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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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demographically, it is either last year or this fall, majority kinder garden entering will be nonwhite. first time in u.s. history. i'll be back in a few hours. larry wilmore will be joining me live. "mtp daily" starts now. yep, it's wednesday. just how deep is this divide for democrats. forget about delegates. tension all wait through the convention. could turn november into an unnecessary nail-biter. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd in new york. hump edition of "mtp daily." the republican primary is over and republicans have begun to
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rally around their nominee. meanwhile, it feels like all hell has broken lose on the democratic side. in a primary contest that looks like it could be headed towards mutiny, even though it is actually been decided a while ago. you're going to hear from both sides of this battle tonight. we're going to speak to both the sanders campaign, campaign manager jeff weaver, as well as louise miranda. but let's set the stage here. sanders has just left the stage after firing up supporters in san jose, california. in fact, he took a shot at democratic mayor, senators and governors. more on that in a moment as well. but things have gone a bit haywire on the left, following a divisive showdown at last weekend's nevada convention when sanders supporters revolted all over a caucus process that hillary clinton won in february, 53-47. death threats were directed at the party chair.
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prompting condemnations from party leaders, along with a venting of frustrations by the sanders campaign. then last night, after an apparent nail-biter of a loss in kentucky and a victory in oregon, sanders rallied supporters with a fiery call for resistance against the democratic party. >> let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party. i say to the leadership of the democratic party open the doors! let the people in! before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. we're going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th, and then we're going to
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take our fight into the convention. >> as you can see, sanders wants to keep the fires burning. and late this afternoon, the sanders campaign accepted a debate invitation from fox news, intended to be held before the california primary. sanders remarks you just saw by the way came after the chair of the democratic party, debbie wasserman schultz attacked sanders' response to the unrest out of nevada. >> there is a way to deal with frustration over process, but the fact that the sanders campaign has issued a but in between condemnation of violence and frustration over the process seems to excuse their supporters' actions which is unacceptable. >> today, the sanders campaign added more fuel to the fire, accusing debbie wasserman schultz of a personal vendetta against them. sanders tweeted what appeared to be a bit of a cryptic peace offering. quote, we are in this together,
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the truth is, on some level, when you hurt, when your children hurt, i hurt. when my kids hurt, you hurt. all right, things could look a lot different for sanders and his supporters come june 8th, when clinton is basically guaranteed to cross the 2,383 number of delegates. after last night, she is now just a stone's throw away from that magic number. and remember, back in may of 2008, when hillary clinton was facing long odds like sanders is now, she also vowed to fight on. by making some very divisive comments about what could happen in a race this late in the process. >> there has been this urgency to end this, and you know, historically that makes no sense. we all remember, bobby kennedy was assassinated in june in california. you know, i just, i don't understand it.
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>> of course, hillary clinton at the time, apologized for those remarks. and after obama was declared the presumptive nominee in early june, essentially after the last day of voting, she bowed out and threw her weight behind him. there were concerns about a party rift, but democrats weren't harmed by it come november. is this time different? moments ago, sanders continued his fight against the democratic establishment. here is what he told crowds while speaking at another event in california. >> we have had to take on the political establishment in every state, in every state that we have run in. we have had to take on democratic governors and senators and members of congress, and mayors, literally almost the entire democratic establishment, and in state after state, the people have stood up and helped defeat the establishment. >> for more on this mess on the left, i'm joined by kristin
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welker, outside clinton headquarters in brooklyn. kristin, i think what's is interesting here is the comparison eight years ago is this. the obama campaign was pretty aggressive in trying to make the case clinton needed to get out, clinton didn't have the numbers, all of those things. this campaign seems, they seem to be caught in a box here. they're privately stewing about sanders, but don't seem to be publicly comfortable criticizing him, either any more. >> i think that's a good way to describe it, chuck. you get a lot of eye rolls when you talk about what's happening within senator sanders' campaign, some of the heated rhetoric. publicly, they know they have to walk a very fine line, because they don't want to alienate senator sanders' supporters, they need senator sanders to ultimately unify the party, and that is you're seeing them take that very careful tone in terms of how they're talking about all of this, chuck. then there is another part of
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this, which is that secretary clinton stayed in the race until the very end back in 2008, so she doesn't have a strong case to make to try to force him to get out of the race. the case they are making has to do with his tone and his rhetoric. and they are calling on him to scale back his attacks against her, by the way, one campaign official today said to me, look, we think he has scaled back, they understand why he was so fired up. his back is against the wall. he still has to look like he is fighting for his supporters. moving forward, they do see a win in california and new jersey as very important, not necessarily because of the math as you just pointed out. she already has the math on her side, but in terms of the optics, she wants to look like a strong front-runner, and that will be critical to getting sanders to help unify the party. >> kristin welker, thanks very much. let's bring in sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver. welcome back to the show, sir.
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>> thank you, chuck. happy to be here. >> as you know, a lot of angst regarding how your campaign is sort of responded to some criticism, particularly what happened in nevada. any regrets about the tone your campaign has taken in response. you saw what the party chair, dnc debbie wasserman schultz said? do you take her point on this and respect her criticism on that front? >> no, i don't, chuck, as a matter of fact. i mean, what went on in nevada in terms of the process at the convention, it was clearly hijacked by the chair there. >> what is your evidence on that? you say it was clearly hijacked. every neutral reporter out there, including john ralston says your campaign was totally unprepared. you didn't failure delegate slots. >> i don't know that john ralston in this context is a neutral reporter. people on the ground, including senator nina turner, a former ohio state senator, talked about this on a number of networks today, when they started off the process, they passed temporary
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special rules over the objection of the no votes on the floor. they refused votes. refused to accept motions. it was completely undemocratic process. it was very heavy-handed and unnecessarily so. if they feel they have the numbers, why would you engage in heavy handled tactics. a clearly someone wanted to make a show of authority against a lot of these delegates. these are people who are in the democratic party. it doesn't make any sense. >> do you at all feel as if you guys have a responsibility to tell your supporters you know what, sending threatening voicemails to the chair of the democratic party in nevada is counter-productive? >> we certainly have condemned that. i have condemned it. the senator has condemned it repeatedly. he put out a statement before the convention even happened, asking people to act civilly. there were a few idiots out there to make these phone calls.
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they're unacceptable. no place for them in a civilized discourse. that's clear. that's issue number one. issue two, which is the process out there was handled poorly. look, chuck, we've participated in caucuses and primaries in some 40 states. this is the only instance of this. we have great relationships with state parties all over the country. in one case, we actually helped fund a state party that was having difficulty raising the money to run its caucuses, you know. we offered the money, the clinton campaign refused. so we have great relations with state parties. great relations with people at the dnc. debbie wasserman schultz is disconnected from other people. really the exception there, many cases we've been treated very well by everybody over there. so you know, the chairwoman is really sort of wept out there on her own, but there has been a pat he we pattern of this. shutting off of the sanders data, which you know, created a lot of angst among dnc people
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over that tactic. so there has been a lot of discord in the dnc about the chairwoman's tactics up to this point. so i cannot, you know, just like there are a few people who might call themselves sanders supporters who act inappropriately, will tl are people attached to the democratic party that acted inappropriately. >> some of these events in the last couple of weeks seems to be giving off a vibe to his supporters that this entire system is rigged against him. is that -- does he intend to be saying that? do you really believe that the democratic primary process was designed to be rigged against him or rigged against a candidacy like his? >> no, well, clearly, i think a lot of commentators on your network and others have talked about this today. you know, by and large, you know, rules and organizations are set up in a way that protects the organization or the people who run the organization. so it is clear that there are a lot of impediments for somebody
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who is running an insurgent campaign like senator sanders, closed primaries, super early deadlines for changing your party registration, new york you had to change your party registration last october. >> by the way, these rules, you knew them going in, right? it's not as if the rules were known -- they were known much longer, before this process even began. you knew the rules going in. >> so what is wrong to say these rules in future contests should be changed. what's wrong with that. >> nothing. >> well -- >> i guess what i'm saying is, if you're sending the message to your supporters that this whole thing is rigged, are you -- do you see that that could have unintended consequences when it comes to unifying the party? >> no, i think the message the senator is saying based on his experience working over a year to secure the nomination, we have participated in over 40 states and we're going to participate in all of them by the end. there are clear structural impediments to insurgent
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campaigns. there is a clear impediment to getting new people into the primary. by and large young people don't register by party. they register by independents. if you want to shrink tdemocratc party, keep up with that. he is trying to help the democratic party, not hurt it. that means opening the doors, bringing people in, broadening the base, making it the broad based party as it once was. >> how did barack obama win in 2008? he was running an insurgent campaign, he was running against the establishment, running against a process that many people assumed was in favor of the clintons? he broke through. it is not as if you can't. >> well, of course, it is not that you can't. barack obama ran one of the, you know, the premiere campaigns ever run in presidential history. no doubt about that. he was a phenomenal candidate and he did break through.
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con grat lace legratulations to people. that doesn't mean we don't want to create a process who represents the democratic party as the nominee. >> does the senator have any regret running as a democratic now? does he feel he has not been welcomed into the party or feel like he is a welcomed democratic into the party? >> yes, absolutely. he feels welcomed. but what it means, though, if you're going to broaden the party, you want to may electoral changes to broaden the base of the party. i don't know why anybody in the democratic party would be opposed to having more people participating in the democratic party. that's the point of having a political party, to have more people come into it. and to be able to win elections. that's how you win elections being have i ago i -- having a broad based party. young people coming out to vote for senator sanders, we want to bring them in. in california, a tremendous drive going on. by the time the season is open, you're going to have close to 2 million new voters in california. many of them aligning as
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democrats. so bernie sanders has been helping to build the party. hillary clinton has not brought any new people into the party. for better or worst, that's the reality of it. bernie sanders is helping to expand the base of the democratic party, and when the party is unified in the fall, the party will be able to beat donald trump. >> as a campaign, will you accept the idea on june 7th, when the numbers with super delegates put her over the top, 2,383, we know the math. it will happen on skbrjune 7th. do you accept that result or that she is not the presumptive nominee because it is super delegates that put her over the top? >> look at the end of primaries and caucuses, no candidate will have the requisite number of pledged delegates. it will be super delegates that pick the nominee in philadelphia. i think we both agree on that. until they vote, all of your operating on is a poll. the poll of super delegates is
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no different than having a poll of the state. you're not giving her delegates for california based on a poll. what you've done is a poll of delegates, super delegates, and until people vote, they haven't voted. >> you won't accept the idea that she is the presumptive nominee based on the math? >> i think the senator has been very clear, we're going to go through the process and he is going to the convention. >> jeff weaver, thanks, sir. >> always a pleasure. here to respond to some of those critiques of the democratic national committee, louise miranda, mr. miranda, welcome back to the show. >> thanks. >> i would like you to address mr. weaver's direct allegations that he believes while the dnc has been fair, that chairwoman wasserman schultz has not. >> i was really glad to hear him say they've been nice to the sanders campaign, because that comes from the top. she has asked us to be fair and balanced and to do everything we can to be supportive of both of our campaigns. i've got to tell you, this is my
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fifth presidential election, two dnc chairs, i've never seen anyone work as hard. i have complete confidence in her leadership. but look, this is not the dnc versus the sanders campaign, and that's important. the dnc is neutral. what we are were speaking out is intimidation, threats, and we would do that on any campaign. i did it on the air again when anti-trump protesters got out of hand at one of his events. what i did appreciate what mr. weaver said, it has to be give unequivocal, if there is grievances, there a process for that. we're happy to engage on that front. you know, this was not a d inc event, and what happened was unacceptable. >> there is a perception by a lot of sanders supporters that the dnc has its pinky on the scale for clinton. in one of the biggest ways, i
2:18 pm
know you've opened it up to both candidates, but because how important secretary clinton is to fundraising for the dnc. and you know, does that have an impact? do you understand how that has an impact on perception with sanders supporters, that hey, hillary clinton is the most important fund-raiser outside of the president for the d inc and bernie sanders isn't. >> we would love it if he was. there is two important pieces to this. one of the pieces is that we do have agreements with both of the campaigns and we would welcome both of them to do the same thing. it is not about the primary. its about the general election. it is about putting the funding in like infrastructure, giving us a huge and important digital and analytical edge heading into the last couple of elections and we want to continue to expand on that. research, communications, digital support for the state parties and we're already starting to stand up to
2:19 pm
coordinate that require that general election money. so we're absolutely happy if both of our candidates participate on that front. now, if we were trying to somehow put our hands on the scale and really favor or rig the system, what we would be doing a lousy job about it, bass it has been a competitive primary. >> let me ask you this. when the media declarations come with the super delegate polls that have been done and our own individual things and she crosses the magic number with super delegates on june 7th, and is declared by many news organizations as the presumptive nominee, does that have any formal impact on the dnc's relationship with secretary clinton? >> we're going to make sure that we are a trying to run an inclusive process. we've said both campaigns, we're not here to tell them when to get in or out. we want to give them both the chance to run it out -- >> you said the end of the primaries. that did you know mean to the end of the convention. if the numbers indicate that hillary clinton is the
2:20 pm
presumptive nominee at the end of the primaries, do you basically start the process of turning the party over and working with clinton? >> we're going to give the candidate ace chance to get through it. we don't want to presume anything before we're done. that's another example how we have been fair. look, secretary clinton, when she was a senator and running against barack obama went until the very last day. we're obviously going to give both of our candidates this time around the same courtesy. that's just one more example of how this isn't dnc versus sanders. this is how do we make sure we run it in a wy to highlight the good things. we've had two good substantive candidates and dangerous candidacy in trump. the chair has been out there all day we've got to focus on trump. >> i'm running, we'll check in with you on june 15th, the day after the d.c. primary, to see your answer on the issue of presumptive nominee. this rift isn't the first
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time the democrats have dealt with this unity. long time bob shrum will join me next. later, donald trump tries to quiet critics on multiple fronts, and he is moving fast. we have a lot on that. stay tuned. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
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welcome back in today's map of the day, it is a big red flag for bernie sanders, as the primary season winds down. check out what we're calling the diversity dilemma, six contests remain in the democratic calendar, plus the district of columbia. you can divide the remaining states into two buckets. montana, north dakota, south dakota, less diverse. new mexico, california, new jersey, below the national average nor nonwhite his pwhite.
2:24 pm
two outliers in every sense of the word, bernie sanders has not won a state that is more diverse than the nation as a whole. think about that. so that upcoming map is bad news for a candidate trying to make up a delegate deficit. more than ten times the delegates up for grabs in those states that are more diverse than the country as a whole. sanders did have a big win in oregon, but the demographics in california are very different. we'll be back right after this. , every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be.
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rifts franctures, anything new. it used to be the party of fracturing, but it does present a dangerous game for a party to play when primaries get nasty. 2008 is fairly fresh in our minds. in that case, democrats were able to fully unite behind obama. they did it by the way before the convention. very important. but it's not always that easy. you can go back to 1980 for some
2:26 pm
of the most bitter divides, kennedy took his fight all the way until the convention. when that's when he finally decided to concede, and of course, carter was crushed in the general election that year. we can all remember, it seems like, in search of teddy kennedy to raise the hand there with jimmy carter. joined by bob shrumm, leading roles of kerry, gore and kennedy. bob, you've been on the so-called establishment and on the side of insurgency. >> that division is a little artificial. i don't actually think there is much parallel between 1980 and what's happening now. in 1980, you had an incumbent president who campaigned without campaigning, had a rose garden strategy, refused to debate kennedy. didn't have any interest in putting this together before the convention. and by the way, i don't think he lost because he was challenged. he was challenged because he was going to lose.
2:27 pm
i think this is more like 2008. the clinton campaign has behaved very responsibly at a national level. it is tough, because they're frustrated. but they've given him room, sanders, they've given his supporters respect. i think you just heard jeff weaver layout a basis for coming to an agreement after june 7th. >> you think he is showing, i mean, how does this heal? what would you do? if you're the clinton camp -- i had somebody said yesterday, the clinton campaign ought to offer more than sanders is entitled to. he wants more seats on the platform, give it to him. he wants to get rid of super delegates, be in favor. give him more. what does clinton care. she is never going to go through the process again. >> i think that person is pretty smart, because the truth of the matter is, some of the changes that the sanders campaign might ask for in the process don't matter to her, and actually, make for a fair and more inclusive party. i mean, why not let independents vote in all the democratic
2:28 pm
processes where we have primaries primar primaries or caucuses. why not have the number of voter reported, not the number of delegates. let people cast a ballot. get rid of the super delegates. all of that is on the table. i don't think it is a point of principle to hillary clinton. i think they could certainly give on that. and i think they can find agreement on the platform on things like the minimum wage, and debt free college if not free college for everybody. so i suspect this will be a little like 2008. it won't play out exactly the same way. but we'll have a roll call at the convention, and at some point, i think bernie sanders will get up and move to make hillary clinton's nomination unanimous. far cry from 1980. >> but you know, sanders is a different cat than i'm thinking gary hart was sort of still part of the establishment, just in a different wing. hillary clinton, obviously was. ted kennedy was. so i'm thinking about the close primaries. they felt a need to want to
2:29 pm
stick -- bernie sanders, i don't know, how much is he committed to the democratic party? >> i think he is -- >> you know what i mean? it is easy to see he could say, i'm walking away from the process. they've never been that committed to me. why should i be committed to them. >> i don't think there is a chance of that. i think he is very proud of all the people he has brought into the process. you heard jeff weaver talk about that. i think he means it when he says that hillary clinton would be a far better president than donald trump. and he is going to go out there and campaign for her. i mean, i would be stunned if that's not how this develops. now, is there going to be resistance, bitterness, sure. we had the pumas, women who said they would never vote for barack obama in 2008. most of them did vote for barack obama. and hillary clinton helped bring them over. i think the same thing will happen here. i don't think bernie sanders wants to go down in history as an angry, spoilsport who helps elect donald trump president. i don't think you're going to see that. >> by the way, to help people
2:30 pm
remember what did puma stand for, party unity my, well, and we could do the a on there. final question to you, bob, is this. if you're hillary clinton, is there -- do you try to wind this down sooner? do you try to push them a little bit? do you try to get a chuck schumer who frankly is probably the one person who can offer bernie sanders something in 2017 that he cares about, maybe a better committee chair potential, or better ranking position, things like that. is it time to start those conversations? >> i think that would be counter-productive. he is chairman of the budget committee, if the democrats take the senate. i don't think threatening to take it away would help. i suspect that right after june 7th, the two campaigns will have conversations. for all i know, maybe they're having some now. the basis for those conversations is going to be where can we agree on party reform, where can we agree on
2:31 pm
the platform and what role will bernie sanders have at the convention. it will all play out that way. i certainly hope it does. and i think we'll see a united democratic party going into the fall, because there is too much at stake. >> bob, mr. optimist. good to talk to you, sir. >> mr. realist. >> fair enough, bob shrum, veteran democratic strategist. good to talk to you. just ahead, donald trump's turn to the right on multiple fronts. he is desperate to get conservatives on board. a look at his message in style and substance, right after this. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. if you have allergy congestion
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still ahead on "mtp daily," it seems the tables have turned as democrats divide. donald trump is making moves to try to smooth things over with conservative crit tinges. tryi -- critics. up next, cnbc market wrap. stocks worry about interest rates. it ended down three.
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donald trump of course likes to say that he could be quote very presidential. if he wants to. tonight, we've got an "mtp daily" look at trump's forefront focus to try do that, and all of it by the way, i think trying to unite the party. the far right reachout trump
2:39 pm
released a list of supreme court nominees. it is a clear message to conservative skeptics that he won't balk at placing conservatives on the bench. that's what a lot think will happen. most of the names are federal appeals court judges, many from swing states. notable is diane sykes, the ex-wife of trump's wisconsin nem si -- nemsis. another reach out to the conservative wing of the party today, trump met with the influential bob vander plats at trump tower. he told nbc news today he is not ruling out endorsing trump. he said and he trump had a good visit and he is encouraging trump to adopt a team of rivals approach to his campaign. vand vander platz says he is in a new
2:40 pm
part of his campaign. fine tune the rhetoric or finer tuned rhetoric. by donald trump's standards, he publicly patched up his relationship with fox news host, megyn kelly. >> when you and i were having our little difficulty, you probably had some pretty nasty tweets sent your way. >> bimbo? >> well, that was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> okay, excuse me. >> are you going to stop that as president? >> well, i'm going to stop it about you now, because i think like our relationship right now. >> nothing like a friendly soft interview to get donald trump back on your good side. the next focus has been finances. trump and the rnc have a joint fundraising agreement to benefit his campaign and the party. and today, got a look at his full disclosure forms. remember, these are not his taxes, which every presidential candidate has released. he says he will when the audit
2:41 pm
is over. richard nixon released his even while it was under audit. but the income does stack up to hundreds of millions of dollars. it is the biggest fec disclosure of its right. he may be right. for ebb polic foreign policy, he is trying to quiet conservatives on that front as well. on the one hand, he raised eye brows when he told reuters he would have no trouble talking to kim jong-un to stop the nuclear program. on the other hand, he wrapped up a meeting with nixon secretary of state, henry kissinger. so we see what's going on here. let's bring in a colleague watching all of this closely, robert costa. so robert, it does seem there is still a movement led by bill kristol, a lot of folks in the conservative intelligencea want another candidate. today felt like his attempt stop
2:42 pm
the third party mess, i will be a conservative, i swear. >> i heard from my sources today that mitt romney, who had been floating e-mails and phone calls to some people about a possible independent bid, he starting to walk that back. a lot of the third party movement, still a feeling out there on the right that someone should step up, but no one seems willing to do it. trump is moving to the right. to talk about nixon, it reminds me about nixon in 68, knowing he is not idealog. >> you run to the right, and then you run to the middle. this is trump. he ran to the middle in the primaries and now trying to run right as he gets to -- >> do you think he is running to the right. i this he is throwing the right some bait. i don't think he is shifting to the right. this is a centrist politician that is not driven by ideology. he is driven by the december. he needs the conservatives. >> i think on the supreme court
2:43 pm
front, that list looks like it could calm down folks at the heritage foundation or folks at, you know, in the world of bob vander plants and stings like that. is it enough to get them on board. >> i'm not sure, i was paying attention to the conservative blogs, mike lee of utah oh could have written it. he had his brother on there. but the conservatives, they're looking at the list, they like the people on the list. the former bush administration lawyer, he liked the list allot. will trump follow-through. >> foreign policy seems to be one he continues to stumle. the kim jong-un, democrats pounced on it, his critics, who don't like him in the foreign policy wing pounlsced on it as well. he went to kissinger today, that's where it seems to be he has the most work to do. >> he has a lot of work to do. look where he gave his foreign
2:44 pm
policy speech, the center national interest magazine, came out of the nicxon. his instincts seem to be morrellistmorrele realistic. >> he is not a bush hawk. >> is that something he is willing to accept. >> i'm not sure if he'll be quoting bush 41s. >> you talk about it, reagan, kind of reagan restraint. it goes back to nixon. what alarms a lot of the community, he is just not one of them. if you came out of the "w" school, he is not your ally. >> what does he need to do to totally shut down the bill kristol effort, or is that not possible. >> he is getting the donors in line. i think when i you see the finance team humming there. they're trying to suck the money, get it with trump. even if it is not enthusiastic, don't have it sitting out there
2:45 pm
possibly for an independent. >> robert costa of the "washington post," thank you. up next in the "w" why a trump/christie ticket may not win over new jersey voters. stay tuned. cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility
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2:47 pm
one advisor to donald trump. gizmodo earlier this month, in which a facebook employee alleged that they skewed trending topics away from facebook. they say the company stands for giving everyone a advivoice. clearly facebook is nervous, they moved a lot of people out west to try to quell the controversy. we'll be right back. ♪ [female narrator] you listen when your body says: "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry." what if your body said something else might be wrong? gynecologic cancers - cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers - have symptoms. so pay attention. if your body says something may be wrong....
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w time, here is the who. new army secretary eric fanning. sworn in by ash carter just moments ago. fanning, of course, becomes the
2:50 pm
first openly gay leader of a u.s. military branch. nearly five years after the official repeal of don't ask don't tell. today is what, a possible lgbt lexington's first openly gay mayor won the senate primary. if gray win, he would become the first openly gay man to serve in the united states senate. white house extended the overtime max for more than four million government workers. trying to practice what they preach. it's this friday when nbc's own tom brokaw is receiving the french legion of honor in recognition of the work he's done for world war ii veterans. chris christie is one of the potential picks floated to be donald trump's running mate. there's a new poll out, 72% of new jersey voters say they do
2:51 pm
not want to see their governor on the ticket with trump. christie's approval is just 29%. it's now under 30. president obama's approval rating is 14 points higher in christie's. trump's chances of flipping new jersey in november still seem like a long shot. we'll be right back. y approved both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that causour symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. s cobb in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken.
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if we stand together as one
2:55 pm
peop people. [ cheers and applause ] an not allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. if we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. that is what this campaign is about. >> that was senator sanders a short while ago calling for unity in the face of division. vice president biden said there's no fundamental split in the democratic party. okay then. let's bring in the lid. welcome. i assume you're with the magazine, the magazine endorsed sanders. i'm not assuming you're pro-sanders. what's the editorial sense of where this campaign goes now? >> a couple of things are
2:56 pm
simultaneously true. i think harry reid was right. this is a leadership moment for senator sanders about where we're going to go from here. it is undenniable that his campaign has had a hugely positive effect. not only in the discourse of the democratic party but in the nation overall. it's provided a vehicle for those of us -- >> his mainstream values and ways we haven't seen. >> it's gone on new issues that have found a vehicle in this campaign. i believe it needs to continue to do that. in order to do that it's going to be up to senator sanders to lead to say how are we going to be part of this conversation and the party moving forward. >> it's a metaphor we like to use in the news room is how is he going to land this plane. last night it felt like the runway was there, he pulled up. just now what i heard from senator sanders, i can picture him saying that on the stage in philadelphia while nominating
2:57 pm
hillary clinton for president. >> that's optimistic. >> you can picture those words being sand. if we stand together. that's what my campaign is about. you can picture that language actually in a unifying moment. >> if he's willing to do that. it pushed her to the left and did all the things that you said and are polling, democrats have felt energized by this fight as opposed to the republican side where people are worried it's damaging the party. it's gone too far. it has gone too far. this week we saw it go too far. you have people yelling at barbara boxer, calling her foul names, throwing hchairs. he's got to own that. it's gone from getting energizing an exciting to getting ugly. >> i agree. >> you seem uncomfortable about
2:58 pm
it. >> i agree. there's no condoning what went on in nevada and for what? to what end? i think that's the point. what kind of conversation is the movement that senator sanders has built around him? what kind of conversation is it enforcing. a debate over the party rules is not the debate we're in this for. that's why i say it's leadership moment for him. how can he say to his supporters, say to all the folks and not just the folks that are encouraging about economic justice but a range of issues that have come together around the campaign and say how do we continue to push these ideas. push this momentum inside this party as we go to the convention. >> who can be the broker here? i don't believe it's president obama and the white house doesn't either. >> i don't know there's an obvious person. fundamentally, bernie sanders is party of one. he's not out there growing a movement that has other leaders. he brought a lot of issues to the floor. he doesn't care about the
2:59 pm
democratic party. he's not going to run for president again. it's not like in '08 when diane finestein brought obama and senator clinton together to find unity. he doesn't need that. he doesn't want that and he's not going to get that. >> it is interesting. hillary clinton in '08, thought she might run again. ted kennedy in '80, thought he might run again. there was an incentive. what is the sanders incentive? >> jesse jackson. there are many people who have run progressive campaigns inside the democratic party that have brought much of the democratic constituency around them and continue to be a positive part of the party and national political conversation. there's a whole discussion about what we call the warren wing of the democratic party and sanders is part of that. >> i have 15 seconds.
3:00 pm
>> howard dean went for democratic unity. i see no sign that senator sanders is trying to do that. >> let's see what happens in two weeks when the numbers are in their face. great conversation. i'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts right now. with "with all due respect" to what donald trump is, let's not forget all the things he's not. >> he's not a groper. >> he's not hitler. >> he's not a bully. >> he's not a phony politician. >> he's not democrat. >> he's not a member of the political class. >> he's not a republican. >> he's not a conservative. >> i'm not a politician. >> i'm not a debater. i'm not the president now. i'm not a fast trigger. i'm not a bad person. i'm not passive. i'm not a bad person. i'm not against any religion. i'm not thin


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