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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. . it's good to be with you at nbc world headquarters. two new polls just out show the race for president is neck and neck and telling us more about the two main candidates. >> donald trump will never be elected president. [ applause ] >> just yesterday at the nra's annual convention, donald trump said in his very first hour as president, heaven forbid -- [ applause ] >> targeting trump both bernie
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sanders and hillary clinton taking on the gop's presumptive nominee but the biggest fight appears to be with each other for now. and the new poll shows whether americans would consider a third party option for the white house. the numbers may just surprise you. for the first time we're hearing some of the last contacts from the captain of doomed flight 804. >> let's get right to politics and the new polls while the "washington post"/abc poll shows donald trump beating hillary clinton 46% to 44%. the new nbc wall street journal poll shows clinton ahead by three points, 46% to 43%, both polls within the margin of error. another hypothetical match-up sanders leading trump by 15%, 54% to 39%. meanwhile never in the history of the nbc wall street journal poll have the two major party nominees been viewed as poorly as clinton and trump. 54% of registered voters view clinton negativively compared to
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58% for trump. voters have a better impression of sanders whose positive rating is 43% compared to 36% negative. and in an interview that will air this morning, the vermont senator is ramping up his attack against debbie wasserman schultz, facing a primary challenge in august. >> i favor her opponent, his views are much closer to mine than is wasserman schultz's and let me also say this in all due respect to the current chair person, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> new reaction from hillary clinton about comments donald trump made at the nra leadership conference on friday, which included him calling for an end to gun free zones. here's what clinton said at the gala sponsored by the trayvon martin foundation.
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>> if you want to imagine what trump's america will look like, picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry, picture more anger and fear. enough is enough. unlike donald trump, i will n pander to the gun lobby and we will not silence and will not be intimidated. >> two hours later trump tweeted, crooked hillary said i want guns brought in a school classroom. wrong. trump and clinton are off the trail today. for a look at those new nbc/wall street journal poll numbers, i'm joined by carrie dan, as we dissect the numbers here. for me what stood out, three words, marge inl of error. what is the biggest takeaway? >> this is a neck in neck race between hillary clinton and donald trump. that is a change from our last
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poll. last month hillary clinton had a double digit advantage over donald trump, that is no longer the case. trump earlier this month consolidating becoming the presumptive nominee of the republican party and we're seeing signs that republicans are in fact uniting behind donald trump and giving him a big boost there which makes this a neck and neck race within the margin of error. with bern mee sanders and donald trump, sanders has been making this argument saying that he polls better against donald trump than hillary clinton does and this poll is no exception. he's up 15 points on donald trump but hillary clinton we're expecting in that last round of primaries in california is going to become the presumptive democratic nominee and going to be facing a very tough race against donald trump. >> you have the neck and neck aspect of it and then add to this part, both of them have s historically high negatives. how migtd that impact this race going forward considering the unpopularity of the two?
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>> it is impossible to overstate how important this number is, that both of these candidates are reaching historic lows when it comes to popularity. donald trump a little more unpopular but both down at the bottom of the dump. for both of these candidates, what they are going to be trying to improve their favorable numbers but here's the thing when it comes down to it, in november, a lot more voters will be heading to the polls to vote against the candidate they don't like rather than cast a vote to support the one they do like. >> then also opens it up to other options out there. in fact you have a 47% of registered voters as far as this poll that would consider a third party candidate and look at the 47%, pretty high. >> well, this is higher than in past years too. 10% higher than back in 2008 and 7 or 7% higher than in 2012. voters would like to look at the third party option. the issue for a third party candidate, you attach a name and set of proposals to the third
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party candidate they are not going to hit that 47% when a name is placed in contention. it is a sign of how unpopular the two front-runner candidates are and people are looking for an alternative. >> is it significant that the last time we had our nbc/wall street journal poll compared to now, i believe the difference there was 11% or 11 points in the poll, the drop between hillary clinton and now that gap has been to three points? is that a big drop given the amount of time between polls? >> here's the big number to kind of look at. donald trump on may third became the presumptive nominee in the days after that drove his remaining competitors out of the race. republicans really are beginning to unify behind him back in april, only 72% of republican voters said they would definitely vote for donald trump over hillary clinton. that number is now 86%. so clearly a big jump in republicans saying he's our guy,
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he's our horse and we're going to stand behind him. hillary clinton does benefit from democratic -- some degree of democratic unity but she's still fighting a primary race. right now 66% of bernie sanders supporters said they would vote for her over donald trump. that is not a particularly high number. hillary clinton points out that in 2008, she also had a sizable chunk of her supporters who said they would not -- and vote for barack obama, she endorsed obama then and those supporters embraced him and allowed obama to have a big victory over john mccain. she hoeptz the same thing happens this time. right now there's a third of bernie sanders supporters say they are not sure they can get behind her in a head to head match-up with donald trump. >> thank you so much for breaking it down for us. fascinating to wake up with these numbers. >> thanks for having me. >> as we are waking up sunday
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morning and taking these numbers in, the campaigns are i'm sure doing as well, kristen welker is with us here today. and interesting on a sunday morning you wake up and when you're hillary clinton you get this double whammy, not only are you that close, 3 points but also saying that in the history of our poll, this is the most they have not been liked as far as these candidates. >> the numbers are stunning and one of the takeaways, we're seeing these numbers get so close so early on. i think part of that has to do with what kerry is talking about, the fact that donald trump is being effective in unifying the republican party around him. secretary clinton still fighting in her own primary battle and we're seeing this two-pronged fight play out. that's why secretary clinton is so focused on donald trump. if you talk to clinton campaign officials they are taking his candidacy very seriously because they saw what happened in his primary battle. the fact he dispatched of 17 rivals, so effectively, ease an
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unpredictsable candidate, even though she's still fighting this primary battle, you're seeing that born out in the numbers. if and when she does win the nomination, it is possible and likely i think some would argue that you're going to see democrats coalesce around her and her numbers will likely go up as well. >> most recently she spoke last night at the trayvon martin foundation for women, mothers who lost their children to gun violence. this as we know donald trump getting the endorsement from the nra and speaking there. >> she's trying to draw an incredibly sharp contrast with donald trump on this issue which resonates for democrats and progressives and for independents and she's saying, she's going to be the candidate to stand up to the nra, not going to be afraid to do that. donald trump doubling down and saying there should be guns in schools. take a listen to what she had to say in response to that last
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night. >> this is someone running to be president of the united states of america, a country facing a gun violence epidemic and talking about more guns in our schools and talking about more hatred and division in our streets. even about more nuclear weapons in the world. that's no way to keep us safe. >> francis, the clinton campaign thinks this is an issue that will rally women voters around secretary clinton as well as those other groups i mentioned, independence, progressives and this is also one of the formats in which secretary clinton becomes a little more emotional, one of the knocks on her she's too scripted on the campaign trail. we see her break out of that in these events talking about gun violence because it is personal for her, a mom and grand mom and she has met with these mothers. >> thank you. >> great to be here, thanks. >> i want to bring in alex is
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levin son and abbi phillip for the "washington post." good morning to you, abbey, in both polls the race statistical tie, we're talking about dead heat here. do you think the clinton campaign would have thought this would be the position they would be in at this point with donald trump of all republicans? >> i think you'll hear the clinton campaign say that this poll is reflective of the fact that as kristin and carry both mentioned she's still fighting a primaries. they will vote for who they vote for in the primary at this stage. there's the danger zone, they recognize that hillary clinton has very high unfavorables and that's going to be a persistent challenge for them. going into the general election, donald trump's numbers are very
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unpredictable. people say he's unqualified and they don't like him but still willing to vote for him because they are voting against someone rather than for them. that's a trouble zone for democrats and hillary clinton and that's going to be something that's persistent as we go towards november. >> on the other side you have the fact that donald trump is competitive. early on with kristen, also have the gop as far as uniting the party and those who are doubting. does that now ease the worries that now there could be greater support from the party? >> i think it's maybe a little comforting. there's been over the past few weeks since he became the pruxtive nominee, there's been a lot of hype ventilating of republicans are doomed and they will lose all senate seats and flip the house and apocalypse is coming. and you know, i think this eases the doubts that he is competitive and this is two really deeply disliked candidates who you know, that puts him in a different place than a lot of republicans
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thought he might be. that said, i think a lot of the how oldouts on trump are let's concerned whether or not he can win and more concerned about they really don't like him and don't want to vote for him. i'm not sure it brings anyone over. >> that opens it up to the possibility of a third party run here especially with our poll saying that 47% of registered voters would consider a third party. also you have conservative blogger jennifer rubens suggesting that there may still be that option when it comes to the convention in cleveland. is that realistic? now we're seeing this in these numbers and at this point, is there an appetite for that in the third party? >> i think there's certainly an ap hit for a therd party. i'm dying to see a poll with gary johnson in it, the libertarian -- >> been calling for that, right? >> i would like to see that. that would be really interesting to see if people really do shift over to him. i don't think there's going to be another option that emerges at the republican convention. i think what we've seen over the
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past few weeks is even the most establishment of republicans who no one ever thought would get behind trump headlined up behind trump. this has sort of been -- even the people they will never back him are backing him. i don't see that happening within the republican infrastructure but gary johnson, could be interesting. >> especially with a recent poll showing him at 10%. he's been on our shows saying more polling he needs to be those polls to get to really make a difference. there's also this on a poll showing 66% of democratic primary voters preferring sanders support clinton against trump. if you look at the gap there, does the clinton kpam camp have the ability to lure the sanders voters? >> if you look at the numbers from 2008 when hillary clinton was in bernie sanders position, the numbers were fairly similar. she had a whole contingent who said no way would i back barack obama. so that's what they are hanging
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their hat on at this moment. there is actually a lot of work to be done and california, the upcoming primary on june 7th is a huge part of that, that's a very liberal and progressive state in the democratic primary where hillary clinton has to really make an effective case. i think those voters in particular need to go forward and cast their ballots. and once that's over, she and bernie sanders, they need to get on the phone and talk to each other and get to a place where i can go to the convention and talk to his supporters and bring them over the line for her. and vice-versa. they are going to need to work together. some of this ak moanny in the democratic primary right now isn't particularly helpful but i think democrats on the whole feel they have a little time. they have several weeks to make this work. >> i want to ask you this morning of the "new york times" and their piece headlining that major gop doenlers resist giving
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when it comes to donald trump. you hear him say flat out in his words, i don't care. how much concern is there among republicans that trump won't be able to raise that money to be competitive and wage a viable presidential bid? >> i think there's certainly concerns about trump and fundraising not because there are big donor holdouts but he didn't build the infrastructure that other candidates have built. he was self-funding and made a really big deal about that. really attacked all of the donors as trying to buy candidates. and so now he's going into a general election, six months away and hillary clinton has spent you know, the past two years decades really for her, building up this fundraising infrastructure and he doesn't have it. he's building it from scratch right now. and that's not a good position to be in. >> even though he says he doesn't care and wanting his goal of $1 billion by november for that, abby, when you talk about the "washington post"/abc
6:17 am
poll showing president obama's approval rating at 51%. it doesn't change since march. hillary clinton has been increasingly aligning herself with the president. how much will the president's approval ratings help her? >> well, so far barack obama's approval ratings have been among the highest of his entire presidency and among the highest of recent presidents going back to bill clinton 1992. these are pretty good numbers for him. i think for democrats they want to run on barack obama because it helps unify their party. and he's relatively popular. they'll continue to do that and we'll see him on the campaign trail a lot going into the fall. his aides say he's very eager to be out there and with these kinds of numbers he'll be able to do it pretty effectively among democrats and independents in particular. >> both of you, thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> inside the cockpit, we're hearing the now chilling last
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bring you from afghanistan, earlier today u.s. military forces and afghan intelligence confirmed that akhtar was killed by a drone strike. secretary of state john kerry called the action a clear message that the united states stands with partners to create a more stable region. nbc's jim miklaszewski is live at the white house. what do you know about mansour and why do you feel the united states needed to take him out. >> they wanted to strike at the heart of the taliban. to do that, they went after
6:22 am
their leader, the leader of the taliban for a little less than a year. nevertheless he was considered to be the cement of taliban holding it together. now the way this happened, surveillance drones had actually watched mansour and others get into a vehicle and drive off and then not one but several drones launched hell fire missiles which as we've seen from the photographs of the site, obliterated the target. u.s. officials are confident that mansour was killed in that strike. now, there are some analysts who believe that this will fracture the taliban, without mansour's strong leadership it will splinter and diminish their military strength. but quite frankly, over the years, the taliban has proven very resilient. after all, they've suffered 15 years of u.s. military strikes, america's longest war and have still survived.
6:23 am
so while they could be a significant blow, it doesn't appear to be a fatal blow, francis. >> given that, is there a number two here that would step in now as far as the organization? >> haven't heard anything about a specific number two, but in most of these organizations as regrettably the u.s. has discovered, even al qaeda, look how many times the u.s. took out number two al qaeda before finally getting osama bin laden. but al qaeda is still alive and kicking today as is isis and other terrorist groups. so by taking out a single leader, it does not appear to diminish their resolve. >> all right, jim miklaszewski at the white house. >> now the latest on flight 804. crews have three more hours of daylight to search for black box recorders and debris. french naval will arrive and assist in the search.
6:24 am
the president refuted to put a timetable on the investigation. the associated press has obtained audio from an air traffic control broadcast website and it's reportedly a communication between the egyptair pilots and controllers in switzerland just hours before 804 lost contact. this video has not been verified by nbc news. >> hello, egyptair 804, flight level 370. >> egyptair 804 radar contact. >> contact padova, good night. >> this is control. thank you so much good day. >> chris, what more can you tell us about the additional debris found and what investigators are saying? >> reporter: let's start with what you just played that audio, which is notable for the fact how routine it is and how calm
6:25 am
everyone sounds. it adds to the deepening mystery of what happened on that plane to bring it down out in the eastern mediterranean the search continues. daylight is going to fade within a few hours. this is a very difficult search, a ship that is coming from france still has a couple of days to go before it even arrives on scene, which is highly specialized equipment that can help look for black boxes. and some divers who have in fact experienced this kind of thing. in the meantime, there is plenty of investigative work that has been going on here at charles de gaulle airport, with the takeoff point from that flight. you see there was a passenger review. we talked about this in the first 24 hours. they look at that passenger manifest and compare it to any terror watch list. they are doing a deeper dive on that but so far it's revealed nothing. no one with any ties to terror. the closed circuit television
6:26 am
video would show did somebody get through a checkpoint without going through the proper channels. french officials say the footage reveals nothing and continues to review the thousands of people who work here and particularly of course the people who would have had access to that plane. that includes the crew and cleaners and caterers, we're seeing surveillance, the police who were around the airport. important to note, this is not new. after the november attacks, after the charlie hebdo attacks before that, there was stepped up security at the airport. they feel confident about that. one more thing is a lot of folks expected late yesterday that this video put out by isis might be a claim of responsibility. not only was it not a claim of responsibility but never mentioned the plane or international travel. again, adding to the deeping mystery about what happened to bring down that plane.
6:27 am
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dead heat, new numbers showing donald trump and hillary clinton in a virtual tie. the 41st season finale taking one last swing at the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders stopped by to have a drink. >> do you mind if i just have one more drink with my old, very old kind of dangerously old friend bernie? >> sure, mrs. clinton. what can i get for you two? >> i'll have a beer. a new brand that people are flocking to. something refreshing and revolutionary, something that draws huge crowds. >> and i'll have whatever beer no one likes but gets the job done. >>
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. welcome back at msnbc world headquarters in new york. new reaction from hillary clinton as she shifts into general election mode. here's what she told my colleague chuck todd about donald trump's candidacy moments ago on "meet the press.." >> i have 2 million more votes than donald trump, the back and forth in the public arena, when voetders show up to vote they take that vote seriously. and yes, i know he has a pluralty of republicans who voted for him. but i think in the course of this campaign, we are going to demonstrate he has no ideas, dz there's no evidence he has ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. as we go through this campaign, we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric.
6:35 am
>> and new reaction from bernie sanders on his ongoing battle with the party over its delegate system. >> i understand that it is a very, very uphill fight to go from 46% where we are today to 50% in the nine remaining contests. i got that, the other point -- we're going to try. it's incumbent upon these superdelegates people who came on board clinton's campaign before anyone else was in the race to take an objective look at which candidate is stronger. >> nbc's katy tur has been covering the trump campaign and she is with me onset this morning. good to have you with me here. waking up with a little skip in his step with the two polls and we're talking about margin of error and how narrow this race has been. >> the new nbc/wall street journal poll donald trump is within the margin of error, and hillary clinton up three points and it was a big deal because she was up 11 points in april. part of the reason we're seeing
6:36 am
donald trump rise in these national polls, he's starting to consolidate the rank in file republicans in a way that hillary clinton can't yet do because she's still fighting off bernie sanders but hillary clinton is doing much well as you would expect among african-americans, latinos and women. meanwhile, donald trul p is doing well when it comes to seniors and men and independents. no surprise there. whether he'll be able to maintain that as hillary clinton is expected to get the nomination, we'll have to wait and see how he'll do to cut down on unfavorables with women. donald trump is pushing ahead and been on this trust me, i'm a republican tour trying to get all of the doubters on his side. and it's working to a large extent but when it comes to large scale donors, there are a number of those -- number of them have come out and said they are not going to be giving money to donald trump. this is a new york times report that listed a dozen donors who
6:37 am
didn't think he was fit for the presidency, he had a reaction naturally this morning on fox and friends, take a listen. >> now, i'm helping the republican party through the rga, through a lot of different groups actually, but we're helping the republican party and we're getting it funded and we're dealing with reince priebus and everyone else. i'm going to be investing a lot of money, putting in a lot of my own money, a tremendous amount of my own money actually -- >> a tremendous amount of his own money. so far he put 50 million into his campaign, all loaned to his campaign. my colleague ari melber wonders whether he will pay himself back with donations for that loan or officially giving the money as not just a loan but giving it to his campaign and self-funding as he's been saying. that is still up in the air as of now. but donald trump is plugging away, continuing to do the morning shows. >> his goal is $1 billion to
6:38 am
spend when it comes to the general. but he said i don't care in that interview. he was blatantly asked these guys aren't going to give you the money -- >> the reality is these big doerns are people they need to make that sort of large scale donation to get him to a billion dollars and there's one donor that said the reason i'm not giving, why would i give to somebody who says he's worth 10 billion. >> use his own money. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. more now on the democrats i'm joined by clinton supporter rick wade, senior adviser to the 2008-2012 obama/biden campaigns. as we talk about the latest poll that found hillary clinton getting support from 46% of registered voters and trump gets 43%. that's inside the poll's margin of error. last month, clinton held that 11 point advantage, 50 to 39%. what is the concern this morning
6:39 am
about secretary clinton's slippage? >> first, thanks for having me. i think it may give us some concern but it's certainly nothing to panic about. you know, the reality is and i agree with your previous guest that we probably have seen some consolidation and coalescing of republicans, a very fractured primary that he's coming out of. starting to coalesce around donald trump. i do believe that in spite of the fact that there is a still primary contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as time progresses, that you'll see a more unified consolidated democratic party for hillary clinton. maybe a concern we need to watch the polls but nothing to panic about. >> nothing to panic about but you have to factor in the 66% of democratic primary voters who preferred sanders. that support clinton in a match-up against donald trump. that means 37% of sanders
6:40 am
supporters would vote for donald trump. what kind of message does hillary clinton need to put out there to get sanders supporters not to vote for donald trump? >> well, i think that process is happening. i've said before, i think hillary clinton and the campaign, they have been and will continue to reach out to sanders supporters. you know, the platform will be very important at the democratic convention to make sure that issues that sanders believes in to the extent possible that it can be an integrated unified platform. those kinds of measures will be extremely important. again, the differences are so stark between hillary clinton and donald trump that at the end of the day, i'm really confident that you're going to see a unified democratic party around hillary clinton who will be the democratic nominee. >> complicating that as far as unifying it also when you have bernie sanders and campaign claiming that the dnc chair, congresswoman debbie wasserman
6:41 am
schultz has showed favoritism towards hillary clinton. here's what he said. >> i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than is wasserman schultz's and let me say this in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> does that sound like a declaration of war to you on the party in those words of bernie sanders? >> well, first of all, clearly senator sanders has a right to have and state disagreements with the chair of the party. i know debbie wasserman shultz, i'm a member of the dnc and again, i respect the fact that this process needs to continue. he's still a candidate. but one of those members of the dnc as well, sort of calling for calming down of that kind of rhetoric. let's all stay focused on the end goal, to defeat donald trump
6:42 am
and elect hillary clinton as president of the united states. there are conversations between the dnc and sanders campaign. my hope is that whatever differences can be resolved and we'll all stay focused on defeating donald trump in november. >> with that and given that, there is that main battle between hillary clinton and donald trump, could begin in earnest on the west coast. the last big primary day, california could be first big preview of a trump/clinton face-off writing this. trump will dominate the hourly news cycle conversation and be merciless on his attacks on clinton. her advisers are not convinced what would work for him in the primary will be successful with a broader ee lector rat. do you expect you'll see a change in her campaign style as we get closer to the general election campaign and she's going to kind of be above it all and not get down and dirty with donald trump, will that change?
6:43 am
>> it's certainly been my advice she stays above the fray and does not get down in the mud with donald trump. i think the american voters are beginning to see donald trump for who egs. a divider, not a uniter. his agenda -- so far even during the primary, the sentiments against women and african-americans and muslims and mexicans, that is about dividing america. i think hillary clinton needs to stay above the fray, focus on breaking down barriers across our country and make america not strong again but continue to move it forward on the very important issues of economy and jobs and national security and so forth. so stay above the fray and don't get down in the mud with donald trump. so i don't anticipate that that will change, however, you're right, california quite frankly the primary, republican primary gave us a preview of the coming attraction, the kind of attacks we can still expect from donald
6:44 am
trum. . stripe of the szebra will not change. >> president obama is expected to arrive in hanoi in about an hour. on friday he will become the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, first city where the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb in world war ii. ron, what should we expect from the president's trip? >> reporter: well, frances, a big picture way of looking at this. this is part of the president's philosophy, belief that american foreign policy should be redirected towards the asian tilt. going to vietnam and japan and tenth trip during his presidency. the vietnam trip is not about the war as was the trip when president clinton came here and president bush, third american president to come since the war. this about economics and security. economic part of it is trade. vietnam is one of the 12 countries part of the
6:45 am
transpacific partnership, massive trade deal that the president noeshted that now trying to get approved by congress. ironically it's democrats who do not support that, including democrats running for president, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the president will rely on republican support to get the legacy issue through congress and vietnam is one of the big partners in that deal if it can happen. that's one reason the president is here. the other part is security. in this part of the world china is a huge power and vietnamese and philippinos and others are concerned about the threat of china. that's another part of the relationship between united states and vietnam going forward. in a couple of days he goes on to japan where there's a g-7 summit meeting, the united states and japan and leaders of europe where issue like global terrorism and global economy will be on the agenda. and the highlight at the end of the trip is a trip to hiroshima where president obama will be the first sitting president to go there. it's been something he's been wanting to do since he was
6:46 am
elected in 2008. this was talked about in 2009 but now seems to be the right time obviously because of the sensitivities about an american president going back to the only place on the planet where the u.s. or any other nation for that matter dropped an atomic bomb. >> ron allen, thank you very much for that report. what can the united states and officials learn about airport security here after the crash of egyptair? wrely on the us postal service?
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only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & sece. because no one kno & like at&t. now back to the crash of egyptair flight 804 and how it might affect security here in the united states. i'm joined by matthew horace, an explosive expert with the atf and senior vp and security officer at fjc security services. thank you for joining me this morning, especially with your background. your companies provides security for aviation ibts at jfk. when you heard about this flight disappearing and where we are now in the investigation of what happened, what went through your mind then and now? >> you know, being in new york
6:50 am
it gives us like a really good insight into the epicenter of how things happen with the passengers that receive every day international passengers in and out of jfk we're always reminded of how important it is to maintain proper protocols, collaboration with clients and partners to provide the air traveling public a safe ingress and egress out of the united states. >> you also point out jfk and the airport absorbs most international travelers in the united states. so given that if i'm going to travel i would think that makes it more of a security issue and make it more difficult and the vulnerability there? >> frances, as we've seen, especially over the last several months, airports provide hard and soft targets. and the establishing security plans, there are issues that we deal with outside of the airport in transit and issues we deal with inside of the airport like you saw what happened in brussels. but certainly with the amount of traffic that's received in and out of jfk and the number of air travelers daily at 2 million people per day it presents challenges and gives us that narrative to start thinking
6:51 am
about what to do next to prevent the next hard act. >> what to think of and what to do next, especially when we're seeing huge security lines at airports, at o'hare last week, and the warning that it will get much worse because of summer travel. when you have those lines outside, what's the security risk there, especially as you just mentioned in light of what happened at brussels, and how can it be addressed? >> several things have to happen as we move into the future of aviation security. number one, adequate funding to tsa to ensure that they have enough people to work to prevent those long, long lines because more lines, more chaos presents greater risk. we have to establish best practices after each and every incident and ensure we understand what happens. and number three, we have to continue to monitor and screen everyone who has access to aviation terminals, aviation resources and understand where they are and continue to monitor them throughout the life cycle of their employment. >> that seems like a massive undertaking. how does that happen, especially with the thousands of workers
6:52 am
there within the confines of airports? >> well, the aviation industry in general has to continue to evolve and we have to evolve with the increased capacity and increased number of passengers. >> matthew, thank you for a better understanding of what needs to be done to keep our airports safe. thank you. even though the nra supports donald trump, not every member supports him. we'll talk with some member who say don't necessarily see eye to eye with the brash billionaire. wow! this toilet paper reminds me of a washcloth!
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lepe's foods is a locally owned here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money,
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and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system, and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money. i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california. the nra national conference is under way this week and tony dokoupil went there to chat with some politically diverse gun owners. i'm sure they were vocal talking about donald trump and hillary clinton spoke with the trayvon martin foundation last night on gun violence. >> there is really a divide here between hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton wants measures to control gun access. she wants limitations. donald trump does not and that is a very stark division. nra members clearly like what
6:56 am
they have heard from donald trump but there are a lot of nra members that are democrats and i was curious what do they think about hillary clinton's strategy. so i brought them together and here's a snippet from that conversation. >> the nra is attacking hillary clinton as a real threat to any member to the second amendment itself. she meanwhile is saying she's going to take on the nra. do you think it's wise of her to run a potential general election campaign attacking the nra and pushing gun control? in other words, how powerful is the nra these days? >> too powerful. >> very powerful. >> this isn't peddling the four rules of safety. this is the gun lobby. they're beholden to people who pay a lot more membership fees than the $600 lifetime membership fee. >> i think it's unwise because i don't see what she gains from it. there's so many other issues out
6:57 am
there that she can take on that are important to people, that she can change. why waste your time on something that's going to yield you no results like taking on the nra. >> frances, you heard there, three democratic voters. the polls may say hillary should take this on but the voters don't agree it's the right issue. >> thank you for being with me this morning. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." up next, "a.m. joy" who has an exclusive interview with harry reid. hope to see you back here when i join you again at noon eastern. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases and no annual fee. see you tomorrow. cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express.
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