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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'll see you again tonight at 8:00 p.m. on all in. mtp daily starts now. good evening and welcome to of course a special edition of mtp daily. we're following the latest on egyptair ms-804. let's reset things. last night the plane took off from paris for a three and a hour flight to cairo. this was an airbus that never made it. u.s. intelligence officials say some data suggests there was an explosion that may have brought down the plane carrying 66 people. egyptian officials say it was more likely the jet was downed by a terror attack than by any sort of mechanical or technical problem. now the u.s. navy has surveillance planes in the air as well. there's a regional presence to help the search and recovery effort, which, of course, is being led by the egyptian and
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greek military. white house press secretary josh earnest says the u.s. is ready to step up even more if it's needed. >> it's too early to definitively to say what may have caused this disaster. the investigation is under way. and investigators will consider all of the potential factors that could have contributed to the crash and, obviously, if there's an opportunity for the united states government to support those efforts then we will do that. >> so far there have been no credible claims from terrorist organizations. interestingly both likely presidential nominees are assuming it's terror. donald trump tweeted it very early this morning saying the incident looks like yet another terrorist take. he did that about two hours before official word from investigators that came earlier this afternoon. hillary clinton meanwhile during an interview with cnn also indicated thought it was terrorism. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism.
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exactly how, of course, the investigation will have to determine. but once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. >> the egyptian foreign ministry indicated that greek authorities found wreckage, some sort of debris that may be part of the plane but now it's not clear if that debris actually belongs to the missing airbus. now search officials discovered these fragments near the greek island of karpathos. search operation was focused about 130 nautical miles southeast of the area. here's more on what we know. last night flight ms-804 took off from paris' charles de gaulle airport at 8:09 local time. first two hours of the flight routine. shortly after greek air traffic controllers cleared their flight path from the greek air space. they had cordial vocal contact with the pilot. within 40 minutes controllers lost contact with the plane and then just few minutes after the
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plane entered into egyptian air space it swerved sharply and the flight signal disappeared from radar completely. air controllers contacted egyptian authorities immediately and a joint search-and-rescue operation got under way to see if they could find this plane. 12 different nationalities are represented on board the flight of 66 people, 30 are egyptian, 15 are french. 56 of those on board were passengers including three children. seven crew members and three security personnel. now all of this is information provide to us by egyptair. after several hours of searching the mediterranean sea officials are taking the night to regroup and do plan to resume at daybreak. so let's see if we can break down what we know right now. let's start with the latest from our reporters on the ground in greece, paris and cairo. let's go greece first.
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obviously, now, we have two different reports about this debris found off of karpathos. what do you know? >> reporter: well as you can see the mystery is deepening here by the hour. now it is the middle of the night here in crete and while a few hours ago we thought or were told by both the greek and egyptian authorities that the two pieces of debris that were found about 210 miles off the coast of this island of crete, were thought part of the missing aircraft. now the head of the air incident aviation safety authority here in greece is denying that saying they were not part of the airplane and that is making the situation for investigators really difficult because as you know the most important thing for investigators apart, of course, from recovering the bodies is the recovery of the black box of the airplane
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because that's the quickest and best way to find out what really happened on that plane. was that human error, was it technical, mechanical failure, was it a bomb as it has been suggested. the black box could tell investigators right away. there's a problem. every hour that passes is an hour too late for investigators because it is out there in the mediterranean and it could just be the black box and wreckage of course could just sink deeper at the bottom of the mediterranean sea and debris can be and the away by the currents. >> right now they have no idea at any point where -- they only have a general vicinity still. are they still operating with this idea it might be 130 nautical miles part of the mediterranean sea they should search? >> reporter: that's all they got right now because that's where they lost contact with the plane. it's still a vast area of the mediterranean sea. still like looking for a needle
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in a hay stack. but today when they found those pieces of debris that they thought was part of the plane, at least it has precise location where to look for more. but now that puts into question, that means investigators will be back to square one. >> right now it's dark. we have to wait for sun up. let's go to paris. i want to get into the aspect of this of who was on that plane, who could have had access to the plane while it was there in paris and we talked about the flight, where this plane had been in the 48 hours previous to landing at charles de gaulle. this is a western airport that we here in the united states believe is a secure airport. so the idea that a bomb got put on it while in paris seems to be pretty frightening. >> reporter: yeah. such a good question because that's where the spotlight will turn very quickly, if as it does
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appear they do pursue this line of inquiry through the question of whether there was an explosion on board and whether, in fact, this was caused by a bomb. if that is the conclusion and it's interesting to note that you heard the egyptians first say that they thought it was more likely to be terror related and then the news from u.s. intelligence officials that they suspect that there was an explosion. i think those two things may be connected. it does come to the conclusion that there was a bomb on board you're exactly right they are going to start asking, okay, how did that happen? now we know about how bombs can be put on board planes in recent history. we know about somalia where they got a bomb on board because through airport workers. the bomb went off too early to cause a catastrophe on that plane. we know about the metrojet plane where the allegation is there was a bomb on board there with a soda can. again, it would have to be, you would assume more sophisticated
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for them to achieve something like that if you might. here at charles de gaulle airport in paris and if as some people are suggesting that some kind of explosive might have been able to be put on the plane before it reached here then it would have to be on a timer, have to be concealed well enough not to be discovered here. if that is what happened is more sophisticated than we have seen in recent years. >> have they started the investigation at charles de gaulle? meaning have they started questioning every single airport employee that touched that plane? >> reporter: they will have done without question. but they won't be telling us about that. what we do understand from one airport official they have increased security since the paris attacks even going back as far as "charlie hebdo." they knew that air travel would be a target. we all know that the likes of isis or al qaeda would want to
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target planes. we know from the brusselss attack attack aviation is a target. in brussels effectively that was a relatively crude attack. a group of people walking in to the front of an airport with bombs and setting them off. this is a completely different thing and that's why french intelligence, u.s. intelligence, intelligence agencies around the world, chuck, will be very, very concerned with this, trying to get answers. so, yes, they will be talking to everyone they possibly can to get to the truth as quickly as possible. >> paris somehow touched by another terror incident again. let's go to cairo, that's where we'll find bill neely. bill, i feel like, i believe the last time you and i talked you were in care jobs we were dealing with an egyptair crash or potential terror attack at the time. that had to do -- excuse me a
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russian plane but had to do with another terrorist attack involving potentially egypt. what do we know on the ground in cairo? >> reporter: well, whatever way you look at it, chuck, egypt is at the center of this. it was an egypt airplane. most of the passengers on board were egyptian and it crashed in egyptian waters. whatever way you look at it, chuck, whatever happened to this plane it happened very, very quickly because the pilot had no time to make any may day call and frankly when a plane disappears quickly off radar screens when it twists and plummets in to the sea it does raise the suspepectre of terror. the cabinet minister would not rule out terrorism and the aviation minister said it was the most likely cause. given egypt's history of not saying too much those were two remarkable things to say.
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what i would say, chuck, putting the other argument, it's curious if isis did do this that it hasn't released any claim of responsibility and taken any credit for it yet. and the second thing is, if you're a bomber at charles de gaulle airport and you have the choice of multiple airlines, american airlines, united airlines, air france, british airways and you choose egyptair, i mean with 66 people on board there are some questions, it's not exactly, i hate to put it like this, a target rich aircraft. i think there are counter arguments as well even if you accept the theory that this might be terrorism. >> bill, what can you tell bus the three -- there's three security personnel. what does that mean? does egypt, is it like the united states where egypt tries to have marshals on planes. is this part of a regular security procedure that the egyptian government has or is this just it happened to be on
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this plane there were three security personnel? >> reporter: well, again, egypt doesn't reveal, especially not to journalists the details of its security plans, but, yes, we do know that major airlines including egyptair use armed air marshals and there were three on board which might strike some people as being, you know, fairly, a fairly high number for that, less than 60 passengers. yeah. they are obviously guarding against one thing happening in the plane itself, but to go back to the crash that you mentioned earlier, the metrojet. isis claimed it took down that plane with a small amount of explosives in a soda can and gave no other details. site doesn't really take a great deal to take an airliner down. and a somalia plane, if you remember, had a hole blown in
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its side in february of this year, after a bomb exploded on a laptop. the suspected bomber was blown out from the side of the fuselage. it was thought that laptop was given to him in the departure line. so, look, aircraft and airports are favored targets of terrorists from, you know, from the middle east, from lockerbee, scotland. they tried to smuggle bombs on board in printer cartridges, underpants. you can kill a large number of people on the plane again with very few explosives. again let's just stress at the minute we're speck late. we're talking. we don't have the facts that would point towards a bomb, you know, as the egyptian prime minister said all options really are open. >> all right. bill neely on the ground. thanks very much. let's go washington. our justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, i want to start with this.
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perhaps the other as bill was going through the different counter arguments saying all right if this is a terrorist attack this makes it unusual. well what also makes it unusual nobody is taking credit. >> reporter: yeah. i'm not the world's leading expert on creditology how long you have to wait before somebody takes credit for it to be credible. you're right. it's not entirely true, there have been some people who claim credit but those have been dismissed as simply after the fact kind of statements. but the fact remains here that u.s. intelligence officials, members of congress who have been briefed, law enforcement people say they just don't know what happened here, too soon to tell, not enough information. there is some conflicting data as you would expect in the early phases of this, the u.s. military satellites, that look for bright flashes, these are the satellites that detect
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ballistic missile launches. that's why they are up there. they did not pick up any bright flashes at the time the plane went down. we're told by other officials that other data does indicate the possibility of an explosion at the time, but, of course, even if there was an explosion and no one is saying there was for sure but even if there was that doesn't tell you anything about what caused it. so it's just way too soon here. nobody knows what happened. i think one thing that's interesting is that u.s. officials take some comfort in the fact that the french will be heavily involved in this investigation because they have great confidence in their abilities here. >> when it comes to crash and airplane -- they are basically as good as our folks are. they may argue they are better than us. >> reporter: well, yeah. who is better than whom, the fact is this is not going to be a u.s. investigation. the u.s. will provide whatever sheep requested but it will be in a support mode.
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so ace think your other folks have pointed out egypt will have a big lead in this because it's their plane. they have a lot of passengers on board. french will be involved because the plane left from charles de gaulle. there's confidence that the investigation will be well done once they can get their hands on any evidence. >> counter to the lack of evidence when it was the egyptian and russian with the metrojet liner when only those two were involved in that investigation. fair to say? >> reporter: yeah. >> pete williams, thank you, sir. up next we'll look at possible scenarios that could have brought down this airliner and later terror concerns following today's incident. stay with us. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
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charles de gaulle airport has st. crisis center for families of passengers who don't wait for new information. 66 people were on board. so far no signs of survivors. of course, we don't know where the plane is. those reports of debris no longer based in fact. american national security and aviation experts are working with french, greek and egyptian authorities to help in the search and in the investigation. just ahead we'll get new insight from our own team of terrorism and aviation experts. keep it right here. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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we'll have a free waffle. some free bacon. free eggs. should we add free syrup? you know what, let's treat ourselves. enjoy free hot breakfast with a tall glass of free wi-fi. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit there's nothing we can rule in or rule out. if there's information we can provide in the future we'll provide it. this is still early in the investigation. the egyptians and french are taking the lead and we'll be as supportive as we can be but we have nothing at this point that leads us to any conclusions. we're back. we're following the latest on egyptian air flight 804.
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you just heard there from the pentagon spokesperson who earlier today said the investigation is still very much under way. i'm joined by kerry sanders and a former ntsb investigator and msnbc news aviation safety analyst and john cox an nbc news analyst. kerry let me start with you. obviously, the search is on for the black box and you have one with you. explain everything that is in there, tell us everything you got there with all your gadgets. >> let me show you this. this is heavy. this is called a black box but actually orange. the reason why there's a race to find it is because it pings. the battery inside pings. the battery is not eternal. it will eventually run out. it has flight recorder data and records conversation. the conversations recorded are beyond the conversations of just the pilot communicating to first the air traffic control in
2:22 pm
greece and then we know that there was no received communication in. egypt. but it's also an open mike situation where it can record some of the conversations inside the cockpit so it's possible if this can be recovered then they can listen to the conversations or maybe hear a sound or maybe simply goes silent. it's unclear. finding this is indeed a challenge. now this is primarily an effort by the greek, egyptians and french but we do have the u.s. participation with a naval ship that's come out of sicily from the base there and flying over and dropping down susanna buoys. they think it water and look across the water to see if it can pick up some debris. it's a little bit of challenge sometimes when the sea state gets rough because the waves make it hard to see. that's the assistance that the u.s. has. then you can see here these are the ships that are moving into an area where it's believed
2:23 pm
there may be debris. you know, the mediterranean is sfild with a l-- filled with a garbage. trying to find this right now is the primary search and how will they do it if they actually find this or hear the ping because the depth there could be up to two miles. they use what's called an rov, remotely operated vehicle. our experts here know that does indeed actually have remarkable success because in the air france crash, air france 447 they were able to find the black box after two years, long after it stopped pinging in a depth of 13,000 feet off the coast of brazil. >> that was that plane that was headed from, i guess it was south america from rio to paris. let me turn to john cox and greg. greg, let me start with you. your history as being a crash
2:24 pm
investigator. i want seems as more and more we turn to you when there's these incidents that turn out not to be accidents. you look at this. are you one of this if you look at the facts that you know you think this is not an accident but something nefarious? >> i do. airplanes such as this airbus had no history of structural failure that toledo a serioled accident or incident. the airplane had flown successfully on four other legs. this is the fifth leg. 37,000 feet. cruise environment. nothing taking place. the flight crew is not maneuvering the airplane. it's very benign phase of flight. yet the airplane goes into a very high rate of descent and most likely broke up and the question is why. it was probably not because of
2:25 pm
anything the crew did, but probably something that occurred on board the airplane and with the new intel from the u.s. that there was an explosion, now the question is was it a mechanical type explosion such as a twa 800 or was it of course a bomb that took the airplane down. >> john, let me turn to you. what more do you want to add to what you heard? >> well, i'm a little bit on the other side is that at this point i've got my mind completely open. i don't think we have enough data yet to really draw a conclusion. i think there is a good possibility of inflight break up but that's as far as we can go until we get a bit more good information and evidence. we're starting to hear there's been some debris found. now they are not so sure. we need to find the debris, we need to find the wreckage field. but also the location of that
2:26 pm
wreckage field and distribution will tell quite a bit. so when we put all of that together at least in my mind after doing this for about 30 years, i'm just about anything and everything is still on the table to me. they are going to look carefully at the maintenance records, the airplane is a proven airplane. the need to be patient and keep an open mind right now. >> no doubt, john, but can you think of an instance where, you know, sort of a plane like this, everything was going fine, seemed to be going fine and then all of a sudden a mechanical problem just made it explode? >> well, you know, we say there's an explosion and then we hear that there's insufficient data to draw that conclusively. look at the airasia airplane. the airasia airplane was in weather, then suddenly a climb and a very high rate of descent
2:27 pm
to impact. that turned out to be a combination of a couple of facts. is this something similar? we don't have enough information to know yet. so either you can look at, for example, the japan airlines 747 event many years ago when the tail came off. and they flew around for a period of time but that was a structural failure. so i think we need to keep an open mind and let this process work its way one step at a time. >> greg, i think you worked with french officials before. your confidence level with the french involved obviously the egyptians, but they are in a spot. you know they denied terrorism for a long time in that metrojet, some people thought hit to do more with fear of losing tourist dollars than anything else. tell bus your confidence in french officials? >> the french have a very good group of folks that work for them. they have all the best tools
2:28 pm
available, similar to that of the ntsb. their confidence level very high. given the fact that it is one of their own products isn't airbus they have a wealth of knowledge given the fact that airbus is not too far down the road from their offices. so they have the ability to draw on the most probably the best subject matter expertise in very short order and they have the capabilities amongst their investigative staff to once they get the evidence like john was talking about, getting a cockpit voice recorder and flight recorder and some of the wreckage they can do the analysis. just remember the cbr and fdr will not tell what happened to this airplane. all it does is it shows what was transpiring up to the point of the loss of the aircraft and it definitely will not tell us why. that's going to take other information and other analysis to try to make that determination. >> all right. thank you both. kerry sanders earlier, thank you as well. just ahead how today's disaster
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at this hour still unclear what caused an egyptair flight traveling from paris to cairo to crash into the mediterranean sea. we know it spunner r err raatic
2:36 pm
before crashing. we're joined by an nbc terrorism analyst and christopher dicky and an individual from flash point. malcolm, i'll start with you. it seems circumstantial this idea of a terrorism incident. enough circumstantial to convince you >> from an intelligence perspective, yes. my first indication is aircraft flying around at 10,000 meters, 37,000 feet disappears off the radar. immediate radar calls from athens control to get to alexandria control aircraft is gone. that's catastrophic failure at altitude. and immediate indication of
2:37 pm
either air frame failure which is rare on a brand new aircraft or destructive device which caused the air frame to come apart? >> do you disagree. >> i don't disagree. it's speculative at this point. i'm concerned about one aspect here which there was no may day call before this plane spun out of control. that could be for a sudden explosion that they didn't get a chance to do the may day call. it is speculative. to add one more points a lot of them are saying this might be likely a terrorist act because isis and other groups have already targeted airliners especially related to egypt issuing a threat to france several days ago. again, it's still speculative. but there might be more indication it's a terror group. >> some of us are thinking the egyptians are leaning that way and they were the ones pushing back so hard on that metrojet. christopher, you brought up a very important point during the break. bring it up here. >> the idea that a plane
2:38 pm
explodes in the air everybody immediately thinks it's a bomb. but for those of us remember twa 800, 20 years ago in 1996. it takes off, past long island and then blown to hell. everybody assumed it was a bomb. it must have bean bomb. how did that happen? turned out it was a frayed wire in the central fuel compartment. but it took us years to find that out. >> but usually that stuff, malcolm, take off -- when you have something like that, it's rare that a technical problem brings down a plane in the middle of a flight, right? that's what has people -- >> again, aircraft was in cruise. it was going through all of its area checks and turning over for each air traffic control. pilots had just been in communication with them. that's the safest part of the flight. very few things that can go wrong. not like the twa 800 where they were mixing the fuel tanks and
2:39 pm
had the electrical failure. when he a crash in dubai where there was fire on board and overcame the crew and the crew crashed before getting off a may day. all of those are possibilities. you know in the intelligence community we have sensors that can determine that. as you mentioned that there was one of those sensors which is extremely sensitive and can detect an explosive plume and that needs to be confirmed. >> there's two issues here. one is finding out for sure what actually happened. the other is what are security and intelligence people going to act on right now? they got to act on speculation. they got say how could this have been done? what scenario is the most likely because we have to stop that scenario from happening again. they can't wait for every t to be crossed and ii to be dotted. >> people who have tried to take credit have been dismissed. no chatter in advance. we don't have a lot of other
2:40 pm
dots to connect here do, we >> from what i was looking at there's very little chatter about what happened. speculation is all over the place. there's been some support for the bombing on this airliner by isis supporters online. some of them were talking how this will destroy the tourism industry of egypt which will destroy the military of egypt and thus ease off on isis faction in the north sinai. so they are supporting this act but not saying that this is -- >> they are not saying they were involved. they are just happy it happened. >> happy that it happened. >> you wouldn't expect to see that. these types of missions, these special terrorist missions like paris and belgium, only the team leader and the logistics pipeline that put these weapons systems in place only they know what will happen. they determine the date and time when it happens. the bomber executes the attack. after that it's all speculation because only they knew and even
2:41 pm
people up their communications in command and control chain of command they may not be privy to the attack at all. >> they wait for the announcement for the maximum dramatic effect. it's not like oh, there's a bombing we'll claim this right now. let's wait. let it settle down. let people think they solved the problem and let's scare the hell out of them. >> anything unusual about -- i'm sitting here three security personnel, equivalent of egyptian air marshals for a flight of just 66 passengers. that seems like a lot. >> onning heightened security at least since the downing of the metrojet and just generally speaking -- >> that doesn't surprise me? >> it doesn't surprise me that they were on the plane with 60 passengers and we've seen it in other airliners, the jordanian airline, saudi airline. >> security at charles de gaulle airport, i'm just trying to think, you know, i remember you coming on early yeah, sharm el sheikh that doesn't surprise me.
2:42 pm
charles de gaulle airport, if somebody snuck it on then. >> it's possible. >> it's possible. my theory is very early on. pardon me if i have to say this about cairo's airport. if that bomb that was smuggled on it came on during the maintenance. it went to eritrea, went to tunisia. it was hidden somewhere. >> that's your working theory. it married up to the bomber. >> not just his working theory. i was talking to a leading -- not mine necessarily but i was talking to a leading french terrorism analyst, and that was almost exactly what he was saying. he said, he was suggesting that maybe it went on at eritrea, main tunis. the bomber married up with it in paris. walked on clean. all he has to know is how to set
2:43 pm
the bomb off. >> deon theati atdetonation has specified time. not surprising there's political reaction to this. donald trump and hillary clinton both are assuming this is terrorism. we'll talk about that after the break. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪ one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint. get the best paint for any budget and save 10 or 40 bucks. only at the home depot. they keep telling me "drink more war." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back.
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2:45 pm
appears to be an act of terrorism. she then took aim at the ongoing rhetoric of a republican rival. >> when you run for president of the united states the entire world is listening and watching. so when you say we're going to bar muslims, you are sending a message to the muslim world. you're also sengd a message to the terrorists because we now do have evidence. we have seen how donald trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism.
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of the missing egyptian jetliner we take a moment for a very notable story. it caught my eye last night. while in the hospital during the final davis his life. former utah senator bob bennett turned to his son jim and simply asked this question, are there any muslims in this hospital. he then said as first reported by the "daily beast" i would like to go up to every single one of them and apologize to them on behalf of the republican party for donald trump. my colleague andrea mitchell talked to jim bennett. bob been nept's son this afternoon about his father's comments. here's a piece of that interview. >> he kept coming back to that idea in the last weeks of his life as he was struggling with the complications from the stroke. and he would bring it up. he brought it up in a phone interview he had with a local newspaper here and it was very difficult for him to talk. he was struggling with the effects of the stroke but when he was talking to the newspaper,
2:49 pm
he said there are lots of muslims out here and they are wonderful. took him a while to say that and they weren't quite sure what the context of that was. i explained what he had said in the hospital. that was something that was of deep concern to him not just in his dying days but in the last few moves his life. my mother talks about him coming home for christmas, coming home to salt lake city and seeing a come in the airport who we went up to and said i'm grateful you're in the country and i would like to apologize on behalf of the republican party. so this was something that was of concern to him even before the stroke that ended up taking his life. >> we'll talk with andrea mitchell about her interview right after the break. you can see all of her interview tomorrow at noon eastern and speaking of jim bennett he'll join lawrence o'donnell tonight. when we return the politics of terrorism. we'll have the political reaction to today's incident and how it could impact the november
2:50 pm
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there's a place for vacationers than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. we're continuing to follow the breaking news on what brought down the egypt air jet flying from paris to cairo. donald trump was the first presidential candidate to react to the news today just before
2:54 pm
6: 6:30 a.m., just before they said it was downed likely by a terrorist issue. long before there was information, donald trump tweeted this, looks like yet another terrorist attack, airplane departed paris, when will we get tough? this afternoon, hillary clinton seemed to agree with trump on this one, said it appears to be an act of terrorism and that it highlights the need to form a coalition to beat isis. but she also took the opportunity to slam donald trump on foreign policy. >> do you think that donald trump is qualified to be president? >> no, i do not. the kinds of positions he is stating and the consequences of those positions, and even the consequences of his statements are not just offensive to people, they are potentially dangerous. >> but, between trump and
2:55 pm
clinton, what happens with the issue of terrorism? how will it impact the fall campaign? well, here is what "the new york times" columnist tom freeman said. >> if we set this up, and there is an act of terrorism in october or november, it will go in trump's favor later, i saw it before. >> so you think we're a terrorist attack away from president trump? >> it could be true. >> don't forget it was after san bernardino that trump issued his call for a shutdown of muslims temporarily entering the united states. and what did his poll numbers do? they went up big-time, and after this, here is what happened on the today show. >> i said it more than anyone else, it's probably why i'm number one in the polls because of the fact i say we have to
2:56 pm
have strong borders, we have to be very vintagilant and carefulo we allow in our borders. >> and today, donald trump was doing something for a fundraiser, along with his one-time rival, chris christie. >> they're set to take the stage here, in about an hour and change, i would be surprised if we didn't hear about the egyptair crash, given the fact that donald trump made terrorism a part of his campaign information. the two of them together, i expect it will be front and center at least tonight and it is on the minds of the folks here in the crowd, who have a chance to walk around and are donald trump supporters. many of them support governor christie, obviously, and they know what is going on. they believe that something like that plane crash may have something at least in the
2:57 pm
short-term for donald trump. but one gentleman said he doesn't know if it will persuade people who are not donald trump supporters to come around. but he began to see them more seriously after paris and san bernardino when trump came out with his comments on the muslim ban. >> thank you very much, holly. and we have andrea mitchell who is covering the presidential race from many angles. so andrea, lots of angles here on eppolitics, but the way the terrorism and the campaign are going to intersect. >> i don't know it was an accident that hillary clinton absolutely slammed donald trump today with her toughest attack, yet, calling him reckless, dangerous, because of his comments on foreign policy. the tweets you referred to, and also what he said about kim jong-un and nato, all of the controversial statements, nuclear weapons for south korea
2:58 pm
and japan. she just went after him. and also his muslim ban. she said that it is serving as a recruiting tool, that he is in effect becoming a recruiter for terrorism. >> but the rank and file voters at least in the republican primary were not upset. >> as you pointed out, his numbers among those 17 republicans shot up after san bernardino and paris and after the muslim ban. this is very much the oxygen for him and his campaign. and that is why he is tweeting today. and as tom freedman told you on "meet the press," this is a cause of real concern to the strategists watching this. this could be something in october. >> now, the muslim ban has an impact on the interview you did with jim bennett, and then told to msnbc. about what bob bennett did in
2:59 pm
his last months on this earth when he apologized on behalf of the republican party. but he is also speaking as a mormon. tell me more. >> his mormon faith, the fact that lds people feel discriminated against in many regards as minorities, and that the lds church has taken a position sponsoring refugees, reaching out to the syrian refugees, they really feel, the church does, that the comments were deeply offensive. they sponsor missionary work, that is part of the requirements. so he in his final days suffering from pancreatic cancer, and he had had a stroke, he went up to the women wearing the traditional clothing, and he apologized to them and said he was welcoming them here, and on his dying bed, his final days,
3:00 pm
very moving. reflecting a conservative man, a life-long republican in utah who feels deeply offended by trump's foreign policy. >> one of the strongest anti-trump voices coming from the state of utah these days. andrea mitchell, thank you very much. stay right here with msnbc, we have all the latest on the egyptair investigation. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts here live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. and it's nearly 24 hours later as the egyptair flight disappeared. and the latest search video here taken from the military before night fall. now, the black boxes are still missing, the greek officials deny any debrisas


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