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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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considered either a hero or veil lan for his foreign policy decision for asia in the 1970s. coming kday after trump was quotesed saying he would have no problem talking with north korean dictator kim jun ul about the nuclear program. there really is a civil war brewing on the democratic side. split wins. bernie sanders winning oregon, losing kentucky to secretary hillary clinton. at this minute, though, needs just 85 more delegates to clench the nomination. as bernie sanders goes after the democratic part. i. >> let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party. >> boo! >> open the doors, let the people in! [ applause ]
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>> the other option for the democratic party, which i see as a very sad and tragic option is to choose to maintain its status quo structure. >> so let's talk more about the breaking news just over the last 20 minutes or so, the list of -- excuse me, list of supreme court nominees from presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. i want to bring in ari melber. what is the big standout to you? these are names to folks pretty regularly circled in conservative rounds? >> exactly. the standout as i put it when we just got the news last hour as breaking news, unconventional candidate with a fairly connecti conventional list. these 11 names are many legal conservatives have hailed. looking at six federal appeals court judges been through senate confirmation and five state
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judges, state supreme courts and people he has mentioned before, two of them. william pryor and diane sykes you see on the other side of the screen. the rest are new and gives everyone interested in this a lot of information. most people have records. we are seeing several women on the list, a list of all white people but the gender diversity is striking because the last presidents have sought to add women to the court and donald trump wants to show he is looking at credentialed judges many hailed by conservatives. i think this is a message this hour from donald trump to conservatives saying i'm not going out of the box in this part of my potential presidency. >> when it comes to where this stands, there is merrick garland considered by president obama in meetings taking place on capitol hill, meeting with republican opposition, this list from donald trump is the cart before the horse. he's got to not only become the
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official nominee but then win the white house. >> it is a cart before the horse. a lot of people had fun at ted cruz's expense when he named a running mate at what was losing the nomination. this is certainly the nominee's talk about the type of person they like or mention specific names. president bush, when he was running as a candidate in 2000 did it by referencing current members of the court, wanted someone in the mold of scalia or thomas, considered conservative justices and we're talking about scalia's replacement after his passing and the cart before the horse to show what he's looking at. i want to say this fairly a manner of reporting not judgment. it reflects the fact that conservatives view this as a weakness of donald trump, they don't know exactly what he would do and these are lifetime appointments very important. consider the fact we have a big war with isis donald trump talks about and economic challenges,
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we're not hearing about lists of pentagon chiefs or treasury secreta secretaries, we are hearing first about this as he shifts into general election mode, this is something he had to shore up from the primaries. the list on your screen are not household names but lists of people saying to conservatives, i heard you, i'm looking at judges and not going out of the box and looking at people pro-life and pro business. >> i want to bring in cal perry now, in charge of digital network. and people have tweeted about this before. >> people will start rifling through this online material and see what they have been aing about donald trump. don willett is very funny online, a big fan of gifts. he writes a high coup about
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donald trump and can't finish and starts weeping and the day donald trump tried to give kanye my cell number. playing popular things and makes a joke about ruth gader ginsburg and donald trump and go to dez 2015. imagine if donald trump was an editorial cartoonist, excuse me. to january, 2016, challenging judge judy to a one-on-one debate to take place immediately before a huge cruz-trump debate. april 7th, he said, we'll rebuild the death star and it will be amazing and voters will pay for it including d.a.r.t. trud.a.r.t. -- darth trump. will it cause a controversy? certainly justice willett not afraid to air his personal views on donald trump. >> just to point out, as we're talking about this potential list of 11 nominees from donald
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tru trump, our tally for judge merrick garland meetings on capitol hill, 16 republican senators are open to meeting with garland. 15 have met with him already. two republican senators support having hearings for him. kirk and collins and democratic senators have had their meetings with garland. and the other story is he will be meeting with henry kissinger. jacob rascon is out side henry kissinger's office. i think the motorcade just pulled up, correct? >> reporter: thomas we just learned in fact the motorcade left trump tower and instead of coming to his offices, went over to kissinger's house a five minute drive away on the upper eastside of manhattan. they already arrived and our cameras have seen trump go into the home. it appears the meeting instead will take place there. we know kissinger and trump have spoken on the phone many times in the past several weeks and
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now they're meeting face to face. they have a lot to talk about. it's almost become a rite of passage to meet with the former secretary of state. the 92-year-old former diplomat. now, they have to talk about controversial statements, proposals on foreign policy or suggestions as donald trump now calls them on building the wall, the muslim ban and even yesterday in an interview with reuters, talking about his willingness to meet with kim jong un. it appears that meeting is under way. >> the meeting taking place at kissinger's home opposed to the office and comes along the parallel conversation we're having about the list of supreme court nominees from donald trump. >> and there are those that will talk about these nominees and emboldened by this move of him going to see henry kissinger.
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have some said that is a double-edged sword of the view, kind of visceral view people have to secretary kissinger? >> reporter: thomas, are you asking if it's a double-edged sword on the supreme court list he put out? difficult to hear the question. >> a double-edged sword for the meeting with henry kissinger and type of response for reaction that people could take from the perception of this meet, of these two minds coming together, especially after you made that mention of kim jong-un conversation and potentially being willing to unfreeze any type of diplomatic talk with north korea? >> reporter: right, in this past many years ago, henry kissinger is known for the controversial meeting to the leader going to china for the first time, many many years ago. he's not without his own controversy, a nobel peace prize leader and after that a couple people on the committee re-signed. it isn't without controversy, almost nothing is, it seems with
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trump. notice in the past week and half or so, trump has made a big effort after stopping his regular schedule of rallies to meet with big establish figures. with speaker paul ryan last week and former secretary of state jim bakker. always a double-edged sword. it seems he is trying to make nice with the establish he spent 9 to 10 months railing on the trail. >> we expected that pivot to come. jacob outside henry kissinger's office and pointing out trump went over to kissinger's home on the upper eastside. >> thanks so much. we're also pointing out details in trump fashion, i filed my pfd, i'm proud to says the largest in the history of the fec. despite the fact i'm aloud extensi extensions, i have filed my report, 104 pages on time. bernie sanders on the other hand has requested an extension for
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his small report, the difference between a businessman and all talk no action politicians that have failed the american people far too long. what we've learned from trump's financial disclosure. besides the swipe at sanders pretty obvious, the numbers for donald trump, what are the takeaways? >> this is a document required for all presidential candidates to submit to the federal election commission, not the tax return that donald trump has resisted releasing those tax returns. this form he filed on time, 104 pages long and he claims in it an income last year of 5$557 million and claims a net worth as in the past of over $10 billion. this document doesn't lay out every single dollar for dollar value asset and income but gives us a sense of what kind of real estate and property empire donald trump has tried to put
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together. it shows his assets are largely made up of those golf resort properties and licensing fees on his name and we learneded some of his golf course, like turn bury golf he claims $18 million in income. trump avenue condo sales, $44 million. he claims $50 million from the sale of the miss universe franchise, dollar for dollar and the ice rink he owns in central park, what he earned. he earned 50,0$50,000 or more f royalties on his book "the art of the deal" and more than $1 million for his book "crippled america," his most recent book. it is worth noting this is a document required all candidates must submit. you can't learn that much about a candidates' net worth from this but get a sense what he y says his assets are. >> thanks so much.
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meanwhile we have the dnc chair woman debbie swuwasserman-schul slamming bernie sanders. he was clearly condemning the threats and violence but the chairman said it's not good enough. >> there is a way to deal with frustration over process. the fact that the sanders campaign has issued a but in between condemnation of violence and frustration over the process seems to excuse their supporters' actions unacceptable. >> for more, let's turn to kasie hunt in brooklyn for us today covering the sanders campaign. what are we hearing from the sanders campaign. we know bernie sanders put out that statement, jef weaver out there saying bernie sanders categorically condemns any threats going on. why isn't this resonating with the dnc chair? >> reporter: thomas, this
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frustration with the democratic system and how it's set up has permeated the bernie sanders campaign from essentially the beginning. there has always been mistrust between the sanders campaign and dnc that stems in many ways from sanders not being a long-time member of the democratic party. this statement and talking by debbie wasserman-schultz over the last few hours seems to have angered the sanders campaign. take a listen to what jef weaver had to say. >> the chair woman of the democratic national committee, it's been pretty clear almost from the get-go she has been working against bernie sanders, no doubt about it. >> you think she's greasing the skids for hillary clinton? >> i don't really know what her motivation is, it's clear there's pattern of conduct from the beginning of this campaign that has been hostile to bernie sanders and his supporters and really, you know, she's become a divisive figure in the party.
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>> reporter: so there's a reason why the clinton campaign has been very careful about talking in this case about the nevada convention and what happened there. they've been frankly staying away from it largely in public because they know of course that it tends to be if you come out and make a statement, suggesting something along the lines what debbie wasserman-schultz did, it can frankly anger the sanders campaign. they need to figure out ways to bring sanders supporters into the fold at this point and not pushing the candidate farther away and risking more of a floor fight at the philadelphia national convention. >> reporting in brooklyn for us, casey, thanks so much. now to the other side of the race on the democratic side, kristen welker is following the clinton campaign. one of the bigger headlines is clinton is now 85 delegates shy of the 2,083 delegates needed to seal the nomination in philadelphia this summer. there is still this reaction
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from the chaos witnessed in las vegas at the nevada convention over the weekend. what's the response been from the clinton campaign what has been witnessed there and split and rift that seems to be going on between the democratic party and sanders and the dn yrc? >> reporter: some are concerned and think it is up to senator sand others to take the first step toward unifying the party ultima ultimately. i just got off the phone with one top official here. they see this as an aberration, don't think it's reflective what we will see once all the votes have been cast and you hear a lot of folks point to is 2008, when then senator clinton helped senator obama to unify the party and pointing that to the example they'd like to see happen in this instance, listen to what brian fallon had to say earlier today. >> here, i think the percentages in terms of democrats suggesting
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in these states that they can't support hillary clinton is far less and even among those people i strongly suspect at the end of this process after the d.c. primary both sides will come together, senator sanders will keep to his word and work like heck to defeat donald trump in the general election and a lot of retrospect will look like it was much ado about nothing. >> reporter: i just got off of the phone with one official here and said it will be important for her to win states like new jersey and california so she officially clenches the nomination so there's no doubt about the math ultimately. they will be very focused on those two states. you can expect to see a whole lot of her in those two states. ultima ultimately, they believe once these two candidates go to the convention, there will be an effort to unify the democratic party. senator sanders will be see to that and they say they will make sure they make him a part of the process of determining what the party platform looks like. >> a little over two months to
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go, we will see how the divide starts to heal. kristen welker reporting for us in brooklyn. donald trump cleared a group of 17 contenders out of the way. democrats, as we are learning, they are still struggling all the way to philadelphia with bernie sanders promising to stay in the race until the last ballot cast. you
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>> senator cory booker concerned about the growing division in the democratic ranks most seen saturday when bernie sanders supporters revolted issuing death threats to the chair woman and throwing chairs on the democratic floor. while bernie sanders is making stri strides, donald trump is feeling so bold to release a potential list of nominees within the last hour, the democrats have seemingly gone in the opposite direction. joining me is virginia, an organizer on the floor at saturday's convention. i know you said you think the behavior of the supporters at the state convention has been overexaggerated however we have debbie wasserman-schultz saying the senator's response was anything but acceptable and a added more fuel to the fire. in his statement he says he doesn't condone the violence or any form of it.
12:22 pm
do you condone what happened there in terms of the democratic process and what do sanders supporters want to unify this party? >> first and foremost i have to point out i'm not here as a representative for bernie sanders, representative of my neighbors in las vegas that felt completely dis enfranchised on snumpt what happened with roberta was unfortunate, there's no space in the political evolution for death threats. i hope the people that per petated those things see what a distraction this has come to what happened on saturday. i keep hearing this story about these chairs that were thrown but, you know, and it's mostly being per petated by people not actually there for the majority that day at all, for instance, senator harry reid, we were very disappointed he did not show up that day or debbie wasserman-schultz also claimed about the chairs being thrown.
12:23 pm
we're looking for that video because the only video we have is a video of somebody picking up a chair or one of our bernie sanders people going over there and asking them politely to put it down and then they hug it out afterwards. i think if we were to actually have a conversation saturday what the bernie sanders people want, i think that that would be more in line wie want to have a more transparent democracy and place where our voices are heard and that didn't happen saturday. >> if anybody has that video, we'd love to see it, too. >> i offered to it your produ r producers. >> the issue of the chair or any type of violence that happened there to be able to tell the story completely and accurately. obviously senator sanders has command of the political file within the democratic party and supporters like you that want to see him go all the way to the convention. does senator sanders risk a chance of losing influence with the hope of contested convention
12:24 pm
in philadelphia? >> the real question, is this really a conversation about senator sanders versus secretary clinton? more of a conversation about how we see regular everyday people feeling disenfranchised by this system. i don't think it's an issue of being sanders supporters. there was plenty of hillary supporters also very upset when they saw us go to the stage and try and put in these petitions collected legally and we have the requisite amount of signature s to have them heard n the floor and i think everyone was very frustrated what happened on saturday. >> the democratic party lodged a complaint to the co-chairman of the rules and bylaws committee over the conduct of senators people and said it is indicative of what could happen in philadelphia in july. as a sanders delegate are you hoping for a contested convention in philadelphia?
12:25 pm
>> i'm hoping in some time the local party and national party will start acting in a way that will unite and unify, will unite and include everyone into this democratic party. at this point we continue to see things such as what happened on saturday, they're going in the wrong direction. they need to seriously be thi thinking about the way they've been conducting themselves and the behaviors. >> on the state level for the neck cycle the dnc says this is the same rules president obama competed under prior, but when it comes to the convention, do you want to see a contested convention? >> i think we're already going into a contested convention. the point we keep going off of these are the same rules we were working under eight years ago, i ask you, at what point in time does the democratic party decide they were not the party for progressive change? i thought that was the whole point of having this political revolution? i thought that was the whole
12:26 pm
point of having a democratic party, to make it so we make it more attractive for people to participate in this democratic process. i think if we keep going back to this is how the rules have always been, in what situation has that worked out for democrats in the past? is that something we would have told to a lot of the other people arguing for their voices to be heard back during suffr e suffrages? the suffrage area, in the civil rights area? i think we're looking at a different conversation than what's being perpetuated here. >> these are the rules senator sanders understood going into this to work-around, the parameters what it means to try to become the democratic nominee, so for you, moving forward and being fully involved, what do you want to change in the next four years? >> i would like to make it to where my neighbors do not feel like they have to waste 16 hours of their day to go to a convention and not have their
12:27 pm
voices heard. i want to make it an easier process for people to get involved and i want to make it a situation to where we actually have good candidates we can vote for and i think that we need to all get together and have very real conversations about how we have such a minority as people who actually get involved in the political process and why that is. i don't think it's because of the reasons being talked about in mainstream media, the reasons we were talking about on saturday. i think the rules -- put people under -- when you have to read 200 pages of rules for you to vote in a convention, that's not very democratic. when you have to jump through multiple hoops and stay in room for 16 hours that's not very democratic. most people cannot do those things. we need to start looking at those issues opposed to looking after things such as the death threats are super unfortunate, i completely agree not something that should happen but that's a
12:28 pm
different conversation where we should be talking about mental health issues and perhaps getting single payer healthcare to help those people out. >> angela, bernie sanders delegate, thank you for taking time out, i appreciate it. >> thank you. i will show you this video of donald trump and his motorcade arriving at henry kissinger's home moments ago. up next, those closest to him, his wife and daughter, they say trump is nothing yet respectful towards women yet his favorable unfavorable ratings towards females are remarkably low. coming back i will talk to a woman who worked for the real estate mogul and what she has to say about trump at the real estate organization. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true.
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12:32 pm
that alleged a pattern of inappropriate comment throughout his past. here is what ivanka said about the story and how it characterized her dad. >> i do want to read you from part of the article. it says, many of the women interviewed quote revealed unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form and shrewd reliance on ambitious women and uns unsettling workplace comment? is there unending comment on the female form? >> no. no. this is an article widely discredited. the lead person discredited for the story said all over the news yesterday they manipulated what she was saying and i don't find it that meaningful to comment on this particular story because i think the facts are starting to speak for themselves. >> let's hear a second opinion. joining us, someone who worked for trump international for four years eventually becoming a vice
12:33 pm
president for trump international. you read the "times" piece. did it demonstrate from your experience how the culture was working for donald trump? >> what the "times" piece demonstrated is that mr. trump is very empowering to women in the executive and business arena. when i was there in 2003, i can tell you there were very many high profile female executives who had the power to hire other women. >> were you approached by the "new york times" for this story? >> no. >> did mr. trump ever make a comment about your personal appearance at work? >> no. the common knowledge within the office was that mr. trump expected everyone to look very presentable, so we knew that we had to have great suits on, to always be at our best because that was the expectation. it wasn't even verbalized. >> was that interpreted by anybody from your experiences as any type of sexist behavior or
12:34 pm
pressure that was distributed to women more than say male counterparts? >> absolutely not. in the real estate development world, particularly new york, which is a male dominated world, you have to look your best and be presentable. it was a part of society and greater context. >> barbara, you did not work with at the same time intervi interviewed in this piece recall mr. trump saying while men tend to be better than women, a good woman is better than 10 men. is there that unspokable pressure for women in that industry to be in a world that is mainly dominated by men to have to work twice as hard just to do as as well or be thought of just as good as a male? >> generally speaking, i think that is the case. for instance, i came from ser craig go bosnia where i lived through the war and so my
12:35 pm
paradigm was very different in that i'm very grateful for everything so the opportunity to work in new york in such a tough industry that's not very good to women in general, i appreciate it and saw it as an opportunity. >> do you think women in general that worked for the trump organization have found behavior they're willing to overlook because of the fact they could potentially have greater career success at the organization where women have had successful care careers? sometimes they could ctolerate something that maybe they wouldn't in another position? >> personally, i haven't seen any behavior by mr. trump that objectified women at the company. in fact, i saw he empowered a lot of female executives. so i was a little bit surprised to see the article in terms of a greater context, but i did agree with the fact that there were
12:36 pm
many key women in key roles at the organization. i'm referring to a context within real estate development and society in general where women do have to work harder and women have to be very presentable, there's just an expectation. >> coming to america to live your american dream finding it through working for trump international, what do you make of donald trump's stance on immigration? is that personally at odds with you and your own rise to happiness and health here in america? >> listen, i came here after the war ended, in 1996, and it was a really rough road for me because i was by myself. i had lost my father during the war and i worked really hard. there was no safety net for me, i had to work extra hard to get to where i am today. in fact, a lot of the lessons i had learned in real estate, i'm now in florida, i've learned from mr. trump, he really is a
12:37 pm
great marketer, a great real estate developer. i learned a lot of those less lessons. when it comes to immigration,i did everything the right way, i worked hard, filed all the proper procedures, while i won't discuss my political views and stances on immigration, i will say it was not easy for me. >> have you been in touch with the trump campaign or mr. trump rece recently? >> i have not. i used to be in the parse with ivanka and donald, jr. and we're now in our respective fields. >> as mr. trump is the presumptive gop nominee, does he have your vote? >> i won't discuss that either because i have very high net worth clients on both sides of the political spectrum and in their business dealings as a trusted advisor. >> you're quite the diplomat. when it comes to the trump campaign style, any surprises to you? or is this typically the person
12:38 pm
you knew through the experiences of trump international? >> that's a really great question. that's what most people don't get. mr. trump is not politically correct, in fact, i think political correctness offends him. what we've seen so far is that he's very aggressive, he's a businessman, and that he sees a rival, regardless who that is, man or woman, rival and goes for what he wants. he's in it to win it. i do believe when he sets his mind to something he surprises a lot of people. >> thank you so much. former trump international employee and great to have you here and thank you for your insights. >> thanks, thomas. >> donald trump's foreign policy once again ruffling feathers in washington after he toldroid -- reuters he would have no trouble meeting kim jong-un and a representative down playing
12:39 pm
that saying he is exploring options. governor, good to have you with us and saying donald trump's comments are problematic, why would it be problematic or the spector of having a conversation with kim jong-un? >> in a way, because it's rew d rewarding bad behavior. we've tried to get kim jong un in north korea to release two there. they threaten our allies and shoot ballistic missiles, inflammatory redrihetoric. north korea refuses to talk to neighbor states about reconciliation and finding ways to come together. besides logistic, thomas, one president does not talk to another leader without intensive
12:40 pm
preparation, without certain pre-conditions. at the same time that trump is saying he wants to meet with kim jong-un, he's saying south korea should get a nuclear weapon and japan get a nuclear weapon to deal with kim jong-un's behavior in the peninsula. you can't do that. foreign policy is not a reality show. this is life and death stuff. you can't insult the prime minister of great britain, as donald trump did, and then in this same vein, say, well, you know, i'll talk to kim jong-un from north korea. foreign policy is not a game, serious stuff that requires statesmanship, preparation and substance. this is what i think hillary clinton has. she has four years as secretary of state and she can be commander-in-chief. i'm not sure donald trump can do that. >> we know you support hillary clinton in this election cycle, i want to play some comments donald trump made earlier this
12:41 pm
year about the leader, kim jong-un. take a listen. >> if you look at north korea, this guy, like a maniac, okay, you have to give him credit. how many young guy, he was 26 or 25 when his father died, take over these tough generals, all of a sudden, it's pretty amazing when you think about it, how does he do that, even though it's a culture and cultural thing, he goes and takes over as the boss, incredible. he wiped out the uncle and this guy doesn't play games and we can't play games with him. >> he calls him a maniac there and takes in the reality and weight the power that he has inherited. explain, governor, from the standpoint for people that might be confused, if president obama can sell the iran nuclear deal and unfreeze iranian on for foreign policy, why would something like this be so different? >> i think first of all, thomas,
12:42 pm
what donald trump is also saying that kim jong-un, he executed, he killed some of his relatives. he disposed of them. you've got to give him credit for that? he took power by ac sessihis fa grandfather, he didn't seize it by his skill and diplomacy. it's a cult there and why he's the leader. president obama got significant concessions from iran, not perfect. i would have wanted him to get more on the terrorism front but he did get them to freeze a lot of their nuclear development. in exchange some sanctions are li lifted. you bring some kind of stability to the region. president obama didn't negotiate directly, he had his secretary of state, a lot of diplomacy ahead of time, he had the european union backing him, so you know you can't just go to kim jong-un and say, i'm donald trump, let's talk and get things
12:43 pm
settled. that's not diplomacy, that's a reality show, that's showing off. this is why this is disturbing that he's given so much attention over foreign policy that is the main task of any american president. >> meanwhile, we're having our conversation right now, donald trump is having that private meeting with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, on his -- in his apartment on the upper eastside of manhattan. does that show you that donald trump is recognizing foreign policy isn't a reality show, he's committed to seeking council fr council from more experienced statesmen? >> well, yeah, look, henry kissinger is a very respected figure in our foreign policy. his initiative on china, on the middle east, and russia, many other areas. that is smart for trump to do that. i think he has to find ways to send a signal that this foreign policy is serious.
12:44 pm
and respected statesmen like kissinger in the republican party have to tutor him and he can't go off shooting his mouth insulting the prime minister of great britain, our foremost ally, insulting nato, the european union, saying bad things about the new -- the new mayor of london, you just can't do that in foreign policy. >> governor, you're kind of chu chuckling, you're kind of chu chuckling when you say this. this is what i think resonates for so many americans, that they find it fine. they find it kind of refreshing. >> well -- well, no, it isn't refre refreshing, it's funny, comical. foreign policy is life or death. it's national security, it's serious, it's terrorism. it's who's going to fight isis. you can't do this in a reality show, you can't do this trying to be funny. this is serious business.
12:45 pm
you can't -- to be commander-in-chief of the united states, the most powerful country in the world, you can't play games. i travel a lot, thomas. this is irritating a lot of our friends around the world. so maybe some of donald trump supporters think this is nice and fresh and funny, but, you know, the world and i don't think the international community and i think a majority of americans are going to reject this. >> former new mexico governor, bill richardson, as always, great to have you on. thank you for your time. absolutely. let's show you right now this live look at henry kissinger's residence where the former secretary of state is meeting with the gop presumptive nominee, donald trump. back in a moment after this. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
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12:49 pm
this potential list of supreme court nominees, 11 of them. cal perry has been standing by and done more research on the names and how these people may have already publicized certain opinions about the gop presumptive nominee what have you found? >> i would recommend chief justice don willett. he put this on his facebook, casual friday on the supreme court. that gives you an idea of his humor online. the first is one about evangelic evangelicals, he makes the joke, i will pull it up here if we don't have it in the control room. as he goes on, he makes come pair sons to nunchakus, saying the pope feud has upgraded security. he's a cowboys fan and talks about donald trump possibly affecting dallas cowboys and their record.
12:50 pm
finish with shatner flying the airlines with a menacing looking trump there. people have been complementing justice don willett on his tw t tweeting in the past. he tweeted this few months ago, saying thanks, i get that a lot, with a gift of hillary clinton. a pick that donald trump didn't do the full research online about thomas. i'm not quite sure. >> when it comes to any type of opinion about whether or not this person would be open to vetting of being a supreme court justice under donald trump, the twitter tells what? >> well it, doesn't really tell you what you want to know. but understand that he is an equal opportunity mocker. so this is his take on the u.s. election, right here. 187 more days until the election, and he put up this gift. again, we should frame this. ari was absolutely right to be saying, listen, this is also a politician. we're not talking about a lifelong justice. you have to frame it in that context, this is not somebody
12:51 pm
who would be necessarily worried about supreme court vetting, and this seems to have come a little out of the blue. >> so if he is not worried about that one good thing, he'll probably get more twitter followers. cal, things. homeland security jay johnson says easing the long lines at checkpoints is a top priority for him, vowing to try to fix those problems at some of the nation's busiest airports. over at o'hare, blake, explain what you've been seeing. the long lines they've been dealing with today. >> reporter: yeah, the long lines are back. this is the longest we've seen it all day, thomas. it has picked up over the last hour. notice how quickly it is moving here. i want to show you why. walk up with me, you'll see down this lane here, a bomb sniffing dog and what they've done is they're flying in five more of these dogs by the weekend to help alleviate the long lines. when he ha when they have these dogs, they can with relative certainty
12:52 pm
clear that any bombs are in the line, and then move people in quickly. they can let people keep on their shoes, laptops in the bags, becomes a giant tsa precheck line. that's why the dogs are answer for some of the line problem. of course, getting more manpower out here is another top priority. let's look at just how long the line is right now. stretches all the way down there. and it just keeps on going. people aren't too frustrated at this point. is this making you nervous? but you can see the problem that chicago o'hare has been dealing with for over a week now, and also, what you're ports are dealing with. this is what jay johnson is saying about it. >> expedited the hiring of 768,
12:53 pm
reprogramming from congress, pay the existing work force overtime. bringing on additional canine teams. we are giving federal security directors increased discretion about how they use their work forces at the airports to deploy them to the security checkpoints. >> reporter: and that's being rushed, coming into the summer travel months, rushing to get it done. i do want to show you one thing, though. see the line over there that is moving quickly. that's the precheck line. that's moving really quickly, despite the regular long line. sign up for precheck, it is $85 but it will save you sometime. >> it is good, but they need to work on the issue of getting folks to fill the jobs left behind by tsa worker whose have left for the number of tsa workers that they're hiring. blake, thank you. we go back to the campaign trail, and the big question of the gop, is it really facing a
12:54 pm
youth problem when it comes time to november. according to a recent harvard institute of politics poll, maybe. 61% of voters under the age of 30 would prefer a democratic winning the white house, while 33 favor a republican. when asked who they would vote for, 25% say donald trump. 61% said hillary clinton. turning to msnbc jacob soborof, how do they feel trump was able to capture their vote? >> they love that he is an outsider, not part of the establishment. but just as you said, the statistics reflect that they may be alone in that. three of them from the students for trump is an unaffiliated organization with the campaign, it is nationwide. but in ohio, where i was, i'm not driving to pittsburgh there are only 50 people statewide in the students for trump group. interesting to think about from
12:55 pm
other students, why that is, why those are the numbers. i spent some time with them yesterday, take a look at what they had to say. >> if you look at the numbers, young people across the country are identifying with democrats more than republicans. pretty troubling for the gop. but don't believe the numbers if you listen to students for trump. >> obviously when you think of college right now in terms of the election, you think of bernie sanders and a lot of people are realizing those two campaigns run parallel in terms of what they want to do. >> a lot of the persbernie peop don't feel good about hillary clinton and they're going to turn to trump. >> what will it feel like to punch the ballot for trump. >> it will feel great. we know our votes will go to winning ohio. if he gets ohio, he'll be in the white house. >> think about that, but you guys, if you can convince enough young people to go for donald trump in the state it, could go a long way to winning the swing state. do you think you can do it? >> absolutely. >> let me put you to the test. let's go talk to some people. they're students for trump.
12:56 pm
>> there is a lot of things he says i don't agree with. >> policy or personality. >> all of the above. >> have you picked who you're going to go for? >> trump. >> you are? >> perfect. >> no convincing necessary. >> definitely no hillary clinton in the presidency. definitely him. >> you're #never clinton. >> yes, definitely. >> you should recruit her. >> thomas, it was fun to see those guys trying to convince other students to support trump. people have seen my conversations, asking, you know, more. they want to know more. why are they supporting donald trump, these three guys. what they would say to me is it is not necessarily about the positions, because he is so often shifting, it is more about the message and tone. i'll throw it back to you. >> ohio state university. you have to say the ohio state university. on that very bench with brutus
12:57 pm
before. where are you off to now. >> send me a pic, i want to see it. steel mills in pittsburgh and we'll have that on friday on msnbc. >> we look forward to it. that's it for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow. my colleague, chris hayes, picking up the hour after this. stay tuned. with available virtual cockpit. ♪ and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helpinme go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. good afternoon, i'm chris hayes, here in new york. a big meeting going on right now in midtown manhattan. donald trump meeting with fmer secretary of state, henry kissinger. arriving just a short time ago for the sit-down with the republican foreign policy gur rue. this comes right after trump seized the news cycle for presidential candidate, releasing a list of 11 potential supreme court nominees to fill the vacancy left by antoni scalia. jake rascone is joining me now. how did this come


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