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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we'll get live reactions from baltimore a few moment away. right now donald trump, the chairma chairman of for reeign relation committee is in trump's tower and our latest nbc's wall street journal poll shows clinton's double leader of trump. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to normalize himself this period. >> we are going to demonstrate he has no idea. and there is evidence he has any ideas of me making america great. >> bad judgment, she suffers from bad judgment and that's
10:01 am
bernie sanders saying it. >> we'll take it right there from detroit michigan. a state that bernie sanders won the offset. it is getting ugly between those two. we are covering every core of this 2016 race with our msnbc. halie, give us a sense of what we think. >> reporter: it is a quarter to 12 here, this closed door conversations here. we are outside right now. around the corner where we got a stake out and several folks are waiting to throw questions about him and possibly the vice
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president. corker is maybe on the list of names that donald trump is banning him out. number one, he got foreign policy credentials. he shares the powerful senate forms committee and could help plugs some holes in that regard. he was one of the first people to come out to praise trump's foreign policy speech. the other part of this is, trump has said he wants somebody who has connection to washington. somebody who's able to help make deals and negotiate in dc and on the capitol, a place where trump does not have those connections. corker, has been in the senate since 2006. that's an area he could help trump out. he's known as a pragmatist of somebody that can work for donald trump. what else could they be talking about? frankly foreign policy.
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this is a topic that donald trump talked about recently that corker does not agree with him on several topics. mainly, the proposed is not banned. corker went out and spoke against him. with that said, remember when donald trump met with jim baker a couple weeks ago, they talked about strategies. it is a lengthy meeting, peter, you stand out here trump's tower and you see people come and go. >> corker has a history of some heated fights of his own, obviously, his fight against harrell junior. he's the kind of person that could help donald trump as he tries to frame his fight going forward. we have another dirty and ugly season ahead.
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>> reporter: that traditional attack of the vice president it is all cruel. absolutely. >> halie jackson, thank you very much. we want to get to steve cornacki at the wall street journal, steve. >> all right, we are seeing a tight race and in our journal polls, just three points a month ago. people were saying this is going to be a blow out. the biggest answer is right here, it is donald trump in his support among republicans. remember, among the republican primary was still basically playing out. there were a lot of questions about could trump unify the party? well, the answer is when it comes to republican voters, absolutely. republican voters have jumped by 14 points by last 14 pomonths.
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we are talking about a tight race right now. trump is pulling close to hillary clinton. if there is a silver line for hillary clinton is right here. it is a little bit less. there are some holdups and sanders voters are not willing to commit to hillary clinton. if she can win them over, that could move her numbers up. there are still room from trump getting improvements among republicans as well. the bigger picture at this election, you have been hearing this for a while now. really, hundreds of millions of people in this country, we always say this every four years. these are the two best, really, that acsaid to me it is never ft right now. donald trump's negative number is sitting there. hillary clinton is very close. 54 and 50 at negative. both well over negative. we have not seen an election like this. we have not been at this point setting the stage for general
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election where both candidates have such toxic personality favorable or unfavorable numbers. this year it really looks like that's the story, peter, it is less of two evolves. i want to take to you to senator corker, he speaks about donald trump. >> he talks about domestic issues and more of a, nowyou kn we -- trying to get to know each other better. >> reporter: of the policy, that would be apart of a big picture when it comes to foreign policy. >> we talked more about china and russia and you know, i will tell you what is interestin
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interesting -- i met my counter partner last week, the week before last. you know the fact that he's challenging some of the -- [ inaudible ] >> he thinks a little bit differently about the u.s. anyway, we had a good conversations about those types of things and other foreign policy issues. [ inaudible ] >> my guess is they are, i don't know this, they are way prompt on those conversations right now. >> it is a meeting and get to
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know you kind of thing. >> for what i am understanding, you are the highest republican leader to actually visit donald trump. it is certainly setting off some vice presidential roots. why would you up here if it was just for a high hello. >> i was up here last month. i am in new york a good deal and you know, i think it is certainly worthwhile to sit down and get to know trump in a little bit different way and we did that today. >> again, i said this when this all came out a couple weeks ago, i have no reason what so ever to believe that i am being considered for a position like that. i will say that until i am blue in my face. again, this was a meeting of two people didn't know each other
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and getting to know each other and that's it. i would guess that the campaign, i mean those kinds of things will take a while. i have no reason to believe -- >> [ inaudible ] >> would you consider a role of trump's administration? >> as i have said before -- i want the country to succeed and i want to see us all in -- those types of questions obviously, i want to know certain standards and relationships. again, even offer around something that i have no reason to believe being considered. it is not even responsible. >> how are you pulling it out? >> i have no reason to believe that i am being considered. >> on the standard line though?
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>> you have been listening to tennessee's senator bob corker wrapping up with his meeting at trump's tower. he's getting greeted with midtown street as well. the sirens you hear passing through here. i want to get to rick tyler right now, he also worked on ted cruz's campaign and a political analyst on msnbc. >> as i get to you, i want to read some notes of kelly o' donnel -- tennessee senator bob corker is quote a courtesy call. rick, you have been behind closed doors in meetings like this. what are they talking about and what's the most important take
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w away. >> i have been in the same building with donald trump and it was really office with ted cruz. it was a get to know you meeting. he was vague of his conversation on very broad. looks like foreign policy topics. >> donald trump needs bob corker, he needs someone like him who's to start getting on board. he's winning over with 14% increase. that's part of his effort. >> he did not rule. bob corker, he did not rule anything out whether he would consider being a member of donald trump. and he does not think he's under the consideration of vp. certainly, that's not happening right now. >> he's in the foreign relations committee. >> so look, he's a capable guy but there are certainly people having much more foreign policy. >> what is donald trump trying
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to do right now. hillary clinton says she's not going to allow himself to normalize himself during the course of this window of time as we head into the convention season, and this summer, trump basically is bringing in key establishment names and the more he sees himself side by side with that or seeing them side by side with them, i assume he believes there is an admitted benefit. >> senator corker, he was someone who came up with the fairly moderate proposal. it was not out of the trump mold, it was more to donald trump. i think there is a lot of symbolism that senator corker is going to mr. trump's office and not mr. trump going to washington to visit with i am. i think this is an effort, part of an effort that we'll see throughout the general election campaign. donald trump trying to moderate is appearance and trying to reach out what i think are the centric republicans left, there are a few left in congress.
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i don't think it is going to work. again, you saw there is an element of unification on the republican side that donald trump is benefiting now. it is sweet democrats who are engaged in the primaries. >> i think you will see a similar dynamic in the democratic side. the poll numbers today are similar. >> david, we get points to hustle here at msnbc. halie jackson was hustling in front of the camera. we missed his opening remark. >> reporter: he walked out and asked immediately about the vice president talk. the idea that he's coming to potentially do a kind of an interview to be a running mate for donald trump and corker, he's done for the last several weeks which is dismissing my talk of that.
10:14 am
i have no knowledge that they're interested in that and indicating that it did not come up. he has submitted documentation as part of the process which is would be significant. peter, he's on the short list and he was asked by my colleague about his opposition to the muslims ban and his temporary proposed muslims entering the country that donald trump has put forward. corker indicated the discussion today was a meet and greet and kind of a saying a hello. i heard somebody on the panel here talking about the fact that corker made the truip up to new york which is significant. trump has gone to washington to meet face to face. corporal down played that, hey, i have come to new york before and have meetings before. trump's tower is a place where some of these big name politicians have made the trip and come up here to talk with donald trump in his officer. kelly o' donnel recoports this s
10:15 am
a courtesy call. >> we'll get a better inside look of what went down upstairs. >> thank you very much for that, as we get back to rick tyler. >> r rick, i want to ask you of the new numbers that come out. they show this dead heat and a race within the margin of air. clinton operating in exactly a month. we knew it is going to be close throughout. what struck you and noticeably bernie sanders is doing damage to hillary clinton right now. that seems to be the biggest take away. >> the start of this campaign seems to be about the working white voter and the two candidates that have them is donald trump and bernie sanders. bernie sanders cannot hol hold -- hillary clinton cannot hold bernie sanders' supporters. if they don't vote for her or 17% or 20% say they vote for trump, i think that's going to
10:16 am
be a real problem for hillary. >> david, really quick, please. >> more hillary clinton supporters say they would not support barack obama back i in 2008 or 2007. in other words, there is plenty of room and runway for hillary to get those bernie sanders' supporters on her side >> he's doing better in the convention now. barack obama he did not have an opponent that stuck around this long. >> the problem that you have now is senator clinton is seen as a politician and she's apart of the past. what we know now is they don't want another politician. >> david and rick, we'll leave it there. i appreciate your time. on this topic of the democratic, my colleague kasie hunt is with the clinton campaign. he's joining me now live at detro detroit, what are we expect to hear from clinton today.
10:17 am
she's now stuck at a race. >> reporter: that's right, peter, the democrats i talked to over the course of 24 hours, we believe that bernie sanders is staying in this race is impacting how close those national polls are. he's hurting her as he stays in this race. the question, of course, how they're going to be able to resolve this. bernie sanders fighting hard in california. hillary clinton today in detroit at the seiu, she's expected to focus heavily on immigration policy here and focusing on donald trump. this is about eliminating and moving onto that general election campaign. this comes as the democratic national committee is now giving bernie sanders unusual influence over the policies platform at the convention. he's going to get nearly half o f the slot that the campaign is allowed to choose. that tells you how influential
10:18 am
he's become. >> hillary clinton gets ready to speak to a critical voting block that is union workers in the country. kasie hunt will keep us posted. up next right here on msnbc. breaking news out of baltimore, maryland judge decides the fate of officer edward nero in connection of the death of freddie gray, the 25 years old died in police custody that's year. that news is still breaking after this break. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel ale"♪
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breaking news right now on msnbc of edward nero walking out
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a freema man. he's found not guilty. freddie gray died last april as you remember in police custody after suffering a catastrophic spinal injury in the back of a police van. his death sparked outrage. >> this is what justice looks like. you don't always get the verdict that you want or maybe expect. they battled it in and out the courtroom before and an african-american judge who i know and have tremendous respect for. he made a decision that there was insufficient evidence to find officer nero guilty.
10:23 am
>> what did you find of the reaction of the community? >> reporter: there is not much of it at all. there is a small group of quote on quote protesters. there were for more of us media and police officers around people waiting to protest. >> this is a far different scene than we have seen in december with officer william porter. i spoke to the family's ordinary reason billy murphy. here is what he had soto say abt what they want >> this family wants justice. and justice does not have the word guilty or the word not guilty attached to it. justice is based on the evidence alone and it is based on the law and the law alone. so, that's all they want. they wanted a fair process. >> there is a lot of calls
10:24 am
today. the mayor of baltimore and many others expect people to behave themselves. this is the weakest of the cases o f the six they have to prosecute in relations to freddie gray's death. five cases to come now including officer porter is going to be retried after his case was dismissed in september. >> thank you. i think what a lot of people would agree seems to be a bold choice letting a judge deciding a verdict rather than a jury. give me a sense of what would be behind that strategy. >> criminal defense lawyers of any situation would say go for the jury, they give you twelve people and you only need one or two hold outs and you may get out of what ever your predicament legally. the fact that freddie gray was
10:25 am
put in the van and the fact that he died in custody and arrested and arrested unlawfully meaning there was not ultimate grounds to the arrest. those facts are not in dispute. some of the margins were debated at the trial. the core facts are at dispute. today's verdict is all about the law and indeed given what i said. does that constitute assault because the officer enin facted putting his hands on the suspect in this case, freddie gray. under the law, that's not how it was treated. in this instance, the reasoning which we could see acquittal maybe proven and correct is that the judge is going to focus in on those details perhaps better than the jury might. >> still five more cases against the other officers who were involved and what does what happened today say about the cases that they now faced? >> well, the formal answer,
10:26 am
would be nothing. lets be real here, i think there is a problem ruling for the prosecution when their first case was a mistrial and when they had to go doing a lot of debate to get officer porter to testify and the second workplace discuss n case is not what they wanted to be. people want momentum and prosecutors want a bill and if you are getting good judgments, sometimes that'll put other people more likely to get a deal or plea or something or other racketeering cases where you say oh, if one person is starting to sing or cooperating than that can change everything. obviously, that is not what they are getting out of these first two cases at the minimum and the broader level, it is just
10:27 am
speculation a speculation. the prosecution is not meeting its burden in the eye of the trial over one jury and judge. that raises questions whether they over charge in some of these cases. >> gentlemen, i appreciate it. up next, live hunt for the black boxes deep under the mediterranean. what's happening right now in this search. donald trump is wrapping up this meeting with senator bob corker of the foreign relations committee. more of the conversations they had behind closed doors. next. hmmmmmm.....
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likely to blame. 38 people were inside the building at the time of the evacuation. fortunately, no criminal activity is the headline. now for the search of egyptair 804. a robotic submarine looking for those black boxes. 26 days of searching the area until the battery of the beacon dies. the recorder is only as big as two duffel bags. investigators are picking up debris and should the water currents causing a lot of challenges and spreading the ed further from the area. kevin rousey is a military pilot, he's joining us now. we cannot emphasize enough of the real urgency here. this is though cliche are race against time finding the black box. what are they doing right now to
10:32 am
try to accomplish that? >> i am sure they are using every mean of electronic capabilities to find these boxes. they are down anywhere between five or ten thousand feet of the depth there. you will need these black boxes because it will tell the story of what happened. >> what will they tell investigators. they won't say an explosion we are hearing and heat sensor going off in the cockpit. block box specifically, they won't say explosion but they can give you a time line of even, is that what's most critical? >> lets say it is a catastrophic event and the black box starts showing immediate systems going off and hydraulics and doors that might have been ajarred if there was an explosion or some sort. the cvr for the cockpit voice recorder, you will hear what the
10:33 am
pilots had to say and what was going on and did they have a checklist or proceeding going or was it dead quiet and you get a few of these anomalies happening. so that tells a lot. >> last question quickly, bottom line, you are a trained pilot, how much training for a pilot to have a situation like that for all the sensors to be running at once. >> you train multiple urgencies, anywhere from having a cabin deep pressurization from having fire cargo bag and engine failure and fire and structural damage and you do multiple issues and if you have an engine that went out, you would have multiple emergencies going on. you do train for multiple emergencies. >> kevin rousey, we appreciate your expertise helping us
10:34 am
through this. for more on the search of how two countries are reakictin of the investigation. we have chris jansing at charles de gaulle. >> i know you have new information from the region of the investigation status. >> reporter: a while ago, the country's prosecutor general here in egypt sent an official request to greek and french governments to their prosecution and investigation, he asked the governments of those two countries to cooperate what is now of this investigation more importantly, asking the french government to share all information and intelligence. what have you in terms of what they have been gathered so far. he's asking for information like passenger list access to the airport and they want the names of the people on the ground and cross references with their own database. you are talking about the search of the black boxes. well, it has been a challenge
10:35 am
for military to trying to recover the black box but also wreckage and more bodies. here is our conversation with few while ago. >> we could not identify where the aircraft crashed. in addition, the depth of the sea water of the weather conditions. the weather condition yesterday was not really good and more today. >> reporter: and so when conditions is not working in the military's favorites, the search continues. families are continuing to mourn. egyptair had a memorial service for its flight attendants and crews. they were expecting some high dignitary to show up and there is high security around the mosque.
10:36 am
now, this new part of investigation. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. we want to get out to chris jansi jansing, she's in paris. chris, how are the french? we heard about the efforts to try to get the french to participate directly with the egyptian here, how are they working to help with this search? >> no official reactions to that request yet. i can tell you what they have been doing since hours after this plane disappeared, to get the kind of information that egyptians believe it is critical for this. looking at a mere 67 minutes that flight was on the ground here. who had access to that plane. there is a law in the european union that states in a plane comes outside of the eu, it has go through a security check before it takes off again. this plane, egyptair would have been subjected to that. usually outside security firms are tasked with it and of the compressed amount of time. it might have been done, for
10:37 am
example, at the same time that the plane is being cleaned. those cleaners and crews and anyone with access to that plane. that's the kind of information and background checks that are being run on now that egyptians are asking for. in addition to that as we are looking of what's going on in the mediterranean and the french ships making its way there with specialized equipment on board with divers and police regarding anything they are able to get off the surface or from surnd benea underneath. here at charles de gaulle, this is where the plane took off. french officials denied they have found anything and reviewing this surveillance video and looking at people who have access to the plane, nothing would indicate to them terrorism. they have made appoint that there is no step up security and they have stepped up security after the terror attacks here in november. i can only tell you here at terminal one peter and i have been here for four days,
10:38 am
visibly, there is a bigger police presence today. one french official told me that official message that sends, that message they think you are safe is very important. i have seen a lot of police today, armed police walking around this terminal as the concern continues about whether or not terror is booirnehind th downing of this plane. >> thank you very much chris jansing. right now we are monitoring live pictures with hillary clinton. she will be speaking with the service employee international uni union. hillary clinton were hearing from aids to hit her likely republican opponent this fall, donald trump when she takes the stage again in a short time. up next, the meeting between trump and senator bob corker, the meeting is wrapping up moments ago. you are watching msnbc live.
10:39 am
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i have no reason what so ever to believe that i am being considered to vice president. i will say that until i am blue in my face. again, this was a meeting about two people who did not know each other. >> that was bob corker speaking to nbc's katy tur. the senator met with trump today at trump tower about policies. his name has been floated of a possible vp or maybe a secretary of state. would polls showing a tight presidential race, donald trump is trying to bolsters that. he told wall street journal entry that hillary clinton is incompetent. nbc katy tur with the front row
10:43 am
seat as bob corker walking out of the building. bottom line, he gave us a little window into this meeting. the and he insisted that it is a courtesy call. >> others are saying bob corker would be high on a vice presidential list. he fits a lot and fills a lot o f holes that trump has right now and one of them is foreign policy. he's the chairman of the relations committee. he knows how to pass legislation and he's somebody with a real proof track record of getting things done even in a congress gridlock gridloc gridlocks. he's a deal breaker. there is a lot of similarities and things in common that the two have. they basically speak the same language. when senator corker went out and we asked him about the meet, he refused that he was being vetted or considered for vp given the
10:44 am
pretty standard line that he has no reason to believe it. i pointed out to him that he's by far the highest ranking republican leader to come to trump's tower to meet with the presumptive nominee. he said he was in town and it was good to meet with potential nominee for the republican party. that being said, donald trump and bob corker do disagree on some pretty fundamental things. number one, corker is for entitlement reform and he criticized the muslim ban and he was one of the people accredited with pushing through the reforms in the senate. these are things that donald trump had been vocal about against on the campaign trail. i ask bob corker repeatedly, he said they're talking about foreign policy and specifically china and russia and a push back
10:45 am
asking is banding an entire religion of people, would that be a major component of it and he declined to comment on that and saying they're talking about bigger picture foreign policy matters. >> all right, nbc's katy tur is outside. joining the choreography of the high ranking republicans. they were considered a third party option this november. americans unhappy with her choices which brings us to today's microsoft polls question. the poll is live right now. cast your vote at up next, making deals in vietnam, four years after being at war in that country, why president obama has agreed to
10:46 am
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now more than two decades of normalized ties between our governments, allow us to reach a new moment. the decision to lift the ban was not based on china or any other considerations. it was based on our desires to complete for it has been a lengthy process of this organization towards vietnam. >> that was president obama in hanoi vietnam announcing the lifting of arms embargo in vietnam. nbc is there to cover this story between the two nations. the president's asia trip.
10:50 am
vietnamese, they have not been able to do that in fifty years. this is a major marker in american policy and how far now based so much on the war, on the legacy of the war as it is upon trade and regional security. one reason that the united states is making this move is because of the threat, the concerns about china in the south china sea. seizing territory, building military bases on islands that they claim, and that are also claimed by other countries like vietnam, taiwan to name a few. the united states wants free passes through there. so part of the reason that the vietnamese will now be able to buy more military, lethal military hardware is to defend themselves, and so that the united states does not have to step in to do this. this is a relationship based on trade and business. remember, vietnam is part of that transpacific partnership, the huge pacific rim trade deal that president obama is trying to push through congress. there's a lot of resistance from democrats, ironically. also today, there was a big trade deal announced, a big
10:51 am
business deal announced between vietnam and boeing and pratt whitney. so billions of dollars, $16 billion to buy engines and to buy airplanes. that's what the relationship is about here now. that's what president obama's visit is about here in vietnam for the most part. security, strategic allowances, and trade and economics. it's not so much about the war anymore. from here, he heads on to japan for a meeting with world leaders and also that emotional visit coming up to hiroshima. back to you. we want to take you live now to detroit, michigan. hillary clinton has taken the stage at the seiu, the union annual convention in detroit. she's tearing into donald trump. >> you helped to keep america healthy, care for our loved ones, help people with disabilities, live independently. you keep our cities, our states, and our schools running. you clean our buildings and protect our communities.
10:52 am
so today i want to say something that i don't think you hear enough. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i know that you are often unsung heroes. and i want you to know this. your fights are my fights. just like the theme of this conference says. together, we are unstoppable. [ applause ] and i'm thrilled to see so many friends from my home state of new york here today. >> we've been listening to hillary clinton speaking to union workers in detroit. aides to clinton saying in the
10:53 am
course of her remarks, she's going to rip on donald trump for, among other things, his proposal to deport 11 million immigrants and the impact that would have, as she refers to with a deportation force being put throughout this country. we'll listen along with you. we'll take a short break right now. little miss muffet sat on eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately geico had recently helped her
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that's going to wrap things up. hillary clinton still speaking in detroit right now. i'm peter alexander. erica hill is going to pick things up after the break. you're watching msnbc live. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
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11:00 am
maybe he would finally open his ears and listen to what working people everywhere are saying, that america needs a raise! >> that is, of course, hillary clinton. she's hitting donald trump. that happening just moments ago in michigan. good afternoon, everyone. i'm erica hill. clinton is still speaking at this hour. she's rallying union members from seiu in detroit, and we're keeping an ear on those remarks. she is, of course, speaking less than an hour after donald trump wrapped a meeting at trump tower here in new york with senator bob corker. a rumored vp contender and, of course, chair of the powerful senate foreign relations committee. here's cork after after that meeting. >> i have no reason whatsoever to believe that i'm being considered for a position like that. i'll say that until i'm blue in my face. this was a meeting between two people who didn't know each other, except over


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