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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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♪ good afternoon. kate snow in new york. i want to start with a photo we took last august. i sat down with 27 women, all of them have publicly made accusations against bill cosby from groping to sexual assault and rape, allegations cosby has long denied. today, many of those women tell me they're elated, beyond pleased to hear bill cosby will face a criminal trial in another case involving a woman you did not see in that room many know very well, andrea constand, a university employee who accused bill cosby of drugging her in his mansion in 2004.
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he said it was consensual and repeatedly denied all allegat n allegations of sexual assault. this morning in philadelphia, cosby walked into a courthouse for a preliminary hearing and after several hours by the prosecution and defense, the judge said cosby will be tried on all charges and the only criminal case against him will now move forward. nbc's jan net chamblee joins me now from the courthouse in norristown just outside philly. what did you learn from inside the courtroom today? >> reporter: we know the trial will go forward. we don't know the trial date. it is expected later this year after cosby's attorneys spent most of 2016 trying to get this unsuccessfully tossed out of court. as you indicated, more than 50 women have made some form of sexual abuse allegations against him and this is the first time he will face any type of criminal charges and it is significant in that way. he waived his july 20th
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appearance and means he doesn't have to be back here until the first day of the trial. we will wait for the judge to hear when that will be. cosby's accuser, andrea constand was not here today and not required to be and instead th theyry lied on statements she gave to detectives in 2005 in the course of her original complaint of abuse allegations against bill cosby. defense attorneys were very angry about that today and wanted the opportunity to cro cross-examine her. and it was hearsay allegation. it does seem they will have the challenge to look at what was called a non-prosecution agreement and a lot will hinge whether that will be allowed or not. cosby had very little reaction today. he came in, dressed in a suit,
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smiled to a few well-wishers. same when he left, he flashed a smile, said nothing. his only comments really inside the court, as the judge wished him good luck after announcing her decision, he said, thank you, your honor. kate, back to you. >> janet chamblee, outside the courthouse. to note as erica hill did last hour, we did get a statement for one of the attorneys for bill cosby saying in part mr. cosby is not guilty of any single crime and not one single fact presented by the commonwealth rebut this truth and though they reached the low threshold for today's hearing we have no doubt this case ultimately will be resolved in mr. cosby's favor. millions of americans have now seen bill cosby's accusers and the scene that played out today, the comedy legend, once an icon in the entertainment world walking out of that court. for some women, seeing that video today was particularly
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emotional. more than 55 women as we noted have now accused cosby of some form of wrongdoing. in late august i interviewed 29 of those women, 27 in this one room for a "dateline" special. we should note cosby's not been charged in connection with any of these women and their claims do vary, one of the women i spoke with, lily bernard said cosby raped her in 1990. she say s cosby gave her a drin and the room started spinning. >> the next memory, i'm on the floor, on the carpet. i remember the sensation of the carpet against the flesh of my back, like velcro, like this. it hurt and i couldn't move because of the drugs and i remember him on top of me. i passed out again, my next memory, there's cold water splashing on my chest. he was bathing me. i woke to the cold water spla splashing on my chest. i still was really groggy, like a noodle, like a wet noodle? another accuser, heidi thomas,
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told us, she was brought to a ranch for four days of acting coaching in the early 1980s. she says cosby drugged her on the first day. >> i ran through a monologue. when he wasn't too impressed, he gave me a cold read, told me to read that. it was a scene in a bar. i didn't do very well at that because i don't drink. he gave me a glass of white wine and said, use this as a problem, try it again, sip on it, just as though you were sipping on your drink in the bar and try it again. so i can say with all certainty, it took one sip and i woke up to being sexually assaulted. i don't remember most of four days. >> we did reach out to bill cosby's representatives of those remarks we just played. the response was no comment. we should reiterate once again, cosby has denied all these accusati
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accusations, i want to bring in both women you just heard from. lily bernard from los angeles and heidi thomas from colorado. nice to see you again. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, kate snow. >> lily, i'll start with you, your reaction when you saw bill cosby walk out of that courthouse today and heard he is going to stand trial? >> i was elated. before i talk more about my reaction, i'd like to say i'm speaking here in solidarity and in prayer with andrea constand and the plethora of us victims that bill cosby's sexual violence as well as all survi r survivors of sexual assault, both female and male, and that i look at this in biblical proporti proportions, that's immediately where it took me to. i see andrea constand as a stone that the builders rejected in 2005, who has now become the cornerstone of our fight for justice. i see her as the linchpin who has driven herself right through
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the axle of the wheel that maintains in motion our battle in this war against violence upon women. >> heidi, what does it mean that he faces not only civil action, which there are, i think, nine suits pending against bill cosby but now criminal charges. he could go to jail. >> and he should go to jail. he is a criticaminal. i am standing completely with what lili said. this is so much bigger than crosby, really, i think that's what many of us who came forward initially are now fighting for, the bigger issue. mr. cosby is a sick man, a criminal and he needs to go to jail. the issue is much bigger. >> heidi, we talked about the fact you're all on a different path. you all have different allegations and coped with what you say happened to you. i want to ask each of you, where
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are you at in terms of forgi forgiveness or want tock see him rot in jail forever? >> you want me to go first? >> go ahead. >> all right. i think i forgave bill cosby probably within six months because some part of me recognized that the person who did that is sick. that is an animal, that is a beast, that is a predator, that is no at human being who understands right from wrong. so i really think -- i'm not angry with bill cosby. i think he's sick. unfortunately, because of a variety of things, he was not brought to justice, he was not gotten help and he went on to do this to many other women. so i haven't -- i haven't been angry, i haven't faulted him for deca decades. but that does not mean that he shouldn't come to justice. >> lili, this trial could get really ugly. just today in court you heard our reporter talking about
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cosby's attorneys, they were repeatedly saying things shouldn't move forward. they will -- all legal experts expect they will try to drag andrea constand through the mud. they will try to discredit her character. are you ready for that? >> i'm absolutely ready. i hope i am called to testify in support of andrea's case because i have evidence and i also have witnesses credible and willing to testify under oath in congratulatio cross-examination and i want to take the opportunity to answer the question you just asked, where am i now in the process of this whole cosby serial rape saga. yes, i do forgive bill cosby. i pray for his soul. i pray he rependants and that he confesses and he asks for forgiveness for the terrible crimes he's committed on so many of us women, i pray he does that not just for the future of his soul and eternity and those who
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love him for his family and fans. however, i have not forgotten what he did to me. when i listened and watched that tape that you played just now of our "nightline" interview, it gave me some hope that i am healing. i was still very traumatized when i spoke about it. i still am. i still suffer occasional night terr terrors, they were recurring night terrors for 23 years of the abuse i endured. while bill cosby raped me, he suffocated my screams with a pillow over my face. because of the drugs he ser t h tishtiously slipped in my spa sparkling apple criider incapacitating my body and i could not even push the pillow off my face and tears well in my ears. my night teartear -- terrors
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involved the reliving of this. as war veterans suffer pst, so do rape victims and attacks and suicidal ideation. it's real. war veterans no matter how many decades pass, they cannot evade prosecution. bill cosby waged chemical warfare on my body when he forced drugs into me to render me incapable. >> i was going to ask heidi. you both mentioned solidarity and sisterhood, would you be willing to fly to pennsylvania, you both live far away, to be there in the courtroom if andrea constand wants you there? >> in a heart beat. in a new york second. in a pennsylvania second. we have her back. we're her girls. >> both of you have been working, i want to ask you quickly about the work. heidi in colorado and beth
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faraday, another jane does from the andrea constand case have been fighting and had a lot of success getting bills through the colorado state legislature to extend the statute of limitations for cases of rape from ten years to 20 years, right? >> correct. we had gone for complete abol h abolishment for the statute of limitati limitations, or obvious reasons. you listened to lili tell you the trauma goes on for decades and many many people cannot recognize what has happened to them for decades. there are men that have called many of us and come forward with their tales of abuse from when they were children and they don't even remember it for 30, 40 years. so we're trying to get the statutes of limitations completely abolished. we weren't able to get that done but we were able to get a ten year extension. so we now have a 20 year statute. we're ready to take it nation nationally, because these criminals state hop from state to state, depending on what the
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statute is. >> and the governor of colorado expected to sign that potentially next month. lili, i know you're trying to do the same in california. >> yes. exactly. whereas i was not sexually assaulted in california, it happened in another state, i was only a few month outside the statute of limitations in a state that the assault occurred and the prosecutors could not even consider pressing charges against bill cosby just because of an arbitrary time constraint, a few months. yes, i have been actively involved in the campaign to abolish the statute of limitations here in my home state of california where i've been a resident since the early 1990s. recently, i testified before the california state senate hearing, it was the public safety committee and i spoke with three other cosby survivors, victoria, janice and lily kirkpatrick. we were successful in that they
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passed the bill offered by senator connie, and to the next hearing that will appear before the appropriations committee in august. >> thank you so much for taking time with us this afternoon. nice to see you both again. >> my pleasure. >> thanks. >> i want to bring in msnbc chief legal correspondent, ari melber. these two women very happy to come east and be part of this trial if they're asked. is that likely to happen? >> as we discussed, that could be a key variable. typical hi you wouly you would other incidents in a key trial but there is a doctrine of other bad acts. it is possible though not the norm get them introduced and the question is whether a judge determines there are particulars of the other allegations so closely matched the crime they go to the likelihood the defendant committed them. here, the drugging would be that
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kind of example. i expect we'll see a vigorous fight over that. >> we didn't hear andrea constand in her own words today. she didn't appear in the courthouse. explain why and what did the defense have to say on that? >> two things. the nature of the way pennsylvania does this, they clear the probable cause bar here, lower threshold and we heard about through preliminary hearing. it's still low. another way to think other states use arraignment before a judge and don'ts do this practice day trial, practice day hearing. so basically that means you can bring in pretty basic evidence, written past statements, you don't need to go to the lengths of an in person trial and hearsay designed to protect credibility of what happens in court you can't just pull any random thing a person said whatever, that's one of those protections that isn't required in this hearing. >> ari, wrapping it up for us, next, we shift to politics. donald trump delivering on the plan he laid out taking down hillary clinton in the general
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donald trump's general election battle plan, the blueprint to beating hillary clinton is not a secret. eight days ago he laid it out in step by step to the "new york times," make people question hillary clinton's character largely by hammering away at her husband's infidelities. today, it shouldn't be much of a surprise he's carrying out that time. the vehicle this time internet conspiracy theory that had to do with the suicide of bill clinton white house aide, trump calling it fishy despite the fact an investigation long ago was concluded. we'll give you details in a
12:20 pm
moment. it's worth remembering what trump said to our own chris matthews in 1998, just days after then president clinton admitted to an inappropriate relationship with monica lewinsky. >> bill clinton, what's he need to do? >> i don't know. it's so embarrassing, you have to say where does it stop? i really like this guy. you have to say, where does it stop? why do they keep revealing the details. he had sex. now, they talk about the kind of sex, where it was, on the desk, off the desk, so out of control. >> that is one of many examples outlined in a "washington post" examination this morning. trump's special counsel responded saying trump was being a good friend to clinton but now it's a different game. if that's the case and now a candidate and no more mr. nice guy, worth pointing out something he said on our air, this time just last year after trump officially became a
12:21 pm
candidate. >> of the four, who's the best? >> well -- >> bush 41, clinton, bush 43 or obama and why? >> i would really say clinton, probably. i would have to say clinton. >> why? >> there was a little spirit. fra frankly, he would have been -- had he not met monica, had he not met paula, had he not met various and sundry somewhat beautiful women, he would have had a much better deal going. >> last week, president clinton said he knew attacks were coming. >> i know the republicans have been mean to her and they say terrible things. you got to respect them, they're good at this. you think this stuff they said about her is bad, they accused me of murder. our memories are short, it's what they do. >> a week and half ago, trump railed against the media for focusing on a 25-year-old story about him, but now he is digging back to a 1990s conspiracy theory about bill clinton.
12:22 pm
let's start with nbc's hallie jackson. she's out in albuquerque, new mexico. a lot to unpack today. >> you laid it out in that introduction. i think one of the most important things to remember is bill clinton and hillary clinton an an and -- hillary clinton and donald trump have historic unpopularity levels. when they want to go after what they perceive as character issues, they plays into a narrative already in play among particularly the republican base. that's the question, how will all this play out with voters. people like the ones lining up in new mexico to see donald trump, they're behind me here, he's holding this rally in
12:23 pm
albuquerque a little later on tonight. while his base may appreciate and numbers show they do look at these attacks against clintons, red meat for the conservative base donald trump is trying to appeal to, the question is can donald trump try to peel off those swing voters, independents in states identified by the trump campaign key for the general election moving forward, places like pennsylvania and ohio. how do you sway that slice of electorate to come over towards donald trump if you're the trump campaign. trump made this bet bringing up decades old conversations against both clintons will be the way to do it. >> hallie jackson in new mexico, enjoy new mexico. thanks so much. bernie sanders is clarifying what he meant by saying the democratic convention might be messy in a lengthy interview with kristen welker. >> what i meant by that, what i said is democracy is messy.
12:24 pm
people have debates. we don't live, thank god, in an authoritarian country. people dissent, may raise their voice every now and then. that's called american democracy. what i meant by the other statement i think you're taking out of context is the fact you have a trump and clinton who have very very high negative ratings. i would hope we have an election where it's not just about people voting against somebody, i want people to vote for somebody. >> just moments ago in california, sanders reinforced his confidence securing the nomination. >> if we go marching into the democratic convention with a lot of momentum, we're going to march out with the democratic nomination! and if we march out with the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast.
12:25 pm
>> new sound just in from bernie sanders. as we've been saying the big story line is presidential campaigns getting into the mud, trading criticisms over scandals from the past. donald trump says, clinton started it. >> it's kind of tawdry stuff. i'm not sure this is a good thing to do that. >> you're talking about what i'm doing? i'm only responding to what they do. they've been nasty. she's been very nasty. i said, i'd like it to be a policy -- >> to talk more about this, i want to bring in joel, senior advisor for hillary clinton's campaign. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, kate. >> you just heard donald trump saying essentially he's only going there because you guys are going there. hillary clinton to be fair, had jabs on donald trump. she has gone after his backgrounds and business dealings and approach to women? >> those things are things that have come out of his own mouth.
12:26 pm
when donald trump says things like in his own words, i'm ro rooting for a housing crash so i can swoop in and make more money when people lose their homes that relates to an economic debate we have which one of these are on the side of working americans. the comments about women, they're all on tape, he recorded them. he spent years going on the howard stern show calling women some of the most horrible names. i think we're trying to stick to the issues, things donald trump has been criticizing. >> he says that's not sticking to the issues. he says, when you create these web videos -- >> he is running on his business credenti credentials. this is a guy who has bankrupted businesses, bankrupted the eastern airlines shuttles in four years, he said to the american people, after he told mitt romney he should release his tax returns in 2012, refuses to release them and says to the american people it's none of your business.
12:27 pm
we learned this bill non air or millionaire had years he paid zero taxes because he gave his taxes over to the casino commissi commissions? why wouldn't you do what every presidential candidate has done in four decades and give them to the american people. >> will you start fighting fire with fire? what everybody wants to know. clearly you must have a research shop digging up all kinds of things about donald trump's past. will you go there? >> this campaign is about which one of these candidates, it will be a very clear choice, will make a difference in people's lives moving forward. in hillary clinton we have a candidate who fought for children's health insurance and first responders from 9/11, versus a guy who bankrupted his business, claims he is a great businessman. he is, he's wealthy, nobody denies that. he made sure the small business contractors didn't get paid what they were worth, workers get penny on the dollar. how you stand up and fight for average working people is front and center.
12:28 pm
that's a legitimate issue. >> you heard bernie sanders talking about going all the way to the nomination. i have to ask, because you're fighting on two fronts right now. is he doing you a disservice. are you wishing you could really focus on donald trump? >> i think the main thing, senator sanders agrees, we need to unite as the democratic party and stop donald trump from becoming president. >> when does that happen? >> he will make his own decis n decisions and clear and everybody in sanders camp knows it top to bottom, hillary clinton is the nominee. the path to the nomination has to do with a majority of delegates. we will in this process have a majority of delegates. she has won the popular vote by 3 million, over 200 pledged delegates over senator sanders more than twice the lead barack obama had at this time. there will be a time for us to unite that decision when senator sanders is willing to make it and come soon enough for the fall campaign, i'm sure.
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>> nice to see you again. >> thanks. up next, they are the least liked candidates. the way they're trading barbs, it does seem like hillary clinton and donald trump are more focused bringing each other down than their respective ratings. [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®.
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing the prize in this general election may go to the candidate voters dislike the least. and hillary clinton and donald trump seem to have no qualms bringing up their past this week in what may send disapprov appa ratings through the roof. jane joins us from the-ti "time" let me talk about president obama, one of the things that came out of our polls, as much as these two candidates have high unfavorability rating, his favorability rating came out pretty well, at 51% right now,
12:33 pm
his highest since his inauguration. if you're hillary clinton, you want him out on the trail with you, right? >> absolutely. he's gone from being a liability to an asset. a year or two ago a lot of reporters in washington said, is he even going to campaign for whomever the nominee would be, on the campaign trail because he was so unpopular. it's actually to hillary's good, once she becomes the nominee, he can endorse her and campaign for her by all accounts from people in the white house saying he's chomping at the bit to take on donald trump. you've seen that in a little bit in his statements whether poking fun at donald trump at the white house correspondence dinner and graduation speeches. he really wants to get out there and start going after donald trump. i think that will certainly help. it's much needed help frankly for hillary clinton ticht to get someone else out there and taking the burden of attack off of her. >> there was an article on our
12:34 pm digital site how donald trump seems to be approaching attacks on clintons. the suggestion is he's pulling out urban legend, since discred discredited, rumors on the internet. does he continue to get away with that, do you think, his voters because they don't mind these are unsubstantiated stories? >> this has been a fact-free campaign on every side, amazing. he's gone through 16 opponents on the republican side all said he's lying, making things up, totally not true, exaggeration and rumor and every single time his supporters seem to not care whatsoever and he keeps doing it without impunity no matter how many times they say four pinocch pinocchios, this is not true. voters don't seem to care. >> on the flip side, if you're hillary clinton's campaign, how do you deal with that?
12:35 pm
they keep putting up videos and vignettes together of donald trump's past statements, is that enough? >> that seems to be their approach right now. it will be interesting to see president obama coming out on the campaign trail, interesting to see when he starts saying situational ali, here i am as president, we're dealing with very complicated situations like syria and iran and now lets question in real world applications can donald trump actually handle these things? what's he going to do? i think a sense of policy is needed from donald trump, people sitting down and saying, what will you do when you become president on very detailed levels. that is something that hasn't happened yet. as we go forward, those details might yield more information and give a better sense how he would govern and whether he's credible as a governor. >> nice to have you with us,
12:36 pm
thanks so much. isis back in the news, iraqi force taking on isis to bring back the battle of fallujah, a city held by islamic militants for two years. i think so. because not just any beef goes into it. only certain cuts of kosher beef. i guess they're pretty choosy. oh, honey! here, have some of ours. oh! when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national ♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decideif. hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together] ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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and get the inside knowledge out gynecologic cancers. for you and the people who care about you. let's turn to some news overs overseas, iraq's militia force continue to advance monday to try to liberate fallujah, the first iraq city that was taken over by isis two years ago. let's turn to matt bradley who covered iraq the last several years and cal perry is here with us. matt, welcome to television. nice to see you. this might be your first time on the air with us. welcome to msnbc. >> thank you. >> tell us what's happening, the latest on the ground? >> right now, the iraqi military mostly backed by shiite misha
12:40 pm
groups managed to take the down east of fallujah and managed to do that overnight since they launched the invasion sunday. >> the significance of this again? >> it's not significant in itself, a small town right outside the fallujah. it just shows that they're moving, this offensive is actually making progress. >> cal perry, you were in the region many years as well. what kind of issues are we seeing for civilians in that region and how does this new aggressive approach -- >> in all these towns from fallujah to ramadi to mosul, this are civilians living in these towns. we have interesting aerial video and this was taken off an iraqi state tv channel. you have the iraqi army backed by militia shias and they are run by shia groups. it shows you they're prepping the ground, laying the
12:41 pm
groundwork by starting with these attacks from the air. 50,000 civilians estimated trapped inside fallujah. we heard the iraqi prime minister saying he wanted them to mark their houses with white flags. that's an inherit problem, you're giving yourself away then. >> in this battle particularly, fallujah is known by iraqi politicians as jihadi stronghold, meaning sunnis, setting the ground for major sectarian conflicts that could be coming up. the iraqi government saying these non-backed fallujah groups won't be backed. and something to remember not everybody fighting on the ground or our friends. >> my mind leaps to politics and the world we're living in right now how this may or may not play politic politically. >> that's right. in 2004 there were two major
12:42 pm
battles led by u.s. marines in the city of fallujah, no question some presidential candidates will make the point 12 years later we're fighting over the same territory and same towns again. i can assure you, there are u.s. marines watching this going my god, 12 years on we're still talking about fallujah. >> matt bradley, nice to have you with us for that perspective and cal perry. coming up, donald trump as conspiracy theorist in chief. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady.
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12:46 pm
and he has experience in bankruptcy. right? so, you know, i don't know if that's one of the qualifications for running for president, but i kind of doubt it. he's bankrupted companies. i said yesterday, i don't know how you lose money running casi casinos. i just don't understand that. i'll tell you what i'm going to do, i'm never going to let wall street bankrupt main street again, i am never -- i'm never going to let the republicans roll back the financial reforms that we've got to prevent that
12:47 pm
from ever happening again. in fact, i want to go even further. it is not enough just to have regulations on the big banks, we need regulations on what's called the shadow banking sector, the hedge funds, the insurance companies. >> hillary clinton speaking in commerce, california, the he she kept referring to, obviously, donald trump. speaking of trump, today in unprecedented political campaign moves, donald trump is traff trafficking in old conspiracy theories, for more on that, i'm joined by senior editor, beth u and our political analyst. you were looking at some things said by hillary clinton and a lot of them have been discredited. >> it's remarkable. what's important about this particular day or episode, we're
12:48 pm
seeing donald trump talk about the death of vince foster back in the '90s, a close ally in the clinton white house, his death was ruled a suicide by numerous investigations including independent counsel and on the fringes of the internet there are those who believe he may have had something to do with that. and we have the republican nominee for candidate basically saying they might have had something to do with his death. >> let me show you trump's evolution on the clintons. this is what he said in 1998. >> i think the best thing he has going is the economy is doing great. i've never seen anything like it. they talked about the '80s were good and '90s are much better. >> that was trump in '1998. here he is on cnn. >> they're attack people. the thing, they get a bad knock.
12:49 pm
she's a very nice woman. >> now, he's bringing up allegati allegations, as you know, rep t reporting on it all day, things from the past and things denied for many years but allegations of sexual assault against bill clinton. what is the shift that we're seeing, benji? >> this is something that donald trump's republican opponents brought up against him a lot during their race appareny without success. donald trump's relationship with the clintons changed over the years. the clintons attended his most recent third wedding. in the past, he spoke of hillary clinton's job as secretary of state. obviously, as he shifted more towards the republican party and conservative movement he changed his tune very dramatically. it's an open question how now we're in a general electorate, people will perceive these sh t shifts. this is something we've seen in the past from donald trump.
12:50 pm
ehas a tendency to flip around quite a bit. >> on the other hand, is this just politics we should expect to see when people say one thing years ago become a candidate for president? >> no, trump has been unusually hard to pin down. as benjy said, he flipped around on many things. bill clinton and donald trump consulted, sought out clinton for advice how to run. they have been kind of friendly more recently than in the '90s. this is a pattern for flipping around. suggesting sexual assault, suggesting being complicit in somebody's death. this is definitely unprecedented and it is only may. hard to see where this is going to go before november. >> benjy, if you're the clintons, what do you do to combat when trump is throwing the kitchen sink at you, saying
12:51 pm
things that have been investigated, been discredited, shown to be false. what do you do if you're the clinton team? >> it's a difficult balance. if you respond in kind, you might draw more attention to these attacks, might have the campaign become engulfed in them. if you don't respond, often these conspiracy theories can spread and become pervasive. we saw this with president obama and birtherism, something politicians would like to pretend didn't exist. it spread and became according to some polls a view held by huge swathes of the republican party and independents as well. it will be an interesting story to see how they deal with a candidate willing to go places no other candidate is willing to go. >> benjy sarlin, beth fouhy, thanks so much. we go to vietnam, president obama visited today and urged the country to take steps toward greater progress on human rights.
12:52 pm
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president obama continuing his week long trip through vietnam. today he spoke to a large group of university students where he stressed the importance of freedom of speech. nbc's ron allen is traveling with the president and filed this report. >> reporter: this is a day president obama tried to speak directly to the vietnamese people in a number of forums, university students, entrepreneurs an activists, members of civil society that are opponents of the government. the president revealed several people weren't allowed to come to the meeting, swrund scoring how con ten just and difficult the issue is. human rights activists say this country is one of the most repressive. but the united states, firmly believes, the president does, he wants to engage vietnam to normalize relations with the country. the president talked to young people, saying he is the first american president that came of age after the vietnamese war, isn't burdened by the difficult history the nations have.
12:56 pm
he encouraged them to become entrepreneurs, to dream big dreams, said there are a number of ways the united states will try to connect investors in silicon valley, for example, with people here who have ideas for startups and in cue baiters. president obama sees this as a booming market for american trade and investment. that's what he is trying to cultivate as part of the trip along with politics and bigger issues that the south china sea and global trade pack, trans-pacific partnership he is trying to push through congress and having difficulty doing. today was about connecting with the vietnamese people, which is the essence of what the president is trying to do here as he tries to completely normalize relations with the country and create what he calls a comprehensive partnership. now back to you. >> ron allen from ho chi minh city. that does it for me this hour. see you back here tomorrow.
12:57 pm
chris hayes picks up coverage right after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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good afternoon, i am chris hayes in new york. donald trump laid out his general election strategy eight days ago, made people question the judgment of his competitor clinton. a lot would revolve around her husband, bill clinton. mou it is manifesting into thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories of a clinton era white house aide. and the investigation in question has long since conclud concluded, trump is bringing it back. he is putting it back in public discussion. "the washington post" asked about vince toss ter death, i don't bring it up because i don't know enough to discuss it. i will say there a p


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