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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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washington and l.a.? >> because you're answering your own question. because of geography, brian, like stock car racing and abortion rights. we assume in the big cities there's a cosmopolitan attitude we all share. i'm sure there are quietly among the multitude of people we work with and know socially who have different views. there is sort of a language spoken in the media pro-choice, anti-gun rights, the usual sophistication we're used to. it's not representative of the country. i think this is a cowboy country in spirit, self-reliance, drive your own car, people don't like mass transportation. drive around in their own car with their wife or husband or girlfriend and like to be on the road and that self-reliance of that gun. i don't have that instinct. i know it's out there and very much a part of our history. it just is. it's in the constitution and in our history. we are uniquely pro gun as a country, not like the japanese
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or chinese or english or french or the germans. this country is unique! today, we will see donald trump point to that and probably try to grab the support of that unique attitude about guns. >> chris matthews, thank you as always. we'll be watching "hardball" tonight as always, to take over coverage of our next hour as this long windup continues into donald trump before the nra, thomas roberts. thomas. >> thanks so much. you are absolutely right, it is a long windup, donald trump running about 15 minutes late before speaking to a crowd gathered in louisville, kentucky, this is the 145th convention of the nra meeting there. they expect over 70,000 people gun enthusiasts to be traveling through this convention over the weekend. they have over 800 different booths set up. as brian was pointing out and chris talking about as well, donald trump has this opportunity to reassure the members of the nra and those interested in the freedom for
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the second amendment, donald trump has the opportunity to make sure these people are on his side. he has had conflicting policy position s about second amendmet rights over the years. most recently, he told everyone he has a concealed weapons permit, concealed carry. he thinks that that should be valid in all 50 states. that's one of the many positions donald trump currently has as a presidential candidate running for the white house. nbc's jacob rascon is at this meeting in louisville. what is the sense you get from folks there to see donald trump that they want to hear from the presumptive gop nominee? >> reporter: donald trump is here but he has a few meetings and will be taking the stage momentarily. i spoke with people inside the exhibit a separate room where they have more than 800 exhibits where most of the people go, not where the speeches are held, a lot of them told me they were on the fence about trump and excited he came out, one of his first policy proposals after he announced he was running was
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about the second amendment where he reaffirmed where he stood and went back for the support for the assault weapons ban previous to announcing he was running. a lot of people we talked to reluctantly said they were supporting donald trump. he might not have been their first pick but right now feels like their only pick and the alternative, hillary clinton, just won't work. interesting, just moments ago, they've been showing videos on the screen of different people talking how important nra is, and one of the videos was a mother who said she owned a gun and all about hillary clinton and how she would not work as our next president. you will hear that. we expect to hear trump talk about hillary clinton and why she is not good for the country in terms of the second amendment. again, we expect trump to take the sage shortly. thomas. >> have you heard from any folks there that might be suspect of the policy positions of donald trump. it was in 2000 he wrote for assault weapons bans and talked
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at that time about why he thought that there were some good policies, kind of called himself the middle of the road between the left and the right. are there people suspicious of his intent when it comes to second amendment rights? >> reporter: yeah, thomas, those same people who talked about how he wasn't their first choice, that was part of the reason. a couple of people did tell us they are waiting to hear him really double down tonight and really reassure him he is where he says he is on the second amendment. without really saying they're suspect, they're saying it, they're really waiting to hear from him. they want to support trump because they don't want to vote for the alternative but they really want to feel like he's on their side tonight. it's big for them. >> just from a security standpoint for this -- i mentioned they expect over 70,000 people to be passing through over the weekend for the events they have set up for this, what is the security situation? they are allowed to carry guns, as long as it meets state and federal laws?
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>> reporter: of course, but not inside this room. in this room before you council they took all your guns and knives. this is the exception where all the speeches are held. next door inside the exhibition area where more than 800 exhibits are, guns are allowed, that's what the exhibit is about. not in here. it's a big deal. a lot of security. even when i was walking in before i had my press pass and i was recording something, security rushed up to me and said, what are you doing? they're very sensitive here. it is that heightened sensitivity you might expect. >> jacob, we will let you go. we hear the national anthem behind you and wait for donald trump to take the stage there. thanks so much. the other big story we're following for you this hour are the new definiteliments in the brake -- new developments in the breaking news of egypt. the second day, wreckage, personal belongings and human remains were discovered this morning by the egyptian military and the search continues for the
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plane's black boxes which could provide critical clues what happened in the final moments before the aircraft vanished, officials saying the prospect of terror probably more likely than technical error and who might be behind the plane's disappearance evading officials. >> so far we have no claim or evidence that this was an intentional act. >> let's begin with our correspondent on the ground, the latest of the investigation, from cairo, egypt. there is confirmation about certain items recovered from 804. does this mean that the egyptian led recovery team has actually zeroed in on a specific point of impact in the mediterranean? >> reporter: it's safe to say they have not found the key piece of the wreckage they are looking for, the flight data reporter and cockpit voice recorder. those are perhaps the two things they need for the investigation.
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without a doubt they continue search and recovery to try and identify where that might be, the wreckage, central pass of the wreckage to try to identify any remains of passengers on board. that is also a major component what they're trying to do here. they have a lot of family members here who want answers looking for their loved ones. that has been the major focus of egypt air leading this investigation. we know they described personal belongings belonging to egyptair 804. the intention is to try to bring back any piece of evidence they can gather back to cariro wherea team of investigators will looking through for clues. the team of investigators will be led by egypt because it is an egypt airlines flight and also taking place on egyptian territorial waters, that is the search and rescue part is.
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we also know france sent some of its investigators as well as a representative from airbus. that team arrived this morning in cairo and will be part of whatever investigation take place. we do know as well family members continue to wait for any clue or answers about what hmay have happened. that is yet to materialize as to the cause of the accident. >> speaking of the families, you've done specific reporting who these victims are. we know 30 were from egypt. what more have you learned? >> reporter: we learned a lot about family members speaking to those and got an picture of some on board that flight and a lot of heartbreaking stories, the case of a man and his wife traveling in europe for two weeks on an early summer vacation and left their children behind here with their brother
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and unfortunately they did not make it back. the four of them were on that flight. another heartbreaking story, i had a chance to speak to a former co-worker who was a manager for proctor&ganl abmble egyptian who went to work in france for this company and manager in france and very well respected and liked by all of his colleagues and peers. i spoke to a co-worker who brought a picture of what kind of personality he had. we understand his wife and child in france have been inf m informed of this incident as soon as it happened, they have arrived in cairo as well. many of these families beginning to hold prayer and funeral services, as we saw earlier today for the co-pilot of that flight as well. >> nbc's ayman mo yehyeldin re t
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reporting for us. i'd like to go to chris talking about when this flight took off. have the french officials said anything more about their part in all of this? >> reporter: obviously, they're looking at this very carefully. there have been a lot of questions raised what might have happened here. they had a press conference earlier today, the foreign minister and transportation officials and being very cautious to underscore we don't know what happened here. it's not clear. you can also understand their hesitation, not only obviously was there some wrong information put out there by egyptair yesterday, this is a city that has been on edge for a while. you had the charlie hebdo attack and then in november you had a series of attacks including the stadium. if there is some sort of connection to terror and if that terror connection traces itself
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back either to france for bruss brussels, you can imagine the ramifications of that. french officials had sent a team earlier to cairo. those officials essentially the equivalent of the ntsb in france. had their first meeting earlier today so they are cooperating on this investigation. we have not, and are not expecting a further update today as evening begins to fall over paris, thomas. >> chris, it's been reported authorities are focusing attention at the possible security holes at charles de gaulle airport. the plain made five different stops out of the last leg of paris. what are they looking for or working theory why that airport could be vulnerable? >> reporter: they're looking at all the airports and pushing pretty hard in france at least initially. it is known the security here, and i saw it when i was here in november and saw it as i got in here this morning, very tight in fact, more than is legally
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required here. having said that, they have to go back here and before of any who might have connection with that plane and any definition that might be tied to terrorism and they have to look at what possibly could have happened. that means maintenance workers, caterers, any who has a security clearance. at charles de gaulle, there are 80,000 people who work here, many with some level of security clearance. they will be looking at those lists and who might have had access to that plane. that's one piece of the puzzle. the other aspect is who came through security? was that security as tight as it's supposed to be? those are the two possibilities you would look at if it was a device that got on board, was it put on board by a passenger or which a lot of investigators and a lot of intelligence officials we talked to today said more
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likely if that this is case, was it an inside job and if so was it here in paris or one of those previous airports? that is a close focus of what's happening here. >> charles de gaulle being the second busiest airport in europe only behind london and heathrow. chris in paris for us. thanks so much. i want to go to kerry sanders in washington. carey has been tracking more of the investigation, especially given they have confirmed wreckage has been recovered, this part of the mediterranean, there are pros and cons about this search. explain to all of us how they found these certain pieces will impact the search moving forward. >> the idea is to gather as much of the wreckage as they can, this is what the national safety transportation board experts will do in this country and what will happen overseas with the french officials and others. every piece they can recover helps tell the story. large pieces that may be floating, that's really good.
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it sometimes comes down to a piece this big that can tell the investigators what happened. we saw that 20 years ago with the value jet clash in the florida everglade, it was something about that big that told them what caused that accident. what they want to do is gather as much as they can because if there was an explosion, i can see it exploded out, how the metal is tearing out and that would suggest where it was on the plane and whether it was part of the mechanics or whether something maybe from in the passenger cabin or down in the hold where luggage is. the difficulty now is as we look at the mediterranean, the area we're talking about in some spots is up to 2 miles deep. i've spoken to the experts who have worked in this region doing salvage operation, primarily for old shifts but they've done salvage operations they can do at incredible depths of 2 miles down. the problem is when you get to the bottom of the mediterranean,
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it's sort of a clay-like material and very silty. as something comes down in the water, remember, it's not like you're dropping something in your bathtub and it goes straight down, this is a long distance and can make a turn like this and go hundreds of yards away from where it hit the water. once it hits the bottom, the experts say, it hits that silt and is almost buried in this mud there. that will be awfully hard to get down there in the darkness and begin sweeping through with the equipment available today to find pieces that small. >> also, because of the peaks and valleys of that part of the mediterranean, surface of the ocean floor of it, this will really hurt the time being of the essence, kerry, for the pings of the black boxes in terms of hurting the timeline how quickly they can find that before the battery life runs out. what is the battery life? >> i have a black box here. if this black box were pinging, say, in the backyard somewhere,
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it could ping generally the battery for about 90 days. remember, as you go deeper in the water, the water gets colder. that cold temperature impacts the battery here. you might have about 30 days, maybe even less. the good news is if you really want to talk about hunting for something that seems impossible, we have seen the success of trying to find a black box without a pinger before and that was air france flight 447. rema remarkably, two years after it stopped ping ing the atlantic, off brazil, researchers found the black boxes and were able to bring them up and answer some of the important questions of what happened with that accident. it can be done but it takes a tremendous amount of effort, time. the french actually have a submarine good to 19,680 feet. they could actually send a submarine down there and begin
11:17 am
looking. you're talking about a very involved operation that is very slow going and again, that silt that begins to cover it makes it that much harder to find the pieces ultimately needed to answer the pieces of what happened there. >> kerry sanders reporting for us. thanks so much. up next, we turn to the breaking news, the race for 2016, as donald trump is set to speak at the nra convention. live after this. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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the different thing we're following this hour, one is the nra convention and when he takes the stage we will take you there. he is trying to woo over their
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support if he takes over the white house, he has talked about different ones the last decades. i want to go back to the air crash of egypt flight 804, unsure what caused it to go down but egyptian authorities said signs do point to terror right now. joining me is evan coleman. it's been said the r plane's investigation is more likely evidence of an act of terror. if you were an official on this investigation, what are the links you would be looking for to definitively tie to it terrorism? >> the first thing we'd be looking for is claim to respond someone saying i did this or we did this. thus far, there have been no claims of responsibility from any, not akd, not -- akd akl qa not isis, nobody. there are just a few ways it
11:22 am
could have come down. a surface to air missile laun launcher capable of bringing down an aircraft 30,000 feet over a large body of water 00s of thousands of miles from land, not a possibility. we're looking at explosive possibility onboard. was this terrorism? the only way to maybe say that was the same way we figured out in the case of the russian airliner over sinai, looking to see whether there's explosive residue on the wreckage acknowledged so critical we recover not just the black box but the wreckage itself. russian and interrogation investigators could not say it was terrorism until it was discovered. when that was the case, in less than 12 hours we had an immediate claim from isis, claim of responsibility from isis. it's been almost 48 hours now since the crash of this egypt
11:23 am
airliner. we heard nothing, nothing from isis, nothing from al qaeda, nothing from any of the usual suspects. if it is terrorism, it is quite rare it takes this long for a group like isis to take credit for a major international incident. >> we look at the suspension that's taken place and ripple effect of fear as people trying to figure out what happened from french officials to uk officials involved to egypt being involved, greek officials and the u.s., it seems as if they're getting -- if it is terrorism, maximum impacting from a flight that only had 66 people on board. the target not being the greatest of advanced capability a terrorist group may have. if this is linked back to that does it prove a greater capability a terrorist group could pull this off or call into question basic aviation security
11:24 am
protoc protocols? >> i think we don't know at this point. looking at this, even if this was terrorism, we don't know if this was an insider at a particular airport, which airport this was, if it just affects egyptair. in this case of the russian airliner, it was pretty clear what happened. poor security at the airport, an insider working at the airport. that's not a far-fetched scenario, northerly a liunfortu likely scenario that happened to take place. unfortunately, it's hard to see how an outsider gets access to the airport. how would they be able to construct a device to sit on multiple ascents and landings without going off. remarkable. the target itself, you're right, is spreading fear. the russian airliner over sinai was selected because russia was bombing syria.
11:25 am
there's logic to suspect isis will go after egyptian military targets or policemen. the idea of isis attacking egyptian muslim civilians, by far the vast majority of passengers on this flight doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, even by isis' standards, that's pretty far out there. this is the kind of constituency they're looking to woo towards them, not isolate and alienate and murder a lot of innocent people who have no connection to the struggles isis is fighting, even by isis' very strange and extreme standards that doesn't make a lot of sense. this is a group trying to portray itself as defenders of islam, defenders of innocent muslim, protecting innocent muslims from being murdered. that logic seems to fall away from this particular target. there was international headlines but this seems an awfully odd target for a
11:26 am
terrorist group like isis. >> even when you consider it's linked back originating out of paris before the final leg and ongoing efforts between the french government and european counter parts that believe they're in an active war with isis. >> there were 15 french natio l nationals on this egypt air flight. there are plenty of other flights that originate from france that go to cairo much more heavily french-based. if they were looking for different passengers at charles de gaulle airport they could have gone after any flight. why not this one where invariably, the majority are egypti egyptians. if you want to go after france, there are a million different ways to go after france. this is not a logical way of doing that, illogical, either a poorly constructed view of striking at france or more likely, this has nothing to do with france. >> evan, nbc analyst. thank you. i appreciate it. >> we're following the centers
11:27 am
for disease control, monitoring the women confirmed with azika virus in the u.s. we will take you live to the white house next. first, the annual google developers conference under way now in mountain view, california and the message from google to tech rivals, it is pretty clear, it games on. >> google is taking direct aim at amazon's echo to make sure it has a place in your living room. >> it plugs into the wall and take yours instructions and answers your questions. >> hey, google, turn the lights on in kevin's room. >> google, has my package sh shipped? >> yes, it's already shipped. >> it plays music, too. >> okay, google, play the morning playlist. >> okay, play morning playlist. >> it only ratchets up the competition between ggle and amazon. google executives are confident they will win.
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welcome back, everybody. donald trump set to speak at the nra gun rights. we see wayne lapierre speaking and we expect donald trump to come up following his remarks. we'll take you there when that happens. the other big story is the zika virus, president obama callingen congress for funding. nick m jim miklaszewski joins me now. the white house and congress have been at odds and now the cdc say 300 women are being observed for having the azika virus m. 0 are are virus. what's the president's next move? >> he said in the oval office
11:32 am
before a press corps, there's no reason to panic. there's not an epidemic of zika in the united states. currently there are 500 cases contracted while people were traveling and none from mosquito bites in the united states and 10 cases contracted during sexual intercourse. he did try to light a fire under congress, though, to come up with a 1$1.9 billion that all te president's health advisors say is necessary for research into mosquito control, diagnosis and development of effective vacc e vaccines. he's particularly concerned because congress is due to go out on recess in a few weeks. he's afraid that they won't come up with any kind of meaningful money for all that's needed in combatting zika in the meantime. the president himself, even talking about zake cika, he cout avoid taking a not so veiled shot at donald trump.
11:33 am
>> this is not something where we can build a wall to prevent, mosquitos don't go through customs to the extent we're not handling this thing on the front end, we will have bigger problems on the back end. for those of you who are li listening, tell your members of congress, get on the job on this. >> the president said essenti essentially, let's spend the 9 $1.9 billion now to deal with the zika problem, as opposed to spending much more later on treatment for those who may come down with that virus. >> we'll continue to follow this major development with that confirmation from the cdc today. jim mix mix at tklaszewski at t house for us. and finding debris from flight 804 finding aircraft, seats, and human remains.
11:34 am
no sighting of commonly called the black boxes, data and voice cockpit recorders. we have no claim of responsibility or evidence the plane was brought down intentionally. authorities are scouring a wide area south of the greek island of crete, one of several nations assisting in the efforts. lucy is on the island now. crete was the home base of the investigation and that has now shi shifted. what have greek officials said about the ongoing investigation? >> reporter: good evening, thomas. as you can see, it's dark behind me, night fall here. greek officials are temporarily halting their search efforts but doesn't mean they will send further aircraft out. it's just a temporary break. earlier this afternoon we heard the greek minister come out and
11:35 am
revealed some rather gruesome discove discoveries as you mentioned earlier and greek officials said they spotted a body part and two aircraft seats and luggage in the debris. they did try to confirm this with the defense spokesman in egypt and they would not confirm or deny. what we can confirm is the investigation efforts still continue that defense minister did promise to support the investigation as long as greece is necessarily in that effort. why is greece so central to this effort so far? that is because, keep in mind, the very last known conversation that this pilot of that missing aircraft had was with greek air traffic control officials. everything was sailing smoothly. they spoke. about 10 miles before that aircraft left greek airspace, when the air traffic controls
11:36 am
here tried to radio that pilot they did not get any sort of response. two minutes after that, that flight slipped off the radar. that is why greece is such a petr of this search. they have for two days in a row deployed c-130 aircraft as well as various helicopters, what they're contributing. this is a multi-national investigation as our other correspondents throughout the day have updated our viewers on. france has sent investigators and the united states now se sending a second p 3 oh ryun surveillance aircraft to the area to help with the search. the difficulty when you have so many difficult teams on the ground coordinating is to make sure everyone can do coordination and how to make it work. we are hearing there may be a storm in the works which could make this effort a lot more difficult. it's already raining here not necessarily over the search area, but the change in weather could be an issue.
11:37 am
>> nbc, lucy, from crete. thank you very much. a pilot from american airlines joins me from phoenix, arizona and from london, a deep sea salvage expert. good to have you with us. let me start with you, andrew. with night falling once again after the second day of search, what are the search and recovery teams doing right now and talk about the challenges they face going forward with each passing hour. >> it's obviously, if it's confirmed they have fun to debris on the sea surface, then the chances are they're going to be looking for the noise from the pinging more than likely on the seabed. that's the challenge now, to be able to find those black boxes as soon as possible. >> the race against time right now with pingers having roughly 30 days with battery life.
11:38 am
talk about the ocean floor that would make this search more difficult if anything pivotal to the investigation were to fall in one of the deep sea crevices that are on the floor. >> that part of the mediterranean, if it is in that general area is probably the deepest part, about 3,000 met meters. 3 kilometers down. on the seabed is a very soft and sedimentary type of area. they've got -- yeah -- it will be a challenge but they've got to -- like you said, the clock is ticking now with the pingers going off and they have 30 days and they need to locate them as soon as possible. >> because we still don't know what the exact cause was, take us into the minds of an airline captain who would be flyi ing today, especially this plane is considered a workhorse. there's potential this could be a mechanical failure that happened. >> there's a potential for a lot
11:39 am
of things. i can tell you right now my concern is that we, all of us, are guilty of being in a big hurry. i don't know why we are, but we are in a big hurry to get all we can. the only reason to really rush right now is to try to get to that black box before it moves and before things change, as your visitor has just explained. that's the only rush part. the rest of it needs to take it easy, sit back a little bit and wait until we get more information i believe we will get pretty soon now, some of the parts and damage out of that seabed, we'll be able to see some things, marks on the metal that give us a signature for an explosion or something ripped and torn rather than blown apart. all kinds of clues we'll get once we get some of that debris. >> as you say, there should be not such a hurry to get to answers on this. we do know france reacted in
11:40 am
recent months to security concerns they had at charles de gaulle airport. listen to this. >> this is the result of what we have done following the dramatic events that took place in france. we have reassessed the situation in regards to all the staff, and if there were any questions, not even a suspicion but a question, their badges were removed. this applies to everyone, i believe. >> jim, do you think that it is not in the best interests of the safety industry and aviation security protocols to look at this with an abundance of caution? we know after the november attacks, more than 80 airport staff had been stripped of their badges because of suspicion of radical islam at charles de gaulle. is that a move too swift? >> no, it's not too swift. it's important to do that. i've been around security around airports a long time and it's
11:41 am
always an issue. it's a means of concern. i'm just trying to figure the rationale why a terrorist group would be on this one airline, one flight. there's nothing i can find and what i've been told so far that says that's a great target. i'm not sure that it is. >> thank you very much. thank you both very much. the other story we're following in the lower portion of the screen, donald trump taking the stage, being introduced by wayne lapierre and getting the endorsement of the nra, as he is now going to speak before thousands of people that will be attending the convention in louisville, kentucky over the weekend. this is the 145th meeting of the nra, their annual convention. they anticipate over 70,000 people coming and 800 different exhibits set up in a different area outside the room where most of the speakers will be talking to crowds later today.
11:42 am
let's listen to donald trump and his remarks. >> i've been a member for a long time. my boys are members. they're much better shooters than i am. they know more about guns -- i don't know, there might be two or three people in this room, believe it or not, not many. to get the endorsement, believe me, is a fantastic honor. [ applause ] >> i just said to wayne and i just said to chris, will not let you down. remember that. i will not let you down. [ applause ] >> you know, i wrote a few remarks and i'm going to actually read them because we go into a little detail. but i will tell you that hillary clinton and, you know, i call her crooked hillary because all you have to do is read whatever newspaper you wan, but hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, remember that. we're not talking about chan changing, she wants to abolish the second amendment. we're not going to let that happen, i can tell you that
11:43 am
right now. we will preserve it and cherish it and take care of it, okay? you know, they keep chipping away, they talk about the magazines and talk about the bullet, we're going to take care of it. a couple of things before i give you some more detailed remarks. i feel really happy with what's going on. the fox poll came out three days ago, and in this fox poll i'm leading hillary, 41-44. 44. [ applause ] >> last night, rasmussen, which is a highly respected poll came out, trump, 42, crooked hillary clinton, 37. so we're doing well. [ applause ] >> now, with all that, we have a long way to go. but if you get every one of your friends to go vote, because there's a big difference. you know, on a lot of things there's a difference and some are subtle, some are big. by the way, we're in kentucky, we're going to put the miners back to work, before i forget about that. we're going to put the miners.
11:44 am
[ applause ] >> we just left. i also won kentucky so i love kentucky. i used to work in cincinnati, for two summers i worked in cincinnati doing a job with my father. i loved cincinnati and i'd come over the line and be in kentucky. you'd be surprised how much i know about kentucky. it's an amazing place. i said, when i won new york, because we won new york in a landslide and then pennsylvania and maryland and we won everything, we're winning everything. we won connecticut, delaware, rhode island, and then we went to west virginia and, boy, did i win. did we do well in west virginia, wow! [ applause ] >> all landslides. we won -- in all the states i mentioned, every single county in every single state. that's called a victory and we won by massive percentages in the 60s and some in the 70s. then, of course, we went to indiana, as you know, that was going to be -- that was going to
11:45 am
be the firewall for the other side. it turned out to be a massive victory for us again. it didn't hurt that bobby knight came out and said, i want trump to win, that didn't hurt. if you're an indiana and bobby night endorses you, i guess that's about as good as it gets. i just want to say, i've been watching what's going on and looking at airplanes getting blown up in the air and lots of bad things happening, it's not the same. we're going to bring it back. we're going to bring it back to a real place where we don't have to be so frightened and don't have to be so afraid. you know what's happening in the schools and you know what's happening everywhere. we will bring it back and you folks will be so happy and so proud of your country again. just remember. [ applause ] >> bernie sanders, who i'm sure you all love, he did say one thing that was very interesting,
11:46 am
he said hillary clinton is unqualified to be the president of the united states. and he said that -- it's just -- you know, one of those things. he said she suffers from bad judgment, she does. you look at so many of her decisions have been bad. i think we will do really really well and i look forward to it. i actually look very forward to the debates. i love the debates, i don't know. i never debated before and all of a sudden i have all these debates. that was a big question mark in my mind? how will i do in debates? i'm debating people on their national debating teams and all these top debaters, but they never had people interrupting them every other word they're s saying, you're a liar and you're a liar and they're trying to speak and they can't speak. you would have done the same, i know a lot of you in the audience, you would have done the same. i want to give this. it's so important to me. i wrote it down. again, my sons have been members of the nra for many many years.
11:47 am
they're incredible, they have so many rifles and guns even sometimes i get a little bit concerned and say, that's a lot. i will tell you, they know so much about it. really, they're surrogates and go around and speak. every time they speak to a gun organization or club, people call me and they say, your boys are great boys and, boy, do they know their business. it's one of those things. that's the way we want it. i mentioned so often we talk about paris or we talk about san bernardino and nobody had guns. paris is probably in the world the toughest place to have a gun, the toughest, france generally, but paris in particular. when these thugs walked in, t g thugs, the press used to call them master minds, i said, that's why people are joining, coming in, because you're using the word mastermind. not masterminds, thugs. i call them the guy with the
11:48 am
dirtty white cap and actually the press has stopped using the term. they're very dishonest people among the most dishonest i ever met. they actually stopped using the term mastermind and use that term and wonder why the youth are fighting for isis, they don't know what they're fighting for. i think it's gotten better from that standpoint. you look at paris, 130 people killed, hundreds of people still in the hospital. horribly wounded, can never be the same, horribly wounded and these guys came in, boom boom, you over here, boom. they just stood there and just shot everybody. no guns on the other side, folks. if you would have had guns on the other side, if i took a couple of these folks in here, especially wearing the red caps, make america great again, i promise there wouldn't have been 130 people killed and hundreds of people lying in the hospital to this day, there might -- it might not have happened because if they knew there were guns in the room, it might not have happened. but if it did, you would have
11:49 am
had bullets going in the opposite direction and, believe me, the carnage would not have been the same by any stretch of the imagination. [ applause ] >> i tell -- thank you. i tell the same story on san bernardino, here's two people, i guess she radicalized him, who knows, who knows! it's a mess. we're in a mess, folks, a mess. radical is islamic terrorism. we have a president that doesn't mention the words, doesn't want to talk about it, if you don't want to talk about it, you will never solve a very big problem, we're talking a worldwide problem, we're not talking here, we're not talking kentucky, we're talking all over the world, this is a problem and we have a president doesn't want to mention the name. you have san bernardino, 14 people. they worked with these two, worked with them. they gave them a baby shower,
11:50 am
they had a baby. the people they worked with gave them a baby shower. they walked in, no guns on the other side. they had the guns and they killed 14 people, many wounded many in the hospital to this day but they wounded many. but they killed 14 of their co-workers. the co-workers thought they were friends. so there's something going on. i tell you again, same story, if we had guns on the other side it wouldn't have been that way, i would have -- boom. [ applause ] >> if we had guns on the other side -- [ applause ] >> it wouldn't have been that way. >> then you have the gun-free zo zones. the gun-free zones, that's real. we had a case -- you know, about a year and half ago, the first i had really heard of this, where you had the five military people, great people, one was a master marksman, a master with anything he touched having to do with guns, weapons, anything he touched, and they were told, this is on a military base,
11:51 am
folks, on a military base, they were told, put your guns away, got to put your guns -- these are soldiers, people that are representing us, these are the top of the line, these were five great brave incredible soldiers. put your guns away. so their guns are locked up, put in a different area of the place and this whack job walks in and starts shooting and killed all five of them. gun-free zones. we're getting rid of gun-free zone, okay? i can tell you. [ applause ] chp chp [ cheers and applause ] >> we're getting rid of them. thank you. thank you. that wasn't part of my speech, i must be honest with you, i don't know. maybe i shouldn't read you what i have here. if i would have known teleprompt teleprompters, i would have used them. i started to use them a little
11:52 am
bit, they're not bad. you never get yourself in trouble when you use a teleprompter. the problem is it's too easy. we have a president that uses teleprompter, it's too easy. we should have non-teleprompter speeches only when you're running for president and you find out about people. the other way you don't find out about anybody. [ applause ] >> so, the second amendment is under attack. hillary clinton, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office. she wants to abolish and take your guns away. the nra and the late hero, a great guy, charlton heston, who many of you knew -- [ applause ] >> i met him a few times, he was an incredible guy, did battle with the clintons to protect our second amendment. the nra has led the fight time
11:53 am
and time again to protect our fundamental freedoms. this is an amazing group. i'll tell you, chris and wayne and all of the people i've gotten to know, these are incredible people. they really believe -- this isn't like a job, they really really believe. we're all lucky to have people like that, i'll tell you. really lucky. [ applause ] >> of course, if they didn't endorse me, maybe i wouldn't say that. i would. hillary clinton wants to reverse the supreme court decision d.c. versus heller upholding the right to keep and bare arms. hillary clinton said the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. that's bad. that's like what she said about the miner, we will put the mines and miners out of business, then she goes -- right -- i tell you she goes to west virginia, how
11:54 am
were they? i hate to say i won kentucky but i won west virginia by even more. of course, she made that statement after i had already won kentucky. we're going to win them all. we're going to win them all. we're going to win them all! if hillary clinton gets to appoint judges -- this is really important. defense is number one, we have to protect our company. economy, everything is important but without defense we don't have a country. our military, as you know, it's being decapitated, what they're doing to our millimeter itary i incredible. i saw over the weekend a documentary on our great airmen. these are people flying our jets and they're running out of parts for our fighter jets. these are fighter pilots, these are incredible men and they're going to junkyard, plane graveyards they call them where the planes are, graveyards where there are old planes and taking parts off, cannibalizing the planes and taking parts off the planes and putting them onto the
11:55 am
jets? i'm saying, is this the united states? why don't we have new equipment. a man got up, a great guy looked or better than tom cruise, you know what i'm talking about, because that was a great movie, he said, you know what, i've been in this for 20 years. it used to be so incredible. now, it's like a different world. the equipment, the way it's mainta maintained, everything, it's like a different world. i just have to say, just to interrupt what i'm going to be talking about, i have to say, we're going to make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody -- nobody is going to push us around. [ applause ] >> nobody. [ applause ] >> thank you. and by the way, as part of that, we are going to take care of our
11:56 am
great veterans, i have to tell you, the proper way, the proper way. [ applause ] >> thank you, everybody. thank you. of hillary gets to appoint her judges, you know, one of the biggest and most important reasons to win this time, it's very unusual. sometimes you get no judges to appoint, sometimes you go for years and there's no judges, probably there'll be a minimum, you have scalia, one of the gre greats, his position is up, great, he was great. but you have scalia, you have one before you even start, assu assuming, i'm sure that mitch and the guys are going to be able to hold out, i have no doubt about it because we don't want anybody taking that slot. you have scalia and you will probably have three. it could be four, and it could even be five judges. so i think in terms of -- we're talking about a four year period. of course, we intend to be there
11:57 am
for eight years. we'll make it so good in four, you will probably say, you don't need to do it any longer, mr. president. but i can't stress in any stronger fashion whoever the next president is going to appoint from three to five judges. if it's hillary or whoever -- assuming she's allowed to run. you know what, what she did with her e-mail is so criminal, so d dishonest, so shocking that she shouldn't be allowed to run but it looks like they're going to let her run. that's okay with me because really i do want to run against her, i have to be honest with you. if she gets to appoint her judges, she will, as part of it, abolish the second amendment. i have to say that would be, in my opinion, that's what she's going to go for. it's a little like she did with the coal miners. she said she will put the coal miners and mines out of business and then she went to west virginia and she said, oh, well,
11:58 am
i tried to retract -- she tried to retract it. didn't work out too well for her. she got really beaten badly. hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high crime neighborhoods, whether it's a young single mom out of florida or a grandmother in ohio, hillary wants them to be defen defenseless, wants to take away any chance they have of survival. by the way, you have men and women sitting in an apartment and outside is tremendous crime, tremendous crime of all kinds and they need to be protected. you know the only way they're going to be able to protect themselves. if you take that gun away from them, it's going to be very unfair situation. that's why we're going to call her heartless hillary. we can do without that. somehow i like crooked hillary better. i put forth and you probably saw it a few days ago, i put forth a
11:59 am
list of judges who will protect and defend all our freedoms including the second amendment. the judges will follow the constitution. these were all highly vetted the federalist society, heritage, some great references from jeff session, a fantastic man, from mitch and from a whole group of people. we put down 11. i'll be adding some additional names over a period of the next month or so sometime prior to the convention. hope you can all come to the convention, hope you can come. we will be putting additional names in, i think you will be very happy with them. it's been reviewed incredibly well. people love these people. i thought i'd do that because i really think it brings the party together. the effect it's had was incredible. they weren't sure will trump appoint this one or that one, how will the judges be? i put together the list with incredibly important organizations and highly resp t respected and everybody's really happy. you've seen we have gotten
12:00 pm
a-plus reviews on that. now, i'd like to call for hillary clinton to put together a list also. okay? let her put together a list. [ applause ] >> because i'd like to see what that lists consists of. you will see, it's day and night, okay, day and night. it will not be good for the people in this room and it won't be good, by the way, for the people of our country most importa importantly. so americans use guns to defend themselves against violent crime more than a million times a year, more than a million times a year. and they want to take them away, heartless hipocrits like the clintons want to take this and get rid of guns yet they have bodyguards that have guns. so i think that in addition to calling for them to name judges, we'll also call them and let their bodyguards immediately disarm -- [ appl


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