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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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right for you. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. good afternoon, i'm chris hayes, here in new york. a big meeting going on right now in midtown manhattan. donald trump meeting with fmer secretary of state, henry kissinger. arriving just a short time ago for the sit-down with the republican foreign policy gur rue. this comes right after trump seized the news cycle for presidential candidate, releasing a list of 11 potential supreme court nominees to fill the vacancy left by antoni scalia. jake rascone is joining me now. how did this come about, this
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meeting. >> reporter: we thought he was coming over to his offices behind us, but now, of course, we know they're at his house just a five-minute drive from where we are. we know trump requested this meeting. he wanted to develop his foreign policy expertise. we know of course that in the context of the last week and a half, he has been meeting with a lot of leaders in the republican establishment, speaker ryan of course, last week, with another former secretary of state. and of course, they have a lot to talk about. a lot of things that donald trump has said over the last ten months that have been controversial, the ban on muslims coming into the country, talked about nato the past few months, even yesterday, talked about meeting kim jong-un. talking about british prime minister david cameron. a lot they want to discuss, and of course, you know, he wants to be seen, donald trump, as being able to mend ways with the establishment that he went nine to ten mines railing on during the primaries. shifting gears to this list.
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this very unusual step, as many things that donald trump does of releasing this list. but it's something that the never trump movement really railed on, even ted cruz would say we can't count on donald trump to fill the supreme court vacancies that we expect over the next few years. now he has released this list, that has been largely praised by republican leaders, in fact, by -- just got a note here about senate judiciary committee grassley saying an impressive list of highly qualified jurists. it sounds like he is making a move in the right direction. we'll see if he sticks to the list. >> all right, jacob, thank you for that. let me introduce our panel for the day, business political consultant and well as founder of the group. time contributor, former advisor to rand paul campaign. political writer at buzzfeed news, abd nd ari melber. let's get to kissinger.
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but let's start with the list. i think the chuck grassley quote is ifunny, leak a thing to the new york times and they would public it, and then did you see "the new york times." clearly, donald trump didn't just like sit in his, like, $100 million man cave penthouse and say like who do i want on this court. will it -- no, like obviously there are people who are connected, the conservative legal establishment helping put this list together. >> you're saying the prior aluminum tube of our era. absolutely, this is that thing. it is what donald trump said it would be. he doesn't claim these are his ideas. he publicly said on may 21st, i'm going to heritage, get names from them. we called them, they said no, we're not working with him. but we do have a public list on our website. five of those names are on that
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list. >> willett, who a state judge in texas, a very funny on twitter by the way, i would recommend him. diana sykes, a federal judge in the 7th circuit, on the wisconsin supreme court, and pryor a man around. there are a few people it seems to me, paul clement, is the number one missing one i saw there, sollister general. >> look, this is a very conventional list from a candidate who claims to be unconventional, and that goes to the fact that donald trump is as not a politician until he has to be one. this a politician's move to deal with the base, deal with the conservatives. this was a point of weak nls, a guy that talks about jobs and isis, we're not talking about the pentagon, treasury, we're hearing about weakness, because people didn't trust him. there was a lot of talk from republicans that say i don't trust him to be president, but i'm going to block merrick
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garland from getting a hearing, because i want what, i want donald trump to pick the next scotus. having said all of that, it's great to put names out, if it is not pandering, and hillary clinton should put names out. let's discuss. >> without media reaction, was yeah, a lot of the names are people that we like, but we have no reason to trust donald trump will stick with them. >> that's right. that's the issue, right. >> this is part of the problem. he is trying to build goodwill with the conservative base and the republican establishment still resistant, same thing with the meeting with kissinger. it's the same effort, right. but the problem is that he has lost so much trust over the course of the past year, that no one is sure that he'll do them. >> i find the timing interesting. because why today. why this week. i feel like he is trying to deflect from the new york times women story and the narrative getting more en trenched.
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why does it come today? >> we could talk about this in a second, but the traditional way that this works, and that apparently, we have a live shots of trump exiting the -- there he is. he is waiving to us, thumbs up, the meeting with henry kissinger, the traditional way this goes, trump in some ways is actually doing the opposite. which is to say, in the primary, he was all about bucking conservative orthodox. even mused about his own cyster, w -- sister, so here he is in the primary, he runs again all the orthodox, you know has racked up the nomination and i'm going to get rid of dodd-frank, heritage possible justices, let me meet with henry kissinger. like he is ticking off the check boxes. >> this is donald trump understanding he needs to unify his party, understanding that there are some serious fisures
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that still exist. so he is taking a lot of boxes. this was actually a smart move. because what he is doing is he is getting -- whether the people trust him or not, a lot of people are on record praising him for these appointments. people -- and that makes a difference. for this list. so what they're saying behind closed doors -- >> i actually, credit due. the list is a good idea. sure, you put out a list. that's a good thing for people oh cou scrutinize it, seemingly trans parent. the problem is like what -- why should anyone think that he is going to -- >> did they really vet the list to see if people weren't speaking out against trump that are on the list? no, they didn't, justice willett has a lot of tweets, facebook action. it is just the campaign. >> strong word. >> not fulfilling. >> it is not even clear they googled list. >> well, so here is my question. the other big thing we saw happen was the meeting happen with kissinger. people should just, you know, do
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a little googling, the trial, there is a strong case, the man is complicit, because he can't leave the country, he might be indicted for things that he did while he was in the u.s. government, pakistan, cambodia, that said, what is your reaction to this? >> my reaction is it is donald trump trying to paint himself as a realist. he can be a sensible republican realist of nixon and kissinger. that's the trump campaign reached out to secretary baker recently. he met with james baker, and now henry kissinger today. they're trying to give him sod credibility and allies within the establishment, but james baker isn't going along. rejects his foreign policy. >> i think there is a fantasy football aspect to this. james baker and henry kissinger are big names. >> well said.
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>> as you said, the kissinger foreign policy and a lot of the way he governed is very disturbing, has not aged well. donald trump to the extent he has a foreign policy, talked about being less interventionist and paying for less things, the kissinger model is very expensive, we were intervening in a ton of countries, propping up dictators, there was a lot of deceit. we don't have time to go through all of it. but it is certainly not a general election pivot. >> we should also say kissinger, it is bizarre to me frankly, he has a reputation he does in certain circles. he is the kind of person in another government have been hauled before a tribunal. this is the actual facts about henry kissinger. he's been a wedge issue on the democratic side, because hillary clinton has touted the fact he praised her and there has been some -- he got an award the other day i think from the obama administration. and bernie sanders is basically
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said i want to have nothing do with this guy. he is not as toxic a figure on the right as he is on the left. >> i also would not say he is necessarily represented of theny -- neowe conservative that he has alienated. it somehow gives him credibil y credibility, or he thinks it does, but it doesn't mend the fences he thinks he needs to mend. >> but trump is a pr guy. he is a flim-flam guy. he is generating a headline and figuring people will gloss over and not dig deeper, and come out with another headline tomorrow. >> the deeper thing, alise, you've been at the center of the fight at foreign policy, something you've lived. to me, the best, the only real precedent for someone like trump getting the nomination, if you look at the foreign policies is george w. bush. the last time a republican came
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into power as uninformed on foreign policy, were george w. bush weechlt s bush, he talked humble foreign policy, get rid of nation building. a huge shock in 9/11, and then we have the longest war in the america republic. a full neo conservative agenda. i think there are a lot of people in washington who want to mold donald trump and view him as a piece of clay. >> i think that's what is happening now. republicans are saying who are less interventionists, he is malable, we can turn him into a realist, the center for national interest, that's the hot bed within the republican party. people are kind of glomming on to him. trump is going to be trump at the end of the day and absolutely no substance. >> but if he was president, this is my question, would he be absorbed by the foreign policy establishment that also already
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exists, or neo conservatives steer him in the direction they want to. >> trump is fairly well defined on his views. the only problem is, he says he is not for war, but he is for war crimes. i mean, he is for killing -- >> he is defined in this weird tribal sense, he is clearly in the fax that ctions, bill krist those folks don't like trump. no one world globalist conspiracy, he is hard-core with those folks. >> they love him. >> he also, i mean, the times magazine, i want to read this quote. you know, when you run for office in public life, you have to go around to a lot of places. donald trump has never had to do that. so draper says i asked trump if he had been to iraq, never, he said. what's the most dangerous place he had been to. brooklyn, he said laughing. no, he went on. there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the word. you go to oakland or ferguson,
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the crime numbers are worst. let me just say, oakland mayor. descent come back, this is being said on a day where 66 people were murdered in baghdad by isis, if i have the number correct. there has been an unending amount of bloodshed in that country. >> he said this while watching a news report about baghdad. >> but that's actually an opening for hillary clinton, because this is where she can cut through. because he has not this today, shows he is yet again not making any effort in a serious way to understand and know the issues. he is just not. so this is where she can expose him and show a difference between a real clear contrast. the only opportunity she has is the debates to do that. he is so masterful at oh controlling a news cycle. she needs to make the contrast. >> let me bring it around before you take off. do you think we're going to see -- i think some of the people, the way the neowe cons,
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the sort of legal elite of the party have considered themselves in the different tribe, never trump associated, do you think you're going to see validaters come out saying yeah, it is a good list, i'm down with this? >> yeah, and i think it goes back to the original question, which is if as he said this week as well, everything is a suggestion, right, then if this is just a document of pandering, it means nothing. if those people feel they now have leverage, the names they're looking up on the screen, they can hold them to, if there a president trump, and that is their number one issue, abortion is a fault line in politics, they can make him choose from this list, hold him to it. that's not a new mechanism in public life. plenty of groups on the left and right do this. he is harder to constrain, but this isn't the only list this week. he also signed a list and deal with the rnc to raise a ton of money from the people he said he wouldn't raise money from. he is malable in many ways.
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hillary clinton picked up a narrow win in kentucky last night, while bernie sanders pulled off a win in oregon. sanders campaign is looking into the possibility of a recount in k kentucky. this, as the divide in the democratic party seems to be growing after chaos at the nevada convention over the
1:19 pm
weekend. bernie sanders in the state says the process was rigged against them. sanders has been clear in condemning threats and violence, dmc debbie wasserman schultz. >> the fact that the sanders campaign has issued a but in between condemnation of violence and frustration over the process seems to excuse their supporters' actions which is unacceptable. >> short time later, sanders spoke directly to democratic party leadership. >> let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party. open the doors. let the people in! the other option for the democratic party, which i see as a very sad and tragic option, is
1:20 pm
to choose to maintain its status quo structure. >> meanwhile, donald trump is weighing in on all of this today on twitter, saying, bernie sanders is being treated badly by the democrats, the system is rigged against him. many of his disenfranchised fans are for me. we have both covered today. kelly o'donnell is with the sanders campaign in vallejo, california. we're going to start with kelly. kelly, the sanders campaign, i wonder what their thinking is after combination of the results last night and what appeared to be vis a vis. >> reporter: they're treying to go forward that they haven't been respected, and it bubbled up over the weekend.
1:21 pm
it has been a strain throughout the process. as you mentioned, bernie sanders is already on stage in san jose, we skipped ahead to his next stop where he'll be later this evening. you see some of the preparations going on. i can tell you that there has been this frustration that there are many sanders voters we've talked over the months who feel that the party has sort of given a nod to hillary clinton early on, not taking bernie sanders seriously enough, and although he has been able to produce big crowds consistently and a very sizable vote margin, of course, hillary clinton remains significantly out front when it comes to the overall vote and delegate count. so there is this frustration. you could hear it today from jeff weaver, the bernie sanders campaign manager, when he was a guest on ms in. bc, talking about a real sore point between his campaign and the leadership of the democratic national committee. >> the chairwoman of the democratic national committee, i mean, it has been clear from the
1:22 pm
get go that she has been working against bernie sanders. i mean, there is no doubt about it. >> you think she is greasing the skids for hillary clinton? >> no, i don't really know what her motivation is. it has been clear a pattern of conduct from the beginning of the campaign that has been a hostile to bernie sanders, and his supporters, and really, you know, she has become a divisive figure in the party. >> reporter: and of course, debbie wasserman schultz says the dnc remains neutral. that she has not done anything to tip the scales in the favor of hillary clinton. at the same time, more largely, you do get from some democratic office holders a frustration that sanders is new to the party, of course, he has served in office as an independent for a very long time, and there are questions about whether sanders continued place in this race could hurt democrats in the fall. not only clinton, should she be the nominee, but down ballot as well. so the tension is real, and it continues to be sort of the scab
1:23 pm
kind of broken open again when ne new events take place. we'll see more going forward. >> let's turn to kristin welker now. kristin, after the beef was kind of escalating and folks from the dnc on the news and sanders campaign, robby mook, the clinton camp put out a statement, saying we want to have nothing do with this. let's talk about something else. >> reporter: i think you're right. they feel they've got to walk a fine line right now in terms of their public posture towards this and what they have to say about senator sanders and his campaign, because they don't want to alienate his voters. they see him as critical to unifying the party. what you're hearing publicly from the clinton campaign, a note of optimism that they'll be able to unify and an acknowledgment they'll be an
1:24 pm
important part of the process. they do want to allow him to have an impact on the party's platform. listen to what brian fallon had to say from the clinton campaign earlier today. >> we're going to have a very open process with respect to the platform and all of the considerations that go into how we put this convention together. this is really an opportunity to bring the party together and i think the convention process, the planning process, and the platform development process should all be conducted accordingly to give everybody a full hearing, make sure that the committee make ups that make up the determinations like going into the platform are representative so will is an open diverse set of viewpoints that go into that. >> reporter: chris, privately, campaign officials are also very insistent it is up to senator sanders to take the first step toward rallying his supporters. they point to what happened in 2008, when then senator clinton helped to unify her supporters around then senator obama. and they're calling for a similar process this time
1:25 pm
around. but they also know that it is important that she has a strong finish states like new jersey and california. i've been talking to campaign officials today who say you can expect her to campaign vigorously in those states. you can expect her to spend a whole lot of time in those states to determine if they're going to go up with ads, but see it as important so she looks strong heading into the convention and no doubt she is in fact the party's nominee, not only in terms of the math, but in terms of the optics, chris. >> kristin welker, live in brooklyn. thank you very much. joining our panel, kasie hunt, you've spent a lot of time with the sanders campaign. there seems to be a good cop/bad cop role. >> yes. >> the institutional democratic party has definitely taken a harsher line. the campaign has taken a less and less critical line, because i think they are clearly terrified of alienating --
1:26 pm
remember, he has gotten about 45% of the voters of the democratic party. we're not talking rand paul, 15%, 18%. we're talking a sizable minority of the party. >> and the section of it that is frankly the most excited to be out there voting, supporting, not necessarily a democratic candidate, but involved in the democratic process right now. i think there has been a little bit of private friction, because i think in some points, this has been handled not necessarily in the most graceful of ways to put it diplomatically i would say. but they feel they have to be very careful in how -- >> the clinton folks. >> the clinton folks feel very -- they really do not -- you will a he notice, every time there is a reason for the sanders campaign to get set off, they'll take the opportunity, so better to not give them the opportunities to do so. >> i have not, for a campaign that had been for a certain point, you know, there had been
1:27 pm
a t attacks, hillary clinton hasn't done much to go after bernie sanders. >> that's absolutely right. kasie, air absolutely right, there has been tension between the dnc and campaign over these issues and some of the messaging around those issues in particular. i would say this. i think that hillary clinton's campaign unders this. they understand that the republican party now is seeing, this this friction and is capitalizing on it. and what they don't want is to have them to give them this talking point, this ongoing talking point that they can use. that's one thing. the other thing is, she is taking incoming from both sides, which is not helping her. it is one thing to take it from the republicans, but to also take it from bernie at this late stage is problematic. >> although i will say, we were going back on the tape eight years ago and you have situation where exactly eight years ago, it was the point, it was the same thing, and i think it was obama won oregon and hillary won kentucky and it was right around
1:28 pm
then that hillary made the comments that were widely criticized, well, you in never know what happens, look what happened to rfk, he was murdered in california. what are you saying. obviously she understood quickly she was not trying to suggest that, but you never know. so there is precedent for this. >> of course. i mean, look, a lot of people are saying like i can't believe how divided the democratic party, compared to the republicans. it is just because two candidates are still running. there is reason for the clinton campaign to be worried about not getting all of sanders voters. and that's legitimate. but i mean, it is the second that sanders drops out and clinton clinches the nomination and she is the nominee, i think that you'll very quickly see a lot of coalescing around her and i think you might see in some of the head to head polls between trump and clinton, clinton might get a -- >> she will, absolutely. >> because a lot of people are saying they're undecided because they don't want to be -- >> let me say this.
1:29 pm
two big differences, someone who has moved through the circles, which its own kind of subculture, you know, ben ginsberg made this analogy. the difference eight years ago, sanders and clinton don't have equal levels, in the way that barack obama and hillary clinton did. also, barack obama and hillary clinton, it wasn't a massively substantive ideological battle between them, in some ways the sanders/clinton fight is more ideological. what is your sense how that equates in terms of coming together? >> well, i think what's so important now, bernie sanders should condemn more strongly the violence and actions of the bernie bros and the overall sexism that has permeated. like, he needs to be a leader from the top and say had is unacceptable and show a clear contrast to donald trump. that would win him a lot of goodwill down the road. also, it is an important character test for him.
1:30 pm
>> i just want to say about that, which i agree. i think that the statement yesterday was not condemntory enough, yes, but, sort of. we should be clear about this. there is 9 people voting for bernie sanders. there is people online who say mean stuff, and people call -- like, this is in no means representative. there is a strain, i think you're right, of his most devoted supporters, and a subsection of them that really is, they feel like they're at war. >> he could set an example. >> yeah, he could have. >> versus what donald trump is doing. >> and one of bernie sanders' own supporters, lucy flores, an advocate for him, had a statement that was more condemned this more strongly than bernie sanders did, and raised some of the issues. because some of the reason why this blew up so much, barbara boxer. >> there is a few different things getting run together. person lifting the chair, a scuffle, there was, i mean,
1:31 pm
because it is important in terms of the range of things. people yelling rude things and people actually physically swinging, the death threats, but to me, those were the -- those, like, should be hung in public, it's like there is just no space in any universe of any kind of righteous politics saying that. >> i agree with al leaise, the majority of the supporters are not engaging this way, the bottom line, there is a segment that is, and they're saying, i mean, i've been on the receiving end of it, many reporterers, especially women reporters, this is what is disturbing, those of us on the receiving end of it, it is there as a gender based forum of this type of attacks. that's problematic. i think that what while he can still make his point, he had some very valid points about money and politics, but he can make those points while condemning that strain within his support base. >> i would also say there is a
1:32 pm
line that separates people and i think this goes to your point about war. people who feel like they're at war. bernie sanders has been saying this a revolution. some people have interpreted that as a nice line, good rally. of some people think they're revolutionaries. they take it literally. in the same way some tea partiers did, and continue to. that leads to extreme measures. >> condemned for the target language, so the left has a responsibility to do the very same thing. >> let me say this also. in terms of when you talk about tea parties and ron paul, right, those people didn't feel like we've got to make sure the republican party wins in the end. let me also say, they were very effective. they may not have helped the party as a party suck sceed, bu you can be sure the ron paul agenda moved through, and the tea party agenda, very much moved to the mainstream. so sometimes there is a difference between what will most effectively implant your
1:33 pm
i'd logical vision and what will win the party elections in the short-term. . it is possible that people most committed to sanders' version are act anything some sense rationally insofar as they think the implantation is overriding. >> i think there is a serious question, the democratic party should grapple with more bradley. we've seen it play out really since 2010, where essentially the ruling kind of majority of the republican party ignored the needs and focus of the base, the people voting for them. the democrats, i mean, you can watch kind of hillary clinton become in many ways, is she the chamber of commerce candidate of 2016. potentially. does that put her and others who support her -- >> there is a danger of that division opening up in the dooep party. still to come, continued fallout over "the new york times" piece how trump treats women, now his daughter weighing in. >> no, no. and again, this is an article
1:34 pm
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oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
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but you have worked so closely with your dad, another woman who is quoted in the article that says donald trump groped her at a, you know, at a meeting, a business meeting. >> yeah, well, look, i'm not at every interaction my father has, but he is not a groper. that's not who he is. i've known my father obviously my whole life. and he has total respect for women. he was promoting women in development and construction at a time when it was unheard of. there was no trend towards equality in the real estate and construction industry back in the 1980s, and he was doing it, because he believes ultimately in -- >> he is not a groper, according to his daughter, but his de facto, donald trump women's
1:38 pm
issues, we sort out the aftermath, crossing the line of how donald trump behaved with women in private. let me just also, the other context is that he once said of his 16-year-old daughter i would date her if she weren't my daughter to throw that into the mix. that's kind of a weird thing to say. maybe that's just me. what do you think? what is your take away from the fallout of this? >> well, i don't think that necessarily we -- that the image of donald trump and the public imagination changed all that much. donald trump has inhabited the role you've womanizer, and proudly a fillland error. i think that the things we learned in this article, you know, gave some more detail to that or colored it in a little bit. but i don't think there is anything here that has
1:39 pm
substantively changed the way we think about donald trump when it comes to him and women. i don't know. maybe i'm wrong. >> my question here is whether or not donald trump is going to change how he approaches making comments like the ones he has made that are now featured prom minimal -- prominently. he will explain his way out of some positions, but so far, he wii saw him get into the tussle with megyn kelly, basically continue to say the types of things that he has said for much of his, you know, life as, you know, a public figure, a public man about town, however you want to describe it. of the but you know, does he start walking that back? does he start behaving differently? i'm not convinced he will. but i do think we might have a period where he could. >> i mean, look, my feeling about this is people know, look, let's give the women's factorability, 69% negative, 20% positive on donald trump as of now. i mean, people don't change when
1:40 pm
they're that age. like, i mean, seriously, there is a public record. go back and listen to the howard stern interviews, go watch the interviews, talk to people that the the man ran of the beauty pageant. i don't think there is much. i mean, i think we will maybe see a change in his rhetoric, but like he is who he is on this score. >> i think what the story did was just establish that he has one benchmark for measuring women and it is their looks. that's what matters. that's the barometer. >> the article did make the point that he did hire women to run businesses at a time when it was not really a thing. it was done in -- >> let me point out, though, one of the women he did hire who parted ways with him has told stories about how he would not eat lunch publicly with a woman who he believed was too unattractive. even thoughs women -- >> the workplace was difficult. >> he tweeted then differently. that's the issue.
1:41 pm
he hired them. if you hire someone and treat them differently, that's the issue. that's equal pay. those are the issues. >> one of the women is going to be my guest tonight at 8:00 p.m. we'll have a live interview and talk about this. she has a really interesting relationship with him. she was a talking point of the stump, which he hired her to run the trump tower construction project, which was basically unheard of. she has complicated feelings about him and i'll get a chance to talk to her. after the break, mark zuckerberg will try to convince conservative leaders that facebook isn't bias.
1:42 pm
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1:45 pm
curators from appearing on the site. steve patterson is in menlo park, california. steve, what is the agenda for this meeting today? >> well, chris, that cadre of conservative leadership expected to arrive in about an hour. that's when they plan to have a sit-down with mark zuckerberg. the plan we're hearing from facebook, well, honestly we're not hearing much from facebook exactly what they're going to talk about, with the exact list of people. but we do know the overall topic is going to be trending topics, facebook under fire this week, first of all, we heard that that top trending list is not exactly -- it doesn't exactly all come from an algorithm. i think a lot of people thought it did, top stories that people put in their facebook feeds. it comes from news gathering efforts and it is cultivated by what is considered almost like an editorial board like you would find at a traditional
1:46 pm
mainstream newspaper, people that sit and decide what gets on the topic list. what facebook is under fire for is there is a whistle blower, an anonymous source that says facebook was abusing that power, suppressing conservative stories, suppressing conservative ideology in pushing forward anything that they considered news worthy. so that's what the leadership is here to talk about today. we expect to see glenn beck, s.e. cup, and several members of the heritage foundation, one of them, rob bluey, we talked to him about what he accepts from zuckerberg. >> i'm going in there with an open mind. i want to hear from mark zuckerbe zuckerberg, hope he doesn't suppress conservative news outlet or conservative opinions. they're not letting that cloud their work, but some human interaction, even when you have an algorithm.
1:47 pm
conservative ideas may be suppressed. >> again, that leadership group expected to arrive here about a 5:30. very interesting topics today. >> steve, thank you. i should note, there has been someone who worked as a contractor who contradicted the whistleblower, saying while there was editorial discretion put in, she didn't see any conservative bias. i think we will learn more in the days ahead as more of that comes to light. still to come, who will sanders supporters back? the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down
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all right, now, donald trump is back at trump tower, after his meeting with henry kissinger. it looks like it went smoothly. coming up, young voters for trump, can he steal bernie sanders' core c sanders'. >> petered out that it may raise interest rates in june. the dow ended up down three points. it actually had been up 100 points earlier. the s&p, basically flat. the nasdaq is up today, over 23 points. that's the latest from cnbc, first in business, worldwide.
1:52 pm
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donald trump says he is hoping he can make a play for the young and disenfranchised bernie sanders supporters, but a recent poll showed democrats with a massive advantage when it comes almost two to one to young people. let's turn to jacob soboroff. jacob, what did you learn from the kids? >> hey, chris, greetings from a bit of bumper to bumper traffic jam on the way to pittsburgh here. young people are more prerogative and shifting towards democrats, not something that donald trump campaign wants to hear. what they do want to hear, a
1:56 pm
small dedicated group for students for trump, three of them to be precise, at the the ohio state university. take a look at this. >> if you look at the numbers, young people across the country are identifying with democrats, more than they are with republicans. some of this pretty troubling for the gop, but don't believe the numbers if you listen to students for trump. >> obviously when you think of college right now in terms of the election, you think of bernie sanders. and a lot of people are starting to realize that those two campaigns run fairly parallel in what they want to do. >> a lot of the bernie people do not feel good about hillary clinton and twitch to trump come the general election. >> what will it feel like to punch the ballot for donald trump? >> it will feel great. if he gets ohio, he'll be in the white house in january. >> that's what is so important. but you guys, if you can convince enough young people to go for donald trump in the state, it could go a long way to winning this swing state. do you think can you do it?
1:57 pm
>> absolutely. >> let's put you to the test. these are my friends, students for trump. >> a lot of things that he says that i just don't agree with. >> just like policy wise or just like personality wise? >> all of the above. >> all of the above. >> all of the above. >> have you picked who you're going to go for yet? >> yes. >> who? >> trump. >> you are? >> perfect. no convincing necessary. >> definitely don't want hillary clinton in the were he is d en s -- presidency. you're a #neverclinton. >> absolutely. >> reporter: chris, so the total number of students for trump may be less than a couple of bernie sanders largest rallies in truth, but it doesn't matter, because these young men and women in the students for trump organization are counting on bernie sanders supporters being disaffected with the establishment and trying to recruit those bernie supporters to their side, come election day in november. we'll see what happens. >> i think it will be a tough uphill battle. am i correct, one of those gentleman was making america
1:58 pm
great again trucker hat? >> he sure was. he had been to the factory where it was manufactured in california and it is a wonderful thing to see. >> a sweet accessory. jacob, in bumper to bumper traffic. godspeed on the way to your location. let's bring the panel back in. here is a defining feature of american politics in 2016. young people are like the most liberal left cohort, and i want to be clear about this. this a cohort effect, not an age effect. if you look at that scene, age people in 1980, they were pretty conservative, right. there was a huge sort of conservative cohort that came of age in the kind of, you know, oil crisis, high inflation, that became conservative for the rest of their lives. you're seeing a coverse effect now. >> it's important to note. republican also say this. once they get older and start
1:59 pm
paying taxes and get married and have kids, they become more and more conservative, and that's true with some people. in the '80s, there was the reagan revolution, a lot of people just ran for president were like that. and this is important. i think the fact that they are so liberal and prone to vote for democratics is a huge advantage for the clinton campaign. one of the reasons they're so eager to make sure they don't alienate the bernie sanders supporters. >> only note of caution i would put out on that and i'm trying to dig through my e-mail to find the poll, but i'm thinking it shows that if you dig down into it, there is a possibility that some of these young voters are more willing to vote for donald trump than maybe we thought. i think part of that will be the fact that hillary clinton has struggled very much with young voters, and the question is, once there a clear choice between the two of them, are they more anti-hillary clinton or more pro-donald trump. i think it is more --
2:00 pm
>> we should say demographically, it is either last year or this fall, majority kinder garden entering will be nonwhite. first time in u.s. history. i'll be back in a few hours. larry wilmore will be joining me live. "mtp daily" starts now. yep, it's wednesday. just how deep is this divide for democrats. forget about delegates. tension all wait through the convention. could turn november into an unnecessary nail-biter. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd in new york. hump edition of "mtp daily." the republican prima


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