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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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trubiotics. be true to your health. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we continue to follow breaking news out of egypt. we're getting new information that includes that the ntsb is monitoring the situation, the investigation and may be sending assistance to help the egyptian officials as well as greek
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officials who are investigating this. greek officials right now say debris has been found that may be from the egyptair jetliner that disappeared over the mediterranean while in route paris to cairo. it vanished more than 14 hours ago and darkness is fast approaching in the search area. there are under two hours of daylight left. 66 people were on board the airbus a-320, no americans among them. at the news conference a few hours ago egypt's af yan minister said a terror attack is more likely than mechanical failure. greece's defense minister said the aircraft just entered egyptian air space near the end of the four-hour flight when the plane dropped 22,000 feet and swerved sharply before it disappeared from radar. egyptair flight 804 was a half hour from landing in cairo when radar contact was lost.
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we know the weather was good and flight crew very experienced. we have all of this covered. let's bring in kelly cobiella standing by with the latest out of the news conference. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, first of all, you've been mentioning this quote by the top minister for civil aviation in egypt saying that terrorism was a more likely cause than a technical failure. this comment came after very intense questioning by reporters who were really pushing him to talk about potential cause. he said he didn't want to speculate. he wanted to with withhold judgment until the debris was found and an investigation could continue. he said -- i'm going to quote here if i can, he said that -- stand by that -- terrorism is a stronger cause than airport -- than technical failure. he doesn't want to draw conclusions but the analysis
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points to terrorism as a cause with a higher probability. really pressed by reporters to wade into this speculation about what might have happened to this flight. you mentioned the ntsb. it is monitoring the situation because the engines on board that airbus a-320 were american, an american make, made by iae international aeroengine, part of pratt and whitney. they will take part in the investigation and help out if requested. they have yet to contact egyptian authorities because this debris -- this wreckage has yet to be found. on that note, we are hearing still these reports that possible debris has been found. we haven't gotten any more updates from greek officials or jicht egyptian officials what this might be or where. the only thing we heard from the army -- greek army general staff
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spokesman telling greek television that egyptian aircraft found two objects southeast of crete, one object metallic and other an orange life jacket consistent with something that could come from an airplane. that's what we know in terms of finding bits of potential wreckage at this point. as you mention, daylight hours quickly running out for searchers. a huge search operation in the eastern med with the greeks and the egyptians and americans taking part as well. and a number of private merchant ships. tamron, we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. let me bring in the "washington post" cairo correspondent. thank you so much for your time. can you talk about the scrutiny that the airports in egypt have endured as of late, particularly after the flight of the russian passenger liner went down killing all on board there?
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>> yes, hello, the egyptian authorities have been under intense scrutiny and i believe it will only get worse for the authorities after this incident. it became particularly bad because the hijacker which had -- who had boarded the russian plane, he basically went through security without any problem whatsoever. so it's very problematic. >> and there were two incidents, one involving the egyptair, i believe that is what you're referencing the hijacker who -- >> yes, exactly. >> upset about his wife, had what he said at the time was an explosive and turned out not to be there but able to go through security. you also have last october the russian passenger plane crash in sinai where 224 people on board. moscow has maintained it was brought down by an explosive. isis claimed responsibility even
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going online showing passports and what they say was the can used to disguise the explosive material, they say was smuggled on that flight. that has not been confirmed by egyptian authorities. you have these two separate incidents, one a man who appeared to have been -- acting out of rage and domestic incident, nevertheless was able to hijack an aircraft. and the deadly flight back last october. >> yes, exactly. >> so have we seen changes at egypt's airports as a result of those two? >> yes, definitely security has been heightened. it's increasingly -- the searching procedures have been heightened as well. but there's still some complaints about security still remaining somewhat lax. but a lot of egyptian authorities have called in a lot of foreign experts from russian
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i can't, from germany and uk and recently i believe in the airport was given a higher rater by uk -- u.k. airport security -- that was hire by the egyptian government. there has been an improvement but evidently not as much as we would like. >> thank you so much. let's go to keir simmons at charles de gaulle airport in paris where the egyptair flight took off. what's the latest you've learned there? >> reporter: i'm just reading a release by the greeks and you'll know of course that the plane took off from here and flew across europe, across greek air space before it entered egyptian air space and disappeared. the greek authorities releasing a time line of what happened. saying that at 2:24 local time,
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a flight path was established. they then say at 2:48 and i'm just reading this, the flight was transferred to the next -- to another area and was cleared to exit greek air space. the pilot was thanked in greek and then at 3:27 a.m., the greek area, the athens area control center tried to communicate for transfer of communication and despite repetitive calls, the flight did not respond. and then the air traffic controller called on the emergency frequency without response. it looks as if from this that they were trying to hand over two egyptian air space at the point of which the flight disappeared. we know it was trite on that boundary between the two places. that may go towards explaining why it has been difficult to establish exactly where this plane is, even now as we begin
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to hear news from another greek official that they do now think they found debris in the mediterranean. they don't know what that debris is yet but the suspicion will be that it is this plane, the french president earlier this morning already having announced that the flight did indeed crash. >> we'll check back in with you this hour. let me bring in retired nbc aviation correspondent bob hager. when you hear that this hand-over took place and that there may be a gap in information, that is surprising at least from where i sit when you look at we're talking about greece and we're talking about egypt, this is not a remote area. these are not underdeveloped countries that we're discussing here. can you explain from your knowledge base how this takes place? >> well, what it really means is that whatever happened, happened so suddenly that all communications are suddenly lost. that would go with the preliminary radar data that
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shows that this plane evidently spiralled out of the sky. and again, that all points just speculatively, though at some kind of terrorist incident. so if you're talking terrorism then are you talking a bomb? are you talking about suicide terrorists breaking into the cockpit and taking over the plane? so far the scenario, the little bits we have would go more in the direction of a bomb, way down the line if you're ever able to prove that, all of this would have to be proven. then you have to determine if there was a bomb on board, where was it? the passenger compartment or cargo. all this requires the black boxes and wreckage. there are a lot of things that will take a lot of time to pin down on this. >> that's why it's surprising bob, not just that this official said it's more likely terror than mechanical, but he said as kelly cobiella pointed out, some
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analysis. what analysis would be available this early to draw even the slight conclusion or to draw his attention even slightly to the idea of a terror attack? >> i don't know imagine there's any analysis more than what we publicly know right now, that is the radar data, the circumstantial evidence of all communications suddenly being lost. i think the next thing to watch for, certainly the reports that some wreckage has been seen on surface, that's real important. nightfall is coming now fast. we may have to wait a long time for evidence of any more wreckage or to see whether this wreckage actually comes from this plane. but other things that could emerge, some claim of responsibility, nothing so far just silence. and could there be some satellite data -- and i imagine it would be secret, might take a while to become public, satellite data which would show you whether or not any explosion was seen by satellite somehow in
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the area. >> to your point, there's some civil -- surveillance, military surveillance and i believe that the information about the sudden swerves came from military surveillance. we're working to get more detail on the source of thaxt but bob, i've been online as well and seen pictures that we're working to verify reportedly some of the debris when you -- with your experience and you've seen these crashes, and again, that it is not remote area as we saw with the malaysia flight, would there be larger chunks of the plane or larger pieces of the plane in a closer proximity of this debris that's been found or just would it sink instantly? >> heavy parts of the plane would sink instantly and typically skin from the fuselage comes to the surface and things that float that pillows and life jackets -- >> fuel. >> the fact this wreckage has been seen this early on, i mean
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the real prize for finding wreckage is what's down below, black boxes and engines and things like that or big pieces of the fuselage. but the fact that the surface wreckage seems to appear this early hour, if we find more, because it's so soon after the event, presumably it should not have floated too far from where the heavier wreckage is at the bottom. another key question how deep is it there? high hard is it going to be to find wreckage on the bottom once the suspected site has been located. >> and bill karins has been talking about the depth as well. and he said that in his words, he would not consider it too deep. in comparison, for example, to the malaysia flight in the search for that debris and that aircraft we'll talk with bill about not only the depth of the water but also the weather conditions which again he
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described as excellent, part of the analysis i'm sure. officials are looking at as well. now joining us, former nfsb senior air safety investigator, greg feith. it seems like with many breaking news stories, we have a flood of information at the beginning and then there's a lull with this story as well i see the similar news pattern we've seen where we're waiting to get a few more details to verify a few more things that may actually be the case which include this debris that's not been verified and there are photos that we're working to verify as well but we may have a focus point where -- whether it's some of the assets from the united states being sent over, greece, france, or egypt who are now focused on this one area. >> tamron, you know, we do get this flood of information. we saw this with mh-370 and mh-17 and metro jet.
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that is these little fragments or factoids come out and everybody builds a story line and then there's nothing to back them up. and that's why as investigator we're very cautious. now one of the things that we have to remember is that the rest of the world doesn't work the way we work here in the united states with regard to providing information. the ntsb is very transparent and try to provide as much factual information during the progress of the investigation. the rest of the world doesn't necessarily work that way. they are more secretive and very calculated in what they are going to put out and if you look at some of the language, it's kind of cryptic. whether that's intentional or that's just the product of interpretation, we don't really know. but some of this information that is coming out, we have to be very cautious. the radar data and how it was presented, the context of that radar data is going to be key for factors to really put the storyline together as to what may have happened to the airplane. >> it's so interesting the "washington post" just posted a
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story headline egypt is often the last to recognize the real cause of its plane crashes. we're still waiting for egyptian officials to release their final determination of what happened to the russian plane that crashed in sinai last october. ahman monhyeldin pointed out, that the pilot hijacked that flight, egyptian officials still not reaching that conclusion. and this article here points to that very incidents and in part it says in two previous cases in which egypt had jurisdiction over the investigation of an air accident which killed 270 people, in the government first hosni mu bar rack and el sisi, denied foul play even when others found definitive evidence to the contrary. as we've seen with a couple of other aviation disasters as of
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late, three or four separate governments, separate countries, conducting individual investigations, greg. how does that impact how they are able to collect this information and come to a conclusion? >> tamron, it's an embarrassment. here you have a flag carrier which is egyptair. egypt is under attack right now with concerns about their security for the flying public. we saw that with metro jet. they took the brunt of the arguments and of course the scrutiny for not having very good security which brought down metro jet. if this -- for whatever reason shows that this is another nefarious act and device brought this aircraft down, they are going to be under a lot of scrutiny. they've gone into a defensive position. we saw that a little bit with mh-370. they were kind of under attack for not really putting out factual information and when they put out information, it wasn't necessarily fact. and they were scrutinized as well.
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so this is -- this is an issue that we have to deal with from an investigative standpoint because if there is a safety issue, we have to address it. and if it's a security issue, that too has to be addressed. >> i do want to bring up, we just got this statement in from procter & gamble stating that had it an employee, ahmed hallal on flight. we can confirm the director of our manufacturing site in france was aboard ms-804. this is a very difficult moment and particularly for our employees. our priority today is to fully support mr. helal's family and all p and g employees very much affected by this tragedy. procter & gamble releasing a statement about its employee on board that flight. we'll work to get more details but thank you so much for joining us as we learn more now about the individuals on that flight with the search sfil stil
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ongoing at this hour. coming up, a look at the conditions at the time that egypt air flight 804 disappeared and also that search site. how deep is the water there? you heard one of our experts say that that obviously impacts the ability to recover some of the debris if that is in fact what's been located at a scene that is the heavy focus as i speak. we'll be right back with more information that we're getting in that we've an able to confirm. we'll be right back. [phone buzzing] [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing] ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we're back now with more on the breaking news we've been following, a missing jetliner egypt air flight 804. officials are now focusing their search on the greek island of karpathos. that's where the debris they believe is the aircraft was spotted. let's bring in nbc meteorologist
8:23 am
bill karins talking about the weather conditions and depth of the water where they focused this search. >> the thing that is quickly approaching is sunset, tamron. it's around 5:22 p.m. in cairo. and sun is going to set here at 6:44 p.m. and that's about 12:44 on east coast of the united states. sunrise will be at 4:59 a.m. that's about 11:00 p.m. on the east coast. we have one and a half, maybe two hours at most of decent daylight with clear conditions. and then we're going to have to go with the instruments and infrared satellites and things like that. as far as visual contact with debris, that time is quickly coming to an end. we've been talking about the a island of karpathos, this was the location of the last correspondence. this area in here is generally where we've seen all of the reports that have come out of where they said about 230 miles to the south, southeast.
8:24 am
we've another report of 110, 130 miles. in this general vicinity here is where we've heard a couple of reports of findings of suspicious items in the water, life jacket was one of them. we'll get confirmation on that. that was an hour and a half, two hours ago that they would have sent a lot of ships in and airplanes in the region if there was a lot of debris. as far as the forecast goes, thsz the clock as we go through the night. this is local time in cairo. clouds will approach as we go through tomorrow afternoon. shouldn't get there until sunset tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a great search day with good visibility. friday night maybe some clouds. water temperatures, people can be in the water at 68 to near 70 degrees, about 2 to 7 hours before exhaustion comes in and at some point it leads to unconsciousness and survival time is short of two hours but most likely 40 hours at most. we're already 14 hours into this. so the clock is ticking and if we don't see a lot of debris in
8:25 am
the next hour or two, it's dark and we have to wait until tomorrow morning. >> thank you. let me bring in ahman mohyeldin focused on the questions regarding the security not only at charles de gaulle airport in paris but security at airports in egypt and there's a headline "washington post" just posted the story a few minutes ago and egypt is the last to recognize the real cause of its plane crashes. that's been a part of the focus you talked with me about a short time ago going through these incidences of late. >> you brought up a really good point. obviously intelligence agencies and security officials will be combing through the flight manifest and looking at people who may have had access to the plane and trying to listen to any intelligence chatter to see if they can pick upny claims of responsibility, if anyone is talking about it among the militant groups that they track in egypt. egypt is aware of this image crisis it's suffering from right now. it's dealing with a very
8:26 am
militant insurgency particularly in the sinai. it is a country that has been the victim of several terrorist attacks, high profile terrorist attacks. at the same time, to the outside world, they always want to project the sense of stability and security and that they have the situation under control. that doesn't sometimes jive with the reality with what is happening. as you mentioned, this incident that took place back in november where isis claimed responsibility for downing the russian plane. it took the egyptian officials a very long time to come around to actually acknowledge it could have possibly been a terrorist attack. in the immediate aftermath egyptian officials were saying this was an accident. another example back in 1999, the flight that took off from here from new york, flight 990 heading to egypt, u.s. officials say that plane was down intentionally by the pilot in perhaps an act of terrorism. egyptian officials to this day dispute that saying it was a result of a mechanical failure. so there is this narrative that the egyptian government wants to
8:27 am
always project that despite some of these setbacks its airline security and airport security are in line of standards with the rest of the international community. as the record shows that has not been the case. egypt suffered several cases of hijacked airplanes and an individual with a fake bomb managed to die vert a plane to cypress and in the late '70s where egyptair planes were hijacked and several incidents where egyptian airlines have crashed sometimes fatally both in tunisia as well as thailand in '80s and '90s. >> how has this -- at least knowing that the security is under scrutiny, what impact has it had? i know particularly with this flight, the russian passenger liner that went down in sinai, there was concern how it would impact tourism. it's beyond the perception when you see two incidents where there are different could be
8:28 am
inclusions from different countries. >> tourism is a major part of the egyptian economy, as much as 25% of the egyptian gdp depends on tourism and tourism related services and hospitals and restaurants. as you mentioned, because of the arab spring of 2011, there was a political uncertainty that gripped egypt and that certainly began to affect tourism. we started to see a lot people, particularly western tourists shy from going to egypt. as much as that political instability was causing tourism to shrink, what really tipped the tourism industry was the acts of terrorism that egypt has been dealing with in the past two years, including the metro jet liner and now this. that is going to be something that egyptian officials will have a hard time recovering from to try to convince the outside world it is a safe place to come while dealing with tragedies. it seems almost on a regular basis. >> thank you very much. ahead we're waiting for comments from john kerry on the missing egypt air flight.
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we're waiting to get an update from secretary kerry in brussels, getting first u.s. official to comment on the latest news of this missing egypt air flight. i do want to go now to paris to speak with laura hamz, a french tv correspondent there. what can you tell me more about what french officials are saying. we know egypt has taken the lead but what rur hearing from there? >> reporter: this is quite interesting, the french officials are saying on one regard they want to understand what happened and the sources are telling us that they need egyptians to tell them all of the information they might have. that's a real problem between
8:33 am
france and egypt at this moment. the level of cooperation. on other side what we know is there's a kind of international cooperation on its way with an american plane and greek plane all on their way to try to locate where the missing plane, the disappearing plane is. it's also really interesting to see how those people are working all together. everybody here is in shock. they want to understand what happened. they are very cautious in their communication because as you know france has been -- there were a lot of attacks in france and the french people are quite sensitive about the terrorists and what could result from the results of the investigation. >> and speaking of the heightened security and awareness, can you talk to me a little bit about airport
8:34 am
security at charles de gaulle in wake of the series of attacks? >> reporter: this is a very good question. this is the element of the investigation. people want to know if safety was in place. there are a lot of problems at this moment in france involving the police people, they are saying for the past three months they don't have enough money, that they need more budgets to protect. people want to know if it's a terrorist attack, what happened and if someone from for instance -- where the plane was taking off, was about maybe to put something inside the plane. at this moment, a lot of people are working on those questions. >> thank you very much. i know you'll have more information throughout the day. french tv correspondent, we gre greatly appreciate it. the former cairo bureau chief for "the new york times"
8:35 am
closely examined the investigation of the metro jet plane that went down after departing killing 224 people on board will join us. we'll be right back. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you wiback like it could used to?
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secretary kerry is speaking, the first u.s. official to comment on the missing egyptian air flight. let's listen in. >> in war saw this july, before i say more though, i want to express my condolences to egypt and to all other countries impacted by the disappearance earlier this morning of the egyptair flight over the mediterranean. the united states is providing assistance in the search effort and relevant authorities are doing everything they can to try to find out what the facts are of what happened today. i have no more knowledge than
8:38 am
others at this point with respect to those facts but we certainly extend our condolences to each and every country that has lost people and particularly to egypt which has made so many efforts in recent months to break out of and away from the last events and so, no matter what i think everybody -- our thoughts are with them and with all of the passengers. no matter what crisis demands our attention at this moment and obviously there are many, we are never taking our eye off of the largest picture, which is what nato and this meeting is really all about.
8:39 am
nearly 70 years ago nato was formed in order to ensure the collective defense of like -- minded. >> a brief remark from secretary kerry offering condolences to family members to those on missing egyptian air flight and noting he does not have any information at this point regarding what may have brought down that airliner, but has reiterated what we heard all morning long. meanwhile, let me bring in "the new york times" former cairo chief david kirkpatrick and associate fellow in london. he examined concerns about past investigations related to the russian metrojet that crashed in october. thank you so much for joining us. we have been discussing this morning this headline from the "washington post" that egypt is often the last to recognize the real cause of its plane crashes and that includes the ongoing investigation as to what happened to that metro jetliner.
8:40 am
how do you believe some of what we do and don't believe about that crash could impact this investigation? >> well, history suggests that the the egyptians will be in no rush to get to the bottom of this if there's any chance that conclusions will be embarrassing to them. in the case of the metrojet crash near sharm al sheikh the russian government acknowledged it was terrorism and u.s. government said it was terrorism and eventually even president el sisi said yes, this was terrorism. the egyptian government has not officially acknowledged it was terrorism. they haven't blamed it on anyone or outlined any new specific measures to eliminate that problem and they are continuing to say it's under investigation. that might be just one blip but we have another precedent, which is the crash of egypt air 990
8:41 am
off the coast of the united states in 1999. in that case, a lot of observers, including the u.s. government concluded pretty quickly based on cockpit flight recorder that the pilot had committed suicide. there are reasons of the past why he may do that. the egyptians stone walled and to this day they continue to insist that that might well have been a mechanical failure on the boeing jet. so their process for this kind of aviation investigation has historically been politicized and sensitive to avoiding what they would consider embarrassment. maybe this time will be different, but so far, we have a lot of reason not to hold our breath for a clear and transparent investigation into this accident from the egyptians. >> what's intriguing though, if the motivation is to avoid embarrassment, it's not as if these accidents, these tragedies have gone away.
8:42 am
it's not as if somehow that their lack of acknowledging in the case of the metrojet, that it was an act of terror will make it go away. >> yeah, i really couldn't agree more. i think the lack of transparency with which they've addressed that crash in particular has really magnified the damage to the egyptian tourism industry. if they had been crisp and forthright and open they could have put it behind them. unfortunately it lingers, a lot of countries haven't restored flights yet. and this episode can only hurt. even if this turns out to be some kind of mechanical problem, it still is going to be a cloud over the egyptian tourism industry. >> david kirkpatrick, thanks so much for your time. i do want to note to the audience, we mentioned this hour that there are photos of debris said to be or believed to be from the egypt air flight and right now for the first time egyptair has posted on its social media saying that the the connection to the debris and
8:43 am
plane has not been verified so some of the photos that are on the internet that have been shown according to egyptair, the sightings are unverified at this hour. this area that we focused in a lot on where this debris reportedly was found may not be from this aircraft afterall. coming up, retired airline pilot and author tom bon will join me to give his pilot's perspective. we know the crew was described as experienced and this erratic motion looking at radar, does that mean anything or is that another tid bit of information that will lead to nowhere? we'll dig into that right after a quick break. it was epic. i can't believe i got it. that's my boy. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best.
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welcome back. before we went to break we were citing a new quote from egyptair now saying that debris field
8:47 am
located -- you see there right on your screen just not very far away from karpathos, is not -- they've not verified that this debris which some of the indications were that you saw brightly colored floating object as if those were life jacket. they are saying this debris has not been verified and it's not clear if it's actually connected to the plane at all. joining me now, retired airline captain tom bon and author of the book sore tom. what we do know is this plane has gone down. we do not know if it was a crash as a result of a mechanical issue or if it lost pressure as a result of a bomb on board. but what we do now know is it's another missing aircraft and the question about radar and it dropping off the radar. >> well, there's two kinds of radar. one is a type of radar that picks up the signal produced by the airplane, as long as the
8:48 am
airplane is powered, then they'll pick up that signal. if the airplane then loses power or comes apart, then that signal is lost but they still could track it on military radar. >> that's what we're getting at, it appears the information about this reported swerve or turn that early reporting indicates came from military surveillance. >> yeah, well the thing is when i read a report like swerve, it sounds like it's not written by someone who is savvy about aviation. the plane made a turn in one direction and reports it did a 360 and turned in the other direction. that tells us the plane was controllable at that point. let me just suggest if this was a pressurization failure not due to terrorism, it would be normal for the pilots to rapidly descend down to 14,000 feet or so. but if the pressurization problem was caused by a bomb, then as the plane got lower and
8:49 am
got into denser air, the denser air might have caused it to come apart. >> what more do we know about contact or distress call made from the crew? >> there apparently was no call by the crew. there was the report that a locater beacon sent out a signal. i don't know whether that is dependable yet. >> the egyptian military is denying it received a distress call. what does that tell us if anything if there was not a distress call made? >> well, there was -- from what i read, they had made a radio call about three minutes before the plane started to descend. at that point there was no sign of distress. that was the last verbal contact. then when it comes to distress calls, i think it's confusing when they say that the locater beacon put out a distress call two hours later. that's an automatic device if in fact that was from the plane. >> at this hour, we do not know
8:50 am
if the debris field has been spotted. earlier there was indications that that could be and it still very well may but egypt air is saying there appears to be egyptair says there is no connection with this photo. >> yes. >> and with all of this, the confusion, you have three different countries involved, egypt taking relief here other than where is this aircraft and these people on board, what is the question? >> i think everybody is going to wonder what's the consequence. sometimes i have my conscious at this point at 50/50. >> we cannot find the cause until we find the plane >> that's exactly right. >> it is too early to speculate and know. >> thank you very much. >> up next, a live report from the pentagon on the u.s. world in this investigation, we'll be right back. fore earning% cash back everywhere, evy time
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8:54 am
regarding flight 804, been getting updates throughout the day. we do not know just what happened. we'll uphold judgments until we have the facts. the thought of our whole house are with the families on board >> that was house speaker paul ryan saying he will reserve judgment on what happened. that's counter to the tweets sent out from the front runner donald trump linking this crash as to terror. it has not been confirmed to be an active terror. let's bring in nbc's national producer, what are you hearing there? >> it is too early to say what brought down this crash. u.s. officials are using any assets they have available to them which is essentially a series of infrared systems that the u.s. military has that can see virtually the entire globe if in fact they are trained on a specific area.
8:55 am
defensive officials who we spoke with this morning cannot say whether they had anything trained on this part of the med where the aircraft went missing. so far, they don't have any indication of any flashes and seeing anything that would indicate any kind of an explosion yet. it is still early and they're going through any material they can get. we just don't know yet from here. >> courtney, live at the pentagon, thank you very much. we are working to get as many details as possible right now. we are close to sunset and near where the focus of the search for this airliner taking place. that'll greatly impact any attempt to recover debris or getting assessment of where this airliner went down. we'll continue to follow this on msnbc, thank you very much for joining me for the two hours. up next, our andrea mitchell will pick up our breaking news coverage.
8:56 am
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," breaking news, the latest on the crash of egyptair flight 804. i am andrea mitchell in washington. at this hour, here is what we know. greek officials say they have found debris in the mediterranean. however, it is still not clear if any of that material is from the missing plane. now about one hour left of daylight, the search continues for any signs of life. the request of a greek government health surveillance is helping at this effort. 19 hours ago bound for cairo. after swerving sharply and losing altitude, there were 56 people on board, that included 56 passengers and three of them children and seven crew members and three security personnel.
9:00 am
most were egyptians. there were six other nations represented as well. just moments ago, secretary of state, john kerry offered his condolences of the victims. >> i want to express my condolences to egypt and all of the country by the disappearance earlier this morning. i think everybody, our thoughts are with them and with all the passengers. >> we are expecting the daily white house's briefing to begin in a moment. we'll monitor that closely and we'll bring you any news at all as it breaks. joining me now, kelly, from the latest from london. >> we heard possible debris found from this plane about three hours ago now. we heard this greek military officials on greekal visi televo


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