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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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in it. but don't try telling that to clinton. >> i want to spend a lot of my time, as you've seen me do, really taking on trump. >> i think secretary clinton is jumping the gun a little bit here. we're going to fight as hard as we can for every delegate and every vote. >> new numbers out within the last few hours having to do with that drawn-out race. by a 2-1 margin, democrats think it is good for the party. that's a huge reversal from around this time in the 2008 race. we're going to dive into all those new poll numbers and check in with our team of reporters covering the candidates today. let's start with today's big meeting in new york city, donald trump and senator bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. nbc's halle jackson is just outside trump tower in manhattan. okay, halle. the who, what, when, why. give it all. >> the tenets of journalism,
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we've got it for you. here at trump tower, what a meeting. what was it about? well, those details are still a little murky, as is the why, right? why did bob corker come to new york from washington in the first place? we have a little bit of clarity about that. senator corker said he wanted to try to get to know trump. he wanted to kind of meet and greet him here, and in fact, there's an indication this was a kind of courtesy call. the two sort of discussing some broad policy ranges. i want to read you a statement from corker's office. it's notable in that it says very little. just that senator corker and donald trump had a good discussion, it touched on a wide range of policy issues. so not too much detail there. a lot of speculation is surrounding senator corker and possibly a position in a future potential trump administration. like maybe, for example, vice president, one of corker's colleagues even floated the idea of perhaps secretary of state. corker himself has remained pretty tight-lipped about it, saying today he has no reason to believe that the trump campaign
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is, in fact, interested in him as vice presidential material. that said, his name has been floated around as one of the reasons that's on the list of possibilities. although one top aide threw a little bit of cold water on that. while corker does have experience in the foreign relations committee as well as ties to washington, there's a sense that perhaps there are other candidates out there better suited to fill some gaps of trump's perceived vulnerabilities. corker could play that attack dog role that a vice president is known for, but at this point, it sounds like it is just too early to talk about some of that running mate speculation, given that the law firm that the trump team just hired hasn't really begun, i'm told. getting into those documents and really doing the deep vetting that is required of a potential running mate. kate? >> are we going to see donald trump today at all, or is he holed up in meetings all day? >> sounds like he's holed up in meetings all day. the next time we're set to see him is tomorrow in albuquerque, new mexico. he's got a rally set there as he
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begins this swing through the west. he'll be holding his first private fundraiser in southern california at the home of a longtime friend, a friend of his as well as his top aid, paul manafort. that's going to be wednesday night. thursday, we're still out west in both montana and north dakota when he delivers that big policy speech on energy. trump himself has talked about doing about ten or so policy speeches, at least he calls them policy speeches over the next consumer of months, so we'll see how that one shakes out later in the week. >> you'll have a fun trip. just once, i'd like somebody to put out a statement that said we had a bad meeting, it was totally unproductive. halle jackson covering trump for us. let's turn to steve patterson. he's covering the sanders campaign from los angeles today. sanders is about to take the stage at a rally this hour. we're hearing today that sanders has won some concessions from the clinton folks. he's going to have more input into writing the party platform this summer. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: we learned today that the sanders campaign will
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get to appoint five chairs to a crucial democratic subcommittee. they were quick to point out that they don't have a majority, that that's to clinton's six members. so they won't necessarily have a force of will, but they say that this is an important step in the healing process. this, of course, an important olive branch in the midst of all of this infighting. the sanders campaign facing off against the dnc chair. and really, what we've seen here is something that hopefully will lead them to facing donald trump and getting the party on past this. we've also spoken to a lot of sanders supporters in the crowd here. you can see the crowd again surging for sanders. here really because of sanders' messages. not really caring about trump yet. really caring about the structural integrity of the party. about fiscally, socially, traditionally, how it operates. and so this really has been one of the big beeves of the sanders campaign all along. so hopefully this latest message
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will address that. we also heard from andrea mitchell. she spoke to jeff weaver, the head of the sanders campaign today about this issue. i want to play this first. >> you want a fair, open process, the number of people you have is great. there's clearly -- we don't have a majority, so we can't force our will on the subcommittee, as it were. but we want a fair and open process. we want to make sure that the views that the senator has articulated around the country, which have received the votes of millions and millions of people are heard and recognized. we want to make sure on the other committees, the standing committee, that there's fair and proportional representation based on the outcome of the primaries and caucuses. >> and so it will be interesting to hear what sanders says onstage today. really, he's been quite silent about hillary clinton, about the dnc chair since he gave that round of interviews on the sunday morning talk shows. he's really been focused on his message and facing off against donald trump. we expect to hear from him in
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just a few minutes. >> steve patterson watching it all, and we will, of course, keep an eye out for bernie sanders. for hillary clinton, it is another week with two opponents, not just bernie sanders, but donald trump. msnbc's kasie hunt is covering the clinton campaign from detroit, michigan today. where clinton just wrapped up a speech to the service employees international union. as they look ahead to june, what is the clinton strategy right now? >> reporter: this was definitely a general election speech from hillary clinton here at the seiu. she talked about how they were reaching the end of this nomination process. she applauded senator sanders for challenging her the way that she has and said that they are going to adopt some of his priorities, like getting some money out of politics, among other things. but she spent most of the time going after donald trump. here's what she had to say about
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his business record. >> what little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars, letting wall street run wild. all of that could cause another crash and devastate working families and our country. trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. i mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? really. >> sharp little attack from hillary clinton there on his business record. she also talked at length about immigration and also accused trump of being a bully, saying that america doesn't need a bully in the pulpit, so to speak. >> kasie hunt with hillary clinton. plenty of new general election numbers to break down this afternoon. to help me with that, i'm joined by jeremy peters, reporter for "the new york times" is with us.
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nice to see you. >> good to see you, too, kate. >> i hope you had a nice weekend. let's talk about these big numbers out this week, and the big headline is donald trump seeming to close the gap with hillary clinton. she was up 11 points just last month. now she's only up by three points, which is within the poll's margin of error. so the obvious question, why? >> i think what you're seeing on the republican side is a coalescing around the nominee. and that's not happened just on the democratic side. because while there is every indication that hillary will be the nominee, bernie sanders is still in the race. and when you look at the poll numbers, what you'll see is you still have -- you will have a high percentage of democrats -- a very high percentage of democrats who will still vote for the democratic nominee, even if that is hillary clinton, even if they are bernie sanders supporters right now. so it's just taking a little bit longer on the democratic side. but i know that the clinton people are confident that that will all come together. >> and i'm sure that the clinton campaign would also remind us of
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history, and we were looking at some of the previous election numbers. when you look at this point in time in previous elections, 2004, kerry was up 1.3. the result was bush up 2.4. so these numbers are up pretty changeably, jeremy. >> that's absolutely right. one thing that you don't have this time, you had a much more serious level in 2008, was democratic party division. the party was just a lot more divided in 2008 when obama and clinton were fighting it out. there's a much higher percentage of democrats who said that they would not consider voting for barack obama as the democratic nominee. and that's just -- things aren't as bitter right now. >> we actually have a number on that that just came out this afternoon, just in the last few hours, and this is the number that shows that this year, voters, democratic voters think that this long dragged out nomination race is by a 2-to-1 margin, they say it's actually
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having a good effect. but in 2008, as you just said, not the same story. the numbers there almost flipped in the other direction. so does that tell you that we're in a different kind of race this time around? >> yes, i think so. and if you also look at the percentage of democrats who say that they think hillary is beginning to be the nominee regardless, that's also a pretty good sign that the party system co-ing together. so i think that right now while -- i would say two things. i think right now while there is a lot of animosity from sanders supporters, that will taper off, especially if the clinton people in the democratic leadership kind of back down. what i mean by that is right now, what you don't hear hillary clinton saying is i think bernie should get out of the race. and that's because they acknowledge that to do that would be a huge mistake, and it would really risk alienating bernie sanders supporters. and, you know, number two, i just think there's a recognition
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that this is more an election about beating donald trump than it is about making sure that bernie sanders gets to be the nominee or gets to have his seats on the platform committee or whatever their demands are. >> so if we end up with hillary clinton and donald trump, as it looks like we will, you've got to look at these likability numbers that we got in today, though, and really, it's unlikability. the worst approval ratings we have ever seen for two potential nominees in pathial race. what do they do about that? do they try to turn those negatives around, or does each candidate just bank that the other guy -- the voters will hope that they're the least bad option? >> it really is a sign of the sorry state of politics we have right now. and i think that basically, what's going to happen is the -- whoever prevails will do so because they've convinced more people to turn out to vote against their opponent. i think that the democrats have
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been pretty good at that lately. and if you look at donald trump's numbers, while hillary clinton's are pretty high, unfavorable-wise, look, donald trump is still doing abysmally with blacks, with hispanics. and crucially, he is tied now with hillary for white women. i know that may sound like she's actually doing pretty poorly. republicans have won white women pretty overwhelmingly in the last few elections. romney won white women by 14 points in 2012. he still lost the general election by five million votes. right now, trump is tied with hillary among white women. so that gives you an idea of just how far he has to come up. >> so interesting. "the new york times" jeremy peters. nice to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you, kate. up next, bernie sanders has made very clear that he's not a fan of the chairwoman of the democratic national committee. but now he's practically
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campaigning for the guy trying to oust debbie wasserman schultz. we'll talk to tim canova when we come back. also our friends at "saturday night live" had a little fun over the weekend with sanders' staying power. take a look. >> all right. i think i'm gonna head home. don't you work too late now. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, mrs. clinton. i'm actually closing up the br right now, so everybody's got to go. that means you, too, sir. >> no freakin' way! i'm not going anywhere. i can stay here as long as i want. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over. it's not over till i say it's over! (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it.
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remember all those states like wyoming, where you beat me by a lot, but i still got most of the delegates? >> that was so stupid! it's rigged! >> i know, it's so rigged. >> oh, my god! to debbie wasserman schultz. >> to debbie! whoo! >> that was "saturday night live" once again, having some fun with the democratic presidential race. all joking aside, the sanders campaign has repeatedly accused debbie wasserman-schultz of rigging the process in favor of hillary clinton. now bernie sanders is taking that feud with the dnc chair to a whole new level. on sunday, sanders was asked if he supports debbie wasserman schultz's primary challenger in florida tim canova. >> clearly i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than wasserman schultz's. let me also say this, in all due
12:18 pm
respect to the current chairperson. if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> right after that interview, the sanders campaign sent out a fundraising blast for canova that read, on issues like making tuition free at public colleges and reforming our broken campaign finance system, he is someone you can be proud to support. that's why bernie is endorsing tim's campaign. canova's campaign then raised $250,000 ever since sanders endorsed him over the weekend. the florida congressional candidate tim canova running against wasserman schultz joins me now from florida. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, kate, nice to be with you. >> let me start by saying she's a well-known figure. she's represented the people of your area since she was 26 years old, either in tallahassee or in washington, d.c. she won her last two real elections, as you know, with 63% of the vote. she has a lot of seniority. she has a high profile as dnc chair. how are you going to be better
12:19 pm
for the people of south florida than she is? >> well, first of all, i'll say that her popularity is a bit of a myth. when you give numbers like her winning re-election over 60% of the vote, this is a very safely democratic district. like many of the districts in this country, they're either safely democratic or republican. >> well, she won the primaries as well. >> she did not have primary challenges, which is part of the problem. >> i thought she did, at least in her first race, she did, i thought. >> well, maybe her first race as a state legislator, but in 24 years in congress, she's never had a primary challenge. she's been a career politician. she went from studying political campaigning in college to straight into politics. and i think has a very narrow view of politics and of the world as a result. i've been teaching for the past 20 years. i worked on capitol hill for the late u.s. senator. i practice law in new york city.
12:20 pm
i've got a career that has spanned quite a time, and during my time teaching, i'll tell you, i see quite well the very difficult job market that my students and students all over this country are facing right now. and this is a tough job market. not just for millennials, but for baby boomers and everyone in between. and my opponent has been pretty oblivious i think to this jobs crisis. and in many ways, her votes have only made it worse. >> let me ask this. the miami new times, an all weekly down there recently wrote about your race and they said this about debbie wasserman schultz. in 2012, this paper dubbed her a liberal warrior, and in the more right wing corners, she has been painted as an extremist socialist she devil, that she's one of the most solidly progressive politicians in florida. they basically say in that article that you're wasting your time trying to be more progressive than she is. >> nothing could be further from the truth when you look at issue
12:21 pm
after issue, she is very far from progressive. she voted to fast track the transpacific partnership. that's not a progressive vote at all. she's been pushing a republican bill in the house of representatives that would prevent president obama's consumer financial protection bureau from regulating payday loans. these payday loan companies are all over florida, and they're gouging low income folks making them pay up to 300% interest rates, and this is a result of her work in tallahassee to begin with. she's a drug warrior. she's been against medical marijuana. she's for mass incarceration. she's been taking money from private prison companies and pushing private prisons. this doesn't sound like a progressive record to me. there might be something wrong with the ratings, the kinds of votes and stances that go into determining these ratings. and i've got to tell you, that newspaper that you cited, it's not that well a respected newspaper, perhaps. you take a look at the miami
12:22 pm
herald, they did a fact check of my allegations that wasserman schultz has been taking millions of dollars in money from big corporations and wall street banks and voting along their lines, their interests, and the fact check said that i was telling the truth, that this was true. >> we should note that we have invited debbie wasserman schultz to be on msnbc today, because you're making a lot of allegations, that frankly, i can't fact check in the time that we have right now. let me just read, in fairness, a statement from her. she said, even though senator sanders has endorsed my opponent, i remain, as i have been from the beginning, neutral in the presidential democratic primary. i look forward to working together with him for democratic victories in the fall. do you think she has been neutral in this race? >> well, i could ask you if you think she has. we all watch the news and we see how divided the party has become, and we can all assess, make our own determinations as to whether she's been playing a unifying role or a divisive role. and certainly a large part of the country and the folks here
12:23 pm
in south florida think she's been playing a very divisive role. and the charge has been that she rigs the markets, she rigs the political outcomes. i can tell you, what i'm fighting here in south florida, some of her allies have been trying to rig union endorsements in her favor. so if that's any indication of the kind of politics that she plays, i'll tell you, i can understand why a lot of folks are contributing to my campaign, and it's not just around the country, it's also here in florida, where in the first quarter, we received more individual donations than debbie wasserman schultz did. she's been a member of congress for 12 years. i've been a candidate for less than 90 days and we got more contributions in florida than she did. so her popularity is a bit of a myth. she's been pushing for big corporate interests for a while. and voters are really not in the mood for more of the same. there's a big anti-incumbent wave in this country. we saw it start two years ago when eric cantor, the second ranking republican in the house of representatives lost to a college professor who he outraised by 40-to-1. and then you take a look at this presidential cycle. it's not just the rise of bernie
12:24 pm
sanders, but you also have donald trump. >> and you are a college professor trying to do exactly the same. >> well, that is true. >> that is true. i have to leave it there. thank you so much for being with us today. appreciate it. >> thank you. nice to be with you. coming up, donald trump flip-flopping on his stance on guns in classrooms on the heels of securing the endorsement of the nra. we'll talk to a trump supporter after the break.
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12:28 pm
joining me now, steven cortez, chief strategist for financial services firm bgc partners. your first time here. you just linked up with the trump campaign officially and are appearing here as a -- i hate saying surrogate, but saupter. >> a representative.a supporter. >> a representative. >> this is a turnaround for you. >> i come to you and speak with the zeal of a convert. i was not a trump supporter earlier in the campaign. i was behind governor rick perry. i was fairly vehement on the air against trump. and the reason was i was not convinced early on that he was a conservative. but i have come completely around. i did not come around once it was obvious he was winning. i relatively early got on the trump train, but i became convinced that not only is he a conservative -- and look, people evolve. ronald reagan wasn't always a conservative. donald trump wasn't always a conservative. i believe he is now.
12:29 pm
that's very important to me. and i also think, in addition to that, that he has the winning message. not just the conservative message, but also a winning message that is resonating with the american people and speaks to their angst and their anger, but with solutions. >> let me ask you about that changeability, the evolution of his views. he's facing soe inine ining somy for what he has said about guns and specifically guns in schools. i want to play a clip from yesterday about that. >> i don't want to have guns in classrooms, though in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms, because teachers are -- you know, things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable. you look at some of our schools, unbelievable what's going on. but i'm not advocating guns in classrooms. in some cases, a lot of people have made this case, teachers should be able to have guns. trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms. >> the first thing he said was, i don't want to have guns in classrooms, and then he ends saying that teachers should be
12:30 pm
able to have guns trained in classrooms. >> look, sometimes he hasn't spoken as clearly as he should, but i think there's actually a strength there, because it shows that he is not a polished, long-term politician. he's very, very new to this game. so i actually look at it, is it a weakness? yes, at times he and his staff need to later clarify what his actual position is. but i think his authenticity, and let's face it, misspeaking, authentic for someone who has not been in the political game for years. >> but it makes people think that he doesn't know what he believes, or he's playing to the crowd he's in front of. >> admittedly, there's a risk of that. but i also think that people see a very authentic man. someone who loves his country, who is not in this for political game, who hasn't been inside the beltway, who hasn't played the k street game, and who really wants to make america great again by making it grow again. by the way, that gun issue is interesting. that's one of the reasons that i doubted him initially, because he used to be -- and he even said something specifically about being a new york --
12:31 pm
>> a weapons ban. >> a new yorker when it comes to gun laws, which is not where i stand. but look, he went down and gave in kentucky a commanding performance in front of the nra. he certainly convinced me, convinced them. i think he knows that we need -- and look, guns in schools is always an emotional hot button issue. i think what he really means more than anything else is that when we create gun-free zones, we ensure that only bad guys have guns, whether terrorists or criminals. we're going to make sure that good people have guns, and if bullets start flying, that they go in two directions, not one direction. >> quickly, you're in finance. why will he not release his taxes? >> look, i think that his tax situation is so complicated. his taxes are i think very different from yours and mine. >> he could release them and we could judge whether they're complicated. >> i think he will, number one. and he has said as much. the audit should be wrapped up before the general election. so i think we will get a look at his taxes. but also, i think this is to some degree a red her that the
12:32 pm
left is trying to throw out there. >> but every candidate, as you know, even though who have been under audit, release their taxes. it's just something that all candidates do. >> and he will. he's already released some details. he will release more. i think this is an issue that will go away shortly. the problem isn't donald trump's tax disclosures. the problem is taxes are far too complicated and too high and he's going to take care of both of those problems. >> steve cortez, nice to meet you and have you here. >> thank you, kate. >> new poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump with negative ratings above 50%, as we've mentioned. clinton supporter and illinois congressman luis gutierrez joins me now to talk more about those numbers and get the other side of the story here. nice to see you. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about some of the other numbers in our poll. if donald trump goes head-to-head with bernie sanders, he does 39% compared to 54% for sanders. that's a much better spread than
12:33 pm
the three-point spread that hillary clinton had just now. does that not show that bernie sanders is the stronger candidate? >> hillary clinton has three million more votes. are we going to say to three million more democrats that voted for hillary clinton that we're not going to respect their judgment? i think not. hillary clinton needs about 80 additional delegates in order to wrap up. for all intents and purposes, you and i and just about any political analysis that is truthful and honest and fair knows that hillary clinton is going to wrap up the nomination for the democratic party. having said that -- look, i'm a member of the house of representatives. you remember when the majority leader, mr. mccarthy said, we are doing the benghazi hearings in order to cause political damage to hillary clinton. you know if there's a 24, seven days a week news outlet called
12:34 pm
fox news that is after hillary day and night. let's face it. $250 million that bernie sanders spent, a lot of negative advertising against hillary clinton. of course her numbers are going to refle that. but i was for barack obama in 2008. i remember in 2008 when the polls first came out, it showed mccain ahead of barack obama. the hillary people had yet to come and coalesce and unite. we're going to get there. >> does that need to happen? does bernie sanders need to get out of this race and just let everything consolidate around hillary clinton? >> look, it's his decision. but let's be clear. the only damage we are causing is to the rights of muslims to be free to come to this country. reproductive rights to women. immigrants to be able to live and prosper in this nation. our environment.
12:35 pm
gun control. really. people in their local communities have made decisions that in their churches, synagogues, mosques, they have called for these gun-free and he's going to eliminate all of those? this is part of the flip-flopping that we see of mr. trump. but here's what america wants, i believe. i think they want fair, sensible gun control laws. one is to make sure there's a background check. i voted for the ban on assault weapons. maybe we should go back to that once again. we need to control guns in our neighborhood. and people should be making that decision. i find it kind of strange, at least hypocritical, if not contradictory, that republicans keep talking about. we should respect the will of people at the local governance
12:36 pm
level. in chicago, we have a problem with guns. you should respect the ability of the people of chicago to challenge whether or not somebody can have a gun and make choices about our public safety. >> congressman luis gutierrez, nice to see you. thank you for being with us. >> good to see you, thank you. coming up, pennsylvania has voted for a democrat for president in every election since 1992, but could donald trump change that blue state to red? ange of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a bunch of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh hahaha... road trip!
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12:40 pm
remember, literally as long as they have been in this country in some instances. check this out. i'm doing my best kornacki in a sweater at the big board, the l.a. version of it. since 1992, the state of pennsylvania has voted reliably democrat, but as you watch, 2004, 2008, the state has gotten redder and redder. this county right here, beaver county is where aliquippa, pennsylvania, is. that is where we went to see this former steel town. j&l steel was there to talk with some folks that worked in the industry since the day they moved to the united states. >> how long did you work in the mill? >> 1915-2003. >> 2003? what was going on in 2003? >> shut the mill down. i figure it's time for me to retire. >> how has aliquippa changed over the course of your lives here? >> aliquippa was a booming town. now with the mill shut down,
12:41 pm
it's nothing. >> so what about today? when you look at pennsylvania, where you guys are, reliably democratic, is that fair to say? or did it used to be? >> it used to be. >> yes. >> like this last election, a democratic county, but then people voted republicans into office. >> when it comes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders or donald trump, who would be more effective at bringing jobs back to a place like aliquippa? >> i think trump. >> how many people feel the way you do here? >> i think quite a few. i think quite a few. >> when you were working on that steel mill, can you ever imagine yourself saying you might vote for a republican? >> i don't think so. but i think right now, between hillary and trump, i kind of lean towards trump. >> listening to that man, who emigrated to this country from poland, only to come and work in the steel mill, says he would consider voting for a republican, almost unheard of in
12:42 pm
this community. the numbers are astonishing. 1,170 democrats between 2013 and 2015 changed over to republicans. but between january and march of this year alone, almost as many. that is a startling number that the democratic party probably does not want to be seeing right now. and ultimately, could be the reason that the republican party turns the state of pennsylvania red once and for all. they tried to do it for many years. but could this year be the year? it's quite possible. >> we shall see. thanks so much. david wasserman is an election analyst at cooke political report. he joins me for more. your latest piece for 538, you say pennsylvania could literally be the keystone state in this election. why do you say that? >> well, look, in 2012, the two closest states in the election were ohio and florida. those are what most people think of as the key swing states. i don't think donald trump can win this election without putting both of those in the republican column. but he has to win more. he would still be 17 electoral
12:43 pm
votes short. the next two closest states were colorado and virginia. but really the state that i think will decide this election is pennsylvania. there will be hundreds of thousands of registered democrats like the one that was just interviewed who will be voting for trump, particularly in western pennsylvania, which has begun to behave more like west virginia in terms of its electoral patterns than the philadelphia suburbs. >> you talk about tipping point states, which i think is a phrase coined by nate silver. you write, i'd argue pennsylvania has leapfrogged colorado and virginia as the next most winnable state for republicans. in fact, it may be on pace to claim sole tipping point status. so explain what you mean by that, tipping point status. >> the tipping point state in any given election is the one that provides the winner his or her 270th electoral college vote when you rank order the states, best to worst state. so ohio and florida would be necessary for a republican, i think. but pennsylvania has leapfrogged colorado and virginia as a winnable state for republicans, in my view, because
12:44 pm
demographically, it's an older state. >> can you explain that map before you keep going? it's a little confusing. it's the way the map has changed in terms of which states are turning more blue and which are turning more red, right? >> right. and whereas colorado and virginia are getting more democratic relative to the country at a rate of about 1% per four years, pennsylvania has trended towards republicans in the last 20 years. and part of the reason is that demographically, it's got a larger share of voters that are white working class voters. it's older. the economy is not doing as well as it is doing in colorado and pennsylvania. and it's also got a lower proportion of voters with college degrees. >> david wasserman with the cooke political report. great to have your insight. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. coming up, another day of searching and still no answers in the sudden disappearance and crash of egyptair flight 804. search teams working against the clock to find the plane's black boxes. so far finding just small pieces of wreckage and debris, but not
12:45 pm
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homeland security secretary jeh johnson is warning people not to rush to judgment about the cause of the disappearance of egyptair flight 804. he spoke to my colleague andrea mitchell a little earlier today. >> at this point, we do not rule out an act of terrorism, but there are other possibilities. >> and the other possibilities would be? >> some sort of mechanical failure. something that was, you know, not a nefarious act. >> ayman, what do we know? >> reporter: we have learned in the last couple of hours that egypt's general prosecutor has made an official request both to the french government, the french prosecutor as well as the greek government to hand over any information they may be gathering in relation to this ongoing investigation. these things include any
12:49 pm
recordings of conversations that may have taken place between the crew of egyptair flight 804 as well as french air control towers. they want to know if there was any documentation or any evidence that can be provided by the french government about the flight or the plane while it was at charles de gaulle. they think that may be critical down the road as this investigation continues to develop. one component of this investigation that has not yielded any result so far is that critical search for the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. we know that the egyptian military is continuing to search for the wreckage. they've also deployed a submarine that has some equipment that can at least detect or scan or survey the bottom of the seabed. but this is a very complicated area for them. the cooperation of the weather has not been in their favor, according to the aviation minister here, who spoke to my colleague about those conditions earlier, saying that the weather has not worked in their favor.
12:50 pm
but in addition to that, they are beginning to bring back some of their wreckage and the debris that they have brought back here to cairo, that's going to undergo further analysis to try to answer some of debris. that will undergo further analysis. the egyptian government consistently urging all the media and as well as all the people speculate to ing to cons all scenarios. >> thanks so much. for the first time, bill cosby heading to court for a pretrial hearing where cosby faces criminal charges of assault. ♪
12:51 pm
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bill cosby due back in a pennsylvania court tomorrow, the only criminal case moving forward against the entertainer and this hearing tomorrow should give us a better idea of what to expect once his trial on sexual
12:54 pm
assault charges starts. cosby of course arrested last year in connection with a 2004 incident that was already the subject of a civil suit long ago. a philadelphia area woman says cosby drugged and molested her. he said in a deposition in that earlier civil case that their encounter was consensual. ari melber is here with more. so the key question, will she be there in the court tomorrow to face him and tell her story or not? >> that's the big question. and everyone watching tomorrow is wondering will we see a bill cosby accuser here in criminal court for the first time ever facing him down and saying what cease already said in other mechanisms. we don't know. the preliminary hearing is like a dry run. you could expect evidence introduced, possible testimony from an accuser and more broadly, it's considered an early pre-vuft triview of the t.
12:55 pm
in cases about documents, other evidence might get you over the line. here the main evidence at stake is her testimony. >> and so they might want her there. but isn't the flip side that then the defense, do they get a chance to cross-examine her? >> and get an expecact sense e what shem she will say in court. how she sounds, what she says, potentially will there may be waegnesses, memory problems. try to poke holes in it if you're the defense counsel. for people wondering why there a dry run in the first place, pennsylvania uses this as basically a check on prosecutors. it is a for-defendants rights. bill comes when i we're looking at there is a criminal defendant, so this is a way to double check that their case is
12:56 pm
strong enough before it goes to a real trial. the only test is on the prosecution, not yet on mr. cosby. >> and this is potentially a criminal trial. this could be the big one for bill cosby. other civil cases, but this is the only place where he faces potential jail time if convicted. >> correct. three counts of aggravated indecent assault related to the drugging of an individual. it does not involve the conventional description of rape. they don't need to prove that kind of intercourse. what they need to prove is that he used drugs basically in this instance against this woman as she has testified against her will to have sexual contact. and this will be as you say the only case ever that tests this criminally. everything else has been civil and thus only about money. >> we'll be watching it tomorrow. thanks so much about. that will do it for me. i'll see you back here too many. chris hayes picks up our
12:57 pm
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good afternoon. i'm chris hayes in new york. it's a busy day from the two likely presidential nominees donald trump wrapped up his meeting with senator bob corker and hillary clinton is back on the trail looking ahead to the general election. launching a fuselage against trump earlier this afternoon in detroit. when it comes to the former secretary of state and the real estate billionaire, they're now fish l officially the most unpopular in the history of our poll. more brand new numbers to break down from our latest survey. mark murray joins me now. mark, let's start with the favor and numbers. you've got trump at negative nine, worse than hillary clinton. how much is this a long term trend in favor ability and how much is it about


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