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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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foundation he responds today. >> this is nothing that had to do with the clinton's foundation. i didn't bring the donor in. i am not sure if i met the person to be honest. >> cro >> crossing the line, as thousands of veterans are still waiting for va care. wa it was compared to like waiting in lines at disney >> what's your satisfaction with these experiences. the va secretary will be joining us exclusively here. i am andrea mitchell in los angeles. donald trump doubling down on his strategy of trying to make the clinton's scandal in th
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the '90s from page news today. >> nbc's halie jackson is in new mexico where trump will be campaigning today and kristen welker, she will be joining us shortly. halie, lets talk about the trump's strategy. is this a smart strategy given the fact that certainly the ben foster suicide plan -- we heard him with independent swing voters. >> reporter: and that's the question, andrea, having a little bit of difficulty hearing you here. i think you are talking of the conspiracy of ben foster and what that could do with voters. you talk about this idea of trump talking about it or raising with this. this is not new for him. we saw it at the end of the ted
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cruz campaign when trump talked about possible links again, debunk conspiracy theory tieing ted cruz's father -- so this is not a new thing for donald trump. with that said, there is a question whether this speaks to sort of the fringe group that buys into and propagates conspiracy theory. clearly trump feels as though he wants to throw everything against the wall and see it sticks. testing the water. and putting something out there and pull it back to see how the public reacts or the media reacts and see if he can dive into further.
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here in you can here the music behind me at 7:00 local tonight and 9:00 eastern. for trump, the question is will his continued discussion, he will continue to talk about these conspiracies, will it do anything for him to move between the needle. >> the poll issues of the personal attack on clinton is crowding out policy discussions. today she's trying to pivot things of what he said about the housing collapse and how he could make money from it. ken star is now a college president speaking from the national constitutional center about bill clinton. this is interesting. >> clinton is the most gifted politician of the baby boomer in
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generations. a remarkable gift. his genuine empathy, leaves aside the unpleasantness, his general empathy for human beings is clear. it is powerful. the folks in arkansas really understood that and that he genuinely cares. the i feel your pain is absolutely genuine. >> ken star, the former prosecutor is now the president of baylor university. krist krist kristen welker. you have been following this campaign. they are not responding and they are back and forth with this. they're bringing up a whole issue of what donald trump had to say about the housing collapse. >> reporter: that's right, the clinton campaign says they're not going to get in the gutter with donald trump on these issues.
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their words, they don't think to do that. they're trying to keep the focus on policy. today releasing a new ad that slams donald trump for his comments during the housing crisis and saying he could benefit from the housing crisis there. taking a page out of the obama's play book when he's trying to pin it on mit romney. it worked in 2012, that's the question if it will work today. >> one of his donors who are also a donor to the clinton initiative. lets play it. >> i read the story yesterday and i got questions about a donor, my team vetted this individual. he's a green card holder since 2007 and we are very confident. >> our thanks to halie jackson and kristen welker as we have to
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move onto barbara boxer. let me ask you first to response to this breaking news of terry mccaller. >> well, i don't know anything about it. if it is in the hands of the investigators, we'll see what happens. that's not an issue i am really knowledgeable about. >> well, this whole campaign seems to be focusing on one scandal after another alleged scandal. donald trump is unloading on the foster conspiracy theory. the man committed suicide and he was close to the clinton. this was a painful period. how do we get to the stage 20 years later, we are talking about how did he die. >> donald trump does not want anybody to look at anything he's done in his life.
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all he does is tear down people. anybody. he did it with his opponents in the primary and he will do it with clinton. i want to make about point here. donald trump says, he wants to make america great and then you have to look at his life. was he making america great when he says i am excited about the housing crisis because i can make money. why don't he come out and meet with my people in california who are still suffering and mortgages are under water. how did he make america great again when he's shipping jobs to china instead of manufacturing here. i don't know how he's going to make america great when he does not pay any taxes. taxes go to our fundamental. he's going to do his attack machine and we are not going to
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go for it. we'll talk about his vision for america and hillary's record and her vision for america. >> before she can compete against donald trump, she has to deal with bernie sanders. first of all, what he's demanding today out here in california that why would she not debate when he said months ago. >> first, lets speak with someone who's a democrat. we have nine debates. it is time for us to unite. and hillary has been cleared. she's out there in california and so is bill by the way. really working their hearts out to win california and to do well in all the states that have not voted. i think that's a decision her campaign made. i think everyone knows that te s
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differences and disagreements. >> a lot has happened in the last debate and bernie sanders is pointing out that the californians have not voted. >> i know, election day has not come yet. it is on its way and we are excited. my people are intelligence. they follow the debate and they know what's happening. bernie has been spending time there and hillary. bill has been spending time there. people are smart and they know what's going on. they know who's standing for what and how and who. >> it is little polling so far. the la time is digging big in the registration quote yesterday. their initial findings are more young people registered in the closing days. that seems to be good for bernie sanders since he benefited gr t greatly with the younger people
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>> for sure, he has captured the imagination for the young one and that's good for a party at the end of today. there is a u.s. survey poll that shows hillary is up by double digit, whether it is accurate or not, i cannot say but it was a big poll done out there so we'll see. it is going to be interesting. >> finally, the clinton team is not saying he can get out before california for the final primary. now, he's saying he's going to fight all the way to the convention with the super delegates. how damaging is that to her if this flight goes on until july >> she's very strong. she won so many more votes than bernie. she has won so many delegates and does not need the super delegates at the end of the day. we don't know that for sure. even a super delegate, pretty strong for her. the bottom line is bernie can stay in as long as she wants and
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as long as we are listening to one another and respectful of one another. i know what happens when that's the case and it is damaging to our democracy. >> barbara boxer, thank you very much. >> we are monitoring this development in pennsylvania with bill cosby is in a pretrial hearing. the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go against the 78 years old entertainer. this morning, a police officer read a statement from his accuser. in 2004, cosby gave her the pill before allegedly sexually assaulted her. he said they engaged in consensual sexual activities. coming up, outrage of the va. the veteran affairs comparing wait time for care to lines at
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together, we're building a better california. what we should be measuring is the veteran's satisfaction. do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? what's important? what i would like to move through eventually is that kind of measure. >> veterans affair robert mcdonald continue to get a lot of flash for his comments
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yesterday. reactions from donald trump tweeting, obama's va secretary says we should not measure our time. house speaker paul ryan joining the criticism today. >> when the va secretary comparing the lines at his agency to lines at an amusement part? we were dumbfounded. this is not make believe. this is not disney land or wonder land for that matter. veterans have died waiting in line for their care. >> clearly, the secretary's comments were not worthy of the veterans he serves. >> the va secretary robert mcdonald is joining me now of the house speaker criticizing your analogy. >> you know, i am here and i took this job and i came out of
9:17 am
retirement to take this job to fight for veterans and to transform the va to provide a better veterans experience. as you know, i went to west point and i was airborne ranger in the airborne division and i joined the proctor gamble worker f for a number of years. transforming the va and improving care. i am fighting for my brothers and sisters to who veterans. we are working hard. we get it, wait times are important. there are more to the veterans experience than just wait times. >> well, i want to give you a chance because a year ago, a little more than a year ago on meet the press, you said that you were, you know, firing people and you were taking changes. yet, there is a new gl report indicates there are still long
9:18 am
wait times of 180 people who have been surveyed only 60 had gotten in for primary care. have you fixed the problems you were hired to fix? >> we are in the midst of trans formation. we had over 2 million health care improvements. we opened up over 4 million square feet of new space which means more access for veterans. we improved productivity for providers. our average wait times are three days form mental health and six days for specialty care. we know those are averages and serving people on iert eeither
9:19 am
the bell curve. the work has not done yet. >> has there been people fired from wait times. >> there is been people fired from wait times. we have 2900 terminated for wait times. not all for wait times but various suspension. >> can you explain of the analogy of your wait care. >> andrea, i am a veteran. i have put my life endanger for this country. i have served with those who put their own lives in danger. i came out of retirement to do this job because i care so deeply about those men and women who served our country. i have been over 300 facilities now and about 20 months. i sit down and i talk to
9:20 am
veterans and i listen to their concerns. nothing drives me crazy more than our in ability to provide timely care for them. i am working as hard as i can. things are improving but they are not where they need to be and we are working hard to give them there. are you sorry you said what you said? >> look, as i said, i am here to improve the veterans experience and giving veterans for care and reduce the disability claims black log. wait times are important but it is not the only measure of veterans experience. that's what veterans are telling us. we talked to a lot of veterans. it is important and if i were misunderstood or said the wrong thing, i am glad i have to correct it. >> and, do you think you need to communicate to congress given the criticism that you are now facing from the speaker of the
9:21 am
house. >> we report to congress frequently. we had a hearing several weeks ago and a hearing today. we have many opportunities to communicate to congress. congress know why i am here. i had the house, the republicans ahead of our senate committee wanted me to stay for the next administration. you know, i don't know what's going to happen but i am focused on one thing. i am only focused on one thing and that's better caring for veterans. that's my job and that's why i am here and that's what i am working hard to do. >> is the white house waiting on this at all privately with you? >> i been off site and the reason i am dressed casually is i have been off site of a development where we train leaders out of the va. i do much of that training myself and me sitting here talking to you is obviously, taking my time away from the
9:22 am
training and that training is about again, improving the veterans experience and getting more people in the care. >> well, we thank you for coming and talking and confronting us today. >> thank you, andrea. >> it is always good to talk to you. >> va secretary. robert mcdonnal. >> coming up, we'll get reactions. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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i am fighting for my brothers and sisters who are veterans and we are working hard to improve the veterans experience. we get it, wait times are important. there is more to the veterans experience than just wait times. >> veterans affair bob mcdonald explaining his controversial comparisons of wait times of veterans comparing to an
9:26 am
amusement park. mathew, thank you for being with us. first, your response to bob mcdonald and his analogy. >> obviously, he said something very clumsy. to his credit it is not the entire conversation. i think wait times and wait times have caused lives and it is a silly comparison to disney but there is also a quality of care and that has been lagging as well. they are working on that. the entire thing has to get dealt with because the entire thing is a mess. >> you deal with ptsd in your book and tribes you have an interesting comparison. first, talk about what happens to our returning vets and the care they get. not just the care from va but
9:27 am
the care from our society from the emotional experience they had. >> my book "tribe" is of the differences of the community. what happens from ptsd rates to suicide depression and the political situation we are in right now it affects all of that. israel, there is national service, something like a 1% in the u.s. military to around 20%. the thesis in "tribe" the level of long-term ptsd in the veterans population a, is in the function of the war. it is a function o f the fractured nature of the society that veterans come back to. that affects everybody and the book is about the effect of all of us about modern society. >> and what is the solution for
9:28 am
that? what can we do and what can family or medical team do to so soften that sense of community. >> if we treat our societal ills. i am reminded of a letter that benjamin franklin wrote in the 1700s. he said we have thousands of calls running off to join one indian but not one indian has joined civilization. what is it of all its wonderful benefits that's so alienating. we have to address that. i think national service with the military option but mandatory national service would be an amazing thing to unify this country and gives each
9:29 am
young generation an incredible experience to really bind this country together. >> yourself experienced ptsd after one of your deployments or experiences as a journalist in afghanistan. when you got back in new york, you were in crowded places like the subway and you felt it. explain it to us. >> yeah, this was a year befo before 9/11. we were in a lot of combat and the taliban had tanks. we got hammered a couple of times and i got back. i could not be in a small crowded place. i completely freaked out. humans are adaptive to traumas. frankly, i think a lot of it is
9:30 am
not trauma. i think that's actually one of the very real stressor in addition to whatever combat they may have experienced. sebastian junger, thank you very much for sharing with us today. >> coming up, back to the future, today, donald trump is bringing back old controversies in the clinton but back in the '90s he was singing a very different tune. we'll show you all that next on "andrea mitchell reports." e in with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato...
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plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. did you have a flaker taking a shower and waking up in the morning, donald trump, why don't you run for governor or president, did you ever think about that? >> people want me all the time. what about you? >> i don't like it. >> can you imagine it? >> donald trump with chris mathews in 1998 during the
9:34 am
clinton administration. joining me now is chris cillizza. the clinton campaign says they're not going to respond to all these personal attacks and particularly what escalated today and yesterday, of course was this whole issue of vince foster of a suicide tragedy during the clinton administration and a long time friend and there were conspiracy theories at the time as to how he had died. >> nothing reached the level of serious commentary, anne. >> yeah, there are people close to the clinton campaign who are just sort of flapping their forehead thinking really?
9:35 am
we'll have another conversation of vince foster, someone really facing from all public and certainly has nothing to do these people's views with anything that is relevant in this political election. we have seen often and as a daily factor for clinton to contend with when donald trump says something and points his fingers at things in clinton's path, it llc, limited liability company becomes the story. this is going to happen to her and about her from now until the election. it is something that they really try to figure out how to reckon with. here is some more of donald trump with chris mathews, 1998, during the whole controversy which led to impeachment. lets play a little bit more of that. >> bill clinton -- what does he need to do? >> well, i don't know, it is so embarrassing. you have to say where does it stop. i really like this guy but you
9:36 am
have to say, where does it stop and why do they keep on revealing details and now they talk about where it took place and where it took place and on the desk or off the desk. it is out of control. paul lone, that statement was as bad statement to have made and it is proven b.b. false. >> which table is that? >> well, he denied it. >> so chris cillizza, that's donald trump in 1998 talking to chris mathews calling paula jones is a loser. how do we deal with this in this campaign? >> well, i feel like i say this everyday with you, andrea. most campaign, chris mathew's
9:37 am
interview will be problematic for trump. >> and now turning to the other side because it was to do so. would tl wealth of information that we have from the primary process suggests that there is no reason to think that contradictions in any meaningful way affects his campaign today. >> that's then and this is now and people sort of move on. i am still waiting to see this thing from his past that contradicts his present that gets him off track and hurt him. i am skeptical that this would be the one. >> now, we have new polling from our nbc news wall street journal poll, president obama of 51% approval. this is his highest rating. how effective might he be as a campaigner when he does get into
9:38 am
this? >> does he get into this after hillary clinton going at the top or given june. >> i would not wait until bernie sande sanders. i would not expect to see him before the convention. he will be out there a lot during the general election. i would not be surprise to see michelle obama out there. >> you had hillary clinton and bill clinton out there for barack obama and michelle obama. they were able to put aside their differences. i would expect to see that again. that's something that the clintons have been able to take advantage of. they're trying to use that. >> what about the match ups between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you got new data that showing that as registration closed last night. new registrations were young people.
9:39 am
>> it is hard to know for sure. >> for example, in la county, we had nearly 200,000 registries right here. and another 4,000 people signed up over the weekend. 61% of those people were under the age of 20 >> now, now because bernie sanders has won young people. that's an advantage for him but it is possible there is just young people who are interested in this. you don't know how people are going to participate but it opens to both democrats and people who are non partisan voters who requests for the ballot. we are expecting a big turn out here in the next two weeks. >> and the clintons dealing with a close friend, of terry
9:40 am
mcauliffe. >> the fbi is investigating with possible campaign contributions and including a contributor chofs a crywho was a contributor to the clinton initiatives. there is so many over happlappi issue there, it is the illustration for mcauliffe played. he's been close to them since. he's been a financial advisory and a political advisor and he's scared to work their way and they're secondaried to work his. all of that are over lapping layers. and there is a certain question of guilt by association and he
9:41 am
does help her do a fundraiser here three days ago. he's very much active in the campaign. >> indeed, out here, and we do have breaking news from lax. where with e ae are close to re a bomb threat. no word if the passengers have been removed from the campaign. sub carrier of american eagle. a moment ago, we watched a line of what looked like law enforcement officers going up on the plane. we'll keep you updated as we get new information right here on msnbc. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part...
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at a time conflicts seem as if it will never end. we have shown that hearts can change and we refuse to be prisoners of the past. we have shown how peace can be better than war. we have shown the progress in humans dignity. that's what vietnam and america can show the world. [ applause ] >> president obama received a standing ovation in hanoi after pressing vietnam to improve its human rights record. even the administration is prepared to lift the armed embargo. the president took a moment to recognize the two u.s. laeaders who fought in the vietnam war. >> think of all the veterans, vietnamese and americans who help us heal.
9:46 am
>> now secretary of state of the united states, john kerry is here today, on behalf of all of us, we thank you for your extraordinary work. >> skrojoining me now is jack j the recipient of his medal of honor. thanks very much. what's your reaction to the president's historic visit to vietnam today. the content of that speech in hanoi which was broadcast on televisio televisions. it was important for two group of people. many are not happy that the president is going in there. secondly, people who were vitally interested in human rights and vietnam's very
9:47 am
history human rights. i think there are several hundreds anti-government vietnam anti-government people who are in jail or under house arrest. probably more than we know. those two groups of people are taking a look at the president's trip there. it revolves around national securi security. people we know and the rest including panama is concerned of the chinese government. when china has been internally strong as it is now. it expands. when it was weak in the 70s, it contract into the vietnamese. that was 40 something odd years ago and everything is concerned
9:48 am
of the chinese. >> so it was a strong signal to the chinese there as well today. i want to point out that you, chris jansing went back five years ago to vietnam and met with the commander of the forces and been p against you during fire fight that led to your heroic effort, this must be emotional for you. yes, going back to the area and it has not changed at all of 43 years. it was an emotional experience. be sat down and talk for a better part of an hour or longer than that. >> it is just two old soldiers talking around about a battle and it was an emotional meeting but after an hour, there was very little emotions at all. it was two old soldiers talking
9:49 am
about what was something 40 something years before. >> not so old. feels like recent history. thank you for everything. >> thank you, jack jacob. >> coming up, turbulent skies and backlashes over bullying and check points. the nation's busiest archt. it is bad enough. we'll talk to congressman jason shareff. >> that's next on "andrea mitchell reports," msnbc. [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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a big shake up today at the transportation security. the top security kelly hogan is under fire for receiving a 90,000 bonus. it has been removed and reassigned. joining me now is live. the chairman of the house committee. the government reforms have been pushing hard on this.
9:53 am
is this a no? >> reporter: no, that is shift that needs to be turned around. there is tens of thousands people working at tsa. they have problems atracking people and kbeting them trained. that's not a budgetary problem. that's a recruitment, training and retention problem that i don't know they saw in homeland security. >> well, the problem we had with $90,000 and the federal government should get that. he got it over a 13 month period. i got a problem with that. what's more concerning is this is during the very same time that tsa was failing within inspector generals going in and trying to penetrate to secure things more and things were not almost secured. every time went in there, they were able to get something.
9:54 am
one person is not going to solve it. he's still within the tsa and i am wondering what is his new job is. he makes about 180 plus a year. >> i know you investigated and they found flaws in the system. they are shorthanded and they're trying to hire up as fast as they can. is that the right fix? >> the tsa and these are hard difficult jobs but the importance national security and they have not found the right mix. they evaluate some 320 or so agencies and these people at the tsa are near dead lapse in terms of moral. that's management problem. my challenge is jeh johnson at
9:55 am
homela homeland security what they're trying to do. >> when we interviewed him yesterday. he said they're hiring up and trying to turn things around. the tsa officers that we need at airports are very efficient and personable. it is just there are not enough of them. is that the issue? >> yes, i do. only 400 new hires and 2,000 leaves. this is not an easy thing to solve over night. but, development of new technology and deployment of dogs and canine units, how they manage their list is who get through the tsa lines. mr. nefenger who was brought in i lie i can like him and i have a lot of confidence in him. he's got a big ship to turn
9:56 am
around now. >> jason chase, it is always good to see you. thank you, congressman. that does it for us of a busy addition of "andrea mitchell reports," from the west coast, tomorrow we are back here in la. two weeks away until the big primary. craig melvin is up next. he will have the latest of the bill cosby hearing. we are expecting a possible hearing from the judge that he will announce moments from now. stay right here on msnbc. y solu, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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♪ magcmonagle . . breaking news right now of bill cosby. bill cosby has been in court all day. the defense says that the accuser lied about past confrontations that she had. this is a preliminary hearing. this is the first charge that cosby was told that the judge's
10:00 am
decision should come in ten minutes. good day to you, 10:00 a.m. on the west coast. where bernie sanders and hillary clinton is battling for votes in california. we are also watching closely of 2016 events for you. the last 20 hours or so of a dramatic trip back to a future, it started with donald trump unleashing an instagram ad aiming at bill clinton's sexual past. >> and today blaming hillary clinton. the person that's at the lead of that fight is in fact the person could not control of what goes on in her own home >> trump told chris


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