big splits here. right now and that is snapshot in time. we get that. what is most concerned for hillary clinton and donald trump? >> well, craig, if you are the clinton campaign, you are kind of concern of this is a expected race. when you do chat with the operatives inside the campaign, this is always gouing to a clos race. we cannot take anything for grant it. so, for example, clinton has a lead in our african-american
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polls. among latino it is hillary clinton at 65% and donald trump at 28%. donald trump has a double digit lead among whites. we are also seeing a big gender gap and hillary clinton has a 15 point lead among women and donald trump has a 15 point lead among men. you add it up, it shows a small advantage for clinton. it is not usually statistically significant but still shaping up to be a fascinating contest. thank you, mark, our senior political editor. our former deputy campaign for the carly fiorina campaign. sarah, lets look at the numbers here. trump's, women voters, he cannot seem to get a 40% with women specifically and there is this
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comment from fox news of her trump's experience. "the truth is, 85% of the experience had been quite dark and unpleasant." lets not forget about her results about her looks. how do uconn vince women voters to vote for a guy like donald trump? >> well, i think he's going to have trouble with that. i think any women who's been on the airplane recent aly had the armrests taken away from her reulating r reulating to women. he's aggressive towards women and sexualized on their looks. women across the country heard donald trump overtime and under pressure are left looking for an alternatives. more republicans are voting for someone else verses donald
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trump. >> trump, political has this new article out that he has expanded republican voter roles. the early statistics show that the vast majority of those voters are not new to voting or to the republican party. they are reliable past voter in the general election. if this is true and this is an article that appears to be researched. if this is true, what may this mean in november come the general election? >> well, i think it means that trump's prediction about winning in new states is going to be hard to square with the mass. hillary clinton is a wildly unpopular figure and it applies
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to both of them and they are both democrats. voters will have a tough choice flipping the coin. >> i want to play something of trump's tax returns. it is a comment that he gave more than a year ago. yes, he would release them, here is the comment. >> i am the only candidate in history that submitted his financial the last time and i did not run. i submitted my financial, to be honest with you, i am proud of my financial. >> would you release tax returns? >> i would release my tax returns? >> well, what happened? it was a year ago. yeah, i will release them and now he's not going to release them. do you think he should release them and how damaging is it ploo moving forward not just for trump but for the party if he does not. >> we have seen it over and over again that donald trump said one thing and changes his mind quickly and sometimes overtime. he's taken back his tax plan and
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changing position on minimum wage, he said he was not going to hire a pollster. i don't know why we'll take the debate of being surprised when donald trump reverses himself. i don't know if it is going to be a pivot position for voters. >> you don't think voters would care if he did not release them? >> some voters will. vo those voters who are voting for donald trump. >> sarah, always good to see you. folks, we continue to follow this breaking news. those killed 9/11 to sue the government of saudi arabia. luke, so it comes out of the senate, what then now happens to this bill with regards to the lower chambers and what is the speaker saying either if it gets to take off?
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>> reporter: the bill is a little broad than that. it would not allow the families of victims of terrorist attacks killed on u.s. soils to sue foreign government if there is a direct tie between that government in a terrorist entity in that country and would allow to carry out an attack. because of the broad reading of the legislation, a lot of folks suggested that the only country in recent memory would be saudi arabia, 15 of the 19 hijackers did come from saudi arabia on 9/11 there is a lot of speculations about involvement between importance of saudi officials of families they may have had with those hijackers. what's interesting of this legislation, chuck schumer is pairing up with john cornyn
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who's number two in the senate against president obama and right now speaker ryan. while this is voted in the senate, it was not moved upon because of the senator in south carolina, lyndsey gram placed a hold on that, he removed that hold and they went on an extradited to have a voice vote today in the chambers. it passed. what happens in the house, speaker ryan, we asked about this a month ago, he said he had some questions about this legislation and he's right now defer to the executive branch, the obama administration does not like this legislation because they believe it would have terrible diplomatic fall out to saudi arabia and there is a lot of sovereignty questions and legal questions because lets say what if something happens to american soldiers over seas. that is an ongoing discussion. it is a power play by schumer here. >> john boehner is changiing
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topic here of the american federation. he did not mention how he feels about being out of office, what did he say? >> reporter: well, one word you hear in catholic services is e "rejoi "rejoice." he made a reference to that, take a listen. >> several days ago i was at notre dame. they decided to give their top awards to vice president biden and me. it means rejoice which is exactly what i have done everyday since i left office. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> reporter: the speaker did not mixing word there is and happy not to be involved of the day-to-day here and what's going
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on with donald trump and having to deal with all that he is trump questions. i am told that sources close to boehner, he likes the injection himself when he feels he's able to and you saw of ted cruz of people still calling around here "lucifer in the flesh." >> thank you, voting under way in kentucky as we speak. why the bluegrass state is a battleground for bernie sanders we'll go there live right after this. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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it is primary day in kentucky. hillary clinton fighting to stop
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bernie sanders's bmomentum. since march 22nd, sanders has beaten clinton in ten of the 16 democratic party. tony dokoupil in the southwest part of that state, he's in bowling green. what are the voters there saying about her chances tonight? >> reporter: hey, craig, voters are not saying a lot because not a lot of voters are coming today. kentucky as a law preventing us from being inside -- we don't have to worry about that here. very few people are coming to the door to vote. we are at another location early in the morning. the secretary of state here in kentucky expecting only 20% turn out. bernie sanders said it yesterday, all primary season turn out is high, it helps him.
10:22 am
when it is low, it helps his opponent, of the clinton campaign. there are some data to back that up. now to help us understand, what's the situation is here and why turn out is not what it could be. i have got matt, the principal of the science elementary school. what is going on? >> i think they are talking about polpolitics. i am not sure what's causing the low turn out this year. i do think there is a slower turn out this year as i talk to my other election officer and they said yes, this is as slow turn out this year. >> reporter: i appreciate you being with us. craig, one key part is independence are shut out of a close primary here in warren county and in the state of kentucky, there are 6,000 independence that would be able to vote in november if bernie
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nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. . happening now of the investigation into a final inclusion of the cause of last year's deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. tom is with us, what's the case? >> it after a year of investigan to this, the ntsb said this is a
10:27 am
terrible crash. the engineer was disstratracted. and another engineer was discussed being hit by something. that six minutes conversation distracted the engineer of amtrak 188 that he failed to slow down when going in a curb. a curb that requires him to go in at 50 miles per hour, he went in at 160 miles per hour. the train derailed at north of philadelphia and eight people dead and we can tell you that ntsb said that's it, that's their final determination. the breaking system that's been rolled out along much of the northeast corridor and all of the tracks on the northeast corridor positive train control would have preventative this accident. it was not in place along that stretch of tracks. it is been put in place along the entire stretch. also, two members of the
10:28 am
district attorney's office at the ntsb board meeting, they are looking on whether they may charge the engineer, for some form of criminal act related to this accident. still, no determination from the da's office as to whether they may file charges against enginethe engineer. this is a case of somebody failing to pay attention, distraction and that led to this terrible crash. back to you. >> we saw it on the roads everyday. tom costello, thanks as wualway. when we come back, donald trump's allege of women. i will talk to the former apprentice star about that and a whole heck a lot more when we come back. hey!
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donald trump making changes as he builds up his campaign. he hired his own pollster now to try to turn his unfavorable numbers around. much closer race between hillary clinton and donald trump inside the margin of error there. also, tangling with the new york time os on this tuesday, nbc's jacob rascon is outside trump's tower. now, dangling with the idea of suing on the recent report on trump's treatments of women over the years. at this point, any idea how serious the campaign is about that? >> one of the attorneys was asked about that and specifically it is a lawsuit.
10:33 am
she was misquoted and mischaracterized. that was followed by trump saying the article was a fraud and malicious. when press on the issue of the lawsuit, a different trump's attorney says the bar was too high and that'll not happen and calling for an apology for trump and the woman who said she was misquoted and need to do a retraction. said they are stanning fiding b their story. he one of the reporters who wrote this story and talking them on nbc. >> we spent an hur our with don trump and we gave him a lot of ink in the story to say his own side. he even on the phone said, listen, i want you guys to talk to some people who are working my organization. i got on the phone and talked to every single women that he suggested that we speak to so we included in the stories.
10:34 am
>> reporter: they believe they did everything they could to give trump his say in the article. they interviewed a variety of women over many decadedecades. the bottom line is they're not going to sue at least for now but they want an apology and the retraction. >> jacob rascon outside. thank you. >> good to see you. >> trump's former head of construction reacting to her comment of publishing of "new york times" article. she says donald trump treating female employees got worse overtime. >> we talked to all the time and he was respectful to women. when i returned back in the 1970s it was a little different. he refers to the women in the
10:35 am
office, he would look at them like a leery and common thing. i saw a change. >> that's megyn kelly's show last night. 85% of her experiences had been quote, quite dark and unpleasant. >> why is this a narrative that won't seem to go away for donald trump? >> well, tait is a narrative because his opponents seem to believe if she keeps on hammering this women's issue. it will have an impact in donald trump in the general election. yes, you will keep on hearing them. i saw they're investing a significant amount of money with the superpac to continue this narrative that donald trump has a gender issue and a gender gap and probably men. in my experience, craig, i have never seen donald trump act inappropriately with women. he's always been respectful and
10:36 am
he does and a lot of ways promote women like barbara. she was a construction -- >> just because you promote the women in your company, does not mean you are saying awful things about them and not leering at them and not making unwanted sexual events. you can see that. just because he promoted a few women does not mean. >> no way am i trying to compare apples to oranges. i can only talk about my own experience. these women have told their own stories. here we are after years later these stories coming out. if they are so awful, why didn't we hear about it in the fall or december or january. >> here we are hearing about these new stories. i expect more of this. the opponents believe it is going to impact him. many of the voters i talked to
10:37 am
really have no interest in fighting about gender. they have issues that impact their lives and filling their gas tanks o r petition for their children. there are real issues that we need to talk about. new york times piece with the hit piece. >> lets talk about those issues that you just mentioned. >> abortion and minimum wage and i am going to fund my campaign or myself or be it, i am going to fund my campaign, i don't like pollsters or i am going to hire my own pollster. and the temporary ban on musl s muslims. why is donald trump seems to change his mind a lot? >> he has never run for office and he's learning through to navigate the political field. hillary clinton has been in for a long time and she knows how to
10:38 am
deal with this. donald trump is finding his voice and he's doing this, it is important. he's saying political pun nant and experts. >> i don't want to talk about how well he will do in the general election. i want to talk about fundamental changes regarding to how he feels about abortion ten years ago. oh, pro-choice and now aud ofll sudden, he's pro-life. that's not typically one that changes their mind. >> are you telling me that's the first time you heard somebody running for office changing their positions and thoughts. >> i worked for the clinton in the white house and i saw them knathem navigating their positions. >> he's a private position
10:39 am
decided to run office and offering his expertise in leadership and business. yes, he's learning how to navigate the political land mind and he's not an expert at it. he's a businessman. >> how can we believe what he says? if one week, okay, we are going to ban muslims. >> it is a suggestion, i have been talking to some spoefolks, can you believe him? >> you can believe him because he has a track record of his umpire and his business. you have to look at what he's accomplished. you cannot say you cannot trust him because of his mind of office. he does have an incredible vision for this in additination. i believe that donald trump will make an incredible impact on issues that's important. we have issues of the economy and jobs. these are things that are important to americans and to women. >> if that business umpire is
10:40 am
assess full as you claim and he has claimed, why not just release the tax returns. donald has made it clear that he does not want to release his tax returns. >> that's his prerogative. >> every primary voters who are sitting back and say i am not going to submit my tax returns. >> don't you think it is ironic? >> in forty years not to release his returns. >> don't you think it is ironic of becoming an issue when he called hillary clinton to release the e-mails she deleted or discarded. yeah, sure, there are disclosures on both sides. have her release all of her e-mails. >> hillary clinton's e-mail continue to come out. >> yeah, they keep on unfolding and unfolding. very interesting. >> good to see you as always. >> good to see you always,
10:41 am
craig. >> coming up, hillary clinton raising the possibility of putting bill clinton in charge of fixing the economy in today's microsoft pulse question. does outlining bill clinton's potential role help or hurt bulletin ton. the pulse is life, you can join our conversation, pul this is msnbc, we'll be right back. i have a blog called "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that. when a moment turns romantic
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. hillary clinton has made her husband's role on the economy. this week though she raised it a bit saying he will be in charge of economic policy if she's elected in november. >> i will do everything i can to help if she should be elected. i have asked actually to be
10:45 am
given the job of trying to help every part of the united states that has been left out and left behind economically. >> the campaign has gone onto clarify the former's president role to distress economies in this country. jered bernstein, a cnbc, contributor, it is always good to see you my friend, thanks for coming on. >> my flpleasure. >> let's talk about the '90s here for the clinton's presidency. nafta and deregulation. those are two things that donald trump and bernie sanders spent the better part of 69 months railing against to some success. why run on the '90s economy? >> well, it is as great point. the deregulation of wall street, okay? well the '90s economy was more than nafta and welfare we form that you can put on that list as
10:46 am
well. this is also appears when the unemployment rate fell below 4% and 12 million jobs created and wages and income were rising not just at the top but at the middle and the bottom of the scale. it is been a few years since the 1990s, craig, if you look at african-american poverty felled 8% point. low age workers were rising a the pace of productivity growth. just on the real economy numbers, the '90s mean something different than those policy areas. >> if the secretary ultimately is nominated when that happens, she's facing a guy, one of her major selling points to a lot of folks is his business experience. talk to me about the optics here. you got the guy that is running
10:47 am
on this business, i made a bunch of money and you got hillary where you know what? i am going to hand over the key to my husband. >> campaign trying to clarify and i heard it in bill clinton's clip that you played just there, they're talking about parts of the economy that's left behind. it is a specific assignment there and they mentioned coal towns and other places that's hit by high quality of in equalities. that's different than handling the key over. on the business point, we'll be arguing a lot over the next few months whether to make sense to handle the key to the economy not just a businessman but a man named donald trump who four of his businesses gone bankrupt. there is a big argument to come, that alleged advantage. >> looking ahead to november, if you got a secretary of state who's running on her ability to
10:48 am
fix the economy, you look at the numbers, the economy in this country right now especially comparative, things are not all that bad. who does that benefit more? >> well, that typically benefits the incumbents. the problem that you face nowadays, jerry, how is the economy doing and i say whose economy are we talking about? that's not always the case. the economy really was kind of booming for a lot of different people for folks at the top and very much so but also at the middle and the bottom as i stated. now, we are just beginning to see middle and low wage workers above. and in the middle that had something to do with the tighter job market and lower unemployment. we are not quite low employment yet and income equality is still for us. >> jerry bernstein, thank you for your time today. >> my pleasure. >> lets get an update on our
10:49 am
pulse question, here it is, that was the question here and here are the results. 52% of you say hurt. the pulse is still live, you can keep the conversation going. cast your vote right now. when we come back, a story you don't want to miss if you are planning to travel anywhere any time soon. and here is you are today's verge update. >> the ecvent is all about the future or at least google's vision. there is plenty of hit. there will be updates of systems, we are expecting a challenger amazon echo featuring google's own voice system. and perhaps, most anticipated is
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the new virtual reality efforts. now maybe news on the google card, that's the update, check
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request happening right now, the tsa recommending people flying out of chicago area airports arrive at least three hours before their scheduled flights. this is after long security lines at chicago's o'hare over the weekend caused dozens of passengers to miss their flights and stranded out there. at o'hare international airport this afternoon, we should know, we're talking chicago here. this has been the case at a number of airports of late. what's the tsa planning to do? >> reporter: this is such an agonizing situation, craig, not only are apparentlies upset, airplanes are upset because people are missing their flights and airports upset because they want to create a good passenger experience. at chicago's o'hare, they were warning people to come three
10:54 am
hours before their flight. that way, they can be sure to get past security in time. right now, the security line is not bad because it's the middle of the day. right now they added more security lines, i call it the spiral of agony and they added three morrows s ts to accommode larger crowds coming here. chicago's midway airport warning people to arrive three hours early and we're expecting things to pick back up as it goes on. they have more people flying and may have not enough workers. mr. promising to hire more workers at a faster rate. they have a morale problem and losing more workers as they hire more. they're promising to step up recruiting efforts and will bring in more bomb sniffing dogs and flip passengers in dog screening lines to supplement security and people are
10:55 am
encouraging people to sign up for tsa pre-check and you have to sign it up ahead of time and involves filling out online paperwork and having meetings, but those lines are getting long as well. >> you beat me to it. some tsa pre-line, there have been instances the pre-line is longer than the regular line. any time frame what the tsa is saying in regards to hiring additional work others to help? would you call it the spiral of doom? >> reporter: the spiral of agony? they're trying to hire people by the summer. once june comes you will have more and more travelers. you're right. you and i are both frequent travelers. i've used tsa pre-and i've seen that line double in the last few months. that line moves quicker because people don't have to take off their shoes or laptops and hoping to get more people in that line because it does move quicker. still, tsa pre-is not a solution
10:56 am
to the problem. they have to get this line moving faster because this is what the majority are going through. they say it will take at least several months before they wrap up hiring. passenger s in for a frustratin summer. >> long hot summer. thanks for your contribution to the lexicon of travel, spiral of agony. spiral of agony. good to see you, my friend. that will do it for this hour. i'm craig melvin. be sure to watch the special coverage as we get results of kentucky and oregon primaries. chuck todd at fi5:00, and chris matthews at 6:00, rachel maddow at 9:00 p.m. and chris hayes at 12:00. the best anywhere. my colleague will pick up things after the break.
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hill. this hour trump versus clinton showing this matchup of the candidates tightening as they move closer to a potential general election fight. trump release ag tweet storm over a new ad from pro clinton super pac priorities usa. take a look. >> my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> i view a person who's flat-chested as very hard to be a 10. >> you can them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> trump blaming clinton herself treating amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in political history. an hour later, crooked hillary can't close the deal with bernie sanders. will be another bad day for her. clinton is rolling out new rhetoric against trump on the trail in


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