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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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specifically, what abbey philip and ann garren are saying, basically, the platform committee at the convention. a 15-person drafting committee for the platform. the washington post, reporting in the past hour, that dnc and the campaigns will reach a final agreement by the end of the week. sanders will be getting more from the democratic committee than they originally offered him. this is an effort to keep sanders inside the tent as this fight between him and hillary clinton and the democratic party threatens to derail the democratic party, running against donald trump. that is news breaking. now, it is time for "the last word." >> the presidential candidates did, the reaction of one of the
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candidates, deeply troubled former secretary of defense robert gates, he didn't think that candidate is ready to be president. and tonight, the story of a former republican senator, when he knew he was dying, had one wish. he wanted to apologize to muslims for donald trump. his son will join us and tell us that story. and a new poll tonight, showing hillary clinton's lead is narrowing. the former polster will join us. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. >> she won't use the word radical islamic terrorism. >> when you run for president of the united states, the world is watching. >> if anyone doesn't think it was blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong. >> we are not going to be the stupid country anymore. >> i have concluded he is not
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qualified to be president of the united states. >> he essentially shouldn't be running for office. he doesn't have the right to run for office. >> the kinds of positions that he is stating is not just offensive to people, they are potentially dangerous. >> a plane is blown out of the sky. if hillary clinton gets n i don't know if our country can recover. >> how stupid can we be? we are viewed as the stupid country. >> i know how hard this job is. we need steadiness, as well as strength and smarts, the threat that donald trump poses is so dramatic -- >> it is 4:00 a.m. in cairo, an hour from now, the search will resume for egyptair 804, that disappeared over the mediterranean sea, with 66 people aboard, seven crew members, no americans on that
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plane. today, president obama made no adjustments to his public schedule and made no comment about the loss of the egypt airplane. josh earnest said this. >> it is too early to definitively say what may have caused this disaster. the investigation is underway. investigators will consider all of the factors that may have contributed to the crash. obviously, if there is an opportunity for the united states government to support those effort, we will do that the president asked his team to keep him appraised the developments. >> apparently, it is never too early for donald trump to jump to conclusions, at 6:27 airm, he tweeted, it looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane depart friday paris. when will we get tough, smart,
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and vill lant? great hate and sickness. >> a guess of w457d to the plane. presidents are not in the business of publicly guessing about these things, and presidential candidates shouldn't be either. bernie sanders was the only candidate who followed president obama's lead and said nothing about the plane crash. at 1:46 p.m., after several public reports indicated that the egyptian officials and greek officials were saying that terrorism was the most likely reason for the plane's disappearance, hillary clinton said this. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how, the investigation will have to determine. once again, shines a bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups, isis, of course, there are other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and
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defeated. >> in the same interview, the secretary of state was asked the same question that paul ryan was asked today. is donald trump qualified to be president? >> do you think that donald trump is qualified to be president? >> no. i do not. i know how hard this job is. i know that we need steadiness, as well as strength and smarts, in it. and i have concluded that he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> today, katie couric asked robert gates about the trump reaction to the egyptair disaster. >> does trump's response indicate how he would respond to a crisis if he becomes commander in chief? >> i hope is it doesn't suggest how he would respond to a crisis, one of the first things that you have to learn when you have the responsibility is to wait until you get reliable
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information before you speak publicly or before you take action. mr. trump's comments, basically, have been essentially, i think, ill-informed blufter and threats. >> would you feel comfortable with his preferial finger on a nuclear button? >> right now, no. >> tonight, the presidential candidate who used to say he would never attend a fundraiser was at a fundraiser in new jersey, where he said this about hillary clinton. >> today, we had a terrible tragedy, and she came up and said that donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism. she used a different term. she doesn't want to use that term. she refuses to use that term. i am saying to myself, it is a terrible thing, and he shouldn't be running for office, he doesn't have the right to run for office. i say to myself, what happened 12 hours ago.
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a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks that it wasn't blown out of the sky, ru 100% wrong, folks, okay? >> joining us now. the professor of naval affairs, and msnbc contributor, david corn, and christopher, you have the advantage of a european perspective on these things here. when you hear donald trump saying, we are viewed as a stupid country. on a day when he is out there, behaving as no other presidential candidate ever has, what is the world reaction? >> he is exactly right. we are viewed as a stupid country. because we have donald trump running for president and he might be elected.
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the rest of the world looks at that how crazy and stupid request americans be? elect a guy, who is a blow hard and a bully, never in office, who knows nothing about foreign affairs, who thinks the art of the deal is statesmanship, they wonder what is going on in the united states of america. he is right. they do think we are stupid. >> tom nichols, your reaction to the days' events and the reactions? >> the problem is that everybody that happens in the world is just raw material for donald trump's ego and donald trump's mouth. he didn't reflect on this. he didn't say anything serious about terrorism. if it is terrorism, as it looks to be. he showed no understanding of the fact that there are other people in the world who are grieved about this. it was merely raw material to run into a microphone to ril up the supporters, who don't need
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more riling up. i agree. we are becoming the stupid country. at least in the eyes of others, certainly, in the eyes of americans. i think robert gates spoke for a lot of people in the national security community, that he said he is uncomfortable of that if anything are on -- of that finger on the nuclear button. he speaks first, and thinks, if at all, later. >> hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, she was working with a lot more public information at that time. of course, a presidential candidate who is out there today, is going to be asked about this. what was your reaction to how hillary clinton handled it? >> it was fine. it looked like this. didn't make pronouncements, didn't jump up and down.
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didn't light her hair on fire. >> rosie o'donnell says, he has the same reaction, the same response to virtually everything. there is a practical matter, chris is right. this is going to affect the way people see american leadership. he talks about banning muslims, there is no way we could deal with a threat of terrorism, we need the muslim nations to work with us. all he does is get out there, act like a bully or big on the. that is not the way to make friends in an endo you ever, that we need for our own security. >> talking about when you run for president. not just when you are president. when you run for president, the whole world is listening, listen to this. >> when you run for president of the united states, the entire
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world is listening, and watching. i think if you go through many of his irresponsible, reckless, dangerous comments, it is not just this is a pat erp. a pattern that has gone on now for months. >> does european television play that? as hillary clinton says the measured things, or just the trump stuff? >> the responsible media in france will try to put forth what hillary is saying, she is the other candidate, and probably will be the candidate for it democratic party. it doesn't have the kind of resoninance, people like charric catours, why do the french love
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barack obama? because he is a positive of what americans seem to be these days. trump is a figative character. i am afraid, for many in america. on a day like 2d're today, it seems america will be better off if what hill rye clinton had to say, was pushed around in the media, at least as much or more than what donald trump has to say. >> i don't think that is the point. asking if she thinks the opponent is qualified, that is a big soft question of questions. temperament, hillary clinton, and dologyald trump are running to the president of the united states. what others are coming about,
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there aren't many people qualified. 44 men who have sat behind the next. the biggest question s does this american, do any of the questions have the temperament. are they prone to fly off the handle. and this donald trump, hadn't only, he tweets as soon as he sees something there. is no filter, that is a dangerous temperament with a president. >> i want to run this in full right now. watch this. >> qualified, and what are those
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qualifications? >> i am not going to negate this from the podium. >> he refuses to say that nominee of his committee is qualified to be president. >> of course not. paul ryan, when we think of partisan, he can look at many the way many do, at donald trump, seeing a disaster in the making. if they -- the sad thing, i do feel for some of the republicans walking around washington, the political class, they can't bring themselves to say it. they are wed to the idea that they need to have somebody in the republican party run for president, and hopefully win, so they can jobs, and they get appointments, they are slowly
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acquiescing. that is what paul ryan is right nouz. it will only get sadder, after cleveland, saying that he does support this guy. like other professional republicans in town, all submitting to the trump borg. >> go ahead, tom, quickly. >> i was going to say, one more thing about paul ryan, he is in the line of presidential succession. he understands the gravity of this issue. that is why high gave the answer he does. >> thank you for joining us. >> the republican senator whose dying wish was to apologize to muslims for donald trump. >> and the war room, with a look at the national polls. live reports on the egyptair
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>> donald j. trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> republican senator's bob bennett's dying wish was to apologize to muslims for that his son joins us next. ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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said, are there any muslims in this hospital? his son, surprised by the question. he said, yes, dad, i am sure they are. he remembers his father was emotional, he then said, i want to go up to every single one of them and apologize. i want to go up to every one of them and tell them how grateful i am that they are in this country and apologize and apologize on behalf of the republican party for donald trump. he served for three terms as a senator in usaw. bob bennett following his father's foot step. his father served. bob bennett's first elected office, student body president at the university ever utah. he leaves his wife, and children, 20 grandchildren.
7:21 pm
jim bennett, this. for joining us. >> appreciate the opportunity, lawrence, thank you. >> tell us that story, of that moment, when your father turned to you and said this. how you were surprised by it, what you learned about his thinking? >> i think you described it pretty well. it was surprising. we were on the lookout whether or not my father would be confused or lose mental capacity after a stroke. when he asked, are there any muslims in this hospital, we were concerned. it was clear, he had an agenda in mind. i want to walk up to every one of them, thank them for being in this country and apologize on behalf of the republican party for donald trump. i was talking to my mother. she said, this is not something brought on by the stroke. when traveling utah, he walked up to a woman in the airport, said, i am grateful you are in
7:22 pm
this country, and i would like to apologize to you on behalf of the republican party. this is not just as he lay dying the last two months of his life. >> i do know that he received a number of wonderful messages from people, including people in the muslim community in utah, who thanks him very much for reaching out, when he had a number of other things he could have been think bulldog during that time. the reaction has been positive. from the people who heard his statement while in the hospital. >> i want to help people picture this i served in the senate when your father was there. i can tell you, he had 100% respect of everyone in the body as a many of dignity and kindness and grace.
7:23 pm
it didn't matter if you had political disagrees with him. there wasn't a person that didn't like and respect him. he was a giant of a man. she was 6'6". this gentle, imposing figure, i am picturing him leaning down to help some of the conversations with people in the last year. >> yes, i can see that might have been intimidating. you are right. both the senate majority. leader and minority leader spoke to his funeral in washington. he was respected across the aisle, and those who knew him recognized him as a thoughtful and you do missionary work, in the late teens, i wonder today,
7:24 pm
does that missionary work, a unique commit. young mormonmen, does that change your view of the world and the different people in the world? >> i think it puts you in an -- you have to deal with the world in a different way they if you were staying home. >> the clufrp put tremendous emphasis on helping rev and the mormons have a cultural reminiscence of the way they were persecuted in the early days of the church. i think that that parallel was inspiring to my father, and had
7:25 pm
a great deal to do with how muslims are treated today. >> if your father was here today, where he we have the trump movement. paul. where do you think your father would be? >> i don't think he has used a hash tag, i think it would be a never trump hash tag. we are a family that believes this life is not the end. he is in a place now where he doesn't have to make that decision. >> really great eyjafjoll fful tonight. >> thank you for the tunlgz we
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. >> the war room is the most important place to be in a presidential campaign, where the campaign managers and strategists, to figure out where they should be spending resources, where they should be sending the candidate, and where to turn votes in their favor.
7:30 pm
tonight, the clinton and trump war rooms will be studying the new cbs national poll, hillary clinton ahead to donald trump's 41%, with a three-point margin of error. that is a narrowing. last month had her ahead by ten points, a lead outside of the margin of error. in the new poll, bernie sanders leads by 13, points. the cbs news, new york times poll, comes after a poll showed him in front, with a three-point margin of error. with 173 days to go, for the campaign war rooms, joining us tonight, mark pen, a polster and veteran of the bill clinton and hillary clinton war rooms. thank you very much for joining us. we have a big star from the old
7:31 pm
clinton war room here, it is all you. mark. the polling situations fascinate me. the campaigns are doing their own, the super pack is doing their own polling, when the national polls come out, what is the campaign reaction to them? when the fox, cbs poll comes out, do they study those like they do others? >> absolutely. the internal poles, sometimes, they have to push back, and fight against it all poles are a snapshot in time. in the last couple of weeblgs, trump has gained, on the democratic side, the demgrattic party is not united, and won't be for some time. putting hillary at a disadvantage in polling, when the party comes together, she
7:32 pm
will see a bump back, what i expect identity're out of that. >> a quick tuitorial for people, every four years, there is a chance now, here is one that shows hillary with a lead. the three-point margin of error means that any number in the poll can be three points higher or three-points lower. when you have a six-point so-called lead. you might be tied. you might be, with the margin of error be tied. >> i didn't look at the exact sample sizes, it may be two and a half points. >> they are both three-pointers. it is not like getting your
7:33 pm
temperature taken by the doctor. it is between 94 and 102. a band of possibility. that is what the polls are showi showing. >> the anoing. that is what you are studying right? >> are you looking for trends, you are looking for internals in the polls that represent a large undecided. democratic voters, likely to vote for hillary later, or other kinds of voters. intensity of tern-out. donald trump already has a 65% unfavorable. it is hard to drive anybody below 65% unfavorite. not as severe as donald trump, that means that the voters who are sdriding. how are those voters, who are
7:34 pm
going to decide the election. that is the next month, how they play out. what we look for in the polls. >> in tonight's cbs total is essentially a tie. with a margin of terror. donald trump at 55 i want to go to- question, is the kn honest and trustworthy. hillary clinton had a worst. tonight in the cbs poll, they are eye the at skikts. 66%. 64% saying no to the question.
7:35 pm
ask the candidate, honest and truth worthy. how does did the clinton campaign deal with that number? what should be the response? >> that is the problem. i think we said look, focus on -- in polling history, we haven't had two candidates unfavorable to the public. 64% saying they are not honest. look, i have a vision for the country. you can you can't trust that
7:36 pm
donald trump is going to implement. >> a question of honesty. what does it mean to the public? will the next president do what they said they ariegoing to -- >> is there a chase for another i did with the caps organization. it showed if donald made nel dif, an opportunity for trump. right now, as i said recallier
7:37 pm
the democrat ic party -- the tie will come, when they unioit the party. a significant edge at that point. the events happen as they should happen. coming up, it will soon be safely in it sfrm
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. tonight, conflicting reports if wreckage was found from the plane. we are joined live from the airport in paris where the flight originated. >> that flight took off just after 11:00 on wednesday night.
7:41 pm
you can hear behind me, the commercial air traffic. all of this, international flights to resume here in a couple of hours, you mentioned debris, thought to be in the mediterranean. the associated press reporting as officials approached that debris, that discovered it was in fact, not plane debris. at this point, no cipe of egyptair flight 804. at this point, investigators are told looking at two things, primarily, who had access. looking at who had access to the plane. that, and looking at who had access to the plane when it was in tunisia.
7:42 pm
it was in tunisia 36 hours ago, the last stop before it made the flight from here to cairo. in addition to that, looking at who was on the plane. pouring over the manifest. the search will pick up. >> thank you very much for joining us, see you ap the top of the hour, when we continue our live coverage. thank you very much. >> coming up next. how high tech u.s. spying equipment is being used in the crash investigation.
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>> just over 24 hours ago, that
7:46 pm
the flight 804 disappeared, the search is scheduled to resume shortly. the latest, with what u.s. intelligence has gathered about the plane. kerry? >> there is so much that we don't know. go over the details of what we do know. this is what investigators are looking at. first of all, we know according to the greek government, their military radar shows that aircraft traveling at 37,000 feet, made an unexpected left turn of about 90 degrees, then went into a circle motion, dropping to 15,000 feet, before it went off radar. take a look at the time line, between those on the aircraft, and the air traffic control. from greece, then, air traffic control in egypt. we chb that the last contact was 8:30. 8:40, the flight disappeared.
7:47 pm
at 8:50, they attempted to try to contact them. no contact. as we look at the map, the vessels in the area are convernaling 92 an area near it is believed it may have rained it down in to the mediterranean. there was debris found, it is turned out it is not. this is a tricky thing. so many floating in the oceans and seas, they need to take a look at serial numbers. the real focus, is to find both of these. they are called black boxes, one is a flight data recorder, the other is a data recorder.
7:48 pm
>> recording everything that is going on, up in the the plain. it is not the pilot and co-pilot, it recovers everything they are saying or if someone burst into the cokepit, it would be important for the investigates, it has a pinger, the pinker can last, in some cases up to 90 days, the water at the temperatures drop to the low 30s. nind the -- send in an rov, remote operated victim. find the black boxing and bring
7:49 pm
them up. was this terrorism? there is no definitive answer. the u.s. military, and intelligence committee have a persist a persiste persistent, and according to the gathering of datas, would yesterday there was some sort of e, plosion. not saying it was texor they are trying to find all the dafta, that something went wrong more 6,000 are taking place at the world. the idea that something wrong.
7:50 pm
>> invaluable reporting. thank you for joining us.
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7:52 pm
>> he worked up until the end. he appeared on the last 60 minutes on sunday. he died today. he was a journist for 61 years, for most of that time, was known and remembered most strongly for his incredible reporting in the first video reporting, really, coming out of vietnam. vietnam war. he morley safer was 84. >> it is not natural to talk to
7:53 pm
machinery, but the money is very good.
7:54 pm
we have seen a desire on the part of extremists around the w0r8d, including some in the middle east, to carry out attacks targeting the system. we obviously are mindful of
7:55 pm
that. >> joining us now, white house concerned, and co-author of paris, the war isis wants. >> intelligence officials there are saying that they believe that what they are probably dealing with here is an explosion of some kind. they are leaning toward terrorism. what are paris investigators discovering? >> yes, paris investigators think also, at this point, that t the. [ inaudible ] they are looking at different things, specifically, at some passengers, on the plane. one saudi on the plane, two
7:56 pm
iraqis, and they would like to know why the three men were in the plane, and looking at the stops, before they come to paris then, the plane topped in tunisia and some to put something inside the plane. at this moment, looking -- >> if this is terrorism, what do you make of the target being egyptair? >> this is part of their general strategy, disperse and open up battle fields across different nations, they realize at this o mothey have lost 40% of their
7:57 pm
territory territory -- they are oeching up across continents, they are trying to show, we can be transcontinental. the image strategy, to have an attack that is partially against a musling majority country. and representing a create a merspepgz of winning, the western countries have the extinction of the gray zone. trying to trait, we want you to push them into the arms of isis. >> listen to what hillary clinton said about this today. >> we have learned a lot more,
7:58 pm
we are grappling with, and succeeding, and making it measure, paying attention to the thousands of people who left catherine kobayashi, or in part of the overall threat. >> you listen to the what she poses that, that creates hey burden- bush's -- that creates the burden.
7:59 pm
wants to strike france and egypt, and try to do that several time. they are looking at a lot of information, coming from phone call sessions from media, that would like to know if there was a connection between some people inside libya, and what happened yesterday night. >> is there something that united states can do, in addition to help? >> they are shares intelligence, acting as brokers. really, it will be on t, they he concerns, they are not sure they trust some there is i think a
8:00 pm
tax like this highlight the reason why you need more now, even internationally. >> thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it.


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