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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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going to be back here with more and wi"with all due respect stas right now". "with all due respect" name recognition. >> senator bob was seen going into trump tower with donald trump. >> who is that guy? >> i don't know who that is. >> nothing. ♪ ♪ >> tonight we're uncorking fresh polling data for all y'all because the political world guzzled down the general election head-to-head dead head matchup numbers between donald trump and hillary clinton that came out over the weekend. the new digits also show the ratings in a race that is again essentially now tied.
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one poll from nbc news and the wall street journal found clinton leading trump 46 to 43%. the other survey that got a lot of attention from abc news has trump leading clinton in a head-to-head matchup 46 to 44%. that's an 11-point swing since march both surveys show the candidates within the margin of error. there is a lot in them to sift through. let's start with donald trump. what are the most heartening and troubling numbers for trump in the two polls? >> i'm going to come back to a particular thing in a moment. the most heartening thing is republicans have come home and as of today, he's in basically the same place romney was in 2012. the most troubling thing for him is the place romney was and romney got wiped out.
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and trump had predictions bloomed and gloom and not supporting trump. if i were him, i would be happy with that but i know i got a lot of work to do. >> two things are hardening for him. one is despite him losing to clinton on a series of traits, he is even with her which puts alive the notion he has to radically improve the numbers to have a chance to win. the other thing that's incredibly heartening is republicans think he can win. >> very important. >> and the lead with independents is what romney had, which is incredibly important, but if he can be even and leading with independents, that is heartening. on the downside for trump, i think the fact that his numbers have improved, his standing improved in some traits but he's still behind is maybe a little bit bad for him and he does lose into a lot of traits. where he's behind in traits clinton can use to leverage, people thinking she's better on
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foreign policy and a range of issues where he'd rather be stronger. overall, i'd say more good news for trump here. >> way more good news than bad news. look, the bottom line is still with non-white voters he's in as bad as place to go further. before as bad with non-white voters and in a lot of trouble with women. not as bad as you might have thought. he has to like really move the needle on white voters or has to fix problems or going to end up in the same place romney was and as the party acknowledged in 2012 he can't win with those numbers. >> what we see here, clearly, is that trump cannot -- he doesn't have to revolutionize what romney did with non-white voters. if he continues to dominate with white voters and male voters, continues to deal with independents, this could be the last election where republicans don't need to make substantial progress, the coalition to win. >> let me go to my bug bear issue, which is donald trump's taxes. an issue i said before we must
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make him pay a price for. it's a real problem for him. >> not releasing his tax returns. >> not releasing his tax return. indepersonndent voters within t margin of error is he's doing well. 60% of independents said trump should release them and it's really important to them. 44% of republicans say trump should release tax returns. i agree. >> i agree he should but i don't know the numbers are high enough. >> it's a vulnerability, mr. trump. you ought to do this for a lot of reasons. most people have been focussing on the trump fantastic line numbers but the data were not entirely 100% bloom and doom. one source of optimism and majority of people had a positive view of president obama. his approval rating was 51% in the abc washington post poll. mark, to the extent there is any good news for hillary clinton
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which has the same question we had on trump, one of the best news in the poll for hillary clinton and the most troubling signs in the polls for hillary clinton. >> one piece of good news, president obama's approval rating above 50% as its been. if he's above 50%, given she's running on continuity is good for her. she leads with a lot of traits dealing with issues of concern to women, handling foreign policy, looking at for the middle class, being a good commander in chief leads by a lot or a lot a lot and i think the reality for her is this is good news. it's a wakeup call. you know, a lot of democrats said yeah, when it clinton campaign says this will be a tight race, a lot of people didn't believe it. i sense in the clinton campaign a greater sense of urgency and raise money and rally support, which they didn't have before so the fact that they got a wakeup call this early is good for them. >> to me, that's right. the mirror image of your point
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before the met to point is good for trump. people will say that's not true. it's obviously true. the biggest problem in 2012 was donors and others thinking this is in the bag against romney and people not willing to write checks. people will see trump coming and say hey, we got to help hillary clinton and i think once she gets past the sanders thing, democrats will be more likely to come home if they are afraid trump can win than she has a huge lead against trump. but again, across the board, a lot of troubling signs here. she's not nearly as far ahead as she should be and as you said before, it's the flip side. some of those things that to see trump this close not having to revolutionize the race tells you guys she's got a lot of work to do, too. >> all right. another person whose been watching the polls carefully and talking about them is bernie sanders. he points out again as he has in the past he does better than hillary clinton does and also making sure that voters pay
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attention to the fact that many americans dislike both hillary clinton and donald trump. in an interview with abc's this week on sunday, here is how sanders responded to a question about why he continues to fight for the nomination that remains for him a math long shot. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. i want the american people to be voting for a vision. >> is that how you describe hillary clinton against donald trump, the lesser of two evils? >> well, if you look -- no, i wouldn't describe it but that's what the american people are saying. >> whoa. lesser of two evils. sanders is still in the middle of a nasty spat and its chair, debbie schultz for what he says is unfair treatment during the nomination fight. sanders endorsed schultz' challenger and said he could not keep her as the party leader if
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he gets elected president. clinton for her part did little to quail the tension when she was asked about all that's going on between her and bernie sanders yesterday by chuck todd on "meet the press". >> certainly, we're going to talk with hill when he's ready to talk and listen to him and we will take into account what he is asking for. i think that's part of the process. >> getting rid of superdelegates, would you be in favor. >> i'm not going to negotiate with him on the show. when it's time, i'm reaching out to do my part to unify the party. i expect him to do the same. i did that when i lost a much closer race to senator obama. >> in what seemed to be an attempt to calm the waters, the dnc said it gave the sanders campaign a significant number on spots on the come pkocommittee the platform. the seats on the panel, sanders is slated to get a third.
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so john, where they attend to make peace after this back and forth between bernie sanders and the woman he says is maybe the lesser of two evils. >> things are worse today than friday, let's put it that way over the course of this weekend and i'm of the view people are misremembering 2008 and that was more bitter and just as much or more work to do back then. nothing is getting easier right now. sanders is not backing off. everybody is testy. everybody is kind of at each other's throat and again, we'll see where we are on june 8th but today things are more hostile than they were 72 hours ago. >> here is what i think the big problem for the sanders campaign is and clearly a bigger distraction jeff weaver confirmed sanders is going to the convention. not what happens after the other states vote. they are going to the convention. that means more pain, more
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division from the first and second week of june through the convention in july. >> with all due respect, jeff weaver says that now. tad suggested a significantly different thing. you'll remember in 2008 mark and other people were telling hillary clinton until the night of the last primary she should go onto the convention and terry was calling her the next president of the united states even though she had lost. there is a lot of talk among r surrogates and supporters. >> based on the last 72 hours, doesn't look that way now. >> i agree. up next, the economy, stupid, or at least hillary clinton's 2016 version of the famous 1992. we'll be right back with that after this. man, my feet are killin' me.
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and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. hillary clinton was not motor city today giving a speech at the service employees international union conference where she revved up her general election rhetoric regarding donald trump and his economic
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agenda. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. [ cheers ] >> i mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? really? [ laughter ] >> that's a pretty good question. we started to notice something about hillary clinton and her go-to messaging. a lot of the time it's filled more with anti trump attacks than positive proclinton economic pitches. some of her own advocates have sometimes struggled. to articulate, hillary's economic vision in much or any detail. as was illustrated vividly on "morning joe" today in an exchange between mark and jim.
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>> what are hillary clinton's two best original ideas on the economy? >> mark, a couple things. one, infrastructure investment that can create jobs and two, putting people together like she's done. i worked in the senate for 15 years. hillary had a reputation and record of bringing people together to get things done and that's exactly what she's going to do as president. >> is either of those an original idea on the economy? >> she's laid out a clear vision where she wants to take this country and she'll run in on the fall. she'll be great. >> does hillary clinton have an economic message and if so, what is it? >> there are things in our website and there are policy proposals that involve expansions of government. she said she won't raise middle tax classes and wants to cut taxes for some. i have to say and we'll talk about this in a minute, this has been part of like a 20-year
3:15 pm
drought in both parties. >> yeah. >> the think tanks, congressional thought leaders, very few knew big ideas the middle class and working class can grab on to and say man, that's a good idea and tax cut i get and that's an education plan i get and i can see how that will help my family. i'm not saying she has no ideas but i've get to find anybody who can articulate them in a way people can say wow, that's exciting. infrastructure important but i don't hear a lot of people talking about it. >> i want you to tell me what you think i am right now. come on, mark. come on. >> didn't like my response. >> it's easy to mock the website and i know that's not what you're doing. hillary clinton has a lot of good policy propels. none are going to revolutionize the world. she's got a bunch of economic propels on childhood education and things that actually would fit well within her husband's ideas about how to promote
3:16 pm
economic growth. the difference it seems to me is they are a grab bag at this point. what she fails at now and really important is economic messaging. when her husband put the ideas together and they were actually quite revolutionary in 1998, he had putting people first. he had an idea about globalization and the new economy and how all of his stuff put together, narrative and slogans and and exciting. she's got a bunch of ideas. >> hold it all because we'll talk to brian fallon in a bit. coming up. coming up next, how trump support compares to what the coalition that mitt romney had in 2012 is like. we'll ask our polling pal ann sol zer after these words from our sponsors. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you sta connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions,
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here to talk more about the surveys everyone is talking about, our favorite ann selzer. ann, good to see you. >> hi. >> tell us about your overall take from both the nbc wall street journal poll and washington post poll that shows dead heats between trump and clinton. >> right. well one of the things they show is that the race is in some of
3:20 pm
the cases clinton leads a little and some of the questions i get is how do i decide what polls i'll pay attention to and there are so many polls people would like help doing it. here is the perfect day to explain when i pay attention to poll. when you have the same polling outfit, doing polls over time, you look at the trend because any problem that you might have with an individual poll we sort of say that's controlled for when you look at the same problem time after time after time. what we have here is consistency in terms of the swing, that is, what you see is trump gaining ground as hillary clinton is losing ground and whether that's eight points or whether that's 11 points. there is consistency and the fox poll last week had eight points, as well, i think. so what you have from the last poll about last month until now consistency across three
3:21 pm
different polls showing trump moving. that's what you can take to the bank is in the american e l electret, that's the mood now. >> a lot of people are commenting on polls how high the unfavorables are for both candidates. this washington post poll shows is that among trump supporters and clinton supporters both, if you ask them are you voting for your candidate or against the other candidate, it's basically a split, 50/50. half of them are saying i like trump because i don't like hillary or i like hillary because i don't like trump. it's not an affirmation. how does that play out going forward and mean for what we'll see for the next few months? >> well, it's the common question you ask as a followup, which is how strongly are you committed to your candidate but another way of testing candidate strength and to the extent you have people who say it's not -- this is not an affirmative vote for my candidate, it's a negative. it's an anti vote against the
3:22 pm
other. we think of those votes as being more fragile. if you come to the election just kind of upset with the other candidate, but you're not all that gung ho about the candidate your supporting, you can wayne and your support can evaporate wait. what you want is for people to make the affirmative case that is i want this candidate in office, therefore, i will work for them, hopefully send money to them. if they are anti, those are a little more. so you see these two candidates sort of roughly splitting the difference, almost half and half of their supporters making the vote. how common is that? could we learn going back to 2012 and seeing how romney and
3:23 pm
barack obama were doing at the same time? it's apples to oranges here, not exactly but tells you something because the finding is so striking, that is mitt romney's numbers look about like these but barack obama's numbers by 3-1 his voters were making the affirmative case. that is they were for barack obama instead of just being against romney. we know how that turns out so that gives us a little bit of monday morning quarterbacking to do but what you want is for people to feel strongly positive about your candidacy and both of these candidates are suffering a little bit because of that. >> all right. so ann, i talked about this earlier. people have been looking and saying trump has basically been looking at the romney coalition. romney actually lost. so is trump in a position now to win by growing the players where he's already strong or encroaching more on obama? how do you look at that? >> well, you know, we're looking at a national poll so that's
3:24 pm
giving you an overall mood here. i think partly what you see is trump doing even better than mitt romney did with some very important large groups. one of those groups being whites, one of those groups being men. so while mitt romney had a seven-point advantage with barack obama with men, that number is 23%. >> so ann, let me stop you there, ann. okay? so men and whites and obviously white men is part of men and whites, is it -- >> right, right. >> -- romney did what he did. trump could either increase the share of the vote that comes from men. that seems unlikely or do even better with men and in the question of whites. could the percent of the vote, could that be higher in 2016, even as america becomes a more diverse nation or is that unlikely to be the formula for
3:25 pm
trump? >> if i understand you're wondering about turnout. that's probably going to be harder to do. he's probably going to concentrate on the share there. but keep in mind we don't elect the president with that vote. so men, that's going to play out everywhere about the same but the white vote, that's going to play out differently in iowa and new hampshire than florida and nevada. so state by state by state is going to have a different plan about how they are thinking about the racial makeup. that's on the clinton side and trump side. >> i'm not predicting it or advocating. it seems to me if you look at the numbers and look at trump's appeal versus hers, that he could get the white vote in some states, up a little higher in terms of the contribution to the vote and do better with white voters than romney did and given
3:26 pm
the share of the vote that's white vote, that alone could be the formula to flip in states. >> that alone could well be the formula that's slipping some states and i think independents, as well. romney won with republicans and independents but didn't win. donald trump is gathering a bigger share of those independents right now and that could be the key. >> well, ann, let's talk about that real quick, about the independent equation where trump is doing better, over performing. just factor in the sanders clinton fight in that, in the last 30 seconds here. that's exactly right. how much of the anti clinton vote is due to the bernie people so committed they will never vote for hillary clinton? we know from the poll it was 11% of sanders supporters said they were going to vote for trump because they just couldn't see themselves voting for hillary clinton.
3:27 pm
that independent vote, i mean, right now the two candidates are getting about an even share of the republicans and for democrats. now, the democrats are more plentiful. so that's how you can lose the independent vote and still win. so we're going to be looking at all three of these groups. >> ann, thank you very much. coming up next, the clinton campaign's brian fallon joins us. we'll ask him about the economy, donald trump and oh, so much more right after this break. ♪ [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne khe sanh midway dak to normay medina ridge the chosin reservoir these are places history will never forget but more important are the faces we wi always remember. ♪ put under a microscope, but more important are the faces we wi always remember. we can see all the bacteria that still exists.
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welcome back. joining us here in the studio is brooklyn's own brian fallon, the press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. thanks for crossing the bridge. which bridge did you come over? >> the brooklyn bridge, always. >> we pointed out jim acena, obama campaign manager had
3:31 pm
trouble for answering the question for hillary clinton's economic original ideas were -- >> first of the all, i thought his answer was just fine. our insfrastructure proposal would invest into rebuilding roads and bridges put a lot of people to work. >> what's original? >> a few things. one of the first speeches we gave in new york city at the launch of the campaign was about raising wages and she talked about a profit sharing proposal that would incentivize. >> that's not part of the ins infrastructure plan. >> that's different. >> it far exceeds the president's, so sure. >> how? >> by asking the wealthier to do more with corporate tax polls, which we will announce when we put out the plan and i heard the discussion earlier, you guys should know we put out a raft of
3:32 pm
different middle class tax cut propels including targeted tax credits for prescription drug costs and child care but we have not revealed the full extent of our middle class tax -- >> so more is coming. >> absolutely and we did that on purpose with an eye towards preserving it for a general election. >> talk about some of her general principles regarding how tax policy relates to economic growth for families. >> so, i think that there's been a lot of coverage to this effect, which is that hillary clinton views the tax code as a vehicle for helping incentivize responsible behavior by or corporate citizens. she would also use the tax code to disensentivize some of the irresponsible. she would impose an exit tax on companies that try to register as having their headquarters abroad. that's something we seen president obama crack down on
3:33 pm
but she would go further and say the profits parked offshore, we won't wait for you to repatriot, we'll tax them as soon as you try to leave and move to whatever country you're going to head quarter yourself in. she's also got a call back proposal where if you close a factory in the united states and move jobs overseas, we'll claw back the value of the tax credit that helped you subsidize your research. >> these are all specific propels. i'm asking for how would you characterize her philosophy towards these -- what's the umbrella. >> what it adds up to? >> yeah. >> our story we will tell in the general election is that president obama has done a task in terms of lifting the country out of a great recession that rivalled the depression of several decades ago, but that the prosperity we're starting to see is not fully shared and have a stacked deck where too much of the rewards of the improved economy today are floating to the top in terms of ceo pay,
3:34 pm
shareholder dividends, not enough is flowing down -- >> she would support economic policies that would take money from the people well off and doing with eloquent and move it to people lower down the economic ladder? >> that's what the profit, the tax proposal to inscentive is about. if we think it's smart corporate behavior. if you look at the greek yogurt company in new york, the ceo made headline as few weeks ago announcing he would reward employees with stock. we think that's the type of smart forward looking approach to running your business that we should incentivize from the government. >> how would they be doing now? >> she said the number one goal is to see wages rise. i won't put a number on it. the goal is to achieve something we haven't seen since the 1990s,
3:35 pm
which is not putting people more to work but paying higher wages. >> she talked about president clinton having a role. is he advising her on the economy now and in what ways? >> he's got a wealth of ideas at any given time. >> are there particular things or ideas she put forward that come from him? >> what she referred to in terms of what role in administration is not some official role where he would be the chair of the nec or have a cabinet post but be particularly focused on regions of the country that seen a lot of disinvestment so she made the comments in kentucky and west virginia with an eye towards how can we lift up -- >> are there ideas he's given her that she's spouting on the campaign trail now? >> i'm no going to credit proposals to him. i don't think that would be accurate. she had a raft of individuals that she solicits advice from but the impulses are her own.
3:36 pm
>> she's taken criticism for this, the two for the price of one thing. is there political risk for that? >> i think she was speaking sincerely about the role. it wouldn't come across as genuine. >> you're a farmer j former jus department spokesperson. has secretary clinton been interviewed by the fbi yet? >> no, i don't have an update on that. >> has her counsel been conta contact contacted? >> to my knowledge, no. >> when she is, will you awe nou announce it. >> one way or the other everybody will know. >> no preliminary conversation where and when? >> let me be clear. sometimes our political opponents try to parse words here and suggestion we're being misleading. since last august when this review was first announced, david kendall has been in reoccurring touch with the
3:37 pm
officials at the justice department as anybody would when there is -- >> nothing you know about. >> nothing moved towards hey can we schedule an appearance. >> it's reported a close ally of secretary clinton is investigated. do you know anything about that? >> i do not. what do you and the campaign think about the ethics. >> nothing to say because i haven't seen the report. >> in general, do you have reason to believe he would do anything wrong. >> i wouldn't weigh in on the report -- >> i'm not asking you to weigh in. i'm asking what a great guy terry is -- >> the instagram post -- >> i had a few inquiries i didn't respond to. >> did you see it. >> i watched it. >> what do you think? >> the latest in his roger stone developed strategy to try to distract from an issues-based campaign which is what we intend to run and bad strategy. i've seen smart republican operatives go on television and say they actually have tested some of these lines of attack and they actually alienate
3:38 pm
independent voters especially women. to me, every day he spends engaged in this type of stuff is a day -- is a misspent opportunity for him to do out reach to improve numbers. >> is it the campaign's plan to raise issues related to president clinton, women's, complicity and all that stuff, is it your plan to go through the campaign and respond in this way? it would be fair if it was. we're not going to dignify that with a response or respond. >> maybe two decades ago. so i don't think that donald trump himself used these attacks as having some kind of political upside with independent voters because rick wilson and others have said we tested this. this is bad strategy. >> well, here is what i think he's doing. i think he's trying to practice the politics that work for him in the primary, which is just throw stuff out there, try to get under people's skin, try to get in people's heads, take
3:39 pm
whatever codamage. people talk about the negatives hillary clinton and him being apples to apples. he has gone out. those are his words that added up to high negatives whereas for her, the product of attacks directed at her. i think he has courted these -- the downsides of accruing high negatives because he thinks this is a way to get in his head and psych them out. hillary clinton isn't going to go for that. she sat through 11 hours of the hearing in october. this is somebody that has a steel backbone. >> we'll continue to practice on you and see if we can crack you. thanks for coming in and letting us do that. different kind of washington establishment and if you're watching us in that, you can listen to bloomberg 99.1. we'll be right back. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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3:43 pm
that way? >> well a couple of reasons. it's a way of first of all, if you're a national reporter, it is quite literally inpossible to keep up with him. he will sometimes -- he's in a plane, you're in a car. he will sometimes have five, six stops a day. but they are taking him primarily to sort of small and medium-sized markets where he can make a big splash in the local press. everybody in the town knows he's there. without the international press, you don't get it all. >> karen, this is kind of the model they adopted at the end of the 2008 campaign after president obama clinton got in trouble. do you think that he's comfortable, he's very happy with this role? interesting to me he has not made many waves.
3:44 pm
a couple small outbursts but not much. >> in fact, in 2008 the obama campaign said one of the reasons that they were surprised at losing the texas primary is that bill clinton was running up and down west texas below the radar pulling out voters in ways they, you know, didn't expect and you're right, i think that's where they got the model for this. and, you know, he seems by all appearances to really be enjoying himself. he does not only several rallies and speeches a day, but he will stop off at, you know, a local restaurant or a local bar and just kind of hang out with people and talk. you know, he seems very, very sort of comfortable with this role and by the way, it also keeps him a little bit out of the target of donald trump, you know, since increasingly donald trump is making the former president a talking point and this way he doesn't have to be constantly responding to it. >> karen, last question, quick
3:45 pm
answer, who will do for interviews between now and november, melania trump or bill clinton? >> in the last six months it's been melania trump doing more of them. you're right, it's a pretty remarkable situation. >> karen, great story. thank you, karen. earlier today, donald j. trump had a very special guest at trump tower. it was bob corker, the senator from tennessee and chairman of the relations committee and a guy everyone is talking about as a possible trump running mate. that may die down after today. joining us to talk about the meet something a guy that first brought word of the meeting with corker last week. bob costa of the washington post in the newsroom. corker played down any notion. it seems his bio is up the ally of what trump has talked about. does he seem, despite his disochis, seem
3:46 pm
to be someone that could be? >> i think corker is certainly on the list for the v.p. slot. you got someone here who is exactly what trump wants. trump said he wants an insider, wants someone with washington credibility and corker, chairman of the foreign relations committee and a personal repo t rapport. he comes out as one of the wealthiest members of congress. >> it seems to me temper mentally they may get on okay. chris christie, donald trump i understand how they are friends and would work together, maybe combustible. doesn't seem like they would naturally be pals. >> perhaps not. corker having covered him in the senate is a low key under stated fellow. he's not the kind of guy that seeks the limelight. you saw that today. wasn't really comfortable with the camera. i don't think with the v.p. role they aren't looking for an attack dog. they have that at the top of the ticket. they want a heavy weight, dick
3:47 pm
cheney pick like george bush in 2000 with the washington people skeptical and semblance trump has people in there that would help out on policy. >> my hunch would be christie now. they don't want somebody like that. that's why this talk of gingrich totally confuses me. he seems to be not the mold. we'll talk to you again soon. when we come back, we go in the zone, the shrum zone, words we love after these words from our sponsors.
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3:51 pm
message seems to be on both fronts, don't panic, why? >> well, first of all, the demographics strongly favor clinton. if you look at trump's ratings among young people, women, hispanics, african americans, i honestly have a hard time getting him over the hump, getting him to 50, 51% of the vote. so i think a lot of people and it's kind of democratic characteristic, a lot of people have gotten worried and more worried than they should be. >> i've seen you tweet and speak about that there is and the currenting a tile between the clinton and sanders camps sees her doing damage. why not panic about that? >> actually and she herself sounds one way or another the things that unite us are
3:52 pm
stronger than any of the things and nice things about sanders and brown doing the same and the platform committee, and i don't think that decision from debbie schultz without input from brooklyn. understanding on the clinton, whatever frustrations you have you need bernie sanders. to work a deal in the best sense of the world around some principles, reforms in the nominating process and voters to hillary clinton. >> what about trump scares you? >> his decision making ability. he will provide continues ammunition in the form of but
3:53 pm
the predictabilitpredictability. you have to prepare more mild trump because you don't know who will show up. >> i know you think she's going to win but you don't rule out he wins at this point, do you? >> no, i don't think the campaign should, either. >> if he wins, what will that story be? >> game change cued. number one. number two it will have happened i think the campaign will not have taken advantage have consolidated and i don't think that's going to happen but sure and i don't buy that stuff or the argument somehow or other there could be an incident, terror attack for example and that that instantly benefits donald trump. not when 61% of people don't think he has the temperament in a recent poll to be president of the united states. at that point, i think it might
3:54 pm
very well lead voters to say we need someone reliable, someone steady and someone who knows what they are doing, but sure, he could win, i just don't think it's going to happen. >> so bob -- >> by the way, i said he could be the republican nominee and people thought i was crazy. >> what these numbers show is he's right now basically where romney was on election day in 2012, and people say well, the clinton campaign will spend $1 billion running negative ads against donald trump and this will be his high point. they will bring him down and make him less popular. do you find that plausible? it seems to me americans are familiar with donald trump now, including his viability. what is the new information the clinton campaign will bring out that could hurt him? >> let me say two things. number one, there will be a lot more focus on his business record, which didn't get much attention during the primaries and i think donald trump's business record could
3:55 pm
potentially put bayne in the shade. it could be worse than the romney stuff. i think the clinton folks ought to step back and think about doing positive advertising and getting people to know her better. her biggest opportunity is the acceptance speech where communication 45 minutes to an hour, people can look at that and she has a chance to confound stereo types about her. leading up to that, they ought to look at the positive advertising that can help her connect better with the american people. i don't think you run a purely negative campaign but i think this will be life type on both sides. >> bob, i humbly agree with the two points you made. i want to ask you again, the trump point of view, do you think that he has cards up his sleeve or basically now see the kind of campaign he's going to run? >> i don't think he has any secret cards up his sleeve, but i think we're going to hear about every old clinton
3:56 pm
non-scandal. we're going to hear about monica lewinsky. he's going to attack the president. he's going to attack the clinton foundation. to some extent, a lot of voters heard this and i don't know the impact it's going to have. i believe her numbers on honest and trustworthy are pretty low right now are going to go up over the next couple months as she engages with trump. i don't think he's got any secret weapon. i can't imagine what it is and i gus it's like donald trump -- like donald rumsfeld said it's an unknown, unknown. >> all right. mr. bob, it's always a pleasure to have you on the show and take the strikes you have up your sleeves and show them off for us. >> i don't have any tricks, it was fun. >> bob, thank you very much. we'll be right back with the end of the show. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions,
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check out bloomberg politics. how a clinton seat might affect gun sales. thanks for watching. we'll be back here tomorrow with the latest poll litical news, f john, for me, see ya. hillary clinton's two front war. let's play hardball. good evening. hillary clinton substantials as the chief strategist of the stop trump movement. 16 republicans tried to beat trump. the national republican establishment and allies tried to stop to no effect. hillary clinton stands as the last barricade. as i said, the chief strategist in the latest stop trump movement. a last-ditch effort before.


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