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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> all right. i learned that she is the best. we love him but he hates us. steve kornacki. >> i will do the sweater thing again. >> this guy is a jerk. he picks up coverage right now. >> we start with steve kornacki right now! he is here. he is wearing a sweater. good morning. 174 days to go until election day. i'm steve kornacki here topping our agenda right now sanders defiant. the democratic nomination now all but out of reach for him. he doesn't sound like he is getting ready to unite. >> let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party.
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>> sanders splitting last night's -- if sanders believed the democratic race is rigged could donald trump swoop in and pick up supporters? trump seems to think so. we will talk to sanders campaign manager and to hillary clinton's top spokesman about that in just a minute, also about the fallout from that chaotic democratic convention in nevada, one that has some wondering if it is just a preview of what we see at the democrat's national convention this summer. an interview nine months in the making. >> would be amazed at the ones that don't -- >> it was a retweet. >> many times. >> who? >> excuse me.
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>> trump has his sit down interview with megyn kelly. we break down what happened. rounding out our agenda. >> you think you can do it? >> absolutely. >> you think you can do it right now? >> he is looking for college students supporting donald trump. he is going to show us what he found when he went on campus. all of that and much more still ahead. we start with the big news last night. hillary clinton pulling off an apparent victory in kentucky. bernie sanders with a win in oregon. let's head here to the board and show you exactly what happened. we start here on kentucky. it came all the way down right here to jefferson county, to louisville at the very end
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hillary clinton won the largest by a large margin trailing bernie sanders with almost all the vote counted. louisville came in. hillary clinton wins the state. psych logically it is a devastating blow. people looked at kentucky and said he won west virginia last week and won indiana. he certainly needed a big delegate haul out of here to catch hillary clinton. with this very narrow win hillary clinton gets a headline and from that delegate standpoint probably one more delegate out of the state than bernie sanders. bernie sanders is so far behind in the delegate count he needs to be getting big numbers out of these states. let's try to show you oregon here. there it is. here is oregon. here is the other one. bernie sanders does get the win here. there is rounding why that comes up to over 100%. basically about a ten-point win from bernie sanders in oregon.
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for sanders the significance of this, this is his first victory in a closed primary state. this is a state where only registered democrats could participate in the primary. hillary clinton won all 11 before oregon. sanders wins this one and oregon has very high turnout for a closed primary state. this is a mail in voting state. everybody gets a ballot. they can send it back if they want. bernie sanders wins oregon last night. from a delegate standpoint he didn't get a giant gain with this win last night. we will get into the numbers there on the race for the democratic nomination. they look bleak for bernie sanders even with that win in oregon and even if sanders can't win the nomination he is still a force hillary clinton has to worry about. this is especially true in light of the chaos that erupted at this past weekend's november state democratic convention. loud outbursts, sanders
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supporters lashing out at the democratic leadership convinced that the process is rigged against their candidate. party leaders for their part are pointing the finger at the sanders' campaign and at sanders himself. debbie wassermann schultz saying -- bernie sanders saying his campaign is nonviolent and then pointed his finger back at the democratic party's leadership. >> the democratic party is going to have to make a very, very profound and important decision. it can do the right thing and open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change.
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the other option for the democratic party which i see as a sad and tragic option is the truce to maintain status quo structure remain dependent on big money campaign contributions. and be a party with limited participation and limited energy. >> and now donald trump is trying to fan the flames. trump tweeting minutes ago bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the democrats. the system is rigged against him. many of his disenfranchised fans are for me. this has the potential to be much more than a nevada issue for democrats. could we see scenes like we saw in nevada where democrats hold national convention in philadelphia or can hillary clinton count on support of sanders backers?
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i want to bring in jeff weaver, campaign manager for the bernie sanders campaign. bernie sanders last night in that speech did say any personal threats he condemns them and says it is nonviolent and then pivoted and said democratic party leadership needs to understand the messages they are sending to bernie sanders supporters. that prompted this response from the chair woman of the democratic national committee. >> there is a way to deal with frustration over process, but the fact that the sanders campaign has issued a but in between con demnation of violence and frustration over the process seems to it excuse their supporters actions which is unacceptable. >> what is your response to that? >> it's ridiculous, frankly. bernie sanders made it clear before the convention that he wanted people to act civilly and after the convention that he condemned threats that went on.
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the chair woman of the democratic national committee, it is clear almost from the get go that she has been working against bernie sanders for personal reasons whether the debate schedule we had, the defined debate schedule that we had with debates scheduled on weekends when no one was watching, or joint fundraising agreement they have with the hillary clinton campaign which is taking money out of state parties or the standing committees where they have appointed really hostile hillary clinton partisans to head the committees at the convention. she has been the divider and not really provided leadership that the democratic party needs. >> for personal reasons, you say for personal reasons, what do you mean? >> i think if you talk to other high ranking democrats at the democratic national committee which i do with some frequency i say there is not uninimity in
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terms of her tactics. if you think back to the issue where they shut off senator sanders access to his data shortly before the iowa caucuses, that was a unilateral action taken on her part. tremendous pressure inside the party structure. >> you think she is greasing for hillary clinton? >> i don't know what her motivation is. clear there is a pattern of conduct from the beginning of this campaign that has been hostile to bernie sanders and his supporters and really she has become a divisive figure in the party. >> if the process has been unfair, if you have not gotten a fair shake in this process, can you if hillary clinton does win the nomination, can you unite behind her? somebody who won what you believe is a rigged process? >> let's not confuse what debbie wasserman schultz has done with broad base endorsement of the process.
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do i think the party will come together to defeat donald trump? 100%. donald trump would be a disaster for this country. you know the reasons why. his foreign policy views, economic views, his outrageous bigoted comments. >> i want to be clear because i think i'm getting two different messages from you. maybe this is something your supporters need clarity on because supporters in nevada are saying they think the process is rigged. it is not just personal dispute between debbie wasserman schultz. now you told me a second ago it sounds like bernie sanders did get -- did he or did he not get a fair shake? >> in nevada? >> in his campaign. >> we have competed in some 40 states. we have had very good relationship with state parties all across this country. the one case we funded the state party because it didn't have the resources to put on caucuses. hillary clinton refused to help them. we have had dispute with one
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state party at this level, nevada state party. nevada centric issue where the chair put in temporary rules that were designed to stifle debate. they were implemented over a negative voice vote from the floor and unappealable decision. let's not confuse what went on in nevada with a broader issue. we have had great relationship with state parties across the country skblmpt it if we get to the end of the process hillary clinton has the delegates to be the democratic nominee are you going to tell supporters we gave it our best. it was a fair process. she won, we lost. >> bernie sanders said he will support the nominee of the democratic party. he will work night and day to defeat donald trump. i think he could not have been clearer and continues to be clear. >> jeff weaver, sanders campaign manager. let's get the reaction from the clinton campaign.
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hillary clinton joins me. what do you think of what you just heard from jeff weaver, sanders campaign? >> i think you saw the sanders campaign condemn violence and threats of violence. we appreciated that. on the other hand in terms of what the nevada state party did, harry reid has been a strong leader for the party. in terms of the outcome of that convention that took place all it did was make sure delegate counts reflected what you saw in the caucus. i think we will want to take a step back and maintain proper perspective. there has been state party conventions going on. what we saw in terms of the scene in nevada was the exception and not the rule. >> what debbie wasserman schultz said, they condemned it and said but. she said that is not acceptable. >> i think you have senator sanders did the important thing to condemn the violence and suggest that his supporters need to not engage in anymore threats or hostile messages.
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it is troubling in terms of messages left for the state party chair and other scenes that played out over the weekend in nevada. i think you saw senator sanders condemn that. looking ahead i think there is no doubt you heard jeff say that he is going to work seven days a week to defeat donald trump in a general election. i think the stakes are too high on foreign policy alone. donald trump alienated our top ally. >> you hear from jeff weaver and look at the scene from nevada. bernie sanders supporters who feel like what we saw are not just limited to nevada. what are you going to do? they think this thing has been a stacked deck. >> i think you have to maintain proper perspective. if you look at 2008 there were exit polls where you had half of hillary clinton supporters saying there is no way to support barack obama. of course, the party united in the summer at the convention and we had a big win against john
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mccain and republicans in 2008. here i think the percentages in terms of democrats suggesting that they can support hillary clinton is far or less and i really strongly suggest that at the end oflt process both sides come together and work to defeat donald trump in a general election and lot of this will look like much ado about nothing. >> is there an olive branch in the form of platform or changes to rules. one thing bernie sanders talked about is he hates closed primaries and says democratic primaries should be open to independents. is that something you are willing to say we should change the rules going forward, no more closed primaries? >> i will not prejudge questions in terms of where we may end up. we will have a very open process with respect to the platform and considerations. this is an opportunity to bring
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the party together. i think the convention process, the planning process and the platform development process should all be conducted accordingly in order to give everybody a full hearing and make sure that the committee makeups that make determinations are representative so there is an open set of view points going in. >> thanks for the time. >> thanks very much. that's the word on the democratic race. coming up, trump going after bill clinton. is that fair? first the interview trump gets his sit down with megyn kelly. he was asked if there is anything he would do differently. >> when yo you look back on the past nine months from the first debate to now any regrets? >> absolutely i have regrets. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches
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the news last night was a split in the two democratic primaries. hillary clinton winning kentucky. bernie sanders taking oregon. the headline is all about bernie sanders defiant statement last night in the question of whether the democratic party will be able to unite for the general election. just moments ago on this show we heard from jeff weaver, the sanders campaign manager. he struck a more conciliatory tone stressing that the dispute between the democratic party and sanders campaign was more personal between democratic national chair debbie wasserman schultz and their campaign and state of nevada. and the sanders campaign stressing that bernie sanders would be behind hillary clinton and opposed to donald trump in the general election. donald trump this morning all over twitter trying to coax bernie sanders supporters to his
6:20 am
side saying the democratic process rigged against sanders saying sanders voters basically should give him a look. let's talk about what we heard from bernie sanders and what we heard from the two campaigns with our panel. we have with us jeff greenfield, contributor with politico. jeff, i want to start with you. you have seen fractuous democratic and republican primaries in the past. how would you rate what we are seeing on the democratic side and can donald trump peel off sanders supporters in the fall? >> it has gotten a little more contentious. at this point in the campaign the losing side we can never unite and almost always do. the interesting thing is another part of the year that nobody would have predicted we may wind up seeing a more contentious
6:21 am
democratic party convention than republican one. you have the irony where the only way the sanders people can win the nomination is by doing something that they abhor by getting superdelegates to say sanders is the stronger candidate and let's ignore what happened in the popular vote and pledge delegate. i think donald trump will be as effective at uniting democrats as hillary clinton seems to be at uniting republicans. i think there is a danger here and it will be a tricky path to make sure the normal contentiousness doesn't explode into something to rip the party apart in the fall. >> i was struck there talking to jeff weaver. he did seem to take a step back from rhetoric we have been hearing. i'm watching the scenes from nevada and wondering can that message to sanders supporters, we don't like what happened in nevada and how the dnc handled
6:22 am
this but we have to get behind hillary clinton. when i look at the scenes i'm seeing just outrage. >> it is an important question. we don't know the answer to that yet. there has been the friction with the dnc has been a critical part of the sanders campaign as a concrete example of how they are fighting back against the establishment. there should be no surprise that somebody who wasn't a part of the party would be fighting against it. if bernie sanders is building supporters up as he has the last couple of months and maybe in an unrealistic way. i know my twitter is probably exploding by saying that here. if that sort of gets them so excited that they can't come down from outrage it is an open question. you think they start dialing back expectations. >> we will head to the big board
6:23 am
and go through the most optim t optimistic scenario of bernie sanders and show you why that idea is pretty much out the window. we want to get the other big news. while primaries were playing out and while bernie sanders was giving the defiant speech there was the interview, much anticipated interview, donald trump, megyn kelly. the sit down with the fox news anchor after nine months of attacks from the presumptive republican nominee. >> when you and i were having our difficulty you probably had pretty nasty tweets your way. >> you retweet some of those. >> not the more nasty ones. you would be amazed at the ones i don't retweet. >> there was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> excuse me. >> over your life you have been called a lot worse. is that right? you have had a life that has not
6:24 am
been that easy. >> it's not about me. it's about messaging to young girls. >> it's a modern day form of fighting back. it really is. >> you going to stop that as president? >> i'm going to stop it about you now. i think i like our relationship right now. >> and when it was over last night donald trump tweeted this out, well, that is it. well done and they all lived happily ever after. a lot going on here. a lot of theories about what was going on here. this has been this donald trump megyn kelly dispute has been one thing the way he has been talking about her has contributed to the problem donald trump has with female voters. what did you think of how he handled the interview? >> he was clearly proud of that interview. he tweeted more than a dozen tweets making a big deal out of that interview.
6:25 am
he retweeted people saying how fantastic it was, how glad they were that they mended fences. it is almost like the therapist take might be he is having a problem moving forward, looking backwards. maybe he liked the primary and isn't ready to move on to the general election stage or perhaps that he really is looking towards mending those fences with women in the general election. he had said that thing about blood coming from her wherever referring to megyn kelly. he was maybe sending a message to women saying megyn kelly and i are at peace. maybe the rest of you can forgive me, as well splm. >> it struck me that it was a successful if you are donald trump's -- he doesn't have advisers because he talks to himself. if you are donald trump it was part of the process of saying i'm a less outrageous figure than you might think it is. it is a tough position in a way
6:26 am
for megyn kelly. you can treat it like cross examination where you get a courtroom confession out of donald trump. i do think that there should have been a part that went back to some of the more fundamental policy things where donald trump has been outrageous. i understand it is more like a barbara walters interview. the one question i would have loved to have heard, a lot of people think the way you always describe things is biggest and the best conceals massive insecurity. a question like that would have fit. i realize she was walking a very delegate tight rope between being too aggressive given what he said about her and being too complacent. i think she got through it as well as you might of expected. >> one more bit of news. it's now the season of general election battle ground polls. get ready for about 64,000 of these over the next few months.
6:27 am
this one from new hampshire did catch some people's eyes. the public radio station in boston poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by two points there. in 2012 barack obama carried this state by six points over mitt romney. so it is interesting a swing state, one trending blue, one that donald trump won big in the republican primary at least in this one poll showing a very competitive general election race. >> i think we are going to see this is going to be a tight race no matter what. this is going to swing back and forth. new hampshire has been a good state for hillary clinton in the past maybe not this year. we'll have to see. it is so early in a general election. it's hard to say that that can mean anything in a week or a month. >> hillary clinton lost this by 22 points. this could be one of those where the question of unity of sanders supporters rallying factors in.
6:28 am
thanks for the time. appreciate it. coming up, donald trump spending much of the last few weeks going after hillary clinton over bill clinton. >> she's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. bill clinton was the worst in history and i have to listen to her talking about him. i call her crooked hillary. she is crooked. she knows nothing about job creation. her husband signed nafta. her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done. >> this has become a big debate. clinton supporters say hillary is the one running. why is donald trump talking about bill? this week hillary has been talking about the very big role that bill clinton would play in her administration. what exactly is fair game when it comes to bill clinton in the 2016 campaign? we will debate that one. that's ahead.
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first ran for president bill clienten told voters they would be get going to for the price of one, him and his wife. she would be a partner in his administration back in 1992. now all these years later with hillary clinton this week making essentially the same argument laying out the role that she sees her husband playing if they get back to the white house. >> i have already told my husband that if i am so fortunate enough to be president and he will be the first gentleman i expect him to go to work. >> that was hillary clinton this week saying that bill clinton would be playing a major role in
6:33 am
handling the economy if she becomes president. as we know along with bill clinton's vast political experience and skill, there comes a lot of baggage. it's enough to keep donald trump's team busy all the way through november. that is something trump is threatening to do. trump tweeting out crooked hillary said her husband will be in charge of the economy. if so he should run and not her. will he bring the energizer to d.c. that is a reference to bring a woman to the press more specifically to the former president. bill clinton saying he shouldn't be relevant to his wife's campaign. if hillary clinton is pitching her campaign as another two for one deal is the former president fair game? so far clinton keeping his distance trying not to engage. >> mr. president, do you have response to donald trump calling you one of the worst political abusers in u.s. history?
6:34 am
>> i want to bring in msnbc contributor and washington post opinion writer jonathan capeheart. donald trump says he wants to make this an issue. is hillary clinton giving him an opening? >> bill clinton is absolutely fair game. not only is he her top surrogate but put in charge of the economy apparently. that being said it will be the public that decides. it will be the voters that decide if trump's tactics go too far in attacking president clinton's relationships that he had while in the white house. >> what do you think? >> absolutely president clinton is fair game. he is a former president of the united states. it makes sense that hillary clinton would mention that she would go to him to talk about the economy. let's not forget when he left the white house after eight years we had the lowest unemployment, particularly
6:35 am
lowest african-american unemployment in the nation for the first time ever had a surplus. if that is the economy that hillary clinton is promising on the campaign trail that she can bring in if she were elected president then she should turn to the former president and he is fair game for better or for worse. >> that becomes the question because so much attention is being played to donald trump. there was a big "new york times" article about his behavior towards treatment of women. if that becomes an issue that he wants to return fire to the clinton campaign bill clinton is a juicy target. >> we know all there is to know about bill clinton and his infidelities. to a certain extent donald trump is an enigma to generally election public. one thing that story makes a point of saying is this story of donald trump and his relationship with women is a complex one. it is not as cookie cutter, not as black and white.
6:36 am
we are going to see more stories like that from the times and washington post reporting out an e-book on donald trump and so all these stories from all these news outlets will start filling in some of the pieces of the donald trump story that we don't get to see because he spends a lot of his time attacking opponents, attacking so-called enemies rather than putting some policy meat on those bones that he has been putting out since last year. >> jonathan is right. a lot of bill clinton's behavior is well documented certainly was a big part of the 1990s. at the same time i wonder if now a generation later new people who weren't exposed to it the way a lot of us were if they look at it the way society and culture has changed if maybe his actions, some allegations at least would be viewed differently. some of these were not just
6:37 am
consenting extramarital affairs. >> and all she brings up is this is a different generation putting a lot of support behind senator bernie sanders. this is all new for a great deal of his supporters, as well. it definitely does raise questions as far as is it something that donald trump wants to use he probably does. it is also a tool for him. when we hear the talk about unifying the republican party probably the one thing that unifies the republican party the most is going after bill and hillary clinton. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. coming up, the road separating clinton and sanders. does bernie sanders still have any chance? we will give you the exact numbers on that question. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind.
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if we can win big in new jersey, new mexico, north and south dakota, montana, california it will be a steep climb i recognize that, but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority of the pledge delegates. >> as bernie sanders last night saying there is still a chance telling supporters don't give up. we can still win this democratic race in the primaries. can he do it? is there a chance? it takes us to our most important number of the day, 274. you heard him say it right there. we have a chance to get a majority of the pledge delegates. 274 is the gap he faces against hillary clinton when it comes to pledge delegates. they call them allocated. these are the delegates you get in primaries and caucuses. democratic side has the
6:42 am
superdelegates, as well. elected officials, party leaders. the difference here is these are binding. if you win these in the primary they are yours. superdelegates can always change their minds. what the sanders campaign is saying is we can catch her here and beat her with the pledge delegates by winning votes in primaries and they will force superdelegates who are mostly for hillary clinton will force them to change their minds and back off her and come to us. that is the question, can he catch her in this column? the gap right now after last night after sanders wins in oregon and loses in kentucky he is down 274. so this is what he has left if he is going to make up 274 the rest of the way. you take away the map. let's be generous to sanders. south dakota, montana, new mexico. let's say he wins these states
6:43 am
in absolute crushing landslide, 75%, 80% of the vote. there aren't many delegates in the states. hillary clinton would still be getting delegates. he probably would net about 45 delegates from these four states, win about 45 more out of these states than her. if you take 45 off that number where does that put you down to? 229. he would still need to make up 229. what else is left? you have have virgin islands, puerto rico, district of columbia. these are places where he is a big under dog right now. if you say bernie sanders does well here you are saying bernie sanders somehow breaks even. let's say he breaks even in these places. where does that bring me to? new jersey. he has to make up ground. bad news for bernie sanders in new jersey. the latest poll has him trailing hillary clinton by 28 points. if the result of this primary is
6:44 am
anything like that then all those gains from those states are wiped out right away by new jersey. let's say miracle of all miracles bernie sanders makes up a 28 point gap in new jersey and breaks even that would be a huge upset at this point. he would still be down 229 pledge delegates with one state left, california. it's a big one. 475 delegates. if you want to make up 229 delegates, that kind of gap in the state of california what do you have to do? you basically have to get 75% of the vote. bernie sanders would have to go into the large very diverse state of california and beat hillary clinton by 50 points. put this in perspective. he won oregon last night by about eight points. he had a big win in michigan earlier this year won by one point. california, a primary state, could bernie sanders win that by 50 points?
6:45 am
that's what he would have to do to have a chance of erasing that pledge delegate gap and going on to the convention with a majority of pledge delegates. he says he has a steep hill to climb. this is what a steep hill looks like. to make up 274 at this point he has to climb something that looks more like that. that is bernie sanders challenge right now. that's our most important number of the day. moving on one of the cougars, the red hawks and the cruseders have in common? has something to do with the state of ohio. we'll explain it all next.
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plus depreciation. sometimes we think of colleges as places of liberal activism. how about students for trump? they are making their pitch, too. >> i think a lot of bernie people do not feel good about hillary clinton and will switch over to trump. >> why do people think that way?
6:49 am
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well, when it comes to college-age voters, a recent poll shows donald trump may have his work cut out for him. a harvard poll shows that 61% of voters under 30 say they want a democrat in the white house. only 33% say they want a republican. there's a big gap there. msnbc's jacob soboroff is live on campus at the ohio state university on what looks like a beautiful spring day in columbus. jacob, you've been talking to college students there, but specifically you've been looking for college students for donald trump. what are you finding? >> reporter: i'm actually finding them, steve. welcome to the oval. what a beautiful place. i know that school is out, we're in summer session right now, about to get into it. it doesn't look like there are a lot of people around, but folks here at the campus of the ohio state university were keenly interested in talking politics
6:53 am
with me yesterday and that is because young people make up the largest potential voting block in the country. about 80 million millennials as they call them can go to the polls this november. and if they, we, i guess i'm in that category, voted altogether, we could decide the election. but the truth is, obviously, they're not going to do that. there is a group called students for trump not affiliated with the campaign but fighting hard for him nonetheless that is here and across the country. i spoke to some of those folks yesterday. take a look. if you look at the numbers young people across the country are identifying with democrats more than republicans, something that's probably troubling for the gop, but don't believe the numbers if you listen to students for trump. >> obviously when you think of college right now in terms of the election you think of bernie sanders. a lot of people are starting to realize that those two campaigns run fairly parallel in terms of what they want to do. >> a lot of the bernie people do not feel good about hillary clinton and will switch over to trump come the general election. >> why do people think that way? >> people don't trust the
6:54 am
establishment. they see the big money and big banks funding and supporting these candidates. >> he speaks to everyone, not just republicans and not just democrats and he appeals to a wide base of people, which i think will help him in a general election matchup. >> what's it going to feel like to punch the ballot for donald trump? >> i think it will feel great because i think our votes will go towards him winning in ohio and if he gets ohio, he'll be in the white house in january. >> if you guys can convince enough young people to go for donald trump in this state, it could go a long way towards winning this swing state. do you think you can do it? >> absolutely. >> do you think you can do it right now? let me put you to the test. >> any interest in donald trump? >> no. >> no? >> no interest. >> let these guys make you a pitch. >> any policies you care about, anything important to you? >> yeah. i'm in catholics in pro-life. i don't get that vibe from trump. >> did you vote in the primary? >> i did. i was in support of john kasich. >> i'm jacob. >> i'm nyla.
6:55 am
>> i'm jacob, nice to meet you. do you want to give a pitch? >> i do like the key bird, first off. >> keyboard. >> amazing. >> there's a lot of things that he says that i don't agree with. >> policywise or personalitywise. >> all of the above. >> all of the above? >> all of the above. >> do you see yourself as possibly one day supporting donald trump or no? >> probably not. >> probably not. and here's a never trump. have you picked who you're going to go for yet? >> yes. >> who are you going to go for? >> trump. >> no convincing necessary. any issues that you're voting for him on? >> i definitely don't want hillary clinton in the presidency so definitely him. >> you're a #neverclinton. >> definitely. >> you guys, that was easy. you didn't have to do any work. >> reporter: steve, these students for trump are passionate, but obviously they have their work cut out for them. the democrats are excited about the move of all these young people, particularly because of bernie sanders, over to their
6:56 am
side and republicans, some of them are worried that donald trump may hurt the future of the party. i think that's why donald trump last night was tweeting in support of bernie sanders. he wants to bring those voters who are anti-establishment over to his side but, again, it's going to be a long road and a heavy haul. >> all right, jacob. i've got to tell you, i saw you there in the video with brutus buckeye, the mascot. i can match that and do you one better. i said hello to my friend woody hayes. why don't you go say to him while you're out there. >> oh, man, steve, i was not invited to the arena here, so you got that opportunity. one thing i have no idea about with brutus, why does he have his finger up like that? >> number one. jacob soboroff, thanks for that. coming up, much more on last night's results. sean duffy talks debt and the zika virus after his visit to puerto rico. plus we talk about the north carolina bathroom law with the parent of a transgender girl.
6:57 am
i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. bernie sanders campaign manager lashing out at the head of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz, accusing her of trying to pave the way for a clinton nomination. here's what he told steve kornacki less than an hour ago. >> the chairwoman of the democratic national committee, it's been pretty clear, steve, almost from the get-go that she has been working against bernie sanders. there's no doubt about it. >> it comes just hours after nbc declared clinton the apparent winner of the kentucky primary, denying sanders a sweep. that's despite her leading pie less than 2,000 votes. 2,000 out of 400,000 cast. sanders is showing no signs of getting out any time. he won oregon by a big margin and told a crowd of supporters that he's on track to win more states june 7th, including the


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