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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a-plus reviews on that. now, i'd like to call for hillary clinton to put together a list also. okay? let her put together a list. [ applause ] >> because i'd like to see what that lists consists of. you will see, it's day and night, okay, day and night. it will not be good for the people in this room and it won't be good, by the way, for the people of our country most importa importantly. so americans use guns to defend themselves against violent crime more than a million times a year, more than a million times a year. and they want to take them away, heartless hipocrits like the clintons want to take this and get rid of guns yet they have bodyguards that have guns. so i think that in addition to calling for them to name judges, we'll also call them and let their bodyguards immediately disarm -- [ applause ]
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>> okay? they should immediately disarm. let's see how good they do, let's see how they feel walking around without their guns on their bodyguards. in the meantime, nobody else can have the guns, right? president obama tried to take the guns from law abiding americans but has reduced prosecutions of violent criminals who use guns. president obama is even relea releasing violent criminals from the jails, including drug dealers and those with gun crimes, and they're being let go by the thousands. by the thousands. many of these are also -- i'm sure you are not going to be surprised to hear this, illegal immigrants. president obama pushed for changes to sentencing laws that relea released thousands of dangerous drug trafficking felons and gang members who prey on civilians. i want to tell you, i've really learned a lot about the border.
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two weeks ago you probably saw 16,500 border patrol agents endorse donald trump. [ applause ] >> we've gotten great endorseme endorsements, to have the endorsement from the nra and border patrol agents. these are wonderful people who want to do their job and why they're doing their job. they're told to stand back. they want to do their job. these are incredible people, the first time they've ever endorsed a presidential candidate. 16,500. i'm really honored by that. [ applause ] >> this is hillary clinton's agenda to release the violent criminals from jail. she wants them released. she wants people you wouldn't want to walk on the street with or look at. whether kate in san francisco, you see what happened there or jamil, i game great friends with
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his father, jamil was shot in the face three times by somebody who wasn't supposed to be here. or -- i always say this because this was tragic, a 65-year-old veteran, a woman who was a great woman raped, sodomized and killed by an illegal immigrant, wasn't supposed to be here. we're going to straighten it out. by the way, this contestadoesn'o do with guns per se, but maybe a lot of other things. we will build a wall, it will be a great wall, we will have borders again. people are going to come into the country but they're coming into the country legally, folks. they're coming in legally. [ applause ] >> we will keep our borders open and i'll tell you, they will be open when people come in leg legally. hillary wants to just keep them open, anybody can come across. that's what's been happening. the crime is violent and a lot. lots of other things are happening with the drugs pouring across. she's putting the most
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vulnerable americans in jeopardy. this is a risk we can no longer afford. we've had enough. i think we've had enough, wouldn't you say we've had like -- [ applause ] >> in trying to overturn the second amendment, hillary clinton is telling everyone and every woman living in a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. you have a woman living in a rough community, bad community, sorry, you can't defend yourself. that is so unfair and that is so egregious. and i'll tell you what, my poll numbers with women are starting to go up. i never thought of it, this should really lift them up, right? starting to go up. [ applause ] >> i will say, my poll numbers with men are through the roof. but i like women more than men, come on, women, let's go, come on! [ applause ] >> most people know that about me. most people know that.
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this is this most basic human right of all, but hillary wants to strip it away and strip it away from women, and all others. hillary clinton will release violent criminals from jail more so than even obama. she has a more open policy than obama if that's possible and put innocent americans at risk. i'm going to put criminals from behind bars and guarantee that law abiding americans have the right to self-defense. 100%. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. there are 13 million right to carry permit holders in the united states. i happen to be one of them. in the past -- nobody knows that. boy, would i surprise somebody if they hit trump.
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if i wasn't -- if i wasn't surrounded by like the largest group of secret service people, who by the way are fantastic people, and our police are fantastic, fantastic people -- [ applause ] >> we have to give a standing ovation to our police, we have to. [ applause ] >> they are fantastic people. amazing. [ applause ] they do such a great job. they're so unfairly treated. but they know and they know how the people feel about them inflammatory thank you. that's great. in the past 30 years, the number of right to carry states has gone up seven fold. these are among the most law abiding folks statistically in the entire country. they have the right to carry, among the most -- they do
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statistics on everything, right? everything. these are among the most -- in fact, they're like at the top of the list. in florida, for example, they've issued more than 3 million concealed carry permit is in the past 30 years. only 168 have been revoked. that's .006%. so very very few. just no difficulty. hillary wants to go into the opposite direction. she said president obama didn't go far enough when he executed this order, when he signed this order and not going far enough. he's gone so far, he's gone too far and we will stop it. we ill unsign lots of different things including some of those terrible executive orders, believe me, they will be unsigned so fast, they will be unsigned the first hour i'm in office, the first hour i'm in office.
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[ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary's pledge to issue new anti-gun executive orders, you know that. this is the behavior, you could say of a dictator, this is the behavior of somebody frankly i think that doesn't know what she's doing. she's not equipped to be president in so many different w ways. this is the thinking of a person that is not equipped to be the president of the united states. believe me, she doesn't understand it. bad judgment, we talk about it. she's got bad judgment, you know where it came from. it came from me and also came from her current opponent, who's doing pretty well, i'll tell you, you talk about a rigged system. he wins every week and he keeps losing. i think bernie should run as an independent, okay? let him run!
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[ applause ] >> i do. i would love him to run as an independent, then it would be the three of us on stage. i'd love that. the second amendment is on the ballot in november. the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump, okay? i will tell you. i will never let you down. i will protect our second amendment. i will protect our country. our military will be strong, our borders will be enforced, we'll get rid of common core, which is a disaster -- maas [ applause ] >> we'll bring education local. so important. our education is a mess. we're going to get rid of obamacare. we will have a great great plan as a substitute. obamacare is out of control. the new costs, as you know,
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they're going to be revealed on november 1st, they will be through the roof. by the way, don't let this happen, we'll have to speak to mitch, obama is trying to get it delayed until after the election. the new costs will be revealed november 1st unless he gets it changed and we don't want that to happen, they will be so astronomical and will show what a total failure and disaster obamacare is. we will repeal it and replace it with something great, okay? believe me. [ applause ] we're going to have strong borders and we're going to make the greatest trade deals, every country worldwide, every country in the world is ripping off our great country, like we're children, like taking candy from a baby. our trade deals will be renegotiated. we won't be having trade defi t deficits of 5$500 billion a yea with china anymore, folks. they won't be taking our jobs out of here and kentucky and lots of other places, every
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place. they won't be taking our jobs and bringing them into mexico, like with nabisco, where they leave chicago moving to mexico, and so many other countries, companies, carrier, you look at carrier air conditioner, just left indiana, they're leaving indiana and they're moving to mexico. that's not happening with me because when they make their air conditioner s and sell them across our now very strong border, believe me, they're going to pay a tax and they're going to say, we're not moving to mexico anymore, it's so simple. it's so simple. [ applause ] >> so we're going to have -- we're going to have great trade agreeme agreements. we are going to become a strong nation again. we are going to save our social security. we will save our medicare, we will be so proud of this country, you're going to be proud of your president, but i don't care about that, you are going to be proud of your country again.
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we will start winning again, because we don't win anymore. we never win. we don't win on trade, we don't win with the military, we can't beat isis, believe me, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have no choice. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to knock the hell out of isis! [ applause ] >> so we are going to start winning again, and i have fun saying it, and i say it a lot, but there's nothing better. some of you have heard it, but we are going to win-win win. we are going to win with military, we will win at the borders, we are going to win with trade, we are going to win at everything. some of you are friends. you're going to call and you will say, mr. president, pleased, we can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, mr. president, you're driving us crazy, you're winning
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too much, please, mr. president, not so much, and i'm going to say, i'm sorry, we are going to keep winning because we are going to make america great again. thank you, we love you, thank you. thank everybody, thank you, kentucky, thank you, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. i'm kate snow in new york taking over for thomas roberts here. you've been listening to donald trump speaking at the nra leadership forum in louisville, kentucky, trump making a very direct appeal to nra members in the room calling for the elimination of gun-free zones railing against the obama's administration's executive actions on guns and at one point said hillary clinton would promise more of the same and said quote this is the behavior, you could say, of a dictator, trump telling the crowd the second amendment is on the
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ballot this november. i'm joined by jacob rascon in the room. he was on and off his prepared remarks, it looked like. >> reporter: he was. he said the only way to save the second amendment was to elect him. now, before this started, when we had the nra leadership on the stage, a lot of those in the crowd weren't aware he was going to be endorsed and it was a surprise to a lot of people here. but it got a warm response. when donald trump took the stage, initially, not everybody stood up to clap but he got a warm reception. as he went and kept on going and kept praising the police offic r officers, promising to beat isis, talking about how he was going to make the military better and protect the second amendment, he got standing ovation after standing ovation and it started to feel a little bit like a trump rally. you saw him go off his prepared remarks, and talk about other things like trade. a lot of the speech was focused on hillary clinton. before trump took the stage, that was a lot of the focus as well.
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talking about how if hillary clinton won in november, that was the end, essentially of the second amendment. donald trump reiterated that, talked about it, said hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment and again saying the second amendment was on the ballot in november. kate. >> as we went into this, we were thinking this morning perhaps he had some selling to do because in the past, if you know, donald trump's record, it hasn't always been in favor of gun right, fra frankly, there have been issues on which he has supported for example an assault weapons ban. did it seem like -- it sound like from what you're saying he won that crowd over today. >> reporter: he really seemed to do just that. the first time, for example, he got almost a standing ovation, most of the crowd stood up. the second time, a little more of the crowd stood up and by the end, it seemed everybody was on their feet. when i talked to people who were attending before this started, several people told me they were on the fence about him, that they said that they had decided
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they were going to vote for him because they couldn't stand the alternative, hillary clinton, in their words, but they were not convinced how they stand on the second amendment and know he came out with a policy paper on it but were really wanting to be impressed here today. it seemed as if he was doing that. there may have been people who didn't stand we couldn't see. by the end of it, it really seemed like everybody was on their feet. >> i heard a couple attacks on hillary clinton. fill us in. it sounded very much like he was going after her. he said at one point something about the clinton bodyguards? >> reporter: he did. before he took the stage, the nra leadership made a big deal about that talking about how hillary clinton goes nowhere, does nothing without her bodyguards, she'll never have to call 911, they said. everybody boo'd very loudly. donald trump picked up on that and repeatedly talked about how hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment and talked about the supreme court as well
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and talked about how a lot of supreme court justices he said would be chosen in the next four to eight years, if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would be game over. the nra leadership said that as well. he also called on hillary clinton to release a list of scotus picks, like he did, so a lot of hillary clinton in this speech. >> jacob rascon, following all of it from the room. here in the newsroom with me j ari melber in the room with me as well. interesting to hear donald trump really playing to that crowd. as we mentioned, you look at his record, this is not always where he's been on gun issues. >> he certainly shifted on this issue as with others. an nra endorsement is what you'd expect of a republican nominee and donald trump hasn't gotten everything expected. this is a shot in the arm, no pun intended. you're looking at an address that had all the red meat and potatoes for the gun crowd. the nra does not reflect most
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gun owners and there are about 5 million of them and are influential and one issue voters. things you were discussing things like the assault weapons ban and gun-free zones and background checks, nra has been at the front of defining them and exacting a political price not just for republicans but democrats as well. this is a significant political and policy event. as we track major issues just this week, the d.c. circuit struck down a gun control rule regarding carrying guns. donald trump talked that, the right to carry and marchmarch - marshaling statistics and it was more fact laden and said most people who get these guns don't commit crimes and never have them revoked and he's leaning on facts and data very well received in that room. and another note for those wa h watching at home, this was still a secret service protected event. for those tens of thousands to
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be at the convention, for this part none were allowed to carry any firearms into the hall according to secret service rules. >> ari melber, thanks for keeping an eye on that. let's switch back to the topic we've been covering all day extensively today. the disappearance of egyptair flight 804. you heard something about potential signals or data coming from that airplane. >> that's right. we will attribute this to the avionics herald, i should say. they published eed a data from plane. it's very important. what i says here, 26 minutes zulu time, smoke in the lavatory, that was an automatic computer message according to
12:20 pm, and at 27 minutes zulu time, smoke in the ave jokics come partment. 28 minutes zulu time, problem with fixed window sensor. that's important. the right fixed window sense is right near the circuit breakers, near the cockpit. we're talking about something going on right behind the cockpit near the forward lab. at 29 minutes zulu time, two critical messaged involving the pilots's controls critical to controlling the plane. the fcu, two faults, that refers to a unit in the center of the cockpit where the pilot puts relevant autopilot information, heading, speed. and the freefall refers to the computer that controls the sp l spoilers, et cetera. what we have in a space of three minutes, according to this computer data transmission from the plane, smoke in the lav, smoke involving avionics and
12:21 pm
right window sensor in the same vicinity and two critical components are experiencing faults with the flight controls for the plane. we checked with u.s. intelligence sources and said they have no reason to doubt tthe authenticity of this information and they themselves are aware of it. we reached out to airbus to see who does the maintenance for egyptair. we haven't heard back and asking egyptair about this information. this information, as presented by, u.s. intelligence sources say they have no reason to doubt would suggest some sort of smoke other fire event just before this plane went down. last transmission was 33 minutes zulu time. according to this avcars transmission was when it was getting reports of failing transmissions in the cockpit. this is all very troubling. what does that mean?
12:22 pm
we can't tell you whether a bob with off in the laboratory or on board fire or what precipitated that fire or smoke event. according to that report something was going wrong in the final minutes and may have involved smoke and fire. back to you. >> very compelling new information. if this was going on for a period over three minutes, it sort of begs the question, does that mean that this people knew this was happening for three minutes, why wouldn't there have been a radio call, distress call? >> i think you're right. the plane would have been in autopilot mode. if you're sitting in the back of the plane you might not know anything was going wrong. why didn't the crew have a chance to get off a mayday. if it was an above event you could imagine a scenario they lost all their comes, ability to communicate or incapacitated. this would lead credence to the idea something very dramatic
12:23 pm
happened very quickly and very quickly the plane could not fly anymore, even on autopilot. >> tom costello, stay near, will you please. i want to check in with greg feith, msnbc safety analyst with us and senior crash investigator. greg, let me put that back up, the full screen that shows the sequence of events, possible data transmission coming in, as you look at that, we had tom go through it painstakingly and tell us what it means. what do you as an investigator glean from that kind of information? >> that kind of fault information, kate, indicates there was probably something occ occurring, a fire, it was over a three mundt period that these faults were starting to originate. you could have had a small explosion and tripping these systems off. you could have had definitely a fire in the aircraft. that would have probably prev t prevented the flight crew from making any mayday call because
12:24 pm
their priority would have been to take care of if there was a fire, putting the fire out, keeping the airplane under control. as tom has said, the audited to pilot tripped off or at least the computer looks to be tripped off. that would have been flying the airplane at the time. if there was a hard fault and the airplane pitched over or took on a different altitude, the pilots would have to take over control of the airplane or regain control of the airplane given this serious situation. >> given what we known as it jerked to the left and made t n turns in the air, if you reconcile that with what we just learned, does that give you any more sense with what might have happened? >> with one of the faults tom was saying about the flight controls, this is all electric. when the pilot makes an input, he's just moving a side stick controller that sends a signal to the flight control computer that moves the appropriate
12:25 pm
flight control. if there's a fault there you could get spurious signals and the airplane isn't controllable by the pilot and these signals are moving flight controls and could account for this erratic movement of the airplane. >> there's no way to look at this new reporting coming in and say whether it was an explosive device or mechanical failure that caused a fire, is that right? >> not from this particular information, unless there's more fault codes that come down, or we look back up the flight track to see if there were any trends developing with the faults. this is an electronic airplane, it's monitoring itself all the time. if there are any problems originating in these data burst similar to what we saw in air france 447, when there were a number of things going on well before the airplane crashed, we were able to put the story line together partially as to what the pilots were trying to do and what systems were going offline.
12:26 pm
same thing here. as more information comes in, i think we can develop at least an understanding what the crew may have been going through and what may have caused the airplane to have all of this erratic movement. >> all right. greg feith, thanks so much and tom costello before that. new information just coming in this hour, report of smoke inside the plane and laboratory first and smoke at a fixed window sensor in various parts of the plane. tom costello has been walking us through this. >> tom, what more can you tell me? >> do you mind if i bring in greg? he is the expert. it says anti-ice right window the first error i did not includen the graphic, right window problem and right sliding window sensor. this is an airbus a320. we've all been on them, a single
12:27 pm
aisle plane. if you're sit ing the cockpit, are we talking about literally the windows to your right back towards the lav or galley? >> correct, tom. when you look -- if you're sitting in one of the pilot seats you have two immediate windowpane, one on each side, left and white and intermediate windowpane offset to the right and another aft windowpane sits to the right of the pilot. this would deal with the right side pilot windows. >> the other question would be, in theory then, in the lav, if there's a smoke event and fire event in this location, that's also right near the forward galley, am i right? where the flight attendants would be putting up sodas for the trip? >> absolutely. you have the forward galley that just sits on the right side, if you're looking forward in the aircraft, it sits on the right side of the aircraft. there is a bulkhead wall.
12:28 pm
on the other side of that bulkhead wall in the cockpit is a circuit breaker panel and those windows also emanate from that point as well. >> so that's critical. kate, that information is critical. i'm sorry, greg, go ahead. >> i was just going to say, the lavatory is just opposite of that galley, of course on the front side of that -- and if you go on the front side of that bulkhead, where the lavatory is, there are, i believe, some circuit breakers as well. the critical systems, all the wiring that comes into the airplane, there's an electronics bay or avionics bay, equipment in the electronics bay that sits right below the cockpit in the forward galley and if you had any kind of fire or explosion in there, you could trigger a lot of alarms or faults. >> it's right there at the nerve center what we're talking about, kate. you have the galley, lab, circuit breakers and avionics controls all right there is
12:29 pm
where this might have happened. if you don't mind i need to reiterate this reporting coming from, u.s. intelligence sources saying they have no reason to doubt th ththis authenticity and are aware of this report. >> for those of us not in the world you and greg are in, is an industry aviation? >> people that might describe themselves as aviation geek, have access to information very quickly and people within the industry and share it and do a lot of discussions about what might be going on in this world. >> they're saying this data we're talking about was relayed from the plane back to where? >> headquarters. typically back to the maintenance base. this is called and acars data transmission burst. automatic transmission burst the computer s on boardthy plane sed to the maintenance base depe depending how often it's prog m programmed. it can go every few minutes or
12:30 pm
hour. you may recall we had this discussion during malay that flight the 70 and the question was, whether they were transm transmitting acars data. they would be transmitting the data regularly to the maintenance base. the reason for that, when they then pull into the hangar, the maintenance crews on the ground can check the computer, ah, looks like we need to work on a, b, c. not a smoke event hopefully but data and tell the folks on the ground, be prepared this is coming in and maybe we need to be getting ready for that. >> tom costello and greg feith, thank you for that update. we have more breaking news coming in on a very busy news day on a friday afternoon. we have initial reports coming in from washington, d.c. i want to be very careful here. we're being told of responsibpo
12:31 pm
shots fired near the white house. that would cause great alarm in the city of washington if it were true. the white house, as a precaution, is on lock-down at the moment. is there somebody i can turn to in washington? we don't have any reporters on the ground just yet. just to let you know we are getting initial word of possible shots fired at the white house in washington, d.c. obviously, we're working fast and furious to get as much information as we can and right now the white house appears to be protectively, as a precaution, on lock-down as traditionally happens any time there's any incident near the perimeter of the white house grounds they will go into lock-down mode as a precaution. we'll work to find more details as soon as we can get them. for now, we'll take a quick break and be right back with more. almost there.
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break and we're getting live feeds in from washington, d.c., there is an incident that happened outside the white house grounds, possible shots near the white house, the white house on lock-down. let's get to jim miklaszewski, you're inside the briefing room, yes? >> that's right. we're on lock-down you mentioned a moment ago. it was a little chaotic when there were reports shots were heard fired at least in the vicinity of the white house. there are conflicting reports some of the shots may have been fired or at least some shots heard outside the gates of the white house. others that it occurred on west executive drive inside the white house. i can tell you, we watched for a short period of time while we were permitted outside and we saw the usual scrambling of secret service, some on the rooftop with sniper rifles appearing to take aim at some unknown target. no shots fired as far as we can
12:36 pm
discern from any secret service inside the white house grounds. it's all b being sorted out rig now. the secret service is in a br f briefing to come up with an explanation what happened. some of the nbc crew members were actually outside when the shots were purportedly fired. they heard nothing. it appears if there were shots fired it did not happen on the grounds, perhaps in the vicinity and neighborhood of the white house but so far we have no confirmation that any shots were fired. something happened because there is considerable secret service and police activity both inside and outside the white house grounds. >> mick, i don't know if you can see monitors where you are, our viewers are seeing multiple shots on the screen, multiple different camera angles showing police activity outside. let me check because everyone would want to know on a day like this, where is president obama right now?
12:37 pm
>> president obama, as far as we know, is in the west wing or could be in the residence. nobody has revealed that. at time this is an emergency and threat to the white house, of course, the president and first lady, any of the family, would be taken to a security place here on the white house grounds. we have no indication this situation has gone that far to involve the president himself in terms of having him moved to a safe place here inside the white house grounds. >> actually, mick, i'm just being told from our control room and other reporters he is go golfing right now on a friday afternoon so not inside the white house at this point. also seeing some unconfirmed reports about who may or may not have been involved in any of this activity, have you heard anything official about who might have been involved in this incident? >> reporter: nothing official from anybody. all our inquiries have been referred back to the white house.
12:38 pm
a the white house says we're waiting for the secret service to come up with a statement. a call to the secret service all the public affairs office with the secret service are in a briefing to come up with a statement, explanation what happened. again, no indication there were any shots fired here inside the white house grounds, but there are indications something happened because there was a lot of frantic activity both inside and outside the white house. >> stand by there for us. he's inside the white house briefing room. are these live pictures? these are live pictures. you see people with guns drawn at the ready. it's a scary picture. tell us what we know at this point. >> whatever it is, it's over, as far as we can tell.
12:39 pm
there is a helicopter there. we believe that is someone who had medevaced -- a helicopter that had medevaced a victim earlier and i think that's probably a helicopter aiding in a search for a car. but our understanding is this happened outside the white house grounds. that thing one. the map that's up on our screen right now, i don't know if we can make that a full screen map or not, but it would be on the west side of the white house, away from the treasury building on the right side of the screen, on the left side of your screen, and that main street is 17th k street there and we believe it happened at 17th and e, actually out of the frame of this map, to the south, to the bottom of the screen. it happened, we're told, this is the preliminary information, happened at 17th and e, outside the white house fence, not on the white house grounds, one person shot in the chest, a
12:40 pm
white male who has been taken to the hospital and now authorities are trying to find that person's car and search it. what we don't know is which agency fired the shots, if in fact it was someone in law enforcement that fired the shot or whether this was two people shooting each other outside the grounds. our initial information is that it was an officer involved sh t shooting but we don't know what pr precipitated the shooting. there are many around the white house, secret service, uniformed division folks, park service police, metro d.c., washington is crawling with different police agencies. the fact that secret service is involved and trying to come up with and answer may indicate that they were involved in it. the fact it was near the white house may be another reason they're involved.
12:41 pm
all our information is it did not happen on the white house grounds, near the white house fence, white house grounds fence some distance from the white house building itself but the white house campus encompasses the white house itself, old executive office building and north lawn and huge ellipse, which is at the bottom of that map. those are all the details i have at this point. i hesitate to use the word details but that's our best understanding. >> that's a lot more than we knew five minutes ago. i appreciate that. to reiterate, it was one individual, as far as we know, shot in the chest, a white male, taken to the hospital by medevac and we don't know who fired the shots and perhaps someone in law enforcement and we don't know that yet and this all happened around the corner of 17th and e, northwest washington, d.c. just to the south and west of the white house itself, very importa importantly, outside of the
12:42 pm
white house grownsc white house grounds. we've been here before in recent weeks you and i had to talk about lock-downs in washington near the capitol most recently. this is considered very serious stuff when something happens very close to the white house. >> yeah. or any federally protected facility. always the white house is a concern. a lot of security there, a lot of people always out and around the white house at any given time. the fact that the white house is on lock-down is pretty standard thing when ever they have something like this happen, i suspect it will be lifted shortly. what they want to make sure of if there was some kind of altercation, something bad happened whoever it was, was alone and there weren't other people that may have been involved. that will take some time to work out. >> to allay people's fears in washington, you're not hearing from any law enforcement sources of yours, that there is a shooter at large at this point? it sounded like you're saying
12:43 pm
things seem to be over? >> that's my understanding, right. >> pete williams reporting from our washington bureau. thank you so much. what should we do? all right. apologies, as we're rolling through lots of different stories on a friday afternoon and trying to figure out where to go next. sean henry is with me here on set, former fbi investigator. thank you for being here. you had come in to talk about egyptair we can talk about as well. as far as what's happening down in washington and what we've just been reporting, you've been through a scene like this. it sounds like it's an abundance of caution why the white house is put on lock-down and what would happen if there's a sho shooti shooting. >> exactly. you have a lot of tourists in that area. especially this time of year, spring, a lot of folks walking around. any time there is an incident like this at the white house you will seeenforce.
12:44 pm
helicopters in the air and officers out in full tactical gear and long weapons there. >> we saw a couple of people with what looked like long guns. >> the key is they want to make sure there was no additional threat. was this two individuals involved in a shooting or somebody shot by an officer that posed a threat. that whole area is incredibly secure. large fences and multiple areas of pass through to get access to the white house. you have to go through police officers and magnetometers, those going onto the grounds. where that occurred according to pete's description is one of the ingress areas into the white house grounds at that area. that will be a concern for law enforcement and why you will continue to see them looking with their surveillance officers patrolling the area to see if there are any additional threats there. >> i was trying to pull up a map of washington. i used to live there. that is right near the ellipse at 17th and e, if people know
12:45 pm
the area, to the north of the national mall where everyone knows the national monument and lincoln monument and capitol are in. it is that heavily trafficked area, and if there were shots fired, tourists around. a beautiful afternoon on a friday, a lot of people. >> it's heavily congested. we've seen in the past, people who have jumped the fence. there has been criticism of the secret service for not respo responding. they do and incredible job to keep that area safe and secure. they have to keep it open to vehicle and foot traffic and ensure there are no specific threats to that particular area. we've also seen shots at the white house from cars driving on pennsylvania avenue. historically we found bullets in the white house for people who have launched rounds over the years. so the white house, secret service, metropolitan police and park police are always on high alerts to specific threats to individu individuals, key executives in
12:46 pm
that area as well as the physical grounds at the white house. >> stand by for us, sean. cal perry has been tracking the social media action on this. a lot of people, i'm sure writing about what's talking about. >> first d.c. fire confirm one person transported with critical injuries to the local hospital. if the white house is here and this is the white house right here. let's keep it -- there we do. the white house is here. the shooting took place here, 17th and e. this is one of the points where people walk. e street used to be drivable, kate, as you knsnoknow d.c. ver well, you used to drive down e street and they shut it down about 10 years ago now. you can't drive down that that. the old office executive bui building here, eisenhower executive building is basically a spillover building for people who work in the administration,
12:47 pm
can't work in the white house pau because it's not big enough. this is where that famous fence is when we hear about fence j p jumpers. this is the southeast corner of the edge of the complex of what would be the perimeter. what we know for our viewers, one person shot and transferred to the hospital. we don't know if that person was shot by a member of law enforcement or civilian on civilian shooting. >> that would be the southwest corner, right? >> southwest. >> if i'm remembering right, there is a fence on e street people go to, you can't drive there and walk up and look at the white house, a lot of people taking photos in that area along the southern side of the white house grounds. >> e street is they popular area for people to walk on for tourists because you get a close view of the white house and this time of year, incredibly clear, very nice. everything else is shut down. pennsylvania avenue shut from 17th street to 15th street and e
12:48 pm
street, like you said, open to pedestrian traffic but closed to vehicular traffic. to zoom in, the ellipse is right here, washington monument is right here. d.c., everything lines up perfectly. this is where the shooting was, as you said, this corner of 17th and e. >> i'm just being told via our control room that pete williams belie believes, based on reporting at this moment, this is early and initial that the person who was shot and now medevaced to the hospital was indeed the person who shot -- fired shots himself at some point. in other words, a gunman opened fire and fired some shots and perhaps taken down. that's what we're hearing initially. this is very early. >> that would make sense. this is the corner giving you a ground view what it looks like. you can see the secret service has a post here and have them around every block as we move to the white house and go down the
12:49 pm
street. this is where people would enter to work at the white house. this is a very very secure area. you have to go through a number of checks and there are big g e gates that pop up to make sure no vehicular traffic can go through. it's a very secure site and the press corps at the white house even though the president isn't there, they have been taken into the basement. >> let me go to sean on the set. we don't know at this point what happened exactly. if there were a person who appeared with a firearm in that part of washington, d.c., right near a secret service checkpoint, you're in trouble. >> there's high level security, officers are armed. they're very aware, very alert, particularly on heightened alert today on the heels of what we've seen with egyptair, concerns potentially about terrorism, everybody is on high alert. that particular area, not only
12:50 pm
do you have the armed secret service uniformed division a lot of federal agents who live there, they're armed and metropolitan police and park police and a highly secured area. they're concerned secure area. their concern right now, if this is an officer involved shooting and the shooter was taken down, the immediate concern, in addition to the safety for those who are on premises is, are there other threats out there? was this somebody who was there citizen on citizen shooting, perhaps? or is it somebody who posed a specific threat to individuals or the property at the white house? >> and initially what we're hearing, it sounds like someone who posed a threat and was shot by law enforcement. let's go back to jim miklaszewski inside the white house. what have you learned? >> we're hearing now that in fact a man, a sieve icivilian, with a weapon, as he approached a secret service guard post as 17th and e street.
12:51 pm
that's around the corner on the other side of the executive office building, at least a block if not more, from the white house. but nevertheless, it was on the edge of the white house compound where the exec office building is located, aside the white house. and as this gunman approached, law enforcement officials were not clear if it was secret service or whether it was local police, apparently, as we understand it, ordered the man to put down the gun. he did not, and he was shot by an officer. either secret service or local police. and as pete williams said earlier, he's been transported to a nearby hospital. his condition is unknown. not clear if this gunman -- alleged gunman, said anything to any of the officers, but obviously out of all limits of precaution, the officers
12:52 pm
apparently were forced to shoot the suspect who allegedly refused orders to put down the weapon. there's also a search, as we understand, in the region. they have the man's identity, looking for an automobile that may be parked nearby. there's no word yet if law enforcement or secret service has located any kind of former transportation that he may have taken to get to the white house. but at no time was the white house itself directly threatened, but clearly, on the perimeter, there was what the officers believed to be a serious threat, a man with a gun, who was then shot by law enforcement officials. kate? >> jim miklaszewski inside the briefing room, and the white house still is technically on lockdown, is that correct? >> we are still on lockdown. although we're seeing outside more of the white house staff being allowed to walk on the grounds. but we are still locked up here
12:53 pm
inside the press area of the white house west wing. we're not being -- these doors go on automatic lockdown. and once they're locked, we can neither go out or in unless the secret service gives us that permission. >> jim miklaszewski at the white house for us. and the mayor of washington saying we are aware of the white house lockdown situation. i've been briefed by my public safety team and they are coordinating with federal partners. brian williams is with us. you covered the white house many years, you're very familiar with that area. what can you tell us? >> i hit the nail on the head earlier when you talked about tourist season. the complex itself is also known as the 18 acres, that encompasses the white house and the old executive office building next door. and the elips, the south grounds, the big lawn you were talking about, kate, that a lot of people can picture that we're looking at right now. there are usually tourist buses
12:54 pm
at the other end. remember, you're not far, as you said, from the mall, from the vietnam memorial, from the world war ii memorial, jefferson, lincoln, the washington monument, it's all right there. it's a crowded time of year, about to get worse. there is also, to jim miklaszews miklaszewski's reporting, this will sound odd to say, nothing to stop people from being pedestrians along the front of the white house, the north side, near the northwest gate, where we see the news media reporting and coming and going. from where this is alleged to have happened, on the other side of the old executive office building, the eisenhower executive office building, you can get a visual shot of the white house from there. i also talked to someone i know down there. this is the u.s. park police helicopter, an old huey vintage that we see circling.
12:55 pm
they have optics on that that they can use day or night. and the police officers you see, most of them wearing black shirts. certainly all of them with the visible badge on their shoulders, are uniformed members of the u.s. secret service. they usually wear white duty shirts during the day. as you saw a lot of them with the long weapons have put on their bulletproof vests. pete williams has more on what he's been able to gather. pete? >> well, i think the picture is becoming clearer now, brian. sometime within the past hour or so, what we're told by a variety of sources is that a white male approached one of the white house checkpoints at 17th and e streets, pulled a weapon or had a weapon, was ordered to drop it, wouldn't, refused commands to lower his weapon and was shot. now we're told the man was shot in the chest, that he's been transported to a local hospital. i think george washington
12:56 pm
university hospital, which is not far away in downtown washington. we don't know what his condition is. i assume he just got to the hospital a short time ago. there was some indication that they knew, were able to determine his identity and were searching for his car, which was believed to be parked in the area. don't know whether they found that or not. that's sort of standard procedure when someone's involved with something like this. they want to know whether anyone else was involved, whether he had other weapons, what was his motivation. the thing we don't know is who fired the shots, whether they were fired by a uniformed secret service person, or whether it was park service police, or metropolitan police. there are a number of police forces that are around the white house. secret service has jurisdiction, of course, on the white house grounds itself. and their jurisdiction extends to the area around, but they overlap as soon as they get out onto the street.
12:57 pm
so we're waiting to hear what the situation is. you know, brian, we go through this a lot. the white house, as you know from your time here as a white house correspondent and your time living in washington, the white house attracts all kinds of people. people are drawn to it for good reasons and bad reasons. and we see these things happen. it's kind of a magnet for people who have issued and problems. so we just don't know what happened here, why this person approached the white house gate with a weapon. but we'll, i'm sure, be learning more about this in the minutes to come. >> pete williams, thanks. and to pete's point, there are protests and usually audible protests around the clock, 24/7, in front of the white house. that is to say, lafayette park, across the now closed pennsylvania avenue. pennsylvania avenue is really a pedestrian mall, and there is no way to police all of the pedestrians who are free to walk in front of the people's house.
12:58 pm
there's not a magnetometer for pedestrians who come from the local streets. it's a part of the tourist experience, to walk by and see the white house. certainly to go on the white house tour, for those lucky enough to secure tickets to it. we can't repeat this often enough, that is, the president was not on the white house grounds at the time when this happened. vice president was, but was secured. to jim miklaszewski's point earlier, it's sad that we're in a time, but that's the life we've been dealt, that there are protocols for this at the white house. lockdowns are sadly, fairly common because of the point pete williams just made. it attracts all kinds of people, people who come from far and wide to take it in. perhaps they have a gripe or a grievance, perhaps they're emotionally disturbed. that has often been the case. we're seeing a relaxing of
12:59 pm
security outside the perimeter. that is always welcome. jim miklaszewski reported white house aides are starting to circulate and come back inside. the press room is just a little bit below grade, and is shielded from the street mostly by the lawn, by earthen berms and by the press risers. so often the white house press room, given its location, is one of the safest places to be. the picture in the upper right-hand of the screen is the roof of the white house and there's a secret service team 24/7, stationed on the roof. this is tape from earlier. there's an actual guard post on the roof of the white house. they have very high quality optics, very high quality weapons. the long guns here are not usually part of the package you
1:00 pm
see. but those are white house aides running across the street we were talking about earlier. west executive avenue. it runs between the old executive office building, the massive stone edifice and the white house. you've seen many, many news reel pictures of presidents coming and going between the two structures. staff walk and run across all day long, even in inclement weather. the members of the uniformed secret service, you see that gentleman there, wearing black. a lot of them are called the cat team members, all of the secret service cycle through their time in the cat team to keep their weapons skills and surveillance skills sharp. so if you have one of those jobs as a secret service agent, on the presidential protection detail, walking with the president and vice president, it is mandatory that you have recent


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