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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> and effectiveness both sides agreed to place cooperation. on this occasion in terms of
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trade how can humanitarian assistance, education and training, law enforcement and judicial cooperation and people to people exchanges as well. both sides agreed to make higher priorities to addressing world issues and continue to work together in this regard. the u.s. will work with vietnam until both sides successfully conclude the clean up project. vietnam very much appreciates the u.s. decision to lift the ban on lethal weapons sales to vietnam which is clear proof that both countries have normalized the relations. president obama and i also
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discussed the future direction and measures to further balance financial cooperation and understand the importance of confidence building and priority for development in trade and investment, science and technology, human resource development and addressing climate change. both sides reaffirmed the commitments to ratifying the specific partnership agreement. with respect to original and global issues, president obama and i agreed to we should set up collaboration and international forums and that the u.s. will support vietnam in successfully hosting the 2017 summit as well as participating in u.n.
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peacekeeping operations. we also exchanged views on recent developments in the south china sea and reiterated continued cooperation on addressing climate change and sustainable use of water resources. we believe that growth in u.s./vietnam relations not only has benefits for each country but also contributes to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the asia pacific and the u.s. relationships as well. i want to thank president obama personally, the american leadership and people and american friends for their goodwill and contributions to the normalization and continued development of the u.s./vietnam
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relations. i wish president obama and the members of your delegation a successful visit to vietnam and fond memories of our country, culture and hospitality of the people of vietnam. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. thank you for your generous words. let me thank you and the government and the people of vietnam for the hospitality that has been extended to me and to my delegation. over the past century our two nations have known cooperation and then conflict, painful separation and a long reconciliation. now more than two decades of
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normalized ties between our governments allows us to reach a new moment. it is clear from this visit that both countries are ready for a deeper, closer relationship. i was moved to see so many people lining the streets as we were drive to town today. i bring friendships of the american people, outstanding members of congress joining me on this visit and so many families that remind us of the values that we share. i have indicated before that one of my highest foreign policy priorities as president is to ensure the united states continues to play a larger and long-term role in the asia pacific which is vital to our security and to our prosperity. we believe the people of the region should live in security, prosperity and dignity.
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in pursuit of this vision, we are more deeply engaged across the asia pacific as we have been in decades, and that includes our comprehensive partnership with vietnam. if you consider where we have been and where we are now, the transformation in the relations between the two countries is remarkable. over the past two decades the trade surged nearly 100 fold supporting jobs and opportunities in both countries. since i took office we boosted u.s. exports to vietnam by more than 150%. we are now the single largest market for vietnam's exports, american companies are one of the top investors here. with our programs, thousands of our students and scholars studied together and more than 13,000 young people across vietnam are learning new skills as part of our initiative. vietnam is one of the top ten countries with students in the
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united states. we welcomed nearly 19,000 this year, the most ever. and last year vietnam welcomed nearly half a million american tourists to this country. i will assure you that more are on the way. our two governments are also cooperating more closely than ever as part of our cooperation with the east asia summit we are working to advance regional security and stability. vietnam welcomed american navy ships to your ports. our military are conducting more exchanges and partnering on maritime security. together we are pursuing the transpacific partnership, not only to support trade but to draw our nations closer together and reinforce regional cooperation. we are doing more to prevent nuclear terrorism and making sure outbreaks of disease do not become epidemics. the united states and vietnam
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agreed to a significant upgrade in our cooperation across the board. giving our young people the education and skills that they need to succeed. for the first time the peace corps will come to vietnam. our peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english and the friendship they forge will bring us closer together for decades. american academic and technological leaders, intel, oracle, arizona state university and others will help vietnam universities boost science and technology, engineering and math. harvard medical school, johnson and johnson, ge and others will join with vietnam universities to improve medical education. now the government of vietnam granted the necessary license fullbright university vietnam, the country's first nonprofit university can welcome its first
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class this fall. we are increasing trade with vietnam's announcement on multiple entry visas, it will be easier for americans to come here and do business and travel. the president and i attended a ceremony where american and vietnam companies are moving ahead with commercial deals worth more than $16 billion. boeing will sell 100 aircraft. ge will partner with the vietnam government to develop more wind power. deals like these are a win for both countries, helping to fuel vietnam's economic growth and supporting tens of thousands of jobs. we agreed to ratify and implement the transpacific partnership as soon as possible because it will support vital economic reforms here, reintegrate vietnam into the global economy. we discussed the high standards
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vietnam has committed to meet under tpp on labor, the environment and intellectual property. i conveyed the united states is prepared to offer technical assist vietnam so that it delivers the benefits that our peoples expect. with regard to security, the united states will continue to do our part to address the painful legacy of war. on behalf of the american people, including our veterans, i want to thank the government and the people of vietnam for the many years of cooperation to account for americans missing in action, solemn efforts that will continue together. we will continue to help remove unexploded landmines and bombs and the join effort to remove agent orange is nearly complete and the united states will help in the clean up at the air base. we have agreed to continue to deepen our defense cooperation including patrol boats and
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training for the coast guard in vietnam and responding closely in humanitarian disasters. the united states is lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years. sales will need to still meet strict requirements including those related to human rights. but the change will ensure vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and removes a lingering investment of the cold war and underscores the commitment of the united states to a fully normalized relationship with vietnam including strong defense ties with vietnam and the region for the long-term. more broadly the united states and vietnam are united in our support for a regional order, including in the south china sea where international norms and rules are upheld, freedom of navigation and overflight.
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lawful commerce is not impeded and where disputes are resolved through legal means in accordance with international law. i want to repeat that the united states will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows and we will support the right of all countries to do the same. even as we make important progress in the ways that i have just described there are areas where the two governments disagree, including on democracy and human rights. i made it clear that the united states does not seek to impose our form of government on vietnam or any nation. we respect vietnam's independence. but we will continue to speak out on human rights we believe are universal including freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. the right to organize and help improve their communities and country. we believe and i believe that nations are stronger and more
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pre prosperous when these are upheld. in the spirit of constructive and cooperative effort. finally the united states and vietnam are expanding our cooperation in ways that benefit the world. under the growing climate change partnership we will support vietnam as it works to meet its commitment under the paris agreement. because they committed to joining the agreement this year, we are in striking distance of entering into force before anyone expected and we will help communities in vulnerable regions adapt to a changing climate and help transition to a low carbon economy and the low carbon energy that will come from our cooperation on civil nuclear power. as vietnam deepens its commitment to u.n. peacekeeping
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the united states is proud to support vietnam's new peacekeeping training center. thank you for your hospitality and for your work together. i am looking forward to the opportunity to visit with the vietn vietnamese people. i believe the relationship between vietnam and the united states can be one of the most important in this critical part of the world. and i believe that the upgrade in the ties that we have achieved today will deliver greater security and dignity for both people for many years to come. >> now it is time for questions. the floor is open. >> i have a question.
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your excellency can you make a comment on the notable advances in vietnam/u.s. relations over the past two decades. thank you. thank you for your question. i want to affirm that over the past two decades. in july, 1995, vietnam/u.s. relations have made great strides in many fields. in terms of politics and diplomacy, vietnam and the u.s. are former enemies turned
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friends. now we are high level leaders. the relations have been growing really well. >> we share a common interest and our common interests grow day by day and in relation to stability and cooperation in the region. with respect to economic operation, i am very pleased to inform you that the two-way trip has grown to $44.5 billion u.s. last year. i hope the u.s. will become the biggest investor in vietnam as
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ambassador. the financial trade between the two countries has enormous potentials to grow, particularly once it enters into effect. regarding education and training and cooperation, we have attained many important progressions. take for example the university of vietnam received this operating license. the number of vietnam students studying in the u.s. have grown to 28,000 students. and cooperation continues to grow in line with the needs of both sides. cooperation is growing substantially. the two countries completed the
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phase one of the environmental clean up at the airport and will continue to implement the second phase of the project at other sites. vietnam and the u.s. are working together and enhancing the cooperation on regional and international issues of common interests. the advances stem from the fact that we increasing share common concerns and interests and both sides have fully realized commitments to each others political interests. the visit of president obama balm this time to vietnam will surely create stronger momentum for the development and the promotion of the vietnam/u.s.
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relations in the future. stability, cooperation and development in asia pacific and the wider world. thank you very much. >> i have a question for both presidents about the lifting of the arms embargo. to what extent do you see a need to build up vietnam's military deterrent against china's behavior in the south china sea? could it include expanded u.s. access to vietnam ports? and directly to president obama how will the u.s. decide on weapon sales based on human rights violations and for president quang how do you respond to the u.s. push for improved human rights situation in vietnam?
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>> well matt, the decision to lift the ban was not based on china or any other considerations it was based on our desire to complete what has been a lengthy process towards moving towards normalization with vietnam. a process that began with some difficult conversations decades ago including those led by our current secretary of state john kerry and john mccain and a bunch of other vietnam veterans as well as their counterparts in the government. over time what we have seen is that a progressive deepening and broadening of the relationship.
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what became apparent to me and my administration at this point is that given all of the work that we do together across the spectrum of economicic trade and humanitarian efforts it was appropriate not to have a blanket across the board ban. every sale that we make to everybody is viewed as a particular transaction. we examine what is appropriate and what is not. there are close allies of ours where we may not make a particular sale until we have a better sense of how the piece of equipment might be used and we will engage in case by case evaluations of the sales. what we do not have is a ban based on anni idelogical level
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division between the two countries. we have established a level of cooperation that is reflected of common interest and mutual respect. one of the things that happened through this comprehensive partnership is a dialogue between the u.s. and the military of vietnam we have not seen in a long time. we already have u.s. vessels that have come to port. we expect there will be deepening cooperation between our militaries. oftentimes how we respond to humanitarian disasters in this region. there may be occasions in which that means that additional u.s. vessels might visit. i want to emphasize that we will do so only with the cooperation
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of the vietnam government respecting their sovereignty and sensibilities. there are maritime issues between the united states and vietnam and i made no secret of that. vietn vietnam, we put forward a clear statement that it is important for us to maintain the freedom of navigation and the governance of international norms and rules and law that helped to create prosperity and promoted commerce and peace and security in this region. it is my belief with respect to the south china sea, although the united states does not support any particular claim, we are supportive of the notion
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that the issues should be resolved peacefully in accordance with international rules and norms not based on who is the bigger party and who can throw their weight around a little more. the united states will continue to fly and set courses for our ships as international law allow s our hope is that claimants and disputes can be resolved. in the meantime part of our cooperation with vietnam is to improve their maritime security posture for a whole host of reasons. i want to emphasize my decision to lift the ban was more reflective of the changing nature of the relationship. the last point with respect specifically to human rights as i indicated in my opening
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statement, this is an area we have differences. modest progress on some of the areas we identified as a concern. tpp actually is one of the things prompt being a series of labor reforms here in vietnam that could be extraordinarily significant. but that is not tied to the decision around military sales. >> thank you very much for the question. i want to make comments on the human rights operations. ladies and gentlemen, the consistent position and viewpoint of the vietnam government is to protect and
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promote human rights. this is clearly quantified in the national constitution of vietnam in 2013. we are now institutionalizing it into law to respect and promote human rights in vietnam. over the past 30 years of reform in vietnam they achieved remarkable progress. defense and security, especially in protection and promotion of human rights and the rights of every citizen in vietnam. those achievements have been highly recognized and appreciated by the international community. one of the very good examples to showcase the progress is that vietnam has been elected as a member of the human rights
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council. as the president mentioned earlier, between the two countries, vietnam and the u.s., we do have some differences in some fields. it is very easy to understand. particularly on human rights. we are of the view that based on the respect and the spirit of mutual understanding that we need to narrow the gap in understanding and narrowing the differences between the two countries. i invite other questions.
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>> you have visited over 50 countries during your term as the u.s. president and vietnam is among the last on the list. what does it say about the u.s./vietnam relation and how important is the u.s. view vietnam in its foreign policy. >> i would have liked to have gotten here sooner. one of the ways of thinking about it, we save the best for last. it is a remarkable and beautiful country. i told the president that unfortunately when i started to visit i am usually in meetings all day long. hopefully when i am no longer president i can come here and spend a little more time and travel the country a little more and get to know the people and
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meet the food. have a more relaxing schedule. the reason i am here is because vietnam is extremely important, not just to the region but to the world. first of all, highlighting the change that have taken place between the two countries, how just a generation ago we were adsea adversaries and now we are friend. when we have a dialogue based on mutual interests and respect and people to people exchanges. second vietnam is a large, vital and growing country. the asia pacific region is
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growing as fast as any place around the world. it is a young and dynamic region. full of spirit. you are seeing new companies and jobs being created constantly. the united states wants to be a part of that. we want to make sure that as vietnam grows and achieves greater opportunity the young people of vietnam have a chance to partner with the young people of the united states, trading, working on scientific projects, starting businesses together. i think that will be good for both countries. and we think that it is important from our perspective that as a lead er that we engag
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vietnam bilaterally because we want to continue to strengthen our cooperation with the multilateral organizations like the east asia summit where we think we have seen very real progress over the last several years on everything from commercial issues to disease control to humanitarian issues. one of the things that we increasingly discover is that it is harder and harder to solve problems by ourselves. it is much easier to tackle big problems like climate change or the outbreak of disease. or responding to humanitarian disasters when we have architecture of cooperation already established. on all of the fronts we have seen remarkable progress.
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the announcements we are making today i think should give people an indication of the next stage of the u.s./vietnam relationships. these are big deals, all of the things we mentioned today and indicates a broader and deeper relationship i am confident will continue to grow in the future. >> our final question comes from bloomberg. >> thank you. president obama the transpacific partnership seems fairly stalled in congress and other countries are looking to follow the u.s. lead in terms of how they advance their approval of the agreement. with the deals today announced for boeing and ge, are you looking to change your strategy in how you seek approval for the transpacific partnership for congress and do you think it should be amended to reflect currency manipulation and can
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you comment on the killing of the taliban leader and pakistan concerned about the strike happening on its soil and whether it signals a new offensive in afghanistan and whether you are concerned a more hard line leader might take its place. for president quang, are you concerned about the lack of enthusiasm for the transpacific partnership in the u.s. congress and how do you respond to china's criticism of the u.s. pursuing what china says is a one-sided selfish agenda in asia that risks regional peace? >> first of all, on tpp angela, i haven't been around as long as senators carper or second kerry but i spent enough time in the senate to know that every trade deal is painful. because folks are always seeing
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if they can get a better deal. especially if you have multiple parties involved. in an election year you can anticipate that folks will try to score political points off of it. but i remain confident we will get it done. the reason i am is because it is good for the country. good for america. good for the region. good for the world. i know i have sold this to you before. but let me reiterate. this is the fastest-growing part of the world. this represents an enormous market for the united states. most countries here already sell their stuff to the united states and we have relatively low
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tariffs. in other words we put relatively low taxes on goods that are coming in to the united states. in contrast tariffs are significantly higher for u.s. goods being sold here. so a deal that gets rid of 18,000 taxes on u.s. goods into the fastest-growing markets in the world, that is a good deal. for american businesses and american workers. number two, one of the biggest complaints about trade deals has been that it opens up markets to countries with lower wages, harsher labor practices and less environmental regulation. if you are signing up for the transpacific partnership, you are making commitments that are enforce ab enforceable to raise labor standards and ensure that
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workers have a voice and tend to environmental problems. this gives us the ability to engage with a country like vietnam and work with them on all of those fronts. the things people in the past have been concerned about when it comes to trading with other countries. i have not yet seen a credible argument that once we get tpp in place we are going to be worse off, we are better off. american workers and american businesses are better off if we get the deal passed. the politics of it will be noisy. that was true when i inherited the korean free-trade agreement or panamanian free-trade agreements when i came in to
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office but we got them done and i am confident we will get it done this time as well. but there will be ups and downs and bumps along the way. with respect to currency manipulation, we have provisions in tpp that advance the transparency and reporting functions that allow us to monitor whether we think currency manipulation are taking place. there are some that argue we should have enforceable provisions where if you see a currency going down too far we should impose tariffs on that country. the problem is that it is difficult to sort out why a currency is going down and whether or not it is being manipulated. for to us bind other countries to commitments about their
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monetary policy is that we are binding our federal reserve to the claims of other countries in terms of how it implements our monetary policy. that is not something we would do. but we have strengthened a number of provisions contained in tpp that will allow us to put on notice folks that we think are engaging in competitive devaluations. finally on the taliban leader, it has been confirmed that he is dead. he is an individual as head of the taliban was specifically targeting united states personnel and troops inside of afghanistan who were there as part of the mission that i set
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to be able to maintain a counterterrorism platform and provide assistance and training to the afghan military forces there. this does not represent a shift in our approach. we are not reentering the day to day combat operations that are currently being conducted by afghan security forces. our job is to help afghanistan secure its own country. not to have our men and women engage in the fight for them. on the other hand we have a high profile leader who has been consistently part of operations and plans to potentially harm u.s. personnel and who has been resistant to the kinds of peace talks and reconciliation that
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ultimately could bring an end to decades of war in afghanistan than it is my responsibility as commander in chief not to stand by but to make sure we send a clear message to the taliban and others that we are go to protect our people. that is exactly the message that has been sent. >> this is a question concerning the transpacific partnership. in our view tpp is something that contributes to sustaining the role as a driver for economic growth in our country as well in the asia pacific region and for vietnam tpp and
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vietnam's operation in tpp is one step in the process of immigration. >> i am sure he was saying something wise and important. >> good efforts to narrow differences to promote cooperation and spirit of the mutual understanding and mutual respect and try to reduce differences in the spirit of constructiveness and
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understanding and paying attention to one anothers interests and the organization of tpp, also the successful outcomes of all 12 members of the tpp. we are prepared to ratify tpp and all of the commitments under tpp. >> your excellency, now we have a technical problem with the translation system. mr. president. president quang. could you please repeat your answer? yes, i want to redirect my comment on the tpp. tpp is a very significant trade contributor to the sustainment and the role as a driver of economic growth in the asia pacific region. as for vietnam it is one step
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forward in the implementation of the country's deep and comprehensive integration policy aimed at promoting the growth of vietnam. vietnam worked together with other member countries to narrow the conferences in the spirit of constructiveness, understanding and paying attention to each others interests. the finalization of tpp is also the result of the endeavors from members of the agreement rather than individual effort. vietnam is actively promoting and accelerating the promotion of the tpp and the provisions of the tpp. thank you very much president quang and president obama. ladies and gentlemen, with that i declare the press conference
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adjourned. please, stay in the room for the departure of the two presidents. thank you very much. >> all right. you have been listening to a joint press conference there in hanoi, vietnam with the president of vietnam and president obama as both are leaving the room right now. one of the big pieces of news is that the u.s. agreed to fully lift the ban of military equipment sales to vietnam. a ban that has been in place for many years following the war. for it to be lifted i am sure that we will see a lot of reaction to that. vietnam specifically wanted it lifted. the u.s. had been a little hesitant over the past decades because of many issues, including vietnam's poor human rights record. what does it do for vietnam? one, it will ease vietnam's
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reliance on russia for defense systems and sends a strong message to china. as we have been reporting the tensions in the south china sea over disputed islands between malaysia, philippines, vietnam and china. china set up on some of those islands causing additional tension. i want to bring in nbc's white house correspondent, ron allen. i am talking about the fact that we have learned during this press conference that the u.s. has agreed to lift the sale of military arms to the ban on them to vietnam. that is going to be a big talker today. i think a lot of the people might be surprised that it actually went through. >> indeed. whether it was going to happen on not on the days and weeks leading up to the trip. but that is the announcement. what president obama said about it is that it reflects how far
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the united states and vietnam have come since the end of the war. a lot has changed. this is a new day. i think president obama would say. to complete the normalization process he saw the lifting of the ban as something else the united states needed to do. what the practical implications of it will be are not clear. it signals how many the nations have come. boeing is go to sell 100 new airplanes and new advanced engines as well. that is what the trip was mostly about, the united states and trade and vietnam. vietnam is a partnership to the
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transpacific partnership. and as you know china is a big power in this part of the world. the united states is trying to build alliances with vietnam and other countries to help the balance. the headline here is that president obama agreed to lift the arms embargo, the arms sale on vietnam. it is a historical marker, something that would not have been contemplated a generation ago but that shows where the united states is. president obama sees the asia pacific rim as the fastest-growing part of the world. a lot of young people are in this part of the world. that is what he emphasized on his numerous trips to this part of the world. that is why this arms deal and the trade deals and that is why he is here in vietnam. >> yeah. it is important to point out that there are a lot of
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connecting parts here. as you mentioned trade and the economics of it. vietnam is southeast asia's biggest exporter to the united states. what he mentioned today, the president that $16 billion in signed commercial deals with vietnam has been done. but all of this i think when we look at it and especially in dealing with, you talk about it really relieving some of the reliance on vietnam and russia for its hardware. but also, i mean even though the president said that it was done independent of what is going on with the aggression in the south china sea, you have to believe that to some extent it weighed on the decision. >> certainly i would think so. the other thing is the issue of human rights. both leaders danced around and made nice about. the united states are very
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concerned about the human rights situation here in vietnam. recently there were elections that the united states and obama administration said neither were free or fair. a communist state. he said they have a good record on this matter. free speech. freedom of religion. reports of journalists and bloggers who have been arrested, detained and harassed. it is a reason that back in the united states there is a lot of opposition to the united states doing business with this country. again, in this diplomatic setting and environment, president obama when he was asked about it he said he saw what were modest progress in areas he identified to vietnam. >> no. not at all. >> obviously a situation where economics and trade are along
11:51 pm
with human rights. >> they both danced around the human rights issue. as they opened the floor to the press, the first question if coming from a vietnamese reporter, it was a question the president of vietnam was prepared for and had prepared statements to answer a question. we are talking about freedom of the press and speech and freedom of religion, all of that comes in to question here. how it ties into the arms embargo very quickly, they said it would be a case by case evaluation. that does take into the fact how much is being done with human rights, correct? >> president obama said that the arms issue is not linked to the recommend rights issue.
11:52 pm
others will want to see progress before there is a significant amount of military hardware sold to the other. a lot believe it will be maritime security. that played into the issue of the south china sea. the big picture as you know there are a lot of disputes islands and territory in these shipping water ways bordered by vietnam, united states and taiwan. china has been building military bases on some of the islands. others are very concerned about it. we will see how it plays out with the military sales. i was struck by the question the reporter asked. basically said mr. president can you tell us all of the good things happened over the last 20 years. questions from the american side had more edge to them.
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now, that is what freedom of speech and freedom of the less is. >> you saw a stark difference there. ron, thank you so much for that insight there, traveling with the president. we want to remind you that news was made that the u.s. is lifting the arms embargo with vietnam. that is being lifted. a lot of trade deals are being done. we will be following it throughout the day. the president goes next to japan and stay tuned as we cover all of that. you are watching msnbc.
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end game time. panel is here. i got a quick agenda but first, reactn to cuban. quick. >> i ought he was great. then i loved him on "dancing with the stars." >> reality tv star. >> we need me cubans in polits. >> add a cuban to the ticket. >> mark cuban may be the future. a little more libertarian on social issues. pro-business, pro-growth. >> and i know right now we're in the anything looks good compared to what we have mode, the grass is always greener, but boy, you
11:57 pm
could see how he could take off. >> sure, for that matter, you could see his self awareness when he says about trump's list of judicial nominees, you have to understand who the people are you're putting on a list he's not ready yet, and a vp cuban slot is not going to happen, but i'm sure down the line he's interested. >> hillary clinton, it's funny about it, and she told me, i would consider somebody, if she goes with a nontraditional running mate, doesn't it admit -- >> it undermines what she said, she wants somebody who can be a president right now. listening to him by his own standards, mark cuban doesn't feel like he could be a president, but he could b a heck of asurrogae. >> i want tchange the topic. bob bennett, a remarkable story, we interviewed his son, longtime republican senator from utah. he was dying, just passed away of pancreatic cancer. the story his son tells of the last few weeks of his life, about what he was focused on is,
11:58 pm
remarkable. here's a clip. >> he sai are there any muslims in this hospital? i said, i'm sure there are. he said i would like to go up to every single one of them and apologize on behalf of the republican party for donald trump. >> you know, alex, this was when you read this whole story about what senator bennett was ing, going up to muslims in airports and apologizing, he was speaking also as a mormon. he was personally offended in so many ways. >> no question that donald trump is an unconventional candidate. but i would urgeall of us here in washington to remember the urgency of the moment that the american people feel. folks are desperately wanting change in this election. they think we're headed in the wrong direction. and yes, they are making some very unconventional decisions here because they think we are just at a terminal moment if this country continues to drift in the direction of european socialism.
11:59 pm
what happens to greece, what is happening in france will eventually happen to us. >> some fear of european nativism. the worst parts of europe left and right. >> the united states is not as a terminal momen >> that's theisconnect where think we have in washingt. >> it is. >> america thinks i is. >> i think what bob bennett was trying to get across is also the fear of where you start, and people toss words like fascism around, but when you start to see things happening in your own country, you start to see a certaigroup of people being stigmatiz to the pointwhere we'realking abo a ban on muslims and that sort of thing, that's scary. it's very scary for a presidential candidate. >> i have to leave it there. thank you,all. very rambunctious. we'lle back next week, because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
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parents who will stop at nothing to save their baby. and it's caught on a surveillance camera. >> you are taking my child, you're going to die. >> a brazen jewelry heist. thwarted by an even more brazen granny. >> i know how to smack your hand. >> a stick-up and, yeah, that's an actual stick. >> i was like, oh, my god. you're kidding me. >> thieves and thugs caught in the act. >> it's bullying in america at its worst. it's caught on video. >> sometimes stopped in their tracks by everyday people. >> i didn't care if he had a gun. >> the crimes are cruel. >> i'm angry at what they did to me. >> the criminals calculating. >> you definitely want to do


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