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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> that this is the time to invest in conspiracy theory company stock. >> what are we going to learn today? >> i learned nine years ago i have to thank you for being able to dress this way. it is comfortable. >> i'm going to pajamas next. >> next time steve kornacki just sprinkle cookies. just let it fall on your sweater and you have a perfect match. >> steve kornacki picks up the coverage right now. good morning. i'm steve kornacki. the count down continues. 167 days until the election. topping our agenda chaos in new mexico. violent protests create a frightening scene outside a donald trump rally last night in albuquerque some activists throwing rocks at police and then used what appeared to be
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pepper spray to disperse that crowd. inside the event trump used his fire to go after hillary clinton. >> i will never say this but she screams it drives me crazy. >> also on the agenda is ryan ready to get on board? polls showing republican voters already uniting around trump. one report says highest profile hold out might be ready to join them. ryan's camp says that report is news to them. rounding out our agenda serving up the chair woman. new reports say dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz could be out as the party's chief before this summer's convention in philadelphia, a way of trying to make peace inside the democratic party. bernie sanders has been saying she hasn't been fair during the primary campaign. sanders is backing her opponent in the democratic primary in
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debbie wasserman schultz own district. that challenger will join us later this morning. we begin with our top story, the chaos on the campaign trail in new mexico last night. several officers being treated for injuries this morning after those protests outside that donald trump rally. there was also one arrest. trump is focussing on his general election fight with hillary clinton. he is calling her a low life. his words there and a lightweight. trump angry at the new line of attack using past comments about the housing bubble against him. >> got some clip of me where i'm saying if it goes down i'm going to buy -- i'm a businessman. that's what i'm supposed to do. >> trump referring to this clinton ad using comments from trump ten years ago back in 2006 when he said he wanted to profit if and when the housing market collapsed.
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of course, shortly thereafter the housing market did collapse to devastating consequences for millions of americans. the clinton camp trying to paint trump as a greedy billionaire similar to how president obama and his campaign went after mitt romney. noticebly absent the state's governor, a rising star in the republican party, suzanna martinez, the head of the republican governor's association. she has yet to endorse trump. candidate took note of that during his speech. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job. your governor has got to do a better job. she is not doing the job. maybe i will run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. she's not doing the job. >> unusual scene there presumptive nominee going after
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a fellow republican. office responding with a statement saying the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans. we will talk about all of that with our political team. they are spread out all across the country at this hour. hallie jackson is in albuquerque. she was there when the drama went down outside the event. quite a scene last night. a lot of people are looking at this and saying we have seen protested at jump events before. there is a question if some protests, you had protesters with the mexican flag if this might play into trump's message. >> reporter: that's a very good chance. i had the chance to ask protesters about that exact question, this idea that critics say that demonstrations like what you saw last night do play and don't help create an effective messaging platform. the response from several folks
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we spoke with who are out there protesting trump's immigration policies and rhetoric was we are doing what we have to do. i had one man say to me you are here. we are getting coverage now from the national media which means we are getting our message out and achieving the goals we need to achieve. i'm paraphrasing but that was the sort of dynamic you were seeing. as the evening progressed there was a sense that there were people coming out to check out the scene to see what was happening as you watched it unfold on our air and seen images. protesters were throwing bottles and rocks at police. some of them on horseback. officers using pepper spray to try to control the crowds. there weren't protesters in chicago between supporters. that's because as those trump attendees were leaving the convention center they were redirected to a separate exit
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because police had been blocking with barricades what was happening as some folks were trying to get inside the convention center. so certainly a dramatic scene. when you look at the number of arrests, police are saying at this point only one person arrested. in other areas, orange county last month where donald trump is today, 17 people were arrested where we saw flashes with police. all of it continuation of the sort of security theme that you see when you go to the trump rallies. always demonstrators, always police. >> hallie jackson in new mexico. thanks for that. we go across the country to capitol hill. there is this report that basically says paul ryan is done holding out and ready to get on board. you have response from ryan's office. what are you hearing from them
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in. >> they are saying what our good mutual friend lee courseo would say, not so fast my friend. i think the reason why is because paul ryan has said all along that this process will take some time. the unity that the conservative movement needs will not happen overnight. paul ryan's press person releasing a statement to nbc news saying they have not informed the trump campaign and don't expect anything and paul ryan does not regret anything. it's interesting that the trump campaign heads to paul man mannafort. tried to create culture of inevitability so there would be leaks around capitol hill that cruz doesn't have money or power or coalition. everyone is on the trump side just come on board.
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i suspect you are seeing a lot of that that said ryan could endorse as early as this week. we have been told not to expect one today or tomorrow. is it fair to say at some point paul ryan is likely to endorse donald trump? yes. ryan has said he is going to get there at some point. the question is the speed to which it comes. it is fair to say that paul ryan now as a gop leader is on an island. it seems everybody else coalesced around donald trump understanding he is the nominee and at some point he has to go there. ryan is keeping his own future open and he is trying to get something from trump. they want to have something to bring back to conservative members and more conservative party and say we got donald trump to adhere to this conservative principle. so i think that is where the process is right now. >> on capitol hill, next time
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you quote on this show you need to have a giant hat on your head. that's the rule around here. >> thanks for that. going to l.a. now. kristin welker is covering the clinton campaign. we have donald trump getting into a war of words in next with the governor from his own party. now he has turned around and sounds like he is engaged in back and forth on twitter with elizabeth warren, democratic senator from massachusetts really going after him hard lately. >> it is interesting. elizabeth warren is increasingly becoming secretary clinton's attack dog. she has been out there slamming donald trump on twitter and then yesterday she did it publically and using this line of attack that we are seeing. they have been slamming him for comments that he made during housing crisis rooting for housing crisis saying he was
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seeking to benefit. yesterday the clinton campaign releasing a stinging video using trump's words against him and then senator warren got into the fray. take a listen to what she had to say. >> what kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house? what kind of man roots for people to get thrown out of their jobs and root for people to lose their pensions and root for two little girls in clark county to end up living out of a van? what kind of a man does that? i will tell you exactly what kind of a man does that. it is a man who cares about no one but himself, a small, insecure, money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> steve, donald trump wasting no time tweeting at senator
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warren. take a look at this tweet moments ago. goofy senator elizabeth warren has done less in the u.s. senate than practically any other senator. all talk, no action. it is clear she is getting under his skin and she could be a critical player in this 2016 race. she is a progressive champion. she can help secretary clinton rally senator sanders supporters. she has not endorsed a candidate. she has been sitting in the sidelines in some way and emerging as secretary clinton's attack dog. there is talk she could be considered as possible vp pick. i anticipate secretary clinton to double down and campaigning in california. i will head out there to her event and she is going to have democrats on capitol hill holding a press conference this morning slamming trump the same line of attack including members of congress. the clinton campaign thinks this
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is effective. they are doing what obama did to mitt romney back in 2012 painting him as a gordon gecko figure. will it work? that is the question. >> this is a concerted party wide effort. they think they have a winner with this issue. let's see what happens. thanks for that. here to talk about all of this we bring in susan page, washington bureau chief. let's start on this question of elizabeth warren. i'm watching the clip we played of elizabeth warren tearing into donald trump. i'm looking at the reaction that generated from donald trump. if i'm the clinton campaign i am looking at that and saying this is a potential vice president here. >> i guess i would see it differently which i think there are down sides to having reasons not to make elizabeth warren your running mate. i don't think it makes political sense to have two women on the ticket. they don't have a close relationship. it's an example of how much good elizabeth warren can do for hillary clinton without being on
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the ticket. she hasn't endorsed her yet and yet managing to get under donald trump's skin on these issues that elizabeth warren has pursued for her entire adult life. this is an example of how democrats, some of them worry about getting united behind hillary clinton. elizabeth warren is an example of how donald trump yununites democrats. >> this is an yoish, the idea of what donald trump said about the housing bubble. donald trump in this idea of trying to make donald trump at least through the image of donald trump on parof what democrats were able to dewith mitt romney. i guess the question is does it work as well with trump as it did with romney? we played trump's response and he said to the attacks, i'm a businessman. i'm supposed to make money. that is what i do. if there is money to be made i'm going to make it.
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it was different than how mitt romney handled the stuff four years ago. >> i think the nature of trump's appeal is different from romney's. he is defiant and bragging that he was trying to make money out of a down market. that is what business men do and making the point that these are qualities to bring that would be useful. this isn't bad news for trump and the people who support trump. this is the reason they support him. he does things in a different way and brings some attitudes and shake the house up attitudes and approaches to government that he has brought to business. that may make it -- i'm not sure it helps expand the electorate. this doesn't hurt people who support him already. >> what about the scene in albuquerque where the donald trump rally was. there were protests and one arrest and the chaos there. i have heard the argument that these protesters say their goal was to get on the news and get
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paebt and they think they achieved it because of that. i have heard the argument that you have the protesters, you see all of that, they are waving the mexican flag of a foreign country that this could be something that benefits donald trump. he could take this and amplify his message with this. >> i think it is possible. people have the right to protest. there is not tolerance for violent protests but tolerance for peaceful protests. we have seen in the past, the 1968 election you think about the ways in which that rebounded against the interest of the democratic party. so it is a complication. it is another complication is another unusual race. there isn't a template for 2012 or 2008 that you can look to for the election we are going to
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have this fall. >> thanks for the time as always. coming up, bernie sanders and his supporters are frustrated with the chair of the democratic national party debbie wasserman schultz. do they have the power to make the party ditch her. looking to beat her for her own congressional seat. who is being backed by sanders? and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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are you with debbie wasserman schultz or with her opponent? >> clearly i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than as debbie wasserman schultz's. let me say this in all due respect to the current chair
6:20 am
person, if elected president she would not be reelected to be chair of the dnc. >> bernie sanders at war with the chair of the democratic national committee debbie wasserman schultz. this has been a big story and could reverberate after this presidential primary season because bernie sanders is throwing his support behind the man who is challenging debbie wasserman schultz in her own congressional district in the democratic primary this august. sanders supporters have been pouring money into that campaign. the candidate's name is kim. it takes us to 38. what does that mean? this is the margin that hillary clinton won debbie wasserman schultz's congressional district by. this is the 23rd congressional district of florida. you are talking around miami. in the primary, in the florida primary in march hillary clinton
6:21 am
defeated bernie sanders here. for the challenger to hillary clinton, for bernie sanders he wants tim cinova to win. for sanders supporters who have been pouring money into this congressional district in an effort to beat debbie wasserman schultz who they do not believe has been fair, this is the biggest single obstacle they are up against. this was a district where bernie sanders lost big. so the challenge for them if this race is a proxy fight of sanders versus clinton they are probably going to lose. they have to expand their base of support if they are going to take out the chair of the democratic national committee. a lot of people think this is the wrong district to wage this fight. the other front in this battle also coming to a head now. this is a report saying there are democrats who are talking,
6:22 am
national democrats talking about getting debbie wasserman schultz out as a peace offering before the convention as a way of bringing sanders into the fold with hillary clinton. a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver her head on. the most important number of the day, 38, the margin hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders by in that district where bernie sanders wants to beat debbie wasserman schultz. i am joined by tim cinova. thanks for joining us. that question, you got sanders people all across the country sending you checks. bernie sanders wants to beat debbie wasserman schultz. this wasn't a bernie sanders district in the primary. are you in the right district for this kind of campaign? >> absolutely. we have more donations in the
6:23 am
state of florida than does debbie wasserman schultz. we have plenty of people who voted for hillary clinton who are joining up on our campaign. i'm sure debbie wasserman schultz wants to believe this is a proxy fight and that she can count on every hillary clinton voter. she will be mistaken if that is her belief. >> what is the message that you have separate from complaints that bernie sanders and bernie sanders campaign might have. what is your case against debbie wasserman schultz? >> she ignored recommend azs from constituents. this was fact checked by miami herald. she has been voting for their interests over interests of constituents. she has become increasingly unpopular. issue after issue she is on the wrong side of it, pay day loans, regulations of wall street, drug war, even support for israel people don't know where she
6:24 am
stands. there is always this perception that she has a price and that it's the constituents that pay the price for her own ambition. >> do you think she has been in this presidential race, do you think she has been fair in her role as democratic national chair? >> i will tell you this. i started calling for her to resign as head of national democratic committee after i learned she overturned the 2008 ban on corporate lobby donations to the dnc. ever since then we find out that not only are lobbiests donating but there are 60 or 70 who are registered federal lobbyists. this rigging is not just confined at the national level. we see it happening here in our own district and our own race. this past weekend a union boss pushed through an endorsement of debbie wasserman schultz in
6:25 am
violation of central labor council's bylaws and constitution. >> i want to be clear, when you are using the term like rigging -- we hear donald trump throwing this around. when you say at the presidential primaries this is what everyone has been following, how is she responsible for rigging in your words, rigging that process? >> i just said when you start allowing corporate lobbyists to be superdelegates what does it say about the democracy? next week he will be hosting a $5,000 breakfast for debbie wasserman schultz and superdelegates. we are calling on richard trunka to step in and take a look at this. the bylaws and constitution of the central labor council were violated. we didn't get a chance to get screened. the rank-and-file members of
6:26 am
unions deserve better than that. >> primary challenger running against debbie wasserman schultz this august. thanks for the time. as we have said we are exactly two months away from the democratic convention in philadelphia. will it be a contentious convention? bernie sanders was teasing that possibility this week. tony dokoupil talks to delegates to see how far sanders supporters are ready togo and how far clinton supporters are willing to let them go. >> i am hoping to put my party on the line for democracy. >> i am arrested for my civil disobedience -- [ inaudible ] you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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donald trump winning big in the washington republican primary. no surprise he picked up at least 36 of the state's 44 delegates. hillary clinton also won the democratic side. she is not going to get delegates, nonpiending primary. interestingly the caucuses were won big by sanders. second time we have seen that story. an ugly seen in new mexico as protesters burn trump merchandise and threw things at police who fired back with pepper spray. just a half hour from now tsa administrator is due to testify before congress about the recent problems with airport security. very long lines a day after he fired tsa's head of security. also, the taliban has confirmed the death of mansour and
6:31 am
announced a new leader to replace him. and the justice department said it will seek death penalty against dylan roof accused of killing nine black parishioners at a church last june. a big show down between hillary clinton and bernie sanders supporters at least the way things are going right now. democrats hoping for peace despite clinton's lead with delegates sanders says he is staying in the race all the way to philadelphia. some of his support rsz have been calling this process unfair or as you just heard from one of his supporters a few minutes ago, rigged. tony dokoupil is live in columbus, ohio. we have access to statewide meeting of clinton and sanders delegates going to the convention. this was a big battle ground state. they each have delegates here.
6:32 am
what are they saying as they look ahead to the convention? >> state capitols all across america democratic delegates are gathering to prepare for convention in philadelphia in july. we went to a meeting between hillary supporters and bernie sanders supporters. we wanted to see if the divided party could share a slice and united platform against donald trump in november. the answer appears to be no. supporters see this as unfair rigged election and are prepared to protest it in philadelphia if things don't change even inside the convention itself. how far are they willing to take it? just listen. >> i'm willing to put my body on the line and go to jail for democracy. how did we get here? so many people died for
6:33 am
democracy and have gone to jail. i'm willing to do it. >> if it comes to that i would be willing. of course. >> i hope i am not arrested because i have to officiate at my niece's wedding the following saturday and i would rather be there than in jail. >> reporter: we spoke to hillary clinton delegates about the prospect by the sanders people. here is what one of them had to say. >> they want to spend convention time in jail they can do that but will not have much input on the platform. when we get to philadelphia everyone understands that we have to unite. >> steve, they have to unite but at this point it doesn't seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. there is good news pizza totally consumed. no arguments over the last slice of pepperoni and sausage. the salad nobody ate that. >> i wouldn't touch the salad.
6:34 am
remember when we thought the republican convention would be the chaotic one? people are talking civil disobedience and arresting tony dokoupil in columbus, ohio. support for trump for minorities is not strong not surprisingly perhaps. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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6:38 am
vocal group who are supporting donald trump or holding get out the vote efforts ahead of the primary on june 7. so you are out there. asian americans we saw as a group in the 2012 race by more than two to one margin voted for barack obama. early polling indicates there. there are asian americans backing trump and you caught up with some of them. >> reporter: i think the margin was bigger. three to one barack obama over mitt romney in the last election. asian americans make up 10% of overall voting population in the united states. that number is higher here in california. there is a group called chinese americans for donald trump and they claim about 2,000 members nationwide on their facebook group. i met up with some of them here. here is what i found out.
6:39 am
>> donald trump's got an uphill battle with asian american voters, wants to win them over no better place than here home to more asian americans than anywhere else in the country. >> how many people are in the group? >> close to 2,000. >> did you start the group? >> yeah. i love this guy. trump. he's for real. >> you like what he has soosay or how he says it in. >> both. >> when you show up wearing this thing what do they say? >> they love me. there isn't that many chinese american tlz. like a panda bear in a zoo. there aren't that many. >> how are you doing? >> this is david. what do you think of david's shirt? >> is it serious? >> it's serious. >> i think it is creepy. >> how come? >> i think trump is a creepy
6:40 am
person. >> what would you say? >> less than 30 minutes to convert her. >> he doesn't really support anything that i believe in. >> who are you supporting? >> bernie sanders. >> this is another member of your group. >> he can do it in 30 minutes. >> i met him last week. >> what do you think of david's shirt? >> he loves trump. >> what about you? >> i like trump also. >> i told you you would find a supporter. >> who is that? >> mom, come over here. >> nice to meet you. i'm jacob. what is your name? >> nancy. >> you saw david's shirt and thomas likes donald trump. what about you? >> so, so. >> she votes for hillary. >> so you got a divide. maybe you have something to talk
6:41 am
about on the way home. >> they got something to talk about on the car ride on the way home. donald trump faces challenges like the one that david saw there when the young woman on the bench but nevertheless david and his group out here for the rally. we'll see if we can catch up and see how they feel about what is going down here. >> that is a great piece. i want to see more of the back and forth. that was fascinating to watch. >> it was intense. >> bringing people together. making them talk to each other face-to-face. >> appreciate that. next, the desperate hunt for the black boxes continues in the search. we have a live update. the latest on that situation is straight ahead.
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(mamost of the show. we missed (woman) and there's no way to restart it. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪ ♪ hey, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. egypt air is hiring outside contractors to help in the search and recovery of the black boxes from flight 804 with time
6:45 am
running out. how is the search going? >> reporter: right now not a lot of answers about that very critical black box. as you mentioned the egyptian government announcing that they are contracting outside help both in the french and italian governments of private companies to try to help with identifying that. we know the search area is about 200 miles off the coast of egypt. it's about 1.9 miles east. the companies tla are contracting out will have expertise in being able to survey or scan the sea bed. it is critical to find the black box because it is on a 30 daytimer before the battery life begins to die. meanwhile here in egypt we are expecting a large memorial service to take place for the passengers. this will be attended by senior members of the government.
6:46 am
it is expected to be a march from downtown to the opera house. they will pay tribute to those that died on board flight 804. >> thank you for that. and coming up, the war of words between clinton and trump escalates. conservative radio host is next. , it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. [ "dreams" by beck ]
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did you ever have a flicker when you were take ag shower and say donald trump, you won every battle you fought, why doept you run for governor or president? >> people want me to. >> what about you? >> i don't like it. can you imagine how controversial i would be. how about me with the women? >> donald trump talking to chris matthews back in 1998. of course, that was the year of the monica lewinski scandal. let's bring in hue hewitt recent
6:50 am
column what donald trump needs to do to woo conservatives can be read this week. let me ask you about this. going to the 1990s approach donald trump is days, what do y of that strategically? >> i think the vince foster answer was a disaster. that was not a strategic choice on his part, it was in response to a question by robert costa of "the washington post" last week so it wasn't some master plan that he rolled out. nevertheless, when you get asked about vince foster i think the appropriate answer is that was investigated thoroughly, it was the tragic death of a man who suffered from depression. now, if you want to talk about bill clinton and his record with women, that's fine. i think that actually does do something to cement your base vote and to hillary clinton's readiness to cover for her husband, that's a legitimate issue. but vince foster, no. and then last night, steve, to attack governor martinez in new mexico is another unforced error where i say to myself when corey
6:51 am
lewandowski was running the trump campaign, they were controversial, but they were not erratic. paul manafort is now apparently running the trump campaign and i think it is more erratic than it is strategic. and so i don't know what's going on in team trump, but it's nothing that we've seen before and it results in articles like the one by charles murray, one of the most respected conservative intellectuals in america, in "the national view" this morning which i read on my radio show devastating to trump. it would be like martinez rally last night would be as o'donnell went to cleveland at the convention and began by blasting the cavaliers, the indians and the browns. it makes no sense. >> it sees the hometown team of the republicans there. speaking of that rally, we showed the scenes, the protests outside. donald trump in the last two minutes we can put this up responding to those scenes we've been showing you. he put this on twitter. trump writing the protesters in
6:52 am
new mexico were thugs who were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals! obviously going very, very far with the language there. hugh, we have been talking about this on the show today. just visually we talked to some of these protesters, we heard from them at the top of the show saying their goal was to get on television. they think they accomplished their goal. but a lot of people i saw last night, talked to last night said they looked at those scenes, especially with the flag of a foreign country week waved and said that could be a trump ad. >> well, it could be. but that trump ad only gets you to 43%. what i see on the national polls is donald trump and hillary clinton split evenly at about 43, 44%. so that game ball that is up for grabs there, that 10% to 15%, how do you get that 10% to 15%? is it by playing the anti-illegal immigration card again and again and again? now, i don't blame trump for protesters at his rallies. those people were out of control, they did seek violene
6:53 am
timers and used the most intemp rat language. they were provocateurs. on the other hand, trump has got to realize that it gets sliced and diced and put out there and recycled every single way. i hadn't seen that tweet until you put it up there. he's leaning into the controversy again. but i am hoping that what we get going forward is a campaign focused on the supreme court, on the buildup of the navy, on the collapse of the obamacare individual exchanges, on hillary clinton's failures in egypt, libya, syria, in iraq with the status of forces agreement, steve. hillary clinton can be beaten by donald trump with a good vice president, with a good team. not with tweets, not with rhetoric. >> do you think he's -- you've watched him now. june last year is when he got in the race. we're baesically coming up on a year now. is he capable of running the sort of campaign you're
6:54 am
describing there, or is this just a guy, he gets out of the rally, he wakes up, whatever it is, and he can't help but post these impulsive thoughts to twitter. >> no, he's a magnificent businessman. i don't know how to put up 100-story buildings, he does. i don't know how to produce golf resorts in england and scotland and the united states, he does. he can accomplish anything he decides to do and execute, so he has to choose his strategy. right now i don't think his strategy works in politics beyond that 44% but he's very capable of changing his strategy and we'll see that as we get closer. politico reports there's this meltdown inside of team trump between manafort and lewandowski. and i think a lot of strategy depends on who wins that. i think people like paul ryan, who's really the conservative leader in america. he's the leader of the republican party is speaker ryan. that -- he's sitting on the sidelines waiting to see which kind of campaign trump runs. when you look at kelly ayotte in
6:55 am
new hampshire or rob portman in ohio or pat toomey in pennsylvania, they can see upside, they can see downside in the trump campaign. we just have to wait to see which one he chooses to run. >> do you have a sense who donald trump respects enough who could deliver the kind of message you're talking about to him and say this is what you can be doing, this is what you can't be doing. who would he listen to that could deliver that message. >> i believe the reporting that newt gingrich is very close to mr. trump and speaker gingrich wins election. he did in 1994 and in the 2012 cycle as well. but as for the most important person? his boys and ivanka. i think ivanka trump and the boys are remarkable personalities and accomplished business people. ivanka is bringing in pt new hotel here in town, on time, under budget, a year in advance. i would like to see her in more
6:56 am
strategy meetings because i can't imagine her telling her dad to attack governor martinez in new mexico. that's a head slapper. >> all right, hugh hewitt, thanks as always for the time. >> thank you. and coming up in the next hour, the head of the tsa testifies before a house committee. this as frustration bubbles up all over the country with those lines growing out of control at airports. live coverage on that ahead. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. ve m for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... ♪
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7:00 am
costello with what we can expect in this very heated hearing. tom, good morning. >> good morning. i would not expect a whole heck of a lot new here. admiral peter neffenger, the tsa chief, has been very forthcoming the last couple of weeks describing what the problems are in the tsa. boy the way, an agency he inherited and has been trying to turn around and gets pretty high marks from both sides of the aisle of trying to do just that. but he's talked about where they have got problems and how they're going to try to fix things. as you know, he just instituted a pretty good shake-up at the tsa. an assistant administrator, kelly hoggan, who was in charge of airport security operations is out. he would be replaced by a veteran who was a veteran of both l.a.x. and jfk airports and then in addition to that at o'hare airport, and we had a live shot a moment ago from o'hare airport, they have replaced the entire tsa leadership team after the debacle there in which last week we had people waiting two and three hours, many people missing


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