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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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press." a very good sunday you to. thank you for being us with. we're at msnbc headquarters in new york city. it's 3:00 on the east coast. 12:00 noon on the west. that hour, ruling nothing out, officials beefing up the search for the wreckage of egyptair flight 08804. lingering questions about who or what brought down the plane. officials saying it's too soon to rule out an act of terror. >> the bigger threat is the idea that can you have insider threats. the best technology.
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>> families gather to mourn the 66 lives lost sharing personal stories of their loved ones last days. tight fight, there are new numbers showing hillary clinton facing a tougher fight against donald trump if she's on the november ballot. it is time for democrats to change strategy or stay the course. >> officials are confirming u.s. forces are taking out the leader of the taliban in an air strike. and sealing the deal, president obama arriving in vietnam for a visit aimed at turning 40-year-old foe into america's new friend. we start this hour though for you with the latest on the investigation into the crash of egyptair flight 804. today's egyptian president said a submarine belong together egyptian oil ministry will join the search for the plane's all important cockpit voice and data recorders. in the first public comment since the crash, the president made it clear that all scenarios are being considered but stress that it will take time to solve the mystery of what brought the air bus down killing all 66
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onboard. let's go our reporter who standing by live for us in paris. it is the 9:00 hour with the latest information. kelly, what you are hearing from the investigators today? >> well, richard, we're hearing this is a bit of a waiting game now. we're not going to see a preliminary report according to the egyptian state-run newspaper for a month. as long as a movement egyptian investigators looking at everything right now from crew documents to data from that air bus 8320, the kin of information we heard about yesterday. these alarms going off in the lavatory close to the cockpit and in other parts of the plane. they're also looking at air traffic control communications. and we're hearing for first time one of those communications got this reporting from live this is a site that airstreams air traffic control communications. whale nbc news has not independently verified this particular clip, it does appear to be a communication between
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swiss air traffic controllers and the egyptair pilot about 2 1/2 hours before the plane went down. take a listen. >> hello. olding steady. >> egyptair 804 contact. contact. 120 decimal 725. good night. >> remain steady. thank you so much. good day. good night. >> no sense of panic number sense of stress. just sounds like a completely routine flight which is what we've understood from the very beginning of this disappearance. it appears as though that flight was completely normal for the first 3 1/2 hours. you can hear some of the air traffic here at the airport behind me. in terms of the search, it is on going. very little progress, we understand, today in term of
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finding those black boxes. the search area, richard -- we'll wait for the plane to pass. the search area is 900 square miles. a huge part of the eastern mediterranean and the depth there and the search. in terms of that submarine that he mentioned to day, he said that goes to the depth of about 9,000 feet. so we're talking about relatively small items in a very big area. richard? >> kelly, thank you. she is nun of the busier airports in europe. thank you so much. for more on the investigation into the crash and the lingering questions about the links to terrorism potential think, let's bring in senior analyst at flash point global partners and msnbc contributor and editor at large. we'll start with you on this, steve. egypt also deploying a submarine
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today to join the search for the black boxes. as you look at the progress so far and this investigation, egypt, we hear from the president at the moment, the last time when this happened, when the russian airliner was bombed and crashed in egypt, you have seen anything different in the way that they're handling this that either makes you feel better or have some concerns about this process? >> on the egyptian side, one his tats to compare the egypt case. you see a rush to try to be more transparent. a rush to try to deploy resources to find the black box. a sort of rush to look and even tilt towards the terrorism question which we were unwilling to do in the case of the bombing of the russian flight. and i think that that is a new and different posture for the egyptian authorities. on the other hand, what we have is still an incredible amount of uncertainty and all of us are looking at various scenarios. we have to put a very big
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punctuation point that we know nothing and new airbuses don't blow themselves out of the sky, also terrorism groups typically take credit for things they do. >> what is the one piece of information that you're looking for at this moment? >> well, i think right now any piece of the fuselage or anything from the black boxes which i think they ultimately will find, i think that that's what will help us know more about what nahappened in that cabin. >> they were talking about concerns or terrorism being involved, no indications as of yet. we heard from the egyptian president saying considering all scenarios athe this moment. there are also those counter headlines that are saying we would have heard something by now but we haven't heard anything by now. >> that's correct. what steve is saying about the fact that terrorist groups tend to take credit for these things, that's it. that is the whole purpose of launching an attack like. this we saw various claims coming out of the egyptian
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province, taking credit for things not even mentioning this crass. yesterday the officials spokesman of isis released a very lengthy item, 31 minutes long, mentioned a whole slew of information and topics, not at all mentioning this whatsoever. it just does not make sense. >> so when we look at this area though, egypt is clearly the center or one of the centers. we just look back to the arab spring and concerns an conflict and they try to move forward. this is not necessarily a story line that they want to have to be dealing with right now. i was speaking with the head of the union, the union out of egypt. they said we're strong. we're going to maintain strength. we know how important this is to the country and the area. what do you think he meant? >> it's vital and they want to say there are various insurgencies throughout different regions now with isis claiming territory in different areas of the world. and they want to maintain a strong front. the problem is this province, isis's egyptian province is extremely strong. not just because they are funded by isis itself but because they have been operating in that
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region for years. there is a group operating for at least five years. so they're experienced as well and very active. >> egypt, the target of jihadists? >> absolutely. >> it's been said in local papers that they are certainly one of the key centers there. >> absolutely. because they're seen as what they would call a crusader and enabler of sorts. they call an arab trader. so to them, yes that, is onest number one enemies, absolutely. >> i want to share sound with you. house homeland security chairman michael mccall, he shared concerns this morning on what he thinks may have happened with the plane itself. let's listen. >> remember, he took isis about 2 1/2 weeks to come out into d magazine and take credit for that. so these last departure airports like cairo, when i visited, i was a little concerned about the state of security. they only had magnetometers. they're not vetting their employees any properly. i think the bigger threat, john,
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is the idea that you can have insider threats. you can have the best technology. but if you have an inside job, worker that has access to the plane that's corrupt order bribed or radicalized, they can get a bomb on that aircraft and blow it up. and i'm concerned that may have been what happened in this case. >> there on fox news sunday. steve, do you think he's on par in? that he's got the right message there? >> there are a lot of scenarios that can be considered. i find it a little reckless. this plane can't -- came out of the airport which has been under, you know, in terms of the world security alerts have been very, very high. everything is analyzed. everything has gone. so you know, his scenario could be correct. that's one of the scenarios. but i think that it is reckless and, you know, we just need to wait and see what we learn as more evidence comes in. but i think this notion of an insider job, i'm more concerned about other kinds of things than
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that. and we used to have printer cartridge that's couldn't be discerned or found in certain inspection devices. you have the phenomenon of lone wolves that are moving although this is an incredibly complex operation for an individual to engage in. but there are a lot of scenarios. i think that representative mccaul is a bit out of line. >> alex, can you respond to mccall and from the house homeland security group, committee, excuse me, as the chair and his statement there's. you can react to. that number two, talk about the multiconsideration here of all that can be possible. the lone wolf, the plane stopped in four different countries. it goes on and on and own. >> actually, i have a very big problem with what the representative said. it is misleading. yes, they took two weeks to take credit for the magazine but they released a statement less than ten hours after the attack officially claiming credit in a written statement. they just rereleased it with more detail in the magazine. so that's not at all true to say
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they didn't claim it. >> it is very misleading. yeah. in terms of possible scenarios, of course, to me, an insider job doesn't make any sense. if you were able to get the apparatus around an insider job, what it would be able to take to infiltrate an airport, it doesn't make sense you would have chose then flist all flights. it was not full. there were only 15 frenchmen, most were egyptians. it just doesn't make sense that this would have been the flight that if they were able to build the capacity that they would have targeted this particular flight. >> alex, thank you so much. steve, thank you as well. with the leader of the taliban has been killed in a u.s. drone strike there. a man died on a drone strike on his car in pakistan. nbc news chief correspondent joins us live if the white house with the latest. gyp, you broke that story for us yesterday. so much attention on isis right now as you well know. what does this air strike mean and the fight against the
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taliban and status of the taliban? >> well, you know, it's interesting. today john kerry oversees and talked about the strike that killed the taliban leader. but he had a footnote in saying that this represents a good faith gesture essentially toward the people of afghanistan. since president obama has begun withdraw of troops from afghanistan, the taliban has only got enstronger. john kerry says this is an indication that u.s. will not abandon afghanistan in its fight against the taliban or other mill tan militant organizations. >> so at the twhous day is where you are. i want to move to this other subject that you're watching and that is president obama. he just arrived in vietnam. and what do we know about his trip and what he plans to be doing in vietnam and through other stops there in asia? >> well, one of the things president obama is going to
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emphasize in vietnam is this there growing trade capacity? and talk about perhaps a future trade agreement. this is not only a trip about vietnam, he want to send a strong message to china. the president appears department to lift arm sales ban to vietnam in an effort to answer their military expansionism there in the south china sea and throughout the region. so again, it's a two sided message. one to vietnam, one to china. >> and interesting here, mick. as you were reporting over the last administration, the -- this white house and during the second at mgs was to repivot to asia. so now that this president is making this visit, perhaps that is a head nod to that initial juxtaposition. go head, please. >> and he'll certainly talk about that in japan, particularly when he meets with
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the g-7 summit. tl in japan later in that visit. >> great. mick, thanks as always. when we continue on this sunday, new numbers providing a new potential view and what a general election matchup could look like between donald trump and hillary clinton. the race, the numbers showing us they're in the first spot and there is raising questions about whether the former secretary of state is the party's best fit to take down trump. set on going to. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ when shoppers add an item to their jet carts,
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i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. welcome back. brand new nbc news, "wall street journal" poll showing a tightening general election matchup. hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat, now separate bid 3%. hillary clinton, 43%.
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there is within the margin of error. we have the latest from the trump campaign. >> richard, a tight race, polls tightening. donald trump now within the margin of error. and the new national "wall street journal" nbc news poll. and that's partially because donald trump has been able to consolidate the rank and file of the republican party because he is the presumptive nominee. hillary clinton is still fighting off bernie sanders. donald trump has been on this trust me i'm a republican tour now for a couple weeks trying to convince the remaining doubters that he will champion their republican and conservative causes when he gets into the white house. if he gets into the white house. he was at the nra on friday trying to convince gun owners that he is very much pro second amendment. he was for an extension and longer waiting period for gun owners, potential gun owners to
12:19 pm
get guns. since then, since the -- he started being on the campaign trail, he's been very pro secretary amendment. he was at the nra on friday to try to hammer that home with any lingering doubters. he's also going after hillary clinton really aggressively when it come to guns. painting her as somebody who is trying to take guns away even though she is not. that she said she only wants stronger gun control. donald trump even advocating to end all gun-free zones. although this morning on "fox & friends" in one breath he said that he doesn't think there should be guns in classrooms and in the very next breath, he was talking about how teachers should have guns. that's leading some confusion, leading some to be confused out. there that's why there are still lingering folks who don't necessarily trust trump on guns. but many of them say right now he is their last best option. frankly, because they want anybody but hillary clinton. richard? >> katie, thank you for that.
12:20 pm
that is following that campaign on the campaign trail. and hillary clinton appearing on nbc's meet the press as well with a preview of how she'll attack trump's campaign slogan. >> i think in the course of this campaign, we are going to demonstrate he has no ideas. there is no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. as we go through this campaign, we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric. >> joining me now are sarah isger-flores, national political reporter for "politico" and rick wade, a hillary clinton supporter. let's start with. this the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll we were getting the information from, the head-to-head matchups showing that there is this
12:21 pm
tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton from 43 to 46. that's down to 3%. and then when you look at the head-to-head matchup between trump and sanders that, is broad. there is a 15% point gap. so it looks like bernie sanders is reinforcing his point that he'll do better against donald trump while hillary clinton is getting tighter. let's start with you on this rick. what is your reaction to what we're seeing in the numbers? >> first, listen, it's early. poll numbers are poll numbers. they're fluent. they're going to change. secondly, i mean, there is no question that there is some consolidation around donald trump. and thirdly, you know, there's still a competitive race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i do believe that as we move towards the official nomination process at the convention, once hillary becomes the nominee which she will, you'll see the same coalition and consolidation and those numbers will be totally different once we're out
12:22 pm
of this campaign primary process. >> gabe, as you look at these numbers, it's not necessarily an untrue statement that was just made there by rick and that it is early. we're a good number of months away. bhaut do you see from this tightening? we were showing some of the numbers there earlier. we look at independents specifically, donald trump winning independence against hillary clinton. what that might say about where the wind is blowing as of today. >> well, that's a good question. something that clinton has been very open about. she needs to improve on. we're seeing right now is that there hasn't been this could be sol dags on the democratic side. a lot of sanders' supporters are independents. they're saying right now, well, i support bernie sanders. i don't support hillary clinton. so they're not saying in general lection polls that they're going to support clinton. what she needs to do, as she said over and over, is figure out a way to bring the peopl over to her side. it is important to note, it is
12:23 pm
easterlyy. a lot of the people that are independents are drifgt towards clinton as we move toward the convention. >> or, perhaps, drifting away. another point that came from our poll here, sarah, is that 47% would consider third party candidate since we're talking about independents at the moment. sarah? >> i think gary johnson has an interesting opportunity this summer to try to win over some of the disaffected republicans, independents, it's interesting that both parties ashgs cording to polls, nominated their least competitive person for the general election. so we'll see whether the libertarian ticket can actually reach out to some of the disaffected voters or if they're going to pivot back to their base which is the libertarian base. >> i want to move now to sanders specifically and he reacted to this trump versus clinton matchup and the numbers that we're talking about right now. let's listen to what he said. >> we need a campaign, an
12:24 pm
election coming up which doesn't have two candidates who are really, really very different. i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser two of evils. >> the lesser of two evils. rick wade, isn't that what we're talking about? we looked at the net numbers for today in terms of the polling. and hillary clinton at a negative 20%, in terms of favorabilities positive and negative, donald trump also within the same space. from this poll today. so it is real i didn't think better two of evils, it is not? >> well, listen, the one 1, 2, 3 inning th-- one thing that dona trump and hillary clin have in common is they have high favorables and high negatives. hillary clinton far exceeds in terms of numbers and polling with regards to experience, temperament and ability to move our country forward. let's be clear, the other part of bernie sanders' statement was that once we move beyond the
12:25 pm
primary process, he's going to do everything to campaign, to be able to support a candidate like hillary clinton. so i'm confident again that as we move forward through this primary election process, you'll see the kind of coalescing and consolidating that -- as we also integrate bernie sanders' platform and supporters into the hillary campaign. she understands that this work she has to do to win the independents. we'll see the consolidation needed to defeat donald trump come november. >> sarah, would you also agree here with rick from the other side of the aisle that this is actually going to happen, we'll have the coalesce ens which wee seem to be seeing the beginnings of at least on the right, surprising to some. as we get closer there to november because if this is the battle of the negatives and we see more negativitiesing, these negative numbers can only get
12:26 pm
worse. >> i think that's exactly right. i think we actually haven't seen the negatives reach peak at all. i think that we're just having some voters tune in for the first time and what they have seen they don't like from either candidate. i think it's a real problem for hillary clinton moving in to this summer period where donald trump will be entertaining to a lot of voters and hillary clinton will so far at least has shown to be a very poor candidate on the stump. so i think that's a real problem for both. you look at the gender gap. he has 11 to 10 point gender gap. she has a 22 point gap among men. unless she starts moving the numbers, she'll have a rough summer. >> we were looking at the numbers at the same time in the election in '08. they were all in the positives in term of net favorable. they're all in the negatives now. what is your thought? i want to build on what sarah and rick was saying and bring in what maureen dowd wrote.
12:27 pm
she said, "hillary can't generate excitement on her own so she is relying on fear of trump to get her into the white house. trump is relying on fear of everything to get him into the white house. so voters are stuck in the muck of the negative." what is your thought here, gabe? it is -- it is that going to be what we're seeing for the next bunch of months everybody just piling on being negative or is there a way to really change the way this game is being played? >> well, i don't think that clinton campaign or most democrats would want to describe it in the way that dowd does there. but there is no doubt that while clinton can try to run an uplifting campaign, the undercurrent is we cannot afford to have donald trump in the white house. i think that is the message that you're going to start seeing being made out on the trail by not only clinton but host of other democrats as well. what that means, however, is that, yeah, we're going to be in for a negative summer, pretty negative fall. i think basically everyone is resigned to that at this point. >> are you resigned to that,
12:28 pm
rick? >> well, one thing i am resigned to the fact that the real fear is real. and the fear of a donald trump presidency. he is what hillary described as a loose cannon. look at his position on nato, nuclear arms for certain countries. you know, anti-sentiment not only just women but muslims and describing mexicans as rapists. this guy is a loose cannon. it is a very real fear. as i talked to quite frankly independents and conservatives, not just democrats across the country, people are fearful of donald trump. >> but there are polls in favor of -- rick, there are polling at least from our wall street journal and nbc news poll, they are favoring towards at this moment donald trump. and last word you to, sarah. do you believe that will be what we'll see in november, the independents will stick with donald trump despite what rick is saying because there is this thought that he is danger, that he is unpredictable? >> i think it will be a
12:29 pm
depressing october and november for voters as we just saw from rick. it's thoord defend hillary clinton as a candidate aside from she's not as bad as the other guy. so that's a pretty weak necessariage. i think that will be a message from both candidates. again, we'll see if the third party with make a play for the voters but it's going to be tough. >> who can have better negatives, if you will, when you look at the polls? thank you folks. all three for stopping fwoi day. sayer yashgs ga sayer yashgs gabe, and rick. thank you. >> firsthand account of the crash of will 804. this afternoon, families are speaking out as investigators continue to scour the mediterranean for the plane's all important black boxes.
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continue to mourn the passengers. we're live in cairo with the breaking, heartbreaking story of two of the victim. you spoke to a brother of one of the victims. what did he tell you? >> yeah. i mean, you can imagine they were upset w every passing day you're learning more information about the passengers, 66 onboard, that really included so many nationalities. some of the stories that we're learning today absolutely heartbreaking. this one involving a young couple. they were actually in france seeking treatment for his wife. she was suffering a type of cancer, as we understood it from one of the family members. they saved up monday and gone to france to seek that treatment leaving behind their three children. she was a teacher's assistant at a local college here in cairo. and the school today put out a statement paying tribute to the couple saying that beside the
12:34 pm
fact they were loving couple, the husband did not want to leave his wife behind as she was going to france to get that treatment. in fact, he reportedly was actually told to stay behind with the kids but said that he couldn't imagine leaving her to go to france on her own. he said he wanted to be by her side. we either live together or we die together. and so he had gone to france with his wife to get that treatment. they were coming back to be reunited with their three children. one of them a 5-year-old, the other two much younger. as we understand it from family relatives, to day he broke the news to the older son telling them that he, in fact, you know, lost both of his parents. it's a very tragic event for this particular familiarly. it is one of the many cases, one of the many stories of heartbreak that we're hearing as we learn more about the passengers that were onboard that flight. >> i know the president, the egyptian president came ought to say today they're considering all options right now.
12:35 pm
and while we're going through this pain with the fap liz there on the ground, how are they reacting? they're not getting answer that's they necessarily want right now. >> yeah. right now they're very much in ray mourning phase. manufacture the members that we spoke to over the last several days, some had a tremendous amount of frustration about not getting those answers, not learning about what exactly is happening with the investigation. they certainly want some closure. but for most part, most family members are reluctant to come out and speak to the media. very few have. they're speaking to them in private and in confidence, telling us that they just want to mourn and grieve their lost loves ones. but when you speak to ordinary egyptians, it is the number one question everyone asks is what happened to this plane? again, as you mentioned sh the egyptian president reiterated that all scenarios are still being considered. no one scenario should be favored over the other as the
12:36 pm
investigation continues. but no doubt a tremendous sense of frustration that there are not answers to the questions so far. >> 9. 356789 p.m. live in okay row for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. and as the investigation enters the fourth day, let's bring in our aviation analyst and former commercial airline pilot captain john cox. you know what they're doing differently today. starting yesterday, the submarines. submarine today trying to find the key black boxes. and when we talk to analysts as such as yourself, they're saying that's what we're looking for right now. we have one piece of information. we want to get that data coming from the black boxes. what will these submarines be doing and how fast might we expect some progress base ond what they're doing? >> well, the submarines are part of the next phase of the investigation. they're looking for two things. first, they have side scanned sonar. they'll be looking for wreckage on the sea floor. secondly, they're going to be listening for the acoustic
12:37 pm
pingers. it's a clicking sound, actually, more than a ping. they're going to be listening for that very specific, very regular about once a second, once every other second and a half clicking sound. and if they find and hear that, then they'll able to hone in on it and locate those two very, very important recorders. otherwise, they're going to be looking for wreckage to see first the debris field itself and map it so that they have some idea of the airplane came apart in flight. >> so the investigation, we're told by the egyptian president, will take a long time. as we were just showing, the depth is twice as great as the average mediterranean depth here. any of those for you as an investigator indicative of why it will take so long? >> it's a methodical process. it with being so deep, it
12:38 pm
reduces the number of assets of vehicle that's can be part of that search. they have to be positioned overhead. that's going to take days. we're looking beyond days. we're looking at weeks or months before we get the recorders back up once they locate them. it's going to take time. the thing had a is important here is to get the right answers, not just answers quickly. >> john, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, back to politics and the potential convention to remember. donald trump saying, well, he'd like to add his own personal touch to the gop gathering. what could the nominee have up his sleeve base ond what was said? the endless possibilities when we come back. they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. unless you're a political junky, the republican and democratic convention, not what you call must-see tv.
12:42 pm
that could change this year w donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee. according to politico, he is thinking of putting his own touch on the convention in cleveland, perhaps unveiling his running mate at the convention or announcing the would-be cabinet. not done like that before. could this convention overhaul be what republicans need? that shot in the arm? we're joined by the program director of the 2008 republican national convention. ed, you read the article. it goes on to say, you know, he could speak every single night in addition to all of. that typically, the nominee speaks on the last night. this really could be must-see tv this time around if all these things come to pass. >> it could be. it would need to be. one of the things that he also said he is wants to make it more entertaining. when for well over a decade now, the major networks have said we're going to cover one hour per night.
12:43 pm
that's all we're going to cover. and usually the first thing they cut out of their programming is any entertainme in. t that was there. so the entertainment may have to take a different role. but no question the convention is going to have a huge impact, much like the debates do in the fall. we walked out of that 2008 convention leading on the ballot for first time in the campaign than the last time in the campaign for the ten days out of the convention. you can move a lot of people. you can frame what your candidacy is all about. and in in case, i think if trump can add some to that, all the better for the party. >> millions expected to watch every hour should it be broadcast each and every night. as you look back to '08, you have to be thinking to yourself, especially since you have somebody who has been so involved in tv for so long, donald trump. this is going to be wholly different and completely in terms of message and opportunity that you never seen before for
12:44 pm
your party. >> it may be. but again, the networks are the ones that come back and say we will cover this amount of time. if they cover more, obviously that, is a real benefit for the party. but there are other things that are kind of coming into play in this convention. one is that hillary super pac has already bought $20 million of tv starting the first week of leading up to the republican convention. so they'll have their say on. this the other is the conventions are back to back. we and the republican convention on thursday night, they start their convention on monday. so there is not going to be a lot of time to sunk in so that first impression that impact is going to be extremely important in this convention. much as it was in 2008. >> you know here, ed, the ante is being raised for democrats in terms of their convention. there is also the concern of those who are wanting to protest, who would like to be in front of both of these conventions to express their
12:45 pm
views and the reporting right now, "the new york times," coming out of cleveland that there have been threats with lawsuits because of those who would like to protest the convention, not getting permits now. and they're hearing nar not goi they're not going to get the permits for two weeks before the convention s that fair? >> you have a secure area for the convention. usually those that are protesting are in some type of a gated fenced in area down the street. not right in front of the convention. certainly not in the convention. it doesn't mean that in past times delegates having given their credentials to people to get inside -- >> philadelphia is issuing permits. >> well, and different conventions handle the security differently. i think there is a little bit of a delay process here because for a long time we weren't quite sure whether we were going to have a contested or open primary or not. so that process is kind of coming along. but one of the top costs of
12:46 pm
conventions to day really ever since 9/11 is the cost of security. >> security. >> and it's done very, very well. it's done very effective. >> in your case in, your party's case, the highest cost may be just the gold. all right, thank you, ed. >> thank you. next saturday night's take on how to end the on going battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. an snl view. allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms thatan be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me
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12:50 pm
>> i know! i know! >> that was so bad! so, so bad! >> i know. i do not like humor but that was funny. lot, but i still got most of the delegates. >> that was so stupid. it was rigged. >> i know. it's so rigged. >> to debbie wasserman schultz. >> to debbie. >> later in that sketch, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they dance the night away. hillary insisted she lead during the dance. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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the news of the fate of egyptair flight 804 has come at a painful moment for the city of paris. only six months after the terror attacks on november 13th, which 130 people were killed in a
12:54 pm
devastating assault on several ca cafes and a concert venue, the bataclan. >> reporter: is there ever a day when you don't think about what happened? >> no. i think about it all the time. >> reporter: julian pierce is a 28-year-old radio reporter who went to the bataclan rock concert as a fan, sitting close to the stage when all hell broke out. >> gunshots. at first, i thought it was fireworks. i turned and i saw three guys in masks holding assault rifles and shooting randomly towards everybody. people began to scream. everybody laid down on the floor. and a man, who was just as close as you are from me, received a bullet in the head and his body
12:55 pm
fell on me. and he probably saved my life because i could hide under his body for about ten minutes. >> reporter: pierce and several others hid in a small room off the stage, but quickly realized the gunmen would find them. when one shooter stopped to reload, they ran for an emergency exit. >> he didn't finish to reload his gun and he was smiling. then i looked to the crowd and there were -- it was a bloodbath. >> reporter: less than three hours later, 90 people were dead, nearly all of them young. pierce's life and the lives of so many others forever changed. you talked to your friends about it? >> yeah, i was there with a bunch of friends and we're experiencing the same thing. >> reporter: you're really a veteran of a war. >> yeah, that's what my doctor said. she said to me, you are a ptsd.
12:56 pm
>> reporter: ptsd, right. the concert hall is all boarded up, but they hope to have it reopened on the first anniversary this november. just some sad reminders of what happened on that god awful night. do you see a light at the end of the tunnel for you of when you begin to emerge from this trauma? >> no, this is just the beginning. it will take years. it will take years. i mean, i still can't sleep. i sleep a few hours a day, only three to four hours a day. no, it's just the beginning. >> reporter: six months, hardly long enough to dull the shock, but pierce and others here are strong in their resolve. has it changed the way you want to live the rest of your life? >> of course. of course. >> reporter: in what way? >> i want to live. >> reporter: for the moment. >> for the moment. i don't want to waste any second
12:57 pm
of my life. >> tom brokaw with that report for us. more msnbc live straight ahead. the latest in the investigation of egyptair flight 804. no scenario off the table as investigators search for what caused the crash and the plane's black boxes which could ultimately solve this mystery. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on.
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and a very good sunday to you. thanks for joining us. i'm richard lui in new york city. for the first time, we are hearing some of the last contacts from the pilot of the doomed egyptair flight 804. that is as egypt sends a submarine into the mediterranean to the search for the plane's black boxes. the race for president, now a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton. and shows bernie sanders here with a big


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