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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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ent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ good afternoon. i'm kate snow. new fallout over the weekend after sanders protesters prote t protesting at the democratic convention. and the chair on air a few minutes ago talking about threats she has received. >> this is a citizen of the united states of america and i just want to let you know that i think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world we won't stand for this sort of corruption. >> what you heard is a few of the thousands of e-mails and texts and facebook messages and twitter messages that i've got
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threats to my family, to my grandson, to my husband. they've attacked the place where i have a daytime job. this is my volunteer job being chair of the party. they attacked my workplace and they have said very awful things. look, as a state party it's my responsibility to let the dnc know what happened in nevada, let them know those threats have threatened to carry into the dnc convention. >> just this afternoon, dnc chair woman debbie wasserman-schultz putting out a statement, there is no excuse for what happened in nevada and incumbent upon all of us in leadership to speak out and senator harry reid weighing in with this. >> reporter: what happened? >> thursday, i talked to him friday and a few minutes ago. him and i had a very long conversation for me, some of you know my conversations aren't very long a lot of times.
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we talked about 10 minutes or longer, a very good conversation. i laid out for him what happened in las vegas. i wanted to make sure he understa understands, has heard what went on there. the violence and all the other bad things that has happened there. so he said that he condemns that. i'm confident he does. s i'm confident he will be s saying something about it soon. this is a test of leadership, as we all know and hopeful and confident senator sanders will do the right thing. >> are you worried this will spill over into philadelphia if he does not reign them in? >> i've said all i'm going to say about that today. >> that, of course, harry reid talking about conversations he's had with bernie sanders. let's go right out to nbc's chris jansing covering the sanders campaign from
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california. just putting out a statement moments ago, what are we hearing from the senator himself? >> reporter: he condemns the violence and put out a statement before the nevada conservation calling for calm. having said that, this statement put out i don't think is exactly what harry reid was looking for. while it condemns the violence, it also says the democratic party has a choice, as if they are challenging the dnc, it can open its doors and welcome into the party people prepared to fight for real economic and social change and people willing to take on consolidawall street corporate greed and wall street and challenge the status quo. it talks specifically about the violence that has happened. he said, within the last few days, there have been a number of criticisms made against my campaign organization. party leaders in nevada claimed the sansers campaign has a quote penchant for violence.
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that is nonsense. our campaign has held giant rallies all across the country including high crime areas and zero reports of violence and goes on to talk about believing in non-violent change. when we speak of violence i should speak months ago in the nevada campaign, shots were fired into my campaign office and my campaign staff office was broken into and ransacked. you can see the level of tension that spilled onto the convention floor saturday that went on and now involving party leadership and dnc and this back and forth between the sanders campaign and democrats supporting hillary clinton, the democratic party. it's clear that the sanders campaign and many of its supp t supporters are frustrated by what they feel was unfair treatment at that convention, afeel is a pattern of unfair
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treatment they have seen in this process, essentially, the deck stacked against them or the campaign manager put it to me after what happened at the nevada convention, it was clear to him the party leadership there had their fingers on the scale for hillary clinton. while there is a denunciation of this violence and there had been a previous call for there to be calm at that convention, tens n tensions clearly are not de-escalating and certainly this statement lays out where the sanders campaign believes it's coming from, a very different place than we heard from harry reid. >> it was the letter from the democrats in nevada that prom prompted a lot of back and forth this afternoon. in that letter they essentially accuse sanders supporters of being ready to incite violence. that is one of the perception out there and obviously the sanders campaign disputing that. >> i think they dispute it and
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denounce it. it is not to their advantage to look like they have a lot of supporters who are violent and won't play by the rules. they're separating that. they're separating those people from the arguments obviously they believe have frustrated them to this point. i also just got off the phone with ted divine, a senior campaign manager and said this is frustrating for us as well. we don't control every person that supports bernie sanders. we did as harry reid asked us to do, the conversation before the convention they both put out the call they wanted this to be an orderly convention and didn't turn out that way and what people are looking forward, we'll see with the results tonight, there are two primaries going on tonight in oregon and kentucky, what this means going forward for the dnc, how do they
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come together and calm down back and forth, so in the weeks coming up and as they head closer to the democratic national convention whatever the outcome is j there is not this continued threat of problems when ever these two sides get together. >> chris jansing covering the bernie sanders campaign. thanks so much. let's back up a step and talk about the big political headlines this afternoon. new numbers drawing attention. donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton, our "wall street journal" poll has the real estate billionaire and nearly 6 in 10 think donald trump should lead the party over house speaker paul ryan. speaker ryan had a rather upbeat response to that today. >> i hope it's donald trump, he's getting the nomination.
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he's wrapping up the nomination. good lord, i hope it is because the person who's getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> that poll gives us a new look at trump's lack of appeal among women and a trump super pac ad. and though it's pac ad, trump is accusing the campaign itself of running a hit ad. we are not in the general election season yet. we have votes holding their election today. mathemat mathematically, it is possible for clinton to clench the nomination tonight. she needs 140 more delegates to get to the magic number. when a sentence starts with technically, you can't place bets on that. she needs a boat load of super delegates and overwhelming win. sand rs says he believes if
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there is a large turnout, he will win both states. casey, let's start with the new ads out of the largest super pac supporting clinton out of priority usa. where will supporters being seeing those ads? >> you hit os then oddly split day today, hillary clinton campaigning in kentucky. this super pac ad set to go out tomorrow is in battleground states. a million dollars in virginia and 7.5 in ohio and 2.$2.85 million all behind this message, focused on women voters. take a look at the new ad. >> you show, you could see there was blood coming out of her e eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass absolutely. >> you like girls who were 5'1". >> if ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps i'd be dating her.
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>> a person who is flat-chested is hard to be a 10. >> you ckacan tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> i probably should have prefced that with a warning to some viewers some of those words are a little tricky and not for all listeners. that's exactly what this super pac is trying to get at here. they've done focus groups, polling, research and believe maybe half av general election voters frankly don't know donald trump said these things and might know he's from new york and a businessman and on "the apprentice." that's basically where the information stops. we're dealing with a different electorate heading into the fall than primary. bids on that polling that shows high unfavorable ratings with women, all they have to do is make sure the women continue to hold a negative view of donald
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trump. 53%-38%. if trump can't move that number he's not going to be able to win the election. for groups supporting hillary clinton, making sure they hang onto women supporting them at this point will be enough for them. they want to make sure they're reminding voters and not letting time to by with what trump has had to say about women so far in the campaign. >> we should point out trump takes issue with with at least one of the statement is in that ad. thanks so much. bernie sanders facing scrutiny today after burlington college once led by his wife, jane sanders announced it is shutting down due to financial woes and they woke up to headlines like this, allegations jane sanders may have mismanaged finances during her time at the helm, all this breaking as
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sanders are granted another extension to release their taxes. i want to bring in the reporter who covers the sanders campaign. we have a lot to talk about. breaking news. you covered the campaign. your presumptierspective on all back and forth on what happened in nevada. it's really unfortunate on election tai the sanders campaign has to deal with this criticism. i talked to several sanders supporters upset how the dnc is treating them and the democratic chair dealing with life threats, people calling her phone, she had to switch her phone number because people are harassing her and this is bad press for the sanders campaign. trying to make themselves the victim and they had issuings
12:13 pm
wi -- sh sh -- shes wiissues with the dn >> speaking of headlines, we showed a few about burlington college. have they been asked about jane sanders tenure there? >> i have nod asked them about the tenure there adding to the frustration. i think there are a lot of sanders seeing election day in kentucky and really having to wake up to all this stuff. i have not specifically asked them about jane sanders role at the college. >> has anybody responded about her role at the college? >> i haven't seen anything about her role. >> clinton supporters have long said the sanders team seems, in their view, get off easy and not pupt under the same scrutiny hillary clinton is. i wonder if any of what you read
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today is the press paying more attention to bernie sanders. >> for someone who has seen bernie sanders speak more than 100 times, the press is paying attention to him. he has had a traveling press corps for months. people asking him about his tox returns and what he has been able to accomplish. we've been writing stuff about the different things he has been doing. we have been paying attention to bernie sanders. the clinton campaign will say there's not enough scrutiny. as the national leading campaign candidate he has gotten the scrutiny he deserved. we might see a reorganization of the donald trump's campaign. his unconventional style has gotten him this far. why change things now? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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who do you trust nor lead the republican party or paul ryan? i hope it's donald trump, he's getting the nomination. >> to lead the party. >> he's wrapping up the nomination. good lord, i hop it is because the person getting the nomination of our party is the person to lead our party. >> that was house speaker, paul ryan, answering results of the survey poll. trump down 15 points to clinton nationwide among women. that's an improvement over last week. both covering different angles in team trump today. interesting timing among women and more fallout on the "new york times" story. if i can, i want to ask you
12:19 pm
about reports out today there might be changes coming within the trump campaign. what are you hearing? >> there are reports they will be staffing up more at the state level hiring state directors of their own in order to build up and beef up their campaign going into the general election. we have already confirmed donald trump has hired his first pollster. this is pretty big news for the campaign considering donald trump has railed against having a pollster quite some time. talked about how it ends up meaning that the candidate is coached and practiced and saying what voters want him to hear instead of what he actually feels. it takes away from the authenticity of a politician. donald trump has a pollster, like the rest of the candidates, partially an acknowledgement that the hillary clinton campaign machine is formidable. in order to go up against her, in order to successfully beat her in november they're going to
12:20 pm
need to have a matching operation themselves. they are well behind hillary clinton internally and behind gathering voter data and fund-raising anthropology. >> does some of this have to do with the impression they're g e giving to big donors to reorganize so they don't look so disorganiz disorganized. >> the trump campaign from the beginning as katy knows, doesn't want to take outside money and talks about being a self-funded campaign, a line he uses all the time in his rallies but he's headed to an expensive election and donors are confused where should they give their money? there's not a clear super pac structure in place. i just got off the phone with
12:21 pm
one super pac aiming to raise 1 $21 million by july focusing on major donor, not necessarily smaller donations. he is behind hillary clinton. super pacs supporting trump are behind where clinton super pacs are. how many billions is it leaving on the sidelines? probably lots, there is a spun sense they can make up ground and pull in the money and people on the sidelines now see donald trump is the presumptive nominee and will be willing to write these checks. the focus is not just on media, get out the vote efforts and targeting those they believe are underregistered and trying to identify through surveys where the key states will be, for example, pennsylvania, a broader rust belt that includes maybe michigan and arizona and new mexico, holding off on targeting
12:22 pm
their dollars in these areas until they can see where might be the best use of resources. timeline, not until the convention. while that feels late, frankly the campaign with the super pacs are already playing catch-up compared to democrats, a sense this changes rapidly, day-by-day, week by week and you never know what stories will bubble to the top and it will be held off until you get a clearer sense until after the convention and get a refocus when the race resets. >> speaking of bubbling, it's tuesday and we're still talking about the saturday "new york times" piece on trump and women and talking about the pac and clinton running that new ad a little bit ago, what are they saying on both those fronts? >> they're not saying anything right now. donald trump himself has been the voice against those ads.
12:23 pm
against that article coming out on twitter, talking about it quite a bit. also, the main woman in the article coming out and railing against it. so far, that is not a focus of the donald trump campaign right now. i talked to a senior aide yesterday, asked him about the "new york times" article and said, frankly, that hasn't entered into any of my conversation cast. >> didn't they ask the "new york times" to retract it? >> from reports i've heard they asked the "new york times" to retract it. from my conversations with the campaign today i have not gotten that message. >> sorry to interrupt, wanted to clarify. always great to see you guys. >> thank you. coming up, a nyoew apology from the tsa over the crazy long security lines.
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long lines at tsa checkpoints. they say they need 6,000 officers right now to ease that burden. the tsa economy is only gradu e graduating 200 people a week. do the math. more than 100 screeners are q t quitting every week. blake mccoy at the airport and they have just issued an apology of sorts. >> it happens at the american terminal at chicago's o'hare airport. not only was this entire line section completely full the line stretched all the way down the terminal more than two hour wait causing more than 450 american passengers to miss their flight. the airline had to bring out cots and blankets so people
12:28 pm
could spend the night here. this is what they had to today while speaking in houston. >> we had a significant challenge in chicago yesterday. i don't know what that was. we're fixing that. that's a great concern to me. i won't apologize for doing our job well but i do apologize for those who found themselves stranded in chicago yesterday. >> reporter: an apology. keep in mind the airport is still warning people to come three hours early today because we saw incredible lines this morning. another development today, illinois senator dick durbin is calling on the airlines to do something as well. not just the airlines to hire more workers, he wants the airlines to waive checked bagged fees at checkpoints. we see people carrying on bags because they don't want to pay the ridiculous fees to check the
12:29 pm
bags and he says that's one way to solve the problems. they don't want to do that. these folks in the red jackets are american airlines workers, not tsa workers and they're h p helpihelp ing to guide time people where they can help. airlines are offering up more workers to help. >> that's the situation in chicago. do we have a sense for the picture nationwide as we head to memorial day weekend in a couple weeks? >> reporter: we saw huge lines today at newark and other airpo airports. unfortunately, at all these airports nationwide it will only get worse as the summer travel months come. they hope to have 800 new workers by june. keep in mind, as you mentioned, you have half that number of workers leaving in that same amount of time. what solution that actually is remains to be seen. this is clearly a problem
12:30 pm
nationwide, not just chicago's o'hare. this seems to be the worst of it but people are complaining all over. >> i'm headed to an airport tomorrow morning. wish me luck. donald trump wooing millions of voters and winning histor historically high turnouts in this primary season. the way he tells the story he's doing a service for the republican party. here he is in his own words. >> we've taken in millions and millions of people within the republican party. they came out from the democrats, they came as the independents. i'll tell you the thing i'm most proud of, i see it when i sign and shake hands with people, every 20thth pers person says t you know, mr. trump, i never ever voted before, talking about 40-year-old people, 50. y you? are you going to vote? you never voted before? thank you, man. that's so cool. >> millions and millions of republican voters a line he
12:31 pm
evoked throughout his campaign. a "politico" article out today says it's not quite that simple. break it down for us. he says he's drawing in mnlillis and millions and millions of people, is he? >> "politico" did a smart thing. they would talk to voters and voters say they were very excited and hadn't voted in primaries before. that was the key. they hadn't voted in primaries before. "politico" smartly tabulated the data of people voting in prima y primaries, the people voting for trump were coming in huge numbers without question, sometimes double the people in 2012. they weren't new voters, voters who typically voted in general elections pretty consistently just not primaries. while the primary turnout has been huge, there's no reason to think, based on this "politico" tabulation that will result in huge turnout for donald trump in
12:32 pm
the fall. >> for the general election. >> that's the question. he needs a bigger turnout, our poll today shows a few points between him and clinton. >> democrats already have such an advantage in general elections, the map is weighted to democrats to win in presidential contests. for trump to win he needs to turn out a whole lot more of his people. worki ing class voters and peop largely very supportive of trump to come in much bigger numbers to vote against those who vote against trump and he's very incendiary against muslims and others and he will need to bring out huge numbers of people who haven't voted in the past. unfortunately for him, what "politico" is seeing, he's not attracting what people have never done before, traditional republican voters.
12:33 pm
>> to play devil's advocate, he would say he's engaging people who weren't engaged at this point in the process. >> without question. you have to hand it to him. that is not something we saw in 2012. in 2008, it was the democratic side that energized turnout. the democratic side this time has been way down in terms of excitement in the primary. adequate he has to hope assuming she's the nominee, that things come back to normal for democrats in the fall and she's taking advantage. and the onus is on trump but seems harder than he wants to say. >> beth fouhy. thank you. and hillary clinton spent more money than bernie sanders and see if it pays off and she can snap sanders out of his winning streak. there are nine counties named clinton in the united states.
12:34 pm
if bernie sanders wins the one in kentucky tonight, he will have won all of the nine clinton counties. the more you know. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome back. it is primary day in oregon and kentucky today. as we mentioned earlier, hillary clinton leads in degtsz but lags perhaps in momentum. sanders has won 12 out of the 16 primary races since march 22nd. things might not be better for clinton in oregon where the front-runner hasn't spent a dime in ad sales. in kentucky, they have both aides in bowling green. no same day registration, clinton is expected to do well there. let's start off with tony due kodue -- dock cow pill.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: i'm at one of this biggest baptist churches in the country, about 4 miles from here. the so calls conservative democrats is a block she needs to score with. she lost them in west virginia to bernie sanders and didn't carry the state. so far the voters i'm talking to aren't talking about hillary clinton, talking about bernie sanders and voicing frustration this is a closed primary and independents can't get their hat in the mix and frustration there isn't more running room for their candidate, talk about momentum, winning so many of the last candidates. if this were the 60 united states, bernie sanders might be on the way to the finish. the conversation on bernie sanders side tells you a lot about how far this party needs to come to unify if in fact hillary clinton comes out on top. take a listen to sound a few
12:39 pm
minutes ago in the parking lot in bowling green. >> if everyone who is a registered voter could vote that would help a lot. i can't wrap my mind -- i know it's the law and we're following the law, i can't wrap my mind around how somebody can want to go -- not this time, but want to go into a voting place and not allowed to. >> if clinton wins and it's clinton-trump in the general, you're a bernie person. which side do you go to? >> i think i'd go home and wait four years. >> i talked to the son of that same voter, kate, he said the same thing. i'm going to sit this one out if bernie sanders is not the nominee. if you're the clinton camp that is very bad news. they have to consolidate if they want to beat donald trump in a general election. >> thanks so much. let's go west to oregon where for the first time in presidential history no polling places are actually open.
12:40 pm
instead, voters are submitting their vote via the mail. joining me to discuss this vote process, when do we get results? >> we'll have initial results about 11:01 east coast time, 8:00 in oregon. that's what these dropboxes what the state office wants to call them. people putting them in these dropbox, when these dropboxes will be locked and closed. people have been able to mail in their votes, going on since 1998, which has led to very good voter turnout in the state of oregon, traditionally upwards of 80% voter turnout about 20 percentage points higher than the rest of the nation. one of the concerns tonight because people are now automatically registered to vote in oregon many say they want the future, want all dmvs to be in registration, it's a closed primary so it will be intere interesting to see if turnout is
12:41 pm
low in the primary given so many people are registered to vote in the general election but not individual party. >> let's flip back to kentucky now. they vote today. only one place to go for analysis for kentucky is louisville native, nbc's perry. give us a lay of the land. it's your home state. >> i'll be curious to see two regions of the state. hillary clinton did really po poorly in west virginia last week, a heavy coal state and eastern kentucky is a heavy coal area and i'll be interested to see if she does as poorly as west virginia. a lot of demographics is similar in terms of low black population and weak economies and clinton made the comments about coal miners going out of business a few months ago. enlouisville, where i'm from, the big city urban area, she was
12:42 pm
there sunday campaigning at two black churches, an area where she can do well. the key for her to do well in louisville and lexington and black voters and don't get blown out by too much in eastern kentucky. >> i know you were there in 2014 for a senate race in 2015 for a governor's race. you just touched on it, the demographics, people think of it as the south but doesn't necessarily match up as to african-american. >> you think of nearby tennessee, where she won in march, tennessee is 17% black population large compared and kentucky, 8% black, much smaller. in the primary so far, clinton does well in states with higher black populations and not as well in states that don't have high black populations. both kentucky and oregon problematic for her tonight. one advantage she has, this is a
12:43 pm
primary like tennessee, a closed primary and you will have fewer independents coming in, among the party regulars, the one place she could do well. because she won tennessee, a lot do border the areas she won. i'll be curious to see how she does in southern and western time square where the cold -- western tennessee, where the coal industry is not as big. >> could this be a big night for bernie sanders? >> i do. i think it could be a big night for him. he could win two states. oregon is a very strong place for bernie sanders, very liberal, not very diverse and i could see him winning a large margin. kentucky has an indiana part and kentucky part. you could see sanders winning both these states tonight. he's far behind in the delegate race, particularly a big win in
12:44 pm
oregon and kentucky, all he has to do is close those margins. i'll be curious how the closes the margins get big wins. >> perry bacon, thanks so much. up next we talk to a claimed viol violinist, who just announced he's canceling a concert in north carolina in the wake of the so-called bathroom law there. st always ony mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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12:48 pm
thought we would be talking about how you were going to north carolina and going to give a concert and donate the proceeds to a group called quality north carolina which advocates for lbgt rights. you changed your mind, why? >> i twanted to make sure my fellow musicians did not unduly suffer from a cancellation. i was ready to go but felt i had to express what i felt. this morning when i asked them to insert a thing in the program that would say what i feel, they said you can't do that. >> you wanted to insert a liner that had notes. >> that had my statement about the situation. >> did they explain why they wouldn't let you do that? >> the state wouldn't allow the orchestra. the orchestra is supported by the state. the orchestra is in the middle -- >> they're caught in the middle. >> they're caught in the middle.
12:49 pm
>> because they receive funding from the state. >> unfortunately i felt i had to withdraw because i wanted my voice to be heard. that, to me, was inexcusable, at least let me express what's going on here. >> you have fellow musicians that were expecting you tomorrow, they will be disappointed and your fans disappointed. >> i did not think that way -- i thought exactly about disappo t disappointing people but i feel i have to make a stand as a musician about the lbgt community. there is no excuse for this. you mentioned this is a bathroom law. this bathroom law is only the tip of the iceberg. >> more extensive than that. >> affects discrimination across the board, for people with disabilities. you read the law carefully, it has a long -- it's very deep. this bathroom thing is a nice
12:50 pm
head line. the important thing is it treats people with -- we all want to be treated with dignity. i'm sure everybody can agree to chat. >> for people who >> and for people who aren't familiar, i think everyone's familiar with your music, but you have been an advocate for people with disabilities for many, many years. >> all the time, yes. >> something that's in your heart. >> and this will also affect people with disabilities. it affects laws that actually exist, anti-discrimination laws, this will cancel them. >> you're not the first musician to take a stand. bruce springsteen canceled concerts there. ringo starr. i want to play a clip from elvis presley, this is what he said to a reporter in 1968, when he was asked about the vietnam war. >> mr. presley, what is your
12:51 pm
opinion of war protesters a? >> i just want to keep my own personal views about that to myself. i'm just an entertainer and i'd rather not say. >> i'm just an entertainer is what he said. why shouldn't musicians use their platforms for something like this? >> well, i think that as a musician if you have something to say, a lot of people listen to it. it's very nice to be able to express yourself and tell everybody what your beliefs are. and in a sense, it gives people support. they say, you know, people who are in the public eye can actually express how they feel and this gives support to things that seem unfair. and this law, hb 2, is a very ugly law. you know, it's not a fair law, and it's against our citizens. you know, there's something like that against citizens.
12:52 pm
for me, it's unamerican. >> i can imagine the governor of north carolina saying, this isn't your place. >> well, that's my decision. that's my decision to make. >>ity zach perlman, wonderful to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. befoburning, the pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusualhanges in mo or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. >> i'm chris hayes in new york this hour. angry bernie sanders delegates accused state party leaders of rigging the delegates for hillary clinton. earlier today, nevada democratic chair, roberta lang, was on with andrea mitchell reacting to threats she received on her voice mail after the convention. >> this is a citizen, not just an american. i want you to know that people
1:00 pm
like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption. >> what you heard is a few of the thousands of e-mails and texts and facebook messages and twitter messages that i've got, threats to my family, to my grandson, to my husband. they've attacked a place where i have a daytime job. this is my volunteer job. they're attacked my workplace and they've said very awful things. as a state party, it's my responsibility to let the dnc know what happened in nevada, to let them know that those threats have been threatened to carry into the dnc convention. >> dnc's debbie wasserman schultz put out a statement today. senate minority leader


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