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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome back to our rolling ext extra vaganza. the primary tonight, hillary clinton, she appears to have won. kentucky has been good to the clinton family over the years. bill clinton won kentucky twice in 1992 and 1996.
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although ever democrat lost the state by double digit. there were real worries in the clinton cam that she would lose the state tonight. it is a big one for her. also, making bernie sanders the past nomination less than an uphill climb and more like the scaling of a sheer vertical cliff at this point. the sanders campaign at this point is building with a lot more than just its results. my friend chris mathew is here. >> all that loss. >> did you gaet a snack? >> yeah, a pizza. >> what you said there was powerful. bill clinton carries this state, kentucky twice in the general election. how times have changed.
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what has changed is of the second amendment issue and rationing down of the coal issue. you can talk clean coal you want, the culture which are rationing up a bit. it is becoming one of those areas where democrats don't win anymore. it is like a shopping mall where people don't go anywhere if democrats don't win. in kentucky, they won't win again in west virginia. so this map is getting sharper and sharper edge and nastier and places you don't go anymore and places that you know you will win. the election is taking shape and i think trump is going to win kentucky. >> lawrence o' donnel when you look at the results tonight in kentucky, both of the general elections of what chris is talking about but with this not ending story of hillary clinton verses bernie sanders. >> well, it is as all of these
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results are, indication of the softness of the support for hillary clinton. you know at this stage at the presumptive nominee, she would be winning these things much mor mor mor mor easil easily, you know on the issues of bernie sanders, hillary clinton stayed in until june 8th, i believe 2008, after the california's primary. her campaign told me at the highest level and i reported it at around this time, eight years ago that she would drop out in that first week of june. even after i reported that without being able to publicly source who it was. people still vowed it and there
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were congressmen catmment ors o. >> let me read you a tweet tonight from sarah silver man. >> she has more twitter foll followers than donald trump. she's a bernie sanders' supporter and has been since last year and a california voter. she tweeted if people always give up when their chances got slim, we would not have heroes or progress or a four minute mile. silverman wants to get that chance to cast that vote for bernie sanders. she's also someone who'll vote democrat for hillary clinton if she's the nominee. >> no matter how loud the course of demands get in the media, that this candidate must drop
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out that this candidate is not going to drop out until all of his supporters get that chance to go to the polls and cast that vote >> thank you, my friend. to that point of what happens at the end of the the democratic race. bernie sanders bonded with his spo supporters and the the primary on the overall prospects of the democrats and beating donald trump in november. there are two other things we are watching tonight besides kentucky which we already got the results. one is oregon and polls closing in just under one hour from now. tl other one is not kentucky or oregon. it is the most contentious stories right now. it is this rolling fight of what happened in nevada. today the bernie sanders campaign is responding to accusations that some of his supporters disrupted the state democratic convention in in
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evidence of what they believe it was an unfair rigged process to the convention in philadelphia. the sanders campaign contends that those folks have the right to be mad but whether or not that anger was justified, it did result in nevada's state chairwoman, a woman named roberta lange got threats and phone calls and online posts. after bernie sanders' supporters publicized her information. >> what the hell are you doing? you are an awful person and you suck and [ bleep ] and i hope you suffer. >> hi, i was interested in your
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dictate sh dictatorship. >> you are a [ bleep ]. >> i want to let you know that people like you should be hung and public execution and we won't stand for this sort of corruption. today senator sanders released a statement in which she condemns of any threats or violent of this convention this weekend. that statement pushed back very hard of how his supporters felt they have been treated in vegas. the democratic leadership used their power to prevent a fair process taking place. that was not their allegations this weekend of the heat of the moment. that was today as the nevada
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democratic party continues to tear themselves up of what's happening now. what happens in nevada is between a big fight. a lot of people are getting involved here including harry reid and the dean of nevada. this maybe a general election for the democrats. nevada is one of the most swing states in the country right now. joining us now from las vegas is our friend, john rolston. from what you can see close up of what happened in this convention, the national press, do we have an accurate view of what went down and how big of a deal it was? >> beyond the allegations of people being cheated and chairs being thrown and violence and
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etc. they already sued the state party over some deadline changes that was quickly thrown out. harry reid talked to bernie sanders the night before and got sanders put out a unity statement but that was not going to do any good. they called the chairperson of convention of dictator because they don't get their way. their behavior, this is a small subsidize of the sanders' supporters was outrageous and even at any convention i have been. when barbara boxer announced she was there to speak for hillary clinton, all the sanders stood up and a lot of them started booing and started screaming obscenities at her and put their bernie sanders' signs up front so barbara would not be in the big screen and there were
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thousands o peopf people there. she cut her speech short. they were not cheated, rachel, they just did not do their jobs to get their delegate to that convention. i am sure it is frustrated for them. people forget that hillary clinton won nevada by more than five points and what has happened since then is sanders' people have tried to reverse it. they lost and they did not like losing rachel. >> john, we'll bring in the conversation in just a moment of bernie sanders' delegates. let me ask you one clarifying point of what you said about barbara boxer. the sanders' campaign is explicit about that. barbara boxer were asking for
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it. she should have respected that kind of response given the content of her speech. you are saying having been in the room, that was not your perception. >> not at all. they started the booing and everything else before barbara box started to speak. what barbara boxer first tried to do, listen, if you are booing bernie and me you are booing bernie, too. barbara boxer was not going after bernie sanders. she was there giving the hillary clinton's rara speech. now, you know barbara boxer as all of you know is a feisty personality. she was not going to sit there and take it. she did not in flame those people, they were already in flamed >> john rolston, thank you for being with us. i want to bring in angie.
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i appreciate you making time to be here tonight. i know this is a difficult subject and difficult times. >> thank you, i appreciate the fact that y'all reached out to the people who were on the other side of this unlike our influencer john rolston who's in the local and had contacted us and had the opportunity to get the fair side of the story. i appreciate the fact that you are doing this. >> are you beefing with john s rolston that you have not spoken with him until now >> i like him and he had the opportunity to know the exact people involved as to what happened on saturday, i sent him a press release of what we put out and he neglected to contact us to see what our side of the story was. i still welcome him to have a conversation with it and having this democratic party ending up being a party of unity and inclusion.
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until then, officeers are out there. >> i will offer to pay the beer bill for all of you. >> yeah. >> you heard there is been a lot of reactions nationwide to what happened over the weekend in nevada. sanders' supporters reaction to what happened there was inappropriate. the national committee put out a statement of concern based on what they heard. senator sanders put out multiple statements on this. do you think things got out of hand this weekend and that convention was inappropriate? >> i think that if we were to look at saturday, hillary clinton did not win. trump did. what happened was that -- this is what happened, we had 4,000 of the most passionate people in this valley who got in a room together and you put them in this confined space for 15 plus hours, and who had little access
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to food and have three bars outside the convention center that'll put there specifically for us. i don't know what other situation that would created high emotions. if you look at the videos, i have not seen any videos of anybody throwing a chair at one person. i have seen somebody on team bernie picked up the chair -- i think a lot of the rhetoric behind the violent, bernie sanders protesters in nevada is grossly over exaggerated. the only assault that i know is the assault that took place on hillary supporter shoving me or trying to deescalate her screaming at her volunteers for picking up ballots. >> in terms of what happened here, i want to raice to the en of the story and go to the last chapter and find out whether the democratic party is in worse
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shape come november in nevada. this is sort of essentially growing pains are the product of situational and you are all eventually polling in the same direction in the end. are these ties that are permanently broken now or do you think democrats are ending up stronger than this. >> i think having a conversation about whether this is being bernie sanders folks or hillary clinton folks verses each other is the wrong conversation. we are working and being proved that this is the people verses the establishment. after we got on stage, petitions that we have been spending great amount of collecting and done and according to the rules of the convention. we had many folks coming up top us and telling us what is in the convention. hillary clinton campaign told us not to sign in it.
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it had nothing to do with the actual results of what would have happen on saturday. it had everything to do with allowing people to have their voices heard on the floor on that convention on saturday. they were on board with that. there were multiple clinton people went up to the front of the stage. why were you not expecting these people petitions and they were not getting any answers. that's more of a concern. we went and talk to the vice chair. sir, could you explain to me what you found in this situation if you found your rights were being stolen, he looked at me and said this was not supposed to be a democratic process. there are parties here locally,
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i think that everything they did on saturday and proceeding that is the reason why we filed a lawsuit and the reason why we put out the original petition to include people in this political process. >> bernie sanders' delegate. i am glad we got your voice on tp broadcast tonight. a lot had been said of what happened there hearing it from you. i really appreciate you being here tonight. >> thank you. of course. >> john rolston, i want to thank you as well for sticking with us. if you and angie do in fact have a beer, i will pay for it. it is a really good tip. i appreciate that from both of you. we maybe hear frg ting from the of the democratic party as this nevada blow up has become an issue of national concern. we heard from bernie sanders'
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supporters of a much more constructive that was described by people. we have a lot more coming tonight and including we are looking at oregon's polls clo closing. we have an nbc projection in kentucky and projecting hillary clinton an apparent winner in kentucky and a squeaker of race. we'll be right back.
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bernie sanders in puerto rico today being asked about that state convention, being asked by nbc's danny freeman today. sanders did not want to talk about it at that point. they did put in a defiant statement saying their supporters were wrong and were not treated friendly. >> joining us now is the chair
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of the national democratic party, madame chair, thank you for your time tonight. >> my pleasure, it is great to be with you rachel >> you said today there is no excuse of what happened in nevada, what is there no excuse more and what is your reaction to that young sanders' supporter that we heard explaining on air that they want to be heard. they felt like they did not get their voices out there. >> first of all, let me reiterate again that the democratic national committee is neutral when it comes to the primary. with that being said, the reports i have heard from the nevada convention were seriously disturbing. i did listen to the young sanders' supporter now and the process she talked about is perfectly reasonable and understandable that it may resulted in some frustration, although the credential committee in the nevada process was evenly split between sanders' representatives and
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clinton's representatives. the proper response to frustration over process is never violence and intimidation. if they were frustrated over the way the process unfolded, there is an appropriate civil and orderly way to address that. throwing chairs and engage ing violence and threats and graffitiing the nevada state head quarters with threats as well is unacceptable and should be condemned by senator sanders direct directly. his supporters should make sure to take steps to not allow this to happen anywhere in the country and as his campaign staff >> congresswoman, what you said about harry reid today, he had three conversations including one today with sanders urging a calm and responsibility for his party. as rachel pointed out in a
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statement was not to say i am going to bring orders to my troops and taking responsibility but i will say it is defiant and we don't like the dnc operates. is sanders' responsible as a leader of his campaign to bring it to order? >> as democratic leader, we are all personally responsibility, absolutely. including senator sanders. the way it unfold and addressing that process in a civil and orderly way and ensuring that uco you condemn and prevent your supporters. that's each of our responsibilities. these are party activists and leaders. roberta lange had been helping to elect democrats for decades and neither she or other democratic officials from the volunteers to the most senior staffs on the campaign deserved
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to be threatened or feel like they cannot set foot out of her home. roberta lange has had people telling her they know where her child goes to school. this is unacceptable. the fact that the sanders came pain has issued a "but" in between the frustration of the process seems to excuse their supporters' actions which is unacceptable. >> chair of the national committee joining us live tonight. thanks for being here with us on this sticky story, i appreciate your time >> thank you. >> we are looking ahead when polls are closing in the state of oregon. there are unusual things about the way oregon votes. there is specific reasons why oregon is being seen as a wild card on the democratic side tonigh tonight. stay with us, much more.
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here is what's happening, the head of tsa is apologizing for extremely long lines here at chicago national airport. peter has rushed a team to chicago to investigate the problem. 47 years old eric sandy is the first openly gay military service, his nomination had long
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been stalled by senate pat roberts and a dispute with president obama's administration. the rule would double a threshold of overtime from $23,066. our special primary coverage continues in just a moment.
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we are expecting to hear live from bernie sanders at sometimes 11:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. it will be 8:00 p.m. local time. that'll also be when the polls close in oregon. we have heard a lot of sort of -- suppositions that the sanders campaign is expected to do very well until oregon.
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lets put in some meat on those though. should the sanders campaign expecting to win tonight. steve conacki. you think of the culture and obama winning this state big over hillary clinton eight years ago. you think absolutely, this should be a bernie sanders' win. we had one pole that's conducted in this oregon primary and this is what it found. hillary clinton is leading by 15 points points. obviously, one poll could be very wrong. why would clinton is ahead by 15 points a poll and everybody looks at it, it is sanders' state. oregon only allows registered democrats to vote in the primary. with the apparent win earlier tonight, hillary clinton is 11 for 11 in closed primary states.
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she has not lost one. bernie sanders has not won one. one thing that does have a close primary, it means it is an older electric. hillary does better with older voters than younger voters. there is been an influx in new registrations into the democratic party in the last few months and there is a possibility that young voters will be more present in this election. however, they also said this, they ran a different model of the same poll allowing much larger turn out for young voters and alolowing newly registered democrats, they had hillary clinton winning the state by seven points. it is only one poll. think of the connecticut primary. connecticut was the state that barack obama won the primary in
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2000 in 2016 hillary clinton turned it around by ten points and won it. if she does win oregon tonight there is a bit of a precedent maybe for it. >> fascinating. >> that means this next half an hour, steve is going to be important in politics. chris jansing told us tonight of the sanders campaign describing it narrow path. there is no way they cannot describe that path without winning oregon tonight. >> this next half an hour is going to be a hugely big deal in this year's presidential politics. we'll be right back.
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democratic races tonight in kentucky where hillary is the apparent winner and also in
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oregon. it is technically a republican race in oregon as well as the only republican left in the republican race, donald trump has the advantage of not having to bother with the primary anymore. but, that does not mean he has an easy time of it right now. over this past week, it has been a roulette wheel of donald trump's past. the washington post adding this flaming bag to the trump's doorsteps. it is a feature of his ties to a known mafia informant. this is what the media climate is like around him right now. one new scoop a day. people basically dragging stuff out of his business past. robert, i understand you got some new reporting on how the trump campaign is dealing this new climate they found themselves in. >> i spoke with trump himself, he said he's going to go out there and try to explain himself
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to defend himself personally and use the force of his personality to try to convince voters that he's not anti-women and he's not against minorities and he has some humanity. he thinks he recognized that he has a deficit in the polls. he's trying to fix it and the other big thing he's trying to do is raise money with the republican financial committee and having some fundraiser next week in the west coast >> over the past five days of his scandals. there is been a lot of them. his alleged sexes comments of women both in his business life and professional life and stories about his financial dealings and his business past and tax avoidance scheme in the
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past, is he planning to rebut every one of them? >> it won't be busy. he has this moment right now where the secretary is still fighting senator sanders. 60 to 90 days before the convention where it is an intense challenge for trump. can he redefine himself while the democrats is still emerged in their own battle. but, this is someone who never been in this situation before is coming out of the primary and is trying to introduce himself an electric that has a lot of sk skepticism. joining us now is our mike posey. thank you for joining us, mike. >> good to be here, rachel. >> as i understand it, you are not going to be a trump voter, that's never going to happen in your future. i cannot imagine you are going to be a hillary clinton voter. does that mean you are going to go on vacation without an
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absentee ballot filed in november? >> no, i will vote, i will write in somebody to reflect my principles. i just think trump fails every test that you want in a president and as much as don't look forward for the idea of hillary in the white house, i cannot vote for trump. >> in term of robert was explaining of his efforts to rebut all of this reporting of his past and finances and relationships with women and business dealings and associations and all these. as that is keep happening of the last five days is going to be the next five months, do you think him being at the top of the ticket becomes sort of after bomb for the republican party and all of its down ticket races? >> oh yes, we'll have to find our way through it in the lower
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part of the ticket. based on my friend's costa's story today, the trump campaign will try to rebrand him particularly at the convention. it is going to be difficult because rebranding requires some incredibility and some discipline. trump is the most undisciplined candidate everywhere. he does open mic night and response to clips he does not like. it will take a entirely different trump to go after these things. i am surprised but i doubt it. he's with so much baggage. he's gone from a world of 28 million republican primary voters to a general election of 120 million voters who are very different. >> unless he's dramatically changes of every way he operates, he is toast. >> it is nicole wallace.
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would you agree with paul ryan? >> oh yeah. >> how do you think, take us inside the mind of paul ryan's knowing of the mind of jeb bush is new free to say whatever he wants. what is paul ryan's state of mind right now after meeting with donald trump and getting all these pressure. i think 54% of donald trump is the leader of the republican party and paul ryan's number is in the low to mid-30s. where does paul ryan take this from today? >> well, i have not talked to him about it. he's in a tough position because he's a leader of what i call like jeb of the nine grievance republicans. he represents a caucus that's split. i would say probably publicly three quarters of the republican house caucuses for trump privately and maybe half. you know he has that position as a speaker where he has a
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institutional duty as a party. >> i think he's done an excellent job of showing his doubt of trump's message. he's in a tough place. >> did paul ryan endorse him? what does it say of all republicans who believe the principles of free trade. i mean what does paul ryan do next? does he endorse trump or do what you are doing and not vote? >> no, i am not voting for trump. >> that's the courage, i am looking for a candidate. back to your question, that's paul ryan to decide. her has send a clear signal. you don't have to be a rocket science to figure out his opinion of trump. he's the most reluctant of trump's advocate in the republican party and he's sending his signal while trying
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to be institutionally respectful. so a tough position to be in. >> mike, i understand why others are not backing trump and not even a show up. people are not going to show up in cleveland. you surprised me because you are a professional. i am wondering what was the thing about trump? what's the hardest of discovering about him, something that is so bad that you don't want him to win at all? >> well, i have never been a fan. >> what is the evil that you found, i think? >> he failed my commandeering chief test. the issues i care most about social security, one he said stupid reckless things after the other. he does not know about everything. what he said about korea, where he will go meet with north
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korean's dictator, which blows up our policies of how we treat dictators and pulling out of nato. i frankly think that the stakes as the presidential elections are much higher than political race that ought to be a principal's decision that i cannot support him >> the man is a chimp. >> there are chimps that are assembling a picket line right now. [ laughter ] >> everybody needs to grieve. >> do you think though the republican majority in the senate is endanger in the fall and do you think the majority of house is in danger. >> i don't think the majority of the house is in danger. i think it is going to be a big battle with the pre-trump to reign making it a lot worse in
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the senate. it is not hopeless but it is really trump. we are paying too much attention to trump. voters don't care about the washington state. when you are looking at trump, he's still running 20 points behind where republicans need to be. remember he won the nomination in less than half a vote in a crowded field. trump has a republican problem before you get to the minority problem and the minority problem. it is like he's built in the lab to lose and he's got a tremendous change things or he's toast, which is why i am taking bets. >> now, the lab assistance is picking up. >> well done, mike murphy, thank you very much. >> everybody is mad. >> oregon is about to vote. oregon votes by mail which is kind of a weird thing, we don't have any videos to show you. people in oregon polling places
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right now. people need to drop off their ballots dropped off by hands if they have not mail it in the next 14 minutes. those polls are closing just ahead, we'll be right back.
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one of the people we get to talk to for right now. our friend ben is here with us.
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thank you for being with us tonight. i want to talk about mike murphy of the question of normalization of donald trump since the primary fecheffectively ended i indiana. he scheduled his first fundraiser and given his ble blessing to a superpac and he hired a pollster. is this becoming a normal campaign? >> well, certainly there is a recognition that you got to do something different in a general election than you did in the primary. that the primary started off as five gay gouys in a private shad scaling up is a difficult and challenging thing to do and they are taking the step to do it. that's just smart. >> in term of the rnc and the republican party more broadly having some resistance to donald trump, we heard that from guys
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like mike murphy and other individual republicans talking about having a tough time with him, is there is real institutional resistance in terms of the party getting behind him? it does not feel like it >> it is interesting. it is assigned that the party apparatus is there. it is true as mike said there are some republicans who are not there. make no mistake of where you are hearing with paul ryan, it is very much about policy. paul ryan not being 100% endorsing trump is also a cig analog signal to some of the donors. paul ryan is the closest relationship today with the donor class, o f the major donor class in the republican party. his endorsement will come before the convention will be a big sty to ramp up the institutional fund raising and organization
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form. >> for all the anticipation for paul ryan not yet endorsing donald trump. >> i think paul ryan is seeing his mission is being sure that the republicans keeping their majority in the house. what he's successfully doing is providing some cover to his two dozen republicans who need the help the most in term of how to play the top of the ticket in their districts. >> our general counsel, good to have you here with us tonight. we'll take a quick break, this is our last break before we are going to get poll closings and the first character aiization o the race in oregon. stay with us.
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good evening from new york, technically good morning in the east coast, i am chris hayes tonight. in kentucky, nbc news projects hillary clinton is the winner in a margin. 46


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