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  Morning Joe  MSNBC  May 20, 2016 3:39am-3:56am PDT

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joining us now the presumptive republican nominee for president donald trump. donald, are you there? >> i am, good morning. >> you have been up early this morning. >> i always get up early. >> you're tweeting early. >> i get up nice and early. >> why are you tweeting early? >> i like tweeting. i like getting the word out. >> what word do you want to get out this morning? >> i think i have gotten the word out. hillary said some things, i said some thing, i u go back to work and have a lot of fun. >> so let's talk about a couple polls that have been out the past couple days. the fox poll has you up a couple points. then you have this "new york times" poll that has hillary up a couple points. it looks like it's getting tight between you two. >> well, a pot had me up by 5 points yesterday. we're doing really well. get iting tremendous crowds and enthusiasm. it's sort of interesting because i talk about hillary's bad judgment.
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i said that this morning to a lot of followers. a lot of people that agree with me. she has horrible judgment. you look at what's going on. >> what's the worst example of her? you say she has horrible judgment. >> i can tell you a lot of examples. one is libya. libya was a disaster. just in case you have any questions, right now isis has taken the oil from libya. so we knock out libya and you knock out gadhafi and she thinks we did a great job. isis has the oil. >> would you have stayed out of libya? >> i would have stayed out of libya. and iraq too. >> will you stay out of syria? >> i would have stayed out of syria and wouldn't have fought for assad because i thought that was a whole thing. you have iran, which we made into a power. iran now is a power. because of us, because of some of the dumbest deals i have ever seen. so now you have iran and russia
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in favor of assad. we're supposed to fight the two of them. at the same time, we're supposed to fight isis, who is fighting assad. >> so there are a lot of people who say you have inconsistent foreign policy, but it sounds consistent. you wouldn't have gone into libya. you wouldn't have gone into iraq. you wouldn't go into syria. you wouldn't have fought assad. >> but i would go after isis. >> but you'd go after isis. >> joe, isis is fighting syria. so you have some people that want to fight syria and isis at the same time. they are fighting each other. >> so what you're saying is assad can stay in power. that's not your interest. >> i'm saying we have bigger problems than assad. >> you're interested in militarily to go after isis, but we're not interested in replacing assad. >> i would say knock the hell out of isis, which we could have
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done originally. e we shouldn't have been in iraq. bad decision. then the way obama got us out was a horrible decision. the way we came out. and i would have said u isis was created because of that. they wouldn't take them in. because we had the wrong leadership. >> but i want to get specific on syria because there is a divided foreign policy community. lindsey graham says you have to replace assad. others are more realists who say, you know what, assad is a horrible person but he stays there. our job is getting rid of isis. >> that's where i am. lindsey graham call ed me up th other day. he was very nice. that was a very surprising call. but i disagree with him on this. we have iran and we have russia totally on the side of assad. and that's not the reason i stay out necessarily, but certainly it's a complicating factor. we have them totally on the side of assad. we have to knock the hel lrl ouf
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isis. they are fighting each other people are going to say what are we doing. >> one more foreign policy e question. for not being good friends with our friends but leaning over backwards to help our enemies whether it's iran or cuba. this past week a lot of people confused because you're talking about obama saying he would go to north korea and you talk to the north koreans. >> i wouldn't go to north korea. >> you would talk to them. >> the last thing i would do is go there. i don't know who would say i would go there. >> you'll talk to the north korean leader. >> yes, i would. >> maybe he can go to your resort in scotland. you talk to him. but on the other side you're attacking great britain, our longest running ally. is there an inconsistency there. >> i'm not attacking great britain. i'm not attacking them at all. they asked me about the eu. i u said, frankly, it's none of
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my business. i don't even like answering it, but if i would get out of the eu. i u see what happened with the great migration destroying europe and eu had a lot to do with that. personally, i would get out but i don't want that to influence the people of great britain. >> you were going after david cameron. >> you show me where. he came after me. he would like me to visit 10 downing street. they put out that invitation two days ago. i will do just fine with david cameron. i will do just fine. they have asked me to visit 10 downing street. >> that's interesting. i thought i heard that you said we might not have good relations. >> we're going to have good relationships. we're going to have better relationships than we have now but these countries won't be taking advantage of us. you look at what's going on with china and mexico. everybody takes advantage of the
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united states and we are $19 trillion. >> we heard you say nabisco is going down to mexico. you shouldn't have made an oreo joke at chris christie's fundraiser. >> you thought that was not appropriate? >> i don't think you should have made an oreo joke to chris christie. >> i have a question. we had former defense secretary robert gates on the show yesterday. i'm going to play for you a bit of what he had to say. he had concerns about both candidates, you and hillary clinton. take a listen. >> i think they are especially apprehensive about the unpredictability and the threats of mr. trump. and some of the things he's said from having japan and south korea have nuclear weapons to breaking off the relationship with with china and so on and so forth. these are all serious concern. the worry is that even before the election, countries begin to
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take steps to offset these dangers or these perceived shifts in u.s. policy in ways that put greater distance between ourselves and them in terms of cooperation in the future. >> and donald, i want to know what you think of those comments. >> the comments are wrong. he knows nothing about me. he knows nothing about what i said. i'm not a big fan of his because you look at two things. look at where our country is with years of him being involved. we are a mess, number one. i know he has a great reputation and all of that. all of these guys have a great reputation. they have been doing this stuff for 15 years. number two, as far as japan and south korea are concerned. all i'm saying is we defend them. they are paying us a tiny fraction of what it's costing. i want them to pay. i would love to continue to
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defend japan. i would love to continue to defend south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between north and south korea right now. it is costing us an absolute fortune, which we don't have. i'd like them to pay up. they have a lot of money. we take in japan's cars by the millions. south korea sells us -- >> you don't have a problem with the troops staying there. you just want japan and south rea to pay us. >> i want them to pay up. we are not a koun -- this isn't 20 years ago. we are not a country that can afford to defend saudi arabia, germany, the nato nations, 28 nato nations, many of which are not paying us. japan, south korea, nobody, we're like the dummies that protect everybody. all i'm saying is we have to get reimbursed. nobody says that. and bob gates has no idea.
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>> so bob gates is one of the greatest foreign policy minds in history. >> really, why? because we're doing so well? you think we're doing wl with his foreign policy? >> i think the worry is how you will be as president and present your positions and your words and there are some concerns that you might be trigger happy with your words. >> i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq? >> i'm even talking about for example the tweet you sent yesterday morning. >> what's wrong with them? >> i will tell you that some might say. that it was generating hatred, focusing on the hatred and fear that terrorism brings. >> you feel that way, but another plane was blown up and i can practically guarantee who blew it up. >> but listen to yourself right now. >> the mind set of a weak hillary clinton, which is four
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more years of obama is not going to do it for our country, mika. >> i'm asking you if there is any perhaps become paing here to the concern that a lot of what you say is focused on hatred and fear and generating more anger and churning it up and perhaps that tweet maybe you might have thought of the families that are suffering first. >> let me tell you what i'm thinking. i'm thinking of the future. we can't continue to let things like this happen. we are being taken vng of by radical islamic terrorists and we are -- this world is changing. another couple planes go down and you'll have a depression worldwide, the likes of which you have never seen. because nobody is going to travel. there will be no anything. there will be no communication between countries. and you'll have a problem the likes of which you have never seen. i will tell you four more years of a weak hillary clinton and that's what she is, four more
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years of that, it will not work. it will not work. all i did is point it out. i said when you find out what happened to the plane, it will be exactly what i said. that plane didn't go down because of mechanical failure. >> i'm not saying it did. >> speaking about working, let's go to the guy who when i'm not working 90% of the time he's in charge. i just walk around. >> i want to ask you something about you said last night. who the hell cares if there's a trade war. you have been open about riff on exports from china and mexico. most experts believe that would plunge china and mexico into a recession. could perhaps the united states into the recession? are you concerned about the jobs lost in this country because of a trade war. >> ready? china, we have a trade deficit with china of $505 billion this year. we have a trade deficit with mexico $58 billion.
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they are killing us at the border and everything else. we all know that. the drugs are pouring across. people are coming across. everybody is coming across. they do nothing to help us. they will. they lend up being good neighbors. we'll have a good relationship if i'm in there. but when we have a trade deficit with china of over $500 billion a year, i say let there be something. they are taking advantage of us. we can't do any worse. if we had a trade war, to be honest, it can't be worse than having a trade deficit of $505 billion. i say that loud and i say it clear. let me tell you what will happen. when we get tough with china, they will stop devaluing their currency. they are absolutely killing us by devaluing their currency. they are making it impossible for our companies to compete with china. and by doing that, it's taking our jobs away. look at our country. lock at the jobs. the real job situation, not the
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phoney job with the 5% stuff. lock at the real job situation. if i go out and see communities stripped of their jobs. >> if you put that tariff on chinese exports it would put the chinese economy into a recession? >> i don't. i'm not sure you'd ever have to do it. i have been contacted by top people in china. they are concerned with me. guess what they are going to do. they are going to negotiate. they are not concerned with obama because they have been ripping off our country for eight years with obama. they are very concerned with me. think want to figure out what's going on. and i can tell you top people have talked to me and they said, boy, you have china in a very interesting position. they want to negotiate, donald. i said, i know, because that's what i do. that's what i do frankly better than anybody else. when you have a guy like bob gate that's been running foreign policy, he's been in so many
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administrations, i will tell you another thing i don't like about bob gates. whether it's obama or anybody else, when he writes a book and says bad things about everybody that he worked for, i don't like the kind of guys that write books and say bad about everybody they work for. >> we're going to put him undecided for bob gates for vice president. >> i don't care. >> we heard you. >> i don't like where our country is and he's been there for many years. >> he's kind of had commander-in-chief strapped around -- you think things are bad now. think about how bad they would have been if he weren't there trying to resist the worst instincts of our last two commanders in chiefs. >> i think things are very bad now. >> you're like my dad. >> we're running out of time. we got to get around the table. >> a quick button on this because that was an important thing you just said. the 35% tariff you proposed may
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just be a negotiating tool and may not ever implement it. >> i hate to say that because i hate to tell china there that. i will tell china now. i will implement it if they don't behave and they are not behaving. they are devaluing their currency. they gave the biggest devaluation in the history -- biggest in 20 years. they are not behaving. they are not playing fair. >> on top of that, they are building a major fortress in the south china sea. >> just so china knows, donald is going o to put on like an 80% tariff. >> don't joke, joe. >> let me finish. you got to let me finish. you got to let me get to the second part of what i was going to say. for all you economics professors and people writing op-eds and freaking out, he's negotiating. this entire campaign, look what he did to the republican party. he battered them and abused them
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and they came whimpering to him like a beaten dog, begging him. it's what e he does. it's called hard nose negotiating. >> i will say one thing. the republican party is really coming together and really unifying. people are endorsing me now that frankly i was a little bit surprised. >> frankly, i was surprised. >> you're running against a rigged political system sdm and a rigged economy. bernie sanders is run ining against a rigged political system and economy. you have a lot of an months if i ity for hillary clinton. bernie sanders has a lot of animosity for hillary clinton. would you take a few minutes to talk to him and consider him as a running mate? >> that's a great question. the one thing that bernie sanders and i have in common, two things. i do have much bigger crowds than him, but that's okay. >> with all due respect, it's
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close. >> he's above any other republican. i will say this. we have one thing in common. we know that the united states is being taken advantage horrible y on trade deals. the difference between bernie and myself is that i know how to make those trade deals fantastic and he doesn't. he has no clue. >> as your number two, he could watch and learn from you. >> he has too many other things in the bag. i will tell you, nicole, and i mean this 100%. if bernie loses, which he will because his system is rigged, bernie should run as an independent. his people -- big percentages of the bernie people are going to vote for trump. >> all right, donald trump.