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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm erica hill. we begin with breaking news this hour out of pennsylvania where we learned bill cosby will stand trial on sexual assault charges, that decision coming down from a judge that there is enough evidence against cosby to move forward with the case. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former university of temple employee back in 2004. it was a dramatic scene we're told by our folks who were inside the courtroom as a graphic statement from the accuser was read alleging sexual assault. the defense said it was consensual and accused her of lying. just a short time ago there was this. >> the point of this, it was intoxicating to her and she was unable to consent. that's the crime. that's the charges that were
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bound over. we look forward to handling this in court we're going to keep our comments to what happens in court. we look forward to the next step. >> we have full team coverage on this story. and we have our analysts with us. we know the decision from the judge came very quickly and what was it that said this case will move forward? >> reporter: it's preliminary hearing and said there was enough evidence and there was probable cause solely from listening to the statements from andrea constand. she was not here and not required to be here by law but her statements stood in effect to the prosecutor's testimony.
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the prosecutor said afterwards she was not required to be here, they specifically are looking forward to getting on with this trial. there is a july 20d arraignment scheduled but cosby will likely waive that and doesn't have to be here if he waives it. defense attorneys said nothing as they left. there was a lot of discussion over whether andrea constand's statements from more than ten years ago could be used. the judge was satisfied there was burden of proof to to do forward with this trial. >> when it comes to those stateme statements, was there a find this was a finding of the judge as pointed out more than ten years old were in fact enough. >> i don't think it is a surprise although i will say it is unusual. we have the statute of limitations deadlines to put patricia on prosecution to bring cases earlier, but i think as everyone by now has heard, bill cosby's later admissions exposed in these civil depositions when
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he said he did obtain quaalude for purposes of contact with women changed the view of this. and the prosecutor spoke about the fact coming out of the courtroom moments or half hour ago said this is a limited proceeding today, doesn't deal with innocence or guilt, deals with whether they have a case, they do. let's look how kevin steele put it. >> we're here because we want to seek the truth. we're here to serve justice. the evidence in this case that was presented at the preliminary hearing is of a limited basis. a preliminary hearing is a situation where we only have to show that a crime is committed and the defendant's connected to the crime. >> he's doing, erica, what lawyers do a lot, speaking generally about the rules of this hearing not saying a lot about the case, he doesn't want to preview his case. what he just said answers part
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of what you asked about, limited evidence for a limited hearing for a low bar, much higher bar and even potentially attempt to bring in other testimony and other accusers when they actually do to trial. >> i want to bring in someone who has been both a prosecutor and defense attorney in the state of pennsylvania. you were here watching this all unfold. what's your initial reaction to where we stand now? >> no big deal. this is something even in municipal court you get a preliminary hearing. i would take that time to criminal the witnesses or victim. defense attorney did not get that. what i hope to gain out of these hearings is to get the charges reduced to lesser included defense or get a couple counts knocked off. that's what the defense attorney is looking to do. the preliminary hearing is to make sure you have the elements to go forward. i use this as an opportunity to get as much information i can for the trial.
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>> do you think there was frustration at all on the part of the defendant that- >> yeah. >> whether or not there was in terms of information, whether or not the defense attorneys felt they were getting enough, from what i understand there was some -- >> you would probably have to restrain me as a defense attorney and get me to sit down. in this case the main witness is the victim, who was being read in hearsay. this isn't a grand jury, this is a preliminary hearing. i would make as much of a stink as humanly possible to get her actually in the courtroom and also her mother in the courtroom, because there was testimony correlated to her that was also read in, which is key to this case. >> this case is one thing. when we look at this case, a lot of people may be focused on the fact it's bill cosby and perhaps a big name. there's a larger issue at play. ari, you and i were talking about it in the break, not just a well-known person who is now involved in a case going to trial. there's larger theme here. this is one woman's story but part of what we're looking at
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and part of what many hope to establish is a pattern of behavior. we know there are dozens of women and our own kate snow has spoken to a number of them who alleged similar behavior. why is that important as to this case and where it moves to next? >> we often hear this simplistic term of he said-she said. that relates to our culture and how people approach sex crimes. i would admit there are a lot of crimes covered that way. if someone says that were robbed in the street and they say they were robbed and the robber says they weren't, we don't often call it a he said-she said crime. there is something larger going on and a lot of advocates and prosecutors looking how to fix it, women's allegations are not always taken seriously by the government who has a duty to investigate and institutions implicated. that is part of the problem. here by any mechanism of judgment this is not a he
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said-she said and he said-they said and the they has grown to over 50. that is the public discussion around it but also legally important and i mentioned very important it was the they said, what happened in other case, separate from andrea constand that let to this information. if you were teaching this as a class how to hold someone accountable, the prosecutor s saying bill cosby should be accountable, his defense attorney saying he's innocent and will prove that at trial. we will find out. if you use this example how to hold someone accountable you look at the civil process and other women having provided support and evidence now is being used in the criminal case of one woman. what i will close on ultimately a judge will rule whether this days turns only on what happened with andrea constand and other so-called bad accounts ts under law. my view is that could be the linchpin to this case.
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is it zeroed in narrow or look at a wider alleged pattern. >> karen, do you want to weigh in there? >> it's not going to happen. i will tell you why it's not going to happen. judges abhor bringing in testimony in other cases. one is because if there were no charges filed, what happens is that it becomes a trial within a trial. judges don't like to allow prior bad acts because then you're having another trial within a trial. that's very difficult. a lot of states in a lot of jurisdictions will not allow that unless they have themselves filed criminal charges. pattern and practice may be aloud in. if it's beyond the statute of limitation, if criminal charges were not filed in the past, uncorrobora uncorroborated, that information is not going to get in. it's unfortunate, erica, because what you were talking about is that societal unfortunately a lot of years went by and we have to discuss why it is that women don't feel strong enough to be able to go and report these in a
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timely manner. that's the problem. >> it may not be that a woman doesn't feel strongly enough, she may simply feel she doesn't have the support behind her. plenty of women report things talking independently of this case, plenty of women report things and later on we hear from them they were not followed up on. >> not followed up on or they're simply scared to go to the police department to give their stories. that happens more times than people going and reporting the cases. what i'm saying, what is it in our culture that we are not feeling that we can trust the police or go to the police or make a statement without being put into the limelight, without being focused on, without feeling shame? these are the issues, at least me as an attorney in rape cases have seen. women don't want to come forward. a lot of times predators pick women they think are weak that won't report. >> that's back to the point ari was making. >> i want to say, karen is offering a prediction about what will happen. i want to offer a little legal
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humility. a judge may ultimately decide this. karen may be right and has extensive experience. there is case law in pennsylvania of unique bad acts and pattern of practice and you articulated by it's so unusual. >> absolutely. judges don't like it, trial within the trial is very difficult. >> exactly. >> and your trial will be six months long. >> your trial will be long and you go on these other routes and why the system generally counsel's against it, you get farther und eer away from the a indictment and go into other acts. we don't know yet. >> one of the other issues we always have to deal with in a well publicized case, this is the court of public opinion, people will make their judgments and feel however they want. interesting to see janet chamblee outside the courthouse all day. i know you were separated at one point from some of the people
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who were there and got to see a little bit of it afterwards, obviously, a number of folks from the media and our colleagues, there were also a lot of people who came out and many came out to support bill cosby, as i understand it? >> reporter: he had some support her and a couple fist bumps and flashed a smile at about a dozen people when he left. probably a bigger crowd when he arrived. i want to go back to an interesting point made. if evidence of a witness had come forward and not come forward and instead their testimony was being read, she said she would go after that very hard to the judge. it's interesting what cosby's attorneys did today. he raised his voice and was almost yelling at the judge in this case, elizabeth mccue and his direct comment was you're not supposed to leave your common sense outside. he said that to the judge. that's a pretty strong statement to somebody that you're trying to win a judgment from.
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but it goes to karen's point they did not think this was appropriate even though it's been used in cases in pennsylvania a lot. he went after her on this point but he ultimately did not win it. >> hearing it from someone, gloria allred there today representing a number of women and does not represent andrea constand. our own kate snow has done extensive reporting here and spoken with a number of women who claim they were victims of bill cosby's. one of them called in earlier, spoke with kate and patriciaty to to -- patricia, in reaction. let's listen to what she had to say. >> i did not understand what happened to me the first night he assaulted me. he drugged me. i woke up, i was very confused, very disoriented and very very sick. i had to ask him what had happened. he said that i had thrown up and passed out, which made no sense to me after consuming less than
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one cocktail. >> margaret has also joined our conversation, public relations expert. always good to have you with us. as you're looking at one thing we looked at, legal standpoint we started to talk about and court of public opinion on both si sides, obviously, we heard a lot of women who say things very similar to what patricia stoyer said last hour to our own kate snow. as you're looking at this in your own area of expertise, what are you focused on? >> i'm focused on the silence mr. cosby exhibited throughout this entire course of allegat n allegations being presented against him. he's been silent, his family has been silent. his children have been silent. unfortunately that has grown extensively to the public perception that he is guilty. and unfortunately, you have to defend yourself. you have to not be silent, particularly when your brand, your very dna of your brand was
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to be an advocate, was to be outspoken, and now when you are being -- when you have these allegations against yourself, we're not hearing anything from bill cosby. unfortunately the gravity of those allegations coupled with his silence is too much for him to bear at this point. it's disappointing because we need to hear something, considering the frequency of the allegati allegations, the frequency and number, sheer number and volume of women who have come out against him. something needs to be said. >> what is that something? at this point, what does bill cosby say? >> bill cosby, clearly, rega regardless what took place, in his defense, he hasn't been convicted of anything, clearly inappropriate behavior took place, and there's patterns and habitual behavior that has allegedly mounted against him. for him to not say anything or speak at all, i believe that bill cosby and his team thought that the equity of his brand
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could defend the allegations without him speaking and we're seeing that's no longer the case. >> appreciate all of you being with us. a programming note for you. kate snow will be speaking to two of bill cosby's accusers coming up in the next hour on msnbc. don't change that channel. you want to stay with us for more. still to come this hour, the race for 2016, donald trump escalating his attacks on both bill and hillary clinton, turning the calendar back to the 1990s for his latest material. houston: mission allergy escape. for those who've gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪ welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient.
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turning to the race for 2016, donald trump going for the
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jugular. the presumptive gop nominee intensifying his attacks on bill and hillary clinton hitting them with the president's past infideli infidelities, throwing murder conspiracies and challenges the 1993 suicide of aide vince foster. he called theories of possible foul play very serious and the circumstances of foster's death very fishy. meantime, trump's campaign doubling down on an instagram featuring voices of women who accused the former president of sexual assault. weighing in earlier today with my colleague, steve kornacki. >> we essentially are talking about the fact we have a war on women being waged by the democrats, at lowe's against the republicans, that's the accusation, yet we have the person who is the lead of that fight on the part of the democrats is in fact the person who could not control the sexual
11:20 am
pernitation that went on in her own home. >> we go to hallie jackson where they are about to head line their first fund-raiser. usually these types of attacks are left up to a super pacs and a third party. the campaign is very involved. what's the thoughts behind that strategy? is it even a strategy? >> reporter: that's a great point, typically you might see the candidate have arms length removal from an attack like that one. you're right, the trump campaign is right there on the front lines with this particular attack when you talk about the instagram videos. is it part of the strategy? part of what you are seeing so far, seeing what sticks against both clinton, not just her husband, but hillary clinton herself seeing she may be the
11:21 am
nominee in the fall. and this is a particular different tone than donald trump took back in the '90s. here's what he said in 1998 with our colleague, chris matthews in our cnn interview. about a minute long. >> let's talk about another 52-year-old, bill clinton. what's he need to do? >> i don't know. it's so embarrassing, you really have to say, where does it stop? i would have done something certainly different than what they did. it started, paula jones is a loser and she may be responsible for bringing down a president indirectly. that statement was a bad statement to have been made and it's proven to be false. >> which statement was that? i'm sorry? >> paula jones in the diploma situation. i'm not sure he shouldn't have taken the fifth amendment and said, i don't get along with this man, starr, he's after me, a republican, this and that and taken the fifth amendment. it's a terrible thing for a man to take the fifth amendment but he probably should have done it. i don't think he could have done worse than what's happened.
11:22 am
it's such an embarrassment for him. you see him walking around a terrible embarrassment. it's good tore him the economy is doing great. the economy i don't think has ever been better. we had a glitch over the past couple of months but minor relatively speaking. it's very strong. >> that's a very different perspective obviously from donald trump and what we have heard recently when it comes to the clintons. all of it goes to show how heated this campaign is going to get over the next six months if hillary clinton is in fact the democratic nominee. for trump, there is a sense in his campaign, there's not much off-limits. trump himself has talked about that. expect to see attacks as you've seen from donald trump on things like benghazi, her e-mail controversy, these are all areas of attack the trump campaign believes could be effective. but will they be effective with the right voters, with those swing state independent voters who could push the election one
11:23 am
way or another and move in mass as far as when you look at the numbers and not just speak to the base out there supporting trump anyway. >> one of the many things we're keeping an eye on hallie jackson. thanks. november is still a long way off as are the conventions, yet, as we've seen and halle taie talki about as well. trump and clinton are intensi intensifying their attacks as the focus becomes the national convention. if it becomes to the past affairs, how bad could it get? i'm talking to tom davis who served in congress in the '90s. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> when you look at these attacks, are they ultimately effective to focus on these events in the past, many somewhat salacious? does that help? >> donald trump has defied all the rules to get where he is at this point. there seems to be a different standard applied to him when he makes these attacks.
11:24 am
that seems to be what he does best is attack, whether rubio or cruz. he's not judged by standards most are, almost like reality tv standards. we don't know what he does at the ends of the day, very good in attacks and inflicting negative on his opponents. >> is there a place he could go that's too far? >> we haven't seen it yet. 26% of the voters have unfavorable opinions of both candidates and are evenly divided. the race will probably be decided somewhere in those bounds you have two very unpopular candidates going head to head. looks like a race to the bottom, who has the highest negatives. i've never seen anything like this before and i chaired the campaign committee two cycles. >> having chaired the campaign committee, having spoken to some of your former colleagues and friends, how much interaction and direction is happening
11:25 am
behind the scenes between the rnc and trump campaign. as you point out, he does things his own way and has from the very beginning, can there be a unification in terms of messa messaging? >> i think there will be some. he helps some republicans in some districts and hurts in others, putting an exclamation point on a map evolving over 20 years. i think you will see broader coordination as the campaign goes forward. trump doesn't have the money to do alone on this. secondly, the republicans down ticket, their destinies are on how donald trump does. what you've seen in the last couple weeks you've seen republicans unify behind him and why trumps' poll numbers improved, doesn't mean they like him but in a race against hillary they will vote for him. i think you can see a negative race to the bot frtom from here november.
11:26 am
>> quickly, your reaction to allegations against governor terry mcauliffe. >> they're just allegations at this point. i know terry mcauliffe well as the governor. i think he's done a good job as governor. he has a long history in the fubd rai fund-raising side. i gather they're looking at it. i don't have comments, you're innocent until proven guilty. we have one governor already convicted and prior to him, and looks like his conviction may be overturned. my thoughts and prayers are with terry on this. >> do you think this will come into plain this election perhaps tied to hillary clinton even if there is not that connection there, there is an attempt to make it? >> i think everything is in play in this election year at this point. all we have right now are reports of people who refuse to be quoted. at this point i don't give it credence before it goes further. >> thank you. a look ahead at the white
11:27 am
house, more with kristen well ter's one-on-one with senator bernie sanders. >> an article just came out s saying you are predicting a messy convention. what does messy mean, senator sanders? >> messy means the media often takes words out of context. before we get to that, we're asking you in today ae's micros poll question, should hillary clinton agree to debate bernie sanders one more time before the california primary? here are the results. log onto we'll be right back.
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in fact, on sunday, msnbc had a poll, clinton was defeating trump by three points, we were defeating him by 15 points! that's true in many states as well. more importantly, this is why trump will never become president, because the american people will not support a president who insults mexicans and latinos. who insults muslims. who insults women. who insults african-americans and veterans. the american people understand that we are great as a nation because of our diversity.
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>> bernie sanders speaking moments ago at a rally in anaheim, california. they're slamming donald trump. we are exactly two weeks away from that all important california primary. the golden state is where hillary clinton hopes to finally knock bernie sanders out of the race for the democratic nomination. you can see the tallies right there, saying confidently she believes she'll be the nominee and now declining to participate in a debate ahead of the california primary. her team says her time will be best spent in said campaigning and preparing for the general election. in a wide ranging interview, sanders says clinton's decision is insulting to voters in california. here is an interview. >> disappointed although not surprised. she had agreed to do this debate and now she has chosen not to do that. i think that's unfortunate. >> reporter: you have had a number of debates. why do you feel you need another one in california? >> it's been a while.
11:33 am
the number of debates we have had pales in comparison to the number of debates she had with barack obama in 2008. i happen to think the media in general does not do a great job covering the most important issues facing our country. debates are one way we can do that. how do we reverse the decline of the american middle class and what do we do about american wealth and inequality and should we have a carbon tax to reverse climate changes. they should be debated. >> reporter: the dnc said you will play a big role shaping the party's platform if you do not win the nomination, yet an article came out saying you are predicting a messy convention. what does messy mean, senator sanders? >> messsy means media often taks things out of context. it means democracy is mess.
11:34 am
people will have vigorous deb e debates on the issues. >> reporter: will the convention be messy? >> of course it is. that's what democracy is about. if you use the word "messy," it means people will be engaged in vigorous debate. we don't have that often in the united states. i think that's what a convention is about. i happen to believe we should have a national healthcare system guaranteeing healthcare to all people. secretary clinton disagrees. i hope there will be a vigorous debate. that is what i mean by messy. messy is where people have debate over the important issues facing this country. >> you said this weekend secretary clinton, the american people see secretary clinton as the letters of two evils? >> that is again taken a little out of context. what i said is media does a good job taking people out of context. what i said, which is absolutely true, her negative numbers are very high, is that true? >> reporter:le there.
11:35 am
>> donald trump's numbers are very high, is that true? >> reporter: absolutely. >> what i mean by that, i would like in the general election people in this country to have the opportunity not just to vote against somebody, vote against clinton or against trump, i want the american people to vote for something. >> reporter: to your point, your main goal is defeat donald trump. my question is when you use language like lesser of two e l evils and hear words coming out of donald trump's mouth -- >> when the media does not take things occupant of context. i just explained to you the context. you asked me two questions today where words were taken out of context. you asked me about the word "messy." >> reporter: that's the lead of the ap. >> what i meant by that and what i said is democracy is messy. people have debates, we don't live, thank god, in an authoritarian country. people dissent, may raise their voice every now and then. that's called american
11:36 am
democracy. what i meant by the other statement i think you're taking out of context is the fact that you have a trump and clinton with very very high negative ratings, is that true? >> reporter: absolutely. >> i hope we have an election where it's not just people vo voting against somebody, i want people to vote for somebody. >> reporter: at the end of this, do you feel a loyalty -- last question, do you feel a sense of loyalty to the democratic party? what would you say to democrats who have that question? >> i have a very strong sense of -- that donald trump would be a disaster if he were elected president of the "uunited state. his bigotry is tearing people apart. i think his insults to the mexican and latino community, to the muslim community, to women is not what a candidate for president should be expressing and will do everything i can to defeat him. >> kristen welker's interview
11:37 am
with bernie sanders, not exactly answering that last question, he is very intent on defeating donald trump. he just wrapped up his rally and we played a sound break of him hitting donald trump. steve is there. i know in the last hours, sanders campaign came out saying they want a recanvassing of results in kentucky, this coming about as we're hearing bernie sanders saying he is in this for the long haul, wants to win this in california rally with 200,000 voters within the next two weeks. what is the plan to make that happen? where do things go from here? >> reporter: senator sanders just stepping offstage, really preaching his grand strategy. the plan here is coverage. he really wants to cover the golden state in bernie sanders rallies. he's been saying that emphat emphatically and with much more heat. as you heard from kristen
11:38 am
welker, since clinton stepped down from coming to the state and challenging him in a one-on-one discussion or debate, sanders has really been heated. we were in a press briefing shortly before that announcement was made. he was really excited about the opportunity to take on clinton. since then, at rallies, he's really been taking it to her, calling her scared, saying it's an insult to the state of california and to the people here. that's really done nothing but fuel the fire for his supporters in california. we heard a lot of bernie or bust, a lot of never trump and we're hearing a lot more of never hillary. his supporters really on board for the long haul. he hopes he can carry that momentum into june 7th. >> steve patterson in anaheim, california, where that bernie sanders rally just wrapped. thank you. i want to go to the backlash we're hearing against controversial comments bye-bye the secretary of veterans affairs after he compared delays at v.a. hospitals to disney.
11:39 am
the response, we'll have that for you next. show me movies with romance.
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hebrew national. veterans affairs secretary, bob mcdonald is under fair for comparing patient wait times at v.a. hospitals to lines at disney. he spoke just a short time ago on those comments. >> can you understand why people were offended by your analogy of the disney lines to the wait times for care for people, some of whom have actually died, according to all the testimo testimonies, while waiting to be seen by the v.a. in the past? >> andrea, i'm a veteran. i have put my life in danger for this country, i have served with those who put their own lives in danger. i came out of retirement to do this job because i care so deeply about those men and women who serve our country.
11:43 am
i've been to over 300 v.a. facilities now in about 20 months. i sit down and i talk to veterans and i listen to them and i listen to their concerns. nothing drives me crazy more than our inability to provide timely care for them. i'm working as hard as i can to do this. i'm bringing together all the experience i've had to do it. things are improving but they're not where they need to be. we're working hard to get them there. >> given all that, are you sorry you said what you said? >> look, as i said, i'm here to improve the veteran experience, i'm here to get more veterans in for care and reduce the disability backlog. wait times are important but they're not the only measure of veteran experience. that's what veterans are telling us. we've talked to a lot of veterans. it's important and if i was -- if i was misunderstood or if i said the wrong thing, i'm glad that i have had the opportunity to correct it. >> joining me now, msnbc
11:44 am
national security and military analyst, kevin baron. good to see you today. just your official reaction to what we heard from secretary mcdonald today speaking to andrea on the heels of those comments about disney? >> i thought a lot about this. my reaction is pretty mixed. i covered the v.a. for many years and i happy to be from orlando, florida and know disney pretty well. there's no comparing the two. the secretary knew it and made up for it and came on tv and walking back his comments. the seriousness, two points to make, one of is the seriousness of the v.a. backlogs and what has been done since the scandals of 2014 that got the secretary this job? and the political climate that produced the reaction that's happened. within one day we had one publication, washington examiner calling for his resignation and members of congress in the senate calling for his resignation and gop leaders mostly standing back a little bit saying, it was in articulate perhaps and now harry reid
11:45 am
recently today says he supports the secretary. a massive and quick clamping down or lock-down from the veterans groups who are the advocates, the most sensitive to this really offended by what he said. you've got inarticulate phrase, poor choice of words, not the first time this has been said. then you have political scandal, pushback from republicans, compare that to the 2014 real scandal where you had congressional investigation, the fbi investigating that there was fraud across the system, fraud at hospitals, that actually lead to finding out over 120,000 veterans were awaiting for service from the v.a., dozens possibly died waiting for the v.a., that's a scandal. >> kevin baron, the clock is not our friend today. we have to leave it there and talk to you again soon. thanks. as we head bato break, backo the future for one high-tech
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if we go marching into the democratic convention with a lot of momentum we will march out with the democratic nomination! and if we march out with the democratic nomination, donald
11:50 am
trump is toast. >> senator bernie sanders there. that was happening moments ago in anaheim, california, at a rally, as he was talking about republican nominee, donald trump, all this as donald trump is taking attacks to the clinton on a new level this time about an old conspiracy theory that hillary and bill clinton were responsible for the death of aide vincent foster, not the first time trump has made allegations about rumors and allegati allegations. >> i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers, celebrating as the world trade center was coming down, killing thousands of people. his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. >> just the other day, 2 years old, 2 1/2 years old, a beautiful child went to have the
11:51 am
vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very very sick, now is autistic. >> people have birth certific e certificates. he doesn't have a birth certificate. he may have one but there's something on that, maybe religion, maybe it says he's a muslim, i don't know. >> nbc's benji has written one of the most cited for donald trump's and conspiracy theory is. good to have you with us. of these different conspiracy theories or ideas that donald trump has floated, do you notice a common theme among them all? >> i'd say there's two. when it comes to sourcing. donald trump does not distinguish between a credible source and say a chain e-mail. over and over again he seems to invent sources out of thin air or unanimous people or cite french studies.
11:52 am
when he was talking about the need to build a wall and deport undocumented immigrants from mexico, he often made the case the mexican government was in some kind of conspiracy to push their criminals across the board to the united states. even conservative groups that favor tighter border control say there was nothing to this theory, a total conspiracy theory. when donald trump was pressed about it he insisted he had unanimous sources that would back him up on this. there are no named sources to support this idea. the other is these racially inflammatory angle. when donald trump presents stories of thousands of celebrating muslims, it's to portray the idea that american muslims will betray the country. when he talks about pushing criminals across the country, this idea they are a threat to america. it's running theme that happened throughout. as long as he keeps continuinei dipping into french sources we are likely to see similar things
11:53 am
throughout. >> we are not done yet, means benji will be talking about it. >> in the microsoft pulse question, shouhillary clinton a to debate bernie sanders one final time before the primary, here is a look at your results. log onto after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour.
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before we leave you this hour, we are just hearing from the attorneys for bill cosby, releasing a statement for us, reads in part mr. cosby is not guilty of any crime and not one single fact presented by the commonwealth rebut this truth and today reached the threshold for a preliminary hearing, we have no doubt this case will ultimately be resolved in mr. cosby's favor. we will have much more to come on breaking news in the next hour. that does it for me. kate snow picks things up and
11:57 am
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♪ good afternoon. kate snow in new york. i want to start with a photo we took last august. i sat down with 27 women, all of them have publicly made accusations against bill cosby from groping to sexual assault and rape, allegations cosby has long denied. today, many of those women tell me they're elated, beyond pleased to hear bill cosby will face a criminal trial in another case involving a woman you did not see in that room many know very well, andrea constand, a university employee who accused bill cosby of drugging her


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