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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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at this hour. the place where last night at a 320 took off. we are trying to understand what could have caused this tragedy and looking at effects of this. people like you and me using it to go on vacation. what may it mean for us at airports. some of the details we have heard through this morning so far, two pieces of debris according to a greek official and a life jacket found off the coast of greek. it is not clear whether those debris relate to the aircraft itself. the aviation minister of a possibility of a terror attack is higher. there is been no claim of
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terrorism organizations. nbc's kelly is looking at that crucial search for the aircraft, kelly. >> just within the past couple of minutes, we have seen on the twitter feed for egyptair that they have confirmed that debris from the egyptair flight 804 has in fact been found, bear with me for a moment as i read this to you. the egyptian ministry of civil aviation has received an official wait letter from the egyptian foreign ministry, they are reporting that floating materials have been found likely, the wreckage as well as some life jackets and plastic products. these according to egyptair found bee the greek authorities of karpathos. coordination is under way right
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now to ascertain the identity of the parts. we understand that some of this debris is blue and white this is obviously would match the color scheme of that air bus a 320 which went down and disappeared about three and a half hour into that flight to cairo over night. we gone over the time line a couple of time now. civil aviation authorities from greece report talking the pilots and everything seemed to be fine and everything was ru teoutined. the pilot sounded in good spirits and even thanking the controller in greek then 20 minutes later when greek civil aviation authorities tried to reestablish contact for a routine passage over handing over to egyptian civil aviation authorities, there was no response. and shortly after that, the
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plane simply disappeared from radar. greek defense minister telling us the plane apparently made a sharp turn to the left 90 degrees turn and then a complete 360 to the right before dropping several thousand feet and completely disappearing. that search is ongoing for more than 14 or 15 hours now. it is now nightfall in that region, searching that much is more difficult. positive news in term of this search here. the fact that they haves in fact found some pieces of wreckage from this flight. that confirmation is coming from egyptair. kerr. >> reporter: kelly, thank you, that's positive news. lets move over to kelly saunders in dc for us. they may have known it.
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>> in need kerr, as kelly just pointed it out of the sunset about 15 minutes ago. the idea of covering more debris out there in this area is much more difficult. we are reporting some what levelled so it is not too much of a problem. with a plane like this breaking up to so many pieces, those bigger pieces when it comes down and if they deep fell in the area would sink down. some smaller pieces would float and each pieces of the airplane has a serial number. it is possible that those pieces taken on board of the ship will have photographs taken by the ship's captain and be transm transmitted back to authorities. all pieces being told right now that suggests this piece is the one from the debris that it went down. it is a common plane that's flown around the world. more than 6,000 of them and
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there is generally a 320 taking off and a long history of providing safe passage around the world. the pilots had a lot of experience and the pilots of the plane, the pilots itself have more than 6,000 hours flying and 2,000 behind the column of a through 20. the co-pilot had more than 27,000 hours of flying. the authorities are looking at the map to see if they can determine if there is any indication as they look into the map off of karpathos and seeing the root that's taken and everything they see is that this plane is traveling a normal passage. there were no indications of problems. kelly say in the moments they did the hand over as they go from greek aerospace into egyptian aerospace, pilots were speaking rather cheerfully.
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it was ten minutes later authorities tried to contact the aircraft and did not get a response. that's of which point they started looking at the radar and they started seeing there was problems. this aircraft was only about ten minutes into the egyptian aerospace when it ran into problems. the most significant development of this hour is the confirmation from authorities they found pieces of debris they have confirming indeed from this aircraft. >> kerr. >> it is stunning for people to see debris from a 320 floating. claudia, what more are you learning about what they are finding about this search of recovery operations? >> reporter: well, kerr, the day
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is coming to a close here and the sun is about to set. >> it would be too dark to search for any area with this two pieces and two objects were found. we are learning from greek authorities that one of the airplanes that are flying over that area looking for -- it is now flying back to the island of greek. this island is about 230 miles from the location where this has been zpoufound and this is the pivotal place where it will be coming back every day now. the whole wreckage will be found. we don't know where the debris had been found. authorities have said that of
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what's confirmed to be found will be taken back to the island here. >> thank you very much. up now, our aviation news contributor, thanks for joining me, guys. first of all, robert, from what we know now, what can we say happen? >> well, we only know as you know -- few details but certainly everything so far makes one speculate about terrorist. this fits the scenario better than anything else. it could have been a suicidal pilot such as the malaysian aircraft might have been or the egyptair of so many years ago. everything here fits the scenario of terrorism. that makes it a worldwide attention. a matter or worldwide attention. we have been reporting of the
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wreckage being seen so far, that's key. it is important to get to that wreckage before it floats very far from where the plane actually went down. the real prize is probably not the wreckage that's on the surface but what sticks to the bottom. flight data recorder have the cockpit voice recorder and then the actual pieces of wreckage. here is something to think about. if this were above and so far that a lot of speculations, oftentimes the recorder don't tell you that much. the data stops and does not tell you what cause it. you got to get the piece of the wreckage to do the new analysis to get them up from the bottom of the surpass and get them on the land and get experts around them to examine them to see if this was an explosion and where it came from. >> chris, it is a terrorism
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incident then that raises questions for the aviation industry if it is a aircraft malfunction that raises question. >> oyeah, both a major problem. a lot of speculations that is going on today, we left out one o f the key suspects of this which is the al-qaeda and arabian peninsula. they tried several times coming out with innovated bombs getting past airport security even if it was warned by passengers. there was the under pants bomber. it did not go off but that was a close thing. they shifted over to printers on fed fedex, they were bombs to blow
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fedex planes in the sky. one of the stops was in, no so far from the arabian peninsula. we sort of fixated on isis but al-qaida is every bit of dangerous in this context. >> reporter: if there is some terrorist groups or al-qaida, they are speculative but they are we suspect d the need to use a device more sophisticated than we have seen in recent years. >> probably so. as many have said, the terrorists have an act foreseeing one step ahead of the authorities. it is not hard to imagine some kind of device of a timer that is sneaky.
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important to know whether the passenger compartment or in the car go, if it is in the car go, it has to be some sort of a timer that's preset. if it is in the passenger hold, something that the passenger could trigger by remote control or another part of the passenger compartment. very important to know because that has big implications of where the lose spots of security that is impose so far. what needs special examination. >> reporter: we want to go back to kelly with new information of the investigation, what are you learnin learning, kelly? >> this is coming in from senior u.s. intelligence official familiar with u.s. capabilities in the eastern mediterranean telling us we do not know the cause but judging from some infrared and multi spectrum images. these images indicate that there
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was an explosion and an explosion where this plane was northwester early in the morning. the cause remains unclear but the u.s. has what's called a persistence stair using various types of technology that others in the intelligence industry much better first on than i am. technology which collects everything from sound waves and multi spethe spectro imaging indicating there was an explosion in this region, kerr. >> reporter: okay, lets go back to robert. that's crucial information, is it? >> that's incredibly important, kerr. absolutely. i did not think we would get it because it has to be from some
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kind of secret service from one of these spy satellites. i always thought if there is an explosion of some kind of heat satellite should have picked it up. here is some first evidence of that so that's a very important development. >> chris, can you pick up from there, what will it mean for paris and what will it mean for this airport if that was the case of what we are hearing now that there was an explosion on board which leads you to conclude there was some kind of explosive device on the plane. how will the french react to that? >> well, how will the french and the whole world react to it. if they start to think for instance, that group has been experimenting of putting bombs inside people and inserting them surgically, if that starts to be a problem, how do we possibly begin to cope with that if
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that's something that proves successful. these are the kinds of things that will make all of our lives difficult in france, for those of us who live there. new york and chicago and rome and every place you can possibly think of because they could apply worldwide of security measures. that's why we cannot take bottles of water on plane and have to take off shoes at the airport. >> people will be watching this, chris. i know many people need the aviation industry to go about their lives, weekly lives and clearly feeling deep sympathy for the relatives of the people on board. thinking o f the change it may mean for all of us. >> well, that's right. just one word of caution here, planes have blown up famously blown up, and not blown up by terrorists. it was an incident couple years ago. it was flight going from paris
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to israel. you would have thought it is a perfect terrorist target. it blew off the coast of long island not long after take out. that was not a terrorist attack. that was a wire and a fuel tank. >> reporter: thank you very much. nbc's news correspondence in the pentagon is with us now, courtney, can you help us shed any lights on what those images may mean, is there any more information, what is the pentagon saying of what happened over the mediterranean? >> the pentagon is still not confirming of the cause of this crash. i can explain of mary you the u.s. intelligence maybe able to see something. there is this system called the over head system infrared sensor system. it is a series of infrared sensors that for the most part are used for surveillance of
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missile watches. it has a capability of seeing a launch anywhere in the world. >> any kind of explosion in the air would have a similar infrared signal or look. so, they would the u.s. would have the ability if there is an explosion and the infrared sensor to fix on that. they would have the ability to know that there is some sort of explosi explosion. given the area that this plane went down, it is not likely that there is someone that would actively fixed and watching that area at the time. they should have the able to look at the system and see what happened in the hours past and reviewed it. we may see some sort of a flash and explosion if in fact that's what happened here. >> okay, thank you very much.
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sanjay's a team player and uh...
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it is too early to definitively say what cause this disaster. investigation is under way. obviously there is an opportunity for the united states government to support this effort then we'll do that and the president asked his team to keep him appraised of developments. >> reporter: welcome back to msnbc, live from charle charlecharles charles degaulle.
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>> something was seen and that intelligence official say there were strong indications of what was seen in the area that aircraft disappeared was some kind of explosion. we want to go to nbc cal perry who's monitoring a development for us online. what are you seeing of the search of recovery of operation? we are seeing a lot developing in the past hour. we have this statement out from egyptair in the past 25 minutes saying they have found a debris field from this aircraft. they are being careful of how they put out this information. they are channelling the egyptian government in the early hours of this. there was a back and forth between egyptian air and the egyptian government wanted to
10:23 am
ta take control of this. this is all of the boats that's searching for the debris here this cluster here is where we believe that debris to be. it is going to be interesting now as they start to pull these things off the water. how they're able to merry that information from that and u.s. intelligence officials with the debris they're seeing. they should be able to find and determine quickly of what the cause of this explosion was. that's the key to the investigation. was it a mechanical failure or something else. you will be able to find that from piece of debris whether they are charged from that sample. we'll give you the information here. >> is it concentrated in the area? the yes, the green boats or the
10:24 am
green indicators, that's boats that we checked in with the satellite and red ones have not check ds ed in. looks like they're closer to south of the main island to the east of the greece. >> as you know you covered so many of these disasters here, as you know it is them. that they have to sort of figure out the current of where the waves are moving and where the debris is being carried. the mediterranean has a great deal of debris already. they'll have to go through and determine what is that airplane and what debris was there to begin with. >> cal perry, thank you very much. msnbc live from from paris, we'll be back after this short break. >> my thoughts are with the family aies and friends and all those that's on board, egyptair that's missing. we know it is there is a british possible on board going off to
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welcome back to msnbc live from paris charles de gaulle airport. pete williams has more breaking news and there may have had an explosion on board of the aircraft. >> yes, this is from a couple of u.s. officials familiar with all the data that's gathered by and a number of different sensors looking at different parts of the world, these would be satellites and so forth. an initial look at this data strongly suggests that there was an explosion and in that area at
10:29 am
about time that this plane went missing. now, that is as far as they can go with this. it is no at confirmation that was an explosion. it is a strong suggestion that there was one. separately, officials say that of course does not tell you the cause of the crash. it does not tell you what caused the explosion, was it some kind of on board mechanical problem or explosive. of course, cannot have conclusions based on this data. it strongly suggests that there was some kind of explosions that may have brought the plane down but it did not tell what cause it and if in fact there was one here. >> reporter: we are talking about something that has happened in the last 24 hours. will they be able to look at
10:30 am
that explosion overtime and figure out what they are looking at? >> i don't know. it takes me a little beyond of my understanding of how this process work. i don't think it is a simple matter of a picture. it is more of a, you know, infrared sensors and other kinds of sensors that they ask us to not too specific about that looks at phenomenon that could be close. whether you can see a fire ball or see it, i don't know if that information was available. >> pete williams, thank you very much. >> i want to go to our kelrry saunderss in dc. what will they find when they get a hold of the black boxes. >> this is the area not too far from the island of karpathos in
10:31 am
the mediterranean. this is the location. there are now confirmed reports from egyptian officials they have found debris that matches up to the plane that went down. of course, the question is about those black boxes. this is what they call a black box, this is actually orange. these black boxes as they referred to record data as well as voice recordings. if they can find the black boxes, they can get the data from the plane's final minutes to determine what's going on and even if the co-pilot were not transmitting information over the radio, there is a recording in the plane of their discussions that'll be on this black box. we can tell you looking at the time line of this airplane's r departure and flight of where it was going and where it was going. it was around 8:30 with the greek authorities and the plane
10:32 am
was pass fing from greek aerospe into egyptian aerospace. 8:50 there were repeated attempts to reach the flight to talk to the pilot and the co-pilot. this is an a 320, common aircraft flown around the world. more than 6,000 of them are in service. it is estimated one takes off every two second around the world. egyptian aircraft here was made in 2003 and it is relatively new and the co-pilot had a tremendous amount of experienced of flying and the pilot more than 2,000 hours of flying and the co-pilot had 27,000 hours. it is not this point focused on the attention of their flying skills. on board, there were 66 passengers on board and 56 of those on board including three
10:33 am
children and then you have seven crew members and three security personnel on board. as we break down the nationalities of those on borar, you can see most of them were egyptian and 15 were french and two were iraq and two from britain and belgian. the confirmation that they have found the debris is not too far from the island of karpathos is at a very good step of this investigation. unfortunately, the sun sets about 45 minutes ago. the idea of finding anything in the night is not possible. at first sun rise, we know there are coast guard ships in the area that were out. it was called a search and rescue, tomorrow morning will be simply a search. the plane was at 27,000 feet. if there was an explosion the
10:34 am
items would shower over a tremendous amount of area. so it is not a specific pinpoi t pinpoint. here, at least there are some positive step at this point to try to find out what went wrong and what happened. >> reporter: all right, thank you very much. lets go to clive from the daily beast. if this blureaking news we hear through this hour of the potential that there is really an explosion on board, what will this mean for airline passengers? >> well, i think with all the evidence so far on converging on this uncertainty, i look to the tracking system but by a satellite and it did happen in
10:35 am
standpoi resista instantaneously. all points the same way, the importance for passengers to be concerned about is airport security and how if a bomb got on board, was it in the passenger's cabin or cargo? >> reporter: right. sorry to interrupt you, please continue. >> yeah, the other priority now with the wreckage. i don't think it will be dispersed and all the evidence fell from not 27,000 feet but from 37,000 feet. the priority now is to look at the wreckage and see if there is any evidence of scorching or on
10:36 am
the aircraft or on the bodies of the passengers, too. if there is evidence of explosion, the next secret the wreckage has to give up is where did that explosion takes place in the airplane. that's going to be hard to piece together. the main structure of the plane is broken to several pieces and it could take a long while for the location of the explosion to be located. they would be able to identify whether people were and where the information could occur or the cargo holder. the wreckage becomes number one piece of evidence for establishing whether or not this was a bomb.
10:37 am
>> reporter: yeah, we have seen a bomb placed in a plane taken off in somalia. we have seen it happened allegedly taking off from egypt. as you say, if this turns out to be a bomb, the bomb taking off from charles de gaulle to paris, the implication is more serious. this airport is supposed to have the same security like jfk or o' hare or any airports that you and i use frequently. >> another mystery is no one is making a claim to having done this. isis is not making a claim. we are in a situation where isis is so on these attacks, al-qaida is being put in the shadow. al-qaida that has the one guy. he used to be the world's
10:38 am
experts on designing bombs. maybe al-qaeda is trying to get back in the business. that approach is yet to be seen. as you said, the greatest conce concern, have they conceive another piece of technology. >> clive, thank you very much. >> msnbc live from paris, we'll be back after the break. soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe.
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10:42 am
os f t s of the u.s. military of recovery rescue and crucial operation of the aircraft that took off from here charles de gaulle last night. we can see that meeting is about to get started >> first of all, department of dense fence man of the egypt of the flight a 304. u.s. six fleet working the joint rescue coordination center in greece and athens have provided orion aircraft. that aircraft launched on its mission earlier today and is still at station helping with the search at this time. any assistance is provided if requested. the investigation is of course, just beginning. if we have any information that
10:43 am
could potentially be helpful, we'll be happy to provide it in the future. >> now, turning now to a different topic of the budget. the secretary continues to have deep concerns regarding proposals including the national offense authorization act that passed the house yesterday. this includes a budget gimmick -- >> all right, peter cook there at the pentagon is giving us small information of the aircraft in the mediterranean helping that search for the a 320 that took off from charles de gaulle airport here in paris cht le . lets go to bill, and the conditions they are facing. >> conditions have been clear all day long. that's great. sunset about half hour or an hour ago.
10:44 am
it will go backup at 4:59 a.m. this is the ocean current at the eastern mediterranean. all the lines here, something in the water and what direction it would head. there is a ton of swirls on this map. the main search area is located right about in here. you can see that in this region, this part of water could be headed into different regions. it splits and comes up to the north and there is another one that loops back around to the north. the longer this debris is in the water, it is scattering and it is going to be a wider search field. it is not like a big ocean we are using off the east coast and gulf. here is a closer up map, karpathos is the island that everyone is referencing. this is the general search area where they found the debris and portions of the rwreckage here.
10:45 am
the northern coast here of egypt is, the depth of the water is important to recover the black box. if you are just down the creek, it is very deep. we are about 14,000 feet. the plane is about right here and could be further south. that's some topography differences here of where the block box could be. with the sophisticated sequipmet that we have here. water temperatures, we are hoping of miracles on miracles that there are some survivors out there. of course, now it is dark and making it difficult. >> water temperatures are 68 and 78 degrees here. >> exhaustions and hypothermia and the max survivor time is 40 hours. the clock is ticking as we are 15 hours in since we heard the last report from this plane.
10:46 am
>> reporter: that's stunning though. if by some miracles, someone manage to survive, that's a pretty terrifying decent of this plane. >> there is crazy stories out there about people falling on planes and surviving and landing on trees. i am sure the rescuers will be out there searching. as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow morning, they're going to hit this area large. >> thanks very much, we'll have more after this short break.
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we'll be start by offering our thoughts of prayers to those families aboard egyptair a 320. it is painful to even c
10:50 am
contempla contemplate. >> reporter: you are live with msnbc with breaking news, we have heard u.s. officials now believed that they have seen some kind of an explosion in th a320 aircraft that took off from here last night local time in the area where that aircraft disappeared and we now know dropped into the sea. meanwhile, there is an ongoing search for the black boxes to try and find debris, to try and find wreckage. there is a u.s. p-3 orion in the air helping that search and officials confirming in egypt they do believe they have found the wreckage of that aircraft. we want to go to ron allen at the white house. can you tell us more about what is being said there about what we are hearing may have happened here? >> reporter: there's been a very measured response from the white house.
10:51 am
it took many hours before there was even a statement. you heard josh ernest there not getting into the speculation about whether this was a bomb, explosion, terrorism, saying it's just too early to tell. he also said that the united states has made offers of assistance to participate in the investigation, but there had not yet been a response, which is a bit curious to me. i asked him about that, how involved is the united states. here's some of what he had to say. >> i think the first thing that we should step back and recognize is that this is an aircraft that did not originate on american soil, not an american airline, i'm not aware that the pilots were american, the plane didn't crash in america. so there are other countries that have appropriate jurisdictions. other countries have the lead, we stand offer to help, as soon as they're ready to integrate it
10:52 am
into their efforts. >> reporter: there's every expectation that the united states will be involved because of the expertise that it bricks to an investigation like this. of course these are some of our key allies on the front lines of this particular investigation. and of course there is the issue of the possibility of terrorism hanging over this. ernest emphasized that the united states is very involved in airport security in charles de gaulle and paris and cairo particularly dealing with flights that leave those cities bound for the united states. but of course, the president's very engaged in what's happening, we are told, he's watching developments closely. again, the u.s. taking a very measured approach to this, still not determining whether or not this was a terrorist event or what. keir, back to you. >> all right. i want to go now to blake mccoy at chicago o'hare and can tell us what the reaction is there. because people will be just
10:53 am
hearing the news, the worrying news that this may have been caused by an explosion. >> reporter: that's right, keir. first, let's talk about what tsa is doing. you can see we're in the international terminal. it is normal security presence here. we've spoken with tsa. they say they have no mans to beef up security at this point. until they know exactly what caused that explosion, as we're now hearing, they won't know if any changes need to be made in the u.s. security system. so right now, it is business as usual at u.s. airports. this is brad in chicago on his way to munich. we're now hearing it was in fact an explosion that brought down this egyptair plane. how does that make you feel about flying? >> it's somewhat disconcerting. the news about airline failures orca tastfys is camp famplifiede
10:54 am
fact they're so rare. it's not a flight originated in the united states. it really hasn't changed my feelings about flying. >> reporter: do you feel secure and do you feel confidence in the u.s. security system? >> given what's going on with the lines, i think it's a little bit worrisome. you have workers overworked, stressed, tired. you worry about their ability to process people effectively and efficiently. that's a different problem. i think it could contribute to something like what we've experienced recently with the egyptair. >> reporter: safe trip to munich. and the tsa administrator neffenger is planning a trip here. this of course will now certainly be on the agenda tomorrow, what is tsa doing, if anything, in light of this
10:55 am
tragedy. keir? >> blake mccoy there at chicago o'hare live. thank you, blake, so much. we have been live here through this hour at charles de gaulle here in paris. as you've been watching, you've been seeing the planes taking off and landing behind me. it's kind of a surreal experience to see the airport rolling again, running again so quickly after something so tragic has happened, and with the news breaking that u.s. officials believe that they did see some kind of an explosion on board the aircraft with the continuing search for the aircraft, for those black boxes. but i guess the very fact that the airport is still running is a sign that the world keeps turning, life has to go on. we will be back with erika hill after the top of the hour with more developments on this breaking story here on msnbc. we have been live from paris. i'm keir simmons as msnbc live from paris.
10:56 am
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>> god afternoon from -- good afternoon from msnbc headquarters in new york. i am erika hill. we're following all the developments at this hour on this break news. egyptair flight, flight knig804t crashed in the mediterranean, they have found plane wreckage. u.s. officials say there are strong indications of an explosion in the area where this flight went down. it departed from paris just after 11:00 p.m. local time. authorities on the ground lost contact. egypt's chief of civil aviation said the possibility of a terror attack was higher than a mechanical issue. egypt is leading this investigation with assistance from greece, britain, france, and the u.s. here's how the white house responded earlier today when asked whether the crash was a
11:00 am
terror attack. >> it's too early to definitively say what may have caused this disaster. the investigation is under way. and investigators will consider all of the potential factors that could have contributed to the crash. and obviously if there's an opportunity for the united states government to support those efforts, then we will do that. and the president asked his team to keep him appraised of developments as they occur. >> josh ernest there at the white house. we begin with keir simmons who led our coverage last hour from charles de gaulle airport in paris. one of the biggest developments is this word from egyptair that they debris found could in fact be part of this plane. >> reporter: that's right. and at the same time, the news from u.s. officials that they believe that what they have seen through satellite images, the kind of coverage that u.s


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