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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBCW  May 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a very good day to you. i'm richard lui in new york. no clear answer to what brought down flight 804. investigators revealing what happened inside the plane's cabin moments before the airbus went down killing all 66 on board. investigators, they continue to scour the mediterranean for black box data recorders, so important which may ultimately solve this mystery. this as we get our first look at the human toll of this tragedy. opening fire, donald trump gains the backing of the nra, and takes aim at hillary clinton during his speech to the association. will that endorsement be enough to persuade skeptical republicans to rally behind the presumptive nominee? standing strong, bernie sanders refuses to bow out, continuing his fight for the democratic nod. railing against the party's process for picking a nominee. this as the former secretary of state works to gain ground in california calling in her
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husband to help rally support ahead of the golden state's key june 7th primary. we begin this hour for you with the latest information about egyptair flight 804's final moments before the plane fell off the radar. new information today, french authorities saying smoke was detected in a number of locations inside that aircraft. but the question is what caused that smoke? kelly is in paris with the latest on investigations as well as how officials are working to reassure natives and tourists that they are safe in the wake of recent terror attacks. kelly, we have new information we started talking about, the smoke. >> reporter: that's right. these clues come from automated messages sent down from the plane, down in the last few minutes of flight. first, two alarms going off indicating some sort of problem with the cockpit windows, then two smoke alarms, one i have the bathroom close to the cockpit, the other in the avionics area.
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and then three more alarms before this system goes silent. we know now that the plane then plunged from cruising altitude, 37,000 feet, down into the mediterranean. what do they mean? we spoke to a former head of the french investigative unit. he said it could be three things, either a fire on board, explosion on board, or some sort of technical fault. but we really need more information. the plane wreckage as well as those black boxes to fill in the complete picture. when it comes to safety, here in france, all of this of course is coming in the wake of the terrorist attacks in november. there have been changes at the airport behind me. there have also been changes made to big events around paris, a lot of those planned in the next couple of months including the french open which starts tomorrow. and a really big soccer match tonight in paris. earlier today, french officials were showing us more about what
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new security measures they put in place at the french national stadium to make people feel more safe. >> well, i think since november 2015 we have worked a lot to win forward the security, the safety of the stadium so we took some provisional -- took some measures just after the attacks in november to enforce. we doubled the perimeter of security, and 2016 we have today kind of test of the new perimeter which is double perimeter, which is materialized with barriers and like that, i think we have greatly improved the safety, the security of the stadium. >> reporter: tens of thousands of soccer fans expected for that
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match tonight which is set to begin any minute now. they told us earlier today these new measures do make them feel a little more comfortable going to one of these mass events with so many people which you know, would be in security officials' view a possible target for terrorists. richard. >> a lot of parisians having questions a it this 9:04 p.m. hour. kelly, thank you for that. we stay in that time zone, also learning more about today's victims of flight ms 804. ayman is in cairo, relatives of the victims held a memorial and what did you see? >> reporter: yes, as you can imagine this is a difficult time for the family members, there are those family members some still holding on to hope despite the odds that there may be some way that their loved ones will be recovered alive. but for others, the memorials are being held. as we saw the past 24 hours or
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so there have been two separate memorials, one for the co-pilot. earlier at a church service in cairo as well there was a memorial service for one of the flight attendantings. egyptair released the names of some of the crew members that worked on the plane. among them two members of the crew. we've learned some of the profiles of some of the other passengers on board including a worker for procter & gamble living in france with his wife and child. they have now returned to cairo as well as a canadian national who left her three children behind here. also we're learning from egyptair they plan on holding a memorial service for all of the flight crews and the pilot and co-pilot expected to take place monday evening at a mosque here in a cairo suburb. the country very much in mourning opening the newspapers you still see the profiles of all of the passengers, the egyptian passengers as well as
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the european passengers that were on board. i can tell you it is a heartbreaking profile that we're getting of these passengers. family members have a lot of questions, not all of the answers yet from the egyptian government or officials in cairo. >> as you talk about all of the questions that family and friends may have, there is also the mood, international papers talking about this as well, some fears that egypt could be the object here of jihadist after this catastrophe. has that heightened at all? part of the discussion? >> when you talk to egyptians and make no mistake they see themselves very much engaged in a war on terror, egypt is suffering from a stubborn insurgency in the northern cyanide is clammic state followers there declared a small state, they have been systematically attacking egyptian security forces and carrying out high profile assassinations of some politicians as well as the attorney general of this country a few months back. so there is no doubt that from the egyptian internal dynamic this country is suffering from
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the plague of terrorism. one of the criticisms that you often here from egypt against thes in national community is they are not standing with egypt when it comes to this fight against terror. that is something president constantly reiterates in many of his speeches that egypt is going through this difficult period. this the also fits into the narrative and it's important to emphasize we don't know if this is terrorism, but given the fact that in the past just in the past couple months you had a bombing of a russian metro jet plane that took off from an egyptian airport and you had that egyptair flight flying to cypress, that was hijacked. so again, security is a major cause of concern, the country is reeling from terrorist attacks, so certainly a plausibility that this could have been a terrorist attack as well. >> that backdrop of complexity. thank you so much in cairo for us live. he will join us next hour. for more on this investigation we're joined by bill gavin, former fbi assistant director and anthony roman, investigation
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and risk management analyst and ceo and founder of roman and associates. let me start with you here, anthony. you and i have gone through this before. this discussion of what happened, why did it happen, the latest piece of information we're hearing from kelly as well as officials that she was reporting about, is smoke. and several locations. in a very short time before this plane then met its doom. >> well, we have smoke, you have fire. you have fire you have heat. and they have four avionics compartments on the a-320. one is directly below where the lav ra torry is. and there was multiple sensors that went off in a very rapid sequence, cascading. >> five of them. >> actually five. yes. and it showed that the cockpit window was getting hot, smoke was in the lavatory and then smoke in the electronics avionics by clearly they had a rapidly developing fire.
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that develops a decomposition of materials, that results in super heated toxic air which is highly flammable. if new air is introduced because the heat pierces the fuselage or the passenger compartment, you have a huge combustion and that's the end of the aircraft. >> fuel, heat, air together. >> whether this was an incendiary device that resulted in the event or it was equipment malfunction, arcing wire, a simple small arcing wire can result in this. is a real question and that's where we remain today. >> bill, when you heard the information today that came out, the new piece on the saturday that we're talking about, the smoke in the forward lav and the other locations, what was the first thought you had when you learned of this discovery? >> well, richard, i want to say the problem is that we still
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don't have enough facts to support a definite conclusion at this point in time. >> right. >> the recovery of the voice data recorders and the other electronics, the black boxes in the bottom of the mediterranean will be of a great help. however, with that said, we still have to determine how that fire -- tony's expertise is fantastic explaining how this could occur. but could it have been something that was introduced into the avee vonnics prior to leaving that has to be determined. that's a difficult set of circumstances. >> one of the questions here is the security, right, we look at charles de gaulle, it fits international standards. i was speaking with ayman there in cairo. are the investigators, are the military, those now being deployed to assist in this investigation, are they up to snuff? do they have the muscle set to be able to get this done and work together with i want national investigators?
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>> it all depends on the resolve. i look at the journal, "the wall street journal" put out a report yesterday that 85 individuals have had their accessthe airport revoked due to the facty are on a terrorism watch list. 600 individuals have had their credentials revokes. my question is how did this happen to begin with. how did they get that to begin with. we have to look at how the security operates and how tight it is. i don't want to cite size because i'm sure they tried to do the best job they can but with that said we still have that slippage. >> anthony, back to the details here. the smoke and the time frame. talk about that three to four minutes we're hearing versus what might be typical when you have smoke and talking about fire. then it might be 15 or 20 minutes. >> that's right. what we found, and we've looked back at half a dozen of the most recent fires on board aircraft. we found there is a time span of between 15 and 20 minutes before
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the aircraft is lost, and the event was first detected. this occurring in three or four minutes is extremely rapid development we wouldn't expect to find. that would leave the flight crew very little time to deal with the problem, they had multiple flight computer failures. and control system failures. they had their hands full and clearly it became unrecoverable. >> one line, what's the one piece of information you want right now? >> i'd like to know how many hours this aircraft had in service, and what kind of maintenance performed by whom and when. >> bill, one piece of information you want right now. >> i want the black boxes to come back up because i'm sure anthony and i agree that's going to lead us to a plethora of information that can help resolve this although it may not have the final answer. >> bill, anthony, thank you both for being here with us on msnbc throughout these days. when "msnbc live" continues on this saturday appealing to
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there is a new report from nbc news that says donald trump may still use donations to pay himself back the $36 million that he has spent on his primary campaign so far. this news comes after trump's back and forth on that issue. initially saying the funds used for the primary would be categorized as contributions to his campaign, rather than loans. trump is scheduled to have his first joint fundraising with the
12:17 pm
rnc. according to an invitation it notes the first $2700 raised will go to trump's primary campaign. primary campaign trump has repeatedly said he has self-funded. joining me jacob rascon. when we look at this report, and trump, will he, i guess the question is, will he pay himself back? >> reporter: and the answer is that he has until august to decide. so the deadline is not yet. what they are now, $36 million in donations, donations is the key word. donald trump has the option still, the bottom line he has the option to pay himself back and essentially not self-fund his campaign. the reason that's such a big deal if the option is open, is because it's been central to his message for so many months, that he is not controlled by any
12:18 pm
outside sources of money. no lobbyists, nothing, that he is totally in charge and in control of financing his campaign. so $36 million outstanding right now, he has until august to decide. donald trump himself told ari the last time he did reporting on this that he would in fact pay himself back that he would not take donations. so this new report about the "l.a. times" next week's fund-raiser saying the first $2700 would go toward the primary campaign, it's not clear is what that means, that could mean that it will pay for things in the next several weeks of primaries, rallies in california, new mexico, what have you. >> along with that trump also attempting to try to make in roads with the hispanic latino community and what has he done? >> reporter: so, for the first time we know of he reached out publicly to a latino organization, a group of more than 1,000 hispanic evangelical leaders, in california, they
12:19 pm
have an annual event. he taped a message for them, and here's part of what he said. >> we're going to stop drugs from pouring into our country. we're going to strengthen our borders, people are going to come into our country but they are going to come in through a process, come in legally but we're going to stop the drugs. national hispanic christian, three great words. we're going to take care of you, we're going to work with you, we're going to be very happy you're going to like president trump. >> reporter: if the polls are right trump has a lot to prove with hispanic voters. if what happened last night is an indication he still does, laughing was heard after his videotape was finished. >> jacob rascon in new york city, thank you so much. for more let's go on the republican race joined by former communications for newt gingrich and political reporter katie glick. thank you for being here. let's start with where jacob left off.
12:20 pm
that is as he is trying to win over it appears, some of the latino vote. and rich, what is your sense of his effort there as he was addressing the national hispanic christian leadership and the laughs heard there in the audience. >> you know, not having been there i don't know, it could have been the press corps laughing for all we know. i don't put too much credence in that. i would say, though, if i had been advising which i am not >> say you are. >> is why do we not tape this on the plane in the plane with the sun coming in on one side. why don't we tape this somewhere else and then you kind of -- you don't have to have a satellite dish. have an e-mail account. >> it what about the message. how would you advise on the message? >> this is part of what we talk about all the time, and which that mrs. clinton is having a little more trouble doing, that is pivoting from the primary to the general.
12:21 pm
this is another example of trur trurtrump pivoting to the general. and he's got a free shot between now and november to talk about these kinds of issues, mrs. clinton has to still stay not kind of she still has to stave off bernie sanders so is not as free. i think it's pretty smart on the part of the trump campaign. >> katie, reflect on that. you talk to some of the insiders who i have spoken with at least a minority republican say saying i don't know if there is any opportunity here for the minority community on the right to support this presumptive nominee. >> great to be with you, and at issue here is not just the minority community on the right, but more broadly in terms of some of the diversity that we do see in states that haven't been in play in years, but i've spent some time speaking with republicans, in arizona, in georgia, and other places that are increasingly diversifying. certainly these states look to
12:22 pm
be uphill battles for a democrat like hillary clinton, but at the same time a lot of these folks including republicans think that given the unpredictable nature of this year and when you put on top of that some of the language that trump has used previously with regard to the hispanic community, some of these folks do think that these states may be more competitive than they have been. so certainly trump recognizes he needs to make sure that he is prioritizing, making some efforts on that front. i think that helps explain that message we were seeing yesterday. >> katie, efforts, evolution is what his campaign might say. others might say walking back. let's talk about the other point that jacob rascon brought up, katie, the potential here of actually accepting donations. this as he faces no doubt, you don't need to be a mathematician here u got a billion dollars plus you're going to have to be investing in this campaign. can he walk this commitment back that he made, he started many of
12:23 pm
his rallies with saying i'm paying for everything here. >> he did, and the extent to which he perhaps now takes a different approach is something that certainly democrats i think are very much prepared to bring up. as we move forward in the election cycle. that's potentially an issue that they could point to, suggested that is inconsistent with where he has been previously. but at the same time it's going to be a very expensive general election, and obviously looks like donald trump is poised to be the republican nominee. so you see a lot of efforts with regard to finance. >> i don't think richard, that the clinton campaign is going to want to have this election turn on who got their money from where. that is not something they are going to want to. >> what you're saying, rich, his message elasticity which is quite high, if the he should decide to make this decision to pay himself back, accept donations, that -- >> we don't know that $2700 is a
12:24 pm
repayment to trump or you have to separate when you raising money, you both have done this. you raise money for a presidential campaign or any federal campaign you have to separate the money raised on behalf of the primary and the general election a different campaign cycle. so what that invitation said was that the first $2700 is going to the primary cycle, not to the general cycle. >> what do you think he means? >> i have no idea. it might -- >> honest, ladies and gentlemen. >> paying himself back at 2700 buck as crack is going to take a long time. i rather think that your original take that he's going to use this or jacob's to use it to pay for primary activities between now and the end of the convention is probably correct. >> we'll call you honest rich for now. and katie, thank you so much for your time both. still to come the war over words on capitol hill. ted cruz is off the 2016 trail, and now launching a fight in
12:25 pm
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ today people around the country are celebrating armed forces day, giving thanks to the men and women who bravely serve us here at home and abroad. this morning president obama release add proclamation encouraging u.s. citizens to fly the u.s. flag and help with military causes. the administration also raised the pow/mia flag. vice president biden honoring armed forces day personally thanking new soldiers earlier today at west point. >> and today you leave as most promising second lieutenants in the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. that's not a joke, it's not just
12:29 pm
some national thing to say. you're about to join the greatest fighting force and group of warriors in the history of the world. >> immigration reform meanwhile has been one of the key issues on the campaign trail. and ted cruz is continuing to push the issue back on capitol hill. cruz one of four republican lawmakers to sign a letter urging the library of congress not to eliminate the term illegal aliens from search terms in cataloging. the house appropriations committee has approved a plan that would require the library to call undocumented people in this country, illegal immigrants. joining us is brent wilkes, the executive director of the league of urban latin american citizens. what you know so well here, brent, is this is a big issue for the latino-american community here in the united states, when they hear the the word illegal in front of
12:30 pm
immigrant. >> absolutely is, richard. it's a per jor rative word. immigrants when they hear the the terms illegal alien they are offended, up set about it. words matter and it has an impact on policy, it's been poll tested that when people hear the terms illegal alien they are more likely to be opposed to immigration reform than if folks refer to undocumented immigrant and that's what this is about. >> and one has to think about just to go back a bit, and we have to go back to world war ii, we hear the word alien it reminds us of the japanese internment. >> it does. and it makes it seem like you're other, apart, you don't belong here. the fact of the matter undocumented imi grants have violated a law but it's not even a misdemeanor and so to call someone an illegal alien over that and make it sound like the whole person is just wrong and illegal, that's something that's offensive. >> the argument is that they are here illegally, so why not use
12:31 pm
that term? >> well, listen. i sometimes break the law when i'm driving but i'm not an illegal driver or illegal person. the fact is yes, sometimes people do break the law, what they did is illegal, but the person is not illegal. and this is the only situation where we actually refer to the whole person as illegal and i think that's wrong and why the library of congress was right. they changed their term, they should -- congress should let it sit that way. they made a good decision. >> do you think these efforts will come through, these efforts by cruz as well as that was put forth by a group from the house? >> well, absolutely not. i don't think this is a way both the house and senate is going to pass a bill with this term in it and then send it to the president and have him sign it. so that's not going to happen. you know they should get back to work for the american people instead of trying to dictate the library of congress what words to use. >> the words from lulc and you and others in the community is unauthorized, or undocumented,
12:32 pm
that's the prefrpgs in terms of the stricter. >> that describes the situation. many folks are in different situations where perhaps they followed the rules up to a certain point but undocumented, they haven't completed the process, and so they need to get their documents in order. that's why we use that word. >> this comes down to conno nation, because not necessarily the literal meaning of the words themselves. >> absolutely. you know, this -- they wouldn't do this if they didn't think it poisoned the well and made people dislike immigrants and try to hold the latino community and immigrants apart from others. i think this is in the vein of donald trump and the harsh words and i think congress is trying to follow through on a piece of his rhetoric and make the library of congress use terms that he would use. >> brent will action from the league of la tern-american citizens, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> this afternoon we're getting a look at what's left of egyptair flight 804, these new
12:33 pm
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next back to politics. the fight amun the democrats. bernie sanders refuses to back down. stumping through the west today. is that helping or hurting the party's chances. or taking trump down in november.
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both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key flammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. all of you know that our country here in vado, in my state of vermont, we face very serious problems. the only way we address those problems is when we stand together as one people. >> bernie sanders, this afternoon in new mexico, the vermont senator is on a western campaign swing this weekend ahead of the june 7th primaries. joining me from new mexico is
12:40 pm
kelly o'donnell. good day to you. sanders rallied against the delegate process in recent events as you well know. what is the campaign delegate strategy you're hearing of moving forward? >> reporter: one thing i thought note worthy here is before this crowd that just broke up a gorgeous scorchingly hot day but a beautiful day. bernie sanders spoke to voters and said we will be willing to fight against the state democratic party in new mexico and willing to do that in order to win. part of his cry to get voters to stay with him in this final phase of the primary season even with the math not in his favor in terms of the delegate count required to win the nomination. sanders definitely talks about with wanting his voters to be willing to stand with him. he also talked about this isn't just bernie as he described himself, it's about a movement. that's a common theme. i think it plays into what you're asking about, urging
12:41 pm
voters to use their individual vote, their power to come to events like this and also to turn out for that june 7th primary to make a statement. in the last several days on the trail he has talked about the need for momentum behind his candidacy, going into the convention. and since we are nearing the end phase of the primary season, wins would do that. now, we also heard him talking about in that clip you mentioned, referencing new mexico and his home state of vermont. he does that pretty much everywhere we go. what was striking here is vermont is very much a rural state, smaller state. doesn't get the national attention when it comes to politics. from talking to people here he was trying to make that connection. vado, new mexico is 20 or 30 miles from the mexico border, a rural place, dairy farms not far from here. he wanted to make a connection he understands what it means to be from a poor state, a dairy or rural farming state, to try to have that connection for the
12:42 pm
brooklyn-born vermont representing senator to have a connection here. he also used this incredible sun and the wind that was blowing his sort of trademark hair to talk about the need for climate change, challenging fossil fuels, things like that. those themes play well before a liberal crowd at a bernie sanders event. he is really trying to go local in many ways, to inspire people to be involved in what he calls a movement more than a campaign. and to say there is still more work to do between now and june 7th that could add legitimacy to his place in this race, even though there are so many who say hillary clinton has the decisive advantage when it comes to the votes and the delegates. richard. >> kelly o'donnell watching which way the wind is blowing with the sanders campaign. a beautiful day. >> all the time. >> i know. you do it so well. thank you so much, kelly o'donnell. for more on the democratic race i'm joined by executive director of george town's
12:43 pm
institute of politics and public service and former dnc communications director, also worked for the hillary clinton campaign in '08. also with us is politicings reporter katie glick. new information you may have heard. mo, i'll start with you. we're getting word an interview just had with jake tapper of cnn with bernie sanders and he was asked about debbie wasserman schultz which we all know heads up the dnc, a lot of questions about that kumbaya in the party for the candidate, the presumptive nominee that some are saying will be hillary clinton. what do you make of him saying this, mo. bernie sanders in the interview, i'll read from my noteses is he will favor debby wasserman schultz's primary challenge willer tim kanova. but if elected he would want the chair of the dnc not to be her. mo? >> one, there is clear lir not a lot of love lost between debby
12:44 pm
wasserman schultz and bernie sanders. that has been clear. two, interesting threat considering her term is up after this election and she said she's not coming back as chair. so i think his point is taken. he's not a big fan of hers. and both the dnc and the sanders campaign i think have both at times looked a little petty how they have gone back and forth at one another. but at the end of the day, i think what he's trying to do is rally his supporters who are anti-establishment to rail against the dnc, arguing that they have been treated unfairly. i think it's a little bit of -- he might have some argument to make here and there, but at the end of the day he's losing by 3 million votes. that's not a process thing. that's not being treated unfairly. he's losing straight votes. >> you know so well here, mo, you said this, you used to be fire bomb throw e is this a fire
12:45 pm
bomb that he's throwing over the fence? >> yeah, i mean, he's got to do whatever he can to -- got a few states left, wants to keep people motivated. heant was them to turn out and vote for him. he's got to do something to light a fire. this is a pretty easy target. an easy fire to light but it doesn't change the fact that hillary clinton has received 3 million more votes than he has. she is leading in votes, leading in delegates, those are the only two metrics that matter. >> is katie, what do you make of this new piece of information that he doesn't appear to be moving toward the center if you will, for the party, but still being consistent with his criticisms of debby wasserman schultz? >> great to be with you. it speaks to the broader challenge that both the democratic party and the republican party face, which is working toward unity as we get closer and closer to the convention. this is just one more data point that indicates that there is absolutely a lot of tension
12:46 pm
between bernie sanders and his very committed supporters, and other elements of the democratic party and so, this is one more time when we're seeing that play out in the open. both on the democratic side and the republican side, we are seeing efforts maybe broader efforts at party unity. but clearly there are challenges. >> mo, this week the dnc offered sanders supporters some key spots on committees at the convention. and the sanders camp says it will fight on, in certain parts of the party platform as you mentioned earlier like the $15 minimum wage and a more balanced position on israel and palestine. how do you see this coming together, the dnc and as it tries to work the sanders campaign in? >> look, they have every right. he's earned a seat at this table. he's done very well, much better than a lot expected and his supporters need to be heard. so i never have been one of these who thinks any one should pressure him out of the race.
12:47 pm
he deserves to go the distance. look, we're more unified. than it was eight years ago when it was between hillary clinton and barack obama. that was more divided, that was -- the polls at the time showed that hillary supporters were much more reluctant to support barack obama in the general election, and they did. they came around and did. and i think that's probably going to be the case here. as long as you know, as long as the democratic party recognizes the important voice of his supporters. bernie sanders, however, does owe it to the party as well, to do his part to unify at the end of this process, what we saw in that very unfortunate situation in nevada recently, he's got to make sure that doesn't happen again. his rhetoric sometimes is a little borderline. i think he's got to rein that in the he wants to do his part to unify this party if that's important to him. >> you say it will happen. we'll have to see when.
12:48 pm
thank you so much for sticking around. >> thank you. a quick programming note, hillary clinton will sit down for an interview with our own chuck todd from her campaign strategy to taking on bernie sanders and donald trump, they will be discussing all of that, catch the exclusive conversation with hillary clinton tomorrow morning on nbc's "meet the press" press, check your local listings. next the second amendment's role in the 2016 race. gun owners opening up about this year's election, the candidates and what it will take to win their vote come election day. different points of view no doubt when coverage continues. if like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up.
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>> we take you back to the on going mystery surrounding egypt air flight 804 as they continue to look for the plane's back flox. the egyptian military releasing these images of the degrees today it is hoped it will offer
12:52 pm
new clues. while investigators are still looking for clues we're beginning to learn more about some of thrives lost in the tragic crash. joining us now by phone is someone that knew the crew members on board flight ms-804. the head of the general flight attendant union. thank you for being here with us and i know this is a very difficult time. we were talking with aman earlier giving us some of the pieces of information of those that lost their lives. what does this mean for your union? >> after the announcement of the government, the announcement about the wreckage of the plane and a lot of the funeral and today it's nighttime now and we
12:53 pm
just finished three visits today for three of the families and for month ahead and our support to their family and we showed them that we are supporting them and from the beginning the company and the ministry start to do their job and we start to be with the family. >> osama did you know any of the flight attendants that were on 804 and if you did can you tell me about what you knew of them? >> i know all of them. i know all of them. actu actually i have been with him four days ago before the flight. we were the flight together on one of his flights and he is
12:54 pm
looking forward to the future but this is his fate. and for the flight and one is one of the most beautiful ladies and full of life and she often spoke of something in the memory. she is responsible for her two children. >> it's maybe too early to ask this question but there's also resilience. there was a #that said i will
12:55 pm
only fly egypt air. it seemed like a commitment to what the airline means but also what it means to the country. we have to fly our country flag. this is our responsibility. we have to take care of all passengers to keep them safe and make them move from point to
12:56 pm
point this is our mission. we have to be responsible throughout their life. >> what will be happening throughout the weekend. it's 10:00 p.m. on a saturday. more memorials tomorrow and more funerals unfortunately. >> i have a meeting with the president of egypt air and the chairman and the company will do the funeral for them and it will be on monday. on the egyptian. >> head of the egyptian flight attendant union. we can't thank you enough to describe those that lost their lives. i really do appreciate your time on this 10:00 p.m. saturday for
12:57 pm
you so late. we'll of course have the latest on the investigation of the crash coming up very shortly at the top of the hour right here on msnbc. stick around. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear
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oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. >> right now some new pictures today of the debris from egyptair flight 804 and new information about the final moments before it disappeared from radar. investigators are trying to determine what triggered automated messages from the plane signaling smoke near the cockpit and if it was a terrorist attack who carried it out. here in the united states donald trump wins the endorsement of the national rifle association. now he is making a play for latino voters. plus bernie sanders fighting on despite long odds of winning the nomination. what he told supporters in new mexico about the race and his opponent hillary clinton. we start the hour though with that new p


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