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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hill. this hour trump versus clinton showing this matchup of the candidates tightening as they move closer to a potential general election fight. trump release ag tweet storm over a new ad from pro clinton super pac priorities usa. take a look. >> my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> i view a person who's flat-chested as very hard to be a 10. >> you can them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> trump blaming clinton herself treating amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in political history. an hour later, crooked hillary can't close the deal with bernie sanders. will be another bad day for her. clinton is rolling out new rhetoric against trump on the trail in kentucky.
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>> i am hoping and debating donald trump in the fall. when you get into a debate and asked what is your plan to make sure we have enough good jobs with rising incomes because we deserve a raise. if one answer is i will do it, i know how to do it, i will get it done, but i'm not going to tell you what i will do, you know, i kind of think a lot of folks, republicans, democrats, independents, a lot of folks will be thinking, what's he talking about? >> we're also learning about a new move for the trump camp, hire ag pollster, something trump vowed he would not do. we kick off this hour with our road warriors covering the 2016 race, following all the movem t movements on the republican side, both at trump tower, kristen welker is at the
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christian campaign headquarters in brooklyn and kasie hunt also covering today's democratic prima primaries. always good to see you all. katy, av we heard from donald trump saying he didn't want to waste money on pollsters, now, the campaign has hired a veteran pollster, tony fabritsio. why him and why now? >> reporter: he has had a relationship with him for quite a while now and he did a little bit of polling for him when he said he would not be involved in a presidential run during the 2012 cycle. there is a history there and between tony and paul manafort within donald trump's campaign team. they both worked on bob dole's campaign. why hire a pollster now? many ask why he hasn't hired a pollster up until now. donald trump on the campaign trail has been adamant against a
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pollster using it a reason to trash his rivals and also using it as a reason to trash hillary clinton saying she was coached or rehearsed. the thing about hiring this pollster now and will take money from the rnc starting to staff up generally, donald trump is now facing a general election campaign and will be going up against the hillary clinton campaign war machine. she's said to be spending probably about a billion dollars on her campaign and this is an admission and acknowledgement from the trump campaign and rnc they have to bulk up their operation to go up against her. >> we heard from a former department of homeland security secretary and tom ridge and former government representative, he said he can't support trump. one of the things he wrote about what he called the bumper sticker approach to policy. how much weight does someone like tom ridge hold with the
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party and voters? >> reporter: two separate questions, you look at tom ridge's voice within the party, there is the sense he is an establish voice a couple years out from being particularly relevant in the party. he has a lot of credentials to national security and pennsylvania shaping up to be an important state in the general election. the sense what you're getting is what you hear from tom ridge echoing where a lot of members of the establish are in that never trump movement who say they cannot support donald trump. ridge coming out with that op-ed in u.s. news and world report. somebody else we are hearing from says they can't support trump or at least grappling how to support donald trump is his former rival, john kasich, who stepped out of the race and among all this speculation, could he be a vice-presidential candidate and mount a long shot bid? here's what kasich had to say within the last 24 hours here.
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>> will you endorse donald trump? >> i don't know. i told you about this two paths. if i feel -- i read some stoouf recently -- while i'm glued to this, i read other stuff too negative. i'm undecided. i don't want to get into -- i had a phone call from somebody wanted me to consider running as third party candidate. >> will you do that? >> no. i'm not going to do that? >> why? >> i gave it my best where i am and i just think running third party doesn't feel right. i think it's notconstructive. >> not constructive. that is something you're hearing echoed from other leaders within the party including rnc chairman reince priebus basically a suicide mission for the gop. kasich referring to the phone call he received as to people
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like kasich and john sasz, uninterested taking on donald trump and as he looks to be making the turn already to the general matchup against hillary clinton. >> interesting to see what's happening on the republican side. and on the democratic side, kristen welker is outside in brooklyn. as we look at this race and the primary happening today, she is locked in this race until the end with bernie sanders, as we know, the math not necessary lin her favor. what she needs is the momentum. hillary clinton is having a tough tyke making connection with younger voters and working class voters. how is the campaign working to turn that around as they lead up in these last three weeks of prima primaries? >> reporter: i think she's been trying to ramp up her outreach to younger working class voters for quite some time now. you hear her directly talk to them for example saying, you might not support me but i
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support you, i'm for you and working for you. in terms of working class voters, she's targeting swing areas and how she's going to improve the economy. this becomes increasingly important if and when she gets to the general election and i think senator sanders will be critical to helping her rally those voters and unify the party, particularly some younger voters. i think that president obama, according to the campaign is going to be really important to that effort as well. you saw him this weekend insert himself into the 2016 race not officially but going after donald trump not by name but it was very clear who he was talking about at that rutgers graduation. i think it's a preview of things to come once in fact president obama does hit the trail and we think it will happen sometime this summer runs there is an official nominee. in terms of the race, the clinton campaign bracing for what they think is a close race
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in kentucky, secretary clinton campaigning quite aggressively, up with ads outstanding senator sanders quite a bit. they think it's important to win that state to regain the momentum, had a number of losses to senator sanders and put it nearly out of reach and she wants to head to the convention on strong ground and to do that she needs to win some primaries. >> we talked at the top of the hour about these new ads from the pro clinton super pac usa. and one about donald trump but i want to warn our viewers they may find somelage tough. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eye, blood coming out of her wherever. >> does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass, absolutely? >> do you like girls that are 5'1"? where. >> if ivanka weren't my
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daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> you've heard these before and the attack is new. is there some finding among democrats and among those that would like to see a democrat in the white house this is actually having an impact with voters and its working. >> erica, that warning you had for our viewers is exactly what the makers of these ads is ho hoping will sink in over time. those are comments yes that have been completely saturated through this primary contest and many of us who do this for a living have heard over and over again. democrats who made these ads and people i talked to privately say they were actually surprised in focus groups anthropology when they talked to not republican primary voters but to general election voters often operating with a little bit less information generally because they don't necessarily pay as much attention during this face of the process, they had in many cases not necessarily heard these remarks from donald trump before, or if they had, they were only loosely aware of them.
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they came away convinced there is room to convince general election voters about something new about donald trump they don't know. they're hoping it will be this set of facts those general election voters actually absorb. the question is whether or not it's going to work. the issue for republicans in particular over the course of the primary, they found out traditional tv advertising was completely ineffective against donald trump. the super pac headed by mike murphy for jeb bush spent over 1 $1 million or raised i should say, spent most of it, trying to take down donald trump and other candidates boost jeb bush's candidate. i it didn't get them anywhere. this campaign mounted by priorities usa will be a pretty traditional swing state ad captain pa campaign. they did it successfully against mitt romney and he never shook this reputation they gave him as
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this bloodless businessman. the question for priorities usa first, is advertising working at all, also, do people have such a perception of donald trump so n ingrained they won't necessarily make a different decision based on what new information is available. democrats think people basically know he's a businessman, apprentice, lives in new york and if people hang on to those positive qualities, there's no changing it. they're betting they can do it. >> thank you as always. i want to bring you to rick tyler and spokesman political analyst and i want to go a bit deeper. on the trump side, when we hear he is higher a new pollster, this came as a surprise because he said he wouldn't do it just
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from the sheer logistics of campai campaigning, his campaign spokesman was just talking about it. i want to play that. >> this is his effort to try to unite the party. a lot of people feel more comfortable when they have polling, your older political paradyne. mr. trump is looking to continue to put forth his message without being pushed around by polls. i do think it makes other individuals happy there is polling going on or will be polling going on particularly when he's going to be helping other candidates down ballot. this is a joint effort between donald trump and the rnc to unite the party and continue to maintain control in congress. >> two interesting points. number one, i'm quote, he won't be pushed around by polls. that's important. there are a lot of negatives we talk about with donald trump, they are important, because they are so high, negatives with blacks latinos and women.
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these in theory could make inroads with important voters, is she saying essentially, it doesn't matter, we won't use it? >> one thing, i don't think donald trump thought he would get this far and didn't hire the traditional team you would have for data division or policy division or robust communications division, he didn't have all these things. it is remarkable he donald trump has said he will do it his way and will continue. the problem is how to communicate your message to voters and how to get to them. polling should not be used to figure out what you believe. that could be a problem for donald trump. >> there has been a report in
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the last couple of days about the accuracy of the polling we're seeing this election cycle and point though fact the online polling numbers, people who do a poll online on their own tend to be different from polls done in person or over the phone. part of that has to do when you have a candidate as divisive as donald trump. do you see a shift happening in the way the polling will be down from now to november? >> i think polling is in a transition, as i say online. polling has traditionally been done through landlines and many people don't have them anymore. it is much more difficult to call cell phone lines. it has been a lot of using algorithm data to get them accurate. some do them very well and some don't and even good pollsters miss the park, we saw that in eric cantor's district. polling can tell you a lot over time. all it tells you is where you
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are now, not how to get there, where good political strategy comes in. >> one of the places where donald trump and the rnc wants, a unified party. this was a joint effort pby the rnc to unite the party. do you sense there was a little push behind the scenes? >> possibly but there was a lot more research to hire a pollster. not to undermine the $50 million he's put in the campaign but allegedly been cheap on spending a lot of money on this campaign. now that he will be the nominee there should be enough money to pay for a pollster. >> rick tyler, always good to have you with us. >> thanks. we're talking about the democratic race for the white house. that is a focus of today's microsoft pulse question, does outlining bill clinton's potential role help or hurt hillary clinton in the general election? we talked about online polling
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[ loud noise ] [ chanting ]
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>> that was the scene in las vegas as nevada democrats held their convention, angry bernie sanders delegates accusing state party leaders of rigging the delegate system for hillary clinton. although hillary clinton won the nevada caucuses in february, the sanders campaign worked hard to windell gats hoping to even out the count at the convention last weekend. instead, they ended in a bitter debate over convention rules and votes and now the convention is filing a protest because of the sanders supporters. this has happened over the weekend, as we said but more and more information is coming out. you have new reporting on it this hour. >> that's right, erica. we just got a statement from debbie wasserman-schultz, the chairman of the dnc. she said she is deeply concerned about what happened on sunday
11:21 am
and saying there is no excuse and calling on bernie sanders about the supporters behavior. that comes with a warning as to what happened sunday could be a harbinger what happens in july. and they also said the actual campaign not just the supporters being behind some of this activity and violence was the term they used and warn the sanders campaign has not done nearly enough to stop it and benefitted from it. the chairman of the party received threats and posted facebook messages and we can't discuss them on this air. that's the latest on that, erica. >> so interesting to see and raises the concern what it will be like in july on the convention floor. are we hearing much more? i know the statement from debbie
11:22 am
wasserman-schultz just came out and there hasn't been a chance for a lot of reaction to that from the campaigns? >> right. i put out a request to the bernie sanders campaign and nothing. bernie friedman asked sansers about it in puerto rico puerto rico about this comment and looked at him and quickly turned away, no interest in answering the question. bernie sanders put out a statement ahead of the convention asking his supporters to be polite and civil but basically nothing from the campaign since those pictures you played. >> you mentioned the party chairman and she was on along with our colleague talking about that. i think we have some of her sound. she's specific in terms of some of the things that have been thrown at her. >> what you heard is a few of the thousands of e-mails and texts and facebook messages and twitter messages i got threats
11:23 am
to my family, to my grandson, to my husband. they've attacked the place where i have a daytime job. this is my volunteer job being the chair of the party. they've attacked my workplace. they have said very awful things. as the state party, it's my responsibility to let the dnc know what happened in nevada and know those threats threaten to carry into the dnc convention. >> that is one of the major concerns this threat this carries into the major convention come july. >> right. we all thought it would be the republican convention that would be the one potentially out of hand. now, it's looking like it could be the democrats. the sanders campaign has threatened to stage a protest on the floor of the convention if their demands are not met in the terms of makeup of certain committees and then you have potential of rogue actions by supporters or delegates suppo
11:24 am
supporting bernie sanders acting on their own or tacid support from the campaign. this is very much a concern for democrats. state party chairs will be meeting later this week to try to deal with this. right now, a lot of concern among democrats i've spoken to about potential disruptions in july. >> it will be interesting to see if we hear much from the state parties meetings. thank you. >> thanks. still to come this hour, the "new york times" still stands by its story questioning trump's behavior with women. does the presumptive nominee have grounds to go after the paper in court? ari is here next. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you?
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distracted by radio transmiss n transmissions moments before the train derailed realize doing late he was approach ag dangerous curve at 100 miles an hour. eight people were killed and more than 200 others transported to hospitals. up next, the pro clinton ads from the super pac attacking donald trump, the chief strategist for that super pac will join me here on the other side of this break. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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11:32 am
fairly, accurately. >> bottom line, does the trump team have the grounds to demand a retraction from the new york times? >> they don't have the grounds to sue. i don't know about a full retraction associated with something materially false. i think the story is weak and the main source saying she was misquoted in ways out of context. that leaves a lot of room "the times" should do something to clear it up. here is donald trump overstating it as he often does. no wonder the "times" is failing. who can believe what they write after the malicious and lib libellous story they put out there and it meets the grounds of libel and why when asked trump spokesman michael cohen, a vp with the business side says they don't really think they will have much to sue on. take a listen.
11:33 am
>> it's a very high bar. i don't think this is going to end up in litigation. the truth is the "new york times" owes miss brewell and donald trump an apology and need to print a retraction. >> there you have it. apology and retraction. and what i learned from her speaking on the network, it is a problem for a journalistic report to basically take something a source says is wildly out of context. the issue is not whether the quotes were accurate and the kind of thing you need in libel would be inaccuracy and intent and to harm a public person. nothing like that here. if they were taken out of context in the way she felt was completely spinning from what actually happened. the "times" saying the int interaction between miss brewer lane who went on to date donald
11:34 am
trump, the interaction was "deba "debasing" and she says it was nothing of the source, that's a wide gulf at least the "times" could do a clarification. ari laying it out for us. thank you. pro hillary clinton super pac s will be running in four states tomorrow. it's pushing up its plan for those ads, running in ohio, florida, virginia and nevada. they're moving the ads up three weeks ahead of schedule. here's a look at one of the first two ads, we want to learn you there's stronglagestronglagg language here. >> does she have a good body? no. a fat ass, absolutely. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> i view a person flat-chested very hard to be a 10. >> does donald trump really speak for you?
11:35 am
>> donald trump needless to say not so happy with the ads twe tweeting this morning the pathetic new hit ads against me misrepresents the final line. you can tell them to go blank themselves was about china and not women and amazing crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. political history. join me now the chief strategist behind these ads, good to have you with us. i want to ask you one thing donald trump said, that last line of the ad was not at all related to women. >> right. the two things donald trump said today or his campaign said we took his comments out of context and he's not anti-women because his wife has endorsed him. the fact of the matter is we do not need to look very far to find anti-commentary about donald trump. it's not just about women but
11:36 am
demeaning comments donald trump made across the board. that's just one of them. >> they're not new comments, used in ads before and we've seen this line of advertising before. you told my colleague, rachel maddow before you tested these ads before deciding to put them out. what told you in the testing this was effective. >> this won't surprise you. most of the american public is not watching politics day-to-day. so far most of the people wat watching ads have been republican activists, democratic party activists and primary voters and one thing became very clear according to our research, people are just starting to clue in on this election and their knowledge of donald trump is a mile wide but still an inch deep. >> you think a lot of those comments will be new to people? >> absolutely. >> give us a sense, do you have the number of registered voters who fall into that camp not familiar with these comments? >> well over 50%. in that high?
11:37 am
>> the general electorate at large don't know much about donald trump's comments. they know he was in "the apprentice," a carnival barker and they don't know much about his foreign policy and where he stands and views on women. >> i will play the second ad you describe as more conventional. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump, that i can tell you. >> would you cut off -- >> planned parenthood -- >> yes, i would. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eye, broad coming out of her wherever. >> do you believe a punishment for abortion? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> these are ads, we mentioned in the introduction originally set to start running the day after the california primary wednesday june 8th.
11:38 am
why did you push them up three weeks. is it too soon to make that push towards the general election? >> one of the things we learned from the republicans they started their ad campaign too little too late. people are starting to clue in and we're close to having the nominee s set for the election and people are starting to pay more attention to the election and we thought it was critical to prosecute the case against trump. >> is there a concern -- you said over 50% from your research of voter s just starting to clu in. how concerned are you those undecided are leaning towards donald trump? >> i'm not too concerned. most of the people paying attention on the republican side are not representative of most of america. the general election is more diverse, more women, african-americans, latinos, younger voters i firmly believe will be turned off not only by his policy proposal s but by th way he talks about large
11:39 am
segments of the american public. >> usa supports hillary clinton has to deal with former predica president clinton's infideli infidelities. these are attacks on donald trump's character. do you have any plans to attack that line of attack from donald trump? >> no. ultima ultimately, i think the attack will backfire. you don't need a crystal ball, look at history. after endless attacks against clinton he finished his term as president one of the most popular presidents in modern time. we don't intend to talk about hillary clinton's personal life and believe his ads will backfire. >> interesting to see how the d ads play out and work going forward. former house speaker john boehner sounded off how his life has been since leaving congress. luke russert joins us from capitol hill with more on what he had to say. i'm intrigued, fill us in. >> reporter: one word you often he in catholic services is
11:40 am
that of rejoice and speaker boehner said he has certainly been rejoicing since he left capitol hill. take a listen. >> several days ago i was at notre dame, the university of notre dame decided to give their top award to vice president biden and me. it case all the litari award, latin word, if you want to translate it, it means rejoice, which is exactly what i've done every day since i left office. [ applause ] >> reporter: of course, boehner referencing what his successor has to deal with, the ever evolving question of what to do with donald trump. paul ryan admitted today in light of a new nbc news poll y saying most republicans trust him to lead the party as the nominee he should be the party leader. as for john boehner, i spoke to sources close to the speaker, they said, look, speaker boehner is enjoying retirement and will
11:41 am
inject himself in the national conversation when he feels it's relevant and will do a bus tour around certain parts of ohio. a few short weeks ago referring to ted cruz as lucy fer in the flesh, a lot of republican insiders felt that ways one of the things that knocked cruz out in indiana. boehner, still on the sidelines, still has some power. still to come will bernie sanders maintain his winning stream tonight with the oregon vote. still, sanders himself talking kentucky earlier today. take a listen. >> clinton is apparently spending a lot of money and time in kentucky. i think she understands the state is in play and my guess it's going to be a close election. sh back from bank of america to buy new gym bag.
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i gave a speech on the floor this morning. i'm saying the law should be enforced. what the administration did was not some new theory. it's long established law and we should follow the law here and every place else. >> that was senator harry reid minutes ago referencing the chaos at the nev democratic state convention. we talked a little earlier, this hour stems from angry bernie sanders delegates who accused the state party leaders in nevada of rigging the delegate system for hillary clinton. joining us now from carson, california, where bernie sanders will be. we did get a statement from debbie wasserman-schultz and harry reid saying, i'm sure bernie sanders will do the right thing here. he will say something and speak up. how much has this been a topic of conversation on the campaign trail and specifically when you
11:46 am
talk to the folks within the campaign? >> reporter: i talked to two of the senior advisors about this most recently a few minutes ago. the senator had made a call, at harry reid's request, for there not to be any trouble there. and in fact, after there were some problems for example barbara boxer got up on stage, she was shouted down. there was what some people who were there called a chaotic situation. there was a disagreement over how the various delegates should be accredited. clearly, this was not a smooth process. harry reid said he believed that this was caused by disgruntled bernie sanders supporters. while the campaign does not disagree many of the bernie sanders supporters there were unhappy with the way it went, in fact, jef weaver, his campaign manager, after it all happened,
11:47 am
said to me he felt there was little doubt the democratic party in nevada had its finger on the scale in favor of secretary clinton, they have denounced this. michael briggs, the communications director for the campaign has denounced it. we will see, right now, sanders is on his way here, he has not yet commented on this and we will see if he has a comment, as harry reid expects him to have. >> if you want to play the full piece of sound from harry reid. we didn't have it cued up quite at the right spot. let's listen to that quickly. >> said he condemns that. i'm confident he does. i'm confident he will be saying something about it soon. this is a test of leadership, as we all know and hopeful and very confident senator sanders will do the right thing. >> saying there is a test of leadership. even before this happened in nevada we knew it wasn't going to exactly be a kumbaya moment
11:48 am
at the convention, that, based on what we've seen, is there more concern at this point about how the sanders voices will be heard and if it can be done in a way that won't lead to such a fractured convention in many y ways? >> reporter: i think the bottom line is a little bit complex. let me lay out as simply as i can. there is no doubt they want their voices to be heard and there's a level of frustration not just in nevada but elsewhere, many of his supporters and high levels of his campaign feel the democratic establish has been working for hillary clinton and against senator sanders and it has not always been a fair process. having said that, it is not in senator sanders benefit that somehow they go into a campaign where he ends up not the nominee, doesn't get anything
11:49 am
that he wants on the platform, doesn't walk away with respect to the democratic party if he's not the nominee. they're walking this fine line between wanting to have influence, wanting to push the other side to what they consider to be fair, but on the other hand, not turn this into a situation, as some people have suggested with raffle nader, where he could cost hillary clinton this election. that's sort of where it is right now. >> a bit of delicate dance we will see it playing out in july. chris jansing, thanks. as always, stay with us, you're watching msnbc. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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the state of ohio will be crucial this election this november. no candidate since 1960 has won the presidency without winning ohio. the state has correctly picked the winner in every election but two since 1904.
11:53 am
the hillary clinton super pac will launch its general election campaign in ohio and we talked about that earlier. targeting rust belt states like pennsylvania and cutting a path through these states is interstate 80 and that's where jacob went to get a feeling for politics from people who drive on that road every single day. you've been talking to a lot of tru truckers out there. what are they telling you? >> reporter: i sure have. iowa does not want to be proven wrong. they have such a great track record predicting who the president will be. i went to the swingiest part of this swing state, a truck stop on i80 where they have a pretty good track record picking presidents. take a look. i'm at the truck world truck stop in hubbard, ohio. very few roads are as important to the 2016 presidential election than this one that runs
11:54 am
through the swing states of ohio and pennsylvania. nobody knows this area better than these truckers. have you thought about who you will vote for yet? >> i don't know. i don't trust either one of them right now? >> reporter: is that donald trump and hillary clinton. is it possible for hillary clinton to win over your vote? >> yes. >> reporter: and donald trump? >> yeah. he has a lot to prove. >> reporter: retired salesman. what are you doing here at truck world? >> everybody has to seat somewhere. >> reporter: have you figured out which way you will go in that general election? >> i think so. i think trump is the lesser of two evils. >> i want to look at this map. what does this next president need to do to win over the voters of the i-80 corridor in ohio? >> i think he will convince voters he will bring back industry that went overseas and mexico and i think trump is a good man to do that. >> or she. >> not she. >> reporter: where are you from? >> kentucky. >> reporter: you a truck driver? >> yeah.
11:55 am
>> reporter: what kind of truck do you drive? >> kenmore. >> reporter: 16 wheeler? >> 18-wheeler. >> reporter: 18-wheeler, excuse me, i don't know anything about trucks. who are you going for in november? >> trump. >> reporter: kentucky will likely go for trump and in this i-80 corridor could pretty much decide it. which way do you think they will go up here? >> i believe they will go for trump, i do. i believe it will surprise a lot of people. >> reporter: can we check out your truck by any chance? >> sure. >> reporter: what is it going on this i-80 corridor that people will go for him over hillary clinton squlrvel clinton? >> to the, it boils down to jobs, i have made a lot of money in ohio in my 28, 29 years of trav traveling. there are a lot of places no longer and these factories are closed up. >> when you pull the air horn, where is that? >> right here.
11:56 am
>> reporter: can i do it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: here i go. [ [ horn honks ]ing ]. . >> reporter: if anybody knows what is going on in this region, it is the truck drivers that traverse the area almost every single day. they let me do hitchhiking with them. he came from a steel coil manufacturing plant before he picked me up. he said has been struggling and manufacturers loss in ohio and i'm sure we will talk about it more before the general election. >> jacob soboroff in ohio. thanks. breaking news, bernie sanders just issuing a statement on the violence at saturday's nevada convention. in that statement, he condemns quote any and all forms of violence including the personal harassment of individuals and goes on to say quote at that convention, the democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.
11:57 am
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the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ good afternoon. i'm kate snow. new fallout over the weekend after sanders protesters prote t protesting at the democratic convention. and the chair on air a few minutes ago talking about threats she has received. >> this is a citizen of the united states of america and i just want to let you know that i think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world we won't stand for this sort of corruption. >> what you heard is a few of the thousands of e-mails and texts and facebook messages and twitter messages that


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