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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i'm gonna buy them. boom. i'll take them. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. 's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express. smoke on the plane, but what does that evidence? what happened to egyptair flight 804? >> that's why we're going to call her heartless hillary. somehow i like crooked hillary better. >> scripted but still scorching. donald trump wins over the nra with attacks on hillary clinton. >> you've got all these people today who feel this empowered, and it is a source of the road rage you see in both parties'
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primary. >> and primarily speaking, bill clinton sizes up the voters and saves his best lines to attack donald trump. hello, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc headquarters. here's what's happening right now. we have this new information at this hour the crash of egyptair flight 804, egyptian officials just releasing this debris. it is from the jet that they continue to scour for in the mediterranean sea. the focus is locating the plane's black boxes which could provide pivotal clues as to what caused that crash. so far we know there were serious problems around the cockpit just moments before that flight came down. the plane's sensors detected smoke in multiple locations there, suggesting a fire on board. let's go to nbc's chris jansing who joins us from paris outside their airport.
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chris, good morning to you. officials assisting in the investigation are also confirming the detection of smoke. how confirming are these findings? >> reporter: it's the first information we have, the solid detection information, alex, that gives detectives an idea what happened in the final moments of that crash. what do we know from that information? this is technical data that has gone from the plane to the ground, to operation centers, to maintenance centers. here's what it tells us. first, there was an opening in the window of the cockpit. then we see these two signals of smoke on the plane. doesn't say absolutely there's fire but an indication of fire. one in the bathroom near the cockpit, the other one in the avionics center. that's where a lot of the equipment is. then minutes later, two more alerts that have to do with the controls of the plane, the computer controls, so within three minutes you have these cascading series of events and no mayday, no indication from the pilots that anything was
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wrong. perhaps not a surprise given what was probably going on on board at the time. but what it doesn't tell us is what caused this series of events. was it a technical problem, or was it something more catastrophic? was there some sort of explosion? that takes us to where we are today, which is this ongoing search in the mediterranean sea, and the important findings yesterday, the first pictures we're seeing that were posted on facebook by officials from egypt of some of the debris that washed up. then they can start to really narrow down where that area is that the plane may have gone down, sending a ship, for example. france talking this morning about sending a ship with very sophisticated equipment out into that area to help search with debris. one of the things they'll be looking at that will be key is what are the size of the pieces? if they're very small, it would be a bigger indicator that the plane broke up in the sky. if there is a large piece, for example, of the fuselage, it may have continued to be intact
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until impact. in the meantime, there is a lot going on here in france. there is a new security system right here at charles segal airport that's going to go into place over the weekend, they have a big soccer match coming up, they have new security measures that are in place. and the implications of this, just the mention of terror without knowing whether or not this is terror related, speaking to business officials, business leaders, they talk about the potential impact on economies throughout europe. certainly on the tourism industry, i spoke with a tourism official late last night. here's the message he has for folks who are concerned about coming to europe, coming to france in the height of this vacation season. take a listen. >> people are nervous all the time and everywhere. but our concern is first to be sure that we have efficient security and safety. that's the key question. and second point, then we can
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awaken people. this evidence gave us the stamina to improve the way we are receiving people, and especially foreigners. we need people to come. we want them, and really, we are improving the way we receive people. >> reporter: but obviously security concerns continue. in the meantime, there is what's been described as a very emotional meeting this morning. we heard from the french foreign minister just a short time ago, alex, who had spoken to about 50 family members of the victims of this plane crash. many of them he acknowledged very upset that they heard about this smoke condition, these new revelations about what happened on board from the media, not from officials. they promise to do better and they promise full transparency at what is a very difficult, as you can imagine, emotional time for the families of those who were on board. alex? >> and a potentially long road ahead for them. thanks very much, chris jansing outside charles de gaulle airport. let's bring in pilot john cox as
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well as former senior air and safety investigator with the ntsb, greg fife. john, french investigators confirming smoke conditions aboard this plane. sensors detecting smoke in the front lavatory as well as the avionics compartment. what kind of steps can a crew take to fight a smoke or fire condition on board? >> well, alex, in-flight fire is something that is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a pilot, but we know a number of things. over three minutes there is smoke indications first from a lavatory which is on the left side of the airplane, and then the avionics bay. there's never been a fire confirmed in the avionics bay of an a-320. there's been short circuits in boxes but never a department fire. this is very, very unusual and something the investigators are going to look at.
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if the crew did get smoke warnings, which i would expect that they did, they're going to start first and foremost protecting the air that they're breathing. they're going to put their oxygen mask and smoke goggles on, they're going to start down the checklist. in addition to that, they also have overheats, and i need to clarify one thing from the previous reports. the sliding window indication or fault is only temperature. that window is larger than the hole it is, so when the airplane is in flight, that window cannot be opened. so the sensor fault for the sliding window is only for the heating of that window. and that's important, because the structural integrity of the airplane appears to still be intact at that point. over three minutes, there are three different window overheats, and there is also one of the five flight control computers has a fault as well as another flight data computer
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input computer. and what they call a flight control unit computer. all of these come together that says as a sequence of events unfolding, and at the end of three minutes, it stops. for the next four minutes before the airplane starts down, there are no more fault messages. this sequence of events is very unique. right now it's hard to understand, and once we start connecting these dots, the investigators are going to be able to draw some conclusions. >> and i want to ask this to both of you. so would it be possible -- let's say there was an explosion in a cargo hold, right? would smoke travel through a lavatory and into an avionics compartment? i'm getting a no shaking head there, john. that couldn't happen? >> i don't think so. because, one, if there were smoke in the cargo bin, you would get a different fault. that is an area that has a fire detection and suppression system. there would be, in all likelihood, a depressurization. that would cause a different fault. so it's less likely.
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and also the cargo bin is aft of that for the avionics bay. you would have to have something coming forward as well as the smoke traveling upward. once the smoke is in the avionics bay, it can be pulled there because there are exhaust fans. so i can understand the smoke being pulled forward because of their exhaust fans that are used for cooling. but the likelihood of there being a problem in the cargo, forward cargo hold, i think is fairly remote. >> okay. greg, what about altitude? this plane, cruising altitude, 37,000 feet when things begin to go wrong. does that play into this at all? i know when we spoke to you last hour you talked about the possibility that investigators will look at that an explosion could have happened lower in that plane and they'll have to look at it as like a downward explosion? is that what you were trying to say earlier? >> as john was talking about, if there was some sort of explosion
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in the avionics bay to fire off the default warnings in the avionics bay, smoke migrates up, as does fire. so you could get other warnings above the floor line since the avionics bay sits below the floor line. you may not have penetrated the fuselage. at 37,000 feet, if you've breached the structural integrity of the fuselage, then you're going to have a rapid decompression or explosive decompression. that creates a variety of different issues that the crew may or may not be able to handle, especially if the integrity of the aircraft systems is compromised and the crew is unable to at least maintain or attain control of the airplane. from 37,000 feet, things happen very quickly. if you have an explosive decompression, time and useful
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consciousness is about 15 seconds at best, and it's chaotic because there is an equalization of pressure, and you'll have dust and papers and a variety of things going on. there are a lot of elements here. >> john, this description you just said, that would explain why the crew wouldn't have time to either correct the condition if they're capable of doing it or send a distress call? >> the lack of a distress call doesn't really concern me because it is a much lower priority for pilots that are dealing with a major technical problem. air traffic control can't really help you. they can separate other airplanes away from you, they can provide guidance to an airport. but solving the problems when you're in flight is exclusively -- all you have available is what's on the airplane and your training. so talking to air traffic control is a fairly low priority at that point. if, however, the airplane were starting to depressurize, once the cabin altitude reaches around 9,500 feet, you would get
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a warning that would trigger another fault code. so this is another part of this mystery. if the fuselage was breached, we would have a fault code that we don't see, yet the airplane flies for about four minutes beyond the last fault code transmission without another one. so what happened during that period of time? how do we connect this information together? that's where i think the investigators will be focused until we get to the recorders. >> great analysis from you both. thank you very much. a bit later on this hour, we're going to take you to egypt for what the leaders there are saying about the egyptians and how they're focusing on this tragedy. donald trump spent his time at the nra attacking hillary
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clinton. he took his comments a step further with this suggestion. >> heartless hypocrites like the clintons want to take this and get rid of guns, yet they have bodyguards that have guns. they should immediately disarm them and see how good they feel walking around without their guns on their bodyguards. in the meantime, nobody else can have the guns, right? >> former president bill clinton is shifting into general election mode by attacking the presumptive nominee over his refusal to release his tax returns. here's what he told supporters in montana last night. >> now, the republicans are about to nominate a guy who says he's worth $10 billion and won't show his tax return. >> bernie sanders is also ramping up his attacks against trump by stressing his rhetoric. here's what sanders said before a crowd of about 7,000 supporters in new mexico last night. >> the american people will never, in my view, accept a candidate like trump who insults
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mexicans and latinos! who insult muslims! who insult veterans and women! and who as a leader of the so-called bertha movement try to delegitimize the first african-american president we have ever had. >> sanders has two events today, one in new mexico, the other in california. former president clinton sauls c -- is also campaigning in california and hillary clinton has one in florida. jacob is in midtown manhattan. jacob, let's take a look at what else mr. trump said in the nra speech last night. >> the entire nra, the flag ship
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convention, felt as much like an anti-hillary event as much as a pro-nra event. he went on and on about clinton and how they would abolish the second amendment. when trump got on stage, a lot of people clapped, but it wasn't an overwhelming, enthusiastic response. there were skeptics in the room who wanted to be reassured that trump really meant what he said, knowing that he hasn't always been so pro second amendment. at one point in one of his books released in 2000 saying that he supported an assault rifle ban, for example. but as trump went on, as he bashed hillary clinton, as he talked more and more about she wanted to abolish, he said, the second amendment, he got standing ovation after standing ovation, and toward the end it started to feel like a trump rally. here's some of what he said. >> the second amendment is under a threat like never before.
5:16 am
crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office. >> reporter: he talked a lot as well in that speech about the supreme court picks, his list, and he called on hillary clinton to release a list that was similar. also the nra leaders talked about the same thing, saying that the second amendment was on the ballot in november, that if they didn't elect trump to be president, then supreme court nominees would be chosen by hillary clinton. that would make the court even more liberal. that would chip away at the second amendment. and that got the crowd really going. and, again, it overall felt not as much like a pro-trump or pro-second amendment event as much as an anti-hillary, we've got to make sure she doesn't get in the white house event. alex? >> all right, jacob bascon, thank you very much outside trump tower. if donald trump is able to make
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more politics now and donald trump endorsing the nra. at one point during his 30-minute-long speech, he made this pitch to voters as he attacked hillary clinton. >> in trying to overturn the second amendment, hillary clinton is telling everyone and every woman living in a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. but i'll tell you what. my poll numbers with women are starting to go up. i never thought of it. this should really lift them up, right? this is the most basic human right of all, but hillary wants to strip it away and strip it away from women and all others. >> well, joining me now is gab i from the washington examiner, and phillip bump, reporter from
5:21 am
the "washington post." good morning to you both. we'll go to you first, gaby. i know you reported on this trump speech. was that really his attempt at reaching out to women voters? >> it seemed so. this is the first time we saw donald trump go after hillary clinton with such force in a major speech of his. and while it certainly played well with the audience that he was speaking to, a lot of the points that he made about hillary clinton, saying that she wants to leave, you know, vulnerable americans defenseless, that she wants single mothers to not be able to defend themselves, she wants to abolish the second amendment, these are points that her campaign is going to be able to easily refute during the general election. so it's a really big problem for donald trump if this is the policy issues that he's going to be hitting hillary clinton on and hammering her on during the general election. and i don't think it's going to help him with women voters. how many single mothers do you see that own firearms and that's their main way of defending themselves? it's a big question. >> in addition, phillip, trump's
5:22 am
history himself, this includes big stretches of pro gun control. how do you think that will come back and hurt him in the general election? >> the reason he's there is because he wants to get the nra endorsement. the nra is not going to endorse hillary clinton. you heard the report say this is more anti-hillary clinton than p anti-nra. this is not an issue that is core to him and his remarks were just sort of off-the-cuff normal trump remarks. i don't think it's well structured, i don't think it's well thought out. i don't think this is his only angle trying to appeal to women voters, either, but i do think it's classic trump. >> looking ahead to this afternoon, gabby, i will be speaking to larry johnson. he is coming in at 10% in one poll by fox news.
5:23 am
there is a chance he could run as vp. what kind of threat do you think he poses to donald trump or hillary clinton? >> i think he poses as a big threat to either of them. the americans are thirsty for a third party candidate. there is a tremendous appetite for another option in this race due to the historically low popularity of the major party candidates. earlier this week we saw a poll that showed that 55% of americans would favor another option, a third-party candidate entering the race. so gary johnson, he's already polling in double digits against these two in the first poll we're seeing out in terms of a three-way race. if that continues to climb, those numbers continue to climb, he could definitely be a threat to donald trump in red states, hillary clinton in blue states, and maybe, who knows, toss the election into the house of representativ representatives. >> what do you think, phillip? how viable is gary trump as a stop trump candidate, especially when we consider this possible
5:24 am
johns johnson-well duo. >> people are hoping there could be enough in the house. 8% of republicans, 8% of democrats and 8% of independe s independents, which i think is to be expected from a candidate. he gets 10% in the poll because it's someone you've never heard of. i don't know if it's long-lasting. weld is from massachusetts, johnson is also. >> the dividing party not being as bad as it was in '08 and it might be because social media is making us think what we're seeing now is worse than it was in '08. put this in perspective. how bad is it if sanders
5:25 am
supporters don't vote for trump or sit out the election? >> sanders supporters think it's up to the party, clinton supporters think it's up to sanders which is what i think we would expect. in 2008, though, in this stage of the campaign, hillary clinton was a lot closer to barack obama. she was almost tied with him in terms of the popular vote. she had this institutional background. superdelegates were passed. they were essentially tied in 2008. it was a very, very contentious moment, and a lot of people thought, a, this was going to split the party apart, and b, they thought they weren't going to be able to support barack obama as the nominee. people remember 2008, and the end result was barack obama won, so they realize it's not going to do as much damage, but we're just not seeing the poll numbers suggesting people are as angry now as they were then even though we see constantly angry tweets which i think drives how we think about this. >> guys, thank you so much. is it fair for donald trump to attack hillary clinton for her husband's past indiscretions? and how will women voters respond to such attacks?
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in a moment the exhausting task of searching for wreckage from flight 804. how are crews able to find that crucial black box? donald trump talks to the nra, but is he hitting the mark with gun advocates? >> gun-free zones. we're getting rid of gun-free zones, all right? >> i'm fed up with american politics. i think we need a change and i think trump is kind of on that same page. ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah!
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(man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters in new york. the military releasing this new video. it shows wreckage of the flight 804. clearly heavily damaged seats and life jackets. experts say answers will come only with the examination of the debris as well as data from the plane's black boxes. the effort to find those boxes
5:33 am
is intensifying in the mediterranean sea, and we've also learned the plane's automatic detection system sent messages indicating smoke minutes before that plane disappeared from the radar. officials say terror is a more obvious explanation for what happened, but no hard evidence has emerged. bill, good day to you. what are officials saying about the wreckage that's been found and how much it will help in the investigation? >> reporter: well, just a quick one, alex. there were reports circulating that maybe the egyptians had found the black box flight recorders. we have an official denial from egypt. they say they have not found those flight recorders. what they have found, and we now have video of that, is debris. it's interesting this video, because it begins with an inflatable -- small inflatable boat, and you can actually see one of the guys at the front picking something out of the water. this boat has been launched from
5:34 am
a larger naval vessel, and then the video shows what they found. it's life preservers, it's clothing, it's shoes, it's human belongings, but not body parts. they have at least spared us that in the film. these are significant finds, and that together with the reports that there was smoke in the cockpit, these are really the first clues that investigators have to work on. why is the debris field important? well, first of all, it could help locate the main fuselage of the plane, the main body of the plane. but there are currents in the mediterranean, some of this debris will have drifted many, many miles from where the plane entered the water, but it is at least a help. secondly, they will be looking at the marks themselves, the marks on the clothing to see, for example, are there any scorch marks? we know that there was a problem in the cockpit, that there was smoke. no smoke without fire. did that fire extend all the way down the plane to where the
5:35 am
passengers were? is there any fire marks or scorch marks on any pieces of the clothing? and the other question is how wide is the actual debris field? this debris that's been found is probably only the beginning, but if another set of debris is found, say, a hundred miles away, it might give an indication that the plane, in fact, broke up in midair and didn't enter the water intact. so all of these things are clues. but, you know, this search area, which has now been joined by at least three u.s. planes, is 5,000 square miles in total, covering a radius of 40 miles. we understand that the sea at that point is up to 10,000 feet deep. that's two miles deep. so, you know, this debris will be a help, will be an indicator, but it does not mean that the black box flight recorders will
5:36 am
be found any time soon. meanwhile, here in cairo, very sad scenes. at a mosque yesterday, there will be funerals later today, people finding it very, very hard to hold back their emotions. what we saw at a mosque yesterday was a film director who had lost four members of his family, choking back the tears and being comforted by the imam there. there's not much anyone can do but offer words of comfort. there will be more actual funerals today and tomorrow because many egyptians are simply not waiting for confirmation that their loved ones are dead. they are assuming that their loved ones are missing and that the bodies may never be found. in paris this morning, as we've been hearing, the french foreign minister met with more than 50 family members, and he said they displayed intense emotion and
5:37 am
huge dignity. for them this must be torture, simply not knowing what's happened, these clues not good enough for them. and the french authority told them as soon as they know anything about the investigation, that will be passed to the relatives immediately. some comfort for those relatives here and in paris for relatives who must be going through absolute hell. back to you, alex. >> it's heartbreaking, those stories you're talking about right there. let's go to politics. donald trump tried to show conservative report last night, addressing the nra. the nominee pledged to accept the second amendment. msnbc's katie tur was there. >> she wants to abolish the second amendment.
5:38 am
she wants to take your guns away. >> reporter: clinton is not called for taking away the second amendment, though she does favor more gun restrictions. trump making clear where he stands. >> we're getting rid of gun-free zones. 13 million right to carry permit holders in the united states. i happen to be one of them. in the past -- nobody knows that. boy, would i surprise somebody if they hit trump. >> reporter: trying to convince wary gun owners, trump 2016 is far removed from trump 2000 who wrote in his book "the america we deserve," i generally oppose gun control, but i support the ban on assault weapons and i also support the longer waiting period to purchase a gun. the gop convention fast approaching, trump hopes to charm the doubters, and so far it's working. a new report showing gop leaders now show party leaders embrace trump. but some gun owners have a long memory, and here at the nra, trust is hard won.
5:39 am
>> he does have a record of flexibility. on this one it is a core issue, and so i am hoping he will stick to his word. >> that was nbc's katie tur reporting. the past rising in different ways for both donald trump and hillary clinton. the "washington post" friday publishing a report that the one time trump revealed his tax returns back in 1981, as the post puts it, he didn't pay a cent. meanwhile, trump, using former president bill clinton against the democratic frontrunner. >> here's the story. there is nobody that was worse, nobody, than bill clinton with women. okay? nobody. now, in the history of politics, in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. and hillary was an enabler and
5:40 am
she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> you know, if you pick a fight with a bully, you know, you're going to be pulled down to their levels. i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and, you know, i'm not going to be responding. >> joining me now to discuss the impact on the paths to the present race, elise jordan. elise, without invoking her husband's past, is this an effective approach? as a campaign strategy, is there any clear value to this? >> well, for a normal political candidate, i would say no, but with donald trump you absolutely never know what's going to happen. he can literally get away with
5:41 am
murder, as he has said himself. for him this is just a way to distract from an otherwise testy news cycle this week of a big "new york times" expose on his past with women. so by hitting back with clinton, he's deflecting from a story that he clearly did not like this week. >> do you think, elise, that you would recommend that a candidate use an enabler label on hillary clinton? does that hold potential to turn away more voters? >> i think it's a mistake because he's going to end up engendering sympathy for hillary clinton down the road. just because of all the people in this, aside from the women, she was essentially a victim, too. and so i think that he really risked, if he overplays this hand, sympathy going in her direction. >> what do you think, marjorie? do you think this might specifically turn away female voters? >> i think anything highlighting bill clinton's indiscretions and how hillary clinton handled it is a problem.
5:42 am
what donald trump is brilliant at is moving away from his issues and focusing on hers. he says, what's good for women? well, she's not, and then he changes the subject. the fervor she comes out on these issues distracts. the focus of bill clinton is becoming problematic. we've seen john kasich and many who tried to rise above and say, i'm going to do this with dignity, i'm not going to roll with his narrative, and they have not won. but this is not helping, i don't think. >> when you think of a political strategy, does highlighting president clinton's past, does that do damage to his wife's campaign? >> i will say there are a lot of women who say, well, why did she stay with him? she is now defined as part of him. if he is the -- i joke; i would love to see hillary clinton as first lady, but if he is the first man, what would that mean in terms of his indiscretions with women?
5:43 am
is it sort of pointing fingers at calling the kettle black, per se, to say that trump has issues with women? so did bill clinton. it is problematic, i think. >> it's funny you say first man. i don't think we figured out definitively what we will be calling him. there is anything from first man, first gentleman to first dude. we'll see how that rolls out. >> and does he pick out the china? what is his role going to be? >> he's going to handle the economy, remember? >> that's right, that is true. she has said so this week. elise, what about this 1981 trump tax return story? is that too far back, or does it raise present day questions about his current tax rate? >> well, it brings his current tax rate into focus and the question of why won't he disclose his tax returns. what's in there? and bill clinton was effectively hitting him on that this week, and i personally think that's the strongest line of attack, to paint donald trump as hiding something about his finances, to
5:44 am
go into his business deals, to go into his bankruptcies, to go into his con artist trump university. that's a much stronger line of attack against donald trump than just trying to hit him as simply a bully. >> marjorie, what about the "new york times" piece on women in trump's past? some of which was disputed by at least one woman there, but how much should matter come november? >> right, there were 52 people interviewed for that article. it was a very robust piece. here's where i see this being problematic. the question in that article is how does he use his power? really, the role of the office of president is to use your power both to defend and protect, but also to empower other people. and what he did as a leader is, unfortunately, put people in a compromising position. he used his power in some cases to victimize. and absolutely how he treats women is an issue, especially for women voters, especially in 2016. so i think it is very problematic, and i think it is turning a lot of women off, and
5:45 am
i think continuing to sort of highlight these kinds of things are really important to women voters. and so, yes, i found that article really challenging, especially as a women in corporate environments and seeing these behaviors by men in power. it's hard. >> to both of you, though, who do you think wins the battle of the past? you have to take into account that most of hillary clinton's is publicly documented. donald trump's may not be. marjorie, you first and then you, elise. >> again, i think trump's brilliance in the media is de r deterring the narrative, moving it in another direction. this challenge about women, he will find other ways. look at the nra. he's saying, i'm protecting single mothers who want to have a gun. he's moving to how do i talk to women in the election and distract from issues in the past? it seems to be irrelevant.
5:46 am
>> donald trump is such a showman that his past is almost irrelevant. he defended hillary clinton and said she was the victim back in the late '90s. he defended bill clinton and said that the republicans were out to get him around the time of monica lewinsky. he has all these lines of direct attack now, and it just doesn't matter in the base of support. it will be incredible to see if he can keep the showman up and still win voters. >> thank you both so much. they may know the man but not his motive. coming up, the latest in the investigation of the gunman shot outside the white house. what was he up to? some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility.
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5:50 am
he's at the white house. jim, what is the latest on this investigation? >> alex, this is being handled by deep seat police becau.c. po shooting on the outside. given what's happened the last several years, by all accounts, they handled this one by the book. the white house suddenly exploded. with shouts of "shots fired," the secret service took their posts. the suspect identified as justin oliviera was openly carrying a handgun as he walked around the white house grounds. >> he had a gun out just in plain sight. it wasn't hidden. >> she said it looked like he was in a trance. larry samples said secret service officers repeatedly ordered the man to halt.
5:51 am
>> drop your guns, and he walked toward the officers. he just kept on walking in. >> reporter: one secret service agent fired a single shot, striking the suspect in the chest. he was seriously wounded and rushed to george washington hospital. it's only the latest in a long string of bizarre and potentially deadly assaults on the white house. a pilot killed himself when he flew his small plane into the white house. a gunman sprayed the front of the white house with automatic weapons fire. and most recently, an armed fence jumper made it all the way into the white house. federal officials tell nbc news that oliviera appeared intent on getting himself killed. in police parlance, they call it suicide by cop. according to one official who told nbc news, he said, after he was shot and taken away in an ambulance, that he had wanted to die, alex. >> okay. thank you very much from the white house this morning.
5:52 am
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5:55 am
. we're learning more about the passengers on the egyptair flight and how the families of the victims are acting in light of this latest tragedy. aman is joining us from cairo this morning. what is the reaction from cairo on how this investigation is going as well as the level of transparency? >> reporter: there's no doubt about it, alex, the country right now is still very much in mourning. that's been reflected from all the messaging coming out of the government as well as on the street level national media, state-controlled media as well. the egyptian president put out a statement offering his condolences. today we learned that egyptair will be holding a memorial service for his flight crew as well as the pilots that died on that flight. that is going to take place on monday at a mosque here in the suburb. they do expect a large turnout
5:56 am
of mourners to come and pay their respects to the crews. but there is no doubt the country is reeling as a result of this. in terms of the investigation, though, still a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. you can imagine that is leading to frustration among the family members. i spoke to a relative of one of the people who died yesterday, and he was asking us for information to see if we knew anything other than what the government is telling him. but some of the stories of those on board, very heartbreaking accounts. there was a man skmand his wifed their two parents. they were on vacation for two weeks. they had left their two daughters behind and they were supposed to come back on that flight. there was also an engineer who left egypt behind to go work in france to try to make a better life for him, his wife and daughter. we understand his wife and daughter have now returned to cairo as they are part of that family crisis center that has been set up both by egyptair and the government. so they are now here. we also learned the profile or
5:57 am
the name of marwa handy. she was an ibm executive who left her three daughters behind. she was on a work trip and she is canadian. some of the stories we're learning here in egypt, absolutely heartbreaking, and there is no doubt about it the country is still in mourning following this disaster, alex. >> thank you very much. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. my colleague francis rivera is next and the stories she'll bring you. the shrinking middle class. where is that going and where will that be with the presence of the election? i'll see you back here on msnbc live.
5:58 am
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