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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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of anybody but a president -- well, let's see. it was secretary of war william bellmap, 140 years ago in 1876. there hasn't been an impeachment of anybody below the cabinet ever. but they're going to try it on the commissioner of the irs. they will not proceed. but they're going to try. that will do it for us tonight. good evening, lawrence. hillary clinton's two front
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the boss responsible for all of this? if we're going to impeach someone? >> i think it's telling that the irs commissioner isn't bothering himself to show up for his own hearing. >> i think that's what you call confidence. so the businessman candidate is teaching people how to run for president. they're actually saying now that donald trump has taught them that their big campaigning mistake is that they just haven't been nasty enough. >> the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. >> donald trump, america's walking talking brush fire. >> he could bankrupt america like he has his companies. i do not want americans to start
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to believe that this is a normal candidacy. it isn't. >> we will be strong together. we will prove love trumps hate. >> they're dirty players. >> we are going to unify the democratic party and stop donald trump. >> our campaign is a far and away stronger against trump. [ crowd chanting bernie] >> come the it end of july, will the democratic party be united after the convention? >> absolutely. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> this is "the last word on campaign 2016." >> the polls are coming out fast and furious now. it's only monday and we have two new national polls and at first glance they each look different. they're actually fundamentally the same. last week a fox news poll showed a tightening in the race between donald trump and hillary clinton that we had not seen before and the most shocking part of the poll was that it showed donald
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trump ahead of hillary clinton. the fox news poll came out with hillary clinton at 42%. right there. 42%. with a three point margin of error. what that means is this could be three points higher or it could be three points lower, all the way down to 39. then yesterday, an abc news washington post poll showing hillary clinton at 44%. thatas right inside the margin of error that fox news poll had. it in effect predicted the abc news washington post poll. it already showed if you included the margin of error, she might be at 44. so, it's not in conflict on that number and the abc poll has a three point margin of error. which meentz the forty-four could be as high as 47, could be
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as low as 41 and yesterday, an nbc wall street journal poll showing hillary clinton at 46%. and so the way you should look at the polls is never that they are reporting to you a precise number the way a nurse does when she takes your temperature, 98.6 or their are reporting to you a band of possibility. it's as if the nurse says to you your temperature may be between 95.6 to 101.6. these polls represent that band of possibility. each one predicts the next one reasonably well. meanwhile, trump was at 45% in the fox poll and abc news poll, on the don was at 46, which is within the margin of error of the fox poll and abc news poll, 43%. which is within the margin of
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error. so, all of these polls are not really disagreeing with each other. they are actually verifying each other within the margin of error and each of the polls shows a separation between the candidates that is within the margin of error. the fox news polshow trump with the highest number. the nbc news poll, shows hillary clinton with the higher number. but that's all i call it. the higher number. because what is true is that they are reporting a statistical tie and so they should not really be reported as one candidate leading the other. so, if you're a trump supporter and sees a poll with donald trump three points higher than hillary clinton, what you're seeing is a tie in that poll. and if you're a clinton supporter who see as hillary clinton three points higher than donald trump in a poll what you're actually seeing is a statistical tie and when the
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campaigns see a tie in the polls, that's when they sharpen their attacks against each other. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to normalize himself in this period. i do not want americans -- and good thinking republicans as well as independents, to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy. it it isn't. >> here's what hillary clinton said to a union audience today in detroit. >> he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted companies. i mean ask yourself. how can anybody lose money running a casino? really? when donald trump talks about deporting 11 million immigrants, he's talking about ripping apart families like darla's. he's talking about sending a deportation force to round up
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moms, dads, grandparents, even children. we need a president who will use the bully pulpit to stand up for working families. but the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. >> joining us now, founder of pulse for the nbc news. and charley sykes and editor and chief of right wisconsin. a leader of the never-trump movement. and former dnc chairman and a hillary clinton supporter. he's also an msnbc political analyst. needless to say, i was very nervous explaining polls with you listening. but is that the way you see it? that these polls are basically supporting each other within the margin of error? >> exactly, lawrence. you explained it well. indeed every poll has a margin of error and all of these polls are showing the same thing and
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that is the race is, if not dead even, at least very, very close and what we try and do is look beyond just who's ahead and who's behind into the dynamics of what's happening and why. and that's really the basis. >> i just try to make the description of these numbers as neutral as possible. let's take a look at one number, peter in the nbc news poll. that's bernie sanders versus donald trump. he is now at 54, donald trump at 39. now, that's a 15-point lead. that's way outside the margin of error and that's what polling looks like outside the margin of error. peter, there's a lot of talk about that number, it's the one number people insist should not be believed in any of these polls. what is your judgment of that particular polling number?
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>> i think you have to believe the number but put it in perspective and that is -- basically, senator sanders has not been judged in the same way. yes, he's doing well in the campaign but most of the voters know him only in general and not about his specifics and when it comes to the specifics, he hasn't had the same scrutiny as senator clinton or secretary clinton and that's the big difference. so, not all numbers are even or equal in this kind of situation. not diminishing his strength but it tells you more about donald trump than it does about senator sanders. let's listen to what hillary clinton said on meet the press. >> i think in the course of this campaign we are going to demonstrate he has no ideas. there's no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises.
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he seems to be particularly focussed on making himself appear great and as we go through this campaign, we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric. >> charley sykes, you don't want to see donald trump in there. if hillary clinton gets the nomination, she's who's standing between donald trump and the presidency. what do you make from your perspective on how the clinton campaign is handling the trump campaign at this point? >> i think the most striking thing about these polls is how many voters are going to go to the polls with fear and loathing. the negatives for both candidates are through the roof. and this is the problem for hillary clinton. as i'm watching the polls, you're seeing conservatives not listen to me and republicans colesing round donald trump. and that's because every time you bring up donald trump's
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serial lying, the fact that he's a conman, what you hear from people is yes, hillary clinton is worse. the tox isty of hillary clinton among conservatives cannot be over stated. there's been 20 years of anti-clinton stories and rhetoric that have been
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the southern emerror rules the southern land. our destiny is rich in heaven's book. today, we also remember the longer history between vietnamese and americans that is too often overlooked. more than 200 years ago, when our founding fathers, thomas jefferson sought rice for his farm. he looked to the rice of vietnam, which he said had the reputation of being whitest to the eye, best flavor to the taste and most productive. soon after american trade ships arrived in your ports. during the second world war i americans came here to support your struggle against
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occupation. when american pilots were shot down, the vietnamese people help rescue them. and on the day vietnam declared independence, crowds took to the streets of this city, in ho chi minh and evoked the declaration of independence and he said all people are created equal. the creatoren do youed them with rights, among these are the life to right, the right to liberty and the right to the pursuit of happiness. and another time the profession of these shared ideals and our common story of throwing off colonialism might have brought us closer together sooner. but instead cold war rivalries and fears of communism pulled us in to conflict. like other conflicts throughout human history we learn once more
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a bitter trut, that war, no matter what our intentions may be, brings suffering and tragedy. your war memorial, not far from here and with family alters across the country you remember some 3 million vietnamese soldier and civilians who lost their lives. at our memorial wall in washington, we can touch the names of 58,315 americans who gave their lives in the conflict. in both of our countries, our veterans and families of the fallen still ache for the friends and loved ones they lost. just as we learned in america that even if we disagree about a war we must always honor those who serve and welcome them home with the respect they deserve, we can join together today,
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vietnamese and americans and acknowledge the pain and sacrifices on both sides. more recently over the past two decades, vietnam has achieved enormous progress. today the world can see the strides you have made. economic reforms and trade agreements, including with the united states, you have entered the global economy, selling your goods around the world. more foreign investment is coming in. and with one of the fastest growing economies in asia, vietnam has moved up to become a middle-income nation. we see vietnam's progress in the sky scrapers, and buildings in hanoi, shopping centers, in the satellites vietnam puts in to space and the new generation that is on-line and launching start ups and running new
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ventures. we see it in the tens of millions of vietnamese connected on facebook and instagram and you are not just posting selfies, although i hear you do that a lot and so far there have been a number of people who have asked me for selfies. you are also raising your voices for causes you care about, like saving the old trees of hanoi. all of this dyanism has lifted millions in to a fast growing middle class. hunger, disease, child and maternal mortality are all down. the number of people with clean drinking water and electricity. the number of boys and girls in school, in your literacy rate, these are all up.
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this is extraordinary progress. this is what you have been able to achieve in a short period of time. as vietnam has transformed, so has the relationship between our two nations. we learned lesson taught by -- who said in true dialogue both sides are willing to change. in this way the very war that divided us became a source for healing. it allowed us to account for the missing and finally bring them home. it allowed us to help remove land mines and unexploded bombs because no child should ever lose a leg just playing outside. as we continue to assist vietnamese with disabilities, including children we are helping remove agent orange, so vietnam can reclaim more of your land. we are proud of our work together and we look forward to
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supporting your efforts. it's also not forget the reconciliation by our countries was led by our veterans who once faced each other in battle. think of senator john mccain. who was held here for years as a prisoner of war, meeting the general who said our countries should not be enemies by friends. think of all of the vietnamese that helped us to heal and build new ties. few have done more in this regard than former navy lieutenant and now secretary of state for the united states john kerry, who is here today and on behalf of all of us, john, we thank you for your efforts. [ applause ] because our veterans showed us
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the way, because warriors had the courage to pursue peace, our peoples are now closer than ever before. our trade has surged. our students and scholars learn together. we welcome more vietnamese students to america than any other country in southeast asia and every year you welcome more and more american tourists, including young americans with their backpacks to hanoi's 36 streets and the shops in the imperial city. as vietnamese and americans, we can all relate to those words, from now we know each other's homeland. from now we learn to feel for each other. as president i built on this progress.
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with our new comprehensive partnerships, our governments are working more closely together than ever before. with this visit we put our relationship on a firmer footing for decades to come. in a sense, the long story between our two nations that began with thomas jefferson, two centuries ago has now come full circle. it has taken many years and required great effort. now we can say something that was once unimaginable. today vietnam and the united states are partners. i believe our experience holds lessons for the world. at a time when many conflicts seem as if they will never end, we have shown that hearts can change, and that a different future is possible when we refuse to be prisoners of the past. we've shown how peace can be
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better than war. we've shown that progress and human dignity is best advanced by cooperation and not conflict. that's what vietnam and america can show the world. now, america's new partnership with vietnam is rooted in some basic truths. vietnam is an independent sovereign nation. no other nation can impose its will on you or decide your destiny. [ applause ] the united states has an interest here. we have an interest in vietnam's success. our partnership is in the early stages. by the time i've left i want to share what i believe can guide us too the decades ahead. first, let's work together to create real opportunity and prosperity for all of our people. we know the ingredients for
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economic success in the 21st century. in our global economy, investment and trade flows to wherever there is rule of law because no one wants to pay a bribe to start a business. nobody wants to sell their goods or go to school if they don't know how they will be treated. and knowledge-based economies, jobs go to where people have the freedom to think for themselves and exchange ideas and innovate. real economic partnerships are not just about one country extracting resources from another, they are about investing in our greatest resource, which is our people and their skills and their talents, whether you live in a big city or rural village. that's the kind of partnership that america offers. as i announced yesterday, the peace corps will come to vietnam for the first time focusing on teaching english. a generation after young americans came here to fight, a
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new generation of americans will come to teach, build and deepen the friendships between us. [ applause ] some of america's leading technology companies and academic institutions are joining vietnamese universities to strengthen training in science, engineering, mathematics and medicine. because even as we keep welcoming more vietnamese students to america, we also believe young people deserve a world-class education here in vietnam. it's one of the reasons why we are excited this fall the new poll bright university to open in ho chi minh city where there will be full academic freedom and scholarships for those in need. [ applause ] students, scholars, researchers
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will focus on public policy in management and business, on engineering and computer science and liberal arts. everything from the poetry of wen tsu, to mathematics. and we will keep partnering with young people and entrepreneurs because we believe if you can access the skills and teg nothing and capital you need nothing can stand in your way and that includes the talented women of vietnam. we think gender equality is an important principle. from chu the evidence is clear, i say it wherever i go around the world, families, communities and countries are more prosperous when girls and women have an equal opportunity to succeed in school and at work and government.
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that's true everywhere and it's true he in vietnam [ applause ] we will keep working to advance your economy with the transpacific partnership. here in vietnam tpp will allow you to sell more of your products to the world and attract investment. tpp will require reforms to protect worker and rule of law, intellectual property. the united states is ready to assist vietnam as it works to fully implement its commitments. i want you to know as president of the united states, i strongly support tpp because you will be able to buy more of our goods, made in america. moreover, i support tpp because of its important strategic benefits. vietnam will be less dependent on any one trading partner and enjoy broader ties with more
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partners including the united states. [ applause ] and tpp will reinforce regional cooperation, it will help address economic inequality and advance human r50i9s with higher wages and safer working commissions. for the first time here in vietnam, the right to form independent labor unions, prohibitions against forced labor and child labor. and it has the strongest environmental protections and the strongest anti-corruption standards of any trade agreement in history. that's the future tpp offers for all of us because all of us, the united states, vietnam, and the other signatories will have to abide by these rules that we have shaped together. that's the future that is available to all of us. we now have to get it done for the sake of our economic prosperity and our national
10:29 pm
security. this brings me to the second area where we can work together and that is ensuring our mutual security. with this visit, we have agreed to elevate our security cooperation and build more trust between our men and women in uniform. we'll continue to offer training and equipment to enhance vietnam's maritime capabilities. we will partner to deliver humanitarian aid in times of disaster. with the announcement i made yesterday to fully lift the ban on defense sales, vietnam will have great esther access to the military equipment you need to ensure your security and the united states is demonstrating our commitment to fully normalize our relationship with vietnam [ applause ] more broadly, the 20th century has taught all of us including the united states and vietnam
10:30 pm
this international order upon which our security depends is rooted in certain rules and norms. nations of sovereign, and no matter how large or small a nation may be, its sovereignty should be respected. and the territory should not be violated. big nations should not bully smaller ones. disputes should be resolved peacefully. [ applause ] and regional institutions, like osean. that's the partnership america offers this region. i look forward to advancing the spirit of respect and reconciliation later this year when i become the first u.s. president this year to visit laos. in the south china sea, united states is not a claimant in current disputes. but we will stand with partners in a holding for principles like
10:31 pm
freedom of navigation and overflight and lawful commerce that is not impeded and the peaceful resolution of disputes through legal means in accordance with international law. as we go forward, the united states will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows and we will support the right of all countries to do the same. [ applause ] ven as we cooperate more closely in the areas i've described the partnership includes a third element, addressing areas where our governments disagree, including on human rights. i say this not to single out vietnam. no nation is perfect. two centuries on, the united states is still striving to live up to our founding ideas. we still deal with our
10:32 pm
shortcomings. too much money in politics and rising economic inequality. racial bias in our criminal justice system, women still not being paid as much as men doing the same job. we still have problems and we're not immune from criticism. i promise you. i hear it every day. but that's scrutiny, that open debate. confronting our imperfections and allowing everybody to have their say has helped us to grow stronger, more prosperous and just. i've said it before, the united states does not seek to impose our form of government on vietnam. the rights i speak of, i believe, are not american values. i think they are universal values, written in to the universal declaration of human rights. they are written in to the vietnamese constitution which states citizens have the right
10:33 pm
to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to access information, the right to assembly, the right to association and the right to demonstrate. that's in the vietnamese constitution. [ applause ] so really this is an issue about all of us, each country trying to consistently apply these principles, making sure that we, those of us in government, are being true to these ideals. in recent years, vietnam has made some progress. vietnam's committed to bring its laws in line with i9s new constitution and with international norms. under recently passed laws, the government will disclose more of its budget and the public will have the right to access more information and as i said,
10:34 pm
vietnam has committed to economic and labor reforms under the tpp but these are all positive steps. ultimately the future of vietnam will be decided by the people of vietnam. every country will chart its own path and our nations have different traditions, different political systems and cultures, but as a friend of vietnam, allow me to share miff view, why i believe nations are more successful when the universal rights are upheld. when there is freedom of expression and speech and when people can access the internet and media without restriction, that fuels the innovation economies need to thrive. that's where new ideas happen. that's how a facebook starts. that's how some of our greatest
10:35 pm
companies began. because somebody had a new idea that was different and they were able to share it. when there's freedom of the press. when journalists and bloggers are able to shine a light on injustice or abuse, that holds officials. the system works. when candidates can run for office and campaign freely and voters can choose their own leaders in free and fair elections, it makes the countries more stable because citizens know their voices count and that peaceful change is possible. it brings new people in to the system. when there's freedom of religion, it not only allows people to fully express the love and compassion at the heart of all great religions, but allows faith groups to serve their own communities to schools and hospitals a care for the poor and vulnerable. when there's freedom of assembly, citizens are free to
10:36 pm
organize in civil society, countries can better address challenges that government sometimes cannot solve by itself. so it is my view that upholding these rights is not a threat to stability but actually reinforces stability and the foundation of progress. after all these rights inspired people including vietnam to throw off colonialism and i believe upholding these rights is the opinions of so many cherished including here in a nation that proclaims to be of the people, by the people and for the people. vietnam will do it dimpley than the united states does. each of us will do it differently from many other countries around the world. but there are basic principles that i think we all have to try to work on and improve.
10:37 pm
i say this as somebody about to leave office. so i have the benefit of almost eight years now reflecting on how our system has worked and interacting with countries around the world who are constantly trying to improve their systems, as well. finally, our partnership, i think, can meet global challenges that no nation can solve by itself. if we are going to ensure the health of our people and beauty of our planet, it has to be sun sustainable. natural wonders have to be preserved for our children and grandchildren. as partners in this fight
10:38 pm
against climate change we need to fulfill the commitments we made in paris. help farmers and villages and people who depend on fishing to adapt and bring more clean energy. rice bowl of the world we need to feed future generations. by helping other countries strengthen, for example, their health systems we can prevent outbreaks of disease from becoming epidemics that threaten all of us. as vietnam deepens its commitment to u.n. peace keeping, the united states is proud to help train your peacekeepers. what a truly remarkable thing that is. our nations who once fought, helping others achieve peace as well. in addition to our bilateral relationship, our partnership also allows us to help shape the
10:39 pm
international environment in ways that are positive. now fully realizing the vision i described today will not happen overnight and it is not inevitable. there maybe stumbles an set backs along the way. there will be times when there are misunderstandings. it will take sustained effort and true dialogue where both sides continue to change. considering the history and hurdles we have overcome, i stand before you optimistic about our future together. my confidence is rooted in the shared aspirations of our people. i think of all of the american and vietnamese who crossed a wide ocean. some reuniting with families for the first time in decades and
10:40 pm
one who said joined hands opened their heart and seen our common humanity in each other. [ applause ] i think of all of the vietnamese americans who succeeded in every walk of life. doctors, journalists, judges, public servants, one who was born here wrote me a letter and said, by god's grace i have been able to live the american dream. i'm very proud to be an american but also very proud to be vietnamese. and today he's here. today he's here back in the country of his birth because he said his personal passion is improving the life of every vietnamese person. i think of a new generation of vietnamese, so many young people ready to make their mark on the
10:41 pm
world. i want to say to all of the young people listening, your talent, your drive, your dreams and those things vietnam has everything it needs to thrive. your destiny is your hands. this is your moment and as you pursue the future you want, i want you to know the united states of america will be right there with you as your partner and as your friend. [ applause ] many years from now, i hope you think back to this moment and draw hope from the vision that i've offered today. or if i can say it another way, in words you know well from the tale of -- please take from me
10:42 pm
this token of trust so we can embark upon our 100-year journey together. [ applause ] thank you very much. thank you, vietnam. thank you. ♪ >> all right. you have been listening to president obama speaking to the people of vietnam. he said a number of things, including he has come mindful of the past but focused on the future. he reiterated that our governments are working together closely than ever before. and as you recall yesterday the president announced the u.s. is lifting the arms embargo with vietnam that's been many decades old. that has since been lifted. again, president speaking to the people of vietnam there in hanoi. of course we will continue to follow his trip. this is day two of a three-day visit. from there he will go to japan and we will follow the president's trip to asia.
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veterans got together in new york city. they went to trump tower with protest signs and spoke from the heart about why they never want to see donald trump become commander in chief. that's coming up. but first, here's how it looked today on the campaign trail. protesting today will join us. >> donald trump has acted like a fraud and we're calling on him
10:45 pm
to apologize to american veterans and live up to his other big elephant in the room. >> i have no reason whatsoever that i'm being considered for a position like that. >> that's the same thing he told me a few weeks ago. >> and another week with two opponents. not just bernie sanders but donald trump. >> i like hillary but things might change when it comes to election. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. [ applause ] >> bernie sanders is a much stronger candidate in the general election than secretary clinton. >> she applauded senator sanders for challening her the way that
10:46 pm
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(vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a baking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. a group of military veterans went to trump tower to protest candidate trump. >> here with so many of my fellow veterans because this most recent revelation about the missing funds from the fund raiser that was supposedly designed to benefit veteran charitable organization. for us, it's part of a long and disturbing pattern of donald trump using veterans for
10:50 pm
political prop to advance an agenda of bigotry and hate that does not represent the opinions of the military or veterans at large. in afghanistan, i served with muslims, i served with women, latinos, immigrants. all groups that donald trump has them maligned and insulted. these are folks who put their lives on the line. donald trump has never served as far as those of us gathered here, he only sees interest in serving himself. >> veteran, obrian explained what he fears most about donald trump as commander and chief. >> i think many of us gathered here feel that donald trump as commander and chief would put american lives at risk and particularly put our fellow u.s. troops who are still serving
10:51 pm
overseas in greater danger. he's shown to be reckless, impulsive and combines inexperience with bravado and confidence, which is a deadly combination, as many of a us who have served overseas knows. >> also speaking for the veterans protesting, was u.s. marine corp veteran, mccoy. >> he skipped one of the debates and instead held a fund raiser claiming he was raising money for veterans. in that event he said he had raised $6 million. it turns out according to a washington post report that he did not actually raise that money, that he lied to american voters and we're calling on him to apologize for doing so and to actually live up to his commitment. >> it looks like our coverage of this night has brought some tweets from donald trump. alexander mccoy will join us to
10:52 pm
discuss that coming up. after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour.
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what will you do with your aleve hours?
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donald trump would be a reckless and dangerous commander and chief. >> alexander, you won't be surprised to learn that since i started talking about this, donald trump has started tweeting in a frenzy. he tweeted amazingly with all the money i raised for vets, i have got nothing but bad publicity from the dishonest and disgusting media. which means me. we're going to be back with alexander mccoy. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. ♪ and to think this one actually has
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romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad wi chicken. at panera. food as it should be. i served in the marine corps. the core values are honor, curage and commitment. donald trump made a commitment and failed to keep it. he has not shown the curage to admit his mistake and apologize to american veterans for trying to use them as props. and he's not shown any honor in his actions or his policies. he would make a reckless and dangerous commander and chief. and as americans, we would be fundamentally less safe with donald trump as president. donald trump has acted like a fraud and we're calling on him to apologize to american veterans. >> joining us now, marine corps veteran, alexander mccoy. we showed a little clip of you earlier in the show.
10:57 pm
after that, donald trump started tweeting. he's said first tweet of the night was "while under no obligation to do so, i have raised between 5 and $6 million, including $1 million from me for our veterans. nice." i'm not sure what documentation we have for any of that. >> there's been no transparency, no accountability. the numbers they've been quoting have been all over the place. at the fund raiser he claimed for certain they had $6 million raised. now the campaign was saying 4 1/2 million. now, 4 to 6. how much money? where's it going? they won't tell us. we have news organizations trying to track it down and what's disturbing to me is not whether he's raising money for veterans or not. it's the way he's doing it. it's the fact that he's using it to distract attention from his
10:58 pm
flaws as a candidate. he's using it to try to take advantage of the good will that american voters have for our men and women who served in uniform and tried to ride their coat tails and avoid any kind of criticism. and the fact that we've not gotten a straight answer from donald trump on this makes me very concerned about what kind of president he would be. and we need to hold him accountable and demand he show transparency and he lives up to the commitments that he's made. >> to say a number is between 5 and $6 million is completely unacceptable in any kind of charitable exercise, it's easy to take a day to day accounting oof the actual number and documented, which he hasn't done. "much of the money i have raised for our veterans has already been distributed with the rest
10:59 pm
to go shortly to various other veteran groups." what do we know factually demonstrated about where this money has gone? >> one of the interesting things is the way they picked charitable organizations for this funding was by which had a direct connection to his campaign. and if we think of what kind of president he might be, if this is how he runs his campaign, is he going to be distributing federal handouts to people who happen to be his friends? this genuine desire to help veterans and try to make a difference, he's trying to do it in a way that will get him the most political capital and that's why we protested today. >> really an honor to meet you. >> thank you for having me on the show, sir. >> alexander mccoy gets tonight's last word.
11:00 pm
hillary clinton's two front war. let's play hardball. good evening. hillary clinton substantials as the chief strategist of the stop trump movement. 16 republicans tried to beat trump. the national republican establishment and allies tried to stop to no effect. hillary clinton stands as the last barricade. as i said, the chief strategist in the latest stop trump movement. a last-ditch effort before. all convinced their mission would prove ultimately successful. let's admit this basic fact tonight. since this 2016 presidential campaign got its start, we heard candidate after candidate agree they would certainly beat trump if they got them in debate or


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