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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  May 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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at the very top of the va, we're not worried about keeping veterans when veterans are dying because they are waiting. definitely not what you want to hear. >> did seem like the typical washington overreaction. >> that's what the give away on that one was let's change the subject. i got to leave it there. thank you. we'll be back tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts right now. so you think you're a '90s fan. can you handle this? they were the best of friends but now is donald bluffing or is he holding a full house? >> deal me in. >> will hillary will saved by the bill or can donald exploit those not so wonder years. >> i got no idea what i'm doing.
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>> tonight, mark and john explain it all, so you won't be clueless. >> as if. >> we've got all that and more on this special edition of "wadr." i love the '90s. >> welcome, you've got mail. >> talk to the hands, sports fans. on this throw back episode, forget the pre-y2k trips. the presumptive nominee is escalating his personal attacks on hillary clinton by drudging up 20-year-old allegations by
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actual misconduct against her husband. trump tweeted out a video that includes audio from two women that includes allegations of sexual assault from two decades ago. they called it very fishy. trump added there are people to continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder, end quote. this is not the first time that trump has resurfaced controversies from the clinton's past. it's not like the media gave it much attention over the past 24 hours, right? >> he's reviving theories about the 1992 suicide saying there may be foul play. >> he's digging back to the '90s in order to escalate his personal attacks against bill
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clinton. again, bill, not hillary. >> what he's messaged every time you bring up the economy, i'm going to turn the conversation to this other thing, every single time. >> i think we will see it all from him and have gotten a peek at where we're going. if we're in the gutter now, we're going to be in some subterranean sewer because there's nothing he won't say. >> for some time the host of this show and various guest hosts have been asking whether trump has gone too far with the attac attacks. the donald's answer was as if. >> it's kind of tawdry stuff. i'm not sure that this is a good thing to do that. >> i'm only responding to what
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they do. she's been very nasty. >> i understand that you're trying to do here is inhibit mrs. clinton from attacking you personally by saying if you play that game, then i can come back ten times harder. i understand that. it makes the country look bad abroad and things like that. that worries me. >> i don't like doing that. when she hits me, i have no choice. you have to do it. it's unfair. they're dirty players. they have been dirty players and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> there's been a lot of spin about this issue from both sides. we thought we would call in the lead singers of the spin doctors. >> is it a pocket full of kr
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kryptonite for hillary? >> is that really the question? >> it is. >> some thing s donald trump is going after is fair game. a lot will get a ton of attention because they involve sex and the clintons or allegations and conspiracy theories that the internet will go wild on. it's all over the internet. we must stand for truth and some we say he shouldn't be doing it. we have to analyze it from the point of view of politics. i have to say trump jamming the system by doing this stuff. he's making it hard for hillary clinton to get up ahead of steam. there's a lot of voters supporting trump. he's in the dead heat after being the leader of the birther movement.
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>> the foster thing is nuts. there's no reason trump should be trapping in those controversy theories. there's an argument that some on the left and right have been put forward. that's an issue. you can discuss it. the question is whether it's effective. trump is benefitting from the polling we discussed yesterday and the fact he's consolidated republicans and a bunch of independents are parked with him. they are still kicking the tires on donald trump. these arguments do not for available, persuader voters these will not help trump become the president of the united states. that's my argument. this is just dumb politics. >> this is his first general election. he's never been a general election candidate. does he have a great feel for america? he's got some feel. did he win a lot of votes? he did.
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you cannot deny he's defied people expects. >> the things he's done have been effective. we knowledge this is a different electorate and one of the things the clintons have known well, we have people who win the presidency of the united states by taking about the future and not the past. >> the clinton campaign is talk about the past as well. our next topic requires a little time travel back to 2006 because the clinton campaign has released its own blast from the past fueled video about donald trump. it includes audio of the real estate mogul two years before the big u.s. financial crisis saying hopes the housing bubble will burst so he can make more money. today the clinton campaign dispatched an army of surrogates from key general election battleground states.
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here is how they frame the campaign's talking points on that media call. >> it's very clear to me that donald trump is only out for himself at the expense of working families here in tampa, florida and across america. i don't know about you but i'm not sure how you make america great again by rooting for it to fail you can make a quick buck. >> these are real human beings in real communities that are just trying to get ahead and they need a president who will root for them. not root against them. >> all right. the thing about the general election, when it comes to messaging and tactics, this is an example of warfare. trump, tweeted out his video about the '90s and he got gobs of free air time while the better organized clinton campaign followed a more presidential campaign play book.
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is the clinton campaign going to get a big bang for their buck or is it something that's out dated against the strategies of d.j.t. >> there's the subject and tactics. they are both important. the clinton campaign will try to turn donald trump into mitt romney. i don't know how successful that will be. >> businessman. not worried about the little person. >> not on your side. not in it for people like you. we'll reserve judgment or o on whether or not it will work or not. trump has a huge advantage in terms of how he plays the free media. find the swing communities and
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the districts and make this stuff stuck in targeted way against trump. i think that is their advantage just as trump has another advantage in terms of getting the free media. >> watch the evening newscast and the morning newscast in these states as we're going to try to do. see which will get more attention. donald trump tweeting about bill clinton's personal life or this housing situation. the national media will miss part of this story because it's very hard to track what goes on in these states and they are targeted messages that will be backed up by direct mail and digitaltizing where trump is way behind. >> way behind. this is place where the story was missed on a lot of people it will way the obama campaign gutted romney. >> it's happening now. we'll see if it works. >> got to watch local media.
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>> all right. we're now back in 2016, happily. donald j. trump is out in new mexico today where he is holding the first official fund-raiser for his general election campaign. just a couple of days back the new york times published a story with the headline key gop donor still deeply resist donald trump's candidacy. the new york jets owner jeb bush's former campaign chairman, finance chairman, would be raising money for trump and the rnc is this morning announced that woody johnson and some of the party's most influential donors will raise a billion dollars for trump for the fall campaign. it includes former butlers for trump's rivals. mark, you got the times story. you got this story. just focusing on today's news,
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to what extent to you think that today's news suggests that trump is breaking through what seemed to be the final wall of republican resistance to his candidayc. >> very well connected. the times has a list of people who were well connected who aren't supporting trump. it parallels the political situation. you have your romneys and bushes who were never trump. we'll have people later on in the show, two republicans who represent the same two camps. it's an impressive list. this is an establishment list of huge republican bundlers and supporters. >> no doubt it's been staggering to see the way in which elected official, some intellectuals who were never trump are all folding and collapsing. i've been stunned by it. it's still the case that trump has a huge financial hill to climb if he wants to raise a billion dollars. if he gets half of the most
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impressive donors, he's still missing half. that other half will mean money that's not coming into the doors for him. >> there's some people i said would have sat out the cycle and donald trump is now going to have a party that's pretty unified on the financial side and on the political side and the recent poll suggests on the voters side. that is quite an achievement in a short period of time. they deserve a lot of credit. trump has been charming people in the room. speaking of trump, the presumptive nominee posted another video on social media. that was nothing compared to the backlash by bob mcdonald who
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compared long waits to the lines at disneyland. we are veterans more than the excessive wait times we have seen at the va. he said he disagreed with what the secretary said. he called the comment not worthy of the veterans he serves. an interview today with msnbc andrea mitchell, mcdonald spoke back and said he was misunderstood and atted wait times are important but there's more to the veterans experience than wait times. >> i'm going to save some time on this show by saying no. he's not put it to bed. other republicans are calling for his resignation now. i thought that was not a decent apology for what was a misjudgment for what he said the other day. i think the guy has the go.
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the va -- >> it's a disgrace. >> it is a disgrace and you can see it out in the stump with another candidate in the republican race. the best possible treatment. this department has gotten good marks but he messed up here and this only is going to make this issue more front and center. >> i'll say, these people -- the way times are not the totality of the experience but when they are waiting in line for months and years in some case, it is the totality of those people's experience and this guy has got to be attentive to those people at all times. >> hillary clinton has a good relationship with the top of the pentagon. it will be fascinating to see
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one demographic we don't talk about. let's see how trump does with them. bernie sanders asked officials to recanvas vote totals from the primary a week ago. this comes a day after hillary clinton refuses to debate sanders. we'll talk more about the big time discord in the democratic party after these words from our sponsors. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producingix key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greaterhan one changes everything. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
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you've probably heard that authorities are investigating terry mccaulif. they are looking at his time as board member of the clinton foundation. today he said he was shocked by news of the investigation and that it quote, has nothing to do with the clinton foundation. he's an ally in a big way. for those not aware of his reputation, here is how he
3:19 pm
described his own modus operandi. >> what makes me different, i'm probably a little bit farther over on the spectrum that most of the different fund raisers out there because i will stop at nothing to try to get a check from you. if someone says no, i'd like you to raise $10,000, that's the opening gambit. i love it when people say i'm not going to give you a check. i hate you. i hate your candidate. get out of my office. that's just the beginning. i just settle in and ask for the diet coke and we begin to do the negotiations. >> mark, there's a presumption of innocence. we don't know the details. it's all murky. what is the worst case scenario for hillary clinton in this investigation? >> can't say enough. i've talked to some folks in the
3:20 pm
party. i don't know what this is about. it has buzz words that are bad. clinton foundation, co-mingling, tax returns. he's played politics as the clip suggested. fast and hard. i'd be surprised if he broke the law. it's just bad news for her because it takes the symbolism front and center and you have an ally. she is counting on winning to be elected president. >> that video doesn't do justice to it. this is a guy, you can look on the internet and find the pictures wrestling an alligator to raise money for jimmy carter back in 1980. it's an incredible picture. he pushes everything to the limits. i don't know if he broke the law. i have no idea. the second point you made is important. he's a huge ally for her. he's distracted for the next six
3:21 pm
months that's bad for her. on top of that, he's being sued right now over this move that he instituted to try to let felons vote in virginia, which people see as a political thing. it will be real mess for hillary clinton. >> republicans who think the obama justice department is totally politicized. top ally of the party nominee being investigated whether it goes anywhere. >> when we come back, two republican strategists to talk about the state of the party 2016 unity project after this. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪ one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint.
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with humira, control is possible. our first guest is two guests tonight. kelly ann conway and former ted cruz super paccer. we have been talking about the trump donor score or the announcement of these donors coming in. how did he do it? >> it's impressive. he does it through total charm. he vanquished 16 opponents. these are businessmen who deal in the free market. >> and women. >> businessmen and businesswomen. the fact that it's a joint outing is also important and impressive. it shows the party unity starts
3:25 pm
at the top. >> you're for trump and you're not. >> i am not. >> you knowledge this is an impressive list. shouldn't you give up. if he can put together a list like this -- >> it's a necessary. donors fall into two categories. most major donors, including those that fund the super pacs are staying out of it. they are open to funding an independent candidate or sit on the sidelines. a lot of that was chronicled over the weekend. the other group are people like that who are signing up and some of them are saying we're on board and we'll do work. others are saying i don't want to be seen as being disloyal. i'm giving my name. i'm on board. i'm not going to do real work for either, one of two reasons. i don't like trump or he does need my money. push comes to shove, if this race is winnable for donald trump and he's short on resources, he has the capacity
3:26 pm
to fund it. >> update us where on the search for a third candidate stands. >> no update. >> give us some names. >> if the people on the new york times list will never be on his side, is this enough to give trump the amount of money he needs? >> it's an amazing, impressive start. those who are going to give but have not yet given and trying to decide where is a safe, comfortable vehicle. is there a super pac that entices me or one that should be created. those individuals can run hire their own staff.
3:27 pm
let's say the magic word. there's a lot of folks that are hashtag never hillary. they will come off the tump to help the republican nominee. >> singer ricketts, if they stay off the field, will trump be able to raise enough money to be competitive? >> i do not think so. hillary clinton will raise north of a billion dollars. that's a good start but it won't get him fraction of what hillary can raise. >> all the money he needed. >> guys, got a hard break here. we'll talk to you in a moment right after this. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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we're back with two republican strategists. thank you for staying after
3:31 pm
that. kelly ann, i'm going to give you some yes noes. was president obama born in the united states? >> yes. >> did vince foster commit suicide? >> no. i mean yes. >> she's really gone trump. yes, he did. >> if donald trump asks should he keep talking about these things, things like that, should he say yes or no. >> i don't think he talks about where president obama is born. vince foster is like a footnote to the real issues of the 1990s. he's responding if kind to hillary clinton. he's a sexist. he's responding with what women are saying. >> i'm saying is 1990s, the main thing he's talking about is bill clinton and the 1990s. you have a lot of people googling paula jones. i think what people will focus on is this is a man in power. he was having affairs with
3:32 pm
subordinates in the white house. the man lost his law license in the state of oregon. he was the governor. >> are you concerned act him going to these places? >> it's ludicrous we're in 2016 given all these places abroad and have a national election. >> even many trump said i just said i gave a speech. he said nobody covered it. >> you had democrats win ing wi.
3:33 pm
>> first of all, let me say for the record, i hope the campaign has fought on issues. i'm invited on tv every day. this is what people are covering now. i think donald trump continues to steal news cycles away from clinton. she's explaning more than she's campaigning. i would ignore him if i were her. comparing bill clinton as a piece abroad, now hillary clinton is not the president. i think it's a really weak response to say in the 1990s, it's the royal we.
3:34 pm
people aren't going to buy that. she wasn't the president. she was the president's wife. >> can i is you a question? >> please do. >> with all due respect. >> i agree this trump tactic will jostle the clinton campaign and throw them off. what voters is he appealing to with that message. maybe consolidating the hard right, which if he has to do that in late may, that's problematic including trying to build a fund raising effort. who is he speaking to. >> she's been in public life for 30 years. she got $21 million in one year alone. she's not that interesting to listen to. what did they pay for?
3:35 pm
they want to listen to donald trump. let's force a two way conversation on abortion and show who is extreme. i hope he does all of that. >> he's got a ridiculous record on abortion. >> it reminds people how long the clintons have been around. that's really not so subtle point here. they have been around so long and you ask yourself, you're promising to do these things, what have you done. >> hold on a second. i will say because we didn't book a democrat, i think she has done some stuff to help the lives of women. >> she ought to talk about it. >> paul ryan, he might be on the precipice of endorsing donald trump. >> i've got nothing to report. >> the little smile on your face is conveying -- >> no smile. >> you're very close to him. >> yes. >> will you be disappointed --
3:36 pm
>> i'm not going to talk about my conversation. i think all republican leaders should think twice about someone who is trafficking racism. >> he's not a conservative. >> he has a great personality and he still with held the endorsement. >> do you die a little bit inside every time one of your friends. >> i'm not going to comment. >> rick perry had the same view. >> he used stronger language than me. he called him a cancer. >> if you feel it's pathetic on the part of rick perry, why would it not be the same for paul ryan? >> he thinks he can sway and
3:37 pm
educate trump to be a more responsible candidate many the months ahead which will help house republicans if he's able to get donald trump to endorse the house republican agenda and act like an adult. that's his argument. i'm skeptical. >> how do you think donald trump will react to that? >> the way he's acted all along. if you don't like something, instead of standing outside and stomping your feet, go inside and try to help. >> more politicians are like rick perry than paul ryan. rick perry not only called him a cancer but he's endorsing to be his vice president. i think trump has validated his thesis of the race. the republican establishment is craven and will do anything for opportunity or fear of missing
3:38 pm
out. >> is that true of the 11 million voters for trump. >> bob corker. >> corker. >> dan, never trump. kelly ann, trump forever. >> he's going to star in hillary ads. >> when we come back, we'll head west to check in on what's going on with bernie sanders. if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio at bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best
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i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. bernie sanders is campaigning today. thank you for coming on the show. i want to start with you out in california, my home state. senator sanders and his campaign are unhappy that secretary clinton has denied them the opportunity to debate in california. it's my understanding there was an agreement between the two campaigns. i'm curious why the sanders campaign is not making more of the fact she's not just saying no but she seems to be reneging
3:42 pm
on a deal. >> it's a curious question. it's not the thing we've been hearing bernie sanders hammer on. there really should be a discussion of these issues in the sort of the context of what it means to california. sort of encouraging them to go to the next stop which is san bernardino. sanders campaign has a california ad and trying to really work this by adding more events and trying to highlight that difference that he's here. he wants to talk about these issues.
3:43 pm
he uses it all the time to suggest the clintons are a part of that, that establishment connected to the money in the system and he is trying to break that with his vision of change in campaign finance and in wall street and so forth. so far we have not seen him go after secretary clinton. i know advisors to senator sanders are frustrated she's not agreeing to this. they are trying to move onto a general election and not give sanders another forum. sanders is trying to get some kind of momentum and perhaps even winning in california which is a goal for this campaign. you'll see him on the ground a lot. we have seen them adding events to make that point.
3:44 pm
>> i talked to them at every event and always raise that issue. they talk about the movement it had to be respected in a way they don't feel has been done yet even though sanders has been able to get some end roads with respect to the platform and convention. getting more seats at the table there. person after person will say eventually they don't see themselves voting for donald trump but they are not ready to sign on with clinton yet.
3:45 pm
>> thank you. you broke last night one of the names on this list of trump supporters. >> yeah, there's been a lot of reaction today. i talked to a will the of operatives in the trump campaign. they think this is a sign that maybe the dam might break. there will still be top name republicans, many republicans who resist who hold out on opening their wallets for donald trump. he's an embarrassment to the gop or whatever their reasons are. this whole list of 20 that the republican national economy and the trump campaign released today. you've got backers of scott
3:46 pm
walker, ted cruz, jeb bush. it's a variety of people. they have ties to the evangelical world. it does signal to people it's a small nucleus that's willing to help raise money. there are some operatives who think the other donors who will fall. >> we saw donors frustrated. they gave a bunch of money. they didn't know where the money went. the money that they raised. the money that they spent. >> well, it's interesting. this joint fund raising agreement that the republican national committee has gives donors some cover. they can tell themselves and other people they are giving
3:47 pm
money to the republican national committee which will help support local and national gop as well as the trump campaign. it does give them cover. they're asking from the trump campaign, i'm not sure. >> right now tactics are a good idea or not, what's your sense of whether the trump campaign thinks things are on track. they have a lot to do or do you think they have anything that's dysfunctional that needs to be fixed? >> i think they have the structure of the campaign right where they want it to be. they have a scheduled planned out. they have a policy speech. they have their fund raising schedule. they have the first fund-raiser tonight in new mexico. a second one tomorrow night in california. they did tell me today that they have already gotten $5 million worth of commitments from the
3:48 pm
two fund raisers they are scheduled to hold. they are pleased with that. they are very, very pleased with where the campaign is going now. >> sanders campaign, hispanic voters in california, are they making progress? i know that's a big target for them. >> sit a b-- it is a big target. sanders talks about speaking to their issues trying to make a whole there and in california with some of the labor overlap he's had support with. he's trying to make end roads there. we know for clinton, she's had strength in that area and that's target for sanders and his team. >> all right. thank you. it's a delight to be with you. when we come back, we'll take you to a battleground within a battleground, right after this. real is making new friends.
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if donald trump wants to be
3:52 pm
president, he'll have to do better in the key swing states than mitt romney did four years ago. we crunched the numbers and think we found the ultimate town in the swing state of ohio. it's a small village called new waterford. four years ago the voters were split right down the middle. romney and obama tied 263 votes each there. that's where we sent our video to see what it's like to live in a battleground village in a battleground state. >> i've got pictures of the main street was one track buggie tracks. i was born at home, 1924. >> it's just really nice, quiet place to live. great place to raise your kids. >> friendly. you can't go down the street without waving at somebody. >> what brings me here to the village of new waterford is that in 2012 the electorate was
3:53 pm
evenly split. 263 votes for romney and exactly 263 votes for obama. >> that's funny. >> we're right in the middle. >> we don't talk politics. we talk about how we can solve our problems. >> there's three things in life you never want to argue about. one is politics. the other is religion and the other is women. >> so, perhaps in a battleground state, this is the perfect battleground village. >> you might look and say we have got to win that type of a mind set to win the whole country. it's probably absolutely true. if it comes to that, i don't know what i'd do. >> we have always voted one way and we have now changed the way we vote. hillary has long a way to go to get me to come back to vote
3:54 pm
democrat. donald has tell it like it is attitude which, you like but sometimes you don't. i don't know. >> i'm not a hard democrat but i've been registered as a democrat. i did register as a republican so that i could vote against mr. trump. >> when i look at trump, i think he has good ideas but he needs to tone it down and not swear. some of the things i hear that trump says, i'm all for. i want people to work and i don't want all these illegals coming here that are getting free everything. it's killing our country. >> i vote for trump in 2016 unless some major bombshell happens or things implode where he says something way out
3:55 pm
rageous. >> i'll vote for her before him. >> her husband was not a good example as a president. >> i'll stick with the democratic side of it this time. i'm very flexible on that. >> i don't know. there's a lot of good and a lot of bad about each of candidates. i don't know what they would have to do to win over the town. >> national security is important. that seems to be the attitude of this area. >> that's the town removed from the northeast. most people aren't watching a lot of cable news shows. it's incredible how this election is going to permeate every town, every city in this country because of the
3:56 pm
personalities. >> we've never seen two as famous as these. there's a bunch of people up for grabs who are going to be open to both arguments. >> real searching for people who are not happy with the two choices who prefer one choice. our thanks to the great griffin hammond. we'll be right back. its my mobi. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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4:00 pm
>> i don't know. >> one word. macarena. >> it's a great story about jim jones about why some of the biggest unions are not taking sides in the democratic race. >> coming up, hardball with chris matthews. trash talk. let's play "hardball." >> for weeks donald trump has been totaling the clinton like a pair of used cars. now he's smashing them with an even harder suspicion called the circumstances surrounding it very


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