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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm chris hayes in new york. it's a busy day from the two likely presidential nominees donald trump wrapped up his meeting with senator bob corker and hillary clinton is back on the trail looking ahead to the general election. launching a fuselage against trump earlier this afternoon in detroit. when it comes to the former secretary of state and the real estate billionaire, they're now fish l officially the most unpopular in the history of our poll. more brand new numbers to break down from our latest survey. mark murray joins me now. mark, let's start with the favor and numbers. you've got trump at negative nine, worse than hillary clinton. how much is this a long term trend in favor ability and how much is it about the nominees?
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>> i think it is two stories going on. one is the polarization of american politics. there is very little cross overappeal now a days. you look back to 2008, barack obama did have a good chunk of independents and strong favor ability ratings. but nowadays where there are few crossover voters where republicans aren't going to like any democrat and kms aren't going to like any purchase. and independents are often throwing up their arms and saying i don't like any of them either. and i do think that that is one of the stories that is playing here. the other story is that hillary clinton is being hurt a little bit by bernie sanders and his supporters where 38% of bernie sanders voters give hillary clinton a positive rating versus 41% of them who give her a negative realating.
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but opposite the other way around where clinton voters actually like bernie sanders. so you could see bernie sanders dragging her down a few points. but even if she could maximize all the bernie sanders support, she would be in a tough place. and this a polarization where nobody likes any of their politicians right now. >> let's circle back around to the president because you mentioned in 2008 he had the benefit of so much republican disgust booted out in 2006 and the war, that was basically gone by 2012. and yet in this poll, the president of stacked list of american public figures from paul ryan to donald trump is basically near the top in terms of his or her rating ratings. >> he's actually number one. yeah, all low a lot of this has to come and you and i follow the campaign chatter, republicans aren't toughing president obama anymore. there aren't negative attack
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ads, hitting him on the health care law. all the attention has gone to hillary clinton and what you have actually seen is a bit of a renaissance in president obama's numbers. at 5:00 today, we'll unveil his approval rating. but in some ways, and this was a tough poll for hillary clinton, but what a more popular president barack obama is url very good news for a party trying to keep control of the white house. >> can i ask you to speculate for a second in what is the cause and the effect in terms of barack obama, is it the fact that the fire and criticism is not trained on him and that is pushing up his positives or is it the other because around that republicans are recognizing that he has become a more popular figure and they are not attacking him as much? >> i think it's a combination. you can't ignore that president obama really hasn't been the focus of many republican attacks or a whole lot of scrutiny, particularly the way he was in the first part of the second
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term. but i also -- there is the paul krugman analysis or the david brooks analysis who says, hey, given all of our current choices and all the other candidates who have been running, we will miss this braarack obama guy and i t think that sentiment has been benefiting him wil, as well. >> mark murray, thank you very much. republicans are beginning to compaalesce around their nomine. and bob corker who has criticized trump over his proposed ban on muslims entering the country paid gud a visit earlier this afternoon. hallie jackson is with us. what have you learned about what went down in that meeting? >> reporter: let's talk about what is being said publicly and then we can get to what is being said privately. so publicly you third senator corker a very media friendly
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senator address the hoard of reporters waiting for him. his officer released a statement saying senator corker had a good meeting today with mr. trump in which they engaged in a wide ranging policy discussion. so not too many details there. we know according to corker the two talked bloodily about policy issues. here's what corker himself had to say about some of the discussion inside this building. listen. >> i have no reason whatsoever to believe that i'm being considered for a position. i'll say this until i'm blue in my face. this was a meeting between two people who didn't know each other except over phone callings. >> reporter: so there is corker addressing kind of the other big elephant in the room, right, the speculation that he may be named one of -- may be named donald trump's running mats or e or is the running for it a potential
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vice presidential candidate. and it's the same thing he told me that he has no reason to the believe that the trump campaign is vetting him, although when asked if he has submitted documentation for vetting being he did not understand. we understand the law firm in d.c. that is doing this process is just getting started now. someone tells me that trump will meet with with that team probably next week. a source familiar with the discussion inside the trump simil trump/corker meeting tells me the vp discussion came up maybe in passing. and remember, this is the first time these two have met face-to-face. interesting that since corker came back and essentially praised donald trump last month on our air and raised some eyebrows. he was really one of the first voices to come out in support of donald trump when it came to his policy positions.
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notable particularly after his opposition to that proposed. >> mike: muslim ban. and this was their first face-to-face meeting and kind of a hi, hello, a question of why would corker come all the way up to new york do this. i'm told it was set to happen in d.c., but due to schedule,ing, they couldn't make it happen. and now introducing gatoday panel.astonishing. has hard to keep front of mind when we're talking about this
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man is the leader ever the republican party. bob corker is one of those people who has a lot of just like establishment cred in washington. it's in quotation marks. not saying that he's not, but that label gets applied to people who are both serious and unserious. but are you surprised buyer will this? >> not at all. there is nothing surprising going on at this point. the recent polls shows that donald trump is the not the pariah republicans thought he would be, so now -- >> so here's the question. are they getting in line because they're seeing the polling or is the polling being driven by the fact that people are getting in line? >> i think its more that they're getting in line because of the polling.
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because -- >> let's just mark this for the record. an amazingly cynical thing to say. >> but also pretty true when you think about it. and the reason i say that it's not the establishment that i'm talking about getting in line behind the party. it's that poll that shows pa th shows that the base members, the people who aren't in washington, are getting behind donald trump. it is in part because of the establishment that has come out for him, but he's now three weeks out of being the presumptive nominee, three weeks tomorrow, and because he's taking on hillary clinton in a way that these republicans have wanted to see in a long time and that is bringing the party together. >> beautiful to come together. my theory always, and i've set that on air, anyone at this table becomes the nominee of a major party would start with
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45%. anyone. literally you. like if you were the nominee, you would have -- that is the way -- >> and you could could be upper case s or lower case s 37. >> i agree from the standpoint that if you look at 2008,37. >> i agree from the standpoint that if you look at 2008,7. >> i agree from the standpoint that if you look at 2008,. >> i agree from the standpoint that if you look at 2008, what happened after john mccain got the nomination was that he spiked. he spiked in the polls in the real clear pool ticlitics avera. he went above barack obama two years. so when you first thought it was because of the polls, yes, i do think the republican party is consolidating around him. i think it's for lack of a better option. so they're coalescing around -- >> but you see a difference between the elected officials and the few in-takellectuals st
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are holdouts that want to see trump -- right, they voted for trump, they want to see the party company a coalesce behind trump. >> if you think donald trump is a blank slate, this is an stunt to helpa coalesce behind trump. >> if you think donald trump is a blank slate, this is an stunt to help make donald trump. it could be a co-president roam if donald trump has no idea what to do. and you have these various intra party fights. bob corker is associated with the morie realist faction. we've seen trump meeting with people like henry kissinger, james baker, those aligned against the driving policy. i think these people think if donald trump has no particular principles on foreign policy, if they get on board with them
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will, they may be able to help shape him. >> as of today. because no one know what is donald trump may say tomorrow that may have some of these folks run for the hills. >> that it's the amazing thing. they cannot run for the hills. right now they are binding themselves to him and they are tied for him. and whatever siren call comes from people who say maybe banning muslim s isn't a good idea, sorry, you can tied to donald trump. >> what is their alternative politically in the idea that could you somehow run a campaign for the complains and against trump and run for re-election, it's doomed to fail.somehow runr the complains and against trump and run for re-election, it's doomed to fail. in might be no way for kelly
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ayotte to get relocaelected, bu she's better with him than without him. >> there is not just that they have to do it, it's that they want to do to some extent. >> if donald trump goes down a road that is deemed -- he already did the-of. >> another road. >> what road would he have to go down? >> did you ever think 234ianyon would ban a group based on religion? >> but now we've learned that's just a suggestion. so if donald trump because he can turn himself inside out, upside down and sideways, on any given issue, if he goes again on extreme, it gives republicans they can back away from parts of -- >> i agree in this way. they will back for a news cycle worth. or they will say what i think we're seeing here to josh's
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point is any idea -- you have this sort of early rumblings like maybe there is going to be a weird third way that will get carved out for republican electoral fortunes in november in which it would neither be trump nor somehow like trump adjacent or just like trump agnostic. or strutrump skeptical. no, he is the nominee. >> let's go back to your 45% -- >> being shocked even then at how little political will there was to thwart him. and that's when it was still possible. but when you actually talk to people there, they were kind of like it's probably going to happen. and they just didn't -- they kind of were ready as professionals to do what they had to do. >> and this goes to long term
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trends. increasingly partisanship is driven by negative-wi -- the th unites republicans is that they hate hillary clinton. so maybe who the candidate is matters less than ever. >> to me the most fascinating aspect is if you reason via who has the right enemies, you're screwed. because everyone hates everyone. so there are lefties on my twitter feed who i follow that hit the neo con and they really dislike hillary clinton and they really hate donald trump. well, guess what. you're out of luck. that's the weirdness of this election some ways is because of all of the tank fegletangles, y lead your way to support -- >> that's one reason why hillary clinton's negatives might look higher than they actually are. because some of those bernie
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people are saying that they don't like hillary clinton. >> still to come, what our new poll says about hillary clinton winning over bernie sanders' supporters. don't go anywhere. >> i'm going to keep focused on donald trump because i will be the nominee. i will be be running against donald trump in the fall. and i do not want americans and good thinking republicans as well as democrats and independents to start to believe that this a normal kachcandidac. . you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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voters are not in the mood
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for more of the same. we saw it start two years ago when eric cantor lost to a college professor who he outraised by 40:1. and then this presidential cycle, you have bernie sanders and donald trump. >> he's challenging debbie wasswas wasser man schultz for her house seat. this morning sanders threw his support behind him. >> clearly i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than wasserman schultz's. and let's me also say in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> sanders campaign also sent out a fundraising blast over the
1:21 pm
weekend. and cano vchlcanova has raised $250,000. and bernie sanders out in california ahead of the state's primary on june 7. a new nbc wall street journal poll shows 40% of democrats think this long primary is good for the party. back 2008, only 21% said it was good for the party. michelle, you were there in 2008 and you've covered it a lot of. what is your inside of those polling up in which is seem to show democratic partisans more favorable about this long primary? >> i think that partly it's because the outcome at this point is basically pre-ordained, right? and so i haven't heard any hillary supporters, maybe they're there, but i haven't heard any saying that bernie
1:22 pm
should drop out. they say that he should kind of not make unreality based arguments about kind of the i will legitimacy of her victories or about disenfranchisement, but i don't know anyone who thinks he should drop out. and there are a lot of people who support hillary clinton and are happy. i think eithit's start took her, but they're pleased by the fact that people like-they're pleased about smf some of the people on the platform committee. a collection of names. >> right. a and it's clear that bernie
1:23 pm
sanders has done good. so that there are now raw hard feelings, the sense is i think that it has to kind of let itself play out until the end. >> i think there are plenty hillary clinton supporters who would gladly want to say bernie get out of the race. >> a key distinction between what they're saying publicly and rank and file folks driven to distraction. >> they want her to focus on the general election. which makes all the sense in the world. of course, why should she be getting will hit from the right and the left. they want to people console at a time around the candidate and then they want to see her win. they don't want to see her going on. >> we now know what happened will 2008. so a lot of democrats rare thinking what happened in 2008. >> i don't think we will hurt her until he gets out.
1:24 pm
>> people are predicting based on past performance. >> this time you have really big policy differences. i think that there was more division in the 2008. >> and you also have a different part of -- to me what is so fascinating for all the talk about there is these interesting demographic pictures in the democratic election. the one that we tend to focus the most on is race because it is the case that bernie sanders is not the nominee because he could never win voters of color in significant enough margins. that said, the most distinction has been generational. those margins have been across all sorts of subsections, in different regions of the country. young people love bernie sanders. whether that slipflip, i think
1:25 pm
does. >> i think you don't knowen till you've been through it how much you can hate someone. >> they called the guy basically the second coming.much you can . >> they called the guy basically the second've been t you can hate someone. >> they called the guy basically the second coming. >> what hillary clinton had for do in 2008 is different. she wanted to run again. hillary clinton got into the race in 2008 to win. bernie sanders got into this race to force a movement, to force an agenda. and the question besides not knowing until after this is owe what is really the situation is to find out what bernie sanders will decide needs to be done. >> a lot of it is on what decisions he makes. >> will he do to keep her in the progressive movement. >> it's important to note people who identify as democrats and people who identify as interest
1:26 pm
independents. a third of bernie sanders's support is from i sandependents. >> and they're the key to urpding clinton's favorite able. and it is also interesting that it relates to what we were talking in about barack obama's favorability which people's sense of a political figure is fired buyer the col did chlt ran -- there was a period of team when hillary clinton was near the top of the most political figures in america. she was far removed from running from office and all of a sudden i remember people writing pieces like map, that hillary, she's really popular. this is all condition at based on the kept. >> this is why even those bernie sanders' numbers has been consistentry hi rrly higher thay clinton's, the reason that that
1:27 pm
doesn't seem stable is because you can imagine that the bernie sanders that we all know and love now is not necessarily the bernie sanders people would see after -- >> absolutely. coming up, the race against time to find egyptair flight 804. we'll head out to cairo next.
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. there is always in this circumstance particularly of late tremendous pressure to rush to judge. we have to be careful not do that. but at this point we do not rule out an act of terrorism, but there are other 30e7b89possibil. >> and the others would be -- >> something that was not a nefarious act. i suspect in the coming gay days we will know more. >> u.s. intelligence says there is no for hard evidence showing terrorism.ill know more.
1:31 pm
>> u.s. intelligence says there is no for hard evidence showing terrorism. but teams are racing against the clock to find the black boxes. new regulations are in the works to triple of life the batteries. i understand you have new information on the investigation? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. within the last couple of hours, egypt's general prostitutor has asked for any relevant information to this ongoing information. he's asking for any visual records, voice recordings, anything gathered by the french government throughout its initial investigation. and that would include communication between the crew and as well as french air traffic control. he's also requesting the same
1:32 pm
from the greek government. they believe this may give them some important piece of information about the communication and status of the flight crew. but the most important piece of information is that cockpit voice recorder. we know the egyptian government deployed a submarine to the search area to try and retrieve that. but it has not worked. the weather rather has not worked in their favor. according to the civil aviation minister, the search area has had bad weather. and they have not been able to locate it because weather and the search area remains very vast. it's about 200 miles off the coast of egypt. so you can imagine the logistical challenges before it's not only egypt involved, it is the u.s. and other european countries that have contributed resources. in terms of the overall sentiment, this country continues to mourn. today egypt err held its
1:33 pm
official memorial service for their members ever the flig of . it is a somber mood.err held itl memorial service for their member of the flight crew. it is a somber mood. but still a lot of lingering questions. and back here at home, edward nero has been cleared on all counts in connection with the death of freddie gray. nero faced chafrnl charges, one charmed in connection of gray's death who suffered a spinal injury while in police custody and not properly buckled into the van they were driving. he later died. luke russert, what has reaction been like? >> reporter: well, it's not anything like it was around this time last year right after the death of fred gi gray
1:34 pm
custody. one gentleman said that this verdict was a joke. however, over the course of the five day bench trial, it became apfarpt to a lot of legal observers that prosecuting officer nero would be difficult simply because as the judge concluded, there is no credible fact to hshow nero was involved in freddie gray's arrest and he followed his training almost to a t. and ironically, nero and the judge got supportive comments from the gray's family lawyer. take a listen. >> this family wants justice and justice doesn't have the word guilty attached to it, nor does it have the word not the guilty attached to it. just cities basice is based onee and the law. so that is all they wanted. they wanted a fair process.
1:35 pm
>> reporter: so there you have the gray family attorney calling this a fair process. local baltimore leaders saying for the city to stay calm, the justice process will play out. there are four more officers being put on trial for what happened to freddie gray and a lot said this was not the strongest case, similar to officer porter whose trial was declared a mistrial. all that being said, precautions are still being put this place. 60 police officers will be coming up to baltimore tonight to stand watch to major sure nothing gets out of happened. but people are in the restaurants, walking the street to and from work, not the same attention that we saw after the death of freddie gray. when we come back, could
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donald trump says he ccan wn key battlegrounds states including pennsylvania. latest polling from the keystone state shows they could possibly go red. jacob has spoke with residents. what did you hear? >> reporter: when we last spoke, i think i was in bumper to bu bumper traffic on my way to pennsylvania. beaver county when you look it the local makeup, two gop
1:40 pm
senators and two state representatives. as the key tify continues to sh from blue to red, a lot of people on the ground saying they may go for it donald trump come november. take a look. these trains and this town once reliably delivered steel across america and boast the democratic politicianses but tyimes have changed. >> a this is downtown city of al equip aliquippa thp about is a blue up to. >> and they don't believe in the politics anymore, they don't believe in the candidates. >> one time this was a bustling place. >> and you'll have to forgive me, but it hooks pretty dead. >> well, just the way it is.
1:41 pm
it's gone. everything is gone. these railroad awere all bars, markets. >> and now what is going on gown to downtown some. >> not a lot. >> this is a tunnel in a 11,000 people would come through every day? >> right. >> and everything was steel steel? >> yeah. >> and in this is where you uso work. what goes through your head? >> a lot of people got financially destroyed when the aniy mills were gone. at one time it was 13,000 work nd the mills. if you poll those 13,000 in its heyday, what would the politics be? >> a lot of democrats.
1:42 pm
>> you're a hillary clinton guy? >> i like hillary, but things might change. >> pennsylvania you think it's a blue state. may not this year. >> i agree with you. >> how come? >> you say where he wie will build this, do this and nothing. the question is how many people like goeorge are there out ther 37 when you see the match tlip from blue to red, this area in particular, how much redder can it possibly get and will there be enough people there, donald trump has huge turnouts, it can counter place like philadelphia and pittsburgh. >> let's bring back our panel.
1:43 pm
philadelphia is like goal's gold. romney went to pennsylvania and it was ultimate head fake. >> and it's not all rural farmers. >> right. >> i'm skreeptskeptical. as you've seen the shifts toward republicans in the area like jacob was, you've also seen a shift toward testimodemocrats. they have gotten much more democratic. >> we should be clear, if the suburbs mountain shifted, the state would have gone red. but the rural areas particularly steel country, they have gotten
1:44 pm
moore conservative. suburbs have gotten more liberal. >> positialso they lost more pe. so how you can run statewide for governor or senator, you can't to the same thing on a national election. so those opportunities are gone where could y start to appeal just to suburban women and build up a statewide campaign. on the national level, you can't play that well. historical levels in philadelphia. that's going to change the numbers. >> it if you take the population centers of the state and you look at that man and how it was turning red, we're talking about counties where a lot of people are moving. my family when they have moved to pittsburgh, they used to live on the border of ohio, this is what happens. this is the great sword at play. it's important for us to remember that one of the key lep
1:45 pm
lessons of 2000 which is the map doesn't tell what you is happening necessarily. and its consistently democrat. >> and this is a phenomenon which is trump's possible appeal to industrial areas. one feeling that is the order is pretty fixed. indiana and north carolina flipped between '08 and '12. maybe a coal dolorado next. and then florida. the other way of thinking is that the presence of trump sort of tips. fundamentals tip. i don't know if this theory --
1:46 pm
>> and google 538 put out a great tool that has the democratic slider. let's say trump will underperform with numbers aroun states are not as different as you thought. there is no way to draw a map where donald trump wins pennsylvania and loses colorado. >> but basically the order most likely to flip remains fairly fixed because of the demographic makeup of those states. >> if you give up up to 66% of the noncollege education votes, it flips ohio and florida. >> the effect of bernie sanders on this race is she did say things like we'll put these coal mines out of business. we some shut them down.
1:47 pm
she does give a few inroads for donald trump to potentially make it. >> but let's be clear, because this was a -- romney made a huge play on coal in 2012. and whatever hillary clinton said there and if you look at the quote, it was way less poll v poll var rising but mitt romney made a very intense play in 2012 in the coal areas of ohio. and barack obama was despised there. he was the father of the war on coal and it didn't work. >> there probably is it a population in those areas that would be more favorably disposed to trump than romney. >> yes, i agree. mitt romney is a poor tribune for -- >> but i think when you ever to start looking at the democratic states, this election will come down to a couple of key states and how they can be won.
1:48 pm
donald trump is not the typical republican candidate. he is a populist candidate. and he can macan make enridinro a very flawed candidate. and hillary clinton the has the ability to flip the tables. we're talking about 10% of the vote. >> but the point is that -- the question is whether the way that the democratic composition of the states works is that that is fairly stacked. on the other he saiend, pennsyl xwh georgia, arizona, they say a landslide would possibly flip those. and again it's hard for me to
1:49 pm
emergency those states going to hillary clinton without her win like colorado. but if she gets there, we're talking a land slide. i'm not saying you're wrong. but if donald trump is carrying pennsylvania, i think he's definitely carrying colorado. >> and about the romney/trump comparison. romney did not do well among people in the middle class. trump gets 30%. or gets 60% of take. far more of that support. a lot more republicans.]hat. far more of that support. a lot more republicans.t]hat. far more of that support. a lot more republicans. people chk he can solve our problems. use (man) oh, looks like we missed
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. you know what that music means in that either election or new newspapers. coming up, brand new numbers. how much is trump's inexperience in government meaning exactly zero hurts him. those nuch numbers in a few moichbt moments. ♪
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so it's may. and i want to do a little viewer service. how should people think about polling in may so? >> they should ignore it. come on. we have content to make. >> we should have learned this lesson. look at the trends. >> an interesting chart shows that the polling in february are more predictive than the polls in may. i don't know why. i think a reason to look at them now, trump has the nomination. >> here is the reason we should
1:58 pm
be terrified. and it's because initially we thought that even though the polls in the republican party were consistently showing trump would win, they wouldn't be accurate because people wouldn't actually do that. and the tpolls a long time ago predicted the republican nomination. >> and the polls were actually right.theory of trump's demise was an extra polling theory. a theory that somehow the polling wasn't captures the real thing. >> it gives me intense anxiety, but there are a lot of factors involved. but i think that it's worth keeping that in mind and panicking. >> one they can i find interesting about poll in may is than that when mitt romney got
1:59 pm
22% of 9 vothe vote and governo johnson got 10%. if we put libertarian candidate into the polls, do they continue to get 15%. and does that 15% lead to debate performance. >> so gary johnson and willie wells are two running on the libertarian ticket. no one since ross perot and that was a hoot. it is not totally implausible. mi that does it thanks to my panel. now the new poll numbers that we promise you starting right now.
2:00 pm
if it's monday, it's a mountain of new information in our new poll. how much is trump's lack of experience in government hurting him and how do feels of president obama factor into all of it? this is mtb daily and it starts right now. good evening. welcome to mtb daily. i'm steve core makornacki. and we have most new numbers in including new details that help explain the fight between donald trump and hillary clinton. it is now neck and


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